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Ashe Build Guide by VuKing

ADC Ultimate Ashe New Meta - Guide Season 12

ADC Ultimate Ashe New Meta - Guide Season 12

Updated on March 10, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author VuKing Build Guide By VuKing 193 28 609,880 Views 8 Comments
193 28 609,880 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author VuKing Ashe Build Guide By VuKing Updated on March 10, 2022
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Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Approach Velocity
Biscuit Delivery

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Champion Build Guide

Ultimate Ashe New Meta - Guide Season 12

By VuKing
Pros and Cons + Couter Tips


+ Beginner friendly. So if you are new at the game and want to learn the marksman role, this is the place to start.
+ Ashe is one of the highest range marksmen on the LOL
+ Her ultimate has global range, longest stun in-game, and hence is a great initiator.
+ Volley has good long-range poke and wave clear. It only gets better as the game progresses.
+ Frost shot makes her a great kiter. Not to mention this makes her the ADC with the highest amount of slows in the Rift.
+ Great late game and if you are ahead, it’s an auto-attack fiesta.


- Ashe lacks mobility and escapability
- You only have your Ultimate R-Enchanted Crystal Arrow to protect you from the enemy. Any form of CC is a weakness for you during the entirety of the game and you may need to rely on your frontline to keep you safe as you have no dashes in your kit.
- She relies heavily on teammates to defend her from assassins.
- Can easily be punished for being out of position

Couter Ashe
+ Organize early ganks, try to take down Ashe to minimize Ashe's power later.
+ Once Ashe has her Ultimate R-Enchanted Crystal Arrow, do not overextend as she can easily set up her Jungler with it. Keep the lane warded at all times as that is the only time when it will be safe for you to overextend post 6.
+ Ashe doesn’t have any escape abilities or built-in sustain. Use this to your advantage by poking her down frequently and then looking for the all-in when she is low.
+ To prevent Ashe from getting extra damage down on you in the early game, stand behind the minion wave at all times so they block her W-Volley Volley damage for you.
+ Keep a constant eye on your champion's movements in the mid and late game as Ashe will usually throw out her Ultimate R-Enchanted Crystal Arrow “recklessly” in attempts to start the fight. Dodge it and then capitalise on the cooldown.
+ Ashe is really immobile and squishy. Try to catch her out of position at the start of the team fight so the enemy lacks consistent damage.
+ Items counter : Thornmail, Frozen Heart, Randuin's Omen,...
+ 56,88% Pick rate
+ 51.90% Win rate

Lethal Tempo Delayed bonus AS synergizes well with how Ashe ADC likes to deal damage.
Presence of Mind Is a great Ashe rune given the champion's mana dependency.
Legend: Bloodline For additional sustain or to forgo lifesteal itemization.
Coup de Grace Deal 8% more damage to champions who have less than 40% health. This is the best rune in its tree for almost every champion that wants to go into Precision since it's the one that simply does the most damage in your average game.
Biscuit Delivery Gives ashe the ability to restore mana in laning phase. Consuming a Biscuit will instantly grant 50 mana and permanently increase your maximum mana by 50, in addition to its effects.
Approach Velocity Gain 7.5% bonus movement speed toward enemy champions with impaired movement. This bonus is doubled to 15% toward enemy champions whose movement Ashe have impaired.Approach Velocity improves your chase and follow-up potential. It interacts very well with Ashe's +R passive
Axe Offense 10% Attack Speed
Diamond Offense 9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
Shield Flex 6 Armor

+ 40,08% Pick rate
+ 52.90% Win rate

Hail of Blades Helps Tristana duel very well. This keystone is by far the best one for Tristana at the moment since it helps u proc your passive and deal a high DPS with your three attack proc.
Cheap Shot Is a strong Ashe rune because of the CC in Ashe's kit.
Eyeball Collection For additional sustain or to forgo lifesteal itemization.
Ravenous Hunter Deal 8% more damage to champions who have less than 40% health. This is the best rune in its tree for almost every champion that wants to go into Precision since it's the one that simply does the most damage in your average game.
Biscuit Delivery Gives ashe the ability to restore mana in laning phase. Consuming a Biscuit will instantly grant 50 mana and permanently increase your maximum mana by 50, in addition to its effects.
Approach Velocity Gain 7.5% bonus movement speed toward enemy champions with impaired movement. This bonus is doubled to 15% toward enemy champions whose movement Ashe have impaired.Approach Velocity improves your chase and follow-up potential. It interacts very well with Ashe's +R passive
Axe Offense 10% Attack Speed
Diamond Offense 9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
Shield Flex 6 Armor

