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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deckstar


Deckstar Last updated on July 22, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 0


Utility: 9

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Whats up, summoners??? My name is Henry, but you can call me Decks. And this is my Ability Power Carry Twisted Fate Guide! APCTFG sounds weird...
NOTHING I hope you guys can enjoy this guide as much as i enjoyed building it! Even though this was my first guide i worked hard to put as much information i could and cleaned the guide throught many months. Take your time reading it, put some music on while you're at it, have a good time and i hope you can learn as much as possible! TOSEEHERE
This build was already "good" judging by the positive feedback, but i had an inspirational moment and i really wanted to remake this build because i got more experience and i feel like this is IT. And i wanted to show you guys this.

Also, this build is tested and it is sure to give a positive feedback, what lacks is on the guide itself.

About the Champion:

Well first things first, this handsome cowboy guy in the top of page is Twisted Fate, he is an Ability Power Ranged Assasin, he is flexible to different situations, he got style, he is cool, and can be a hell of a mid-laner if you play it well. His global ganking capacity and pushing power can be very scary to deal with it.

Other thing that helped me get into the character was his lore... Twisted Fate was a child from gypsies family, he was born and raised, poor and miserable, playing at the line between safety and danger, stealing and cheating at poker tables with his best friend, getting dirty money, gambling his way to prosperity, he was neither from Noxus or Demacia, he was a cheater who was never caught, but he wanted more... He wanted Power, and he wanted it bad!... One day the infamous DR. Xavier Rath of Zaun, offered him to take part in a experiment that would give him that so desired power of magic... He took his offer... The price was... His best friend's freedom, and at the price of betreyal he underwent through the experiment and felt...Nothing... Out of rage he was ready to kill each and everyone of the experiment team... But he suddenlly teleported himself from miles away... And with a grin in his face, he took his power and raised hell... Gained a fame based on fear and chaos of power addiction... His fame grew larger and his ambition grews hunger... As his fame grew large enough... His best friend, who was once betrayed and sent into the dephts of a cursed prison, Graves broke free and search and hunts Twisted Fate with only vengeance in mind and a gun in his arms... Twisted Fate has been avoiding the fateful encounter with both Dr. Rath and Graves, but he was never caught... Don't expect him to be caught so soon... He now takes part of the league of legends for quite a long time, and as his fateful day of re-encountes approaches he keeps raising hell in the summoner's rift, as the most powerful gambler yet...

Cool story isn't? Totally useless for you though... Sorry if i got over myself... LET'S GET TO BUSINESS!!


(Passive): + 2 golds for the whole team, seems pretty lame at sight, but is really useful late game... if you´re well farmed. So remember that the more you are ahead of creep score of your oponent the more money you'll have to buy powerful itens and eventually you'll become much more powerful then your oponent, even if you are at the same level and zero kills/deaths, no matter how even you are, if you are able to buy a Needlessly Large Rod while your oponent barely gets an improved boot... You are going to beat him in lane, while farming you get stronger through itens.

(Q) : 3 cards throwed that deals 60/110/160/210/270 + 65% of AP, if you´re able to get fed, it will take almost half of enemie carry's life, 1/7 of a tank´s lifes, its also why TF is a great pusher. You can use this to harass the oponent so you can farm with more ease. But don't get too aggressive, Tf is really easy to gank when aggressive, stick to the safe zone, get some wards, patiently farm to become more and more powerful.

(W): Most Unique TF´s abilities, useful in many ways:

Blue card = Deals the highest base damage of the three cards, and gives Mana to Tf based on the damage dealt, can be used in turrets and its incredibly useful on early game.

Red Card = Average based damage that deals splash damage and applies a slow that on max level takes 50% of the enemies movement speed. It is very usefull for farming and in team fights is the second best card to get.

Gold card = Even though it deals the lowest amount of base damage this card compensates it with an Epic Stun that increases the stun duration with the level of the ability from a minimal of 1 second to a max of 2 seconds. But taking in consideration the low cooldown time of this W many say that this is an SPAMMABLE STUN, which is something VERY useful in every where you want to kill, be it a solo assasination of the carry or a well focused one in the teamfight.

Also this skill will follow this very cicle: RED, GOLD, BLUE, RED, GOLD, BLUE... So if you time correctly... You'll be able to take the same card that you want at all times, of course that takes a lot of pratice, sweat, tears and blood, so be ready to waste hours in this.

(E/Passive) : For APTF, it deals low impact, but its still useful for auto-attacks speed and also gives you a bonus magical damage each 4 attacks. This makes slightly easy to last hit(which helps quite a bit) and the damage is higher than the blue card hit(without the Lich Bane)

: TF´s ULT, one of the best way of ganks, if not the best, its unpredictible and annoying for the enemies, with your UlT on, no enemy can actually escape you, if you use it right that it. At the first pressing, Twisted Fate is able to see EVERYTHING, the whole map is lighten up, no fog of war, no invisibility, nothing can be able to hide from you, then the second press of the R button will activate another ability while the map is lighten up, this new ability is named GATE that allows you to teleport anywhere within the ability's range, but when you use it, a sign of something that looks like an eye will pop up in the enemy's head, announcing that you used your ultimate and that they can be seen and when you teleport a card mark will pop up in the area where you are teleporting and that will allow other people, including enemies, seeing you coming, so be careful when at it. This is a very dangerous ability and should not be used in vain, when you are going to gank, take a stop to see the surronding on the minimap, don't try to do anything reckless, if you the enemy team approaching you should reconsider the place where you will land. You can also use if you suspect the enemy team is doing baron or if is about to gank your team. Depending on the lane situation you can either try to steal baron or try to kill them while they're at it or even tp to their base and push like a boss, while your team delays them you can push hard with the blue card and if you are powerful enough you might be able to take all the turrets towards the nexus or even get your team the so desired victory.

