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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Singed Build Guide by Hodgeybeatz

AP Offtank Singed - Chemically Driven

AP Offtank Singed - Chemically Driven

Updated on August 12, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hodgeybeatz Build Guide By Hodgeybeatz 569 23 5,451,684 Views 290 Comments
569 23 5,451,684 Views 290 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Hodgeybeatz Singed Build Guide By Hodgeybeatz Updated on August 12, 2014
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


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Hello everyone, welcome to my first guide I made on MOBAFIRE featuring Singed, The Mad Chemist. Singed was the first champion I ever started to do good with (around early season 2) which is why I took a liking too him. I also admired his kit due to its uniqueness and the fact that he can tank for days while putting out big damage.

To summarize Singed, I'd say he is a off-tank AP disruptor. Probably the hardest part to Singed is laning (when to trade, how to trade, knowing your limits, etc) but the awesome thing is, you rebound back...hard. Meaning you can go 0-5 in lane, but still comeback to carry come late. Your main priority is farm up, deny your lane opponent, and be as annoying as physically possible late game. Read on to learn how to play Singed!

Note: Don't hesitate to comment or message me on how to improve my guide. If you do down-vote, please comment so I can fix the problem ASAP!
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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ One of the best farmers in the game.
+ Very hard to kill.
+ Extremely Mobile.
+ Very big AOE slow.
+ Flinging someone can allow your team to pick up an easy kill.
+ HUGE steroid that lasts for a very long time.

- Not the best early game. You can get easily harassed.
- Item reliant.
- Very mana hungry until you buy Tear.
- Farm reliant.
- Only has one form of sustained damage which can be inconsistent.
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These are the new masteries I take on Singed. Long story short, the defensive mastery page is just too good, that is why we take 23 points into it. Some other alternatives would be 9/21/0 or even 0/21/9.
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Greater Seal of Armor: Flat armor is great to have in lane. Most of the time you're going to be facing a AD top so this will help against their early harass.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: Magic pen. is very helpful to have. You're going to be doing lots more damage early game and will be able to penetrate their MR.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: I used to take flat AP glyphs, but I honestly like MR better. It is really helpful at all stages of the game especially if you're facing an AP lane, or they have an AP jungler.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: These runes are very important on Singed. They literally improve everything you do; chasing, escaping, ganking, moving in/out of fights, etc.
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Summoner Spells


Ignite is the best offensive summoner spell for Singed. It is another form of DoT on top of your poison. Ignite improves dueling capabilities by a ton. You can also do the good ole' Fling/ Ignite under tower trick to people.

This is easily the best summoner spell for Singed. Ghost allows you to catch people and kite even harder. Definitely a must take because like I said before, movement speed is Singed's best friend.

Viable Options

I had a tough time choosing what was better, Teleport or Ignite. I ended up choosing Ignite because of the pressure you have in lane but that doesn't mean Tele isn't viable. It is a great spell that can be used defensively and offensively. You can obviously port back to your lane without missing any minions or exp, but you can also tele to another lane by porting onto a ward. This is a great tactic that can earn your team kills.

The only reason Exhaust would be worth taking is because of its versatility. I don't take it personally, but it is helpful to have in lane against people like Tryndamere or Jax. Helps out late game too by shutting down that AP/AD carry for a few seconds.
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Skill Sequence

Always prioritize Poison Trail. It is your main damage/farming tool. Then max Mega Adhesive because the slow % comes in handy in teamfights and ganking. Max Fling last to increase the damage. (isn't worth maxing second after AP ratio nerfs)
Why not take a point into Mega Adhesive into level 8?
Mega Adhesive costs a lot of mana and the slow % isn't that great at level 1. Fling at level one also only does 85 damage which isn't a lot, so taking one more point into it will improve your dueling/harassing potential.
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Ability Explanation

Empowered Bulwark (passive): This passive is very underrated in my opinion. This passive increases your health by 25% for every point of mana you have.This allows you to stack mana and gain HP at the same time. Usually you end the game with around 2000 mana with equates to 500 hp.(That is a pretty good amount)

Poison Trail (Q): This is Singed's signature ability. This skill is super versatile and come late game, you will be dealing 1k+ damage to anyone who is dumb enough to stand in it for a long time.

