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This build has been archived and is for historical display only.

PLEASE NOTE: This build has been archived by the author. They are no longer supporting nor updating this build and it may have become outdated. As such, voting and commenting have been disabled and it no longer appears in regular search results.

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bearsquared

Windamere - Really out of date

bearsquared Last updated on August 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Welcome! to my Tryndamere guide and my first guide on MobaFire. I would like to take this time to ask that you test the build before down voting it since some items may work or interact in a way that you might not expect. Also read it before down voting as well but I supppose that's a given. This first guide is a standard laning build for Tryndamere. The second is a jungling build for Tryndamere. The third is wicked fun AP Tryndamere. Note: If you have questions or concerns about the third AP Tryndamere build please read the section regarding AP Tryndamere.

Tryndamere is an awesome carry and AD champ.
Do not attempt to tank with him, its not your job.
"but lol his ult makes you not die!" Doesn't mean you can tank.
Learn to shortcut with Spinning Slash.
And most importantly make sure you know your limits as Tryndamere.

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Change Log

6/14/11: LeBlanc and Xin Zhao were added to the Match-ups section.


  1. Updated item order for the Jungling Build to reflect the changes made the Laning Build.
  2. Corki and Gangplank were added to the Match-ups section.
  3. Added the What Do I Replace With Situational Items? sub-section to the Items section.
  4. Minor changes and adjustments.

6/12/11: Akali, Cho'Gath, Ryze, and Soraka were added to the Match-ups section along with some minor adjustments across the entire section.

  1. Match-ups section added ( Annie, Dr. Mundo, Swain, and Vayne included so far. More will be added very shortly.
  2. Made some major changes to the Items section.
    • Executioner's Calling: When I released this guide I had just started to use this item a lot so I included it in the core build. Now that the honeymoon phase is over so to speak I've decided to make it a situational item instead of a core one.
    • Changed the item order to reflect the core build changes. These changes were made to make the build more consistent and faster overall.
  3. Minor changes and fixes.

6/06/11: Minor changes and fixes.

6/06/11: Published.

Tryndamere Change Log



Undying Rage: will now always activate before Chronoshift and Guardian Angel.
Classic Skin Splash Art updated.


Fixed a bug where Undying Rage could not be used while suppressed.


Undying Rage duration reduced to 5 seconds from 6.
Battle Fury passive critical chance increased to 10-50% from 0-50%.


Cooldown reduced to 12/11/10/9/8 from 14/13/12/11/10.
Damage per stack increased to 5 from 3.
Spinning Slash:
Cooldown reduced to 8 from 9.
Area of effect increased to 225 from 185.


Spinning Slash can no longer be cast while rooted.


Bloodlust cooldown lowered to 14/13/12/11/10 from 18/16/14/12/10.
Undying Rage is now castable while stunned or disabled.


Battle Fury critical strike chance per 10% health missing increased to 5% from 4.5%.
Spinning Slash's speed has been normalized to be more responsive.


Battle Fury critical strike chance per 10% health missing increased to 4.5% from 2.5% (due to the bug).
Fixed a bug in which the critical strike chance was giving less per 10% health missing.
Bloodlust active cooldown reduced to 18/16/14/12/10 from 20/18/16/14/12.
Spinning Slash is no longer castable while immobilized.
Undying Rage cooldown reduced to 110/100/90 from 130/115/100.


Fixed a tooltip bug with Bloodlust.


The first physical attack after finishing Spinning Slash will now properly animate.


Bloodlust cooldown increased to 20/18/16/14/12 from 12 at all levels.
Mocking Shout duration reduced to 4 from 5 seconds.
Spinning Slash bonus damage decreased to 40/90/140/185/240 from 60/105/150/195/240.
Undying Rage cooldown increased to 130/115/100 from 120/100/80.
Battle Fury bonus crit reduced to 25% at all levels from 30/40/50% at levels 1/6/12.

v1.0.0.61: Reworked.

It now activates on critical strikes as well as kills.
It now provides 4 attack damage and 1.5/2.25/3/3.75/4.5% critical damage per stack.
Cooldown changed to 12 from 30/25/20/15/10.
Heal reduced to 10/20/30/40/50 per stack from 90 + 30/45/60/75/90 per stack.
Each time you gain Bloodlust for the first time, you gain 2 stacks instead of 1.
Ability power ratio increased to 1.5 from 1.
Mocking Shout:
Health cost changed to 25 from 20/25/30/35/40.
Fixed a bug with Mocking Shout that caused the tooltip to show no health cost.
Spinning Slash:
Range reduced to 660 from 1150.
Damage changed to 60/105/150/195/240 + 50% of Tryndamere's Attack Damage from 110/165/220/275/330.
Health cost reduced to 40/50/60/70/80 from 30/60/90/120/150.
Cooldown is now reduced by 2 seconds each time you critically strike.
It wil fire directionally even if targeting a point outside of the cast range.
Undying Rage:
Duration reduced to 6 from 7.
Cooldown reduced to 120/100/80 from 160/120/80.
Reduced number of Bloodlusts gained on activating Undying Rage to 4/6/8 from 3/6/9.
If Tryndamere is below 5% health when Undying Rage ends, it will heal him to 5%.
Battle Fury now increases Tryndamere's critical chance by 0.3/0.4/0.5% per 1% Health he is missing.


The Bloodlust stacks applied from casting Undying Rage should properly increase Tryndamere's stats.


