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Ekko Build Guide by GeoenerG

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GeoenerG

Welcome to Zaun! Season 7

GeoenerG Last updated on December 27, 2015
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Ekko's Build paths


Cheesy build

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 18

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

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This guide contains all the build path needed. It includes high damage ap, CDR ap, tank ap, melee ap nuker, ap bruiser & a cheesy hybrid build. Guide is sub-comprehensive.
Time fly by and changes, so does Ekko.

Ekko is my favourite chamipion since the release of the video "ekko-seconds", on how time is very important and the comic on how his friends passed away. Fighting the way through lost friends, were I find pity and really motivated to play him ever since.


Without further or do, let's get to the guide.


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Ekko - Pros & Cons

-Overview of Ekko-


+ Decent wave clear
+ Good overall scaling
+ Fairly mobile
+ life saving ultimate & stun
+ Squishy depending on build
+ Weak against CC
+ Skills could be hard to land
+ Relatively high mana consumption
Special thanks to brzonziehuskar's format! A link to his
Ekko devourer's guide.
Click here

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Pros & Cons - Core Items

Rod Of Ages Build

- Lesser AP will be converted into Parallel Convergence shield
- Lesser Ability Power will be dealt until you bought Blasting Wand for the Core build
- R.O.A needs time to stack
- Often misunderstood
+ But health items is already there baby
+ But it's a great balance between tankiness & AP damage
+ Sustainable lane, thanks to catalyst the protector & Rod of Ages
+ Heals are ready for you as long you level up, then you'll get a little coffee break
+ Less need to recall
+ Let your Rod of Ages stack baby
"This is my ancient ornament that has been kept in ages, now let time age more!"

Morellonomicon build

- #squishy
- Dull looking
- Over use it will be like this
+ Restricts enemy healing abilities
+ Superb build path with high bursty AP
+ When played correctly, he will be just as good as anyone else
+ Good mana regeneration
+ Classic
+ Cool down reduction

"I read my book for every fresh start of the game. Soon I'll unleash its power."

Nashor's Tooth build

- Mana hungry early game
- You have to like hitting people
- For those enemies with Melee bursts, your quite screwed
- That tooth belongs to Nashor
+ Your mid lane skill shotter will cri
+ Procs passive really, really well
+ Burst off that AP
+ You're a tooth fairy

"A yellow light of Nashor's will do the trick."

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >
Max out Q 1st, then E, because majority of Ekko's success comes from his mobility & damage from these abilities. By maxing out Timewinder, he benefits from increased Q damage, while Phase Dive refreshes sooner as it upgrades. Lastly, your W Parallel Convergence is your back up shield, slow and stun. By keeping your W at low level, you can cast it with minimized mana cost. So more plays muahahhaha.

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Z-Drive Resonance
Ekko's Z-Drive, applies a stack of ring for each strike he hits, the third stack deals bonus damage
// His Q & E also apply stacks of rings. When Q hits a target 2 times then its 2 stacks, E grants you one stack. After the third stack on an enemy champion, it grants Ekko a burst of speed, utilize this for either chasing or backing away.

Ekko throws out a charging rewindable device at a direction
// When it hits a targeted enemy, it slows and expands itself to slow anymore enemy and retrieve back to him dealing bonus damage.

Parallel Convergence
He launches an EMP device that creates a bubble field that slows enemies inside, when he's inside as well, all the enemies inside are stunned.
// Long range ability, could be used as a scouting tool. The stun duration is equivalent to the duration your trying to apply 2 stacks with your base attack speed. (Stun time:2.25 secs)

Phase Dive
Dashes a short distance, then blinks to a target
// Dash, then left click your mouse to blink to ANY target. Used as initiator, escape, chase kill and dashing over walls.

Ekko retreats to his hologram 3 seconds ago
// It has 2 usage, damage dealer & lifesaver. 130% AP will be converted into damage, taking damage gives bonus healing of health upon arrival. Also a quick get-away from sticky situations.

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Why not "Cunning" for the mastery section? Well, I find myself a lot squishier than "Resolve". But both has it's quality benefits, the "Cunning" has a stronger assassination ability.

Mastery points explanation


Sorcery this point is to add Ap ratio to your "passive" & other abilties. You can also swap for Fury if you want to proc your passive stacks. but i suggest you picking Sorcery for overall Ap.

Either Double Edged Sword or Feast are okay, double edged sword for damage output,or Feast for sustaining your lane.

Natural Talent is a must, UNLESS you want to trying out Hextech gunblade for bonus spell vamp, or else, never get Vampirism , period.

Oppressor Your abilties, for instance Z-Drive Resonance, Timewinder and Parallel Convergence all applied with impaired movement. so why not :)

Piercing Thoughts for Ap penetration.

