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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Nautilus Build Guide by KingPudding

Tank [S3] Nautilus: Anchor of Doom, a comprehensive guide. [under

Tank [S3] Nautilus: Anchor of Doom, a comprehensive guide. [under

Updated on June 18, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KingPudding Build Guide By KingPudding 22 7 65,464 Views 53 Comments
22 7 65,464 Views 53 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author KingPudding Nautilus Build Guide By KingPudding Updated on June 18, 2013
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  • LoL Champion: Nautilus
    Jungle Nautilus
  • LoL Champion: Nautilus
    Support Nautilus


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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More Nautilus Runes

I. Introduction

Hi I'm KingPudding I created this guide for many reasons. First to explain the mechanics of Nautilus, secondly to teach players who have trouble learning him how I have developed him as a character. I have played nautilus since his release date and have grown fond of him.

I added the comment feature because feedback is always nice. If you leave a comment please remember to vote on the guide. I will take into consideration all comments and will update this guide when I feel there is something I might have missed or would be good to add or a different build. Remember though to be clear with what you are trying to say. I'm not also a person with great formatting skills so if you vote please leave out aesthetics. With that aside lets learn about Nautilus.

Nautilus is a fantastic jungler and ganker. He is arguably the king of CC (Crowd Control). His early ganking allows his team to become fed early and Nautilus can then become the super tank. Late game he becomes a force to be feared in team fights. I
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II. When to play Nautilus

When to play Nautilus
  1. Your team needs a tank.
  2. Your team has no Crowd Control.
  3. When you wanna jungle an exciting character besides Lee Sin
  4. synergizes well. with CC bruisers like Jax Xin Zhao or Riven.
  5. Good against strong escape enemies IE Riven

Times NOT to play Nautilus
  1. When you feel uncomfortable playing Nautilus.
  2. When your team doesn't deal enough damage
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III. Pro's and Con's

  • Crowd Control
  • Tanky
  • Godly Ganks
  • Strong Teamfighter
  • Versatile
  • Can gank at level 2

  • Slow movement speed
  • Can be counter jungled easily
  • Needs practice to be succesful jungler/ganker
  • High Cooldown rates
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IV. Runes

Greater Seal of Armor

I get this because it allows you to take more hit's from the jungle monsters and allows you to gank top and bottom easier. Will help you a lot either Solo top or Jungle. Solo top is covered mostly by Physical damage dealers

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

This helps against AP casters in late game. Or if you are counter ganked in mid-lane.
Greater Mark of Attack Speed

This is another standard jungle rune that speeds up jungle clear time. But most of naut's damage comes from his abilities. The plus side is this attack speed plus Wit's End can be a very devastating combination. It allows for faster jungle clear time and allows you to hit more swings with Titan's Wrath.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

I understand that people love to use this on Nautilus but, I see it like this. Why waste maybe 3000 ip on quints when you can get Mobility Boots and have a different set of quints that won't help late game. You can get this to get to gank faster which is the main reason to get this. It's viable, I just don't like it.

I know the runes may seem a little weird but, they have worked really well for me.

Viable runes

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

This is a possible start for jungling with nautilus because it helps with Titan's Wrath by giving you a stronger shield. A stronger shield + attack speed= better jungle clear. This transfers over into late game by giving you more health instead of flat armor.
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

This allows you to deal damage in Jungle, Teamfights , and ganks.I recommend this as it can be a great benefit as it increases your damage over time amount and increases Riptide damage. Because all of his spells scale with ability power this is a great choice.
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

This allows for Nautilus to dish out damage useful especially at early game. This allows him to jungle faster but not as fast as attack speed marks. I would suggest this if you are the only AP character on your team.
Greater Quintessence of Gold

This seems weird at first but after looking into it it really helps. If you are unable to land a gank due to your team pushing extremely hard this can give money because your aren't getting a champion kill or assist. But, if you do get a kill this rune will help you snowball as you can become fully built by mid game.
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V. Masteries


Summoner's resolve: Now this is a great mastery. It gives you ten gold per Smite.

Tough skin: 1/2 this ability allows you to take less damage from the monsters in the jungle.

Bladed armor: 1/2 This mastery is like thornmail for jungle monsters.

Durability: 4/4 You get this because you are a tank character meaning it should be your goal to be the hardest thing to kill on the field.

Hardiness: 3/3 You get this to help with ganks on top lane and bot lane. Because most will deal AD damage. This also helps in the jungle against monsters.

Unyielding: 2/2 This decreases the amount of damage champions deal to you.

Block: 1/1 This helps reduce damage from ADC's.

Veteran's scars: 1/1 Gives you 30 health at the beginning of the game and allows you to stay alive in jungle longer.

