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Shyvana Build Guide by TwoKingzz

Top Shyvana Top S12!! - Monster 1v5 build updated!!! Insane 4.5k HP One Shot builder

Top Shyvana Top S12!! - Monster 1v5 build updated!!! Insane 4.5k HP One Shot builder

Updated on November 6, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TwoKingzz Build Guide By TwoKingzz 105 3 128,277 Views 4 Comments
105 3 128,277 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TwoKingzz Shyvana Build Guide By TwoKingzz Updated on November 6, 2022
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Runes: HP ABUSER (Titanic Hydra Style)

1 2 3 4
Grasp of the Undying

Gathering Storm

+8 Ability Haste
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Chad Standard
LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Shyvana Top S12!! - Monster 1v5 build updated!!! Insane 4.5k HP One Shot builder

By TwoKingzz
Why Shyvana Top?
Why Shyvana?
(Entire guide being updated Very Soon!)I have been farming unsuspecting darius mains for the past two years on Shyvana Top. I am a low Diamond / high plat player. I sustain winrates of 75% up until p4 which I hit 65% and a modest 60% above platinum. Will I stop taking ignite? never, and neither should you. Shyvana W & R act as powerful low cd escapes and with powerful base damage she can often 1 shot an unsuspecting graves jg on his gank. The beauty of Shyvana is being able to play weakside, strongside, teamfights, and splitpushing with equal power. If you snowball you will be a raidboss that cant be answered. If you get camped while your jg camps bot, your base stats will make it seem as if you never even died in lane.
I stream Shyvana Top on youtube 4 days a week!

+ Winrate
Shyvana top has a better winrate Platinum+ than Shyvana jungle.

+ Top Lane Counter
Shyvana counters the most commonly picked top lane champions.

+ Ignite
She is an extremely powerful ignite laner. Her ultimate functions as a flash after level 6. Her W move speed can let you avoid most ganks if you're careful. This allows you to skip flash and take both Ignite AND Teleport for a powerful laning phase and scaling for objectives.

+ Superior Gold/Experience/Splitpush
Shyvana has much more gold income, exp, and splitpush//teleport flank potential due to her unique kit.

+ Dive Potential
Shyvana is basically impossible to dive, but it's ridiculously easy to dive the enemy. Simply walk up in human form E W AA Q AA ignite R out. This works even into tanks and only requires one - two trades before this all in.

+ Jungle And CS
Once you have a lead, you get to own the enemy jungle's camps and easily hit 250 CS.

+ Big Tank Big Damage
Shyvana is naturally more tanky than many tanks and has hidden damage numbers. People will simply kill themselves out of ignorance of your champion.

+ Slow Pusher
She has a very overpowered slow push playstyle which fits the current meta very well.

+ Weakside Top
Shyvana has a specialty for the weakside top strategy. (Slowpushing - freezing - diving)
Build Path Situations
Shyvana is an extremely versatile champion in both build path and playstyle. You'll need to identify what role your team needs and fill it.

If your team is 3 ranged AD champions and 1 Support- you should do an AP tank build.

If they are all control mages- then go an AD tank build.

Countering your enemy with versatile build paths makes Shyvana Top a good pick into any enemy team with any allied comp.
Expecting Burst Trades? These runes are best for burst trades depending on two situations:
1. If you are the tank & need sustain take Grasp of the Undying
2. If your lane enemy is fiora or darius, Press the Attack burst is op

Does Your Enemy Outscale You? Most valuable lategame if you are not the sole tank. Consider grasp otherwise but both are efficient scaling choices.

Need to Survive a Poke Lane? These runes are best for poke lane sustain depending on two situations:
1. The enemy wont give you free grasp procs - quinn / vayne / camille
2. You are not going full tank. (It scales off bonus ad/ap)

Item Choices:

As you can see at the top of the build, there are a variety of item choices available for Shyvana top. They vary depending on your laning situation.

Need to Kill Tanks? These items are best for tank killing depending on two situations:
1. Your team needs to get through the enemy frontline
2. You have at least a tanky support. If not just build Divine Sunderer then tank.

Need to Be Really Tanky? Sunfire Aegis provides enough damage to completely spec into resistance. Focus on building up sunfire passive in human form before ulting into the enemy backline to apply sunfire passive.

Need to go AP Tank? Riftmaker provides a massive damage spike with its passive + 80 AP. With just riftmaker and Conqeuror stacked you can one shot an adc while completely focusing on tank items.

Boot Choices:

If you're laning against someone who will require multiple E pokes in order to kill them, you'll need tons of ability haste. Go Ionian Boots of Lucidity. When laning against auto-based champions, it is generally best to go Plated Steelcaps. If you're facing off against a CC comp, Mercury's Treads bought later into the game works well- as long as your enemy laner is not an AD champ.
Top Lane Basics
Wave Control:

Slow Push Only last hit minions. If you have more minions, or the wave just bounced off your tower, it will build up around 15 minions.

Bounce Waves When the wave you slow pushed hits the enemy tower, by the time the minions die, the enemy wave will have been built up. This means you should recall once your wave htis the enemy tower so by the time you get back to lane the wave is built up on your side of the line.

Shove on Enemy Recalls When the wave you slow pushed hits the enemy tower, by the time the minions die, the enemy wave will have been built up. This means you should recall once your wave htis the enemy tower so by the time you get back to lane the wave is built up on your side of the line.

Diving on Wave Crash When the wave you slow pushed hits the enemy tower, by the time the minions die, the enemy wave will have been built up. This means you should recall once your wave htis the enemy tower so by the time you get back to lane the wave is built up on your side of the line.