FLASH : Ashe lacks mobility and escapability,Using Flash is mandatory for Ashe, Flash is always the spell of choice for each champion. It gives you the mobility you need. Are you being chased by the enemy and can hardly escape? You run after the opponent but can't get close because the distance is too far? Just using the spell " Flash", all can be resolved peacefully.
HEAL : Used when akshan goes bottom.
CLEANSE : - If you encounter a formation where the enemy has a lot of uncontrollable effects, get Cleanse to protect yourself and freely deal damage, this summoner spell removes most of the control effects that can be inflicted by enemies as well as other adverse effects
- Can solve control effects like Teemo Blinding Dart, Ahri Charm , Fiddlesticks Terrify - Crowstorm, Amumu Curse of the Sad Mummy , Lux Light Binding, Leona Shield of Daybreak - Solar Flare, Zoe Sleepy Trouble Bubble ,......
+ Can't negate Airborne or Suppression.
The solvable adverse effects are Ignite, Exhaust, summoner spell effects Smite
EXHAUST : Is very powerful if used at the right time. It will greatly reduce the damage of the enemy carry. It's very good at the end of the game
Ashe Skill and Tips

Passive - Frost Shot

- Passive - Frost Shot: Ashe's Auto-Attacks and abilities will apply Frost to the enemies, slowing them by 20%-30% (depending on level) for 2 seconds. The Auto-Attacks against Frost afflicted enemies will deal additional damage.
- Passive - Critical Slow: Ashe's Critical Strikes deal no extra damage, instead they double Frost's slow strength to 40%-60% (depending on level) which will decay over a second to its normal strength.

Q - Ranger's Focus

- Passive: When this ability is inactive, Ashe's basic attacks on-attack against non-structures will grant Focus stacks for 4 seconds. The duration is refreshed on structure attacks and stacks are lost by one every second.Active: Ashe gains bonus - Attack Speed for 4 seconds and causes her auto-attacks to fire a flurry of five arrows. They trigger on-hit effects only once and they deal modified physical damage.

W - Volley

- Ashe fires a volley of 9 arrows in a cone in the target direction. All of them deal physical damage to the first enemy struck and slows them. Enemies won't take damage from arrows beyond the first one.

E - Hawkshot

- Passive: Ashe periodically stores a Hawkshot charge, up to a maximum of 2.
- Active: Ashe sends a hawk spirit towards the target location. This spirit will then explode and provide vision of that area for 5 seconds.

R - Enchanted Crystal Arrow

- Ashe fires a missile of ice in the target direction which will grant vision of the area it flies through for 1 second. This arrow will stun the first target hit for 1-3.5 seconds (based on the distance traveled), and it will reveal the area around them for 1 second. Enemies around the main target take 50% damage but are only slowed.