Juggernaut 3/3 More health is always good for a tank. It even has naut in the name. And because Naut has a low base health this helps him in jungle.It increases your maximum health up to 4%

Tenacious 3/3: This perk will stack with items and is also a very good option.It gives reduced time on slows, stuns, snares, and I believe supression.

Honor Guard: 1/1 This was something I overlooked at first. But it's actually really good. It decreases all forms of damage by 3%!


Summoner's insight 1/1: This helps with the cooldown of Flash.

Wanderer: 3/3 The increased speed allows you to gank at a faster rate and clear jungle.

Improved Recall 1/1: This helps early game when you need to go back to base.

mastermind 3/3: This perk allows you to have Smite and Flash up more often.

Runic affinity 1/1: This allow you to keep your buffs longer.

Other viable masteries

Butcher: This allows you to deal more damage to the monster camps and clear faster.Take this if you feel the need to clear jungle faster.

Safeguard: This perk is wonderful if you need to turret dive for a kill.

Resistance: Because you are ganking MID and TOP more often you will need this for protection against those nasty spells. Use this if they have a lot of AP on their team and less AD.

Perseverance: Because you don't have a form of sustain you get this to recover health faster. This is completely up to you if you want to take or leave this. It should be used for new junglers.

Legendary armor : This is great for being a tank as it increases your resistance to magic by up to 5% which can be beneficial against a heavy magic damage team. Use this in the same situation as with Resistance .

Reinforced armor: this reduces critical hits by 10%. This helps against Tryndamere, ADC's, and Gangplank. If you have either Tryndamere or Gangplank get this perk.

Masteries I don't take and why

Relentless: I don't get this as tenacious reduces the duration of slows/stuns/snares/ and supressions.

Defender: This gives you 1 Magic Resist and Armor per enemy champion near you. In total the maximum amount you can get is 5 of each which is pretty bad. This is only good though at level 1 team fights.

Good hands: there is a thing called not dying. If you don't die then you wont have to spend less time dead.

Scout: This is a support spell and should be left for the supports to use.
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VI. Madred's or Spirit Stone?

For a while people have debated over the use of Spirit Stone or Madred's Razors on Nautilus, I believe that both are viable choices and is mainly a preference. But due to disagreements between critiques I will list both options.


Madred's razors option

Costs 700
25 armor
Unique passive: basic attacks deals 60 bonus magic damage to monsters with every basic attack

  • Faster clear time
  • 25 armor
  • Counter jungle choice

  • Passive only effects Monsters
  • Doesn't build into late game item

So obviously there are some drawbacks for going this route. One reason I don't choose this is because Nautilus is mainly a gank oriented jungler meaning that counter jungling shouldn't be a higher priority then helping your team snowball. The Pro's do outweigh the Con's in this situation but remember its a preference.

Spirit stone option

Costs 700
14 health regen
7 mana regen
UNIQUE Passive: Maim - Your basic attacks against monsters deal bonus 10 magic damage with every basic attack.

  • 14 health regen
  • 7 mana regen
  • Allows for situational build depending on team
  • Benefits to survival
  • Faster clear time
  • Builds into tenacity item

So because of it's statistics it makes it a superior choice and the cost is the same. It doesn't prohibit counter jungling either.
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VIII. Items

Early Game

+ X5 Hunter's machete and 5 health pots: I start with Hunter's Machete for it's damage and cleave. And I believe it synergizes with Nautilus's W Titan's Wrath. The Health Potion are necessary as with all junglers.

Boots of mobility: I get this for one major reason and it is the best choice for the job. I get Mobility Boots because more speed equals more ganks which means a more fed team.These should be replaced late game with either Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi because you will need more durability late game.I suggest selling them at about level 13. Get this on your first back if your gank was successful.The reason I suggest this before gaining any other item is that Nautilus doesn't need to deal damage to be a successful jungler due to his kit. For that reason Spirit Stone or Madred's Razors should be built after boots of mobility because Nautilus is a gank oriented jungler.

Madred's Razor: It gives you
25 armor

This allows faster jungle clear time. But it doesn't build into anything that really benefits Nautilus in the late game.The goal of this is to clear jungle faster then sell it for a tankier item late game.

4 th
Locket of the Iron Solari: It gives you:
35 armor
425 health
10% cooldown reduction
10 health regen
active gives your team a shield of 50(10 per level).

I get this item due to the cost and the stats it gives you. For a small amount of gold you get a tanky item and powerful active that helps your whole team. I have seen this make or break fights.

5 th
Warmog's armor: It gives:
1000 health
and a passive regen. Offers huge bonus for your Titan's Wrath. Be weary of things like Demacian Justice or Deathfire Grasp as they increase damage based on your amount health. So I get this early on.

