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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Twisted Fate Build Guide by Rudmed

Twisted Fate Royal Flush (Hall of Fame Added)

Twisted Fate Royal Flush (Hall of Fame Added)

Updated on December 14, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rudmed Build Guide By Rudmed 781 69 5,278,135 Views 362 Comments
781 69 5,278,135 Views 362 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Rudmed Twisted Fate Build Guide By Rudmed Updated on December 14, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Twisted Fate
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  • LoL Champion: Twisted Fate
    AP Twisted Fate


First of all I'd like to credit those who inspired me to create this build. QQ Moar Plz's Twisted Fate The way to win was a great source of info, as well as one who commented on that build named OmegaKing without these two I probaly would have never thought of this.

Editors: jhoijhoi for being an awesome editor, and sticking to it until this guide is perfect, or well close enough.
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Welcome to my build.(Thank you Xiaowiriamu for the awesome banner).

Welcome to my build for both AD/AP Twisted Fate. Yes two builds in one guide amazing! Now I will cover each part of the build in one section (with a few exceptions). Now the information will be seperated like so

AD Build info here!

(Credit to Jhoijhoi for linking this to me).

AP Build info here!

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Patch Notes (For AP/AD)

All right this isn't the official ones, but here I will post recent changes to Twisted Fate.

So with the most recent patch we have:

Pick A Card- Now stacks with AD. We may rejoice for now all of the cards we pick do our AD as magic damage! Huzzah!

Wild Cards-Also got a speed boost in this patch, so now they are slightly less useless.

Wit's End- had to be changed due to the revamp it got as well.

July 26th, 2011
Destiny is no longer a global ultimate it now has a range of 5500. This is really bad. Can you still gank? Yeah, but you will need to go mia, and they will know you are coming. Standing from the well you can warp about an inch from the staircase that leads to your base.

December 13th, 2011
Hello long awaited buffs! Not much of an increase, but atleast it was buff. You're old 510 range is now > 525! YAY!
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Mentality of Twisted Fate

Now AD Twisted Fate may seem like an easy character to play. I mean use Pick A Card and then right click, and let your auto attacks do the work for you. Well it may seem like that is it, but due to your short attack range, and your squishiness then it becomes alot harder. Not to mention people learn to focus you real soon. So TF requires you to be alert and cautious before you can go and destroy people.

You must be able to pick your stun when under pressure of a teamfight, but relax it is much easier then it sounds. For just keep one eye on the card, and the other on the battle.

Once you have achieved the power you have been dreaming the enemy will fall at your feet Be confident, yet be cautious. Strategy with Twisted Fate will bring you only victory.

Pros/Cons of AD Twisted Fate

space space

Heroic Pros

Great Assassin
Able to dish out damage fast.
Teleportation/ Map Awareness
Great 1v1
Not mana dependant
space space

Overcomable Cons

Wild Cards are useless following this build
Focused when seen as a threat
Destiny takes alot of mana at first.
Short attack range
Warning for your foes when you are going to stun, slow, and gank.

AP Twisted Fate

Now AP is the slightly harder verision of Twisted Fate, but as long as you can Pick A Card you've got half of it down. Now you turn into a nuker instead of a constant stream of DPS. Now AP Twisted Fate for the most part requires you to use hit and run tactics (similair to what you can do with AD TF). As AP Twisted Fate you are much more reliant on your cooldowns like most nukers.

Pros/Cons of AP Twisted Fate


Dazzling Pros

Great Assassin
All his skills gain increased damage
Great damage
Able to farm/harass from a long distance.
Not mana dependant
Teleportation/Map awareness
space space

Overcomeable Cons

Relies more on cooldowns.
Stacked Deck is situational as part of your burst.
Higher skill cap then AD
Less mana from blue card
Destiny still takes alot of mana early on.
Warning for foes when you are going to stun, slow or gank.

As I stated before with Twisted Fate strategy will bring you victory, now then lets get into the nitty gritty
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Need proof? Well here ya go.

Thank you jhoijhoi for getting this together.

