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Veigar Build Guide by ArchonofFail

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ArchonofFail

The Tiny Master of ****ing up Carries

ArchonofFail Last updated on September 18, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, I am ArchonofFail and this is my first guide for my favorite champion Veigar. Any feedback you have would be appreciated so I can make this a better guide.

Veigar is a highly underrated AP Carry, he has enough damage to usually take one of their carries out of the fight immediately and continue to contribute to the fight by throwing spells into their team.

Disclaimer: The first character sheet is what I normally go. The second is a mix off alternate choices which shouldn't necessarily be taken together. I will go over each of these later in the guide.

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Thank you to Jhoijhoi for making an awesome guide to making guides which really helped me figure out the formatting and such for this guide. Thanks to various other guides for showing me tricks I didn't know especially Psiguard. Finally thanks to my team SL9 KR3W for helping me practice and generally being awesome.

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Pros / Cons


+ Some of the highest burst in the game late game.
+ Constantly becomes more powerful from farming with Baleful Strike.
+ Incredible AoE stun.
+ Very strong ganks.
+ Free Chalice of Harmony with his passive.
+ He will swallow your soul.


- Very blue buff reliant early game.
- Very weak early game.
- Very squishy.
- Requires a lot of practice and skill to pull of his combo quickly.
- Very reliant on farm.
- He will swallow your soul.

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Ability Overview

Equilibrium: This passive is an amazing passive for an AP Carry. Combined with some mana regeneration, from masteries, Greater Seal of Replenishment, and items like Chalice of Harmony this passive gives you enough mana even without blue buff to constantly spam your Baleful Strike and basically be fine even when you are out of mana.

Baleful Strike: This is the bread and butter skill of Veigar. It's basically a combination of Siphoning Strike and Disintegrate. Every time you get a last hit with it you gain 1 ap and every time you get a kill you get 1/2/3/4/5 AP per rank. It is also your most reliable harass and most consistent nuke in teamfights. You want to max this skill first to make it easier to farm with, increase the bonus AP from champion kills, and increase your harassment.

Dark Matter: This ability is a huge nuke late game since it has 1.0 AP scaling. It has a short delay so you should usually combine it with Event Horizon for reliable harassment. You can also use it to push lanes quickly, but you lose out on the opertunity to farm with Baleful Strike.

Event Horizon: This skill is extremely important to know how to use properly. It stuns champion that touch the outside of the ring so what you want to do is place it so they are on the outside of the ring right when you cast it to instantly stun them. Here are two images to show this:

In this image, the enemy is inside the Event Horizon and is not stunned, they can dodge your Dark Matter and can use abilities like Flash to get out.

In this image, the enemy is immediately stunned and you can start unloading on them.

Primordial Burst: This skill is an incredibly huge nuke with 1.2 scaling as well as an additional 80% of the target's AP. It's fairly basic, but it is insane damage. If you get enough AP late game and the enemy AP carry doesn't have very much magic resist, you can easily one-shot the enemy AP Carry when you get a full build.

Deathfire Grasp: This is kind of a joke, but it really isn't. This item is so important to playing Veigar properly. Utilizing this item is extremely important to playing Veigar properly. Late game it does comparable damage to Primordial Burst against non-ap targets on a similar cooldown. Practicing integrating this into combo is one of the most important thing you can learn to do when learning Veigar.

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Summoner Spells

Top picks

Flash: Basically this spell is amazing. It allows you to catch up to people to stun them, or to get away from a bad situation. I can't think of a situation where I wouldn't run this spell on Veigar.

Ignite: This spell is very good on Veigar since it allows you to pick up kills early when you just need a little more damage to finish someone off. I really adds to your burst especially early game and the healing debuff is nice al throughout the game to weaken that pesky Masochism.