Mocking Shout has increased slow from 20/30/40/50/60 to 30/37/45/52/60.


Spinning Slash has had an issue with it not working when out of range fixed.


Battle Fury:
Fixed an issue causing the bonus crit to be at half power.
Spinning Slash:
Targeting out of range will cause Spinning Slash to immediately cast in that direction rather than moving into range first (flash functionality).
Slash now has a minimum movement speed regardless of slows.
Undying Rage:
Now makes Mocking Shout and Spinning Slash free to cast.


Mocking Shout slow %Reduced from 30/40/50/60/70 to 20/30/40/50/60.


Increased Base Damage from 57 to 60.
Increased Damage per level from 3.1 to 3.2.
Increased Base Health from 539 to 559.
Mocking Shout Attack Damage now applies regardless of facing.
Bloodlust first application heals for 130 (w/ an additional 65 per stack)
Spinning Slash:
Reduced Cooldown from 10 to 9.
Increased Damage from 90/150/210/270/330 to 110/160/210/270/330.
Now has a minimum speed.


Increased Movement Speed from 310 to 320.
Increased Base HP Regen from 1.62 to 2.
Reduced HP Regen per level from .2 to .18.
Bloodlust Duration increased from 10 to 15 seconds.


Modified cooldown from 30/30/30/30/30 to 30/26/22/18/14.
Increased Attack Speed per stack from 7% to 8%.
Slash renamed to Spinning Slash.

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For those of you unfamiliar with League of Legends or Tryndamere I decided to put a glossary here for acronyms that you might not understand.

LoL: League of Legends

Trynd: Tryndamere

champ: A LoL champion like Tryndamere, Mordekaiser, or Warwick.

BL: Bloodlust

SS: Spinning Slash

MS: Mocking Shout

UR: Undying Rage

CC: Crowd-Control, these effects include slow, stun, snare, fear, and blind. Suppression is also a form of CC (think Infinite Duress) and I felt it important to mention that you cannot use Flash or Cleanse to get out of it. Just let it run its course.

ult: Ultimate ability, most champions receive theirs at level 6. Tryndamere receives his at level 6 as well and his ult is Undying Rage.

AP: Ability Power.

AD: Attack Damage.

ArP: Armor Penetration.

CrC: Critical Strike Chance.

CDR: Cooldown Reduction.

tank: A champion whose primary job is absorb, mitigate damage. Typically have high health pools and a method of initiation. Also tanks are know to have an interesting mechanic called taunt which forces its target to focus on the tank for a duration ( Shadow Dash, Puncturing Taunt).

DPS: Damage-per-second, also a champion whose primary job is to do damage. Either concentrated bursts or in more consistent ways.

tanky DPS: A champion who has the ability to do respectable damage but also has some tanking capacities such as high health or armor.

support: A champion who alone is not very potent but rather whose abilities make his allies more powerful or makes enemies weaker ( Lux, Alistar, and Zilean).

buff: A beneficial effect that improves an aspect of its recipients.

debuff: A detrimental effect that worsens an aspect of its recipients.

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Pros / Cons


  • Hits hard.
  • Crits harder.
  • Has possibly best ult in the game.
  • Unstoppable when fed.
  • Great farmer and pusher.

  • Vulnerable to CC.
  • An incredibly hard champ to play and harder to master.
  • Easy to shut down sometimes.
  • Hard to time your ult.

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CrC Marks are going to help you the most. I used to be a firm believer in ArP runes and granted I still am but not for Tryndamere. Your early game is so critical that it's hard to function without them.

There is no good primary Seal for Tryndamere so CrC is your best option here.

CDR is not the best thing for Tryndamere but then again its decent and its a primary glyph so its a good investment in general. No other glyph is really worth it in my opinion (Glyphs of Malice will only give you something piss poor like 2-3% so trust me they are not worth it).

Quints like Marks I used to always do ArP but Tryndamere really needs the extra CrC in the beginning. ArP is not a bad choice if you already have them for other champs but CrC will do the most for you with Tryndamere.

Guide Top



This is a short section just to clarify why I picked the masteries I did and if you are fine with them this section is perfectly fine to skip.

The Offense tree choices are fairly self explanatory. If you are wondering why I didn't pick Offensive Mastery you must be new to Tryndamere because after you play with him for a game you'll realize how insignificant 4 damage is. My choice to place the remaining 9 points into the Utility tree might not be as obvious so I will briefly go over some of my choices. Why Good Hands and not Perseverance? In my opinion most people make the mistake of putting 3 points into Perseverance and 1 into Good Hands. I see this a lot in other guides because of the misconception that Health/Mana regeneration is better than a shorter revive time but for most champions and not just Tryndamere revive time is going to do more for you in the long run than a negligible regeneration rate increase. Also it may be worth noting that late game Perseverance definitely loses its value whereas Good Hands is just more effective.

Guide Top



For teams with 3 or more enemy champs with high armor (120 armor+) go ahead and replace The Black Cleaver with Last Whisper. If the team has a lot of CC grab Cloak and Dagger when you would normally grab Zeal and remove 1 The Bloodthirster from the finished build. If you have completed the build just buy Elixer of Agility and Elixer of Fortitude until the end of the game.

Laning Core Build

Early Game

Start off by buying these and 2 Health Potions if you want to, they are optional.

Recall after you get 795g and finish off Zeal. If you can wait, save up 1145g so you can also buy Boots of Speed when you go back.

