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Skarner Build Guide by Sephix92

Top Skarner Remastered **UPDATE** Crazy Strong

Top Skarner Remastered **UPDATE** Crazy Strong

Updated on November 15, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sephix92 Build Guide By Sephix92 10 4 48,101 Views 5 Comments
10 4 48,101 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sephix92 Skarner Build Guide By Sephix92 Updated on November 15, 2023
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Runes: 11/2023 Antiheal Tankyness

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Shield Bash


+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite



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Champion Build Guide

Skarner Remastered **UPDATE** Crazy Strong

By Sephix92
Tipps and Tricks
Alright hello Guys,

example matchup 11/2023 setup 1:
Your text to link here...
Your text to link here...

more Upvotes would be still nice :D.

i tought i want to share my experience with you guys, that you got some tactics vs diffrent Champs. I will update this everyday a bit.

Toplane vs Nasus:

This will be an middle hard fight for you. Nasus is easy to counter and defeat. You need to build up as first Sunfire Cap like 300g for armor and 900 direct for the sunfire extra dmg. If he slow you and want to attack you counter with e stun hit and push w and move. With your shild your able to absorb 1 hit from nasus and your extra movement do the rest. Because the timing of his slow you cancel with stun + shild and you deal the same amount of DMG like he does or even more.
IF he uses ulti you do the same techchase or maybe if he follow you up you punish him with r and stun + ignite. When he is out of ulitmate your able to defeat him, just make sure he waste it and counter. After Sunfire Cap you go for the "devil mask" alirght and the rest of the build you know. In my opinion its better to go for your 20% cdr after that with the speed item.

vs Camille:

This can be a pretty fun fight because your able to run her out when you concentrate to stay always on the side where she have the longst range to catch you with her wall ablity you will run it out with your shild and counter with auto hit stun auto hit auto hit. You give out first 800 money for armor and after it you go for lich bane.

Skarner vs Temmo:

Alright for this fight you must be nasty and offensive enough. At start you go in with your shild to farm enough minions, that your able to cancel teemos dmg and then move away. He will try to push you quick dont give him the chance and heal if you go under 70%. If you reached level 6 you will be able to punish him.
That you can do that, you need to build up as first item the Devil Mask, go for the heal at first and buy boots for 300 gold. After this you go for Sheen. Alright lets say you got for 1100 he heal and mana ablity and you will be something like level 4-5. IF you start with your e and you got it go agressive as hell into the fight. He will counter you with his ablity that you cant auto attatck him but your spell will be long enough on him, so you cover his dmg up while moving with your shild you get him in the stun you ignite him you Ultimate him. You will be able to Stun him again and after all of that you shild up and give him the rest. Thats it if you got this techchase and you defeated him for now you will dominate him always and every time again. May start to rape him from behind and let him come to your tower, because now is the time that you can roam and maybe gank mid destroy him again etc. Ahh and dont forgett your q´s in while ultimate him XD

vs Renekton:

ok ok this will be a very fked up fight for you, because some Gamers use extra dmg up runes or some stupid stuff, just to punish you with 3 skills and 3 auto attacks. He is able to jump over a big distance and to rape you faster down as you will be able to counter him. That means for this fight is all you can do to shoot the minions under tower. you will need 5 extra dmg and dont start with heal items. You will just waste them. Let him push if he dont push wait till level 6 and fight the ****. for toer destruction. Maybe he will get fked up and try to kill you on tower if he moves use direct your shild ablity and run him out or stun him in tower. The first item what you should build is Thornmail + Ardent Censer + Abysal Mask aka devil mask. If you got this go for nashor. The point of this fight is ardent censer is cheap and you will hae not much cs. but it will burst you and the abysal maks burst your dmg up with this item also and its good to have for the shild buff. At this point you will have 20% cdr. + speedup from nashor then 30% and 40%... its a good way to come into lategame and not to feed him. If you defeat or hold up against that hard enemys you will it have ez to punish the rest of the team couse they dont heave that amount hp or other skills like top guys got. And your also an strong opponent and tank against everybody. Always remember disable to win.

vs Illoai:

ok nasty ills will grab you trough all ablitys in you and you will loose your shild have stay very bad. Easy Ills are ez to suck after her grab stun them and rape them but thats not the point of good skarner gaming against her.

The good point for you is she cant grab your soul trough minions, that means try to punish her with your e and also to focus your spell on minons so your able to stun them or her. IF she wanna punch you with her ablity run them out maybe if needed with your W. You start against her with Boots ! The 300 gold are worth if there is no ap champ you go direct for auto attack boots against ad´s otherwise you just buy for 300 gold boots.