Teleport: This spell is fairly good on Veigar, it allows you to get back to lane quickly after you recall, and allows you to gank other lanes easier by teleporting to wards. Better on Veigar than other mids since he has very strong ganks. I have generally found that the side lanes can usually see the gank coming and avoid it since Teleport has such a long cast time. Then it goes on cooldown for five minute.
Other options

Clarity: This is a spell you shouldn't need to take. Yes it can give you more mana early on to harass/farm with, but you shouldn't need this and other spell are better to have. Plus it scales terribly into late game.

Heal: This spell can be useful for some baits or clutch saves, but early on in mid it doesn't heal enough to take very much more damage and you will probably die anyway. Also it's better to take on your support or AD Carry.

Cleanse: This spell can be useful if you are going against someone like Annie or another Veigar who have enough CC and burst that they can probably kill you instantly if they get it off, but overall if you really need this, you are better off getting a Banshee's Veil or a Quicksilver Sash.

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Mastery Overview

The two mastery pages are very similar. One is a fairly standard AP Carry runepage:


The other one is very similar except I take Swiftness instead of Meditation :

Which one you choose really comes down to personal preference. I prefer the first one since it gives me more mana regen to be able to spam my skills a bit more in lane without blue buff, however the second page give more movement speed for dodging skill shots, positioning in team fights, and roaming. These are not the only options but these are two ones I personally use.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
This is the standard rune page I run on most AP Carries. I take magic penetration marks because they are the standard AP carry marks. I take flat mana regeneration seals since these allow me to have enough mana to constantly farm with Baleful Strike as well as having some left over to harass with my other spells when I don't have blue buff early game. I take scaling ability power glyphs since these get me a large amount of ability power late game to increase my damage. Finally I take flat ability power quintessences since these give me stronger early game harass and farming ability.

Some alternate possible runes:

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration

Greater Seal of Health

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Health

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

If you think the laning phase will go on for a long time (past level 9) you can take scaling mana regeneration seals. If you feel you needs additional HP to survive in the laning phase you can take either flat or scaling HP seals, I personally prefer scaling but don't use either. A very strong alternative to ability power glyphs is magic resist glyphs (both scaling and flat). These will help you counter enemy harass and be able to win trades better and stay in lane longer. HP quintessences are a fairly good option for the same reason HP seals are. Finally movement speed quintessences are always a very strong pick if you want more mobility to dodge skill shots, roam, and position better in team fights.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
> > > >

This may look a bit confusing but it is actually quite simple. R > Q > E until rank 3 > W > remainder of E. This is because rank 3 Event Horizon is enough to keep your opponent in place for your full combo if you are fast, any more will keep then stunned longer, but at that point you want the additional damage from you Dark Matter.

The alternate skill order at the top is the alternate start I run if my team is going to invade, or I am afraid of an invade from the other team. I obviously max Primordial Burst when I can, and max Baleful Strike as soon as possible since it is your main nuke, and you get more AP from kills at higher ranks, so you want it as high as possible as soon as possible.

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Core Items

The four main core items on Veigar for me are Sorcerer's Shoes, Deathfire Grasp, Rabadon's Deathcap, and Rod of Ages.

Sorcerer's Shoes are the best boots on most AP Carries, Veigar included, the extra spell penetration will help you with that pesky magic resist stopping your burst.

Deathfire Grasp (or DFG) is almost built for Veigar in how well it works on him since he can have unlimited ability power. Damage wise it is on par with your ult, basically giving you another giant nuke every 60 seconds.

Rod of Ages builds from a Catalyst the Protector which is a great item for any mid since it will give you survivability in lane, then the Rod of Ages will give you survivability late game as well as giving you tons of mana and ability power.

Rabadon's Deathcap is just a great item on AP Carries in general, it gives you a ton of ability power and gives you even more from all the other items you have as well as any farm on Baleful Strike you have, overall, an incredible item.

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Late Game Items


Alternate options:

Somewhere in between all the four core items mentioned above, I usually get a Chalice of Harmony because of its amazing synergy with his passive. Once you have it, you basically have a blue buff in everything except the cooldown reduction, and it can be stacked with blue buff for even more synergy.