How to use Poison Trail effectively
  • Make sure to always have this activated in ANY team fight/skirmish.
  • If you are being chased, activate Poison Trail and zig-zag so they will run into the trail no matter what.
  • To farm effectively, simply run into a creep wave with your poison on, than run back. Make sure you hit all the creeps and you should be able to kill the entire wave.
  • Getting dragon/baron is pretty hard as Singed, but to speed it up just activate Poison Trail and run in a small circle so it hits Dragon/Baron.

Mega Adhesive (W): Singed's W ability is one of the strongest AOE slows in the game. (next to Wall of Pain)

Tips and Tricks
  • If you get ganked, don't immediately use it Mega Adhesive. Wait until the enemy is directly behind you and place the slow in front of you. This maximizes the slow potential.
  • Mega Adhesive + Fling is just dumb come late game. It basically guarantee's a free Fling. (And probably a kill)
  • This skill is great for peeling people off your carries.
  • Another pretty obvious tip is to utilize the long range of Mega Adhesive by placing it in front of the enemy you are trying to slow.

Fling (E): This skill is still fantastic even after the nerf. Fling is amazingly versatile and is great for dueling and chasing. (Used to have 1.0 ratio, now only .75)

Tips and Tricks
  • A simple combo is to activate Poison Trail and then Fling the enemy behind you.
  • If you have the opportunity, you can actually Fling people into your turret early game to pick up an easy kill. Basically you bait, Fling + Ignite + Tower shots + Poison Trail.
  • You can Fling fleeing enemy's into your team to pick up an easy kill.
  • It is possible to position yourself right so you can save teammates by flinging an enemy away from your low HP ally.
  • Make sure not to Fling any Super-Tanky champion into your team, such as Amumu or Alistar because they can disrupt your entire team.
  • Immediately after Flinging someone, hit the A key and click on the ground near the champion. This move is called the "Sky Auto-Attack" (Credits to Inverted Composer) and basically what it does is it allows you to get a free auto attack on the enemy while they are in mid air. This is a great tool to deal heavy damage early game. (very important for early trading!) You have to hit the A key while they're in mid air for this to work so you may want to go into a bot game and practice it.
  • It is possible to Fling enemies over small walls (dragon, baron, ledges near mid/bot/top, etc.) It can be difficult to do but you basically position yourself so your back is facing the wall you want to Fling whomever over.

Insanity Potion (R): Singed's ultimate is extremely strong. You get 6 vital stat which turns you into a super damage dealing mega-tank.

Tips/Tricks to using Insanity Potion
  • Make sure not to use it just to get back mana/HP. It isn't worth it.
  • Try to have this skill up before engaging in a're going to need it.
  • Use it when getting ganked or participating in a gank. The steroids you get could save your life or pick you up a kill.
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Starting Items

-- --

My personal favorite starting item. It allows you to play more aggressively due to the sustain and the ward will keep you protected. I will pretty much start this in 90% of lanes.

-- -- --

I used to start Faerie Charm, but I don't really like it anymore. It provides great sustain early because of all the pots and the mana-regen (which also allows you to get tear faster) but I feel it is lacking for some reason. You also have to buy a lot more pots because w/o a flask, you won't get the free pots it provides.