If you did not buy your Boots of Speed yet wait until you have 920g to buy Berserker's Greaves out right or if you did buy Boots of Speed recall when you have 570g to finish Berserker's Greaves.

Mid Game

Try to farm 1650g quickly to get your first B. F. Sword as quickly as possible. This first sword will go to Infinity Edge which is a staple item on Tryndamere.

You should be able to melt people now pretty well so try to get 2180g as quickly as possible because Infinity Edge makes your rape train have no brakes.

After grabbing Infinity Edge farm up another 1650g and pick up your second B. F. Sword. This one will go to The Bloodthirster.

Before building The Black Cleaver get 1700g and upgrade Zeal to Phantom Dancer or buy its components if its more convenient and if you have room.

Late Game

Many people I am sure are going to disagree with my choice here. I see Last Whisper on more Tryndamere guides than I do The Black Cleaver but I feel like typically The Black Cleaver is going to be the best option. Unlike The Black Cleaver, Last Whisper is % ArP whereas The Black Cleaver is flat armor reduction. What's the difference though? Well when 3 stacks of The Black Cleaver is applied to a champion that champion's armor is reduced by 45. If my math is correct (please correct me if I am wrong I'd like to have accurate numbers here) an enemy champ would have to have 112.5 armor for Last Whisper to have the same effectiveness as The Black Cleaver and The Black Cleaver's armor reduction effects will also improve every other physical champs damage as well not to mention it has 15 more AD and 30 more AS than Last Whisper. Another important distinction is that The Black Cleaver can reduce an enemy champion's armor into negative values which greatly increases your damage output (see here). For example if a champion has 100 armor they take 50% reduced damage well if they have -100 armor they will receive -50% reduced damage which is really equated as 50% more damage. So if you hit a champion for 500 instead it will become 750 damage with -100 armor.

Grab your third B. F. Sword now.

Farm another 1300g to buy [The Bloodthirster] and you will have finished the core build.

Now it's time to get your fourth and final B. F. Sword.

If you haven't gotten 9 pentakills yet to force a surrender from the enemy team go ahead and grab your second Bloodthirster.

Jungling Core Build

Early Game

Buy this item as soon as you get in the game. It will help keep you alive while jungling.

After killing the two golem camp recall and buy this item along with a single [Health Potion]. This will give a little more survivability and help you grab the blue and red buff.

This item really helps the jungling Trynd stabalize and lets you do Dragon a hell of a lot sooner then without it. It does take you a little longer to get Infinity Edge but trust me the speed boost you receive from it is worth it.

Now the rest of the jungling build is the same as the laning build. You can find the item order above.

Situational Items

(Always a work in progress)

Instead of Berserker's Greaves these boots might be an option for you to consider. Against a heavy CC team these can be a livesaver. Build them when you would build Berserker's Greaves. Also MobaFire's description of this item is outdated. It actually gives +25 MR and +35 Tenacity.

If the enemy team has enough CC for you to worry about but not enough to warrant Mercury's Treads go ahead and grab Cloak and Dagger. Buy this instead of Zeal after your Infinity Edge and continue the build as normal except buy Zeal when you would normally buy Phantom Dancer and Phantom Dancer when you would normally buy your first The Bloodthirster (make sure you do not buy the fourth B. F. Sword as you will not have room for it.

Note: Tenacity DOES NOT STACK.

This will be a replacement for The Black Cleaver in the right situation. When is the right situation though? I would only use this item generally speaking if the enemy team had 3+ members with 120+ armor or 1+ members with some horrifying amount of armor like 250+ (Damn you Rammus).

If you are faced up against a heavy AP team use Banshee's Veil to hopefully prevent some devastating spells. Replace one of The Bloodthirsters with this item.

This item is great if a physical carry is ruining your day and its a nice 50% damage reduction and the 30% damage return is sweet as well (This is very good Anti-Tryndamere item so watch out for it and don't forget to use it in a mirror match). Replace one of The Bloodthirsters with this item.

If you are up against a real slippery champion like Shen, Katarina, Irelia, or Vladimir this item should help keep them within your grasp. I'm not a fan of this item particularly because Mocking Shout, Spinning Slash and Flash does most of my dirty work when it comes to chasing. Replace one of The Bloodthirsters with this item.

If you don't have Cleanse I might honestly suggest picking this up, seriously getting out of CC pretty much works around Tryndamere's biggest weakness. Replace one of The Bloodthirsters with this item.

Let's all be honest here this is straight Anti- Jax tech. If Jax has become a problem this should handle him pretty nicely. Replace one of The Bloodthirsters with this item.

This item is by no means bad and it could be a huge boost to a melee heavy team. However I feel like this item is better suited on another melee champion. Tryndamere's item real estate is a precious commodity and it really comes down to space with this one. If your team is really hurting for this item don't feel to bad for picking it up though. Also its debuff is nice against a tanky team. Replace The Black Cleaver for this item.

How frustrating must this be for the enemy team since you will revive even after they kill you. Get this item if the enemy team has a lot of burst and stuns. I suggest trying to save UR until after you revive (MAKE SURE ITS NOT ON COOLDOWN!). Replace one of The Bloodthirsters with this item.

This item is mostly used to meta against a champion that likes to heal a lot like Vladimir, Dr. Mundo, Swain and Sion (maybe even against another Tryndamere) but I feel like it's a great item in general. Its LS and CrC makes it very good early game item and the DoT is a nice plus. Make sure you don't forgot about its activated ability either when you have a champ that likes to heal.

