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Twitch Build Guide by utopus

AD Carry diamond

Twitch: Facerolling the enemy

By utopus | Updated on May 23, 2014
621 Votes
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Welcome to Utopus' Twitch guide!
I am a 1900 ELO player. I am the designated jungler on my ranked team, "Anthrax Sandwich"
Here are my stats:

The following document is a guide for beginners/intermediate level Twitch players who wish to improve their gameplay! I will help you learn how to play twitch as as an AD carry.
Twitch, is often misconceived to be a troll player, where in reality, Evelynn is really the troll character ;)

In this guide, you will learn many strategies used by pro Twitch players, and myself. Although the first couple games as twitch may be difficult like the first games played with any character, once you get the hang of him, you'll be triple/quadra killing people in no time! =)

As a side note, If you disagree with my reasoning or decisions for any part of this guide, PLEASE tell me! I love hearing different opinions on things! Leave a comment, send me a PM, or e-mail me at
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Pros / Cons


+Best or 2nd best late game scaling of any ADC
+Really long range abilities
+Venom Cask and Contaminate make it easy to catch runners
+Very Strong harasser
+Potential for tons of damage to an entire team!
+Mastering twitch makes you a better player.
+Outduels most other carries


-Brings little CC to fights
-Reliant on a decent team composition for effective use
-Gets focused in team fights, if he's too close
-No quick escape spells (besides Flash)
-Cannot lane bottom without a support
-Early game is nothing special
-Gets messed up by assassins
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Flat Attack damage is really the way to go. As with most AD carries, attack damage/level ( Greater Mark of Scaling Attack Damage) and attack speed runes ( Greater Mark of Attack Speed) just don't quite do the same damage.

Because you are twitch, and you already have ungodly low amounts of armor and Magic resist, I Strongly suggest you use Greater Seal of Armor for armor.
An alternative to Greater Seal of Armor is greater seal of health. With the recent armor buff, koreans actually mathematically proved that these health seals give you much more survivability early game.

In addition to having low armor, Twitch also has really low magic resist. Twitch has enough trouble surviving already! Getting Greater Glyph of Resist makes twitches' weak early game more forgiving against heavy AP supports like Annie and Leona
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist is an okay alternative as well.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage Yields a strong early game damage boost. You can capitalize on this to increase the damage from your contaminate, harass, and farm capabilities.
Running Greater Quintessence of Life Steal yields an early game advantage, but in a different sort of way. Running 3 of these quintessences allows for faster recovery of hitpoints after trades. With this in mind, these quintessences are best for twitch when he has a poke support that likes to trade often. While these quintessences limit your burst capabilities early game, they make it easier to stay in lane, and force your opposing lane to recall more often.
These quintessences have seen an increase in popularity ever since the lifesteal quint nerfs as of late. Using these quintessences allow for really strong tower pushing and early game all-ins. I get these when i know I will be doing a lane swap with my top laner. Frankly, i've only seen this sort of swap happen once in plat soloQ, so if you're a lower ELO than that, you can bank on this sort of thing not happening often.
If you know that your lane will be a mirror 2v2 lane, then I prefer getting lifesteal quints and just bully my opponents out of lane
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Following the twitch rework, I firmly believe that 21/9/0 is THE way to go with twitch. The extra health, damage reduction, and health regen allows you to more favorably trade with your opposing laners.
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Summoner Spells

Viable Summoner Spells:
Twitch, of all players should really have this ability. He has no other instant way of escaping a bruisers, like Kha'Zix, or Xin Zhao. Flash, if it doesn't get you safely away from an enemy champion, will usually give you enough time for your Ambush invisibility to come into effect. Flash is also good for chasing enemy runners, and juking riven's Wind Slash, or to better reposition yourself in team fights (you will later find out that position is everything)

You have more lee-way with your summoner spell. Heres what i think:

A very strong summoner spell, and one that has recently gained a lot of favor among ADCs. One of my favorites. While it doesn't mitigate as much damage as Barrier, the extra utility this gives is invaluable. The extra movespeed burst this gives can sometimes be just enough to escape a jungle gank, or bad skirmish. Also, the fact that heal removes grievous wounds helps at all stages of the game, as it allows you to regain a significant amount of health from lifestealing.

This is another strong summoner spell to get. Cleanse will remove some of your early game kill potential, because you cannot grab Ignite. However, cleanse gives you a much stronger dueling presence. Not taking cleanse in high level play can be harmful to your laning phase. Not taking cleanse means that in a bot lane fight, an ADC can nullify the effects of your ignite, and your supports' exhaust, while you will take the full duration of Exhaust.
Later in the game, Cleanse helps you deal with any extra CC that an enemy can throw at you.

Another Strong Defensive Summoner Spell. Twitch has difficulty kiting bruisers compared to other carries. This Summoner spell is great to give you an extra defensive boost to help survive any burst.
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Ability Explanations


Deadly Venom: Twitch's basic attacks infect the target, dealing 2/4/6/8 damage every second for 6 seconds. Stacks up to 6 times.
A very nice DoT that applies with your hits. This Damage over time stacks up to 6 times, and does TRUE DAMAGE!!!! The strength of these DoTs progressively increase as you level.

Total damage over time from passive
  • The effectiveness of twitch's abilities varies on the amount of stacks of Deadly Venom an opponent has on them.

Ambush: After 1.25 seconds, Twitch becomes invisible for 4/5/6/7/8 Seconds. While stealthed, twith gains 20% bonus movement speed. If twitch attacks a unit while stealthed, he gains 30/40/50/60/70% Attack Speed for 5 seconds

This is one of twitch's core spells. Early game, this ability implements an effective jungle invasion. It serves as an escape spell and a decent initiator.
  • Use this early game to check bushes
  • Middle game, this ability allows for escapes, easy ganks, relatively safe lane pushing, and excellent map awareness.
  • Late game, this spell allows for ridiculously high DPS thanks to its attack speed buff, continued map awareness, escapability, and positioning for your Rat-ta-tat-tat
  • note: Avoid roaming if the other teams has started to buy excessive pink wards and oracles. This usually applies late game, but can apply mid game as well
Venom Cask: Twitch hurls a cask of venom that explodes in an area, adding 2 stacks of Deadly Venom, and slowing targets hit by 25/30/35/40/45% for 3 seconds.