I hardly ever start this anymore, but it is still viable. You pretty much only want to go Cloth5 if you're afraid of the match-up you're against. Here are some examples: Zed, Riven, Jayce, Garen, Jax, Tryndamere, etc.
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Recommended Item Build

-- -- -- -- --

Mercury's Treads:The strongest boots for Singed.
Easily the best boots for Singed. You get tenacity which is super important and the MR is also very helpful. I will always opt for these boots unless I am in a tough AD lane.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter:Tankiness, AP, and a Perma-slow.
One of the best, if not the best, item for Singed. You get massive HP to help you tank and a hefty amount of AP. To put the icing on the cake, you get a perma-slow because of the passive. (Rylai's passive + Poison Trail...hue)

Thornmail:Cheap armor with a great passive.
By far my favorite armor item for Singed. You're able to duel AD's and AD carries no problem after this purchase. (Dat passive) It is also very cheap and provides the most amount of armor out of any item.

Seraph's Embrace:Huge mana and ability power increase with shield.
An absolute beast item for Singed. It provides all the mana you need and gives you a huge ability power boost. The active shield is also really great to soak up some damage. Don't forget about the early Tear you get either! The Tear helps your mana problems early game and stacks very fast. Remember though, do NOT get Archangel's Staff unless you have the full 750 stacks.

Banshee's Veil:Fantastic MR item.
After the Spirit Visage nerf, I find myself buying Banshee's alot more. It gives you a ****load of MR and the spell shield is really helpful when rushing the ADC in a teamfight. The health you get is pretty good too. You can easily swap this item out for an Abyssal Mask or even a Spirit Visage.

Liandry's Torment:After this purchase, you'll being doing Tons of Damage.
One of the best offensive oriented items for Singed. You get a bit of ability power and magic pen. but the number one reason why we get this is because of the passive. With the passive, you're doing 6% of an enemies HP over 3 seconds. But remember, this effect doubles if the unit is impaired. This is where Rylai's Crystal Scepter comes in. The synergy between the two is godlike and you're doing 2% of an enemies current HP per .5 seconds.
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Situational Items

Defensive Items

Randuin's Omen:Lots of tankiness with great passive/active.
One of the better armor items for Singed. It is pretty pricey but the stats you get are well worth it. You get 70 armor and 500 HP which makes you pretty tanky but the main selling point is the passive/active. The passive is really great when chasing or escaping and the AS/MVS debuff can really affect auto-attack reliant champions. The active is also really nice on Singed because you can run right in the center of everybody and pop it, potentially slowing every member of the enemy team by 35% for 2+ seconds.

Frozen Heart:Not bad, but not good.
After the nerfs, FH isn't nearly as good as it used to be. It still isn't a bad item, it just isn't a core item for Singed. FH provides you lots of armor/mana with a good amount of CDR. It also provides a real nice passive to help shutdown auto attack champions. (I still think Randuin's and Thornmail are better though.)

Ninja Tabi:Fantastic item against AD heavy champions. Swap out Merc's Treads.
These boots help you immensely against AD champions that can hurt you. You get 25 armor and a beast passive to keep you alive or being chunked out of lane by many champions. These boots can also be considered an offensive item in a sense because after purchasing them, you can duel most AD champions.

Doran's Shield:Great vs. early game AD's.
I still believe Doran's Shield is a good item vs. champs like Jayce or Gangplank and from time to time I will pick one up. The only downside to the shield is that it is pretty much useless mid/late game and doesn't sell for much, so only buy if you absolutely need.

Guardian Angel:God-like passive with minor armor/MR increases.
The only reason this item is worth the gold is because of the passive. Upon dying, you're revived with 30% of your HP. Your enemies will have to decide whether to attack you or your teammates which will let you cause as much havoc as possible. Double the lives = double the trolling.

Offensive Items

Void Staff:Only get if enemies are stacking MR. Swap out Liandry's.
Ehh, I don't really like this item. I feel like Liandry's is always a better option unless who ever you're facing is stacking MR on MR. (like if they have 130-150+ MR)

Rod of Ages:Good if you're new to Singed.
RoA used to be a core item on Singed, now, Seraph's Embrace has replaced it. Roa is still a good item though, so don't count it out as a possible item. Just remember, Catalyst the Protector will greatly decrease your early/mid game damage and you should be buying RoA ASAP to maximize the potential of it. I'd recommend Rod for any beginner Singed player.