Once I have the other four core items, I will finish the Athene's Unholy Grail to make me set for mana forever. Then I will finish out my build with a final item. I personally like Lich Bane for the extra burst and since you will have probably 600+ AP at this point, it really adds a lot of burst. It also give you a bunch of useful stats like movement speed, magic resist, and more mana, overall, a great item.

Other options are Rylai's Crystal Scepter to allow you to catch people better with the slow, and survive longer with the HP. Will of the Ancients for the aura if other people on your team aren't getting it and the spell vamp. But I generally find that sure, you will heal a ton since you have so much burst that you heal a ton from it, generally you don't take enough damage to make it worth it. Basically, you kill then and take almost no damage making it not worth it, or you die too fast for it to help.

Another good item is Abyssal Mask if you are having trouble with a fed enemy AP carry and no one else on your team is getting it, it can be a very good pickup. Probably the item in this list I get the most.

Finally another extremely strong choice is Zhonya's Hourglass. This item gives you a ton of AP, some armor and you can use it to buy so some time if you get stuck in a sticky situation. However, I often find, that the loss of mobility from being in stasis, will often cause me to die after getting out of it, with very little I can do.

Another good item is an Archangel's Staff, you shouldn't really need the mana but it will give a ton of AP if you can stack it, but since Veigar's cooldowns except Baleful Strike are very long, it will take you a long time to stack it and I find Lich Bane generally gives you more burst anyway. You can also go mass Archangels for tons of AP, but you lose out one a ton of utility and people will call you a troll, I will explain this more later.

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Laning Phase

I almost always start with Boots of Speed and three Health Potions. The boots allow you to be more mobile and the three potions give you sustain in lane so you don't have to base. You can also start Doran's Ring if you think you won't need the Health Potions and want more HP and mana, but you almost always will so I don't recommend it.

In lane you should focus on trying to get as much farm with Baleful Strike as possible. Early on though, Baleful Strike won't be off cooldown enough to get every last hit, so you will need to get some last hits with your auto attacks. If you have the mana once you hit level two, throw some Dark Matters towards the enemy laner, this will keep then off guard and if you use it right you can deny them farm.

Once you hit level four you can start using Event Horizon to land Dark Matter and Baleful Strike on the enemy laner for strong harassment. Try to get blue buff from your jungler as soon as possible since it will reduce the cooldown on Baleful Strike and give you enough mana to get more farm with it as well as having the additional mana for harassment.

If you want to push down your tower early and have the mana for it, you can use your Dark Matter to push the lane down. This is risky though since it uses up mana and puts you in a vulnerable position for ganks.

If one of your other lanes needs it, coming with your jungler to gank one of the side lanes is incredibly strong. Event horizon combined with whatever CC your jungler and other laner have sets up easy kills with your burst.

On your first trip back to base, there are three main options for items you can buy. The first which I usually get is a Blasting Rod which you can later build into your any of your three core items ( Rod of Ages, Rabadon's Deathcap, and Deathfire Grasp) and will give you a lot more damage in lane. If I am losing and have enough money, I will get a Catalyst the Protector which will allow me to survive better against the enemy's harassment and builds into a Rod of Ages. If I don't have enough money for a Blasting Rod and I want to get an early gold advantage I will build Kayge's Lucky Pick for the gold and it allows me to get an early Deathfire Grasp for additional burst in ganks or early teamfights.

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Team Fights

In team fights, your job is to stay in the back, wait for a good chance to land Event Horizon on as many people as possible then start ****ing up their carries. Usually your combo should be Event Horizon followed by Dark Matter, then your Deathfire Grasp before the Dark Matter lands, a Baleful Strike, then if you are going for their AP Carry or an AP bruiser you should then use Primordial Burst followed by another Baleful Strike. If you are going after the AD Carry and he isn't dead yet, you should let your teammates clean up while trying to get hit their AP Carry with Primordial Burst and throwing Dark Matter and Baleful Strike into their team. If you think the teamfight will be over quickly or you won't be able to get to their AP Carry you should use your Primordial Burst on their AD Carry since it still does huge damage even if they don't have AP. If the teamfight goes long enough you can use another Event Horizon to help your team escape or clean up.