Mid Game

6 th
Crest of the ancient golem: This gives you
30 armor,
500 health,
14 health regen
7 mana regen
Unique Passive-Butcher: damage bonus to monsters 30%.

I think this item is great on Nautilus as it gives him extra Tenacity meaning he doesn't need Mercury's Treads. It also allows you to be tankier and increases your survive ability.

7 th
Frozen heart: This gives you:
95 armor
20 cooldown reduction
400 mana
UNIQUE (passive) reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies by 20% within (1000 range)

This is wonderful on heavy AD teams. Gives mana, cooldown reduction, armor, and a great passive for your team. The attack speed debuff is great for teams whose ADC is fed early.

Late game

8 th
Wit's End: Gives you
42% attack speed
25 magic resist
Unique(passive) your basic attacks steal r magic resist from the target and stacks up to 5 times.

This gives you magic resist and attack speed along with magic damage. It's a really good item on nautilus and synergizes with your Titan's Wrath to deal out more damage over time and will make sure your not ignored in a team fight. It also adds to benefit the team by lowering the enemies magic resist similar to Abyssal Mask.
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VIX. Other Viable Items


Iceborn Gauntlet: Gives you
40 ability power
60 armor
10 cooldown reduction
500 mana

I get this as an additional slow and extra ability power with the armor boost. This could be traded with Zhonya's Hourglass as it gives you more ability power and armor. The downside of that trade is losing the slow zone AOE. I suggest buying this when an enemy is hard to slow down and you need armor and mana. I would get this early game.

Rod of ages: This item gives you:
60 ability power
450 health
450 mana

a decent amounts of mana, health, and ability power. This item is very cost efficient for nautilus and allows him to deal out a decent amount of magic damage and keep him relatively tanky. But it can be replaced with Zhonya's Hourglass or Rylai's Crystal Scepter which has more ability power. If you do build Rod of Ages build it early game and sell it late game. I get this if I get two of my core items done and my team doesn't have any form of magic damage.

Rylai's crystal scepter: This gives
80 ability power
500 health

This gives Nautilus an additional SLOW and ability power along with health. The downside to getting this over Rod of Ages is the loss of mana. It's a decent item but is very situational. I suggest taking it if you have an enemy champ who has insane escape capabilities. I would buy this also if your team doesn't have any form of magic damage.

Twin shadows: Gives
40 ability power
40 magic resist
6 movement speed

magic resist, ability power, and a great active late game for finding those enemy ambushes. This is a substitute for Abyssal Mask. It gives less magic resist but The active effect can save your team if they don't ward. I get this if your support refuses to buy wards late game.

Zhonya's hourglass:Gives you
120 ability power
50 armor

This is a good item as well. It gives you ability power and armor. The active effect is great in certain situations like after you initiate a big teamfight with Dredge Line. I suggest taking this over Frostfire Gauntlet as it gives you more ability power but 10 less armor.I recommend this late game for teams with little magic damage.

Gives you:
45 Magic resist
70 Ability Power

The passive is great for teamfights allowing your Mage to dish out more damage.I suggest getting this if the AP carry does a lot of damage and yours does too. Another reason to take this is if your team is all AD as you will need some AP on your team to be successful. This item can be changed for Wit's End depending on circumstances


Randuin's omen:This gives you
70 armor
500 health

This item is great giving you a good amount of armor and health. It has a speed debuff active along with a passive that if they attack you they get slowed.

Runic Bulwark: This gives you
20 armor
30 magic resist
400 health

This item gives you health,magic resist, and a great passive aura. Before season 3 I would always build a Aegis of the Legion.I think this is good for balanced AD and AP teams. I would buy this in place of Sunfire Aegis for a balanced AD/AP team.

Banshee's veil: This gives you
400 health
45 magic resist
300 mana

This item is decent on Nautilus. It gives him magic resist, health, mana, and spell shield. I suggest taking this if most of the damage is coming from the AP carry.I would get this item Late game.

Guardian Angel: This gives you
50 armor
30 magic resist

This gives you the chance to escape from sticky situations. Or comeback from the dead and help your team win a major battle. It's great on all champions. It gives you magic resist, armor, and one of the best passives in the game. I would buy this late game if you keep dying in teamfights.

Sunfire cape: This gives you
450 health
45 armor

One of my favorite items on Nautilus for so many reasons. The health is a wonderful thing to have along with the armor making you tanky. And because you are the main tank you are going to initate fights and be at the center of them. This means that sunfire capes passive will hurt all the enemies around you. This item is also good for turret diving because it will throw turret agrro onto you.


mercury's treads:It gives you
25 magic resist

It's uneccesary if you have Spirit of the Ancient Golem because it gives tenacity.The only plus to this is magic resist.