Things to Keep in Mind Top Lane:

Watch the Jungler

Enemy Junglers gank you when the wave is slow pushing or crashing back to your turret - if its crashing to you they might try to dive if you take poke.

This means DO NOT fight the enemy while they are slow pushing the wave.

Tracking the jungler is extremely important. If your jungler is around, play aggressive. If your jungler is on bot side, play more like a scared dog.

Weakside Top vs. Strong Side Top

Strongside Top: Your jungler plans on camping the enemy top laner and snowballing your lane. He is usually top side and needs help setting up rifts.

Weakside Top: Your jungler is camping bot lane. He forgot top exists. Expect a 2v1 lane and to be turret dived, so it's extremely important not to take much poke and to farm safely.


Always split push the side opposite of the objective. Dragon up? Push top. Baron? Push bot.

Early Game
Shyvana has a very weak level 1-3 but extremely strong level 5+.

This creates a scenario where in the early game you want the enemy to slow push into your tower while taking as little damage as possible. Farm with E and use W to run up and CS melee minions.

Early Game Fundamentals

Slow Push Do not shove the wave ever, last hit as slow as possible to build a giant wave. If anyone tries to fight you in it burst them and ignite them for free kills. If they don't die there you can turret dive them with the wave hits the tower if you have ignite up or R.

Bounce After the wave slowpushes into the enemy tower and crashes. Recall and by the time you walk back to lane- the wave will be back to your side.

Weakside Top Shyvana is weak before level 5 so junglers will camp you. Top is often a 2v1 lane so keep in mind that the enemy jungler sees you as a dragon snack.

Turret Diving If you can build a large wave and kill the enemy when it hits tower you will create a massive exp & Gold lead. Do not dive unless you have built up a large minion wave AND the enemy is low.

If you can not dive because its a tank, consider deep warding or farming the enemy jungle. You can even roam mid with Dragon form for some free kills.

Mid Game
Pay Attention to Vision If you can't see someone on the map, and you are over extended, just assume they are coming to get you.

Splitpush Without Dying This is important because it always pulls people top away from objectives and creates a numbers advantage for your bot side. The trade-off of this is that most low-elo people feed while trying to split push. But if you can do this while not dying from 200 IQ map control- your win rate will be extremely high.

Everytime you pass the first top brush on your side track the jungler & enemy mid laner. People love roaming on splitpushers without flash so you must stay vigilant.

Timing your Teleport The best time to teleport is when you're countering a gank on your bot lane that will lead to getting the dragon. It's ideal to teleport away right when you've slow pushed a wave and it hits the enemy turret. By the time you've killed someone bot lane and recalled, you will catch the wave when returning to top lane.

Wards Buy a blue trinket @ level 9. Use them defensively if you're losing in your jungle bushes. If you are winning, use them in the jungle entrances or bushes people often don't check.
Ulting During Team-Fights:

There's a common misconception that it's effective to be ulting into 5 people all the time.

But really, usually the most effective way to play her ult is to frontline when in human form, then ult BACKWARDS to then peel the ADC as dragon.

Exceptions to this Rule:
1. If your team has gotten a pick before the fight and it's now a 5v4- ulting into them and engaging is a good idea.
2. If an enemy or two have been caught out separate from the rest of their team and your ult would further isolate them and kill them.
3. You have a hard engage team comp. Say you have a Nocturne mid and a Hecarim jungle. You should follow up their dives with an aggressive ult.
Summoner Spell Usage
If you ignite level 1 - 2, it's up by the time you get level 6 if lane is played correctly.

You can then slow push a wave, R when the enemy comes up to the slow pushing wave & do a full R E W AA Q combo.

This should do 3/4 - 1/2 there hp. Proceed to dive them at the turret with ignite so they lose the entire wave and you get a lead.

This entirely relies on position of enemy jungle so be careful.

Teleport is an extremely op summoner spell that should be used carefully during the following situations:

1. Early game top lane to catch a crashed wave or to fix the lead of an enemy jungle gank.

2. Other times are for getting drag (in an ideal world) by tp'ing bot lane and ganking during a fight bot lane. If you are AD shyvana, you should run into the fight in human form THEN use your ultimate once the enemy flashes/dashes to close the gap.

Some games I use the first two top then split opposite of the objectives and use TP for the gank.
Combo Section
Common Combos

Standard Trade AA AA

Going All In AA AA AA AA

Quick Burst AA

Fight Mechanics
((Video Examples Coming Soon))

Tethering / kiting of dragon E

After using Dragon E AUTO Q back off so the enemy walks over the burning E circle. This small step back before you start auto attacking again will bait the enemy into taking at least an extra 100 damage.

End of Dragon R pull

If you R someone running away and hit them with the very tip of the ulti, it will pull them back towards you. This can add an auto or even two depending on your attackspeed leading to more kills.

Combo with titanic

When playing titanic hydra you should usually be very tanky. In this scenario you want to ult onto 3+ people and start with Q cleave then E. This is because the hydra passive is pretty glitchy on dragon form and applies a unique aoe on every target. This means that with just 3 people you will Q them for basically 600 damage. They will be very scared of this scenario and flash out & that's why its proper to start the combo with Q. R in - W Q E AA AA - back off.

Combo with Riftmaker

Combo with Riftmaker - Stack up riftmaker + conq on the enemy tank before ulting + E Q an enemy carry in the backline. This playstyle is most effective with tank items built after the second or third item. This is because with just riftmaker and Conq you are in one shot range on every squishy. Pay attention if they have shieldbow - merc treads - or a stopwatch. This makes this play much more risky.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TwoKingzz
TwoKingzz Shyvana Guide
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Shyvana Top S12!! - Monster 1v5 build updated!!! Insane 4.5k HP One Shot builder

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