Zhonya's Hourglass:An OK item if you're wanting more armor and damage.
Zhonya's actually isn't too bad on Singed. It costs a lot, so you really have to put in a big investment into it. The active is alright if you're getting focused a lot, but that is the whole point of playing Singed, too get focused. The Seeker's Armguard is great in lane vs. any AD too.

Abyssal Scepter:Good item if you need damage along with MR.
Another item that used to be core on Singed. Abyssal gives good MR, AP, and a great passive. If you feel like you need to do more damage while retaining some tankiness, go for Abyssal. Abyssal is also good if you have and AP mid/jungler since the passive will cause them to do more damage.
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Your Job as Singed

Early Game!
Singed has an ok early game, it is all about playing smart. After leashing for your jungler, ask yourself, who am I facing? If it is someone who has weak early game, like Akali, then you will want to play aggressive. If it is someone like Darius, you will want to play a tad bit on the passive side and farm up. You also have to take in account who the jungler is. Depending on who the jungler is, they will usually attempt at around the 3:30-4:15ish so be ready and make sure to have your ward up. (taking in account you're pushed)

Ok, now onto the actual lane phase itself. Make sure to get all SAFE last hits. Meaning don't go for a last hit that will result in free harass. And like I said before, if you're facing someone who has a weak early game, attempt to zone with Poison Trail. Don't overextend without a ward either, because you'll most likely die. You can start and play even more aggressive once you're level 3-4. To do so, simply Fling + Poison Trail. Keep in account of your mana, you don't want to run out. If you have eyes on the jungler, you can proxy. Once I am either OOM or low HP, I will back and pick up my tear/boots.

Mid Game!
Mid-game is commonly recognized as the point were you and the enemy team will contest for dragon fights, try and take all first tier towers, and maybe have little skirmishes here and there. This is also the point were Singed's threat level greatly increases. If you have eyes on whomever you're facing top lane, stay top. Keep trying to deny them. Purposefully overextend to try and draw up the jungler or possible mid-laner. That way, if they do come top, your team can safely take towers or do dragon. Remember, League is a game of objectives, so that should be your first priority. If you see 3+ people hovering around mid, you can either continue to split push, or go mid to help your team. Generally, you have to decide what is better. If your team has a big advantage, chances are you just want to stay top and push. If you they really need you, you should join them because you will be a great asset to them.

Late Game!
Late game is when Singed turns into a monster. You definitely should have taken your first and second tier tower out and maybe have damaged your third. Try to push out any lane that is pushing towards you, but don't go afk farming a lane though. You don't always have to stick with your team because sometimes split-pushing is better. But in most cases, you're going to want to stick with your team. Care for an enemy baron attempt because baron is one of the most important late game objectives and can turn games around. You can also try to catch anyone out of position, like an Ashe farming bot lane all by her lonesome self.

How to Teamfight!
Singed is a monster in teamfights. You should be disrupting as many people as possible with your kit. Try to get people to focus you, this will let your team get free damage. I like to rush the highest priority target and use everything I have on him. (Fling, Ignite, Poison) Don't isolate yourself to far away though, you need to stay with your team.

Another tip, try not to engage. Singed isn't a natural engager. Wait for someone like Jarvan or Amumu to do that.
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Laning opponents

Tough Match-up. Difficulty: 7/10
Darius real tough to lane against early game. He has big harass with his Decimate. If he pulls you in, he'll end up getting free Hemorrhage Stacks on you. I recommend rushing Ninja Tabi to negate some of his damage. Stay at a healthy amount of HP so you don't get instagibbed. You can eventually just start pushing to his tower. This will make him either harass you, or lose last hits. If his Decimate is on cooldown, perform the sky auto attack technique and poison him. You're always going to out trade him with his Decimate on CD.