What Do I Replace With Situational Items?

Many times in the item descriptions above I suggested replacing The Bloodthirster with them. Why this item though? The second Bloodthirster is truly just gravy 90% of the time and many times when you get a situational items, 90% you need them. However if you are going to replace a Bloodthirster or whatever it happens to be it does not mean you build your situational item when you would build the item you are replacing. Build situational items when you need them. Typically you want to try to wait until your core build is finished but sometimes that is not a luxury you can afford. Also don't be afraid to vary from my suggestions. They are just that, suggestions. Remember this is a guide not a rule book.

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Skill Sequence


Generally start with Spinning Slash and put points into Bloodlust whenever you can. Grab Mocking Shout at level 4 and Undying Rage whenever available. Order of importance is >>>.

Level 1: Put one point into this ability first thing. This ability allows you to stay in lanes much longer and its buff is sweet. It also lets you take a little bit more harassment then normal. This ability is your moneymaker so we're going to level it to 5 first. Note: Depending on what elo or what summoner level you are you might want to get at level 2 instead of . I don't suggest trying to gank before level 6 most times and I certainly wouldn't suggest anyone trying it before level 4 but if you are confident enough or are in a game with sub par players it isn't impossible before level 4 (its not impossible ever but more than likely you are going to get punished if you try too early).

Level 2: Put your first point into this ability here and you won't put another until much later. This ability's bonus damage is really irrelevant because all of your damage is based on critical hits so its main use is chasing and escaping. Sadly its cooldown does decrease with each level so 1 point is really all you need.

Level 3: Put your next point into Bloodlust.

Level 4: This ability will really let start ganking. MAKE SURE YOU USE THIS ABILITY WHEN YOU ARE IN A FIGHT WITH AN AD CHAMP. This ability is awesome for more than just chasing because it reduces the damage champions deal so use it in that capacity. Also I would make a general suggestion here: always make sure that by level 4 you have atleast 1 point in each of your abilities (with very rare exceptions). Riot didn't add the ability for no reason and typically the ability is useful in some capacity.

Level 5: Put another point into BL here and it should be level 3 at this point.

Level 6: Finally the ability that makes Tryndamere, Tryndamere. 5 seconds of immunity from all damage. You literally cannot die. However timing of this ability is so critical that using it at the wrong instant can change a triple kill into nothing. Cleanse is one way we as Tryndameres work around other champions when trying to time UR. This ability is responsible for a lot of Trynd's learning curve. Master this ability and you will master a lot of the Barbarian King.

Level 7: Put another into BL to make it level 4.

Level 8: At level 8 you will put your second point into MS.

Level 9: Your fifth and final level of BL.

Level 10: Put your third point into MS here.

Level 11: This is first time UR will available to level up so go ahead and oblige it by putting another point into it.

Level 12 and 13: The next two levels you will go ahead and get MS to level 5.

Level 14 and 15: You are finally going to put your second and third points into SS. Trust me when I say that if you are playing Tryndamere right you won't really notice a difference.

Level 16: Put the last point into UR now.

Level 17 and 18: We are going to finish off by leveling SS to level 5. Just like at levels 14 and 15 you aren't going to really see any difference by adding points to SS.

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I haven't really gone over Tryndamere's passive yet so I figured this would be the place to do so. This gives you a passive 10% crit chance (sweet!) and 0.4% crit chance for every 1% health missing so typically when you have popped Undying Rage you will have an extra 50% crit chance which generally late game will put you well over 100% crit chance. Do not rely on this ability for crit chance but it definitely is a nice plus.

BL is a huge part of laning/jungling for Tryndamere. It will heal you through harass and will keep you alive while jungling. CrC runes are really important for jungling Tryndamere because otherwise you will not do enough damage and/or generate BL stacks fast enough to make it worth it. While laning this ability gives such a huge edge early game. Try to have 4 or 5 stacks of Bloodlust at all times in case of a gank attempt so you can heal through it and to keep the damage and crit bonus. This ability along with UR is awesome for baiting. What I mean is leave yourself at deceptively low health with enough stacks of BL to heal yourself for a good amount (5+) and try to trick an enemy champ into thinking they have an easy kill. This is best done around towers with the intention of making enemy champs tower dive you. Be careful when you attempt this. You will be at low health so many champs can burst you down before you can react Annie. Pulling this off though is definitely worth it.

This is your new car. Well it might as well be. Chasing and escaping is very easy with well timed and aimed Spinning Slashes. Now one of the most important part of Spinning Slash is its ability to spin Tryndamere through walls. I suggest practicing this on your own in a custom game. There are so many places you can do this you really are gonna just have to feel it out on a case by case basis. Many champs can dash through walls and you can do it on Twisted Treeline as well as Summoner's Rift.

Great ability. At level 5 it boasts a great 60% slow and reduces physical damage by 100 damage! An important feature that this ability has is not mentioned in its description. After putting a point into Mocking Shout you may notice that it is still unusable. This is because you may not use Mocking Shout unless a champion is nearby. Why is this useful? It becomes active whenever a champion is nearby. This means that a stealthed Evelynn sneaking up on you stealthed will make MS usable, alerting you to her presence. This is unbelievably useful. This lets you know when champions are in bushes without checking, alerting you to ganks while jungling, and makes you aware of stealth champs without a Vision Ward or Oracle's.