This ability gives twitch a very heavy slow, which is great for getting a couple more hits off on your enemies, and then picking them off with your Contaminate.
  • Keep in mind that Venom Cask has an incredibly long range. If you feel safe, you can use this to slow any enemies that are chasing one of your teammates, too.
  • This ability resets your autoattack timer, giving you the ability to outduel many other carries during the early levels.
  • Use this ability after trades to cause your Deadly Venom to reset its' duration. This is very important and can make a significant difference in trading.
Contaminate: Deals 20/35/50/65/80 physical damage to enemies infected with Deadly Venom. Contaminate deals an additional 15/20/25/30/35 (+.2 Ability Power) (+.25 Bonus Attack damage) Physical damage per stack of Deadly Venom on them.

This ability is HUGE for twitch! Contaminate, at maximum stacks, can do around 300-400 damage to champions (armor accounted for), just in the early game. While this is insignificant late game, this chunks enemy champions in the early game. This is why I max this first; It best ensures that I get a kill early game
  • Early game, this turns out to be a very strong way of harassing the opponents. it costs a lot of mana though , so try not to use it, unless you find yourself at full mana
  • Effective at Kill-Stealing your allies' kills. I suggest taking the kill anyways; It's better to assure your team a kill, than even risk having the enemy Flash + Locket of the Iron Solari away at the last moment. Anyways, It really isn't considered kill-stealing, if the gold and experience is going to the AD carry now, is it? ;)
Rat-ta-tat-tat Rat-ta-tat-tat: For 7 seconds, Twitch gains 300 attack range, bonus 20/28/36 Attack Damage, and his basic attacks become piecing bolts that deal 20% less to subsequent targets, down to a minimum of 40% damage.

Using this spell separates good Twitches from bad ones. This spell can easily lead to a quadra or a penta kill, and if not that, and easy win in a team fight. Conversely, using this spell poorly can lead to your death, and the loss of a game.
  • This spell makes you have a longer attack range than turrets. Use this to push and knock down a low turret, if you think that you it's safe to do so.
  • This ability merits its own section in the guide.
  • In team fights, you can use this as a range extender to damage assassins from afar.
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Skill Sequence: Leveling

My Skill sequence is usually
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
-I max Rat-ta-tat-tat whenever possible. The effect of this ultimate will change the direction of team fights - for good, or for bad. The use of this ult is so important, it merits its own section.

-I Put a point in on Ambush at level 4, because I just do not feel secure enough without my 4 second invisibility spell. It is an effective initiator into a bot lane fight, or as an escape spell. Putting a point in on W, allows you to more effectively use your ult, and chase down escapers during your laning phase in particular.
  • If you are getting pressured against a kill lane, leading a jungle invasion, or need to facecheck brush, get Ambush at level 1.

-I max Rat-ta-tat-tat whenever possible. It's just simply amazing.

-I max Contaminate first, because it (in my opinion) most easily secures a kill. The range on your Contaminate is huge, so if an enemy champion tries to run, you can just throw down an Ignite, then hit Contaminate which more often than not, guarantees a kill, especially if you have a support that can do some damage

-Next I max Ambush, because the attack speed increase can be quite nice, especially around that time of the game. Additionally, this will give you more time to roam safely.

-I max Venom Cask last, to help me ('my team') finish off those pesky runners, and to help me kite bruisers and assassins in team fights. I Only need one point in Venom Cask at level 2, because it can set up ganks well, and its effect allows you to outduel most other ADC.
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Choosing a Support: Abridged/Tl;DR

Good Supports:

Thresh, Leona, Morgana, Annie, Sona, Nami, Lulu, Alistar, Blitzcrank, Zyra, Taric, Fiddlesticks

Okay Supports:

Nunu & Willump, Soraka, Janna, Shen, Karma(outdated, will update soon), Kayle



Read The section below, for the reasons as to why i grouped individual champions in these tiers
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Choosing a support

My starting build typically varies depending on the kind of support to have.
I rank my supports in their Ability to hard CC, tank damage, dual-sustain, and engage.
Strong Supports:
Thresh is a really strong support for twitch. He offers good peel in team fights, gives twitch an escape ability, and a reliable, very strong CC for twitch.
  • Death Sentence's passive provides noticeable early game damage. DON'T OVERLOOK THIS! Plus, the active provides a great displacement + stun on a target. If he lands this on a carry, it is devestating. Synergizes with Rat-ta-tat-tat
  • Dark Passage Gives a nice shield to help against harass, plus it gives you an escape mechanism. This is very helpful in team fights, and relocating to a more favorable position. While this is not as good as a heal during the laning phase, the shield seems to be good enough of a defensive boost. Dark Passage solves twitches' inability to escape from bruisers.
  • Flay is a good CC. It yields good damage early game, that can also displace an enemy carry, making jungle ganks & duels in lane a lot easier. Late game, this is an amazing peel for you.
  • The Box is a good CC. It deals good damage, and applies a nasty slow effect. The box synergizes well with Rat-ta-tat-tat if thresh can box in several people.

Leona's Sunlight can apply a nasty damage debuff on your targets, and she has good defenses. Keep in mind that your Deadly Venom Damage over time effect procs the sunlight debuff. HOWEVER, keep in mind, that you are twitch, and you still do not have any sustain, this combination is typically very effective against a bottom lane that has not many ways to disengage.
  • Leona is a very strong support for twitch, but she is

    Very hard

    to lane with. You two must play offensively, and have very good coordination! You must be ready and able and in position to hit any Champion Leona hits with her spells, while still being able to farm Creep score. Twitch doesn't have a dash or spell that deals damage on its' own, like Piltover Peacemaker, so he needs to followup leona's Zenith Blade with as many autoattacks as possible.

One of the strongest supports, in that of all supports listed, a morgana will likely keep you the safest. With her ability to make you immune to CC, her long range, long duration snare, and her AoE slow stun, your opponents will have a hard time getting to you.
  • Dark Binding is the strongest invading spell in the entire game.
  • Dark Binding has a high base damage early game, and a very long duration. A morgana that can land several bindings early game can force a recall. Her landing a binding on a weakened champion that is caught out of place will more likely result in a kill. Lastly, this spell is really good at setting up ganks/dives with a jungler.
  • Black Shield can help you get away from ganks, reposition safely, help stop CC locks from some champions, or just mitigate some harass that you might be taking.
  • Soul Shackles can help force all-ins that will likely end up in your favor. It is also very strong follow up CC in team fights.