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Pros and Cons

  • Great Reach with Q
  • Variability of abilities
  • A great pusher
  • Game changing ganks
  • Can catch up or escape with any champion with UT on
  • The most easy way to break turrets when enemies are attacking (sneak, UT, blue card on turrets)
  • Mana Sustain with blue card
  • The most smooth farm i ever saw
  • Yes, he can change teamfights.
  • The ultimate Troll for the enemies, when used right. Along with Lee Sin, Wukong, Fizz... etc.
  • Make your oponents so frustrated that they might start a fight between their team and eventually will lose the playing capacity or surrender. Psicological warfare.

    • Easy to get ganked if no one warns you(in mid)
    • Vulnerable to CC.
    • Low survivability.
    • Can´t fight alone at dissavantage in late game ( 3x1 )
    • Must fight cowardily if in dissavantage (Step in, Stun, poke very hard, Step back, Step in, stun,etc...)
    • Must be patient when defending, the enemies will eventually screw up and you'll get ahead to never fall behind in the whole game.
    • Must watch more than just your lane. Watch the whole map
    • Hard to not KS, every weak champion is vulnerable to your abilities.

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Now thats complicated, because Twisted Fate doesn't have ANYTHING for Survival or escape mechanism, DO NOT COUNT ON THE GOLD CARD ALONE TO ESCAPE, its way too dangerous and it might screw you up, so you can either go for Full movement speed Quintecensses or Full Ap damage Quintesensses, feel free to chosse which you feel more comfortable, AP = Burst potential early on, M.S. = Less chance of dying through the whole game...

This means that When you are in a tight spot... Do this:

And for those who didnt get it yet i got another video:

But i also recomend the patern runes for Armor seals, magic resist glyphs, and magic penetration marks, the pattern AP page for almost every player. Do customize Runes if you're feeling safe about your style, other topics are in the next chapters.
However the advantage of using FLAT ABILITY POWER QUINTS, is that in the early game you'll be able to deal more damage, and so you will harass more efficently, lower the risk of a good damage trade and as well being able to farm easily with Wild Cards. And if you feel comfortable enough about it you will eventually be like this guy in terms of damage:

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Usually i take priority on main ability power damage getting Summoner's Wrath since you will be using your Ignite.
I also welcome the cooldown of Sorcery quite necessary for pretty much every mage...Excpet Ryze.
Destruction is also a great spell for Twisted Fate since you'll want to push towers as much as you can, getting money faster and helping the team.
Spellsword is also a very interesting choice since TF used to be an ADC as well and his Stacked Deck and Pick A Card are based on auto attacks and can be very useful when farming and even if you have to trade auto attacks against the enemy(both mid laners without mana and/or waiting for cooldown).
Arcane Knowledge is a must have, and i doubt that anyone in sane condition wouldn't pick this one for any AP Mid champions.
Mental Force seems soo weak but since its a bonus 6 Ability Power, why the hell shouldn't you get it? Unless you rather get a full 2% of the damage you will deal, and since TF is going to get the most powerful ap itens he will get a better reward by choosing the Havoc instead of Mental Force
Take 4 points on Archmage for bonus 5% of ability power, this doesn't look like much but it will deal some extra damage in battle even if you don't notice. Also, without this you can't get to the last mastery.
After this i take the most points in mastery i can in ability power in general, taking the Executioner at 21 points. So i can get something from the utility tree.

Master-y Master-YI GOT IT?? XD i'm so funny...

I like to get the Summoner's Insight so you will be able to flash in or out more often. You can also ignore this one if you are very confident that you won't need flash that much, and then you can spend in something else.

I strongly reccomend taking Wanderer and Expanded Mind where you can have bonus movement speed and extra mana so you won't have to depend on the blue card at all times.

Yes, even though is really weird i DO get the Improved Recall because it has saved me a quite few times, where i can go back to the base right before Karthu's Requiem , being able to survive the certain doom.

And i also get the Biscuiteer ... many summoners have been complaining at the matches, when they think i put on the wrong masteries, that this is a exclusive item for support ONLY, well i tell you that that's BULL**** Its a free item that gives me mana and health! I would spend the point on the Runic Affinity but i'd like to have a strong start on the lane phase, giving me more time to recall to base, and that's possible with this biscuit. Also Twisted Fate is very capable of laning without the blue buff. If you wait till powerful enough you can try and kill your laning oponent for his blue buff, however to do something so aggressive i reccomend you to use some wards to avoid the worse.

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There are many good choices, but by far the most usefull combination for Tf and many other mid laners is Flash and Ignite.