This is ability is very unique. It literally makes you immortal for 5 seconds. Now how do we use this to our advantage? The biggest thing you have to worry about this ability is timing. Though you can use it while stunned its not doing you much good if you are stunned. Obviously one of the best times to use it is if you are near death. Pretty basic right? Well the key is being able to know when you are about to be near death. If you are up against a bursty AP powerhouse like LeBlanc and all of her cooldowns are up being 1/3 health or even 1/2 might warrant popping UR because you may not be able to react fast enough to survive her burst. Tower diving is also much easier with Tryndamere because you can ignore tower damage for 5 seconds to secure your kill. Be careful while doing this however because you may be CC'd inside tower range or kited around it causing you to die soon as UR fades. Make sure you have the kill before you commit to chasing inside turret range.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a great summoner spell and one of the best. You can use flash to catch up to people and get them in range of Mocking Shout or Spinning Slash. Not only is it useful for offense but its great when you're trying to escape without blowing your ult. Flash and then SS should get you out of most trouble just fine (this exact combo is awesome for chasing as well).

Cleanse is another great summoner spell and in my opinion often underrated. Why Cleanse though? As I listed in the above Cons section Tryndamere has a lot of trouble with CC. Cleanse lets you get out of stuns and slows to either chase or get away and more importantly allow you to make use of Undying Rage when you want and need to use it. It doesn't last forever so timing is everything with Trynd's ult and Cleanse let's you use it on your terms.

Viable Summoner Spells

Ghost is just good to have. You never are going to say "Man I really wish I didn't have all of this movement speed." I personally like Flash better but if you prefer this summoner spell there is no problem in using it.

Exhaust, like Ghost, is another general MVP in most games. Tryndamere is all about hitting someone like a truck and Exhaust keeps them nice and close most of the time. Again I prefer Flash and Cleanse but by no means is Exhaust a bad choice.

I personally do not use Ignite but its a great summoner spell. I have tested it really but I don't see it being bad. If you use Ignite a lot with Trynd go ahead and leave a comment about how it goes for you so I can add a better description.

Only use Smite if you are going to jungle. This will greatly shorten your time spent jungling though the downside you will be using it less and less as you level. This summoner spell is a requirement though if you do not have full masteries and runes.

Not Suggested Summoner Spells

You have Bloodlust so I don't really even see the point of using this ever unless you are a level 1 Summoner or something.

You don't have mana. Nuff said.

I really can't suggest a Tryndamere getting Teleport. It's a great spell for getting around the map and farming but Tryndamere farms well enough as it is and gets around pretty good too. There's just much better options out there for Trynd.

Not a bad summoner spell but summoner spells are pretty relevant with Tryndamere and you will never have room for this.

Basically the same argument here as with Clairvoyance. Revive is incredibly situational and Tryndamere is going to get more mileage out other summoner spells.

Ehhhh situational but like I've said before you don't need it with Trynd.


Important Note!

Depending on which summoner spells you use make sure to update your masteries accordingly. I.E. put 1 point in Haste rather than Perseverance.

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DON'T YOU EVER. That's all I have to save on the matter.

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Laning is probably the way I would suggest playing Tryndamere. He can jungle great but some champions really out class him in it ( Warwick, Udyr) so for me laning is the way to go. You have a great lane presence and BL gives you some great staying power. Tryndamere's ability to farm is also another reason Tryndamere is just a great laner.

Solo or Partner?

Since you don't have the survivability I like in a mid champ until about level 6 (sometimes a little sooner depending on the enemy team) laning with a partner is definitely the way to go. Now who do you lane with? Champions that make good laning partners with Tryndamere is any champion who helps you beat the **** out of another whether it be by buffs or stuns/snares. Janna and Zilean are a couple of great support champions that really help Tryndamere do work on the enemy team. Champions who have snares like Swain or slow like Dr. Mundo are also really great.

Turrets and You

"WTF TRYND U HAV ULT Y U NO DIVE" You get this a lot in some games. Most players don't understand that just because you have your ult doesn't mean that you should use it at every opportunity. Like I've said before timing is everything. I have to be pretty sure that I can secure the kill before diving into turret range. I myself have kited champs who thought they could dive me inside turret range and gladly picked up the kill when they died to turret damage from full health. "OH WHAT I HAD YOU!!!!?!?!!?!?!1!!??" No you didn't. Don't be that guy please. "Nice one Trynd, you got me there." or "WOW UR ULT IS BS TRYND" are acceptable reactions when you turret dive not "LOLOLOLLOLOLLROFL FAIL TYRNDMER". Yeah it feels great being a "fail Tyrndmer" doesn't it? For all of our sakes be damn sure you can kill someone when you turret dive. Oh and if you die while turret diving, if you didn't get a bonus from ending their killstreak it wasn't "worth it" because you said so in chat.

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1. When the game starts buy a Vampiric Scepter and head to the Wraith Camp. Once they spawn Smite the blue one and go ahead and finish off the lesser wraiths around it. After they are all dead use Bloodlust.

  • Experience - 120
  • Gold - 35
Lesser Wraith
  • Experience - 20
  • Gold - 12
Respawn Time - 100 seconds

2. Next move onto the Wolf camp. Similarly to the Wraith Camp kill the big Wolf (do not use Smite!) and move onto the smaller Wolves. Use BL after they are all dead.