One of the most important things to avoid is getting caught out of position and getting stunned. If the enemy AP Carry (or any member of their team) gets a silence or a stun or anything on you, you will basically end up being worthless and your team will probably lose the teamfight. You should almost never be in the front of your team and should wait for your team to engage before going in. Event Horizon is a great counter-engage, but if you use it to early, you miss out on the opertunity to stun their carries so this is mostly up to your discretion.

You also need to watch out for poke champions like Karthus or Lux who can poke you down before you can engage on them, or assassin champions like LeBlanc or Talon who can burst you down before you can properly get into the fight. Against assassins you need to practice using Event Horizon on yourself before they manage to silence you, or use Flash to get away and let your team take care of them.

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Tips and Tricks

  • To get the full potential out of Veigar, you should learn how to smart cast your Baleful Strike, Dark Matter, Primordial Burst, and Deathfire Grasp. But DO NOT try to smart cast Event Horizon. No matter how good you are, you really need to have the target icon to properly hit people with it. Having these skills on smart cast will make you be able to throw out your combo just a bit faster before the Event Horizon wears off on them.

  • As stated above in the skill descriptions, make sure to hit your opponent with the edge of Event Horizon instead of putting it around them to instantly stun them. (See above for more details and pictures)

  • You can use Dark Matter to check bushes without having to face check them since Dark Matter reveals the location where it will land.

  • Make sure between team fights to continue farming your Baleful Strike. When you are walking past a lane throw one onto a minion or if you walking through the jungle pop down a Dark Matter + Baleful Strike to clear out the camp, the AP really adds up and you lose practically nothing for doing it.

  • If you are just learning Veigar, play a few games against friends or bots to get the hand of how to smart cast on him properly, and how to properly utilize this Event Horizon. These skills are tricky and take a lot of practice to use properly.

  • If you set your Deathfire Grasp to your first or second item slot it is easy to put into your combo since it right above where your hand should be anyway for your other skills.

  • Use Baleful Strike or have your allies clear out spell shields like Banshee's Veil, Spell Shield, or Shroud of Darkness before trying to stun with Event Horizon or use Primordial Burst.

  • Only do this in a premade if you want to troll and get a ton of AP, you can build a Rabadon's Deathcap and either four or five Archangel's Staffs depending on whether you want boots or not. This is definitely the build you want to go if you just want to one-shot AP carries.

  • I will add more to this list when I think of things.

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Lane Matchups (A-M)

Veigar has a fairly weak laning phase and generally does well in a fairly passive lane. He does well against people like him who focus on farm and not as much on harassment although he can do fine against more aggressive lanes if you can dodge skillshots and avoid getting CCed.

Since I have played as and against a large number of AP Carries in mid, I will try to go over as many matchups as I can. I will include as many unconventional AP Carries as possible but I will not cover AD Carries played in mid, unless they can be built AP (like Tristana). The exception to this being Talon who is an AD who is often played in mid to be a counter the current metagame.

All ratings are my opinions and are somewhat subjective so do not take them as fact by any means.

Ahri is a tough matchup since she has better sustain than you with Essence Theft, strong harassment with Orb of Deception, strong CC with Charm, and can jump on you with Spirit Rush for huge burst before you can do anything. Try to run her out of mana since you have much better mana sustain with your passive. If you can dodge her Orb of Deception and Charm, farm up, and burst her down once you hit level six, the lane is definitely winnable. TL:DR: Dodge Charm and Orb of Deception, get ganks and burst her down.