The keystone in Furocity, the Deathfire Touch has its capability over the Thunderlord's Decree . While both has its specialty uses, but for a keystone that benefits solely to him, is Deathfire Touch . Yes Thunderlord's Decree has its own benefits such as 10% of your Ap will be converted area damage, but a 20 sec cool down, works pretty well during team fights.

The Deathfire Touch however, provides him a 20% of his Ap, like i said more percentage than Thunderlord's Decree , but the keystone didnt mention any cool downs for Deathfire Touch , so i assume its infinity uses. I find that it works well on 1 on 1 combats stacking up his Z-Drive Resonance to deal 20% bonus of his Ap scaling and it lasts up to 3 seconds. Also more Ad damage is converted into that as well. Multiple instances of damage will refresh the duration but not stack and applies a "bleed", kinda like the effect of grievous wounds and a weaker type of Ignite.

Resolve section

Unyielding is the suggested point for overall balance between armour and magic resist. You can also balance out with Recovery if you prefer.

Explorer is the best way to gank other lanes faster and get objectives. (dragon, rift herald, baron, & towers etc.) Unyielding is good if you want early advantage for laning.

Now here is the fun part, i chose Runic Armor since you get a bonus boost of shield for your Parallel Convergence, how cool is that!

Insight is better since your flash & ignite will be refreshed sooner. Also including your item ability cool downs. (Zhonyas etc.)

Cunning Section

Even though I'm not a big fan of cunning, but I will show you suggested mastery points, and then it's all about your own fav taste of mastery!
Wanderer , Butcher , Secret Stash , Assassin , Merciless , Dangerous Game ~ these are choices if you want 12 points of Cunning. Continue if you want the total of 18 points. Intelligence , Thunderlord's Decree or stormraider's serge.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
In my Marks I go (9x) Ability Power for main damage output, in my passive and every other of my ability, for bonus Ap.

In my seals I preferably goArmour(9x) for a defensive stat against Ad,just in case I'm fighting against Zed & Yasuo, and also ADCs.
If you like to put Health seals, I wouldn't mind, an extra flesh on me ain't a big deal, just a bit vulnerable to those "phreaks" listed above.

In my glyphs I go Magic Resist (9x). Against those scary castors like that Viktor back in Zaun & Dangerous chick LeBlanc.

For Quints I get (3x) of Ability Power, it increases the overall early scaling of Ap, really helps. Although base Ap is good, but magic penetration is also very well around the later of the game, were people are likely stacking up some MR at that point. Or, if you like some Armour quints for more resistant to ADCs and AD foes, I would not mind. Or more health quints just to beef up myself...ohh I love steaks, oh wait did I gain fat?

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Summoner Spells

Suggested Spells

We bring this spell without even thinking it, it's a "staple" spell that provides necessary mobility to: escape, initiate, & flash over walls. Always bring a mobility spell whenever you can.

Just a little more burning damage to finish someone off! Although this spell wanes in late game, but this helps secure kills earlier games.

You can go around places a lot more often and quick. You can go back to your lane without losing your cs, TP to other lanes to help "counter ganking", see other lanes over extending? TP to that lane and help secure kills! & potentially a back door!

Other Spells

This is another mobility spell if you haven't unlocked the flash spell, or just not familiar with Flash. Use this to get a good movement speed boost to run anywhere.

The spell that blocks a portion of any damage. Which means it could block a crucial hit by the turret, so you can tower dive safer. Provides you with safer trades when barrier is on. Also with increased survival rate during team fights.

Reduces attack speed, reduces armour and magic resist, slows them down and reduces their over all damage by 30% for a brief duration.

You can heal yourself and one other teammate near you. Brief burst of speed, helps your team mates quite well.

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Ability Combos for Trading

The Dive of Time

To Combo: "E,Q"

The Time limited Diver

To Combo: "Q,E"

Bush Throw then dive Freezer

Go into the side-lane bush, throw your , then to the target. Combo: "W,E"

Timer set to Freeze!

To Combo: "Q,W"

Timer set to freeze...then Chronobreak!

To To Combo:"Q,W,AA,R"
You must walk behind the enemy after your Q,W,AA combo then Chronobreak, that way, your R placement will be much more likely to hit the enemy.

Come back surprise

To Combo: "W,R"
A great way to turn around a chase, place your W according to your ult and you break back to your hologram. A bonus when the W lands and you Ult back, an immediate stun effect will occur.

When there is a Zhonya's Hourglass in your pocket...