  • Flash its a must have, for escape, positioning, chasing, etc.
  • Ignite is my choice due to its potential to be used on assassination of carries.
  • Barrier is also a good choice, its very useful since TF is so squishy, but you should not play so protective, Ignite is the thing you'd like there.
  • Teleport... Good, though not much necessary. You will lack a lot things and the path to mid lane is the shortest so you can walk, to gank other lanes your Ultimate will do more than enough.
  • Exhaust is not necessary... You're not going to use it very often and you also have a spammable stun. You don't need it.
  • Cleanse would be very good to counter strong CC laners and Junglers, though there is an easier way: Stay away. By sticking to our safe zone and as well getting some wards you can avoid ganks and you can outrange most CC while simply harassing with Wild Cards and farming minions so you can burst them hard enough so they wont dare to fight you.

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+ so you will be able to have more chances against standard ganks, you will have mobility, a little of health sustain with pots + the mana sustain with blue card of Pick A Card. Since you will be counting on hard harass you must keep clear until you can be sure of what are you going to do.

+ is another good spawn choices, even though Twisted Fate has the blue card its still very easy for him to get mana hungry. So this sustaining gear will allow you to stay in lane for a LONG time, while you farm as much as you can you might get to base with 2k on the wallet and 1 or 2 kills on the score. Depending on your enemy's recklessness and your jungler's abilities.

An extremely powerful ap item, giving you bonus AP for every ap point you got. Making this a big problem for the enemy team. Most of ap mid champions have this item in the build. Its a CORE item of the build.

This as well is another EXTREMELY POWERFUL ap item, this item gives more AP than the Rabadon's Deathcap. Why? Because it gives a snowball effect, gaining ap bonus on kills and assistances, reducing the scale with deaths, if you are getting FED... BUY it! Its cheaper than deathcap, and if you can get fed with this item... Well... You will be pretty much a monster of damage. And if you buy both Soulstealer AND Deathcap... The UNIQUE passive from Deathcap will stack with the ability power of Mejai's Soulstealer ...I'm serious, try to calculate the ammount of Ability Power from this, and then try to calculate the damage if you hit someone with Wild Cards, ITS A LOT OF DAMAGE.

gives you a spellblade...But wtf is that? Its a passive that allows you to deal bonus magical damage after using a spell, and since Pick A Card is a next-hit spell it will chain and deal massive damage, dealing even more damage than Wild Cards.

Its one of the best defensive itens for Ap mids ever! If not the best. It gives you a great quantity of ability power, armor and a active effect that will put you into a stasis effect that will leave you invunerable for a certain time, EXCELENT on teamfights, if the enemy jumps in focusing on you, you can make them hit nothing, the assassin from the other team won't have anyone to assassinate and will be giving a free kill and 4 assists. If you follow Velocity's Eccho Build and play style, this is the first item to pick in Tf's build, though in my play style i go for pure AP instead of the hourglass, i usually pick it after Lich Bane and that never affected my games, but if you feel more comfortable in picking in a different order... Feel free to do so, this isn't such a solid build, but more of a flexible way to build TF while maintaining his potential.

I considered this as a "offensive item" due to its advantage of slow to get your stun in the carry, or to check if there is someone nearby without using your ult.
Gives you ability power, magic resistance in case you are having problems with an AP champion, and it also reduce the magic resistance of any champion nearby, and since Pick A Card is a next hit effect, you will be able to deal more ammount of damage from it, giving you power to deal a bonus damage from TF's combo when closer

(TF's Combo = Pick A Card (gold card) + Destiny (in the teamfight) + auto attack(gold card effect) + another auto attack + Wild Cards + third and fourth auto attacks dealing bonus damage from Stacked Deck )

- Great optional item for oponents who can heal themself REALLY fast, such as Dr. Mundo, Swain, Fiddlesticks, or even a jungler with a build of huge ammount of life steal.

is for defense, after you die, this item will allow you an "extra life" restoring your life till 30% of your max health after it reach zero but this effect will only be on after the 5 min cooldown, you can change it, depending on your needs.

The ultimate AP shield breaker, this will make any magic resistance to near 0. Its an extremely powerful offensive item that should be on your build in most cases.

Also, Never follow the basic build blindlly, you must judge by yourself sometimes, but think well before buying something on your own, consult your teammates to be sure of what to buy, this will help you grow as a summoner, now raise your fist to the League of Legends Trophie and whisper: You are Mine.

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Skill sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I take Pick A Card first for most of the situations, especially if there is a jungler that can gank me early game. You won't be worring about mana hunger, if the enemy makes something reckless you can stun him and even get a kill if you are lucky, but sometimes, when the AP mid has a very powerful long range harass... Its a wise choice to keep your distance, making a very long range duel, where the abilities precision will reveal the winner, in this case you will have to keep moving no matter what, staying still is not really a very good idea, that's also why you'll want to get Boots of Speed and Wanderer at your stats, makes easier to dodge spells and escape from possible ganks.

Your Q the Wild Cards is going to be your main burst damage, a great long harass that will be able to clear minion waves, while keeping in a safe distance, it will be your most powerful spell until the time where you get the Lich Bane with it's passive spell blade, it will boost the Pick A Card damage in a huge quantity, but the long range of the Wild Cards will still make them "better" than the Pick A Card.

The Stacked Deck won't be used that much, and its not needed to level up till level 18, but its also good to take this spell at level 3 so you can have its bonus stats, but it still has a very good passive spell, that will give you bonus stats + the passive bonus damage each 4 auto attacks. Also this will also stack with the spell blade to Lich Bane so it will deal such as a blue card if you used Q before hitting the next target, with will deal a quite nice ammount of damage.

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Ranked Play

Thats how TF Rolls...

