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Ahri Build Guide by Ahri Fox Fire

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ahri Fox Fire

The Nine-Tailed Fox (구미호)

Ahri Fox Fire Last updated on June 24, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 0


Utility: 9

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Hello everyone and welcome to my Ahri's build

Well what i want to say its that this build you can use it how ever you prefer but these are the builds that you can use to play. I have played with Ahri since the beggining of Season 2 so it should be in some kind a lot of experience.

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Unlike other foxes that roamed the woods of southern Ionia, Ahri had always felt a strange connection to the magical world around her; a connection that was somehow incomplete. Deep inside, she felt the skin she had been born into was an ill fit for her and dreamt of one day becoming human. Her goal seemed forever out of reach, until she happened upon the wake of a human battle. It was a grisly scene, the land obscured by the forms of wounded and dying soldiers. She felt drawn to one: a robed man encircled by a waning field of magic whose life was quickly slipping away. She approached him and something deep inside of her triggered, reaching out to the man in a way she couldn't understand. His life essence poured into her, carried on invisible strands of magic. The sensation was intoxicating and overwhelming. As her reverie faded, she was delighted to discover that she had changed. Her sleek white fur had receded and her body was long and lithe - the shape of the humans who lay scattered about her.

However, though she appeared human, she knew that in truth the transformation was incomplete. A cunning creature, she adapted herself to the customs of human society and used her profound gift of beauty to attract unsuspecting men. She could consume their life essences when they were under the spell of her seductive charms. Feeding on their desires brought her closer to her dream, but as she took more lives, a strange sense of regret began to well within her. She had reservations about actions which never troubled her as a fox. She realized that she could not overcome the pangs of her evolving morality. In search of a solution, Ahri found the Institute of War, home of the most gifted mages on Runeterra. They offered her a chance to attain her humanity without further harm through service in the League of Legends.

''Mercy is a human luxury... and responsibility.''

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Damage 50(+3 / per level)
Health 380(+80 / per level)
Mana 230(+50 / per level)
Move Speed 330
Armor 11 (+3.5 / per level)
Spell Block 30 (+0 / per level)
Health Regen 5.5(+0.6 / per level)
Mana Regen 6.25(+0.6 / per level)

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Pros / Cons


+Can make good ganks in lanes.
+Ult allows her to turret dive.
+She has CC.
+Awesome Damage.
+Very easy escape from a gank with Ult.


-Very Squishy.
-A hard champion, you will need some practice.
-If they stun you, you are dead.
-High ability with skill-shot.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power


Get this if you want to recieve more health from your passive and also do more damage against a lot of magic resist.

greater mark of Hybrid Penetration I use these runes to could do more damage with my autoattacks and also my abilities, also it works to farm much better.


She will always need a lot of mana regeneration because her abilities cost a lot of mana.

Choose this if you think that you will not survive in your lane.
Note:Stack 2 Doran's Ring if you select these runes of health to have more MP5


These runes will help us to get Ap through the game,it's useful when you want to get Ap but you need to buy another thing that didn't give you Ap.

Choose these runes if you are against a LeBlanc or Zilean.


These are the best greater quintessences for Ahri, good to get the last hits at early game.

Use this runes to dodge the abilities of the foe if you are against Swain or Cassiopeia

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Offensive Tree:
I like to put this because when i use ignite I will receive 5AP while ignite is in cooldown.
A good Cooldown Reduction to use more often the abilities.
This will help to last hit the minions.
Will help to do more damage at Late Game.
More damage.
Those Ap aregoing to help a little bit at early game.
It will be very useful when you get a lot of AP.
We want more AP.
A great damage.
Utility Tree:
Sometimes 20 seconds of cooldown of the Flash wil save us.
More MP5 it's much better.
We can use flash with less cooldown.
If you are going to buy a Deathfire Grasp or a Zhonya's Hourglass we will use their active more often.
Why dont have this? We want less time for our cooldowns.

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Skill Sequence

This is how i normally start leveling up

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

If your team is going to invade their blue or red i recommend start like this:
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
This is my Sequence of using abilities:

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Champion spells

Essence Theft(Passive) Ahri gains a charge of Essence Theft whenever one of her spells hits an enemy (max: 3 charges per spell). Upon reaching 9 charges, Ahri's next spell has 35% Spell Vamp.

This is a useful passive to stay more time in the lane,when it's charged you can use the orb of deception that it gains the spell vampire for the magic damage and true damage that will recover you also you deal a big damage or if you want to have more health use the Fox-Fire because each fire target a single target which gain the full effect from Spell vamp.

