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League of Legends Build Guide Author kxizm

Support Choices

kxizm Last updated on October 29, 2011
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This guide is to show possibilities of choosing champions for support who are not known for supporting. A lot of these champions may not be the best choice all the time, but no one champion is. You need different champions to go in a certain team composition. You need certain champions to counter opposing choices. If you have a specific team comp, maybe one of the more unusual champs here would be a better fit over the usual support options. Think it over and experiment.

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First things first: What do we look for in Support?

Well, as a support player, your job is to support your team. That usually includes the following:

    Babysitting another champ in lane
    Buying wards (and placing them intelligently)
    Supporting the team in a teamfight (this includes any kind of CC and utility)
    Using CV (will go into more detail later)

Now most of this will be dependent on the players skill, not the champ. The only difference a champ can make is the CC/utility they bring to the team. For the most part, I only listed champs that had at least one form of hard CC (Stun, Root, Supress, etc) instead of soft CC (Slow*, buffs, debuffs), and some utility.

Quite a few champs have a lot of utility that I don't list here. I'm only considering champs that have utility that benefit the team, not champs whose utilization only affects themselves.

*Slow: I consider a champ with 2 slows to have a hard CC for the sake of listing them here.

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Support choices of a new era



Pulverize: Stun
Headbutt: Knockback
Triumphant Roar: Heal

With his Pulverize -> Headbutt combo, Alistar can be deadly, esp around his own turrets. Good for getting enemies out of position. His Triumphant Roar brings some sustain to the lane he's in.



Cursed Touch: MR Debuff
Bandage Toss: Stun
Curse of the Sad Mummy: Stun

What makes good support CC is being able to use it when your team needs it. Both Bandage Toss and Curse of the Sad Mummy are used at the beginning of the fight to initiate. If that's not when your team needs the CC, don't go with support Amumu. However, if your team is lacking initiation, Amumu might be the champ for you.
Be careful though. Usually the last thing support wants to do is launch themselves into the middle of the enemy team, esp at the beginning of the fight. Just be aware you might have to build a little more tanky if you feel you need to survive that initiation.



Flash Frost: Slow
Crystallize: Wall
Glacial Storm: Slow

The first champ that's really prolly gonna get a, 'Wha??' but bear with me.
Aniva has two slows, but the Wall is really why Aniva is on this list. A well-placed wall can absolutely devastate a team during a fight. Crystallize is easily able to punish someone caught out of position, possibly resulting in a 4v5 teamfight.



Frost Shot: Slow
Hawkshat: Vision
Enchanted Crystal Arrow: Stun

Can keep things perma slowed with Frost Shot and Volley. Enchanted Crystal Arrow is a good initiator. Keep in mind its easier to aim down the lane and hit someone than to hit someone in another lane. Don't keep that from trying though. Some epic arrows come other lanes to help secure a gank or an escape.



Rocket Punch: Stun/Pull
Power Fist: Knockup
Static Field: Slience

Rocket Grab is what I like to call 'Position debuff.' Positional debuffs can win teamfights --> wins games.
Rocket Grab + Power Fist is devastating to opponents caught out of position. Odes have been written, sagas composed about the uses of Rocket Grab. Go read some of the higher rated Blitz guides.



Miasma: Slow
Petrifying Gaze: Slow/Stun

Ok, I'll admit I can't even think of a reason to use Cass as Support, most champs will dodge Miasma to some degree, and the channel on Petrifying Gaze allows the other team to turn their backs and eat a slow vs a stun if they're paying attention. Aside from that, she's got a super small HP bar.
But who knows, maybe you can think of some awesome reason you need some poison support.



Rupture: Knockup
Feral Scream: Silence

Quite tanky, AE silence the knockup can be easy to dodge if they're watching for it, but in the middle of a teamfight, they usually won't see it coming. Cho's Feast can help secure Dragon, Nashor, or a kill that's about to get away from your carry. The more I think about Support Cho, the more I think he'd be one of the more viable choices on this list that isn't normally chosen for support. Personally, I'm going to be playing this guy in some solo Q and see how well this goes.



Dread: MR debuff
Terrify: Fear
Dark Wind: Silence

The fear is pretty strong and the Silence hits multiple targets, but after the first target, it doesn't prioritize, so it may hit minions over champs. Though he's fragile. Real.