DONT YOU DARE TO USE YOUR UT TO GET TO YOUR LANE BECAUSE YOU´RE LAZY, or don't want to lose some farms... Use it wisely.
DO USE THE UT TO Kill runaway VULNERABLE enemies, by vulnerable i mean LOW LIFE AND ALONE! You must also learn to recognize the ammount of damage that TF can pull out with a combo, so you can make sure that you WILL kill your target and not vice-versa, and also avoid using this against tanks, even as easy preys, and also remember your target's abilities, for instance... You can't stun a Jax if he has his E on, once my top laner and jungler got their ***es kicked by Jax which has been left with no more than 100 hp, as i ult in he uses his E to dodge the stun, and since i didn't use smartcast at that time i didn't had time enough to hit him with Wild Cards because he was so fed... SOO FED that i got destroyed by his combo.
Also avoid entering the jungle alone, TF can´t survive alone in there, he just cant, anyone can kill an assassin as long that they are not in sight.

Use your Q ability to harass the enemies on your lane, at early-game, in mid/late game the Q will take as much as Nidalee´s spear, IF TF IS FED. just HALF of their healths. Its very usefull to bully them away from the minions and as well as farming with more safety.


But how can i avoid that?
This is a great exemple: One of the colby cheese videos, where he shows a grat TF pro play at 2:00

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Even though this section of the guide starts easy to get things will get more complex through out the text, this is the most... lets say... "Difficult" part of the guide. But is something the whole world need to know.

Your friend needs you? Think before: Will you be able to save him AND survive? NO? Then dont UT to save him, sometimes its not useful, but in these times you can use you friend as a decoy and break the turret or even setting a trap like a whole team gank on the brush...

Play smart and play safe, PRATICE with bots first, TF is not a champion that can be mastered on the first try.

You are an AP CASTER/PUSHER don´t sacrifice yourself unless it´s worth it.


COMUNICATION IS ESSENCIAL, IF Your team mates are fighting against each other, you´re screwed, if your team can at least warn you that someone is missing, better.

Be aware of everything on the match: Lanes, Bases, Jungle, etc.

Also: Be respectful with your teammates and enemies, if your ally is doing poorly don't necesserally means that he or she is always like this, maybe he is having trouble with concentration or is mentally affected by certain factors such as "need to finish this fast" or "I hope i don't get late..." or being afraid of being judged by other players... And judging them and calling them noobs and using salty words will make them stagger and you might start a discussion that will make both of you play even more poorly, but since he/she is doing bad and fed their lanes i can put the blame on them, right? WRONG!!!!


You have no excuses to any of the arguments above, because if you are reading this its because you will play as Twisted Fate, you won't be just a mid laner, you are also a second jungler, a ganking machine, and a carry assassin. Even if you are not playing as TF you have no excuse to NOT gank when you can, there is no excuse to NOT help your ally to stand up and turn the tables instead of stomping their minds and pride for your own ego... IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU ARE CARRYING THE GAME, IT DOESNT MATTER IF YOUR TEAM IS "USELESS", IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW FED THE OTHER TEAM IS... IF YOU DON'T PLAY AS FREAKING TEAM OF COURSE THIS SH!T WONT CHANGE!!!

*cough* Well... Uh... I'm sorry if i get hot headed over this... But in the end it all comes down to teamwork, don't act like your teammates are a bunch of useless jerks, because if you do so you become exactly that! I mean, its okay to rage, but you must learn to have EMPATHY = The ability to imagine what is passing through other's mind... But even though many haters think that they're teammates are the ultimate noobs or something like that it seems that they are always expect them to be better than the other players, don't get mad over an adc who got beaten by the enemy adc because the enemy adc MIGHT BE A BETTER PLAYER THAN YOU AS WELL. You fight a more skilled player, not your fault and most definetly not your ally's fault, so don't pretend you are GOD or something like that, there is always a better player than you. ALWAYS.

For example: "You go as TF in mid against a fairly easy oponent and your bot lane is having a lot of trouble because the enemy carry is very powerful, they cant get even near the minions because if he do the suport will get them and they cant push because the enemy jungler is pretty much camping there, the suport cant even ward the bush without getting killed, at 10 min they lost the first turret and they are 0/5 and 0/7, well, its reasonable to someone taunt them so you do it, call them noobs and since the enemy adc already got bot they go for mid and you have your *** kicked, and of course you rage and direct your angry and frustation towards your bot lane..."

Now stop and think: "What if I was in his shoes(adc)? I'd be tired from work or school, wanted to relax and play some LOL and when i get to bot lane i start losing, i get nervous and the enemy start to snowball on my face, i get frustrated but i can't do anything, my teammates are taunting me and even though my support is with me feeling the same pain even he/she is taunting me while he/she is also making many mistakes... I try to search other people flaws so they stop humiliating me, but i get killed again trying to do so and i'd think if i'm really the only one to blame... Its true, they keep blaming me and the other carry is way more skilled or experienced than me, my suport just abandoned my lane and my "allies" keep spamming to report me... Why should i try to play...? They just lost because i was here... Maybe if i quit they would do better..."