Freeze twice

To Combo: "W ,Activate Zhonya's"
Ideally when you're getting chased and a turn-around combo

Passive refresh


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Tips & Tricks

Landing your Parallel Convergence grants you a brief vision in the fog of war.
~q however cannot
After recalling, ult back within 4 seconds and return to your previous spot.
~new patch works wonders when over 20mins because it will have a free homeguard
Every second counts
Having trouble timing your Ult? Try this: "1 missisipi, 2 missisipi, 3 missisipi (then Ult)" Before it reaches the 4th second.

Flash mechanics

Ult back to the hologram and flash into the parallel convergence circumference.

Teleportation mechanics

TP to fight, ult back within 3 seconds.

Phase Dive

Practice dashing over wall, simple enough.

Emergency plays


Side lane bush, dash over the wall heading to the crimson raptor camp, ward and click on the closest raptor . Ult back for more flashy plays.
Dragon pit, quickly dash out of the pit that seemed landing your e on krug, ward the krug and click on it.


Dash out of the krug camp, the click on the krug again to blink back.(make sure you have the vision of the camp of any methods)
~works well for getting chased, same apllies to many camps not being listed.

Parallel Convergence & Chronobreak

PLace your w, chronobreak when your hologram is under the circumference of the W.
"Not a chance."

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Team fighting

Throw out your Q, then when you feel confident dive in. Your tankier allies must peel you if possible.
Depending on the build.

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What? Farming?!

Yes farming could be a big loser, but you have to know the potential in you Bob.

To get yourself a good start, you would want to throw your q right when the very 1st minion wave reaches mid. So you will be less stressed out during your laning. Also it will be able to put some wave pressure in the beginning of the game. However you MIGHT be ganked early, so be careful and ward.

Your stacks will also help you farm, stack up your passive accordingly, one hit for last hitting, or you can stack one layer of passive and wait for your minion to lower your minion's health, then last hit. At times, you could stack your passive to up to two hits, then wait for your minions to lower the minion's health then give it your last blasting hit.

When would you use your abilities?
Occasionally, you would be throwing Q, but you must know how to manage your q in order for more accurate shots . Throwing your Q at the wrong time will cost you, both mana and shame on yourself. But I will give you a trick that will increase the likely hood of hitting them, I promise.

So one thing to mention though, usually you don't want to make it too obvious, or else they would try to dodge. You will find your q so short ranged that requires so much skill, but it's not. :) ——

But instead, you would have to act like hitting a minion while getting close to the casting range that has the best speed before it slows down. While your enemy thinks that you are just happily last hitting, throw them a "suck your face" q and make them feel the pain.

But you have to pay attention on not getting too close, unless you discovered that you got them a 2 stack, just auto attack them once, don't e. Then you will hit and actually run, since you got a boost of speed in your third successful stacks on that champion. You typically won the trade at that point.

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Starting Items

Starting Choice I

Good start for many AP castors, mana regen, health, and ap.

Starting Choice II

This increases the health potion's healing duration, and an increase of base Mana bar. Same AP stats as Doran's Ring. So buy lots of potions and you can pretty much sustain yourself anytime, anywhere. Grants stacks for kills and assists. Could also build up to Mejai's Soulstealer.

Starting Choice III

A counter pick item of those require skill-shots, for example, Brand & Ezreal. This will help you move out of the skill shot and dodge quicker. Extra potions helps the sustain in lane.

Starting Choice IV

Against high AD DPS enemy. A choice that will help you if you wanted an early rush of Seeker's Armguard, although I don't recommend this start, but a cheaper value of Zhonya's Hourglass is still good for combos.


Sorcerer's Shoes

When they stack MR, you penetrate, when they keep stacking MR, you'll gonna keep penetrate, thanks to Sorcerer's Shoes , when you realize they are stacking, you can kick them with these shoes and leave item space for bursty AP. Although late game you might have to swap into Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi, because at that point you'll likely gonna be focused.

Boots of mobility

This item is both cheap and speedy. Well fitted for getting out of your lane and "gank" other lanes, like a Jungler! It is also a bonus with the mastery Explorer which makes the trip a lot faster. This is especially important when you're losing your lane, since your opposing laner is already "fed enough", you can try to gank other lanes & take objectives, that only helps when you're behind.

Ionian boots of lucidity

The newly patched Ionian Boots of Lucidity works surprisingly well for Ekko, since the base value is the same as Boots of Mobility , thus could be bought early and refresh your abilities and spells by 10%.

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This guide is...

Greetings, my fellow viewers, after all those days and nights of changing and fixing. I would conclude that this guide is on its way. Either you find yourself enjoying the guide, or helpful of various reasons, I had to thank you for reading this page. However, if you find yourself not enjoying this guide, make sure you leave a comment on your thoughts, I would test it out and tweak it. In the end, I wish you the very best.

Best of luck on the Rift!
- GeoenerG

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Change Log

-Used some Lameogamer and Jhoijhoi's templates, creds to them!