Ninja tabi:It gives you
25 armor
It allows you to take more hits from auto attacks, but you are a lot slower. This is good versus heavy AD teams. I try to get this by level 13 or 14.
Alacrity: I get this for movement speed. And I buy this late game.

Homeguard: It's viable if the enemy is pushing your base really hard. Get this late game.
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X. Nautilus's abilities

Staggering Blow (passive): Nautilus' basic attacks deal and additional 2+(6X level of Nautilus) physical damage and immobilizes his target for 0.5/0.75/1 seconds and cannot trigger on the same target more than once every 12 seconds.

This is Nautilus's passive. It's simialr to Udyr's Bear Stance in the fact that it immobilizes your opponent, but it doesn't stop them from attacking. It's a snare not a stun. This is what makes Nautilus an exceptionally good ganker along with teamfighter This is another great reason to have him in your team. And the bonus damage from it helps quite a bit.

Dredge line


Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10
Cost: 60/70/80/90/100
Nautilus throws his anchor forward. If he hit's an enemy he will pull himself to the target and the target closer to him. dealing 60/105/150/195/240 + (75% of his ability power). If he hits a wall he will pull himself to it and the cooldown will be reduced by 50%.

This skill is your initiation into a gank. The pro's such as Phreak save it but, I use it early because I'll get it back by the time the enemy tries to escape. Besides being able to catch enemies with it and deal a little damage. It can be used for wonderful escapes. It can latch on to turrets even if they are destroyed, walls, and minions. Even if thrown by Volibear and your anchor has hit the wall, after he throws you, you will still retract to the original spot of your anchor.

Titan's Wrath:


Cooldown: 26/24/22/20/18
Nautilus surrounds himself with dark energies shielding him from the next 100/150/200/250/300 (+10% of HP) damage for up to 10 seconds.While the shield persists Nautilus's basic attacks apply a damage over time the effect deals40/55/70/85/100 (+40% of Ability Power) magic damage over two seconds.

This is part two of your ganking combination. A little tip with this ability is to use it after your first hit. It resets your attack and instantly applies another hit. This is great for team fights and also adds a cleave similar to Malphite.Can save your life and it scales with you own BONUS health which benefits you as a tanky charactr.



Cooldown: 10
Nautilus slams the ground causing earth to explode around him.Each explosion deals 60/100/140/180/220 + (50% ability power) magic damage to each enemy hit by the explosion and slows them by 30/35/40/45/50% for 2 seconds. A unit can be hit by more than one explosion but they take 50% less damage up to a maximum of 120/200/280/360/440 (+ 100% ability power) magic damage.

This is part three of your gank.After anchoring in and auto attacking once then popping your Titan's Wrath immediately hit your Riptide. This ability applies an AOE slow that can be stacked on if your enemy hits all three waves of it.

Depth Charge:


Cost: 100
Nautilus fires a shockwave that chases an enemy champion. This deals 125/175/225(+40% ability power) magic damage to enemies it passes through and knocks them into the air.

The shockwave explodes upon hitting its target dealing 200/325/450(+80% ability power) magic damage, launching them into the air and stunning them for 1/1.5/2 seconds.

Nautilus's Ultimate Move Depth Charge is another great ability in his toolkit of Crowd Control and ganks. Once he gets Depth Charge the chances of an enemy escaping are very low.Use this to initiate teamfights. Try to hit the ADC (Attack Damage Carry) or APC (Ability Power Carry) because they will be in the back of the fight and it will knock all of your enemies up into the air if they get in the way of the spell. Combined This ult with other forms of cc to secure a kill. This can disrupt some channeled spells and makes this great against Katarina.
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XI Other useful information regarding abilities.

  • Dredge lining Baron Nashor or Dragon will only pull you halfway to it while they stand still.
  • Titan's Wrath resets the hit counter therefore you get a free attack after an auto attack if hit Titan's Wrath.
  • Titan's Wrath can be casted during a Dredge Line.
  • Being disrupted while retracting to anchor will resume your retraction from where ever you are.
  • Using anchor on an invisible enemy will pull them to you but wont reveal them unless if they are Teemo.
  • Depth Charge will chase the opponent no matter where they run and will hit a target even if they just stealthed. But, it won't reveal them.
  • Titan's Wrath has an AOE (Area of Effect) that only lasts if the shield is up.
  • If Blitzcrank tries to grab you throw you anchor at him. This negates his Rocket Grab and allows you to get away because it pulls you both together.
  • You can use your anchor to grappel to walls.
  • You can pull yourself over the edge of cliffs and hit an enemy if near a ramp.