A very strong support. While she provides few defensive bonuses for twitch, annie provides lane presence by way of CC & tons of damage. Few supports, or even ADCs can match her early game damage.
  • Disintegrate, along with her passive charged allows for easy, and usually safe trades in lane. Incinerate as a follow up makes her one of the highest damage dealing supports you can get.
  • Long autoattack range; Will have the longest autoattack range come patch 4.4
  • Summon: Tibbers, when prepared for correctly, is an instant AoE stun. Allows for good all-ins, when you hit level 6, along with good initiates for team fights

A great support. She is a force to be reckoned with early game. You and her will win most trades early game, beacause of her attack speed buffs. Late game, she most useful because of her ult, Crescendo. Her lane presence falls off hard after level 7, though due to her squishiness. Be sure to use her early level aggression to force opposing ADCs out of lane.
  • Her Song of Celerity, although not quite as good as a Shurelya's Reverie, is quite effective for engaging/escaping fights, or just roaming. Early game, the on hit effects of this help set up jungle ganks well.
  • Finally, her Hymn of Valor - her slow/damage debuff can be quite effective if she uses it well with her passive. Don't overlook it's early game damage

Your success laning with a Nami is totally based on skill. With an experienced nami, the lane will turn into a total kill lane. At worst, the lane is a passive farm lane. Her passive movespeed steroid will probably save your life a couple times.
  • Aqua Prison is a tough to land skillshot. However, it is an AoE stun that synergizes well with Rat-ta-tat-tat. A nami that can land this spell will win team fights. Hitting this spell in lane will secure a kill, or force a flash.
  • Ebb and Flow is a Damage/Healing ability. Early game, this will be her main contribution to duels. It provides a surprisingly strong heal, and some nice damage too. However, this ability does not scale well into the mid-late game.
  • Tidecaller's Blessing gives you an attack steroid. It gives a slight damage boost for the late game, but is mostly used to help you duel the opposing carry during the laning phase.
  • Tidal Wave offers good peel and kiting capabilities for team fights. Decent synergy with Rat-ta-tat-tat.

Lulu is a great support. You and her can play offensively, but you need to play differently, too. A Lulu/Twitch lane can be played offensively. However, you need to adopt a different sort of offensive play style when playing with Lulu. Lulu, relative to other supports, is squishy, especially during the laning phase! You and lulu should play defensively, when the bot support can heal back any harassment you do, and can also poke back

  • An experienced lulu will use Glitterlance well, harassing the opposing bottom lane, so you don't have to.
  • In the early levels, Lulu/twitch lane will win trades in small pokes/exchanges. Avoid long, drawn out fights, until you are sure you have the upper hand due to good harassment!
  • Help, Pix!: The shield this gives you pales in comparison to say, Janna's Eye Of The Storm, but it has more utility as early game harassment. Don't overlook the damage this can deal.
    Late game, Lulu shines because of Wild Growth. It allows for any character she casts it on, to become substantially tankier for a short duration! Twitch loves the feeling of being tanky, especially if he doesn't have to buy any extra items!

Great as a support. He makes up for his weak early game (1-3) with his ability to set-up future ganks well. Additionally, he has a noticable late game presence and acts as a fine offtank with Unbreakable Will

  • Absolutely Amazing CC: ~1 second stun on target + 1-1.5 second stun on AoE
  • He can tank damage for you early game, and your team late game! Gotta love Unbreakable Will!
  • He may run in to mana problems, though, so try and work with him by positioning yourself to be able to attack a carry in case he is able to land off a knocked airborne combo
  • Alistar's Pulverize + Headbutt combo, allows for your auto attacks to amount to more or less, 350 damage. In the early game, that can be nearly half of a carries' total health pool right there. If your jungler adds another CC to that, you can easily get 6 stacks off of your poison, which is another 350-ish damage. Combo with Ignite, and its nearly impossible for the enemy support to heal through that burst...

Zyra is a very strong support for twitch. Her plant sports offer incredible brush control. When playing with a zyra, you hardly have to ever worry about being lane ganked by a jungler. Pre-6, your lane may be a little rough if going against a poke-heavy composition. After level 6, the synergy you both have is terrifying.
  • The plants zyra can produce from Rampant Growth yield strong, sustained damage, and can be effectively used to zone other carries.
  • deadly bloom has a very long casting range, and will allow for "free" harassment against most carries.
  • Grasping Roots scales very well in terms of damage. If she throws some spores down on her roots, she'll get plants that do a lot of damage, and slow. Getting a snare + spore combo on an ADC will probably win a trade, or secure a kill if your jungler is coming to help.
  • Stranglethorns deals a lot of damage. It provides excellent CC, and most importantly, it synergizes with Rat-ta-tat-tat, because it will allow you always have the range advantage over other carries - especially when complemented with her Grasping Roots (which is very easy to land if your opponents are airborne.
Zyra is a fairly strong lane for twitch. While she has no sustain, she can deal a lot of damage, and also runs quite a bit of CC in her kit. Levels 1-3 will be rough if pitted against a poke heavy bot lane ( Sona Caitlyn e.g.). Aside from that, she is an excellent support. Her ultimate, Stranglethorns is comparable with sona's Crescendo, in terms of lockdown. She will provide great peel for you, so long as you are not pitted against champions with low cooldown gap closers like Akali. Also, she scales very well into late game.

Blitzcrank is an amazing support. He can create a large zoning area by simply standing in brush. He can be built as an off-tank, except he helps secure kills exceptionally well. He has no sustain, but can engage early game fights well, and can help you commit to fights with his peeling power. We weary when playing champions with good poking power, like Caitlyn, Lulu, and Ezreal.
  • Rocket Grab yields excellent killing potential - early and late game. It wins games
  • Being one of the best defensive supports in the game, he can make tower dives against you much harder than they should be. If your blitzcrank is good, he can Rocket Grab a carry/tank into your tower and force a Flash.
  • Power Fist is an amazing CC that can also do excellent damage.
  • Static Field Allows for AMAZING lockdown of AP carries, especially late game. This is especially good, since most assassins with mobility (like Katarina or Kassadin) cannot just jump in and kill you immediately

LOVE him as a support. Possibly one of the best supports you can have, because of his good offensive and defensive buffs, stun, tankiness, and early game sustain. His nerfs to Dazzle allow him to get easily bullied by ranged supports in lane, however.

  • Dazzle allows you to get several stacks off of your target, and a possible kill if your jungler helps gank too!
  • Imbue is amazing at sustaining you and him, and can have a short cool down relative to other supports; Especially early game.
  • Shatter gives you tremendous amounts of armor (great for sustaining) and can give your enemies a nasty armor debuff, which can basically make your attacks deal them true damage in the early game. He has great late game presence, too, because he can Radiance, giving you extra attack damage. Who doesn't want free AD? I'll tell you who - the Sivir on the other team who is getting her socks rocked!