You can see when this passive is active just watching the color of the orb, if it have a color green that means that you can use the spell vamp.

Orb of Deception Ahri sends out and pulls back her orb, dealing magic damage on the way out and True damage on the way back.
Ahri sends out her orb, dealing 40/65/90/115/140 (+0.33) magic damage, and pulls it back dealing 40/65/90/115/140 (+0.33) True damage
Orb of Deception is like a boomerang, In the moment you send the orb move to the side where is the champion. when you miss the first hit you still have the second hit that it's the most important because it deals true damage. Use it at early game when there are minions with low health and the foe will not let you go for it.
It also can pass through the walls so if you see someone escaping from you from the other side of the wall dont doubt of use it.

Fox-Fire Ahri releases three fox-fires, which after a short delay lock on and attack nearby enemies.
Ahri releases three fox-fires. After a short delay they lock on to nearby enemies (prioritizes champions), dealing 40/65/90/115/140 (+0.4) magic damage. Additional fox-fires that hit the same target deal 50% damage [max damage: 80/130/180/230/280 (+0.8).

This ability at late game is more powerful than your orb when is on the way out, when you have already get your Rylai's Crystal Scepter you will become a machine of slows also this ability can be use to focus a single target or multiple targets. If you want to single target a foe in the moment when you use the ability use your autoattack to the enemy that you want to hit, the fire will follow the target that you are attacking. When you are farming use it in the minions that have machines to finish it more easily.

Charm Ahri blows a kiss that damages and charms an enemy it encounters, causing them to walk harmlessly towards her.
Ahri blows a kiss dealing 60/90/120/150/180 (+0.35) magic damage and charming the first enemy it hits, causing them to walk harmlessly towards her for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 second(s).

Usually the foe will stay far away of their own minions to dodge the Orb of Deception, when you see that there is not minion in front of the foe use the charm to get trap it and then use your all remain abilities, When you think there is an enemy in the bush you can check it thanks to this ability that when you hit someone you will hear like a sound of that you already hit it but if you dont have vision of the enemy they will not get out of the bush until you can see it

Spirit Rush Ahri dashes forward and fires essence bolts, damaging 3 nearby champions. Spirit Rush can be cast up to three times before going on cooldown.
Ahri dashes forward and fires essence bolts at 3 nearby enemies (prioritizes champions), dealing 85/125/165 (+0.35) magic damage. Spirit Rush can be cast up to three times within 10 seconds before going on cooldown.

Thanks to the Spirit Rush you can dodge,,gank,escape,chase or turret dive, it's like if you have it 3 flashes but it cant pass through for some specific walls that can do the flash. When you want to turret dive an enemy to finish it, use your 2 first charges and use the last to escape from the range of the turret also when a foe is so far away escaping you can also use it to get close to him use your Charm and let your team finish it or you.

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Summoner Spells

Use this item when the enemy have a passive or ability that let them heal like Swain, Volibear etc. I like to use all my matches because it can help you kill an enemy when they are escaping with low health.

This spell has saved me many times, i do not go anywhere without this spell because when i get trapped in a corner, i can use it to pass through to the other side of the wall or also you can use it to dodge an attack.

Optional Spells:

When you start using ahri for first time or you dont have enough masteries, i recommend to use this spell to have more mana because almost always you will lack of mana. Only use this spell if you are low level.

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If you want to jungle, you will need like a cordination with your team, ask for you team to leash and take the Ancient Golem due to if your team dosent help you, you will die. Now that you have your Crest of the Ancient Golem go for the Wraith and then golem to be level 3 and get your charm. If you are in the blue team go gank top but first let your teammate know that you will help him/her and let the foe start to attack or push.
You can take first the Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potions to resist the attacks of the monsters and get more quick your Seeker's Armguard or if you prefer, take the Hunter's Machete to have a chance to deal true damage to the monsters and then late game you build it in the Spirit of the Spectral Wraith.

If you want to deal more damage to a single target level up first your Fox-Fire.
The blue buff it works much bettter than red buff but sometimes the enemy team will invade you to steal your buff, if you think they are going to invade go for the red buff and continue farming in the jungle as always, the problem is that you're not going to have enough mana to continue farming.
Every time that you see that the golem is up take the blue buff if your mid champion dosent need it like Zed, Akali, Katarina etc.