Giant Wolf
  • Experience - 90
  • Gold - 25

  • Experience - 50
  • Gold - 16
Respawn Time - 100 seconds

3. Head all the way back down to the two golem camp (not blue buff golem). Once you kill both (without Smite!) recall. If you are worried about being ganked use BL and move to a tower before recalling. Once there buy Cloth Armor and 1 Health Potion.

  • Experience - 140
  • Gold - 30
Respawn Time - 100 seconds

4. Head to the blue buff Golem. Try not to Smite him and try to save BL stacks until after you kill him. Kill the small lizards next to him after the big golem goes down. Once you have cleared the blue buff camp the Wolf camp should've respawned (if they haven't either A. You got counter jungled B. You are really fast or C. Now you ****ed up). Kill the wolves again before moving onto step 5. Note: Offer this buff to your AP Carry or Support or whoever could make better use of it. You don't use mana and even though the CDR is nice it's much better in the hands of an AP Carry.

Ancient Golem
  • Experience - 220
  • Gold - 60

Young Lizard
  • Experience - 30
  • Gold - 10
Intial Spawn Time - 1:55
Respawn Time - 300 seconds (5 minutes)

5. After clearing blue buff and Wolves move to red buff (skip Wraiths!). When it gets low enough (roughly 500 hp) Smite it down. You should be level 4 by now and ready to gank with both your buffs. Note: These buffs only last 150 seconds (2:30) so make sure to gank right after you get it to make good use of your buffs.

Lizard Elder
  • Experience - 200
  • Gold - 60
Intial Spawn Time - 1:55
Respawn Time - 300 seconds (5 minutes)

At this point you should be able to jungle and gank at your convience. After you get Wriggle's Lantern you should be able to kill Dragon at this point. I'll note the respawn time below and make sure you kill Dragon whenever he respawn and your team will thank you for it.

  • Experience - 400 / # local team members
  • Gold - 190 + 25 (if you get the killing blow)
  • Global Gold - 190g to other each team member
Intial Spawn Time - 2:30
Respawn Time - 360 seconds (6 minutes)


Tryndamere is an incredible counter-jungler. His damage output allows him to finish most camps before the enemy team will have time to react and he can use Spinning Slash to avoid most warded locations to get into the enemies jungle undetected and while there can use Mocking Shout to alert him when enemies are approaching him possibly before they are even aware of him (see Abilities-in-Depth to learn more about those abilities).

When Do You Counter-Jungle?

I would suggest counter-jungling after you have Wriggle's Lantern finished and after you have killed Dragon. Make sure you do not have any opportunities to gank before counter-jungling. A kill is always worth more than a buff.

Where Do You Counter-Jungle?

You always want to try and take your enemies blue and red buffs. Try to not kill the Young Lizards that are by the buff mobs themselves. This will greatly increase the respawn time of the buff creeps because all creeps in the camp have to die before any will respawn. If Mocking Shout becomes activated while trying to kill an enemies buff hopefully you can finish it there with Smite and use Spinning Slash to escape undetected. If you cannot kill it with Smite cut your losses and bail. You stealing their buff isn't worth you dying.

Why Do You Counter-Jungle?

Counter-jungling slows down your opponents jungle considerably. Depending on when and who you counter-jungle you can really disrupt their flow and cause some problems for the enemy team. Denying them a buff also denies them an advantage that your team will benefit from.


As the jungler you are now responsible for a lot of your team's warding (Congrats!). Some of you however might not know where the proper or best places to ward are. The most important places to keep warded are the areas in front of Baron Nashor and Dragon. This will help you throughout the game since those areas usually get a lot of traffic. Some other pretty important places to ward are the bushes at the edge of the river on both top and bottom lanes and the bushes on either side of the middle lane. Next you will want to try and ward the bushes near your enemies' red and blue buff. Lastly ward your own red and blue buff bushes if you can. This will give your team a huge map advantage and let you know their movements at all time. Generally speaking a Sight Ward will get the job done and don't forget the Wriggle's Lantern ward. If you want to counter ward buying an Oracle's will be cheaper in the long run than buying Vision Wards.

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AP Tryndamere

Please Read: This part of the guide is not suggested or intended to be a viable strategy. It is intended to be something fun to try and play around with.

This is a fun way to play Tryndamere. Its all about Spinning Slash and healing ridiculously with Bloodlust. SS scales 100% with AP so at level 18 you are literally half shotting champs and 1 stack BL heals for something like 500. As you may have noticed a lot of the items have some way of reducing your cooldowns. This is because AP Tryndamere is incredibly reliant on his cooldowns. Every time SS is up you wreak absolute havoc. Every time it isn't you are running around trying to keep yourself healed (which is surprisingly easy). If you try this out please comment and let me know how it goes for you. I promise you it'll either go really well or really bad =D.


Your Marks will stay the same because you do need some CrC to build stacks of Bloodlust consistently.

AP per level is the best I can suggest for you here.

Read the description above once more.

Read the description above once more.


Much different setup then the typical Tryndamere mastery tree. The 9 points in offense to lower cooldowns and make Spinning Slash a little more potent. The 21 points in defense are there to make Tryndamere survive while SS is on cooldown. That about does it.


Pretty straightforward. Most of them reduce cooldowns, makes SS do more damage and BL heal more. You may want to replace Sorcerer's Shoes with Mercury's Treads if you are worried about CC at all. I haven't tested it myself but I figured Ionian Boots of Lucidity are viable for AP Trynd but that isn't saying much I suppose.