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Summoner Spells

space A summoner spell that can make the difference between you living or dying. Getting a kill, or missing out on some gold. Use this to surprise an opponent with a sudden advance with a gold card, or escape a gank by going through a wall. Getting focused, or caught out of a position in a teamfight? Reposition yourself, and get back into the fray! Don't like it use Ghost. Even after the 11/14/2011 nerf this is still very useful. You may not have it as often, but your high speed ought to make up for the longer cooldown. space

This is a much more offensive spell, that you can use to pick up early kills! This spells scales into late game, not to mention it cuts down healing power! So champions that are healed by Soraka, or Sona will be healed for 50% less! This is also a bane against champions such as Dr. Mundo, or Swain. This is also effective against lanes that are packing the summoner spell Heal.

Other Good Options

Another choice, which can get you out of stuns rather quickly, and decreases the duration of others ones by 65%. This also removes Ignite!

This is your escape or chase them down spell. Use this in combination with your gold card or red card to escape from those trying to kill you, or use it to catch up with your target.

This can help you kill your target or slow down one person who is trying to kill you, and turn the tides against them. Note that this is much more effective against AD type champions! It cuts their damage by 70%, but only cuts AP damage by 30%
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AD Twisted Fate Masteries

So you can do more damage! More damage is always good!

space space Extra AD for early game since you are AD Twisted Fate otherwise we'd be getting the AP one.
space This is for Ignite, Exhaust, or Ghost it all depends on what you're running.
space An extra 6% attack speed to go hand and hand with the 15% attack speed Stacked Deck gives you.

space Lifesteal is so nice early game. No matter how small it is.
space An extra 10% armor penetration to go hand and hand with your runes. Armor? What armor?

space Extra crit chance. Need I say more? Also allows access to Lethality

space space This is just to help increase your crtical strike damage. Combine this with infinity's edge passive and your critcal hits will hit for 260% increased damage!

space More armor penetration so you can hit for true damage early game, and transition better into late game against the enemies that try to stack armor to stop your damage.

space What a mastery that increases the damage I do to low health targets? How very assassin like! Twisted Fate is an assassin, and he loves to pick off those low health champions. Also more damage once you get past a certain point in case you are 1v1ing a champion.

space Just a little extra armor since I have rune for magic resist. Every little bit helps.
space Extra magic resist to help you against casters, but items and runes ought to cover you.
space More health! Yes I said more! This is all so you won't die as fast in case you do get jumped.

This is to reduce the cooldown on your Flash spell.

AP Twisted Fate

space space Extra AP for early game since you are AP Twisted Fate otherwise we'd be getting the AD one.
space Extra magic penetration for late game and to get through as magic resist as possible early game.
space An extra 4% CDR to go along with Stacked Deck.

space Since Pick A Card has a 1-1 ratio with AD why don't we pick this extra little damage up to help that ability? Also this will improve your last hitting, and make it so much easier.
space I'm sure you will have a blast. LOLOLOL See what I did there? Okay, but in all seriousness extra AP per level is nice.
space 5% increased ability power? I'll take every bit I can get thank you!

What a mastery that increases the damage I do to low health targets? How very assassin like! Twisted Fate is an assassin, and he loves to pick off those low health champions.
space Well this is obviously for Flash, simple enough.
space Extra mana so you don't have to draw blue cards all the time.

space Mana regen once again so you can draw more gold cards instead of blue cards

space Twisted Fate can't run really fast, so we get this to help him escape from unfriendly situations.

space An extra 30 seconds of blue buff or any buff I can get ahold of? Yes please!
This is obviously for Ignite and so you can gain the bonuses while ignite is on cooldown.
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AD Twisted Fate

space This is to help with last hitting and even the odds with the other AD carries who have a higher base AD than you do.

Well we both know TF is squishy. real squishy. So get these in order to toughen him up a bit, so he can endure a bit more pain.

This glyph is giving you more magic resist in order to be able to take on mages that you will encounter in the fields of battle.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation
With these quints you ought to go through most of your foes' armor. So let them have it when you engage one them!

Alternative Runes

You can use these to help you move a bit faster (because for some odd reason he has a terrible base speed).