Some of these little tips have saved my life and can be a real game changer in the long run.
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XII. Viable Summoner Spells


Flash: I will go into the pro's and con's of Flash vs Ghost.

Smite: This is a must have for jungling. If you don't have smite on FORGET JUNGLING.

Ghost: Good for running away or chasing.

Heal: Heal is a decent spell but then you have no form of escape. It can be used if playing support nautilus though.


Clarity: To quote Laggermeister "NEVER USE clarity" go see his clairty mini guide for further explanation

Teleport: This is a possible spell to use and allows you to gank from placed wards. The downside though is a lack of an escape.

Clairvoyance: The only time you will have to use this is if your playing support nautilus and is a very situational spell.

Exhaust: Having this means you lack any form or escape. But can also be used on support nautilus for an additional slow and attack speed debuff.

Ignite: It's not something I recommend for jungling because it leaves you without an escape. It could be used though in high level elo games though for a support nautilus but I don't recommend it.

Revive: There is a thing called not dying.

Cleanse: Should be used on characters that deal major damage such as Vayne or Twitch This spell only really helps carries and allows them to fight off exhaust and other Crowd Control effects.
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XIII. Flash Vs. Ghost

    allows you to jump over walls
    pop out of a bush for a super surprise gank
    great for escaping

    increases speed
    great for chasing and running away
    can't be used to escape if cornered
    can't ghost fail so that is a benefit

So overall I say take the one that will benefit you the most. I myself prefer Flash as it's versatility allows me to use it in so many different ways. But whichever you choose try not to rely on it as a ganking tool. As you should be able to land a decent gank without a summoner spell.
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XIV. Jungling

Jungle route

So my route as Nautilus might seem a little unorthodox but, it's still really effective and saves you health and time in my opinion. And you don't need to get REDunless you feel the need to. Usually though it will leave you with too low of health to gank. There is the long written version for readers and the same in a checklist if you don't want to read the wall of text.

I start with Titan's Wrath because of its AOE and shield and the damage over time. This ability keeps you alive and dishes out damage in the jungle.Thats why I always max it first. I suggest popping it on wolves at 1:35 due to it's cooldown and the amount of damage the shield takes is quite small. After taking BLUE head back to wolves and engage with an auto-attack after you auto instantly pop your Titan's Wrath for a free second hit.Then you should get Riptide. It hits all the jungle creeps in a camp if you stand in the center and it has a great slow for ganking this is why I max it second.Then use your Riptide whenever it is available. Then go over to wraiths and repeat the same process that you used with wolves. After wraiths head back to wolves because they will have respawned by then and are easier to kill then RED. After killing wolves again I get Dredge Line for my ganks. I try to max it last because it's not a primary source of damage.

1). Then at 1:50 go to Blue buff and repeat the process and then put a point into Riptide for the AOE damage will help against monsters.

2). Then walk over to wraiths and pop shield after hitting the big wraith. Kills wraiths after poping Titan's Wrath and using Riptide a few times.

3). Then I suggest heading back to wolves and auto attack then pop your Titan's Wrath again for that free hit. Follow up by using your Riptide and then proceed to gank lanes.

4). Gank


When to invade

To invade the enemy make sure your team is a stronger level 1 team then theirs. This means avoid fighting if they have Darius Draven or Xin Zhao. usually Ad bruisers will determine most of the level 1 fight IMO.
How to invade

So the best way to invade is through one of the side brushes in mid lane. As it gives you a faster time to close the gap and they can't see you coming as fast that way. When you go for a level 1 invasion get your Dredge Line first to catch escaping foes and reel them back in so your teamates can make mincemeat of them. From their take their blue and head back to your blue and make sure you weren't countered in the process. From that point follow the rest of the jungling pattern I have provided starting with wolves.

Getting Invaded

This can be problematic. So I can give you a few helpful hint's to make sure you don't get invaded or if you do. what should you do next? First determine if their team does more damage than yours and if they have a Blitzcrank. A stronger level one team will usually try to invade more often. Don't stay and fight unless your whole team is their too and YOU believe you can win.

If they succeed in stealing your blue go take theirs and start with wraiths and follow the route (the unorthodox route). after it or until you reach level 3.

Counter jungling

So what I have found to be very successful is straight after taking your blue SMITELESS head over to the enemies red. What I suggest doing depends upon the jungler.IE: if the jungler is Xin Zhao who is know for fast clear times what I suggest doing is "Shacoing". What I mean by this is wait for the enemy to start the fight and weaken the buff for you. Once it is low enough Smitesteal it and commence a fight if you think you are likely to win.