Okay, bet you didn't see this one coming. Even after the nerfs, supportlesticks is still a really strong support for twitch, falling just behind Sona, and is approximately tied with Taric, because of his great single target lock-down.
  • Terrify ensures that you can freely auto-attack the opposing carry for 2.25 seconds.
  • Fiddlesticks has great self-sustain in lane, and can safely harass the carry bot with Reap
  • Terrify and Reap can be used late game to completely lock-down 1-2 people in a team fight.

'Meh' Supports

Nunu & Willump has a nice sustain, a very long slow Ice Blast, and a very nice attack speed/move speed buff with Blood Boil. Finally, his ult, Absolute Zero, forces opponents to either a) Focus fire on nunu, b) run like hell or in the unfortunate case of fighting against a soraka c) CC nunu; Be that as it may, all case, saving the last one, allow you to attack the enemy freely. Twitch Likes free hits.
If you can get him to tank the enemies' hits, he'll be an effective support. Easier said than done though.

I put Soraka on the bottom of the strong support list because although her Astral Blessing and Infuse will mitigate a lot of damage, soraka has serious trouble sustaining two people unless both she and you play passively. I don't like this, because twitch deals so much damage, that i think i should capitalize on it, rather than use it to solely last-hit. Do not ask for her as a support if you are playing against a Leona, Blitzcrank, or anyone who can force you to commit to fights
  • Yes, her armor buff from her Astral Blessing helps a TON, but i do not view it as too much of a help, because a good team will notice the target of her heal, and then just switch targets.
  • Her Infuse is quite good for spamming abilities, silencing the enemy, AND harassing the enemy! Twitch already has a fast mana regeneration, but the infinite mana from this ability means that he can safely AND effectively harass his enemy from afar! ( Venom Cask + Contaminate is probably one of the safest, and most reliable harassment means against a non-sustainable opposing bot lane)
  • Soraka's Wish changes games. It has saved so many of my teammates - me among them!
NOTE: If played smartly, a Soraka & Twitch lane can be played increadibly offensively. Please ask the rest of your team to choose tankier characters, though!

A good support. Her Howling Gale knocks enemies airborne, which if coordinated right, will allow for massive damage. It also acts as a good disengage. The bad thing about Janna, is that she is incredibly squishy. Twitch isn't too tanky either. She cannot tank damage for you without risking her life as well.
  • If she uses her Zephyr's slow on an enemy too, the carry/support will likely have to pop their flash to escape the massive damage about to come, unless they have their support right there to peel for them a little.
  • Eye Of The Storm allows you to effectively zone enemies, and gives you a large attack damage bonus, if you are lucky enough to get into a fight with them. It is difficult for a janna to always land an ideal shield, so if her skills as a janna support are in question, just play your lane safe.
  • Monsoon, if well placed, can function to separate you from an enemy, or to separate an enemy from the rest of their team = free kill :) In the early game, this will protect you from tower dives.

Overall a very strong support; The only downside is that she has trouble dealing with burst lanes that have champs like Graves, Draven and Blitzcrank.

Shen isn't really a "support", nor is it easy to lane with him. He can secure a kill easily with Shadow Dash + you + help from a jungler, but he is much better top. Regardless, having him on your team is an invaluable asset to you and your team.
  • Although his heals through Vorpal Blade could be quite good, your heals depend on the amount of damage you can deal. This means that it is difficult to regain health AND avoid pushing the lane.
  • Although he may suffer a little late game due to possible lack of farm, his Shadow Dash taunt is quite effective
  • You and your team are guaranteed a safer game, since his Stand United is global, and gives a nice shield!
    Although with all of his buffs, I wouldn't see why he would go bot support, rather than solotop

Yes, karma seems like an excellent supplement to twitch's laning phase, and end-game in particular. But Since she lacks reliable hard CC, and is pretty squishy herself, do not pick her vs burst lanes.

  • Karma's Gathering Fire synergizes well with the passivity of the bottom lane. Due to the occasional passivity of the bottom lane, karma can easily keep >1 stack of Mantra up.
  • Inner Flame is a strong damaging ability in brawls in bottom lane, when your opposing laners are fighting you, and are forced to stay in the AoE of inner flame. It has a low cooldown too, so it can be spammed easily in lane for safe harassment. This may end up pushing your lane though
  • Focused Resolve allows for effective disengages and chases. With twitches' low AA range pre-6 though, it won't have much offensive use in early fights that you have with her. If karma does not use this ability defensively, she is trying to set up a gank or kill.
  • Inspire gives a good shield and can help you kite and disengage from fights. Take advantage of the temporary movespeed buff to distance yourself from bruisers in team fights, as it is difficult for twitch to kite against bruisers otherwise.

I've always love having Kayle on my team. While she is best solotop, she still can be a support for twitch. For a while I firmly believed that supports should be able to dish out a reasonable sum of damage, too. And she can do that, especially if she has a strong early game. As un-kosher as it may be, you should consider giving her 5 or so CS, so she can buy a fast philosopher's stone as Kayle sometimes has mana/gold problems.

Having a Kayle on your team will give you the most survivability, when facing some of your hard counters.

  • Kayle lacks hard CC, but may make up for it in the amount of damage she can dish out to an enemy champion.
  • Finally, her Intervention combined with the movement speed buff from Divine Blessing make it quite easy to escape from a team fight, help you commit to a fight, or in rare cases, help you get back into a fight.
  • Finally, please look carefully at the duration of Intervention; 3 seconds of invulnerability is ~Huge~. 3 seconds is usually enough for twitch to mow everyone down, and to life-steal his way back up from near-death moments.
Now, all this time, I have been listing a plethora of pros to choosing Kayle. You are probably wondering, "Why the Bleep is Kayle a decent support, then, utopus!?!?" Good question - I list Kayle as only an OK support, because of her small metagame presence.
  • Kayle lacks the ability to effectively harass, or initiate in bottom lane, because of the short casting range of her Reckoning
  • Much of her late game damage potential is lost, if she is denied farm

****ing Hilarious Supports:

If you haven't seen this combo, prepare to laugh. I read on a forum that someone wanted to make a combo, where twitch would go Ambush, and zilean would cast his Time Bomb on him. So when you would run ( Ambushed, of course) next to the enemy champions, they would take a nasty nuke. This is quite literally 'stealth bombing'
. It worked when my friend and I tried it, but be that as it may, I would not try that again; Zilean yields no sustain for poor old twitch, he does not give any hard CC (even though his slow is quite nice) and will likely take some of twitch's creep score with Time Bomb. Zilean is a better candidate for mid.