AP Twisted Fate

space Magic penetration, so your spells will hit for more of their full value.

Yes you have blue cards, but this is just to reduce your dependancy on them, this way you can draw more gold cards!.

These glyphs are better than the flat glyphs by level 6. So MOAR DAMAGE BWHAHAHAHAHAA!
Well we need AP somewhere so you can do some serious damage early on don't we? This is where we will start until the glyphs kick in.

Alternative Runes

Greater Seal of Vitality
If you feel like you don't want the mana regen from the seals replace those seals with these! Everyone loves more health!
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Skill Sequence/How to use your skills

AD Twisted Fate

As you can see I max Stacked Deck first in order to achieve that additonal damage, along with cooldown reduction, and attack speed.

AP Twisted Fate

As you can see with AP you max out Wild Cards first for they are your main damage dealing ability. Now lets go more in-depth with how to use your skills when you are going AP.

Now then, I'm going to help ya with how to use your skills.

This skill itself is pretty explanatory, but it only works when you are alive! Anyways this help you farm, which leads you to getting better, and that leads to better items. So this is why you want ALOT of farm!

Now these do mediocre damage for this is a AS/AD Twisted Fate build, and I would only usually use them if your target has gone out of reach. While they do mediocre damage they have long range, and will pass through other enemies.

Now that you're going AP they will fear this skill! It does alot of damage, and it has a range allowing you to farm, or harass from a safe distance. They do move slow, so if your foe starts to dodge them, do not worry. Look at how they dodge, we humans are creatures of habits, so we tend to dodge the same way. Once you figure out which way they dodge lead your Wild Cards. They will react to the Wild Cards, and walk right into them..

I'm going to categorize this by the card types.
Note about AP:
This skill works the same as it does AD, but less damage. That is until you get your Lich Bane then you may do even more, or equal damage!

Gold Card
- For Ganking: Use this right before you pop Destiny and get this card to render your foe unable to fight back while you cut them down. Then teleport to them, and stun them with it then proceeded to killing them. Pop ignite if your afraid you’re not going to get them.

For 1v1: This is your best friend because your opponent cannot harm you if you stun them allowing you to hit them, and gain an advantage. This is also a great harassment tool if you hit them with stacked deck on top of it. Not only do they take an increased amount of damage, but also this gives you another moment to pile on more damage.

For Teamfights: Use this card to attack the enemy carry or Anti-Carry rendering them unable to aid their team. Then proceed to killing them. Rinse, Wash, and Repeat.

Red Card
- For Ganking: This is the next best card you cause use beside Gold cards. For it is an AOE damage and slow. Possibly forgiving you for drawing a red card instead of that gold that you missed by a moment.

1v1: Not really a good time to use this card, try and draw a gold card when you’re fighting one person.

Teamfights- Use this if the other team is clumped together, but I would stick to eliminating the enemy carry, anti-carry, and support. Because AOE damage isn't you. You are rather a single focused DPS. But if the entire team is attempting to escape, and they are clumped together. Go for it, after all it is an AOE slow. At that point they are asking for it.

Blue Card
-The bonus damage, and mana that this card gives you is good, but you will find the two cards above your main arsenal. I rarely use this card unless I mess up, and pick it.

This skills gives you extra damage every fourth attack, but not only that it makes your Gold card hurt more then it would naturally. Making it a great harassing tool build it up hit them with a gold when you’re at 3 or 2. Then attack them a few times, and they should back off. Other then that this skill is self-explanatory.

This is the paradox skill on Twisted Fate. It makes him viable AD, but is really touch and go with AP Twisted Fate. Because the chance you may or may not have it is random, that is the reason why it is leveled last. Now this begs the question should you stay to get it off or get out of dodge? If you feel, or see danger approaching and fast GET OUT OF THERE! A dead Twisted Fate can't deliver another burst.

Now as I said before this is your map control skill. And you can do all the things I said before with this skill.

Now lets say a team fight has started and your not there. I would suggest maybe waiting to see who gets the 1st kill then gating into the best position possible so you can eliminate the greatest threat.