Difficulty: Hard (8/10)

Akali can be tough once she hits level six, but before that you should be able to take advantage of her with your range. Try to force her to farm with her spells so she can't use them as effectively to harass you. Try to force to base early but poking her with Baleful Strike and Dark Matter. If she puts her Twilight Shroud down, stay back since she can get up close which is what you want to avoid. Once she hits level six try to not let her jump on you and stun her when she does and you should be fine. TL:DR: Make her waste spells farming, outfarm her until six.

Difficulty: Easy (4/10)

Amumu mid is fairly rare, but if you do see it, you should be in good shape, this is an incredibly easy matchup as long as you stay behind minions so he can't hit you with Bandage Toss. Don't underestimate his burst damage though. Once he hits six if he gets a Bandage Toss and a Curse of the Sad Mummy especially combined with a jungler's CC he can easily pick up a kill if you are ready. However if you can deny him farm since he has to get in melee range for it and harass hime down, there is almost nothing he can do about it. TL:DR: Stay behind minions, watch out for ganks.

Difficulty: Easy (3/10)

Anivia is an interesting matchup because she is very similar to Veigar although her stun is less reliable and her burst is a bit higher early on. The most important thing is to NEVER let her hit you with Flash Frost. She shouldn't be spamming it too much or she will run out of mana, but if it hits you and she has her Frostbite ready you will be stunned and she can easily take off half your health or more. Also don't let her with her Glacial Storm since this will also apply the chilled debuff and make her Frostbite deal double damage. If you can avoid her skills though, you definitely have the advantage in the matchup since she has a weak early game. You have more reliable burst, more mana regen, and better harass. Take advantage of this advantage early to force her out of lane. TL:DR: NEVER get hit by Flash Frost, harass her to take advantage of your pre-six advantage.

Difficulty: Medium (6/10)

Annie is another champion who is very similar to Veigar. She will be trying to farm with her Disintegrate just like you with your Baleful Strike. Your stun is more reliable then hers, but watch out when she has her stun, you will see by the little aura around her. Remember that when she has it up she wont want to use abilities on minions to farm because she wont want to waste it. Use this time to keep her away from minions to deny her farm. She has comparable burst to you once she hits level six with Summon: Tibbers and the stun from [Pyromania] she will destroy you if you aren't careful. If you don't let her stun you though you can harass her down and win the lane. TL:DR: Watch out for her stun, take advantage of it since if she has it she wont want to farm with spells.

Difficulty: Medium (7/10)

Brand isn't too difficult of a matchup. He is very reliant on landing his Sear, a skillshot, and his Pillar of Flame which is dodgeable to burst you. As long as you don't let him hit you with both you will be fine. Watch out for him using Pillar of Flame to keep you away from minions, if he is doing this too much and you can avoid it, you can use Dark Matter to harass him and pick up last hits. If your jungler or another member of your team comes into lane and he uses Pyroclasm on you, make sure to run away from the other person so that it doesn't keep bouncing between you two. TL:DR: Dodge his stuff, he has to land multiple spells to be effective.

Difficulty: Easy (4/10)

Cassiopeia is a very difficult matchup. She has very strong harassment and can burst you down easily once she gets her ult. Your best chance it to keep moving to make it hard for her to hit you with Noxious Blast. She can zone you very easily with her Miasma, make sure not to get hit by it because it will hurt and slow you down allowing her to hit her Noxious Blast easier. Her Petrifying Gaze has a very short range so you should be able to avoid it in lane fairly easily. Watch out for her using Flash in combination with Petrifying Gaze to land it easier. Make sure to buy lots of potions to survive her poke and try to get your jungler to gank a lot since she doesn't have very good escape. Try to get a lot of ganks and burst her down once you hit six and you can come out on top. TL:DR: Hard matchup, dodge her spells as best as you can, get lots of ganks since she has very little escape.