I like to start with my Orb of Deception when i start to gank, when i see that enemy used their flash or they are running i use my charm folllowing with Fox-Fire and finishing the foe.

When you finally have your Sorcerer's Shoes and Seeker's Armguard i help the other lanes to attack the turrets and kill minions so i can have the money to buy the Needlessly Large Rod or if you prefer cooldown reduction go for the Fiendish Codex.

When i never get enough mana i take the Chalice of Harmony and how we want to tank a little more, we take the Giant's Belt.
Take the Rylai's Crystal Scepter will let us to slow the enemy from escape or chasing us.

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There are sometimes that you dont have to follow this build like above because there are some situational times that you will need to change some items for others to kill the enemy or survive.

Starting Items

These are the more common items to start the game

Go for the boots and the 4 Health Potions when the foe have abilities that can be throw so fast like Lux, Swain.

I sometimes take this Amplifying Tome with a Health Potion for a special champion like Akali when i want to dominate the lane and more later you can get your Hextech Revolver.

I dont recommend to buy this item since it was nerfed also that Ahri can get other items of MP5 instead of the doran's ring.

Early game Items
Most of the time you will get this first because is important dodge the abilities of the champions, also that you recieve more magic penetration.
Buy first this item when you are dominating your lane and you fell like you dont need the movement speed of the boots because you can dodge every single ability.
Use the active as first attack everytime in the target that you are going to kill to do it fast, usually you wil use it in tanks or champions that have a lot of health.
If i have problems staying in the lane like taking too much damage, i recommend take this first instead of Rylai's Crystal Scepter because it gives you more spell vamp to take health from the minions and champions.

Late game

Ahri is one of the champions that can use the passive at the maximum use because when you use the spell Fox-Fire you can reduce the enemy movement speed 3 times by 35% or use the spell Orb of Deception to hit the enemy and make the 15% because the Orb of Deception it counts like multi-target.

This Hat can give you tons of Ap when you are playing in the late game once that you got your Deathfire Grasp and some other item of Ap.

When i get this item it's because i had to buy Hextech Revolver to survive in my lane with specific champions but i'll get at the last item if my team is more AD than AP so i will not waste the bonus of Ability Power and Spell Vamp.

Last items

The passive of this thing is just amazing when you are in teamfights but only get it when the enemy team have less than 100 magic resist and you seriously need the magic resist also.

I like to take this as my third item because almost all the time an Ad carry will focus you over your team to kill you, so you can use the active to survive and let your team kill the Ad carry, but if your opponent in mid is an Ad champion go for this as your second item.

Optional Items

1.-Buy this only when you cant get blue buff.
2.- Your opponent is hurting you too much with the abilities and you need to spam your abilities.
3.- You need more cooldown reduction.
You can buy this item if youir foe have a high magic resist at early game so at late game you can change it for Liandry's Torment.

Take this item when you like to do a lot of autoattacks and the foe have more magic resist than armor.
I take this item when i have problems with a champion that heals very often but for that reason we have ignite also will help the big cooldown reduction
This item help with the mana issue and will give you AP at overtime

An Excellent item if they are building mag. resistance against you, more damage for them thanks to the 35% Magic Penetration and more the 8% of the Arcane Knowledge .
A lot of CC? Get this

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Everytime that you back to the shop buy a ward Sight Ward to see if the jungler is going to gank you also it works if your team never call MIA.

If you are in a battle and you are going to die for the ignite, use all your spells to charge your passive and recover health to survive.

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Difficult: 7/10 Medium-Hard
It can be a little easy to kill her before she arrive level 6, but then she will use her Shadow Dance to chase you and finish you, also you can escape with your ult. If you have the mark of the Mark of the Assassin stay behind until it disappeared. Buy Magic Resist early game and buy a Hextech Revolver to recover more health thanks to the bonus of Spell Vampire. In the teamfights someone of your team is going to need an oracles so you could see Akali when she uses her Twilight Shroud or if you prefer buy a Vision Ward when you jungler come to help you, you can use it in that moment to see akali and dont let her escape.
Item Tips: Start with Amplifying Tome and Health Potions.
Maximize the Orb of Deception.

Difficult: 6/10 Easy-Medium
Dodge all her Flash Frost if not it will be the end for you. Try not to turret dive when you are going to kill Anivia for first time beacuse she will have her Rebirth. Dont you have to worry about her Crystallize your ult can pass trought that.
If you have problems dodging the Flash Frost or if her ult is doing so much magic damage, try to buy a Negatron Cloak at early game.
Item Tips: Start with Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potions.
Maximize the Orb of Deception.

