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Vayne Humor Guide by Azn Exolution

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Azn Exolution

Vayne - The TumbleWeed of Demacia

Azn Exolution Last updated on January 20, 2014
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 5

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 7


Utility: 18

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My IGN is Exolution and I'm a Korean.
Hi I'm a Plastic 5 elo player and I'm currently trying to help bronzies to get them to achieve their dream goal; Achieve Bronze 1. I started play Vayne the day I refunded her and I found out that she suits me. I love Ap Vayne because her kit is so perfect for kiting and making plays and so on :)

Here's My Guide ENJOY!!!

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Summoner Spells


Since Vayne doesn't have a 0.5 second tumble, I'd say Flash is a must! I just can't describe how useful this spell is. It will help you escape towards them and to also position yourself in teamfights. You need this especially when you go against a Teemo, which is why I prefer Flash more than any other spell.


Smite would be a good alternative besides flash. Since most bronzies are only able to get 1 farm per minion wave, Smite is a big help in order to grab two farm per wave. I personally have experienced this problems with my friends. When I told them to bring Smite, They were able to achieve 20 Cs at the 30 minute mark. Without Smite, You'll never be able to hit Bronze 1.


Since it is impossible to farm with AP Vayne, why not just have a big minion take all your farm? This is so effective in early game because your minions would be able to push the lane for you while you sit back and hug tower and get 10 exp per minute. Promote is the way to go !


This spell is unique and special its own way. Many summoners barely run this unless they are very mana hungry. But I on the other hand, believe that this spell is PERFECT for AP Vayne! Because you need your Condemn whenever possible and the fact that Condemn burns a lot of mana. You will be mana hangry in less than a minute which is why this spell works really well with build!

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9x Greater Mark of Mana
9x Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration
9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Energy
3x Greater Quintessence of Gold


There are currently no better marks than Greater Mark of Mana because of the fact of being able to start off with so much mana and spam your Condemn for days. More mana will also intimidate your enemy and they will run away from you faster than the speed of light when your mana bar drops down to 25%.


As an AP carry that's most likely going bottom lane against another AP carry, you'll definitely need more mana regeneration to spam more Condemn before they spam their skills. As a Plastic 5 League of Legends player, everyone knows that whoever is able to spam more skills win the game. Which is why I run Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration on AP Vayne. Also, Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration can be very useful with Greater Mark of Mana.


To be honest, I think running Greater Glyph of Scaling Energy is actually pretty useless. So you are probably thinking right now
"Why on earth would you run energy runes on vayne?""
Well, that was my question as well before i decided to get these glyphs. But you see, Greater Glyph of Scaling Energy isn't actually for Vayne. It is for me so when I play her, I am able to feel all the energy channeling in me so that I am able to spam all the Condemn all I want. This is the most important reason why I run these runes so that when I am able to have enough energy with a huge amount of mana, I am able to spam Condemn to victory!


I run these quints because of one the reasons I stated earlier. If you aren't able to farm properly, why not just have Greater Quintessence of Gold farm for you? That extra gold can be very helpful especially when you're at base and you need that extra gold to buy your 10x Health Potion.

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Pros / Cons


+Tons Of Damage

+Easy to run away with

+King Of Kiters

+Very Squishy

+Free DragonSlayer Vayne Skin


-Late Game is not very fun

-Not a lot of damage with Condemn

-She's probably not single

-Requires a large amount of energy

-You have two Vayne skins

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I run these masteries because having a bit of everything always leads to great success! I want to point out Meditation . This is a must because you NEED that mana regen so much. Also Sorcery also helps too.

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Passive - Night Hunter

This passive is pretty nice since you get bonus movement speed when chasing down enemies. This is pretty useless most of the time since your gonna be running away all the time. This passive is extremely useful especially when your about to be baited hard.

Q - Tumble

This has got to be one of the most funnest skills in the game. Tumbling around like cool kids. But other than this skill's entertainment purposes, This is pretty much useless but I still max it out second just for cool downs.

W - Silver Bolts

If you were to be the worse Vayne player in North America, then you would probably love Silver Bolts. But since we're planning to go AP Vayne so everyone can be Bronze 1, This skill is completely useless.Since Silver Bolts does percent damage as True Damage, it's useless until Riot reworks this to scale off Ability Power. Until then, the only use for Silver Bolts is to intimidate the enemy whenever you have two coils on them.

E - Condemn

This is by far the most funnest thing about AP Vayne. When you combine this skill with all the mana and mana regeneration that you have, you'll be pushing them toward your teammates for days. Also you could also help the enemies from getting away when they get caught by your team.I guarantee that you'll be able to piss the enemy team so much that they will surrender the moment they have the chance.

Ultimate - Final Hour

This skill is pretty useful at the right times especially when you are super fed. Whenever you use Final Hour, you will only have a final hour before you die. This is really helpful when you have a lot of kills and you can't decide who to give your shut down gold to. When you die with Final Hour on, a random enemy gets the kill so it basically decides for you.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Enough Said.