- Use W- Volley to poke the enemy's health as well as check the enemy
- Q- Ranger's Focus can regenerate basic attacks, so use it after you hit
- Use your E- Hawkshot to scout vision for your team by shooting it diagonally through the enemies jungle. Your team can see what jungle camps have been taken and which ones are still up. You might also spot the enemy Jungler.
- To initiate team fights, cast your Ultimate R- Enchanted Crystal Arrow on a target that is isolated or too far forward. Your team can then collapse and focus them down while they’re CC’d.If your lane is even and te enemy has little kill threat on you, once recalled, you could shoot your Arrow R- Enchanted Crystal Arrow
straight through the middle of the map to assist your Mid laner.
- Ashe gradually returned to the professional tournament. Revolving around the 2 cores of iteam Wit's End and Guinsoo's Rageblade, the long range gives ashe a lot of advantages.
- Lulu helps Ashe push lane faster
+ Lulu can completely use Q- Glitterlance on waves of minions that are full of blood when both are trying to push minions faster to go to other things.Don't worry Lulu won't eat all your minions :)
- Turn Ashe into a monster in the mid and late game
+ Lulu can help Ashe shoot a lot more "force".
+ W- Whimsy both increases movement speed and also grants Ashe attack speed.
+ E- Help, Pix! will also give Ashe some armor and the ability to deal extra damage on each hit
+ Both of these champions also have a lot of ability to slow down the enemy and Ashe can use it to kite enemies to death. Of course, it will be difficult for anyone to approach and defeat Ashe when Lulu is by her side to protect her.
- Cons: Need to rely heavily on protecting Ashe
+ Lulu is a good champion that protects teammates however since Ashe is not very mobile, she still needs to give Ashe first priority in teamfights
+ It also means that the other teammates will not receive the best protection because Lulu already has to pay attention to Ashe too much.
+ A Lulu player who knows how to use the skills W- Whimsy, E- Help, Pix! or R- Wild Growth properly on both enemies and ourselves will be the key to the success of this strategy.

- This is a safe, remote attack couple that specializes in dealing with impatient subjects. The pair's ability to poke and heal can defeat any enemy when going head to head.
- As a marksman with the ability to poke as well as long range, Ashe can improvise when going with all other marksmen.
- Sona doesn't have strong control though but Sona's ability to poke and heal is very difficult for any support champion to catch up
- Sona's blood poke when laning is very strong, with support champions that are not too mobile, skill sets without CC if faced with Sona, it will be a real nightmare.
- And most of all, Sona has a weapon that can reverse the game very well that is the Ultimate R- Crescendo. With this skill of hers, Sona can help teammates have more advantages in teamfights if they can use multiple targets, control the enemy, and bring victory to their teammates. If the stack of CC is good between R- Crescendo and R- Enchanted Crystal Arrow, the ability to finish the enemy is very high

- Ashe is a very strong marksman, but she lacks mobility, so she needs a lot of protection and support
- Braum is a pretty comprehensive support in both defense and attack So he was perfectly suited to go with Ashe . When going with Ashe the power of this bearded man is even more powerful.This couple from the Freljord possesses the ability to slow as well as stun very effectively
- Hardly any traditional support AD carry pair can match Ashe – Braum in the early game
- Braum's Passive - Concussive Blows pairs well with Ashe,Braum has a stack of Concussive Blows on an enemy with Q- Winter's Bite or basic attack, which Ashe can utilize to quickly stun enemies. When using Guinsoo's Rageblade that power increases even more.
- In addition, Ultimate R- Glacial Fissure also provides enough control for Ashe to comfortably discharge damage. Combined with R- Enchanted Crystal Arrow, the enemy will stand motionless to death if there is no Cleanse or Quicksilver Sash
- Overall, the strength of this duo is due to skills like born for each other. If they work well together, this will be a Support + ADC capable of destroying the opposing duo right from the laning phase.
- Attention
+ When operating the Ashe + Braum pair, it is important to understand that this is a strong support ADC pair and needs to apply pressure early.
+ Fully warding and thoroughly crushing the enemy is the mission of this duo
+ Take the opportunity and attack as soon as the opponent makes a mistake in the position
+ Both Ashe and Braum require very high player skill to master the skill set