If you can make it to mid game easily, he turns out to actually be a pretty fun support. His ultimate allows you to come back to life after death. This proves to be useful, as it will allow you to survive any pounding enemy bruisers will do.
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Laning / Early Game

If you decide to play ranked with twitch, it can be quite difficult to have a good early game with twitch. If their jungler comes to gank, Ambush's short duration may cause you to run into some trouble if you're trying to get out in a snap.
This is why i recommend having an offensive support, like the ones I mentioned earlier, will allow you to push lane, and act threatening enough for you to reposition yourself in lane without getting zoned severely. Should your support suck, or elects for a more passive playstyle, you should ask your jungler to hop in and gank often, as you will find yourself pushed to your tower often.

With the new vision changes, twitches' Ambush has become more difficult to stop.

Twitch thrives in a constant combat environment. By this, i don't mean that you should always try to go all-in on their AD carries, but rather that the best way to abuse Twitches' early game damage is by keeping Deadly Venom up, at a high stack level, for as long as possible. For instance, let's say you're level 3 or something, and decide to trade with the opposing ADC, and both of you trade 4 Autoattacks. After your fourth autoattack, you immediately Contaminate, and then disengage. 5 or so Seconds later, you Venom Cask the ADC. Then, another 6 seconds later, you immediately Contaminate again. From your initial autoattack exchange, you took 4 Autoattacks worth of damage. (~250). Your opposing ADC took 4 Autoattacks worth of damage(250), 150 from Contaminate ,48 True Damage from Deadly Venom, then 72 more true damage from Deadly Venom's stack increase and duration reset, and then 200 more physical damage from your second Contaminate. Because you stayed in extended combat, you dealt them 120 More true damage, and 350 More physical damage (after resistances)... At level 3, that's what you did

I suggest that you only hit them when they come up to farm. When the enemy ADC last hits a ranged minion, they are briefly locked into that attack animation. During this time, you can freely attack them with very little cost to you. Try not to get too cocky though. If they are at low enough health so that you think that you can go in for the kill, back off for a little bit, and Ambush them. It usually works =)

Sometimes, you may want to play mind games with your opponents, and occasionally Ambush. Still, try to manage your mana well, though. Doing this will
    Freak your opponents out, possibly making them lose CS, AND
    make it easier for your jungler to set up ganks

Lastly, remember that it's okay to lose a minion here and there. It's not worth it to kill a caster minion, and take 300 damage and possibly die in return. Know when it's safe to CS through good brush control/vision, smart positioning, and attentiveness remembering your opponents' Cooldowns.
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~~Your starting Build~~

These two openings are in my opinion, the most effective. While twitch doesn't have the greatest early game damage, it's certainly nothing to laugh at either. Getting a high stack count of Deadly Venom & Contaminateing will likely result in a won exchange. In terms of laning, twitch becomes particularly strong trades after level 4.

Until you get Ambush at level 4, twitch does lack early game mobility, and could have trouble escaping from an early level gank.

This item path is strong if you and your support are looking to all in your opposing laners.

Item Sequence

Health Potion 50
Bilgewater Cutlass 1600
Boots of Speed 300
Blade of the Ruined King 3300

An alternative build path, which i prefer against low damage front liners ( Zac & Amumu e.g.) is as follows:

Item Sequence

B. F. Sword 1300
Vampiric Scepter 900
Boots of Speed 300
Bloodthirster 3500

After early game is over, I suggest you get an attack speed item, and a Last Whisper somewhere along the way. These will increase your damage dramatically, especially if your opponents are building armor. If nobody on your opposing team is building armor, I rush my Infinity Edge

After you get Infinity Edge item, your damage will spike. What's best about this item, is that if you use it with your ult and crit, Rat-ta-tat-tat, Twitch will apply critical strike damage to every enemy he crits. Yes, that's right - Everyone. This means you can tear apart the enemy AP carry, and AD carry, and Support. Of course you can shred the bruisers too, but they will be more difficult to deal with.

~~Your Core Build~~


I suggest getting Infinity Edge + Statikk Shiv and then getting a defensive item like Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel or Mercurial Scimitar - only building into Last Whisper once my opponents start building significant amounts of armor. Any of the above three core items yield a massive spike in your damage output.

: This is your main damage dealer. This dramatically increases the critical strike damage you do, give a likable amount of CSC, and a fat amount of damage!

Okay. This item is okay for twitch. It gives twitch a team-wide armor stacking debuff, extra health, attack damage, and a small yet still significant amount of armor penetration. It synergizes well with Rat-ta-tat-tat. The reasons why this item isn't always optimal is because for twitch, it will take a significant amount of time for the armor reduction debuff to really add up, and because twitch simply cannot use the Cooldown reduction as well as some other carries. Champions build into Black Cleaver because it's a rather inexpensive upgrade path after one buys The Brutalizer. However, this item isn't particularly good for twitch. The Brutalizer's strength comes in the early game, and twitch just simply lacks the damage needed in order to make this item dominate opposing laners. However, it is important to note that it works very well if you have an AD bruiser that could also capitalize on the armor penetration - like Darius, Lee Sin, Jayce, Zed, or Kha'Zix

GOOD It is inexpensive, gives you a small amount of AD, but is effective at what it does - it helps you shred tanks. It makes the armor stacking they do next to useless. Being probably the only person on your team who can deal consistent, sustained damage, it is ultimately your responsibility to drop tanks. While they are obviously not your first priority, you will need this item, or Black Cleaver to really shred down the effectiveness of their defensive items. I start itemizing for this right immediately when i see two or more people on the enemy team starting to buy armor

Strong! Everyone's been there. The enemy team has a fed-to-the-heavens corporate mundo, that has a full tank build with 4.5k health, 170 armor, and somehow, as much AD as you. This is my solution, friends. It is the king of tank shredders. The passive will give you a noticeably high amount of life back, and the base stats on the item aren't bad either and really hurt that mundo! The cost effectiveness of this item sharply decreases the less tankiness the opposing team runs, though.

Every single stat on this item works well for twitch. The passive of this item synergizes very well with Rat-ta-tat-tat. However, the true beauty of this item is the item's active. The active on this item makes twitch a true terror during the end of the laning phase. The active from Blade of the Ruined King gives twitch a large amount of burst damage during the early game, and gives him that little extra edge of damage needed for twitch to easily secure kills. Additionally, this item scales well into the mid/late game for twitch, offering both offensive, and defensive stats necessary for twitch. The large burst of damage/healing/MS steal allows for twitch to more easily survive assassin's bursts, kite bruisers, and more easily re-position twitch in team fights. This is especially helpful, since twitch has no dash abilities.