Difficulty: Counter-pick (9/10)

Cho'Gath is fairly easy since he has melee auto attacks and needs to be in melee range for his Feast. The main thing is to farm up and dodge his Rupture. If you keep your distance there isn't anything he can really do to stop you from farming which is exactly what you want. He is very naturally tanky so you shouldn't really waste your mana trying to harass. Just use your spells to farm, don't get hit by Rupture, and play safe so you don't get ganked by their jungler. Also he is extremely mana intensive, so he cannot keep up harassment without mana regen. TL:DR: Very mana intensive, force him to waste his spells farming, watch out for ganks.

Difficulty: Easy (3/10)

Ezreal (AP) is fairly easy, although if you aren't careful he can put out a lot of burst with Essence Flux and Trueshot Barrage. Remember that Essence Flux passes through minions so you can't hide behind minions to avoid it. Every one of his spells except Arcane Shift is a skillshot so you should be able to not take too damage. Unlike AD Ezreal, his Mystic Shot won't do much damage, but his other spells really hurt once he builds up a bit of AP. Be careful when recalling when you are low on HP because his Trueshot Barrage will do a ton of damage and can easily pick you off and is on a very short cooldown. Make sure to catch him with the edge of Event Horizon since he can just Arcane Shift out of it if you don't. TL:DR: Everything is a skillshot and dodgeable, his burst is very underrated, watch out for it, don't get picked off by Trueshot Barrage.

Difficulty: Easy (4/10)

Fiddlesticks isn't too hard. He has insane sustain with Drain but you can interrupt it if you stun him when he is in the middle of it. Also remember that Drain has a really short range so you can use this to keep him from using it on you. Try to avoid getting hit by Terrify because it sets up his Drain nicely and allows him to heal himself and hurt you. Watch out for Dark Wind's silence, it can screw up your farming, and generally prevent you from doing anything. Also watch for when he stands in place and starts channeling, this is him using his Crowstorm and your queue to get away from him. Don't underestimate his Crowstorm's damage, it synergises well with jungler CC and can melt you real fast. TL:DR: Watch out for Dark Wind, try to stun him when he tries to Drain, and watch out for ganks combined with Crowstorm.

Difficulty: Medium (5/10)

Fizz can be tricky especially once he gets Chum the Waters. Watch out for his Urchin Strike into you which will get him right on top of you allowing him to land is other spells. Early on you should be able to out damage and zone him. Watch out for Playful / Trickster since he can dodge all your spells including your Primordial Burst and Deathfire Grasp which can be the most frustrating feeling ever when he dodges all your damage with it. Once he has his Chum the Waters you can not let him hit you with it. When you get knocked up, especially if he has his own Deathfire Grasp, he easily has enough damage to kill you before you can do anything. If you can avoid his Chum the Waters though you should be fine and be able to easily win the lane. TL:DR: Zone him before he gets six, watch out for his burst once he hits six, he can dodge your ult with Playful / Trickster.

Difficulty: Medium (6/10)

Galio is really hard for Veigar. He gains AP by building magic resist with Runic Skin. He also has strong harass with Resolute Smite and Righteous Gust. Resolute Smite is ground targeted and can be dodged, Righteous Gust is a skillshot but moves very fast and is hard to dodge. Once he has some items, don't even try to burst him down and when the game gets to lategame, good luck even touching him. Try to farm and not get harassed down. His Idol of Durand will lock you in place if he lands it synergising great with ganks. Try to stay from him so he can't hit you with it. Try to play super passive and farm as much as you can. TL:DR: Don't try to harass because of Runic Skin, dodge his stuff and don't get caught in Idol of Durand.

Difficulty: Hard (8/10)

Gragas can be a big problem, he has strong harass with Barrel Roll and can sustain health with Happy Hour and mana with Drunken Rage. He will poke you down and then set up to finish you off by throwing Explosive Cask behind you, followed by a Body Slam to slow you down. He is manageable however if you run forward when he uses Explosive Cask and then stun him. He has fairly good escape with Body Slam so ganks won't be that effective against him. Generally try to burst him down before he can wear you down, but down use too much mana poking him since he will heal it back with Happy Hour. TL:DR: Dodge barrels, don't let him catch you out with Explosive Cast, he heals with Happy Hour.