Resolute Smite: Slow
Bulwark: Shield
Righteous Gust: Movespeed buff
Idol of Durand: Taunt

All 4 abilities have some sort of CC or utility. The bonus of his Bulwark is that it heals himself up a bit. Righteous Gust might be a little tough to use, but affects any ally that decides to walk that way. Taunts are OP, and this is AE taunt. Gust into a teamfight and bust the taunt. Win teamfight and ruin baron.



Grog-Soaked Blade: Slow
Raise Morale: Attack Speed/Move Speed buff
Cannon Barrage: Slow

This guy. He does jungle so well and can easily top lane, so may very well already be taken for one of those roles. However, GP does have some viable support-ness. His Grog Soaked Blade allows him to slow (and stacks slow), but only when within melee range. One thing support doesn't want to do a whole lot is get up in the other guy's face. Raise Morale can help in teamfights, bring down turrets, and Baron. But really, his ult is the main reason he's here. How supporty is Cannon Barrage? Help your teammate from across the map? yes. Support a teamfight while you're still pushing top? check. Pirate? Check. Win game? Fo Sho.



Barrel Roll: Attack Speed debuff
Body Slam: Slow
Explosive Cask: Knockback

Another Positional debuff. Explosive Cask is a little harder to use proficiently than some of the other abilities that do that. This thrown into the middle of a teamfight can do anything from isolate a carry from the tanks/support to knocking their carries right into your own carry who is trying to run away from the teamfight with 3% HP left resulting in his death. His Happy Hour will help you sustain yourself, if no one else.



Techmaturgical Repair Bots: slowest. heal. ever.
H-28G Evolution Turret: uhhhh trap?
CH-1 Concussion Grenade CH-1 Concussion Grenade: Blind
UPGRADE!!!: Slow

This guy feels like he should be supporty, but his abilities are situational at best. The heal is just increased HP regen, so not truly useful. Drop the turrets in the brush, but I think it doesn't give vision when they attack. I could be wrong. The blind on the Concussion Grenade is easily avoided, and can be very difficult to land.



Tailwind: Movespeed buff
Howling Gale: Knockup
Zephyr: Slow
Eye of the Storm: Shield
Monsoon: Heal/Knockback

All 4 abilities + the passive are supporty. Hard to see why she's chosen so often for support. As such an optimal choice for support, I won't go into her so much in this guide.


Jarvan IV

Dragon Strike: Armor debuff/Knockup
Golden Aegis: Slow
Demacian Standard: Attack Speed/Armor buff
Cataclysm: Wall

Cataclysm is a good way to separate those pesky carries from the rest of their team so your team can beat up on them a bit. Using Dragon Strike to pull yourself to Demacian Standard can pull you over walls, so be aware of that as attack or escape options.



Heavenly Wave: Heal
Spirit Bond: Slow/Movespeed buff
Soul Shield: Shield

The heal is slightly situational. You have to use a Mantra for Heavenly Wave to heal yourself and your team. Its a pretty good AE heal though. Its important to note that Spirit Bond only damages enemies that pass through it, not an anchored enemy.



Null Sphere: Silence
Force Pulse: Slow

The silence is solide, but the Slow is situational, but AE. His Riftwalk allows him to escape and chase pretty well. His mobility might be just what you need in your support. Play Support Kass today!



Holy Fervor: Armor/MR debuff
Divine Blessing: Heal/Movement speed buff
Reckoning: Slow
Intervention: uhh Dmg debuff lol

Keeping your carry alive for 3 seconds could mean the teamfight. The debuff from Holy Fervor is percentage based and can stack for up to 15% Armor/MR the target loses.



Sigil of Silence Sigil of Silence: Silence
Ethereal Chains: Root

A little lackluster in terms of utility. Ethereal Chains is a little unreliable. Even Sigil of Silence requires another ability. Mimic can help with that. Not the worst champ to play support, but prolly one of the worst on this list. But maybe you can find the perfect team for a LeBlanc support.


Lee Sin

Resonating Strike: Teleport
Safeguard: Sheild/Teleport
Tempest: Vision; Cripple:Slow/Attack Speed debuff
Dragon's Rage: Knockback/Knockup

The Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike Teleports you to the enemy you have hit with Sonic Wave. Safeguard can port you to an ally to shield them as well. You can Safeguard to an allied minion or ward as well to help you get out of tough situations. Tempest can reveal enemies. So if there's a Shaco or Twitch around, this might be a good idea. The slow requires you to hit with Tempest first.
Dragon's Rage Can disrupt a teamfight pretty well. Knock the tank back through his team, knocking them up in the process. Or Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike to the enemy carry and Dragon's Rage them back to your own team.