The second option is to take the buff by force and clear the camp before the enemy jungler can arrive to stop you. I suggest doing this with slow jungle clearers such as Amumu, Malphite, and Nunu & Willump.

After taking the buff I recommend heading to your own buff and taking it. This leaves the enemy jungler at least one level lower than you and ahead in gold and buffs. By doing this strategy it secures a stronger hold for your team by weakening the potential gank threat of the jungler.


There are two ways to gank a lane. One is a jungle gank and two is an in lane gank.

Jungle gank (from river or enemy turret)

To successfully gank any lane you must first look at the situation. If you are low on Health or your Ally is DONT GANK .Secondly Announce where you are going to gank with [OMW TOP. OMW MID, or OMW BOT] This allows your teammates in that lane to prepare for your opponents doom. By communicating you are likely to go into a fight and win. Remember PING when you are about to go out of the bush.

In lane gank

This is a little more tricky as you must wait for your opponent to get pushed first this allows you to hide in the first bush because the enemy minions wont have vision. Or you can gank from a placed ward in the bush. Then after entering the bush you must wait for the enemies to push back and then you can engage.

The combinations!!

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 .

this allows for the most slows and damage at the earliest part of the game. Doing this combination sets up the kill for your lane.

The Wild Nautilus Appears combination!!!

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5

This allows you to save your Dredge Line if they flash out of your gank combo and allows for another second for your teammate to deal damage to the enemy

So after level 6 this is the combination that benefits you the most

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 .

This combination will assure a kill if your lane participates in the gank. The amount of slows, Crowd Control, and damage over time should leave your opponent open even if your team doesn't have a gap closer.

Jungling spawn times of relevance

BLUEspawns at 1:55
Red also spawns at 1:55
WRAITHSspawn at 1:55
WOLVES spawn at 1:55
DOUBLE GOLEMS spawn at 1:55
BARON VON NASHORspawns at 15:00
DRAGONspawns at 5:00

Important jungling respawn rates:
Red, Blue buff: 5 mins.
Dragon: 6 mins.
Baron Nashor: 7 mins.
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XV. Teamfights and YOUR ROLE

So the first thing about teamfights; YOU are most likely the one to engage them. Start with either your Dredge Line or Depth Charge. Be careful not to dredge line their tank such as Amumu or Galio. Then you need to constantly whack everyone and pop your Titan's Wrath for good measures. Then constantly spam your Riptide. Remember you are the tank meaning you should be in the middle of the fight trying to make the enemy focus you. If they focus you they forget about the rest of your team which will destroy them.


Your goal should be to focus the character who does the most damage. Rather it be the ADC or the APC. In an easy to follow list I will show you what to do in teamfights.

NEVER FOCUS THE TANK!! let me explain this to everyone. If you target the tank then you allow the damage dealers to remain unchecked allowing them to deal more damage to your team.

Teamfighting checklist

Before engaging the fight check to make sure your whole team is there. This makes certain that you won't go in at a disadvantage. If there is one less person with them and you have all five of your team go for the engagement. If your team is dumb enough to try an engagement try to peel an enemy away from the fight by throwing them out of position by possibly using Depth Charge.

    Initiate the fight
    Focus the ADC (or biggest threat)
    Make the enemy team focus you
    Focus the next biggest threat.
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XVI. Support Nautilus!!??

Support nautilus is a very different kind of support than others. He is similar to support Amumu in the fact that he pulls himself to his enemies. It's slightly viable but not recommended as he is better as a jungler.

The benefits of support nautilus

  • Crowd control from passive.
  • The carry can hide behind you.
  • stops other pesky carries that everyone hates to go against IE: Ezreal and Teemo.
  • Still naturally tanky and useful in teamfights late game.


  • Slow support and can be harassed easily.
  • Very slow and can give kills away if ganked.

Items for support Nautilus

This item is great because you don't need pots early game and it gives you mana for a starter as well.

This allows you to not have to buy wards constantly and you get health from it too. This item is probably the best thing for nautilus early game. I would suggest getting it second

This item is also great on support nautilus and gives your team an active movement speed boost for a short time when activated.

zeke's herald I'm still debating if this item should be used or not.

Synergy and opponents

Ashe: She is also great and brings Crowd Control and damage to the lane. Along with her Hawkshot that can check the bushes early game. It's a good idea to be aggressive with ashe as a lane partner. By level three try to hit the ADC with Dredge Line and follow it up with the ganking combo.

Caitlyn: She synergizes well with you giving extra crowd control early game with her yordle snap traps. And her range allows her to stay safely behind you. This can go either way. You can play aggressive or passive in this lane depending on how confident you feel.