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Offensive Items

- is a must-have item on AP Vayne. That health and mana boost helps a lot while also giving you a significant amount of ability power. This item can be so useful in lane. The extra health is able to help you stay in lane longer. Also, Rod of Ages hidden passive is that when Rod of Ages is equipped to a crossbow, the person with the crossbow ages and turns into an Old Grandma. While this effect is applied, movement speed and ability power is reduced by 100.

- Augments in general are pretty overpowered due to the fact that they are only available on Viktor which is the reason why Augments augments should also be in your build besides Rod of Ages. The only problem with these Augments is that you can't buy all three and you can only choose one.

- Buy this augment if you feel like you are in need of health regeneration. Also with this augment, whenever you Power Transfer or transfer power to a teammate, you gain movement speed which also stacks with Night Hunter.

- Buy this only if you feel like being in outer space. When this skill activates, a Gravity Field appears and you will have the greatest time of your life.

- This augment is very unique on its own. When bought, Vayne dies by a Death Ray and respawns with 10 less ability power. Augment: Death has a 5 minute cool down unfortunately. I know you can't wait to die and reduce your ability power even further but you have to wait the five minutes. Out of all the augments, I would highly suggest you grab Augment: Death because the more deaths u have, the more the enemy might think about surrendering.

- A great item to go for with AP Vayne. Although she already has a lot of damage on her own, Rabadon's Deathcap can give an incredible amount of bonus damage. Without Rabadon's Deathcap, you won't be doing the avaerage 200 damage/per minute that everyone hates.

- This item is pretty useful. The armor it gives can boost up your chances of survival by 0.005%. Also the active is pretty neat since it can help u stay alive for an extra 2.5 seconds before you go on another feeding spree.

- You should go for this item if you feel like your team needs more damage output in teamfights. Lich Bane with Silver Bolts does an amazingly small amount of damage. Lich Bane is good when you believe that you can turn the game over unless you plan to win the game by spamming Condemn.

- If you do not wish to turn over the game for your team with a Lich Bane, and wishes to spam Condemn to the max. Then Athene's Unholy Grail will fit you. Athene's Unholy Grail gives you the nice magic resistance so harry potter can IMPERIO you. Also the cool down and mana regeneration is the reason why you are able to turn over the game with Condemn. You'll be condemning so much that eventually you be condemned.

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Defensive Items

- This is a pretty nice item for Vayne since it gives armor and bonus health. This passive is pretty nice too since it's magic damage per second does more damage then Vayne. Also, it makes Vayne's cape on fire so Maokai wouldn't dare to try to kill you.

- Now if you rather pefer magic resistance than armor because your playing against a Nidalee, than Spirit Visage is perfect for you. Sunfire Cape doesn't give you bonus cool down and health regeneration effects unlike Spirit Visage. So if your in need of a visage from a spirit, then you should rush Spirit Visage as your main defensive item.

- Sometimes, you are probably doing really bad since you aren't able to grab any kills lately. If this is true, then you should grab a Frozen Heart. What this does it that it changes the good side of your heart into a frozen one filled with eternal hatred. With this amount of hatred, you'll be so angry that you'll stomp everyone that makes eye contact with you. Never buy 2 Frozen Heart because when you have two of them at the same time. The amount of iciness and hatred in your heart doubles. You will immediately start to notice that Vayne will start to become very emotional and starts to wonder why her virginity was stolen. When this happens, she throws a bigger Tantrum than Amumu and starts to Noxian Guillotine her own teammates.

- A bad Omen that Randuin once casted among the Demacians. With Randuin's Omen, you will be extremely hard to take down especially since Randuin's Omen slows the enemy every time they try to harass you.

- Sometimes, turrets get very annoying especially when you want to feed. Whenever you're feeling this way, you should buy an Ohmwrecker immediately. You never would want a turret to execute you. It's always better to have the enemy to grab the 300 free gold instead of the enemy turret. Who would want an enemy turret to grab the 300 gold? Turrets can't even use the shop anyway. Also, whenever you feel like giving the enemy a free kill. While you're about to YOLO past the turret, you could be like "I came in with a Ohmwrecker ~~~ !"

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Items not to Buy

- One reason everyone should know why a Warmog's Armor wouldn't be effective on Vayne is because she wears extra small sizes. Warmog's Armor can only fit people that are over 1,000 pounds, such as Gragas.

- I don't think anyone of us would want to wear armor made from Zyra.

- Vayne is not originated from the Void.

- we will be running Promote for a reason.

- Vayne uses modern day coins to buy her tampons. Walgreens doesn't accept Ancient Coin as currency.

Vayne uses crossbows.

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Best Synergy with Vayne


Assasin, Support

Synergy: Very High

Specialty: High Mobility, Very High Poke


Personally, Nidalee is one my favorite supports whenever I'm playing Ap Vayne. Nidalee is very mobile and is able to secure kills for you so that you are able to enjoy the assists. Condemn and Javelin Toss deals so much damage when used at the same time but Nidalee usually grabs the kill.