Good! Bloodthirster gives you a nice amount of life steal and damage. If you get this item early game, it allows you to stay in lane forever, and also trade well with the opposing lane, with the spike of AD it gives you. Getting this early game allows you to safely and easily charge up the stacks, so that the bloodthirster will have max stacks by the time you get into the mid game and start team fighting. This best shines in team fights, when you choose to Rat-ta-tat-tat however. EACH target you hit will leech some of your life back! This allows twitch to sustain a little in team fights, if he isn't CC'ed. There have been situations where my health bar has literally gone from two bars, to eighteen bars, and back again several times!

Gives you a spell shield every 45 seconds. This spell shield gives you protection from Rocket Grab, Dark Binding, or any other Crowd control spell, that could easily allow you to be focused. Additionally, the MR this item gives helps negate damage dealt from Thornmail, and gives you a layer of protection against nuke champions like Veigar and LeBlanc, both of whom have either the mobility, or the CC to take you down, otherwise. Also gives health, which is something that never hurts on a twitch :)

Good vs. Assassins & Nukers
I do think that this is the best defensive item for AD carries. AD carries are squishy and can easily be chunked by a bruiser of any sort, or a fed AP carry. Having the extra resistances help against that burst. Additionally, the revive every 5 minutes helps clean up team fights. The one thing that I would like to remind you of though, is that having this item is not an excuse to get caught out of position.Have this item either be your 4th item (if you are dying more than you'd like), or your 6th.
  • If you cast your Ambush right before you die, you can resurrect already stealthed!

GOOD A rather standard item for an AD carry. I buy it late game, because any extra mobility I can get my hands on helps greatly! The extra mobility allows you to more easily Ambush away, if you get caught in an awkward situation in addition to better positioning myself in team fights. This also gives me a +30% Critical Strike Chance, which always works well with my ultimate. The Attack Speed buff from Phantom Dancer yields is just another perk :)

GOODThis item is about as good as Phantom Dancer. I buy a zeal during the mid-game and upgrade it to stattik shiv by the end game. While it does not offer as useful barebone stats as phantom dancer its passive offers great splitpushing power, a nice source of alternative damage during team fights which both make up for its lower stats. I get this item if my team composition is either imbalanced damage source (AD excessive e.g.), or if my team has nobody with great splitpushing powers ( Nasus, Singed). Also, for every person you damage with rat tat-tat-tat technically counts as an attack, for stattik shiv charges, so this item's passive damage bonus can get applied many times in team fights.


Against an AP heavy team:

GOODThis item is especially great against AP heavy teams, because it gives some cheap, early magic resist. It also gives tenacity, so any CC's those AP carries may throw at you will be much less effective at stopping you!

GOODHexdrinker is a very effective Item against an AP heavy team. The extra shield you get helps a lot with surviving those pesky Requiems, or surviving Leblanc's Mimic. As for Maw of Malmortius, I would actually suggest against getting this unless absolutely necessary; Although maw's passive is AWESOME, I find that I don't live long enough for the AD bonus to make the difference, should I be focused. Plus Maw itself is too expensive for what it's worth.

good Great! we can have a cleanse once every 90 seconds! This item can be O.K. if the enemy team is stock full of CC's ( Vladimir, Urgot, Warwick, Malzahar, and Skarner), but teams usually do not run that much control. With that in mind, you must ask yourself, "is it really worth cleansing out of this 1 second stun? How much more time attacking would I Really save if I cleansed through this stun (accounting for Latency and Reaction)?"
The answer is, NOT MUCH! I tend to refrain from buying this unless their team has >1 suppressors.
Lastly, get this when you are playing against a Mordekaiser... and keep that pinky glued that that '1' button for his Children of the Grave.

GOOD I usually never get this item, because I don't like the idea of on-hit twitch. However, the extra on-hit effect simply cannot be overlooked, since it can synergize quite well with Rat-ta-tat-tat. Hitting the enemy with Rat-ta-tat-tat will give you (almost instantly) the 4 magic resist stacks Wit's End gives. In other words, you will effectively get 50 Magic resist from this item, plus a fair amount of damage, and a fair amount of attack speed, for a nice sum of gold. Note that this will not benefit your Life steal as well as other items will

[icom=warmog's armor]Good against champions with poor AP ratios When i have to fight against champions like a fed Vel'Koz or Singed, this is usually my go-to item. These kinds of champions do deal a lot of damage, but have poor scalings on their abilities. The health that warmogs offers gives an extra buffer zone, so that i can survive their primary damaging abilities (e.g. Life Form Disintegration Ray)

Against AD heavy teams

Situational While I don't like stacking too much health on an ADC, I have to say that this item is just too good to not consider. This item does best against teams which have a bruiser with sustained damage (vlad, singed), because the extra life you get gives you a little cushion to survive thanks to your Rat-ta-tat-tat lifeleech. While it depends on how fed the enemy bruisers are, Warmog's can even be effective against people like Xin Zhao, or Lee Sin. Avoid getting this item against burst champions. Many times, the burst damage, combined with the bruiser CC and damage will likely still be enough to kill you anyway

Expensive but good I would like to avoid buying this item if possible, just because it costs so much. If your team is incompetent, though, you may be forced into buying this. This item IS anti-AD! It gives you incredible armor, and a nice active attack speed/movement speed debuff to your enemies upon being hit, in addition to giving Tons of health.

Final items to consider:

Okay I have been testing out runaan's hurricane, and it hasn't yielded me as much success as I would have liked. I find the bonus attack speed to be not very beneficial to me, since Ambush is already a perfectly good steroid. The passive bonus looks great on twitch, and it definitely has some synergy with Rat-ta-tat-tat, but the passive's range is just too small for me to make effective use of it. If you want to try something new, by all means buy it and have it replace the Phantom Dancer. I would not suggest it though.

okay can give you a ton of extra attack speed, armor penetration, and move speed upon activation. This may be a temporary substitute for your Phantom Dancer. It is a very solid item, especially if you invested in an Avarice Blade early game.

