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Teemo Build Guide by CptTeemoOnDuty

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CptTeemoOnDuty

Teemo: The All-round Scout [Added blue build Teemo]

CptTeemoOnDuty Last updated on June 27, 2017
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I'll make it short, Teemo is a swift champion, your main goal has to be avoiding enemy damage in stead of jumping in. I believe Teemo is a decent champion even though his bad name, I believe that a really good Teemo player can easily beat any lane matchup and even be able to make an impact later in the game. Hope you like the guide and thank you for reading.

Teemo is preferably a toplaner since most midlaners tend to have burst dmg.

Also the art in this guide isnt mine be sure to check out the original owners.

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TL;DR? here is a short section on how to play Teemo

- Build what you like but always take in mind the enemy champions, rushing Nashor's Tooth (Which I've never done) isn't always viable.

- Use your passive. Using your passive effectively can give you some sneaky kills (Mostly when ahead).

- Place your mushrooms on key points to control the map not just to make a cute minefield (ALSO DON'T TRY AND STACK THEM CLOSELY THE DAMAGE DOESN'T STACK)

- Avoid skillshots, with W and your small hitbox you can easily avoid any skillshot.

- Have FUN, Teemo is all about that fun.

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Basic runes

You might ask, why these basic rune pages and nothing attack speed flashy ap mix with cdr. Well I think most players won't be able to have these rune pages and even so, if you did you would probably be able to make a good one on your own, teemo's main things you want to focus on are 2 different paths. Burst or dps. Either can be achieved depending on going full ap or a more attack speed type of build.

However if you had the IP/Pages to spend on Teemo, you could try mixing some attack speed AP runes, I myself sometimes use a double penetration marks (AP/AD pen) if I decide to play hybrid or both attack and ability focused Teemo since it might help against tankier matchups.

What I however don't recommend is swapping out Glyph of Magic Resist for Glyph of Cooldown Reduction if you are in an AP matchup since Teemo already struggles on it's own.
Seal of Armor is definitely the best choice since you mostly play teemo vs AD matchups and you need the early sustain cause even with these you'll be squishy.
As for Marks as commented before you could swap Mark of Magic Penetration up for Mark of Hybrid Penetration, I don't really recommend any other Marks.
And lastly as for Quints Quint of Ability Power Will probably be the most useful ones

Of course these change when you decide to play AD Teemo (Even tho you can decide to start AP since you'll have some items that give u a bit extra like Guinsso and maybe you'll decide to go Hextech gunblade as well for a more hybrid build.

Either way as for AD Teemo Quint of Attack speed Mark of Attack Damage Seal of Armor and Glyph of Magic Resist Will probably be your most viable choice

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Items & Build styles

Hybrid Teemo

As for now my favourite build, buying Hextech Revolver first back will provide you some serious burst poke every time you have it up since 2 hits and the revolver proc provide a thunderlord proc. I've won several ranked games with this build already and being honest right now its the most reliable one since it gives you some early burst damage, sustain later on and still enough damage to win vs any champion in a head on battle plus providing some usefulness later in teamfights with slows and blinds (You don't always have to cower in the backline with this build) also better survivability with Frozen Mallet

Burst Teemo

Ok burst Teemo is what I see and the most "annoying" one to play against, he will mostly damage you with mushrooms and won't even need to be right next to you. Items like Liandry's Torment and Rylai's Crystal Scepter which give you bonus damage/slows on your mushrooms and darts and above all give you extra HP to survive more than the basic glass cannon Teemo. This build can give you enough burst to kill an enemy ADC with a dart and maybe 1 or 2 basic attacks (If they step on a mushroom 1 dart should be enough). I like this build due to its high damage, wave clear and map control since you can control the map not only with wards but with mushrooms too, not just slowing them a bit but making them have to go to base.

Teemo Jungler

This role can be different for every player, I wouldn't recommend playing Teemo as a jungler if you haven't "mastered" him at least a little bit on toplane or midlane. As for jungler Teemo you have to "kite" the bigger buffs early on with your blinding darts and movement speed. Using your passive before doing a buff might help you as well.