...They could be thinking something like this, when you taunt your ally this will only raise your ego a little bit, but you are playing with REAL PEOPLE, they aren't robots or stupid AI, they breath, they feel and they react and by taunting them, they will react and become your enemies or rather, YOU became their enemy. The enemy is killing the champion while YOU kill the player's mind and therefore reducing your chances to win, AND YOU THINK THAT HE OR SHE IS THE JERK? In a certain way the players that have this bad habit, even if at the subconscious level, calling others noobs and etc... Are the very ones that crash the team better than noobs. Even a Noob can do something useful as long as there is someone to teach him. If you notice that someone is having a lot of trouble dont be a **** and FREAKING HELP HIM INSTEAD OF SAYING SOMETHING OBVIOUS!

I have an example: I was playing suport(i think), its been a while and i barely remembers it but there was this one guy who was a very good mid laner, and even though he was doing very well he would always take full priority in his teammates errors and immediatly assume that they are noobs, and even though i wasn't his target because i was doing quite well, but our solotop and our jungler wasn't. He would humiliate them even though his lane match got pretty powerful and he wouldn't call mia, wouldn't gank and would play by himself the whole time, because he thought that he was so awesome that the others would just stand in their way. Probraly true, but since he was so good why didn't he told them how to do it right instead of trash talking in the chat?? I dont quite remembered the result of the game, but if we lost it was most likely that, even though he was the player with the best score in the team(about 12/4/3), we might would have won if there was a better TEAM-MATE instead of that SOLO DOUCH.

Well i'm sure that not everyone reading this is like i am saying(at least i hope so), but many people that react this way, which are quite a lot of people, must know HOW HORRIBLE THIS HABIT CAN BE!

First of all: Through psychology i can say that, if you ONCE say that someone is a noob and stomp their pride, i could say that you are a noob as well, because there is only one mean to do so, raise your pride when comparing to others not becoming a better player but by making other look pathetic near you, even though their lane match could also beat the **** out of you, some people don't mainly search to play better but only feeling better about your own pride, doing so is a sign that the prideful one is near or in the same skill level of the "noob" but as soon as one of them would show signs of weakness by himself or compared by the oponent the "ally" immediatly takes notice on their flaws to feel better of himself, making other people take notice not in his own flaws, but on the guy who was taunted, and if the taunted tries to defend himself he will lose concentration on the lane and will do worse, and the hater will eventually play worse as well, since he will paying more atention to the taunted when he dies or commmit a mistake that the hater will lose concentration and will LET the enemy get fed.


People sometimes compliment me of being pro or carrying the game, save their ***es, making nice plays, ganking efficiently, start a slaughter in my lane or in the whole map... And sometimes people say that i'm useless that its "my" fault that they got killed or when my lane match is a counter or simply a better player than me or because my Build seems weird or because i had a cookie in my inventory or because i missed that or i didn't do that or because i couldn't and blablablabla... What comes to the real results are that the game doesn't necessarily depend on you, but you might make the big differences by being kind to your team mates, but of course if they are douches or trolls simply ignore it, and also if a surrender request appears try to always refuse, unless you are tired and don't feel like playing anymore or you're feeling sick or anything like that... Games are just games. If you can't play well in your mental state at a certain point, pressing on will just leave things worse. If your team don't give up then follow the example and try your best.

BAD EXAMPLE: Dont be a ****
GOOD EXAMPLE: Be like "GG" Greg.

GG Greg= Good Guy Greg, BTW these memes were mine, they are not copied so there is no reason to sue me.

Be like good guy greg and keep things cool, its not that everyone(anyone) enjoys losing, actually many "trolls" might only be unskilled players that had a horrible start and rather be called trolls than noobs... Not sure if they would fail on purpose from then on... But if people would stop stomp their flaws up their ***es then it would be easier for many to say: hey, this guy is better than me or is stronger than me right now, i need help!
How frequently peopl say something like this? Pretty much never, even though it might be true. But if they did no one would count on them and they would be treated like trash, even if they're allies would be on the same situation, so they get reckless for a chance to shine...

I don't doubt that many people that play LOL might suffer or have suffered bulling on school, well, that bulling is no different from this one, and by all means there is NO PRIDE ON THIS AT ALL.

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I can only say about what i experience so far, the champions which i have faced myself and how i won or lost against them:

- Its not THAT difficult to deal with it, you just gotta make sure you will survive until you get the Wild Cards, when this happens, you step back and start to push the lane, mostly aiming at the minions, and sometimes, at Akali, always letting a BIG GAP between the 2 of you, you have the range advantage, but when you get the Ultimate, things get interesting, most Akali's players will only use Twilight Shroud when they feel that they are in a bad spot. So don't be afraid to use your Destiny, TAKING THIS SITUATION IN PRIORITY DURING TEAMFIGHTS, damn... She will get powned. Thinking she is safe while invisible... PFFF. But you should take note: if she outplays you and get fed... GG bro, she will be unstoppable. Her main danger to Tf is her ultimate, a low cd kick to the face which also acts as the one of the more powerful gap closers in the game, without the range advantage against her you are in REAL DANGER.