Difficult: 8/10 Hard
She got a buff, now you will have more problems with her in the teamfights. she will use her abilities until she can use her stun and then use her ultimate, when you see that she can stun you, stay so far from her until she use it and then continues farming, get a Giant's Belt at early game.You can easily dodge her ult, with your ult. going around her, care
if you see that she's getting so close to you, maybe it can be a gank. Take masteries of 21/9/0 to survive her tibbers.
Item Tips: Start with Boots of Speed and 4x Health Potions.
It's recommended to maximize the Orb of Deception.

Difficult: 4/10
All he wants to do is farm with his Pillar of Flame but if you get hit by this ability he will try to hit you with his Sear and stun you for 2 seconds. dont stay near of the minions when he gets his ult or you will get hit many times and die. You can easily dodge his Pillar of Flame but that not his only combo, also he can use his Conflagration and then use Sear when you are already stun, he will use Pillar of Flame and then ult to see your life going 100-0. Dont be near of the minions, they can help brand to kill you with bounces of the ult.
Maximize the Orb of Deception.
Item Tips: Start with Boots of Speed and 4x Health Potions.

Difficult: 7/10 Easy-Medium
Against this champion you can use the runes of Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed or you can use the runes of Greater Glyph of Magic Resist whatever you prefer. Try to farm normally she will waste continuosly her mana but recovering with Mana Potions.
Maximize the Orb of Deception.
Item Tips: Start with Boots of Speed and 4x Health Potions.

Difficult: 7/10 Medium
Never get to close to him, your abilities will not do to much damage to him also that he heals with each minions that he kills, try to hit him with the Orb of Deception but with the true damage and also dodge all the spikes that he make.
Maximize the Orb of Deception.
Item Tips: Start with Boots of Speed and 4x Health Potions.

Difficult: 8/10 Medium
Diana can be a little annoying, when you are against her, buy a Abyssal Mask then buy a Rylai's Crystal Scepter to could escape from her when she use her ult.
In the moment that she use her ult, use your charm and then Fox-Fire. It's difficult for you to win against her
Item Tips: Start with Boots of Speed and 4x Health Potions.
Maximize the Orb of Deception

Difficult: 6/10 Medium-Hard
He's a counter for you so take care of him, do not get close to him, he's melee then take advantage of your range. If he use his Urchin Strike use in that instant your charm and hit him with your abilities Orb of Deception and Fox-Fire but trying not to get also close to him, if he already arrived to level 6 and he's getting to close you to put you his Chum the Waters, then use your ult to dodge it, if you have your ult in cooldown it would be difficult win against him in lane. In ocassions try to reserve your charm if you are attacking him and wait until hi use his Playful / Trickster
Item Tips: Start with Boots of Speed and 4x Health Potions.
Maximize the Fox-Fire.

Difficult: 6/10 Easy-Medium
This can be easy, you need to dodge his Resolute Smite and Righteous Gust just moving all the time to the sides, also it tries to confuse it when he used his Resolute Smite, moving to some place but rapidly change to other. He will buy magic resist so you will need magic penetration like Sorcerer's Shoes. If you are having problems with his ult, buy a Quicksilver Sash that will save you from that and other abilities with CC. Also get early a Negatron Cloak because it's gonna hurt his abilities.
Maximize the Orb of Deception.
Item Tips: I recommend to start with Boots of Speed and 4x Health Potions.

Difficult: 2/10 Easy
This is an easy champ to kill, all that you need is to dodge the Lay Waste and throw your orb of deception, don't get too close to him or he could use his Wall of Pain and hit you, if he is chasing you, use Fox-Fire to scare him. How khartus is gonna spam with his Lay Waste all the time, i recommend to take 3 Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed to dodge the Lay Waste and also it can help to escape from a gank or chase. If you feel like you dont need the Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed you can choose the runes of Greater Quintessence of Ability Power remember to buy magic resist at later game or you will die to his ult even if he dont have kills.
Maximize the Orb of Deception.
Item Tips: Start with Boots of Speed and 4x Health Potions.