Farm lane. He is hard to kill, but easy to zone. Difficulty: 4/10
Farm Fest. Nasus has innate sustain to keep him healthy. Push to his tower and make it as hard as possible to farm. Constantly put poison to try to zone him. Don't dive him unless you're 100% sure you can kill him. You can proxy farm eventually which will help you out CS him. Try to push to tower and make plays at other lanes or go for dragon.

Hard/Annoying lane. Difficulty: 8/10
Teemo is a counter pick to Singed because of he ranged harassment through Toxic Shot and his movement speed buff, Move Quick. Utilized the brush to avoid getting auto attacked. Only come out to last hit. You can actually chunk Teemo if you manage to catch him by Flinging him and doing the sky auto attack. Do not get kited though because he'll end up getting tons of free damage. After your first back, this lane gets easier. Push to tower and Fling him as much as possible. And remember this: You're 100x more useful than Teemo is come late game.

Hard lane. Difficulty: 8.5/10
Jayce is definitely hard to face. Start Cloth Armor and utilize the bush to avoid being AA harassed. Stay behind ranged minions to dodge his Shock Blast. Once you get level 4, start pushing to tower. By pushing, he is either forced to harass you or lose CS. Keep pushing and after you're out of sustain, go back. Pick up Ninja Tabi and at this point, you can fight him. Anytime he is close, Fling him and poison. Keep kiting if he proceeds to chase you in Hammer Stance. Do not fight him in melee range though. Your objective is not to kill him (if you do though, great job) but to deny him CS.

Annoying lane that is Hard. Difficulty: 8/10
Kennen is a great counter pick so Singed because of the fact that he has a long range poke. He'll poke you down and if you're low enough, he'll stun and Ult. This will end up as your demise. But, there is a way to avoid this. During the early levels, hide behind your ranged minions. He won't be able to harass you this way. If you see him get his advance auto attack, avoid him because that will lead to further harassment. Once you're level 4, try to Fling him into your poison. He can't do much melee range. Do this as much as possible and you'll end up out harassing him. This is still a difficult lane though, so I don't recommend picking Singed vs. Kennen.

Moderate Difficulty: 5/10
Malphite is no problem to lane against. It is basically a farm fest. Rush Mercury's Treads and constantly ward your lane because Malphite can follow up on ganks insanely well. That is the only reason he can be annoying, he can slow you and use his Ult. if his jungler ganks, and you'll usually end up dying. Just keep his passive shield down and his HP bar will eventually drop. Before engaging on him, try to bait out his Seismic Shard so you can catch up to him.

Practically a free lane for Singed. Difficulty: 2/10
Fiora is an extremely easy lane for Singed. If you rush Ninja Tabi her damage is completely halted. You can kite her super easily and she can't keep up with your harass. I recommend going super aggressive. Don't stay in melee range for a long period of time though, she may end up harassing you back equally. TL;DR - Kite her into poison hell.

Easy lane if you play it right. Difficulty: 4.5/10
You can play really aggressive on him pre-6. Zone him and Fling him whenever you have the chance. He will eventually run out of sustain and have to back. You still beat him post 6 too. You just have to be careful of his Ult. Proc. though. If you see he has it up, don't go in on him. Another tip is to Fling him away from you if he charges up his Counter Strike. Rushing Ninja Tabi can shutdown his damage completely too.

Difficult lane but it is winnable. Difficulty: 6.5/10
This lane is pretty annoying for Singed. If you're familiar with Pantheon, you know the huge early game he has. Start Cloth Armor and utilize the bushes so he cant get as many Spear Shots off on you. He will end up beating you levels 1-6 but after you've gotten Ninja Tabi you can duel him. If he ends up stunning you, immediately Fling right after to try to break up his Heartseeker Strike. If he ever gets in range of your Fling, do it.