Sunlight: Dmg proc
Shield of Daybreak: Stun
Zenith Blade: Root
Solar Flare: Stun

The Zenith Blade + Solar Flare combo seems to be similar to the Bandage Toss + Curse of the Sad Mummy combo. See Amumu's section for why that may not be the best kind of CC for a support to take.



Light Binding: Root
Prismatic Barrier: Shield
Lucent Singularity: Slow

Light Binding can affect up to two units. Nice.



Seismic Shard: Slow
Ground Slam: Attack Speed debuff
Unstoppable Force: Knockup

Mostly soft CC with Seismic Shard and Ground Slam, and good initiation with Unstoppable Force



Call of the Void: Silence
Nether Grasp: Suppress

The silence might be a little hard to land in lane and a bit easier during teamfights. The suppress can always be big. Null Zone does % damage, so it can bring a lot to a fight without building your big AP items.



Arcane Smash Arcane Smash: Knockback/Slow
Twisted Advance: Root
Sapling Toss: Trap/Ward
Vengeful Maelstrom: Dmg reduction



Dark Binding: Root
Black Shield: Shield
Soul Shackles: Slow/Stun

The stun from Soul Shackles is reliant on you staying in range, but its slow helps with that. Black Shield can block CC associated with spell damage. Keep that in mind when you see Taric sending his Dazzle towards your Caitlyn, quickly throw your Black Shield and escape easily.



Bushwhack: Trap/Ward
Primal Surge: Heal

Not the most CC and utility, but Heals can be important.



Unspeakable Horror: Fear
Paranoia: ...Vision debuf......

Ok this is prolly full troll, but I really want to see support Noc. The fear is situational, and Paranoia can help a teammate escape or make a summoner back off. Please. Support Nocturne Support. Do it once.



Blood Boil: Move speed/Attack speed buff
Ice Blast: Slow/Attack speed debuff
Absolute Zero: Slow

Lots of slow. Not the perma slow of Ashe's Frost Shot, but you're gonna slow the heck outta one person and speed up your ally. That enemy isn't getting away.



Command: Dissonance: Slow/MS buff
Command: Protect: Shield/Armor MR buff
Command: Shockwave: Knockup

More CC on Orianna than I always remember. It's tough to figure out you're ball's positioning, but practicing helps you get more and more enemies hit with Command: Dissonance and Command: Shockwave.



Aegis of Zeonia: Stun
Grand Skyfall: Global TP

Stuns are good. And Aegis of Zeonia refreshes his shield, making him a little healthier as he backs out of range. The range of Grand Skyfall makes it easy for Pantheon to support his team from across the map. Get to a teammate in trouble easily.



Vorpal Blade: Heal
Shadow Dash: Taunt
Stand United: Global Shield/TP

The heal on Vorpal Blade isn't as strong as a heal like Astral Blessing since it requires the wounded ally to attack and be aggressive. Usually, you will use Vorpal Blade to top off your ally's health while in lane or cast on the focus target in teamfights. Just like Grand Skyfall and Cannon Barrage, Stand United's range can really help support a team if you or your teammate is out of position.



Mega Adhesive: Slow
Fling: Position debuff

1st rule of Singed: don't chase a Singed. Why do ppl always chase Singed? Support Singed? even moar bait. Fling is nice to get put an enemy carry right in the middle of your team.



Hymn of Valor: AD/AP buff
Aria of Perseverance: Heal and Armor/MR buff/Dmg reduction
Song of Celerity: Movespeed buff/Slow
Crescendo: Suppress

So much utility! It can take a lot to master Sona, but well worth it. Crescendo can win teamfights. And knowing when to use Power Chord and with which Aura can make you stand out as a great Sona player



Consecration Consecration: MR buff
Starcall: MR debuff
Astral Blessing: Heal/Armor buff
Infuse: Silence/MP restore
Wish: Heal

Two heals is nice on a champ. A very common choice. A very good choice.



Decrepify: Slow
Nevermove: Root

Swain has nice sustain for a mage due to his Carrion Renewal and Ravenous Flock. His two CC abilities are both pretty soft, allowing the enemy to still attack and cast spells, but I needed to have Swain in this list.