- Ashe is a good poke champion with her W- Volley and long arm span but she lacks mobility, afraid of champions with a lot of CC and ability to close like Leona. Therefore, choosing Leona as a support for Ashe has just eliminated 1 enemy as well as Leona's skill set will give Ashe a lot of advantages.
- The strength of Draven – Leona's ADC support pair is in a very good laning phase. The amount of control coming from Leona and the damage from Ashe is what makes any opponent afraid
- With Leona's Passive- Sunlight also helps Ashe deal a considerable amount of magic damage
- Once Ashe has poked a decent amount of health Leona just rushes in with E- Zenith Blade and put all cc on the enemy. Enemies will have to lose summoner spells if they don't want to lose lane
- The power of Leona + Ashe couple is very mutant at Lv6. With 4 skills that all have control effects from this pair: Leona Q- Shield of Daybreak E- Zenith Blade R- Solar Flare , Ashe R- Enchanted Crystal Arrow, it is difficult for any enemy to survive.Not only that, with R-Ashe's long range, it's easy for the jungle to gank
- Mid and Late game R- Solar Flare is a very good ability to initiate teamfights with the ability to stun and slow a wide area
From version 11.5 Ashe gradually returned to professional tournaments. Professional Gamer uses more attack speed items than crit it revolves around 2 core iteam Wit's End and Guinsoo's Rageblade, it makes more use of the ability to apply hit effects rather than crit

Immortal Shieldbow

Wit's End

Guinsoo's Rageblade
These are the 3 core iteams that are most suitable for Ashe at the moment, it is trusted by many gamers


  • Bloodthirster: Gives a bunch of AD and a whopping 20% extra lifesteal. As said earlier in the runes section, with Legend: Bloodline Ashe gets up to 40% lifesteal! The passive shield gives you even more survivability in teamfights. If you get to this three item spike, you are essentially unkillable.
  • Infinity Edge: Won't be used in this build because of Infinity Edge Unique passive that counter passive. However, there is a build path that goes , and which works really well also for akshan, giving his that big 3 item spike after completing
  • Lord Dominik's Regards: In most scenarios, won't be needed.However, if their team is really heavy armor reliant, such as Ezreal ADC, Tank support, tanky Jungler and tanky Top laner, could grow to be useful. On top of that it grants a great 35 pure Attack Damage boost
  • Guardian Angel:Is a really good item vs AD assassins. has pure AD that boost your damage and also gain a huge amount of armor. The unique passive is one of the most powerful item passive in the game. After the assassin used their ultimate on you they will need to kill you again but this time without it. By the time you get back to life their Assassin might be dead already. I recommand this item vs: Rengar Zed Kha'Zix Kayn Viego and Nocturne
  • Blade of the Ruined King: Blade of the Ruined King is one of the core item for Ashe It grants Physical Damage and Attack Speed which are both great stats, but the important is the passive and life steal from The passive grants her a huge damage boost combined with and the life steal from makes Ashe laning much easier. The active is a crucial part of The active deals 100 Magic Damage to an enemy champion and steals 25% Movement Speed from the target for 3 seconds. The movement speed helps him in skirmishes and 1v1s vs melees by kiting and also grants her a higher chance to dodge certain abilities which gives an edge in the skirmish. The raw Magic Damage from the active is not too bad either, even when you are vs a range and nothing to dodge, it could still be useful as it is an instant cast.
  • Phantom Dancer: Gives great sustained damage for teamfights since it gives a ton of attack speed. It also synergizes really well, as it’s passive triggers. Phantom Dancer’s movement speed also helps you stick on to opponents well.
  • Runaan's Hurricane: Gives a heck ton of attack speed for late game teamfights and essentially TRIPLES on-hit effectiveness when the enemy team is clumped up together.
  • Rapid Firecannon: Is the more defensive iteam. It increases Ashe's attack range and some necessary stats
  • Maw of Malmortius: Helps attack damage-based champions against enemy teams with high amounts of magic damage. Can absorb most of the initial burst of magic damage from an enemy champion and give the owner an opportunity to attack or retreat. It is very useful against ability power casters with long cooldowns.
    Maw of Malmortius still provides less effective health against magic damage than dedicated, anti-magic damage defensive items like Spirit Visage or Force of Nature. However, Maw of Malmortius come with the advantage of not sacrificing offensive potential, which allows an Ashe champion to better recover from behind when facing an enemy AP champion. Keep in mind, however, that Maw of Malmortius's passive is not useful at all against most Ashe champions, while the other aforementioned defensive items still give effective HP and sustain to use against an enemy Ashe, even though the magic resistance itself is not useful. This can be significant during the mid game if you aren't preparing an armor item against them, or if the enemy Ashe champion is fed. Choosing wisely between those items can overcome this issue.
  • Berserker's Greaves: This is the standard equipment of each ADC. It has hit speed, move speed. Too good for the price of 1100 gold
How to play Ashe
  • - Ashe doesn't have any offensive power to succeed independently, so make sure to stick with the team when they start to group up.
    - Ashe's kiting ability is her only defense, so be wary of invasions and sudden signs of engagement.
    - It's best to focus on one target since Frost Shot becomes very powerful when accumulated.