After that 300 gold you build Sunfire Cap as first tiem. Afer Sunfire Cap you go for Sheen and the fiendish codey for 900 gold Build up that are 2300 gold. Eeasy to get till level 7-8. Always when she fail her grab go hard against her. Its the point of win or loose run her out if she grab you stun her and move in diffrent ways like right or to the left because she got an range attack. Even always when she plants a rank slow her and punish it. You can easy rape her when youg ot your ultimate. Couse you can pull her with you and out of her ultimate and you will be able to eat a lot of dmg this champ does, thornmail could be a good item too but dont build it as first it always depends to the rest of the team and your opponents. Just do a good start against your own mate.

vs Cho Gath:

this will be a diffrent kind of start you go in with boots and heal potion for 150 gold. You build boots first and abysal mask + sheen. Run his cc out and keep stunning him roam. Thats it. Just tanky boring fight you will be able to punish him later.

vs Pantheon:

Starting item dorans ring 2x potion

in this fight you play save till levle 6 counter his engage with speer with your w or try to run it out if you covered stun him and roam for minions buy first armor for 800 gold. After this you go for sunfire extra dmg. Now you build sheen . May you could already killed him with pushing into your tower or do enough dps. But the hunting omes now with sheen shild is enough by level 3 the rest of your ablity power you stack in E and always just 1 q. After sheen you go for cheap boots 300 gold and after this you complete sunfire cap. Try to stay till level 5-6 on tower. After you got him you can always kill him again 70 cs and 1 kill against him should be enough to mess up ez with him. You can stun him also in his untouchable mode at last.

vs Zed:

build up sunfire cap as first > Boots > sheen like vs all ad suckers... stun him q him auto attack him....uhm wait his ulti if he use, ulti him use by your ulti shild to cover his ulti and ignite him uhm stun him again hes down. On start roam with movement and use your shild to cover the shadow. IF you use shild and he use the tripple hit from his rune your shild eats it. To Cover his ulti you give out first 800 gold for armor.
Skarner Early and Mid Game
Hello together,

for all that think skarner is weak you think wrong ! The Problem of skarner is the early laning fase lets say till minute 10:00. He rly need cdr to have a good laning. Hes not the weakest at all against some champs he will be stronger till level 6 just get your experience with him but for all Junglers out there, if your toplaner Skarner got an hard enemy start to gank here couse the Slow + Stun ablity is pretty usefull from level 1 on. Other ways if your jungler is skarner, cover him on drakes. Couse in Mid game you will see that skarners dmg is pretty hot. Always remember his cdr is the point of win or loosing. On start he can get outplayed pretty easy couse of his HIGH COOLDOWN TIME. Now if your gentle help him to get his 30% cdr so quick as possible. And not that he is the point of hunting and you dont regionize or dont care it.

Even a skarner can do easy 50-80k dmg in a match. Early fase of Skarner can be pretty hard and even to get a comeback if he isnt able to get enough cs or kill his laner. He got the ablitys to be a good teamworker for you. The hunting time always comes with his cdr. Skarner can do ez 1k with his sting e ablity and roam multitargets into his cc. If you think you dont need that to win sure let him feed or blame him on start so hard you can, that he dont want to team up with you. Not all champs use 1 ablity to get an ez kill. IF you play skarner you disable to win. That means tactical gameplay not a braindead ult like Zed or other champs got ;). For this may you play such an ez to play champ. Its your way to have fun. But dont mess up with the tankyness and great ablitys of an skarner he will always have the last word against you. Check my thread 8 sec disable and when i get you in my sting your will be pretty fast down =).

So for all big Brains its not WTF WHY YOU PLAY SKARNER YOU SHOULD SAY COOL SOMEONE THAT PLAY A MULTI CC CLASS THAT DOES HIGH DMG at Least and can carry us to win who ever got feeded . If you understand this your on a good way to be a good teammate.

And yes to kill someone with skarner need a bit time the time of destuction you bring with your CC´s x). An example for my lovely combo: E stun + auto attack = 2,5 sec = 500-1k dmg + R 300 dmg +Ignite (70-400dmg) Q ~ 200 dmg + E 500 dmg + 200 from lichbane. Well that are easy 2,1k DMG POINTS and i forgott if someone uses sunfire cap he do some extra dmg so it depends if your not feeded lets say you had a good laning so you maybe do 25-50% more dmg than i wrote here. And who ever you punish with that combo he dont have that life to alive it. This monster of skarna goes on after 20 minutes if every goes on well as TEAM. That means lich bane give you the extra dmg in every q you use. Also after every Stun hit with E and dont forgett the dmg stacks you get from that abilitys after hitting them sucessfully. Thats the point of skarner use your e get a good hit and roam with q to get the lich bane extra dmg. You use R to recover e and you also can ignite in your R. Thats is an hot combo ;).

So what i wanna say with this is: He will be able to kill other guys ez and dont ping couse you dont know the power of him. He can be usefull ofc to delet i champ for your kill but he also wants kill some guys so let him work if its possible. I hope one day i will see more skarners and ppl that learned that he is usefull to play. Couse most of the community dont play him or ignore him, couse he isnt that 1 hit BEAST that most ppl wanna have lul. For this guys learn to play your adc. IF i adc i will be agressive as hell and laugh about every minion hitter i meet xD just btw.