Ex: There is a teamfight at Baron, and I warp in behind the enemy team team. Well before I do poppy gets a kill, and then I appear. Turning it into a 5v4 instead of a 4v4, and once the fight was over I walked away with a double kill.

Keep an eye out for easy ganks early on, or heck even greedy foes. You can seriously make them regret that choice, or save a teammates life. It also gets you fed, so it is all good. Though make sure to tell your laning teammate that you might disappear, so they don't charge in thinking they are going to get back up.

Note: Due to the nerf you will have to leave your lane to go gank. This is in order for you to directly warp into the overextended lane or teamfight. As in other words its really bad.

I have a map showing the distance of your ult (thanks to Jhoi again for using her awesome paint skills!). Now it should be clear enough, but I'm gonna point a few things out. If you want to warp to the two bushes in top or bot lane you must be in the island bush before dragon and baron.

Now lets say some wound individuals are escaping from a team fight, and are not to safety yet. Should you go for them? Well go through a check list.

This is just an example:

1) Are they alone?
If so, and you believe you can kill them go ahead. If not quickly consider whether your team will be able to assist you, or what skills those characters have at their disposal. If they have a skill, which can turn it against you easily then I would not go for it unless that is person is the one who is almost dead, and your target.

2) How much life do they have?
Not much? Well get them unless they are not alone. Or if they have wrecked you the past few games with the amount of life they have or lower, well don't do it because chances are they will do it again.

So this is just an example checklist that I would go through quickly in my mind, but these are just guidelines. Feel free to do what you want, but do not expect to win a 3v1. Chances are that is too much damage for you, and will go poorly for you. You might be able to pull out a 2v1 depending on how fast you can take one down and how much health the other has.

Do not be afraid to use it in order to find the enemy team, you can save a teammates life, by pointing out nearby foes, and pinging them. No you don't have to use the second part, but it will still help your team.

Remember they can see if you have a Red, Blue, or Gold card. Also when you use Destiny they will know it too for a little orb will appear over their head. This is a warning sign that you are coming to gank or assist your allies.

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Item Sequence

Berserker's Greaves 1100
Infinity Edge 3400
Phantom Dancer 2600
Last Whisper 1450
Bloodthirster 3400
Guardian Angel 3200

Starting Items

These are cheap, give you speed that TF needs, and allows you to buy 3 health potions to help keep you in lane longer than your foe! Try to use them when you need them and keep in good health!

space I recently started stacking atleast two of these and find the AD and health really help out alot. You get some sustain, damage, and health after your boots. This does not mean you should stop picking up potions! space

I get this to help out your low movement speed, and increase your attack speed, but if you’re having alot of trouble with stuns and such go Mercury's Treads.

Time to do some DAMAGE!

Well I seem to get alot of criticals at this point when I get this so why not give them this extra boost. Also more Attack Damage I'll take that as well. This is pretty much your core and hardest hitting damage item thus is why you get this as soon as possible.

space This is a very good item on Twisted Fate. It gives you movement speed if you want to be more mobile in fights. It also gives a high critical chance allowing you to crit more often if that is your desire. This item lets you best make use of Infinity's Edge's passive. Then even more attack speed! Yes, thats right all this in one little item!

space Wait a minute.... Last Whisper next? What about my bloodthirster? This item really depends you can grab it either now if your enemy is getting armour to counter your damage or later if they aren't buying any armor.
This is the item on the list if you don't get Last Whisper and that means your foes aren't getting armor. This allows you to deal more damage, and heal damage you have sustained. Remember to farm this up so you can unleash its full power on those who dare stand in your way.

Finally Surviability!

This item provides you armor and magic resist! It also brings you back to life should you fall in battle! So just when the enemy team thinks you're down, you just jump right back up and into the fray! The key is to try and delay this item for as long as possible, and pick it up when you feel like you need it the most. It could be after your Phantom Dancer or the very last item of your build.