The only true counter to Singed. Difficulty: 10/10
This is by far the hardest lane I have encountered as Singed. Her entire kit seems to counter you. She has a slow, ranged harass, she can push just as hard as you, a heal, speed buff, and she is near impossible to dive after a gank. Hide in the bush early game and only come out to last hit. Once you're level 5-6, you can take her harass more easily. Try to bait her abilities. If she uses Righteous Fury, run into the bush. Once it is off CD, rush at her and attempt to Fling. She will either Q you or W herself. She will eventually run out of mana and you can freely push to her tower. I'd also recommend taking your Wolves or Golems depending on what side you're on to keep up in xp.

Moderate depending on how you play it. Difficulty: 6/10
Riven is said to counter Singed, but I disagree. You want to trade with her as much as possible. Once you hit level 2, Fling auto attack her with poison. She doesn't get a huge power spike until level 3. Anytime she goes to last hit poison her. Eventually you can start to proxy farm against her. Even if you lose lane, you're still 10x more usefull then her in teamfights.

Easy lane all around. Difficulty: 3/10
Shen is super easy for Singed. Your trades are far superior, you push 10x harder then him, and you're able to proxy farm all day against him. If he manages to ult. away from his lane, good. Free tower for you. You basically just want to push to his tower 24/7.

Depends on the Trynd's skill level. Difficulty: 4/10 to 7.5/10
Tryndamere is actually pretty tough for Singed depending on what he does. If he plays it right early game, he will trade a lot with you and usually come out on top since he has far better sustain. If he plays passive and farms, you can easily harass him and push against him. If you do manage to face a aggro trynd, rush Ninja Tabi and after Rylai's, get a Chain Vest. Eventually he cannot kill you because of how hard you kite. Be careful not to give him any early kills or he will most likely snowball against you.

Moderate Match-up. Difficulty: 6/10
Garen can't really stop you until he gets some items, so you have to abuse that. Care for his silence because it hurts like hell early. Farm and push hard against him. Try to bait out his silence then flip him. You want to play passive, aggressive against him. Watch for his level 6 burst too, because that also hurts like hell. Mid-game gets a lot tougher because he will most likely have Hexdrinker or Merc's. Once you see him get those items, proxy farm against him. Once again, he can't stop you.

Ultra hard lane, Difficulty: 9.5/10
Vayne is practically impossible to beat not only in lane, but late game too. She will shut you down with auto attacks early game, Condemn you away if you attempt to Fling, and overall win prolonged trades due to her kiting potential. Use brush cover early game to take less AA harass and call for ganks all day long. You and your jungler can shut down vayne top. Other than that, there isn't much you can do against her without jungle help unless she makes a major mistake.

Master Yi
Easy Match-up. Difficulty: 3/10
The new Yi is real easy to beat. Trade with him and zone as much as possible. You can proxy against him and he will not be able to retaliate. If you make a mistake and he capitalizes on it, you should probably invest in Ninja Tabi or a Chain Vest to shutdown his damage completely.

Moderately Hard. Difficulty: 6.5/10
Yasuo is a weird match-up. He will out trade/harass you early game but you can face him rather easily come mid game. You want to play rather defensive early on. His ranged auto attack hurts so don't go too crazy and overextend to get a last hit. One pro tip is to release a small cloud of poison on any minion he goes to last hit, this will pop his passive shield and make trades so much easier. Also, don't engage on a new minion wave because he will just dash away from you or too you. Once you get Ninja Tabi and a Blasting Wand, you can fight him rather easily.

Tough Match-up. Difficulty: 7.5/10
Unfortunately for Singed players, Kha'Zix is gaining popularity. This bug is pretty hard to face because he has a slow, a gap-closer, and lots of damage. Be especially careful early game of his Q harass when you go to last hit. Try not to give him first blood, as he will snowball out of control against you, and that's not good. I recommend getting an early Chain Vest or Ninja Tabi. Post-6, he isn't too hard to face. Chances are he will Leap to you if you Fling him away, so that is a really good way to bait him if your jungler is ganking.

