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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Kyle007


Twisted Fate: Stacking your Deck

By Kyle007 | Updated on August 30, 2018
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  • LoL Champion: Twisted Fate
  • LoL Champion: Twisted Fate


Summon Aery
Nimbus Cloak

Bone Plating
Second Wind


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Ability Order


Hello and welcome.
This will be a Twisted Fate guide unlike any other you've ever seen.
This guide will devide the clowns from the magicians.
The diffrence between a good and a mediocre Twisted Fate is no more then slight of hand.
Believing in the hearth of the cards and pulling the right card at the right moment.
You can choose to rise up to the challange and truly become the king of games.
Or you can skip the guide and keep playing solitaire.

My guides will usually be off meta but they work like a charm.

Guide written in patch 8.8
updated patch 8.9
updated patch 8.10
updated patch 8.11 (split guide into beginner/advanced)
Updated patch 8.12
Updated patch 8.13
Updated patch 8.17

Any questions can be asked on our community discord server.

Any donations are much appriciated.
My other guides.

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Pros / Cons

Kiwi is such a Proffesional player and awesome friend, I really have to Conffess he is the best!
Waveclear Nearly lose to everyone in 1v1 early.
Huge crowd control Squishy
Huge damage output Medium-big cooldown on ult
True Sight on all champions hard to position in teamfights
Teleport anywhere on the map Teleport can go wrong without teammates who react
No mana issues Cards are difficult to control
Very nice Skins Splitpush can cost you games.
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Loaded Dice (passive)
A very powerfull passive.
A bad game avarage 2 gold extra per minion.
A good game avarage 4 gold extra per minion.
Advanced Tip: This works on every "unit" (inclusive wards/turrets/inhibitors)
(Q) Wild Cards
This can clear a whole minion wave as long as minions aren't powered.
This can hit multiple people when angled correctly
Advanced Tip: Use this on stunned targets.
(W) Pick a Card
This skill allows you to pick a card.
This ability is on a timer.
Advanced Tip: you can treathen people with this.
(W) Blue Card
This card will constantly provide you with mana.
In single combat, this is the card that does most damage.
Advanced Tip: Use this for farming early game and poking.
It restores 120% of the mana you used for Pick A Card
(W) Red Card
This card will constantly provide you with AoE damage (Area of Effect).
This means you can hit multiple targets
This card is also usefull for waveclearing
Advanced Tip: Throw this on 2nd melee minion, then throw Wild Cards to clear a wave.
(W) Gold Card
This card will constantly provide you with a stun.
The damage of this card is by far less then the others, but the effect is more powerfull.
This card is used for locking down enemies.
Advanced Tip: Use this while using Destiny or Gate.
(E) Stacked Deck
This skill increases your attack speed.
Every fourth basic attack deals bonus magic damage.
Usefull to have when roaming.
Advanced Tip: Use this in combination with Pick A Card.
(R) Destiny
This skill allows you to see every enemy on the map.
This ability will not give vision on champions that have a Banshee's Veil.
Advanced Tip: Take your time to look on the map before using Gate.
(R) Gate
Gate allows you to teleport in a huge radius.
You don't have to target a unit to teleport to.
You can only use gate up to 6 seconds after activating Destiny.
Advanced Tip: Using Zhonya's Hourglass or Stopwatch will cancel Gate
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Pick a Card

How to Pick A CardEvery good magician has chosen his card before the trick starts.
I'm afraid a real Twisted Fate never reveals his secrets.
In the next 3 videos you'll see me using Pick A Card.
I'll pick the color of the card in the suggested above the video.
Next I will force a gold card.
You'll see me repeat this 3 times per video.
KiwipowerBlue ==> Gold KiwipowerRed ==> Gold KiwipowerGold ==> Gold

I'm totally aware riot posted its random and people saying otherwise are outdated.
I'm totally aware riot has posted parts of the code to prove it's random.
I'm totally aware this could be faked for some random evil purphose.
I'm totally aware this is harder to pull off in actual combat rather than in a training scenario.
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I've seen nearly every item being used on twisted fate in the last decade.
I will suggest items down here, but how you build is totally up to you.