Difficulty Medium (7/10)

Heimerdinger is a really weird champion. He gets countered by very fast burst which Veigar provides in spades. His Hextech Micro-Rockets really hurt but they can be avoided easily. How they work is they target the three nearest units Heimerdinger has vision on. So if you keep three minions in between you and him, these are basically worthless except for farming. His H-28G Evolution Turret are fairly tanky early on and take about three Dark Matters or Baleful Strikes so it isn't really worth it. His CH-1 Concussion Grenade is very slow moving so you should always be able to dodge it unless you are very close to him. Just farm until you hit six, then burst him down. TL:DR: Keep three minions between the two of you because of Hextech Micro-Rockets, avoid the turrets.

Difficulty: Easy (2/10)

Janna (AP) is fairly terrible. She has a terrible early game which you can take advantage of to harass her down early. Until she gets some levels and AP she does pitiful damage and her Eye Of The Storm isn't very strong. Watch her Howling Gales, they are easy to dodge if you see them coming but they can catch you off guard for a knock up if you don't. She only has two sources of damage ( Howling Gale and Zephyr) both do very little damage and aren't worth worrying about until she has a lot of AP. Farm to your heart's content, destroy her with your poke and burst, and question the other team's sanity for picking an AP carry with so little to hurt you. TL:DR: She has no damage, don't get ganked and question the other team's sanity.

Difficulty Laughable (1/10)

Karma a surprisingly underrated AP Carry, but still not that good. She can catch you off guard by using Soul Shield with a Mantra charge which will hurt a lot. She can also heal herself using a Mantra charge with Heavenly Wave. Also if she uses Spirit Bond on you it will do a small DoT and slow you which can be fairly strong. The problem is, none of these spells actually do that much damage. Soul Shield is surprisingly one of the best shields in the game, so watch out for it. You can farm fairly safely and then burst her down and there isn't much she can do against it. TL:DR: She has underrated burst and one of the best shields, watch out for her burst, and play safe.

Difficulty Easy (3/10)

Karthus can be really extremely if you aren't very careful. People will tell you to "Just dodge the Lay Waste" but it really isn't that easy when you actually try to do it. A smart Karthus will use these to zone you away from minions so try to get what farm you can and not take too much damage. If you and your jungler can jump on him though, he has no good way to escape except Wall of Pain which isn't that reliable, and Flash. Also if you see him using Requiem, try to stun him and interrupt it. This will cancel it and save your teammate. Also consider getting a Zhonya's Hourglass against him to avoid Requiem if you can cancel it. Try to avoid his Wall of Pain since it will usually allow him to land one or more free Lay Wastes, oftentimes nearly half your HP. TL:DR: Dodge Lay Waste, don't get hit by Wall of Pain, and stun him if he tries to Requiem near you.

Difficulty: Hard (8/10)



Kayle (AP/AS)

Kennen (AP)

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Summary and Conclusion

I find Veigar to be an incredibly strong AP Carry. He some of the highest burst in the game and is very fun to play. He is however very difficult and takes a lot of practice to get good at. If you practice him though, he makes a very worthwhile addition to your champion pool. Thank you for reading and don't forget to leave a constructive criticism and vote. I would love to have some good feedback since this is my first guide. Thanks again for reading :)

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Change Log

Version 1.0 (8/18/12) Initial release.
Version 1.1 (8/18/12) Updated matchups up to Gragas.
Version 1.2 (8/18/12) Updated matchups up to Karma.
Version 1.3 (8/18/12) Updated summoner spells.
Version 1.4 (8/19/12) Updated late game items with pictures and spread it out (thanks BlackIceT!).
Version 1.5 (8/19/12) Updated matchups up to Karthus and added TL:DRs.
Version 1.6 (9/18/12) Updated item builds.