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Other Synergies


Gragas is pretty capable of turning team fights around with Vayne. Barrel Roll does a significant amount of damage, lowering their health so that you might have a chance to go for the kill. Whenever Vayne is about to grab a kill, Gragas is able to Explosive Cask to make sure you aren't able to get a kill. Also, Body Slam is able to help rush to your side if a Ace in the Hole targets you. In addition, Drunken Rage gets Gragas pretty fired up to eat the enemy team for an easy victory.


Anivia also can do an amazing amount of damage with Vayne. Anivia is able to dive in on the enemy if she has her Rebirth up. The moment Rebirth activates, the enemy would usually automatically switch targets to Vayne. After you get melted down by the enemy, your team should have dealed enough damage to them. When Anivia comes back from Rebirth, her Flash Frost and Glacial Storm should be enough for Anivia grab a pentakill.


If Nidalee mechanics is too much for your support, then you should tell them to play Dr. Mundo support. To start off, Dr. Mundo is Mundo(pretty self-explanatory). He goes where he pleases and it will always work out. Dr. Mundo is able to tank every skill shot for Vayne.After Dr. Mundo gets low from tanking so much, he can just use his low cool down Sadism to regain his health and tank more. Infected Cleaver has a very high poke and a relatively low cool down. To top it off, the rate of how much farm that mundo is able to steal is amazing with Masochism


On The Hunt gives bonus movement speed to all nearby allies. When used, Vayne will be so amazingly fast that she'll go in on a 1v5 and you won't even notice you gave them that free kill.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin works pretty well too. Sonic Wave and Resonating Strike has a lot of poke potential. Safeguard / Iron Will will make sure that you won't die. But sometimes Lee Sin likes to be a blind ****** and Cripple you so you can't run. Then he will usually explain to you that he accidentally targeted you since he is blind. Then you start an argument with him about how he actually isn't blind. Lee Sin's rage will start to build up and when he gets to the point, he'll Dragon's Rage Vayne towards enemy nexus.


Of course, Vayne's husband wouldn't want to let his precious Vayne to die. Not only is Urgot very over protected about Vayne. Whenever these two choose to make love, Acid Hunter is a great way for Vayne to feel satisfied. Also, whenever these two are bored, Urgot is able to pull of something called Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser which automatically puts Urgot on top of Vayne. But sometimes, Urgot goes a little too hard and feels a crack, something called Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter happens. Usually, the enemy gets jealous of Urgot for having such an ugly wife. When enemies get greedy for Vayne, Urgot's Terror Capacitor scares the enemy away to make sure to they aren't able to penetrate Vayne

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Best Lane Match-Up


Mage, Assasin

Lane Difficulty: Very Easy

Specialty: High Mobility, Very Little Burst


Ahri is a very easy champion to go against in lane for Vayne. great use of Tumble can be very effective to dodge all of Ahri's skill shots. Orb of Deception's missile speed isn't that fast and also Charm is unaffected to Vayne. Apparently, Ahri also believes that she is able to buy tampons with Ancient Coins

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Other Easy Lane Match-Ups


Why on earth would a piece of rock make you scared?


Janna never puts any clothes on. Probably about two arrows and she'll be gone.


Nothing to be afraid of. His wang probably wouldn't fit in Vayne anyway.


Vayne is a night hunter. I don't think Akali would ever dare to fight Vayne in the shadows.


Nocturne's Paranoia would just help Vayne escape.

Yugi Muto

Sending Vayne to the Shadow Realm probably wouldn't hurt Vayne that much since she's used to the dark.

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Worst Lane Match-Up


Marksman, Wife Stealer

Lane Difficulty: Very Difficult

Specialty: High Mobility, High Penetration


Lucian is an EXTREMELY difficult champion to lane against. If you find out the enemy has a Lucian in the loading screen, disconnect from the game immediately. His **** is the only one that can penetrate through Vayne. Do not take extra precautions. It will only be in a matter of seconds before Vayne will be stolen from Urgot.

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Other Bad Lane Match-Ups


Too much Bananas can affect Vayne's health


Vayne is a night hunger. Kayle is an angel. Too much light for Vayne to handle.


Think of Rengar as someone who can pull off an invisible rape.


Once you get Rocket Grabed, your dead.


How do you expect to even go against this guy? Vayne's Silver Bolts would just bounce off this sponge. SpongeBob could probably make better sandwiches than Vayne anyway.

Hawk Eye

Vayne cannot compare to the one and only Hawk Eye. Don't even try to compete with him at a shooting range. He'll pierce the Target to pieces. The Avengers would crush the Demacians without even trying.

Counter Logic Gaming

No matter how hard Vayne try, Counter Logic Gaming would never recruit you. You could always try your luck with Velocity E sports though.

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In conclusion, I hope you guys enjoyed this AP Vayne guide. I worked really hard just to put all this up together. I wish you all the best of luck to make it to Bronze 1. Eventually, if you playing with this Vayne guide, you might have a chance to make it out of bronze. And I hope that everyone, one day, will achieve their dreams.


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