List of usable items

On Hit
Magic Resist
Magic Pen
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
Cooldown Reduction
Cooldown Reduction
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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

Due to the rune Unsealed Spellbook you have the option to constantly swap your Summoner spells.
Combine it with Cosmic Insight For an additional 5% cooldown reduction on Summoner Spells.
You could add another 10% cooldown reduction from Ionian Boots of Lucidity.
SCDR Rune/Item
05% Cosmic Insight
10% Ionian Boots of Lucidity
15% Cosmic Insight+ Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Then there are the spells that use this cooldown reduction.
Cooldown ===> 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%
Spell Base CD
Smite 15 15 15 15 15 15 15
Barrier 180 171 162 153 144 135 126
Ghost 180 171 162 153 144 135 126
Exhaust 210 200 189 179 168 158 147
Ignite 210 200 189 179 168 158 147
Cleanse 210 200 189 179 168 158 147
Heal 270 257 243 230 216 203 189
Teleport 300 285 270 255 240 225 210
Flash 300 285 270 255 240 225 210

Unsealed Spellbook
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Runes are always hard to explain, specially cause riot changes them often.
Since 8.11 I've split the guide into beginners/advanced therefor runes will also be split.

For beginners I recommend:

For advanced players I recommend:

some weird build
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Tips & Tricks

Advanced Tips and tricks

If you truly wish to onetrick twisted fate there are a few keybindings that can make your life easier.

Tip 1.
For people who can use macro's in the game, due to enhanced mice/keyboards,
you can bind a button to "Target Champions only".
Now set your macro to hold this button for 5 seconds.
If you go in settings you could bind this button to the same button as your ultimate.
When you gank now, and you appear on the map, enemy hides in a minion wave, you will never misclick a minion.
It will not target the minion so are guaranteed to hit your Pick A Card unless Blinded/Nearsighted.

Tip 2.
As mentioned before Stopwatch and Zhonya's Hourglass can be used to make huge plays.
Both items can stop your Gate, you can also use it for baron steals.

Tip 3.
You can bait by Pick A Card then basic attack before locking in the Picked card.
If possible, these are abilities you want to bait.
Black Shield
Counter Strike
Void Shift
Shroud of Darkness
Spell Shield
Blinding Dart
Blinding Assault
Wind Wall

Tip 4.
Dirty farming. I can't stress out enough how important it can be to take jungle creeps.
Get the little raptors. Leave the big one for your jungler.
Little raptors is 50g+(5g-30g) passive extra.

Tip 5.
If your team doesn't react to your roams, then simply don't, and build a lead from your Loaded Dice.
If you continue to roam after it fails because of your team, it is on you if you die every time.

Tip 6.
Dirty farming in other lanes is good, Taxing is bad.
You should never tax another lane, you'll only end up tilting your own team.
Taxing other lanes is assisting the enemy!

Tip 7.
Destiny gives true sight, this means you can see stealthed enemies like Vayne and Akali. You can use Destiny in a teamfight just to give vision and win the teamfight.

Tip 8.
Minion Dematerializer is useful but not obligated. Always use minimum 1 on melee, 1 on casters and 1 on canon.

Tip 9.
This is really bad advice, but for people running Mejai's Soulstealer you can keep the stacks if you have Guardian Angel wich you can easely buy through Stopwatch.
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Wave Management

Minions and Turrets are difficult to control

Early game, you should focus on farming.
Try to hit enemy with Stacked Deck And Blue Card Pick A Card to maximize your damage.
Be mindful about minion agro because they hit harder then you early.

You have 3 important things to do.
- Freezing the lane.

This means making sure the enemy minions will always have more strength than your minions.
This allows you to farm safely.
This is asking your jungler to gank without actually writing it down or pinging it.

- Farming
Make sure you hit those cannon minions.
Red card in middle melee minion then Wild Cards should usually clear the minion wave.

- Trading your opponent
Never move to your opponent first, let him make the first move.
Basic attacking enemy with Stacked Deck will surprise enemy.
Basic attacking enemy with Pick A Card will alert enemy.
You can basic attack while you Pick A Card before you lock in.

Late game
- Setting up a split pushed wave.
If you go to a lane, don't just clear it and leave. Make sure your wave has more caster minions then enemy wave. This way you build up a wave and enemy has to deal with this minion lane.
Don't go farming in jungle while this minion wave builds up. This minion wave will hit enemy turret unless they send someone. If they send someone then force a 4v5 or grab a baron/dragon.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Kyle007
Kyle007 Twisted Fate Guide
Twisted Fate: Stacking your Deck
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