Okay. these boots allow for much more roaming and ganking. Although these boots make ganking much more effective and easier, because the enemy team has less time to react to a MIA twitch. Additionally, I do not prefer these boots, because I feel too inclined to gank, rather than farm bottom for creep score. If you buy these boots, you must keep aware of the creeps in bottom lane. These boots can offer less team fight presence, because you will be losing the +25% attack speed bonus you get from Berserker's Greaves, OR more team fight presence, if it allows you to position yourself better! Late game, this item is outshined by stattik shiv

good A very good item that is often overlooked. Attacks with this weapon give some extra bonus Crit chance, and a reduced healing debuff on an enemy champion. That being said, one should be more inclined to take this if they chose Exhaust as a summoner spell rather than Ignite. Also, this is a very cheap item for its effectiveness! Following season 3, this item is not as viable as it used to be, but it is still effective!
PLEASE GET THIS IF THE ENEMY TEAM HAS A Fiora, A Warwick, A Swain, A Dr. Mundo OR ANYONE WITH LOADS OF LIFESTEAL; I find that their massive life steal is a particularly sticky problem to deal with; This helps. Alot.

unreliable This item has been instrumental in winning some games for me. The problem with running this item on twitch, is that twitch lacks instant survivability abilities, barring flash, of course. This means that you have no means of leaving combat, if all the enemy tanky DPS and tanks choose to focus you - which they will do!
I say, get this item only if you have a Lux, Morgana, or someone with CC so excellent, that they can keep all of those bad, tough bruisers off you!
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**Importance/Placements of Ult**

By the time you have completed twitch's build/nearly completed twitch's build, he will be a powerhouse, steamrolling over the poor enemy team. To give you a damage run through, I have made a hypothetical scenario:
Spoiler: Click to view

In a matter of less than five or so seconds, you have single handedly dealt every person on the enemy team 3000 damage - And my prediction is low-balling it! That being said, if you can hit several champions (ideally, the Carries + Support) you will have just won a battle for your team; You will destroy their front line in 10 shots, and most carries would either be dead, or near death after 5 shots. Since positioning is so key to wining team battles as twitch, my next section will focus only on the usage of twitch's Rat-ta-tat-tat.

The following picture gives you a good idea as to when & where you would want to fire your ult. Please note that using your ultimate may not always be a good idea, as it makes your auto attacks become skill shots - they will not lock on, and you CAN miss!
Green zones: Spots where you will likely hit many champions with your ult. It is desirable to have team fights in these areas. You can be easily defended by your team while attacking

Yellow spots: Spots where Your ult will probably only hit several enemy champions if they are CC'ed. You have some natural protection, but staying close to your support is very important for maintaining your survival! In these zones, it is difficult for bruisers to get to you, but assassins can burst you down if you aren't careful

Orange Spots: Spots where your ult can hit several champions, but your enemy team can reposition themselves somewhat easily, so that they can escape your ult. Additionally, it is somewhat easy for the enemy team to get to you and focus you in these areas. Avoid fighting here if at all possible. This area offers some natural protection against assassins, but bruisers can reach you somewhat easily. In these spots, save ambush as an escape/reposition spell if you know the bruisers can jump you.

Red Zones: Avoid fighting here if at all possible. It is unlikely that you hit several carries, and there are no natural barriers protecting you from the enemy bruiser.
In this zone, you will need to kite. Save Ambush for repositioning, NO EXCEPTIONS! Avoid fighting here if at all possible. If a fight that happens, don't run away - True plague rats do not fear death.

Thanks to sukero for the awesome image!
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How to Team fight

-> Rat-ta-tat-tat -> ->
~When the Team fight starts, DO NOT IMMEDIATELY Break out of Ambush!! Wait for the bruisers to blow their CC and gapclosers on another one of your allies! I typically wait up to 3 seconds before engaging
~Hit Rat-ta-tat-tat (If appropriate) and Let 'er rip!
~After 3 or so seconds of your engagement, weigh in on the team fight - Ask yourself:
Am I losing this fight? Do I think my team will start to run away soon?
If this is the case, try and stay in the team fight as long as possible; When your tank(s) dies or start to run, that’s when you can make your way out of the team fight. That's when you run, and don't look back!
Am I winning this fight? Do I think my team will follow the enemy?
oh great! I should use Venom Cask and Contaminate to secure as many kills as I ('my team') can!
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The Golden rule

Once you've decided that you are strong enough to noticeably help your teammates in team fights. You must remember these golden rules of playing twitch. Tattoo them onto your eyelids if you think you will forget - They are SO important!
~Twitch is not a tank. If you engage in team fights, you will get killed so quickly, that you won't have half a second to deal damage, nonetheless the two seconds you need to shutdown their team.

~TWITCH IS STILL NOT A TANK! Stay behind your team, so that enemies will have a harder time getting to you!

~Twitch is not a tank! Don't engage at the same time as your buddies! Wait a second or so, so that all of the enemy bruisers and supports have used up their CC's!

~TWITCH IS NOT A TANK!!!!! Know when it's smart to leave a teammate to die. If one of your noob teammates overextends and gets ganked in a 1v5 without a flash, dishing out some damage will not help your teammate survive, and it probably won't yield you a kill either. In fact, it would probably lead to your death if you just engaged out of your invisibility.
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Don't stand so close to me!

For those who don't get the reference:

Here are some of the Particularly nasty Characters that mess twitch up a little. I judge the difficulty of each individual character based on their killing power, their ability to avoid CC, and their ability to avoid death. The suggestions i give may likely mess with your build, but it (in my opinion) is amongst the few ways you can stop these characters from hard-countering you.

Lane Counters:
Twitch outduels most ADCs, the exceptions being Caitlyn early game and maybe Corki. Twitch gets countered by the supports.

Leona: 9/10
She counters you pretty badly in lane. You can get chain CC'ed for 3+ seconds, she deals a ton of damage, and after she hits level 6, Solar Flare can zone you pretty well from getting CS. Shes too tanky for you to harass without risking dying. Having Morgana support is a must, as her Black Shield muffles her Zenith Blade + Shield of Daybreak CC, as well as reduce the damage you will like take from her Sunlight procs.
  • There are no items you can get to counter her during the early game.
  • Try to CS on your side that is closer to river, so that you will have time to react if she zenith blades from brush. If that is not an option, have your support ward brush and try your best to dodge those lances.
  • Never try to CS under 60% health. She can jump you and stun lock you to death if you don't flash up. That said, be sure to stock up on potions.
  • Freeze lane. Note that if leona is still playing aggressively, a towerdive is imminent.
  • Getting Heal against a leona is a must!
  • Always stay behind your front line, so if she tries to engage with a solar flare, you can help damage the opposing front line.

More coming soon!