AP Twisted Fate

Item Sequence

Frostfang 400
Deathfire Grasp 3100
Rabadon's Deathcap 3600
Lich Bane 3100
Void Staff 3000
Guardian Angel 3200

Starting items

These are cheap, give you speed that TF needs, and allows you to buy 3 health potions to help keep you in lane longer than your foe! Try to use them when you need them and keep in good health! This also allows you dodge the enemy caster's skill shots!

space To help you in lane while dealing damage I will often buy two doran's rings the health, ability power, and mana regen can be of great use. This will allow you to take more damage, deal more damage, and not have to go back to base to get more mana. space

Pretty self explantory more magic pen this way your Wild Cards will do even more damage! Always nice! space

This ought to be your final item for early game. It gives mana, more abillity power, and allows you to deal more damage!

The don't leave home withouts!

Ability power and cooldown reduction to go along with the cooldown reduction we get from Stacked Deck? Yes please! Don't forget to activate this against your target either before or after you stun him/her! This will be part of your burst so you don't fall off late game and don't forget! This deals more damage based on how much health they left! It is more effective against full health or closer to full health foes!

The heavy hitter of AP nukers, don't leave home with out it! It gives you a total of 145 AP + 30% of your current AP! (Note it will adjust the 30% as you get more AP). space

A core item on AP Twisted Fate another item that you cannot leave home without! It syenergizes so well with your Pick A Card its not even funny. This makes your gold cards hurt! Lets not forget the magic resist, and the movement speed it gives you! It helps no matter how small! space

Now Void Staff is an item that will allow you to use Wild Cards from a range, and still be able to go through most of the enemy team's MR. This is what makes Void Staff a very good item on AP Twisted Fate.


Yep this item is back again. The armour and magic resist are very helpful and so is the second chance at life! They just can't keep you down!

Do not be afraid to get this earlier if you need it!

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Situational Items

AD Twisted Fate

Offensive Items

Below are items I feel would do well in certain situations. I do my best to explain what kind of situation the items are useful for!
This not only gives you attack speed, but attack damage to boot. Not only that, but it decreases your targets armor by 15 for 5 seconds stackable up to 3 times. This works well with the fact that you're an autoattack champion, so abuse the passive, and the extra AS! This item is useful if the enemy team is not getting much armour to counter you! Get this if they have 100 armour or less!

AP Twisted Fate

Here is an item that you can use if you want some surviability and some more bang for your buck! The stats of this item grow overtime, and combine this with Banshee's Veil to have tons of surviability. This item all gives Catalyst the Protector's passive bonus. space

This item gives you damage and the ability to become untouchable for a brief time. This does not work through suppressions such as Impale or Nether Grasp. A pretty solid item if you feel like cranking out damage and having a little safety net.
This is an item that provides AP, and spell vamp. That means that your Wild Cards will heal for alot! For each target they hit too! So hit a wave of minions with this, and watch your life bar fill back up. space
This item gives a slow to all your offensive spells, health, and ability power! Not a bad item if you are looking for surviability and kiting potiental against enemies who do not have a solid gap closer!
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Alright while harassing your foe is important, but you want to try and be lasting hitting by your tower. This isn't a law, but just a guideline for if you push too far you are vulnerable to a gank. Generally what I believe is that you should try and keep the minions in the middle, but closer to your tower then your foes. Why? Well if you push them to their tower, and not only are you open for a gank, but you are unable to harass your foe. Also you maybe denied minion kills because your foe will take any chance to make you attack them by their tower, or their minions are too far in the safety of their tower.

Alright now about using your skills on minions. Your Pick A Card is the main skill you are most likely going to use. Now lets say you see a group of minions who you can easily last hit with your red card should you do it? I would say not unless they are right up on your tower, and then I'd go for it, but if they are not DO NOT DO IT! This allows your minions to push father into the lane, and leave you more vulnerable to a gank. (These words sound familiar Jebus?)

Now about harassing the your foe. Your Stacked Deck with this skill it gives you a good amount of damage in the beginning. Now you have two options building it to three and use this in combination with a gold card to stun/harasses your foe then retreat back behind your minions. Or stun them at 2 bringing you to 3 stacks of Stacked Deck, and then hit them with an auto-attack. The choice is yours. This is one way to do it, or you could use a blue card to harasses, which gives you more mana back, and does bonus damage.