Corki: Your Crowd Control with corki's early game damage will help set up a very good kill lane. Try to be aggressive with him as a laning partner.

Draven: His early game damage and your snares are great together. Just make sure he gets fed because he tends to fall off late game. This is an aggressive lane and you should start being aggressive by level 3.

Ezreal: He is really strong with you and can kite in and out of fights. And his early game with yours creates a real pub stomping for the other team. Go aggressive all out with ezreal but be weary of ganks.

Graves: Your snare synergizes with his Buckshot due to the fact that it does more damage close range. His damage output is also very strong. This lane can be aggressive or passive depending on the skill of the graves.

Miss fortune: She is a good champion to support. She has a great slow and a damage over time and your passive can root someone so she can use Bullet Time with the whole duration hitting them. I believe you synergize with her the best. This lane should be aggressive.

Sivir: She is really mana hungry. This is one of the champs to use Clarity with. Your snare synergizes with her double Boomerang Blade allowing her to have a better chance of landing both hits. This lane is also an aggressive lane.

Teemo: He is a decent lane partner just keep him alive until mid game or he gets his first AP item.

Tristana: Her early game is decent and her late game is amazing just try to protect her in mid game. She has a weak start up so you need to play passively with her.

Twitch: because most of his play style is stealth based and being one of the biggest characters in the game doesn't help. The lack of ways to heal twitch is also problematic. If you have to lane with one use heal. This lane is very skill based. If the twitch is good you can be aggressive if he isn't play passive.

Urgot: Undetermined due to the fact that no one plays him.

Varus: He doesn't deal much damage early game and that can be very bad for an aggressive support such as nautilus. But he does have decent poke which might make him decent. If you do play with varus play passively.

Vayne: She is really good to have with you. Vayne requires a champion with some form of Crowd Control to keep her safe and we all know nautilus is the king of Crowd Control. I recommend using heal with her due to her low amount of starting health. This lane becomes aggressive at level 6.

The opponents

Alistar: The so called King of Crowd Control. He deals more damage than you and CC longer than you. His ultimate also makes him a lot tankier. Be careful against him. This lane might be one of the toughest lanes for you.

Blitzcrank: He isn't too tough of a match up. Just make sure he doesn't pull you through a wall. I advise being cautious and warding the bushes to avoid him from getting a good grabbing position without you seeing him. Be careful if you do fight one as nautilus. It's a winnable lane with jungle ganks or at level 6.

Janna: She is very squishy e. Make sure to take advantage of this and attack her whenever she is too far away from her carry. This lane is an easy win for you.

Karma: You won't see a lot of her but when you do remember that when she is low she gets extra ability power. She will be able to keep her carry in lane for a good amount of time. You should have no problem with her and can beat her at any level.

Kayle: She is a pain. She can heal her carry slow you down give her carry a movement speed buff, make the invicible for a few seconds and can kite you. Play passively in this lane.

Leona: "this is a scary lane". fighting a leona + ADC comp will require complete bravery on the part of you and your ADC. You will need to peel their ADC off of yours, as Sunlight procs can really give them the upper hand in a drawn out fight.So try to beat them early game.

Lulu: has a strong ability to kite and her CC/barrier/visibility/speed buff/ and slow. You and your carry will get kited to death, if you play offensively. Then her ultimate can buff her ADC giving health and a knock up if they are close to the target. Try to beat her before level 6.

Malphite: He is very annoying as a support taking what little movement speed you have. Then at level 6 his ultimate is really dangerous. Try to play passively in this lane.

Nami: After reevaluating her I have come to the conclusion that she can be a hard match up post 6 with her Q and Ult. Try to beat her before level 6 to maximize your chances of wrecking your opponent.

Nidalee: She is probably your worst match up. Her spear dishes out a ton of damage and her traps show you in the bushes. Then her cougar form can burst out a lot of damage. Try to win this lane pre 6 if possible with jungle ganks.

Nunu: He outpokes you and gives his carry an attack speed buff. This puts you and your adc at a disadvantage. Then post 6 his ultimate is very scary. I suggest trying to play passively in this lane.

Sona: she can harass you in lane a bit but she isn't too tough to beat. Try to have your carry beat sona and her lane partner by level 3. This lane is in your favor.

Soraka: she can be annoying constantly healing her carry. But she has no form of crowd control besides a silence.This lane is another easy win.

Zilean: he can be super annoying with his time bombs and can bring his carry back to life. Beat this old man down before level 6.

Zyra: Zyra will wreck you if she gets the chance. Her snare and knock up from her ult will almost lock you or your carry down. Then her seeds create vision if you step on them. Play passive against her.
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XVII. Counters to Nautilus

Vladimir: His pool makes him a tough gank. But your damage overtime will work if you hit him with it.