Lee Sin: 10/10
I honestly believe that Lee sin is the counter to Twitch players. As far as a twitch player is concerned, this guy basically has a built-in Oracle's Elixir, which he can use more or less, once every 5 seconds. What makes it worse, is that he is very mobile, tanky, and hard to kill! Fortunately, many people don't really know how to play Lee Sin, so if you face one, you will likely be able to stop him before he does too much harm.
Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, If it hits twitch, gives Lee sin and his friends vision of you for 3 seconds. Resonating Strike acts as a gap closer for Lee Sin; If you get hit by Sonic wave, you better pray there are some allies there to push Lee sin away, or at least CC him
Tempest / Cripple Is another move that Devestates Twitch players. There have been many times in which I happened to pass by a Lee Sin, and he would just randomly cast this spell. The slow this spell yields, along with the ridiculously long vision time it has, makes it very hard to both a) Damage Lee sin, or b) Escape from him.
Safeguard / Iron Will Gives Lee sin an amazing amount of mobility, and harass. An experienced Lee Sin player will know to Safeguard/Iron Will towards your creep wave, and then immediately Tempest/Cripple The wave, so as to try to get vision on you. This nasty combo can lead to you being zoned, or killed!

Zed 6/10
    The nerfs hurt his kill potential. If you find yourself being jumped frequently in team fights, and dying to
Death Mark, grab a Quicksilver Sash somewhere along the way. It'll hurt your damage for sure, but it'll take away many of the threats that zed has off the board.

Xin Zhao 4/10
While Xin is typically flamed for dropping off hard late game, that is not the case when he plays against a twitch. Xin's movespeed makes it hard to escape without Ambush, and Audacious Charge's ridiculously large casting range makes it very difficult to escape.
Three Talon Strike Makes it more difficult to Flash + Ambush
His massive lifesteal and armor makes it very difficult to 1v1 unless you have Ignite; even THEN, the battle's in his favor!

Garen 6/10
Garen is most dangerous when he is lurking around brush. His Spin-to-win ( Decisive Strike + Judgment + Demacian Justice) Makes it VERY difficult to escape, and even harder to live! That combo by itself can kill you, and there's very little you can do about it!
With that in mind, you should stay nice and close with your support; They'll help out a lot :)

Twisted Fate 5/10
Oh man, this guy is annoying! While he tends to be a source of many of your kills in the early game, he can be such a pain late game! While you probably won't get sniped down from the low range of the gate on Destiny, or just a standard battle between you and the Twisted Fate, a 10-second reveal on twitch is devestating - more than enough time for the enemy team to find you and beat you down.

Tryndamere 9/10
This guy can be so imbalanced some time. While having only 5 seconds of immortality ( infinite rage) doesn't seem like a lot, It tends to be more than enough time for him to punch you down, and more often than not, your entire team. The few ways to counter him is to:
  • Have someone on your team be Lux, Morgana, or Alistar. These people have snares that absolutely devastate much of the Damage he will be throwing at you.
  • Ask one or two teammates to get Exhaust. This will shut down his DPS
  • position yourself so that your Rat-ta-tat-tat hits 4-5 people. This will give you 40-100% lifesteal, depending on the amount of enemies you hit and the stacks on Bloodthirster, but this gives amazing sustainability for surviving!
  • Buy a Guardian Angel or (if you REALLY need to counter him a Randuin's Omen).
    While these will kill your damage output, It will give you the survivability necessary to survive tryndamere. If tryndamere is carrying his team, I suggest you get both of these, since an insta-dead Twitch is not a very useful twitch.

Fizz 8/10
  • counter with a Guardian Angel, or by having a Morgana/ Kayle on your team. Fizz's abilites are meant to burst you down; With that in mind, he really can't sustain himself, or deal continuous damage to you
  • Heal helps a lot because of its' grievous wounds removal. Just make sure you use it once you are sure fizz can no longer use Seastone Trident to reapply the grievous wounds debuff.

Riven 8/10
  • STAY AWAY FROM HER! You're going to need help from your team to draw some of her hard-hitting fire! Always try to get a CC on her. In a team fight, she is your most dangerous threat.

Kassadin 7.9/10
Here is my list of what to expect from this hooligan
  • This guy is mobile! He WILL get to you, so don't even try to position yourself away from him. Still try and maintain a healthy distance from the rest of the enemy team, though!
  • He will burst, and he will hurt. So long as your Mid did not feed him, you should be able to survive a burst rotation though. The gap will be enough time for a support to either heal you, or CC him.
  • When fighting against Kassadin's team, life steal is your friend!

Rengar: 7.5/10
Rengar (or Fox Mccloud) can be dealt with at most stages of the game. While he doesn't pose a direct threat to you, you should be careful
  • Thrill of the Hunt does not reveal invisible units, but it does give their general location. If you have Ambush leveled a decent amount, you should be able to get away from him, if he is chasing you.
  • When in doubt, stick close to your support. Rengar is all Attack damage, so Taric is a good counterpick.
  • If you are at all bit worried about rengar, don't hesitate to blow an Exhaust on him. It can really mess him up

Teemo 3/10
Bruiser teemo will beat you in one-on-one encounters at all stages of the game. In team fights, Counter him by either getting a Yorick solotop, or having someone on your team be a very large, immovable wall, like Cho'Gath.
  • You scale throughout the game. Bruiser teemo does not. Be aware that the team teemo is on needs some sort of momentum to shift the game in their favor - whether it be kills, objectives, or towers. Try give them as little as possibe.
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NOTE: This section is outdated - Jungle twitch is a high risk high reward endeavor, but is actually still viable. I will write more about this soon

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Twitch Performances: Wall of Fame

Some of you may think that despite all of my props to twitch, he still sucks. So below, i posted some of the previous games i have played with twitch this last week, in addition to some other particularly good games in the past!


Well done, Shneems!

Well done, TommyLee!

Congrats to ilovemonkeybutts on his platinum promotion series! Well done, friend!

Props to bowen!


Please, If you have other hilarious/awesome games you've played with twitch, please PM me, E-mail me @, or post a link in the comment section below
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PLEASE either PM me or post your questions/comments/advice into the comment section below! If you enjoyed reading my guide, or found it helpful, upvoting it or +repping me helps me out a lot!

Feel free to use any information as you like, but I ask that if you were to use information in my guide in a document, could you give me props? thanksss!
thankyou for your time,

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Contact info -> questions

Want to reach me about any questions? Want to send me a pic of your awesome game that you just carried as twitch? just throw me a PM or shoot me an email at
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