Being harassed? Last hitting is the safest way to protect you from getting killed or severely injured. Also this lets your lane get pushed back to the tower, and allow you to last hit minions safely without repercussions.

AP Twisted Fate

Now then farming/harassing with AP Twisted Fate is much easier! This is because Wild Cards have a long range, and be used as an effective farming or harassing tool while you are safe behind your minions.

I am still advocating last hitting!

Though if you feel it is too dangerous, or risk to go ahead and last hit then use Wild Cards. Another option is to farm and harass with Wild Cards aim for your foe, and watch Wild Cards do some of the farming for you!
If you really need to clear a minion wave a combination of a red card, and Wild Cards often does the trick!

Now lets move into a little bit more detail about harassing your enemy. While Wild Cards will be your main harass
Now this does not mean go and forsake your Stacked Deck + Pick A Card harass!
Oh no, instead you can now stack add your Wild Cards to the burst! If you can close the distance with your foe attempt to hit them with a combnation of Stacked Deck, along with a gold card, or blue card (if you trust your aim enough). Then let them have it with Wild Cards and watch them retreat to lick their wounds, or you may be able to finish them.
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Early gameplay

Alright game starts and you are waiting in lane. Minions fight in the middle, and you get to see your foe(s) for the very first time. Are they familiar champions? What do they have that can really hurt you, or CC you? What are they building? When do those champions hit their overdrive?

By overdrive I mean when do they become a force to be reckoned with, this can vary depending on the player's skill, the champion, and what they are building. Let me give you some examples.
  • LeBlanc- usually hits her overdrive at level 6, but I (a pretty skilled LeBlanc) can get kills as early as 4.
  • Malzahar- is really powerful when he hits 6, and this is usually when he gets his kills.
  • Vladimir- hits his overdrive at level 9, when he cast Transfusion again and again.

As I said before this varies, these are just guidelines.

Your main goal will to be farming, and the occasional harass. Last hit, and get gold so you can get more items. AD TF is not very strong early game, but he can hold his own if played correctly. Your main concern ought to be if they are ranged, and what ranged abilities they have.

Now if you are mid, and lets say you can't beat your foe 1v1. This is okay just play defensively and set up a gank with your jungler. So let them push your lane, and wait for the jungler to be able to assist you. You will be expected to stun your foe(Most of the time), and this requires you to get close to them. You can Flash in after picking a gold card, and stun them.

So you hit level 6, and now you have your ult Destiny. Coordinate with your team to set up ganks on overextended foes. Try to warp in behind him them with (preferably in a bush) a gold card at the ready, but if they start to back off upon seeing the eye above their heads you will probaly have to start the gank, and hit your foe with that gold card. Hopefully if all goes well you will get a kill, and be able to push the tower.

If it does not go well, but you got them to waste a summoner spell, you will get them the next time (most likely if they don't have their escape spell). Anyways look on the bright side, and get back to your lane.

MIAS? Try to call them if you can, but don't get upset at teammates for not calling them. It is YOUR job to keep an eye on the map, and maybe lay some wards down. If you and a teammate get angry you will not function well.

AP Twisted Fate

This is AP Twisted Fate's strong point! When you get Wild Cards to level 3 you can unleash alot of pain! Try to use this strong early game to your advantage and force your foes out of the lane! It can make alot of difference, if you force them or zone them out of exp and farm!

Now even with this strong early game, if you can't seem to beat a foe 1v1 (assuming if you are mid or a solo lane) don't worry! Just team up with your jungler, and gank that person! Setting up a gank with the jungler is very simliar as with AD! Just a reminder gold card + Flash on overextended foe, and hopefully your jungler will come in.

Now once you hit level 6, and get Destiny it just like with AD. It will require coordination! Though with strong wild cards, your burst will be strong enough to finish off weak foes, or those who think they're safe.