Skill Sequence

The skill order for AP Trynd is >>>. Not much else to add here...

Summoner Spells

For this build use Exhaust and Ignite. Ignite will do some much needed cleaning up and Exhaust will hopefully keep the enemy champ in range of Spinning Slash.

Again I'd like to remind everyone that IS NOT a recommended play style for Tryndamere.

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Summary: This section is currently not finished but I decided to publish what I had done. This will cover strategies for each individual champion and will include items that will help you play against them. Note: This section is NOT finished and if you disagree or have any comments about what is in this section please leave a comment so I may fix it or otherwise. Thanks.

Akali: There are a couple things on Akali that can give you some headaches. Shadow Dance will ruin your Christmas if you are not careful. Unless you have played Akali you might not know just how frequently she can use that ability and has a pretty good range so don't just think that because you Spinning Slash'd away that you're in the clear you may want to pop UR when trying to flee if you can't kill her. Twilight Shroud can make Akali hard to finish off sometimes. Its difficult to figure out the best course of action after Akali uses her shroud to escape. Entering it will slow you but its hard to see which way she went without being in the shroud a lot of the time. So this may sound strange but honestly the best way to kill a fleeing Akali is to just guess the way she is going to try and escape. Sometimes this won't always work out but after you get the hang of it, it will rarely steer you wrong. Now this next bit won't work a lot but it is incredibly satisfying. If Akali is at a low enough health just SS right through the middle of her shroud and you will occasionally kill her when she is stealthed. Be aware though that Twilight Shroud can also be used while being chased.
Akali can do some great damage and Twilight Shroud is annoying as **** in a team fight so Akali should be one of the first champs targeted.


  • Thornmail: Akali is a hybrid champ but a good portion of her damage comes from standard attacks so Thornmail isn't great but it isn't bad and the armor is nice. This item I'd only really suggest you getting if Akali is just shutting your team down left and right.

Annie: Burst champion here so timing with UR is up in the air until you figure out how much Annie is going to do in her rotation. Her burst is pretty quick so make sure you are on your toes when you are below half health with a good Annie around. Also Annie should be one of the first targets in a team fight. She is squishy and can do a wicked amount of damage so she needs to be taken down pretty fast.

  • Banshee's Veil: If Annie is just demolishing you this is a good way to counter her. Your offense is good enough against Annie so your defense is all you really got to worry about.

Brand: A pretty straight forward AP burst dps. He only has 2 abilities you need to learn to watch out for. Pyroclasm is something you need to learn to recognize. SPREAD OUT when you see this coming if not for your sake but the sake of your team mates. If you are going to lose in a fight against Brand you need to learn to recognize it early. UR is great but it only lasts 5 seconds. If Brand gets spell off inside UR his passive Blaze has a good chance of killing you. So make sure you try and get away earlier rather than later. Make sure you also know that Brand is a burst champ so be really careful when you are below 50% health. Brand should be one the first targets in a team fight because he does a lot of damage and good amount is AoE or can be AoE.

  • Banshee's Veil: If Brand is causing you trouble BV should help you out a lot. He does of burst dps and this will hopefully disrupt his rotation.

Cho'Gath: This guy is grade A annoying. Feral Scream can silence you and prevent you from using UR (you can Cleanse this) and Feast can sometimes make you miss your opportunity to use UR. He has a lot of health but honestly it shouldn't be an issue for you. Aside from his silence and occasional knock-up ( Rupture) Cho doesn't have much you need to worry about. Like most tanks Cho'Gath should be targeted toward the end of any team fight.

Corki: Umm actually there isn't much Corki can do to you. The strategy with Corki is pretty simple. Get close. Hit hard. That's... about it actually. I'd initiate with SS and MS right after and if you're going to kill him you're going to kill him. As strange as that sounds there isn't much you can do about Corki, I mean I can't really suggest any items here its that straight forward (if you feed him or let him farm to much you're pretty much boned by the way). In a team fight Corki should be one of the first champions targeted. Just get in close and crit him to death.

  • None

Dr. Mundo: Mundo really isn't a huge threat. Your biggest problem is trying to finish him off. Sadism will heal him a lot on top of a typically high health regeneration rate and it gives him extra movement speed to boot. My suggestion here is saving MS and SS for when he tries to run. In a team fight Mundo isn't too much of a threat. Typically DPS should be your targets and save tanks (like Mundo) for last.

  • Frozen Mallet: This item will keep Mundo slowed even after he uses Sadism which should make finishing him off easier.
  • Executioner's Calling: The active on this item should stop a lot of Mundo's healing and keep him at a nice low health after he uses Sadism.

Gangplank: GP isn't too much of a problem for Trynd. Grog Soaked Blade reduces healing by 50% which really effects BL but it isn't too bad. Remove Scurvy can remove CC effects which includes the slow from MS so keep that in mind. This ability also heals GP but it isn't really enough to worry about so definitely don't grab [{Executioner's Calling]] just for him. Cannon Barrage is something your going to have to watch out for after escaping with UR. Make sure you kind of run a strange way so you can hopefully avoid a well placed barrage if you don't have a lot of health. In a team fight Gangplank should go down basically right before you would target a tank. He isn't to potent unless really fed so he is almost bottom of the totem pole.