- She is a really powerful AP Champion, but fortunatly... She has a very annoying mana hunger problem, and the itens she need to overcome that are quite cheap, USE THIS, MONEY IS NO PROBLEM FOR TWISTED FATE, FARM, FARM, FARM, FAAAAAAAAAARM... At some point you'll have a lot more money than her, getting extremely powerful AP itens, and all you need to watch out is her stun, just stay behind the minions and hit Q, poking her while pushing the lane, get more potions than normal and some wards, since you are bound to stay at the danger area. Don't get ganked. Also... Never, i repeat, NEVER, NO MATTER WHAT ARE THE CIRCUNSTANCES, NEVER DIVE TO KILL ANIVIA!!! NO UTING IN, NO FLASHING IN, NOTHING! JUST POKE HER UNTIL YOU GET THE LANE CONTROL, wonder why?
2 REASONS: Rebirth and Crystallize
Even if you manage to kill her... Don't forget she got a bonus life... Also if you dive in, a skilled player might have the chance to get a wall behind you, making you unable to fall back, and in the worst case scenario, you'll get raped by the tower and Anivia revives with no problem.

Not much to say, both of you would have mid range stun, wild card's long range will make things go more smooth, just watch out for Timbers, the range of his summoning is greater than it should be, no real warning about when its going to happen, its just happens, so try to be careful about not risking yourself too much, you don't wanna get ganked... Also try to count her spells, she will only be able to stun in the fifth offensive spell, so when four are already counted on... Step back, keep counting as much as you can, so if she uses a stunning spell against a minion, you'll know when to attack. ...

Oh man... You're gonna have a bad time in this match Lane, he is an extremely powerful mage, his burst damage has a wicked fame, he got stun, huge bursts, and max health damage per second... Not cool... Your best choice is to keep the big gap between the 2 of you, while poking him as hard as you can with your Wild Cards, when needing mana, use Pick A Card to take the blue card and get some mana, but do that in a safe way, avoiding the Pillar of Flame because is the only very long reach skill that Brand has. So resuming, it will comes down to skill shots.

- Gonna be worse than the Brand's match. Diana at first is going to be... Normal, her Crescent Strike is kinda awkard to dodge but its possible. But things go nasty when she hit level 6, her ultimate Lunar Rush is a overpowered gap closer, which can screw you up, since your best defense was the distance between the two of you, and she WILL beat the cr** outta you if you let her get close, the only safe spot is below the turret, and she CAN dive if she is fed. I would try to survive while farming as much as i could, like always, but with more caution than normal, my plan would be getting the money advantage while poking her with the Wild Cards. As long as you don't play too agressive she won't have much chances to kill you. Don't worry, in the back of the teamfight you have the advantage. But remember that she is quite tanky, so don1t expect to burst the hell out of her, get some itens to survive such as the Zhonya's Hourglass or even a Guardian Angel or even the Abyssal Mask.

- Gonna be annoying, don't start the fight early game, wait till you have the Wild Cards and again try to poke your enemy as hard as you can from a safe distance of behind the minions, Drain will make him pretty much full sustain at all times and its his main damage source, so when you see him using in a minion... Don't waste time, Drain has a 10 seconds cooldown, he is mostly vulnerable in this short time, nail him, no mercy, he will be channeling, easy target, stun him with the gold card to stop his regeneration, then nail him with the Wild Cards at close range, he will fall back, his other abilities are mostly for Crowd Control: Terrify to fear and make you unable to escape in a bad spot, and Dark Wind to deal long range damage with silence, His Ultimate Crowstorm is a gap closer and a huge AOE damage per second, as he channels to Ult in you just have to CHARGE in his direction! YES thats right, when Fiddlesticks is channeling his ult, this means he already clicked on the spot, which will be most likely behind you or very close to you, so if he is channeling he is ALREADY there, if you think like that you might be able to get a good distance between the two of you, of course he won't give up, so as you run from his incoming storm you try to pick the gold card. And stun him if he tries to get closer with a flash, or you might have misunderstood the landing location and got closer to him yourself.

- Although a friend of mine told me that this little trickster is a counter for most of mid champions, i don't think that this applies to Twisted Fate, his ability to close gaps is pretty good, but you can simply harass him from afar, then wait for him to try and take some damage out of you, get the gold card and harass more,if he is a smart player his main priority would be to bully you out of lane, stoppping you from farm, a very risky situation, if you get a succeful stun he will be very vunerable to ganks. Thats your advantage. His defensive abilities are no problem for you, he will mostly stay in the middle of the minions, where you can get clear hits from him, you'll push lane and destroy his health quickly, i played some times against a Fizz never had problems, i dominated each time, my only problem is getting ganked by the jungler or my teammates forgetting about the ping or the mia (missing). Of course... Its not much of a wise decision to get too close, if he is able to reach you he might even get a kill, so be careful.

- Its gonna be pretty hard, just avoid Lay Waste and don't let yourself get low in HP, try to stay FAAAAR AWAY and push the lane with Wild Cards if your health gets lower than half of your max health, fall back and use a potion, in case you don't have any... Recall, you know how annoying the Requiem is. But when you are in full health be aggresive in terms of damage but defensive in terms of positioning, don't get too deep in the lane, as soon as you hit level 6 gank other lanes as usual, you should focus help a lane that is losing, ask the jungler to help the losing lane and gank with him, if all your lanes are winning then you should go for an even bolder gank, ask your team mates if they are alright by diving in or ganking other people while they are somewhere "safe", be creative, do something unexpected, this works everywhere, not only against Karthus.

- He is usually as an AD carry... But if this guy goes Ap AND is not a troll... Well... I fought once a Ap Kog'Maw ... I had a trauma... The damage output is incredibly powerful and his range is longer than yours, and he can beat you easily in a auto attack fight as well since he is a natural ADC, my hint is... Let him push while trying to poke him with Wild Cards and as he is closer to your turret, ask your jungler to set a trap, try to stun him and make a quick combo, and immediatly fall back, while the jungler finish his work. In my mental capacity i cannot think about any other strategy for this lane match, he has great sustain, very powerful scaling and his abilities have quite a lot of utility.