Remember if they burn a summoner spell when you gank. It is worth it! Because Destiny is off cooldown faster than Flash, or Ghost!
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Mid gameplay

As games vary, I'm not going to say you should have certain items by now. Just work with what you got, and roll on. Though if you have extra gold, I would suggest getting an Elixir of Fortitude or Elixir of Agility, and maybe some wards.

Small teamfights should start to occur, try to help out if you can, or if you are needed. Now if you are in one of these small fights kill the easy target, or the one who is doing the most damage! If not farm, or try to push a tower. If someone is missing, or suspect people are on their way to gank you use Destiny.

After a successful gank or push, maybe look at doing dragon, but be careful as it maybe warded. This is why warding is important it can give you vital info of the enemy team's position, and if they are heading your way.

Also another great tip:


get more powerful items, and get built fast.

AP Twisted Fate

Because your games tend to vary, I'm not gonna put a recommendation of what items you should, or shouldn't have. Now if you have extra gold spend it on sight wards or an Elixir of Brilliance, every little boost helps. Also unless another champion needs it more grab blue buff! Whenever your jungler offers it to you (and are not too busy)! It will help alot!

Now small teamfights should begin to break out, and try to gut the weakest or the most dangerous one! You gotta use hit and run tactics, otherwise they will probaly jump on you! Duck into bushes, or back away from the fight after you've blown your burst! Break the line of sight, or feint a retreat! Then once you have another gold card, go back in there and unleash your burst! Now if they seem to ignore you, then you can go ahead, and autoattack until your burst is back up.

If you win a fight, try to push the lane or do dragon! Both of these are very important! Though be careful at dragon for it might be warded, and they could be heading for revenge. Now of course you would have some sight wards down, so you would know their location right?


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Late gameplay

Alright I'm assuming your doing rather well, and have a good amount of attack damage under your belt. By now team fights are a common occurrence, and you need to stick with your team. The enemy team will be looking for lone wolves, and trying to gank whoever is by themselves. While you are good at 1v1, always assume that (unless you truly know) there is more than 1. Now because they look for lone wolves doesn't mean you can't back door. You can Teleport to a minion, then push down a turret or inhib. Use Destiny to warp back to safety.

Teamfight time, and you need to help your team. Your goal is to eliminate the enemy carry (or most dangerous indivdual), so after the initiation, and your tank charges into the enemy team. Get a gold card, and go for the carry, but do not overextend past your team, otherwise they will kill you. Now if you can't go for their carry then go for the most dangerous one in reach (Just not the tank please.) Lets say you see the enemy team begin to shift to you, get your team to help you, or back up behind your team. Hit and run tactics will help you out alot, but if you are getting ignored then don't worry about it.

Now lets say someone is limping away from the battle and no one is attacking them should you eliminate them? If you can do so safely without being drawn into the thick of it then go for it, and reposition yourself quickly to help out your team.

If you feel like it is more of a risk then DON"T DO IT! Chances are they are too wounded to be able to rejoin the team fight, and if you go after them you are leaving the protection of your tank and team making you a very nice target.

Now let say your team is chasing down a lone guy who is getting away, and you have Destiny up. Pick a gold card, and use Destiny to get ahead of him to cut them off, and stop them from escaping or leading your team into a trap.

Now Destiny will put you 5500 feet from where you are standing, so if an exposed inhibitor is your target move to it, and attack it. Now then Destiny will be your escape plan, and use it to find out how close your enemy team is.

Priority List (AKA: Who you should kill first!:

Number 1: Enemy super carries- Ashe Master Yi etc.
Number 2: Enemy Anti-carries- Akali Annie Kassadin Pantheon
Number 3: Enemy support- Sona Karma Zilean
Number #4 Enemy off tank- Singed Jarvan IV
Number #5 Enemy Tank- Shen Amumu Rammus

Now lets say you have the team on the defensive after you win a fight, you can baron then push to win, or you can just push really hard! Either one is a good option, and hopefully you can do alot of damage, and break inhibitors.

AP Twisted Fate

Now this is the part where AP Twisted Fate falls off, but its okay you are still capable of doing ALOT of damage! Now assuming you're doing pretty well, you ought to be able to 1v1 a few people, but don't push it! The enemy team will be looking for lone wolves travel in groups, and don't even think of ganking a lone person unless you know they are alone! Teamfights will occur often, thus is the reason why you stay with your team!