  • Frozen Mallet: Gankplank shouldn't ever really be a problem but one thing he might do is get away... a lot. GP's like to build items like Phantom Dancer and Youmuu's Ghostblade not to mention Raise Morale increases movement speed oh and don't forget Remove Scurvy's handy ability to remove CC you might have some trouble catching him. This is the best thing I can really suggest to help you in the chasing department.

LeBlanc: This chick can be a real pain. Mirror Image is going to be just annoying. You should be able to tell which one is the player though fairly easily since their behavior will be a good indicator. Sigil of Silence silences you on top of all the damage it does which is definitely a problem because against LeBlanc you can go from a lot of health to very little fast. Distortion allows her to blink around making it hard sometimes to finish her off or even get close enough to hit her and there isn't much you can do about it. Ethereal Chains is a slow that will change into a snare which again is just a pain in your ***. Trust me when I say that Cleanse is your best friend against LeBlanc. Mimic will burst your *** down so it is really important you stay on your toes if you are >50% health. LeBlanc is definitely going to be one of the first champions you want to target. Her damage output is insane and she has super burst along with CC on top of everything.

  • Banshee's Veil: Like on every other bursty AP dps BV will help you out against them.
  • Quicksilver Sash: If you don't have Cleanse as one of your summoner spells this might not be a bad item to pick up.

Mordekaiser: Mord is one of my better champions I play and so I know you might have a lot of trouble against a good one. All of his abilities will generate a shield with his passive Iron Man counter acting some of the damage you do. Creeping Death and Sunfire Cape (a typical item on Mord)) will deal constant damage to you. A well-timed Children of the Grave/ Ignite Combo will get you because it will last longer than UR will. I know because I get Trynds all the time with it. Unless you know you can solo him I wouldn't advise trying to take on alone after he's level 6. In a team fight it comes down to whoever is more farmed. A fed Mord can do a ridiculous amount of damage but a fed carry can do more. So just play it by ear.


  • Ryze: This guy has some decent burst and disabling. Rune Prison is a snare that will mess you up sometimes (you can Cleanse this). Typical burst champ strategy with UR here, if you are low enough to go down in a single burst watch out keep a finger on the 'r' key. Ryze should be one of the first champs to go in a team fight simply because he can do a lot of damage to everyone and thats not the best thing that could happen during a team fight.

    • Banshee's Veil: If Ryze is getting too much to handle just pick this item up like you should for all bursty AP dps.

    Soraka: A good Soraka is truly a pain. Infuse is a huge problem for Trynd considering it can silence you which can stop your UR from going off when you need it (you can Clease it though). Soraka also has the annoying habit of healing her allies and we don't like that. Make a note that Astral Blessing also gives armor so Soraka being on an enemy team may warrant a switch from The Black Cleaver to Last Whisper. In a team fight Soraka should be one of the first targets to go down because she can a. Silence you and b. heal her teammates.

    • Executioner's Calling: This item is pretty good to have while fighting Soraka or even to have when Soraka is in the game and level 6+. Wish can get pretty annoying late game so again the active on EC will help you out.
    • Banshee's Veil: If an AP Soraka is just destroying you (please don't let this happen) BV is a good item that will stop some damage.

    Swain: Surprisingly not as much as a hassle as you'd think. MS and SS together will keep Swain in range. Decrepify is not very potent as a slow, I mean it is annoying but Mocking Shout is far beyond it. Nevermove will trip you up sometimes but that is what Cleanse is for. Cleanse has a short enough cooldown to justify using it just to get out of Nevermove but I'd only suggest doing it if you are fairly sure you can get the kill. It also might be relevant to note that you cannot SS out of Nevermore. When to target Swain in a team fight basically depends how fed he is. Swain can do some very good damage but isn't too squishy and typically is not as big as a threat as other members on his team.

    • Executioner's Calling: Ehhh I'm not 100% if its worth it here but the active on EC can reduce the healing on Ravenous Flock. I mean granted Swain can get some sweet healing off of his ult but from experience you typically can dish out more punishment than he can heal.

    Vayne: I hate this *****. Tumble and Condemn will get her away from you almost every time and you can only hope she doesn't have Flash as well. Trying to approach a Vayne head on after early game without getting kited is nearly impossible so your best bet is to surprise her. Try to save SS until after she has tumbled or used Condemn and then use SS to get in close and try to get MS off while she is still close to you. Now even after all this catching up she still has one or two ways of creating distance and typically she'll have Phage or Trinity Force which really doesn't help us either. Priority in a team fight is tricky. She is squishy but has so many ways of escaping its like trying to beat down a tank. Still she does very good burst damage and can be a huge problem in a team fight so your best bet here is to get a disable lock her down and have the team focus her. She should go down quick enough.

    • Frozen Mallet: Against any slippery champ this item will help you keep close. That is if you manage to get a hit off. Hey Vayne, go die in a fire.

    Xin Zhao: This guy isn't to much of a problem. Typically you'll see an initiation with something like Audacious Charge into Three Talon Strike for the knock-up. This is all you really have to worry about. The charge gives you a light slow and the knock-up is a knock-up so its not long enough to really worry about unless you're at really low health. Xin should be one of the first targets in a team fight because he can put out some really good damage throughout the games and can do nasty stuff to squishies.

    • Thornmail: Yeah this will about do it for Xin. A Thornmail is brutal against Xin because of his high AD and AS so when fighting Xin, he'll do a lot of your work for you.