Great Hunting TIme :D
Why did i create that GUIDE? Because i see many ******ed builds with ad skarner and he will be always weaker as other ad champs. He scale better with AP. Its complete fail just because he can auto attack to raise that up. He will always be a fking low auto attacker against other ad champs, because he is based on AP and he is a very nice TANK. That means you have to burst his scale with decent AP Items and to look how to improve his tankyness. ALL YOU NEED is 1 item to make you tanky against ap ppl and you improve also your magical dmg with the devil mask. The 2. thing go for zhoynas or sunfire cap, it also carry you to use yoru stun in a fight more often or suprise anyone or to cover ccs whatever. IT will be enough and you scale your cdr and DMG output with these items till you have enough ap that your auto attack with q is fully bursted.

Well i hope you like it and have fun with this complete underrated champ.
Stay safe and rape them with your sting. I hope you see what i wrote to the items and builds thats it enjoy and have a good time with your tank of destruction. The reason why i created it is beacuse i tryed the other threads and tought a lot how to make him more usefull. I started playing him for support couse i just checked his ablitys and saw his dmg is not the best at all. After it i started playing him Top and tryed all the AD stuff out. But hey he scale better with ap and he isnt an auto attack AD CHAMP. His e scaled on ap, the cdr and his speed makes this champ very strong movement and at least go for attack speed. You will carry your team with the tankyness. In most of my fights i have like 100k dmg absorbtion. No ohter tanks got this. And he will be very fast and deadly with full maxxed ap defense attack speed stuff. For support he is very usefull if your adc isnt a complete noob, but just think that you will not be able to deal much dmg in this position. Its good way to learn how to play skarner and give your team ez kills.

Hope you enjoy.


Why Skarner for Support? Because your the fastest stinger on earth, if you have sucessfully spammed your e you can start to hunt them if its possible. They can not esc couse your fast enough to catch them and give your adc 2,5 sec time to kill them easily, they are also slowed and you improve your movement speed. Till level 3 you should be a bit cautious. Glacial, Sheen rdy? glacial rdy? Lets have fun.

In this build you also start with sheen and glacial, to build your cdr. After it you go for Zekes Convergence and Knights packt.

Why you use Mikaels? Because you get good health regeneration also in your crystals they recover mana that improve your health regeneration and with these 3 cheap items your W will be very nice to tank a lot of dmg. It improve your shilding power by 20% ofc you can combinate it now with Redemption to get 300% Health regeneration and also more in your crystals. Its a very powerfull item. And you also Increase the shild power from your Skillbuild and you have the magic resistance and you are able to help now your teammate to cover cc´s for yourself or him and to hunt your enemys more easy.

Now its time for your own question: You got now tanky enough to cover your enemys. You shild dmg, you can tower dive, your able to cancel cc´s, your able to slow them your able to stun your enemys 2,5 sec + utlimate them for 2 sec + you got enough cdr that you can stun them again for 2,5 sec so you are able now to disable your enemys for 7 SEC ! + 1 sec delay lets say 8 Sec. Any feeded troll on the map? Well Your adc need money :D, its time to rape him. And you pretent a lot of dmg from your adc and your adc heals you.

You want more tankyness with low hp power and deal a bit more dmg go for adcent censer. You want get the ultimate endboss but deal not even a percent dmg? Buy Frozen heart. Or deal a bit dmg with Forgefire Cap. Well be sure you will not make much dmg but you are able to disable your enemys and keep your adc alive. And thats what makes support good for skarner.

With a lucian in Combination it will be an ez lane. IF you want deal dmg then choose any items you think may help. Ardent Censer is alsways a good choice improve your own speed + shild power and a bit auto dmg, also improve your speed and health regeneration and your E skill. Well skarner isnt a very good auto attack hitter so your maindmg will be always e auto move and again e auto. E auto R q E auto Q something like this. Go for lich bane and your a perfect stun hitter, its that dmg that your adc needs to get a fast kill thats the point of support.


Skarner Jungle with predator?!?! Sure can be nice but to be honest you have crystals in jungle that improve already your speed your a tank and you can tower dive and have your r that pull them out if skarner isnt mobile enough for you for what you need predator the biggest low dmg trash skill that brings your nothing. My opinion to that. Who isnt skarners mobility enough i will never understand xD. Other jungle have that not ;)
If you got your techchases you will get something like this

DMG Absorb example:

I also checked malphite vs skarner with

80k malphite and skarner with 100k+ by 40 minutes gameplay. Skarner shild is his ultimate dmg absorbtion best absorb tank, because he can spam it very often and its nessesary to block a lot of things for you and your team ulitmates etc.

and to ask a simple question why you go for AP? Because you burst everything with AP on skarner the most important his shild ! and uhm his Q and you burst enough with lich bane because he roam the q between ad and ap. His R gets boosted also by AP ofc also ad but you dont burst your shild without AP. And thats why AP will always be the better choice. Its enough to rape someone with lichbane in your Q´s and your able to cover a lot of other stuff. His auto attacks are to bad for healing with that. Thats why i never burst AD. And AP magic dmg gets bursted with his defense items, thats a big point why i never will put ad items on him. Sure you can change a lot of stuff for other defense items but they will be weaker couse you dont burst your defense enough trust me ;). And your stun E is complete AP, you do a lot of dmg with it on AP that you will never have if you burst AD items on him.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sephix92
Sephix92 Skarner Guide
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Skarner Remastered **UPDATE** Crazy Strong

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