You are still able to backdoor late game, and you should if you see a momment in which you can get in and out! (Using Teleport to get in and Destiny as your escape plan perferably).

Now Teamfight time! After your team initates a fight (perferably), it will be your job to elimnate the enemy carry! So gold card, and use Wild Cards to burst down the enemy carry! Attempt to take them out if you can, but if you hurt them where they can't stay that is okay! After you use your burst,move to safety! Don't risk staying, and trying to get Stacked Deck off (unless you are being truly ignored). If their carry is out of reach, then go for the most dangerous champion in range! Perferably not the tank!

If someone is limping away from a fight, you don't have to finish them! Only go for them if you are sure you can get away with it! Because if you extend past your team, that makes you a very easy target! If they seem to get away use Destiny to finish off runners!

See Priority List above to see who your targets should be!

Now after you have the team on the defensive consider pushing to WIN! You can also attempt to break some inhibators, and go do Baron! All of these are good options!
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Well I'm expecting some very good feedback from those of you who try my build, and if you have a problem come back ask me, and I will help you the best I can. So good luck my fellow Twisted Fate users and let Lady Luck smile on you.

(Thanks to Jhojhoi for this banner!)
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Hall of Fame!

Ladies and gentlemen I present you with a hall of fame dedicated to your glorious victories, and perhaps easy gold at the poker tables. Anyways if you do well, post your score in the comments, and I shall post it here!

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Build Changes

Note: I am always trying to update this guide when there is a major overhaul I will do my best to let you know what happened, or what caused the change.

1. Infinity Edge has been moved behind Black Cleaver for it does more damage then Bloodthirster. Your lifesteal at this point should be enough to hold you over until you get the bloodthirster. As long as your team is doing their job right.

2. Bloodthirster has been replaced by Zeke's Harbinger this is because TF kinda needs a team to be based around. This item not only gives your team a boost, but it gives you a boost as well.

3. I have removed Zeal for at this point you really need some damage so go for Black Cleaver.

1. I have changed the runes because after visiting a thread I discovered, that you achieve the same ARP with 6 marks as you did with the quints. So I decided to get us some more of that precious attack damage that we all know and love.

2. I put Bloodthirster back into the build because I realized it was needed in order for you to be effective late game. That AD and lifesteal is very helpful.

1. Removed glyphs of malice 2% crit isn't worth much.
2. More sections, and Alternate items! (YAY)

1. I have removed Phantom Dancer, and Bloodthirster from the build.
2. Youmuu's Ghostblade and Frozen Mallet have been added into the build for better pursuing and survivability.
3. Changed view of summoner spells.

1: I have put Trinity Force in the build for it gives us more damage, and still gives us survivability. It was just a more carry item for TF then Frozen mallet was. It will gives us additional damage as well for all our abilities.

2: Yes Bloodthirster is back in the build.

3: New summoner spells, I just found these more effective, and JEFFY40HANDS pointed this out to me.

4: New subsections as well, and screenshots for those of you who won't take my word for it.

1. New details, and suggestions. Mostly clean-up stuff.

1. Sword of the Divine has been moved to the offensive items. The reason is because Trinity Force, and Banshee's Veil have just proved more useful. Now you did not lose any damage, you lost attack speed, but gained about 50 damage. So it was worth the trade off.

2. There is a map with the range of your ult at mid to give you a general idea of how far it goes.

Moved passages, and organized information. So it ought to look better, and feel better.

Reorganized info! Tried to make it look pretty for you all!

Updated Masteries!

Swapped Phage and Sheen for surviability and damage purposes.

More information to clarify build order.
Added Ionic Spark to the situational item list.

New builds!
Situational item section cut down to size!
Removal of on hit items (mostly!)
New Runes!

AP Twisted Fate

09/14/11: AP Build ADDED!


Added Will of the anicents to the situational item list.

Added greater glyphs of force as main glyph runes to AP Build

Added more situational items!
New Build!
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