(More match-ups are going to be added, don't worry!)
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In-Depth guide on How to proxy farm

Knowing how to proxy farm is real important as Singed. It is essential you do this everygame, I'll explain why, what, and how to do it:

What is proxy farming?

Proxy farming is where you go behind either the first, second, or even the inhib turret and farm. You generally want to stick to the first or second tower to farm but if you're feeling incredibly ballsy, you can proxy mid and top at the same time by going into the enemies base.

What does Proxy Farming do exactly?

First off, you're going to be getting every creep wave which allows you to get huge gold income. You're also forcing your lane opponent to farm under tower with no minions, which usually means they're going to miss some creeps and their tower is going to get damaged. It is even better if they try to stop you because they will be missing tons of gold and XP. You also draw attention to yourself, causing the jungle and mid laner to gank you, which is a good thing because they will be missing XP and it opens up your other lanes to play more aggressively and take objectives. (Dragon, towers)

How do I proxy farm though?

It's easy! You generally don't want to do it immediately, instead wait for your first back until you get Tear of the Goddess and Boots. After that, push to the enemies tower and run behind it. After the creep wave comes, activate Poison Trail and run back and forth, poisoning all the minions. You can hide in the bushes behind the tower if you're waiting for the creeps to come also. Simple as that!

Warning signs and Other Tips

While you're proxing, you have to pay attention to where the mid-laner and jungler is. Like I said before, it is great if they come for you, but you still should have vision on them at all times just in case you need to plan your escape if they come. If you don't have vision on the jungler/mid laner and you suddenly see your top lane opponent walk away from her tower to fight you, chances are someone is around.

Another tip is to watch where your minions are to pinpoint where the enemy minions are.
The black circles highlights this. Since your minions are at your second tower, you know the enemy minions are at the second tower.

What if I died once or twice, isn't that bad? You may ask that question but the answer is no. It is going to take a lot of effort to kill you so even if you do manage to die, they probably had to atleast burn some summoners and their ults. If you keep dying, you aren't going to be worth as nearly as much gold as it would take to be worth killing you because the top laner will be missing creeps and XP, same as the jungler. I am not saying to die on purpose, but dying isn't bad at all. (Unless you want a high KD ratio, you selfish bastard)
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Epic Videos

This chapter features awesome videos that show the TRUE POWER of Singed. Check them out!

This video shows how well Singed can escape any situation.

Dyrus, a pro gamer, loves playing Singed. He is playing in a tournament scrim in this vid.

Here's everyones favorite, the Champion Spotlight. It's pretty outdated though, but still gives good info.
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Closing Statements

Thank you very much for reading my Singed guide. My main goal was to please the readers, so if I accomplished that, I'm happy! I also encourage you guys to comment about what your thoughts are on this guide and what I could do to improve it. This was my first guide, so I had little experience. But thanks again for reading!
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Special Thanks

I would have to thank jhoijhoi the most because without her Making a Guide tutorial, I couldn't have done any of this!

I would have to thank all the amazing viewers who have read my guide. I just hit the 50,000 view milestone which to me, is just awesome :D Once again, thank you all! - 12/11/12.

Wow...I am speechless! My guide is actually the #1 Singed guide on MOBAfire!!! I never thought in a billion years that I could achieve this. I would like to thank all of you wonderful ladies and gentlemen who have voted and contributed to my guide. So from me to you MOBAfire community, thank you. - 1/25/13.
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Change Log

11/21/13 - Small season 4 update. Not much really changed for Singed.
11/5/13 - Somewhat big update w/ new info and etc.
7/13/13 - Added Riven, Garen, Shen, Trynd to matchups. Added Proxy section.
5/31/13 - New info, items, layout etc. I have been slacking and I'd like to apologize for that. I promise not to anymore!
12/6/12 - MASSIVE season 3 update. Item changes, layout, etc.
8/15/12- Added a video section with two videos.

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