Morgana: Her spell shield and her snare make it very difficult to gank her.

Fiora: I have seen a good Fiora parry my Dredge Line before; making me unable to pull myself to her. Or she'll block the basic attack.

Ezreal: His phase shift allows him to escape your Dredge Line similar to how he does the same for Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab.

Xin Zhao: He is scary and CAN'T be soloed.

Shyvana: If shyvana just heads for counter-jungling nautilus is pretty useless. His 1v1 in jungle is bad, cause his strenghts are ganks with high cc. And By the time Nautilus is ganking, Shyv is stealing all his jungle. Also, if she tries to hunt him, he'll be dead since her early trades outdamage him hard.
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XVIII. Who Nautilus counters

Katarina: his basic shuts down her ult and without her ult she is a garbage champ. you have three ways to shut her down. Your passive, your Dredge Line. But remember Depth Charge doesn't stop it.

Evelynn: she cant run away if you pull her close to your salty barnacle covered armor. Because Evelynn is a mobility based champion CC wrecks her.

Galio: dredge lining him while he pops his ult will break his ultimate. But regular Staggering Blow won't stop it. The other way to counter his ult is with yours.

Fizz: save your Dredge Line until after he uses his Playful / Trickster ability. But he can use it even if you hit with Staggering Blow.
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XIX. Results of my guide

Note: I'm not a high Elo player. But I know my build works.
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XX. Summary

Nautilus is a very well rounded character and is extremely fun in almost all situations. His Crowd Control is debated by some to be MODERATE because it's not a Galio, Amumu, Malphite, or Nunu & Willump ultimate. But, unlike their ultimate moves he get's his snare every 12 seconds on the same enemy.

Thx to contributions of Veng Lmfao for inspiring me to revise my build look and clean it up a bit.
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XXI. Change and Guide Notes

  • 12/24/12 The perserverance skill seems to be replaced with the Garen passive. Look at my masteries for the actual picture.
  • 12/24/12 Added Randuin's Omen
  • 1/2/2013 Added new visuals and a few new explanations and made a change to an ability order.
  • 1/3/2013 Added Frozen Heart, Spirit Visage, Runic Bulwark, Banshee's Veil, and Ohmwrecker.
  • 1/3/2013 Changed the mastery page to 6/21/3
  • 1/5/2013 Changed runes to make better use of nautilus
  • 1/5/2013 added ganking combinations
  • 1/8/2013 Changed a few sentences and removed sunfire cape to replace with Randuin's Omen
  • 1/8/2013 added extra viable runes and masteries.
  • 1/9/2013 added Shard of True Ice and updated summoner spell explanations. Still haven't fixed the perseverance issue yet though.
  • 1/9/2013 updated summary and support nautilus section.
  • 1/10/2013 updated the support nautilus guide part but am still having trouble getting bbcoding of shureleya's Reverie and the correct mastery perks IE Tough Skin and Alacrity
  • 1/11.2013 added history to my results
  • 1/11/2013 Fixed shurelya's reverie,Tough skin, perseverance, and the enchantments.
  • 1/12/2013 Added Kayle as possible support.
  • 1/13/12 Added jungling map
  • 1/15/2013 Changed Masteries section to better improve nautilus as a jungler.
  • 1/16/2013 Added New situational items and added to ability explanation.
  • 1/16/2013 I have decided to keep Nautilus jungle 2.0, It has different masteries that I will cover by tomorrow.
  • 1/18/2013 Added Shyvana
  • 1/31/2013 added roman numerals for aesthetics and made updates to the counters with explanations.
  • 2/2/2013 Changed a few thing such as synergies and items along with changing masteries.
  • 2/3/2013 Changed wordings on ali, leona,lulu and fixed a glitch on my riptide saying it stopped cc.
  • Changed wording on Depth Charge and moved iceborn guantlet into viable items and moved Wit's End into the main item set after recalculating whats best for naut.
  • 2/9/2013 Removed top nautilus and found it to be unviable
  • 2/14/2013 Put Guardian Angel into viable items and moved Sunfire Aegis into the main build.
  • 2/18/2013 changed Jungling section by cleaning up a wall of text.
  • 2/22/2013 Added Locket of the Iron Solari and changed Spirit Visage to Runic Bulwark in the VS AP build.
  • Added movement speed quints and atk speed marks.
  • 2/27/2013 Changed some Coding to make it look better.
  • 3/11/2013 Changed runes removed Shard of True Ice and Spirit Visage.
  • 3/18/2013 Removed Thornmail and finished invading section of guide. Revamped the items by showing the statistics of each item.
  • 6/18/13 Added the patch notes on Titan's Wrath

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