I myself prefer having ap runes as a start with basic jungle utility masteries as I like to call them myself. Then building some attack speed mixed with some more defensive and utility items, depending on your enemies you can decide wether to go for Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes or Stalker's Blade - Bloodrazor , you can build burst teemo in the jungle too if you build Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes in stead of Luden's Echo

Attack speed Teemo

The attack speed Teemo build is mainly to surprise your opponents and have a mix of utility and damage, I wouldn't recommend building this against highly assassin comps since you will probably render a bit useless lategame if they decide to focus you. This build focuses on "On hit effects" like his poison mixed with Guinsoo's Rageblade, I wouldn't recommend using it as your first go-to since its quite expensive and might render you useless if you start from behind. I myself like playing it against a tankier toplane since they sometimes buy MR without realizing you are going AD and it's pretty good for pushing and doing DPS damage.

Tanky Toplaner Teemo

A build done by some over time where you go for a more utility build with still quite some DPS damage to push and/or kill opponents, this build might be a go-to if you need a utility champion but you don't feel like playing the generic champion and/or want to have some fun, early on you can start with your normal runes and masteries if you like since that will provide you an early advantage in lane as most Teemo players have. Then building Frozen Mallet to slow your opponents with your basic attacks, you might want to go for attack speed runes to have an easier time farming and slow more.

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Tricks & Tips

-> First off, try and improve juking, Teemo's main thing is avoiding damage by literally avoiding it, Teemo has a small hitbox and with his Move Quick you can easily run and avoid skillshots, I for example find a Orianna Matchup quite easy since you can predict her ball movements and dodge them pretty easily, however if she hits you you'll probably lose lane after a few hits. This is why Teemo is quite difficult against click AP champions like Annie (Also champions like Vladimir who can heal out DPS, Rumble due to Area damage with Q and R and some other champions who can put on heavy shields to reduce the damage).

-> Try and avoid Burst damage, you don't have to frontline and you don't even have to run in to try and blind the ADC, wait a second try to use your mushrooms throwing them in the middle of the fight to have higher AREA damage on the enemy then go for the adc when you aren't being focused (From experience you will get focused since your blind and burst might make any adc useless)

-> Check for Quicksilver Sash since you might lose a fight if they have it (You depend on your blind some times)

-> When an enemy places a pink ward to kill your mushrooms, you can always throw the mushrooms in the minion waves so they instantly pop and do DMG or you can try and damage them while they are busy clearing mushrooms.

-> As a jungler try and go for a "Shaco-like" approach, use your mushrooms later on to control enemy buffs and camps, try and go invisible and counter jungle, if you kite well you'll have enough HP to contest the enemy jungler.

-> If you play against champions that dash or jump on you ( Riven Akali ) try and put mushrooms below you so if they jump you damage them and slow them for an easier escape. Making escape paths with mushrooms towards your tower is a good idea too.

-> Control your lane with mushrooms, avoid annoying ganks by placing mushroom in every entry.

-> Place mushrooms at "Hot Spots" Which bushes or places do you walk in and out most? some places are unavoidable to pass without stepping on a mushroom placed there, find some good spots and annoy your enemies.

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As far as Masteries go,
-> Jungle teemo wants the extra HP
-> AP teemo prefers having either Thunderlords or Deathfire Touch
-> Attack speed Teemo prefers DT or if AD either Warlords or Fervor.

Basically you can choose wether you prefer having some extra CDR and the thunderlord procs which synergize well with Hextech Revolver

or choosing deathfire touch as for more DPS poison damage.
AD Teemo (which isn't common to play) would use one of the two mentioned above.

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Playstyle & Abilities

As Teemo you want to be a lane "bully", since you are mostly going to pick this against non ranged champions, you have to know that champions weaknesses and punish them for it, for example Riven Has a weaker early since she doesn't have the damage to kill you nor does she have the CDR to chase you down or outshield your damage, try and punish her Pre 6 by hitting her baiting her shields then doing damage afterwards and you could decide wether to freeze lane or push.

In general, you want to use Noxious Trap to control your lane making "escape" paths, in case someone chases you, control the lane entrance and stop tower push if you are getting pushed.