Difficult: 9/10 Hard
You can deal with him before he gets LvL 6, take some runes of magic resist because he's a counter for you, try to attack him when kass is level 1-5. Never stay in the lane when you have low health and he's gonna get his ult or he have his ult or he's gonna finish you in less of 2 seconds. Maximize your Fox-Fire to farm and if you think that he's going to attack you, use your charm in the way that he's going to move and then use also your Fox-Fire as you move away of him. Ask for a gank if you are dying too much or you think that you're not prepared for him.
Maximize the Fox-Fire.
Item Tips: I recoomend to start with Boots of Speed and 4x Health Potions.

Difficult: 7/10 Hard
Another mage with long cooldowns, She's a counter for you, wait until she use her Distortion and that is the moment to attack because that's the attack that do tons of damage so take advantage of that moment that she cant use it in those few seconds also try to dodge her Ethereal Chains, buy mag. resist early before she get fed. How LeBlanc will not buy magic resist i recommend to buy Abyssal Mask.
Item Tips: Choose a Null-Magic Mantle and also 3x Health Potions to build more later in a Mercury's Treads or an Abyssal Mask if you bought a Negatron Cloak or Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potions. If you choosed the runes of Greater Glyph of Magic Resist you can go for the Sorcerer's Shoes.
Maximize the Orb of Deception.
Item Tips: Start with Boots of Speed and 4x Health Potions

Difficult: 9/10 Hard
This champion is one of the most difficult foe for Ahri. Build magic resist early and dont get close to malzahar or he can use his ult, when you see that one of your minions is infected with Malefic Visions move away from that minion or you would be infected with the ability. Ask for a gank and if you want get a Quicksilver Sash to use it when he use his ult and be free to kill him or escape depends of the situation.
Maximize the Orb of Deception.
Item Tips: I recoomend to start with Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potions.

Difficult: 7/10 Medium-Hard
Rumble will constantly using all his abilities to farm so try to attack him when he tries to get a last hit but dont get to close to him, wait until he use his Flamespitter and he have low health so you can finish him using all your abilities and also dodge the Electro-Harpoon with your ultimate while you continues attacking. If you are losing against him and you have low health, do not stay in the lane because he can rapidly use his ultimate and finish you. Ask for a gank if you think that's impossible for you to win. If he havent reached Lvl.6 just hit the minions using your passive to recover you.
Maximize the Fox-Fire.
Item Tips: Start with Boots of Speed and 4x Health Potions and if you want take the runes of health.

Difficult: 3/10 Early Game 8/10 Late Game Easy-Hard
An easy champion if you know how to play but most of the time people dont know how to fight against ryze, Ryze will try all the time to get you with his Rune Prison,try to not get to close to him or it would be your end. Use your Orb of Deception to make him get out of his minions and then use your Charm following with Fox-Fire. Get a Negatron Cloak later to survive to the attacks of ryze. If you feel like you are going to get trap by him very easy try to buy a Giant's Belt that most be enough to stay a long time in the lane, also you can buy a Hextech Revolver to have a 47% of spell vamp and get life from minions and champions thanks to the Essence Theft.
Maximize the Orb of Deception.
Item Tips: I recoomend to start with Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potions.

Difficult: 10/10 Super Hard
He's like a nightmare for you in the lane, all that you could do is farm and dodge Nevermove, if you do damage to swain he will only use his Ravenous Flock to get heal and continue farming. Ask for a gank early game. If you want, you can buy Morellonomicon to at least stop some of the health of swain. If you get trap by his Nevermove, literally you are dead. He will use his q to slow you, following with w and then finishing you with r.
Maximize the Orb of Deception.
Item Tips: Start with Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potions.

Difficult: 8/10 Hard
This little mage have long cooldowns, He will use all the time Event Horizon to stun you and hit you with his Dark Matter and ult. I recommend to take the Mercury's Treads so you can escape more quick from his Event Horizon and when you have already escaped from his Dark Matter use your abilities to finish him. Build a Quicksilver Sash later will not work very well because he dont need his Event Horizon to kil you at that point but for sure you will need magic resist.
Maximize the Orb of Deception.
Item Tips: Start with Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potions.

Difficult: 4/10 Easy-Medium
Try not to go closer him or he will put a Time Bomb in you that's gonna hurt, use Orb of Deception in a distance that he will never caught you to farm and maybe hit him. Do not risk to a turret dive because he have 2 lifes like Anivia. His combo is first use Time Warp on himself then he will put a Time Bomb on you and if he can he also is gonna put another bomb when he use his Rewind.
Maximize the Orb of Deception.
Item Tips: Start with Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potions and get a early Negatron Cloak.

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Some music? I chose this Song for Ahri, i hope you like it =)

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