  • - Ashe's early game constantly gets underestimated. Thanks to her range, she is able to take good trades in lane.
    - Your initial plan will be to play the lane safely and not get cheesed early on by the enemy Jungler. Set proper vision around the lane and use your E- Hawkshot to scout your surrounding before you decide to push the wave.
    - So push with AA>W trades and then make sure not to fall back, so you don't get caught up in a counter engage.Maintain your range from the enemy and keep poking them whenever an opportunity arises. The best thing to do will be to use your W- Volley in such a way that it hits both the enemy champions and the minions at the same time. It will give you push priority as well as the trade advantage.
    - Try to get the early push with Ashe. Your minions will block any all-ins from the opponents. Once your minions go under the enemy's tower, use your range to poke them out, then use your health advantage to freeze the wave. Your lane opponent won't be able to engage due to the difference in HP.
    - Try to save an E- Hawkshot charge for when you skirmish with the enemy bot lane. This will prevent the enemy ADC from dropping vision in the lane brushes. Also, always keep your Q- Ranger's Focus charged up as you don't know when it can come in handy.

  • - Due to your range advantage, you should always try to push the wave in when the enemy Jungler is not near your lane. This will allow you to whittle the enemy tower down and possibly take it quickly.
    - The advantage of high push helps your jungler invade the enemy jungle or eat big targets like dragons
    - Before major objective fights, use your E- Hawkshot to scout around for death brushes set up by the enemy. Besides that, always maintain your range and use your Q- Ranger's Focus and auto-attack slow to constantly kite the enemy team. You don't want to get caught out by any form of CC as it will spell death for you then and there.
    - Please buy at least 1 Control Ward
    - After taking the top turret in bot lane , immediately swap - to the mid-lane as you will be safer there and will be able to get more objectives that way.
    - If your enemy is very mobile and has the ability to close, keep R- Enchanted Crystal Arrow if necessary. Getting them CC'd will allow your team to collapse on the said carry while giving you enough time to position well.

  • - Once the laning phase is done, group up with your team, so you can engage in team fights or siege towers.
    - When sieging towers, use your range, but make sure to look out for enemy engages. Ashe isn't the most mobile champion and has no escape tools in her kit. Give her a few tries, and you'll get the hang of when to go in and when to back off with Ashe.
    - Provided you didn't fall behind during the early game, you should be a powerhouse of damage and slows during this phase of the game. You should use your range advantage and always go for front to back trades when fighting the enemy.
    - Try to obtain mid priority with your team before you take any kind of objective. You don't want to be in the side lanes unless it is completely pushed into your tower else you will get caught out easily and will get killed immediately. Also, don't forget to buy some form of anti-CC if the enemy team has a lot of champions with hard CC abilities on their side.
    - Ideally, you'll start off team fights with your Ultimate. It might be a bit alluring to try and catch the enemy carry, but it's best just to go for the closest target. Thanks to the slow, you can easily take down assassins and bruisers as well. Then, once they're out of the way, just run down to the Nexus.
    - Your Ultimate R- Enchanted Crystal Arrow can be a game decider if you use it properly during this phase of the game. Use it in combination with your W- Volley to secure long-ranged picks for your team. During objective fights, you can use the same Ultimate R- Enchanted Crystal Arrow to CC the enemy Jungler, so that your Jungler can Smite the objective safely.
League of Legends Build Guide Author VuKing
VuKing Ashe Guide
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Ultimate Ashe New Meta - Guide Season 12

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