Teemo's Toxic Shot is what you can prioritize to max out first since it has no mana cost and provide's more poke options than Blinding Dart, Blinding Dart's cost is too high at the moment to be considered valuable (You can still max it first if you need to do more burst against for example a squishy AP that zone's you out)

What I've seen quite a bit of Teemo players do wrong is using Blinding Dart to poke the enemy, this isn't bad in some cases but can result in your death as others. When facing a heavy AD damaging enemy you shouldn't use your blinding dart unless you can last hit the enemy and/or blind them if they engage, good players will bait out your blinding dart and then engage afterwards to which you mostly will die.

Another thing most Teemo Players struggle with is using Camouflage, this ability is rather useful and I've barely encountered Teemo Players abusing this, If you make sure you are out of enemy range you can hide and wait for your opponent to think you went back, wait till they get closer and try and do a surprise attack, which is best if they step on a Noxious Trap, don't use Blinding Dart right away since you have extra attack speed and your opponent might attack you or run away. (If you build full AP teemo Blinding Dart might be recommended to use to burst down your enemy)

Other than this Camouflage now can be used to escape, you can run in a bush and just dissapear before your enemy comes in it, if the enemy chasing you has no way to kill you inside the bush (You can always dodge attacks or skillshots since you can walk in the bush), like this maybe you can just let your abilities get of cooldown, get some extra attack speed or escape an unfortunate gank.

Also this ability allows you to counterjungle as Teemo jungle, place a Noxious Trap around a jungle camp that your enemy jungler will most likely take (Red or blue), wait for them to arrive (Do this when you are certain they will go soon due to vision), and with your DPS on Noxious Trap and your damage you will most likely kill the enemy jungler and steal their camp. Early on if you get good at jungling as Teemo and the enemy jungler is rather slow you can decide to invade his Red/Blue and most likely win the trade and steal his jungle camp and maybe even kill them, be sure to check top and mid since they might go help their team mate.

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Shroom placements

If you aren't too familiar with where to place shrooms with Teemo this might be useful for you (Maybe you'll find some new key points you didn't think of yet).

The next image is more a mid-late game kinda deal. you can go to the image link for full sized view which might make it easier.

- This map is considering blue side, you can mirror it on red side, light blue dots would go bottom side and dark blue topside on blue team's side.
- Red dots are key points where players will have to pass at one point and won't be able to pass without stepping on them.
- Light blue dots are key points when pushing toplane or having control over that side when being between outer and inner towers.
- Dark blue dots are the same as light blue but for bottom side when pushing inner towers.
- The red circled dark and light blue dots are the "Important" places to try and cover first since they will give the most info of people trying to gank you and prevent them of doing so.
- Yellow circles are control over midlane when being pushed or when playing midlane
- Green circles are defensive mushrooms when your outer midlane tower is down.
- Grey circles are defensive circles when your base is being pushed which you can extend further in the base if your inhibitors are being pushed to stop minion waves and enemy push.
- The red crosses are good mushroom positions if the rift scuttle is dead since it will most likely step on them.
The next image shows my shroom positioning for topside which isn't 100% but close to what pattern I follow when on either side to stop enemies from bothering me :3

- Note numbers 1 and 2 are most likely going to be crushed by minion waves but they are good points for champions to walk on while pushing or get hit by when a minion steps on them.
- The red circles are somewhat keypoints and the blue ones are situational and if you have excessive mushrooms.

Tip: Always try and hold on to 1-2 mushrooms since throwing one in a minion wave is very useful to harm enemy champions and placing one below you when fighting might help as well (throwing it ahead of where you walk if you decide to run).

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Pros & Cons

- Mobile
- Ranged DPS and Tick Damage
- Map Control with Noxious Trap
- Versatile (Possible builds and AD/AP)
- Nice CC
- Small hitbox

- Squishy early (Maybe late depending on build)
- No real escape abilities when caught
- No stuns thus weaker against those who don't benefit from basic attacks or can kill you only using abilities
- Can fall off late game

Some other points would be his kit has good utility for the team if used correctly and something that could fall as a counter point is the fact people usually flame at you or take you as a troll which sometimes is good since the enemy won't expect your potential. Also Teemo gets a lot of hate and if you do well in a game be sure to expect being focused even if you are tankier have a nice HP pool or anything, I've had quite the games where our ADC had free play because they focused or tried to focus me every single fight ( Teemo Is and will always be annoying :3)