- Change Lanes FAST, i never fought a Kassadin while as Twisted Fate but i know that Kass is a natural counter for TF, he can silence you, he got bonus magic resistance, he is tanky as hell and he got a instant gap closer which is his Ultimate: Riftwalk a low CD flash that is able to deal great deal of damage, and since he already got a flash, most of Kassadin's players will most likely get a Cleanse making your gold card as nearly as useless. GO BOT OR EVEN SOLOTOP, BUT IF KASS IS WAITING IN MID, you must take drastic measures, warn your teammates of your dissavantage, if you must change lanes with your solotop thats good too, but if not then there is 75% of Kassadin playing aggressive early game, so... BREAK THE META, break the standards, ask your whole team to gank on mid and start early team fights at a very early game, by fighting in the jungle for the enemy jungler's first buff and even right after that, always focusing Kass if possible, but always try to kill anyone possible, right after that, before returning to their lanes ask them to NOT LEAVE BEFORE KASS IS DEAD, BULLY HIM, GANK ON HIM, GANK ON OTHER LANES EVEN BEFORE Lvl 6. It doesn't matter, you'll want him dead AT LEAST 4 TIMES BEFORE LETTING HIM HIT LEVEL 6, because after that its IMPOSSIBLE to gank him. You must completely out power him before this happens, farming a lot, breaking the first tower and etc, but when he gets his ult and you can't one-shot him with Wild Cards or Pick A Card or your combo... You will leave mid FOREVER, a second jungler, that is the role that you'll take, ganking lanes with your jungler advancing both lanes and if Kassadin is smart he won't stay in lane, he will help other lanes, too bad he won't counter you unless you are 1x1.

- Another great gap closer that will be almost as irritating as Kass, but not so much, as long that you make sure she can't Shunpo on you, you'll be safe, push lanes, harass with Wild Cards blablabla... Most of champions can be "countered" by the long range harass, with few special cases, including the next lane match.

- This blondie will be an exciting match, since both of you can work really well at long range, although she can combo really easy and clear minions as fast as you do, your harass is slightly faster in the cast and faster in cooldown. Also if you're able to get close to her and use the gold card, she will be defenseless, that's her main weakness in my opinion, she doesn't have a stun. But still do not understimate her. But if her Ult is out you can be less defensive.

- I'm a quite decent Gragas player myself, but unfortunatly i just fought him once, and i just have four hints:
1º Watch out for the Barrel Roll, it deals great damage and it can act like a time/remote bomb.
2º Try to stay away from the minion mass, so he won't have the chance to get both you or the minions with the Barrel Roll.
3º He is has a very strong mana hunger, but his Drunken Rage will help him with that, also he will be very tanky with that, so avoid trying to deal damage while he is effected by this ability, harass him AFTER the spell duration is over.
4º Don't stay too close on your teammates during the teamfight, or Gragas will take advantage of that and will damage everyone with Explosive Cask.

- USED TO BE A PROBLEM, a great mid laner, but unfortunatly there will be no more AP YI in the league since his abilities changed and the only skill that scales with AP is his Meditate.

- I never had to fight a AP-mid Nidalee, but meanwhile i make researchs about her and her abilities, i just have one simple and DIRECT RULE: DODGE THE FRICKING SPEAR!!! THE javalin toss/takedown Javalin toss is famous about its Overpowered damage... HALF OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!! DON'T EVER LET THAT GET YOU!!! Also, one more thing, this ability have a fixed cooldown until level 18, 6 seconds. Thats the cooldown, so if she toss the spear and miss... GO FOR IT! STUN WITH THE GOLD CARD AND HIT Q, you will be able to use your combo at least 2 times before she has the chance to get a next spear!
As long as she have her long cooldown you have a counter attack chance, and if she spends her money on cooldown she won't have that much damage, so try to take the chances, every time you see them. But remember to stay behind the minions.

- He get a lot of sustain, scary CC, outstanding damage, which frightens me from previous experiences... Stay away from him, no need to run away from the lane, just... Stay very far from him... Farm with Wild Cards and don't risk try to get him stunned with Pick A Card, and after you get some damage, try to get a Quicksilver Sash since Twisted Fate is kinda vulnerable to CC... And Swain got that more than anybody i know on the league. Try to make some STRONG ap damage as fast as you can, then when still pre-level 6 get the Morellonomicon, you'll need a lot of healing reduction, also buy the Quicksilver Sash his CC as i said is extremely powerful, Don't get too aggressive on him since he will be able to destroy you once you got in range... But don't be scared, Swain is powerful but not immortal, not always a pro, having careful is a wise decision. Also, before he hits level 6 ask your jungler to gank so he don't have that insane sustain that his ultimate provides.

- A fight against your evil twin. Normally the faster or the one with most precision with skill shots will win, farm, poke and stay away from the gold card, as soon as he waste his Pick A Card try to make for the kill if you can, or just poke him as hard as you can. Also... Don't dive on him with your Destiny its more than enough time for him to stun you under the turret. Another thing you can try is take Wild Cards before Pick A Card, since most of TFs take the W first they will easily be bullied out of lane agaisnt long range abilities, if you take Q he wont be able to farm and fall behind early game, its not gonna be a big gap so don1t let him catch up, steal their blue golem, get the most powerful ap itens as soons as possible, take pure damage so your harass will take as much as javelin toss/takedown.