Imbue: Heal
Shatter: Amor buff/Armor debuff
Dazzle: Stun
Radiance: AP/AD buff

Not a lot to say here. Commonly chosen support with quite a bit of CC and utility.



Blinding Dart: Blind
Noxious Trap: Trap/Ward

We've all been on the receiving end of a jungle filled with Teemo shrooms. Use these just like you would wards. With Move Quick and Camouflage you're all but unchatchable. Blinding Dart is easy to land on any AD carry to keep them almost completely out of the fight.



Rabid Bite: AD debuff
Pillar of Filth: Wall/Slow
Agony: HP, Armor, and MR debuff

Splitting up a team is really strong in a teamfight. Pillar of Filth is a fantastic wall due to the addittion of the slow.


Twisted Fate

Loaded Dice: Gold buff...its a real thing now!
Pick a Card: Stun
Destiny: Vision/TP

Support Twisted Fate! The bonus gold from Loaded Dice will help your team outfarm the enemy. Pick A Card's stun requires you to get pretty good at picking the Gold Card. Under pressure, this can be tough. Global support like Destiny, Cannon Barrage, Stand United can keep the enemy team questioning when you're going to pop up and take them out if they overextend.



Ambush: Stealth
Debilitating Poison: Slow

The slow affects all enemy champs in the area which is pretty good for a slow. The real reason to take Support twitch is if you really need the scouting. Unfortunately, the stealth is easily countered by Oracle's. Soooo.... Really, its just Troll Twitch.



Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter: Dmg debuff
Terror Capacitor: Slow
Noxian Corrosive Charge: Armor debuff
Hyper Kinetic Position Reverser Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser: Suppress/Position debuff

As support Urgot, tag enemy AD with for your passive. Slow with Acid Hunter when you have Terror Capacitor up.



Sanguine Pool: Slow
Hemoplague: Dmg buff

Hemoplague is really the reason Vlad is on this list. It's an AE spell, so potentially the entire enemy team will be taking 14% more damage for 5 seconds. That can be pretty big. If you have a team of nukers, 14% more damage will be pretty significant. Enjoy the Aces.


Xin Zhao

Three Talon Strike: Knockup
Audacious Charge: Slow
Crescent Sweep: Knockup

All these abilities put you right in the middle of the fight. Usually not the place you want to be as a support champ. Though it should make for easy early game harass. You should be able to help most other allies 2v2 easily.



Omen of Pestilence: Slow
Omen of Death: Almost Resurrect

The slow is nice, but Omen of Death can give your carry another 10 seconds to wail on the other team. Helpful!



Heightened Learning: XP buff
Time Warp: Slow/Movespeed buff
Chronoshift: Resurrect

Chronoshift wins games. Well... /can/ win games. Used at the right time, it wins teamfights. Winning teamfights allows you to baron. The combination of those usually makes it pretty hard to lose. But it happens.


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Use of CV

Use your cv to scout the other team or protect your own jungle.

---Early Laning---
Keep track of the enemy jungler as much as possible. CV the bushes top or bottom to find MIAs.

---Late Laning---
Same as before, but there's are going to be more MIAs trying to gank lanes. CVing bushes during ganks will help you escape cleanly and avoid other surprises.

Teamfights will be happening more and more. When at all possible, cv the bushes where the teamfight is happening to take out all advantage the brush is giving the other team. If its a long teamfight, CV might be up by the end of the fight. If so, after you win the fight, the other team is running away. CV the jungle or bushes they're running through.

---Late Game---
Keep doing the same during teamfights. If your team is pushed up to their inhibitor towers and the other team is turtling inside, CV over the edge. It might give your Nidalee or Blitz, or Kog the visibility they need to poke that AP carry down.
If they have you pushed up to your own inhibs, CV just outside the wall to keep track of them.

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The entire reason for this guide is to make everyone more open in their choice of support. Look for new and interesting ways to support your team. Try champs that I didn't even list. Go crazy and give support Vayne a try. Almost every champ has some form of CC. Use this to your team's advantage. Buy wards. Place them where it will benefit your team. Use cv when asked. Play smart. Play with the understanding that when it comes to 'who should die first' on your team, its probably you. You and the tank probably have an equal share in that first death. Your carries should be saved at any cost. Step in front of those Ace in the Hole's.

Enjoy playing. Enjoy playing new ways. Take chances. Hopefully this guide will help you have fun.


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