- This little guy can be annoying, your jungler will barely be able to do anything on mid, since he have his ultimate Noxious Trap to protect his lane. This ******* mushrooms that he can plant in brushes and in lane are really annoying, but what is most annoying is that because of Blinding Dart every auto attack against Teemo will miss, that includes the Pick A Card, this means that if he hits you with it, your gold card will be useless. So the best way to fight him is at distance, harassing with Wild Cards while pushing the lane to the max possible, avoiding getting to danger areas, where the enemy jungler can gank you.

- Change lanes... He is a natural counter for Pretty much EVERY AP mid champion, his ultimate: Primordial Burst will decimate your life, if you have power. So i have 3 solutions...
1-Go for a ADTF (Attack damage Twisted Fate )=> LESS RECOMENDED.
2-Stay as far as you can, farming minions with Wild Cards while keeping safe so he won't stun you with Event Horizon and burst your life to ashes OR....
3-Get the hell outta your lane fast and change places with your solotop(AD Bruiser).

- He got sustain, shield, stun and versatile skill shot. Try to stay away, so he can't stun you with Gravity Field and his main damage source is his E, the Death Ray which can target you from any direction, good thing that this skill is fairly slow and can be easily dodged, and like most of lane matches you must stay away and harass with Wild Cards farming, pushing and poking hard at the same time. Oh and his Power Transfer is a average ranged ability that gives him shield based on a perentage of the damage, this means that he can brace himself for Pick A Card and you'll be in his range too, so avoid trying to stun him (his stun last longer than yours and have more reach).

Stay away and harass while pushing as much as you can, you don't need the kill, since he is tanky as hell, he got amazing sustain with natural spell vamp and no mana needed, and he can also be invunerable, as long as you keep farming in safety, while avoiding getting killed, you'll be fine. Also his sustain is so crazy that i would reccomend Crystalline Flask and lots of Health Potions instead of Boots of Speed at the spawn.

- The champion with the most range in the league... Stay closer, i know its totally the oposite of the most lane matches, but since he can use every ability to take you from afar... You might as well use every ability you got, but since two of the fours abilities that you got require you to auto attack your oponent you must push even more agressive, while he is standing still with locus of power he will get an outstanding reach, magic penetration and will gain movement speed after leaving this state, my hin is to get as close as needed, stun him with the good and old gold card and hit him with wild card followed by Stacked Deck's auto attacks, so he will be forced to leave this state, also don't line up with the minions since his Arcanopulse can get a great harass on you and will push lane at the same time.

- One of the most crazy champions in league with deadly skill shots that have long range and deal as much damage as you can do, avoid getting too low on health and if this happens that might be a chance for him to use the Mega Inferno Bomb on you, since most of players would recall really close to the turret, he already know where to aim at, so if he don't get the vision from your closest turret, try to recall in another close turret. Also he don't have any stun, so you can use this in case he tries something not so funny, and again push and harass with Wild Cards as much as you can, trying to get minions and money advantage over your oponents.

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Here is a list of good hints i can say:

1 - Dont gank based on impulse, i commited that A LOT OF TIMES, sometimes, you gank a weak enemy and just get yourself killed.

2 - Be Patient. Why? Because there is no way you can master TF in one match. I´ve been playing him since lvl 1 and still dont get that pro score yet, thats why.

3 - Dont rush! TF is not an agressive character, if you´re going into a teamfight, have your distance, dont let the moment go over your head, face the enemy from far, and lure them INTO YOUR TEAM!

4 - There is no such thing as a 2x1 as TF thats going to end well, TF cant play in disavantage! You barely can 1x1 if you´re not careful.

5 - Avoid using your gold card in enemies that got high tenacity.

6 - In mid, KEEP YOUR F0CKING DISTANCE! Use Pick A Card on minions, instead going for a kill and lose your lane.

7 - Never understimate or Overstimate your adversary. How can i say that in a more simple way...? When playing, dont get Shy or Cocky. Both will get you killed.

8 - If your teamates start fighting between themself, try your best to calm them down, if you cant, ignore them, if they star feeding the enemy, use them as a bait, KS'em, a kill worths nothing with a player whos not even playing. Of course they will start taunting you, when they do you say: "Shut up and get to your position" If they dont, and keep raging, you will not say ANYTHING, IGNORE THEM COMPLETLY!

9 - When playing as Twisted Fate- no, when playing as ANY CHARACTER AT ANY MATCH, NEVER, i repeat NEVER EVER, get distracted and cocky when someone compliments you, like calling you a Pro, or when the enemies start saying good things about you, ARROGANCE ROTTENS THE SHARPEST BLADE, ANY PRO CAN BE TURNED INTO A NOOB IF HE/SHE/IT GETS TOO ARROGANT.


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Thanks for reading this guide, i hope you enjoyed and learned as max as possible of Twisted Fate and League of Legends, i also give my special thanks for:

- Madreds
- Adreon
- KingPudding
- Chargemaster
and last, but not least...
These guys teached me a lot about the crafting of builds, and i would not be able to make a decent guide without them.

Vote and Comment your opinion, i will make sure that my builds will evolve even further!