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League of Legends Build Guide Author Neyzyg


Neyzyg Last updated on August 26, 2012
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AP Tank Jungle

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Chapter 1


To Do


AP Jungle?




Summoner Spells


Ability Sequence


Jungle Route


Early/Mid/Late Game



Change Log


The upcoming Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath skin, buy it for 1820 RP, I am very pumped for this skin :), and when it comes out ill be sure to add a skin spotlight to the guide :).

To Do

  • Update items and item section
  • Add build No.2
  • Add a video guide on the ideal ganking routes, (may take some time as I am currently trying to buy a new PC).
  • Create an Early/Mid/Late game section to flesh out the "guide" part of the guide, ty to xenotechie for that suggestion.
  • Try out and add a new build to the guide, AP TANK :D, that might also take a little while due to my PC however i might just borrow a comp to try it out.

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Welcome! To my first guide on Mobafire, a quick introduction about myself to start this guide off, My LoL name is Neyzyg, and i started playing League about a year ago. I moved from Starcraft to League mainly due to the fact that Starcraft required a level of reflexes to play at a high level which I thought I would never achieve, and also the satisfaction of winning a close game of LoL was far more rewarding to me than the feeling of out playing a Starcraft opponent. If you would like a more in depth opinion on the jungle, and a guide or some tips and tricks in the jungle then I would be happy to create a jungling guide.

Enough about me :), Cho'Gath is a jungler that you rarely see in competitive play, and I believe this mainly to be because he was brought into the spotlight by HotshotGG in the top lane. He excels in the top lane due to his passive Carnivore. However, this also allows him to be an effective jungler and reduces the need to recall after the first jungle clear, allowing you to gank or hold lanes which other junglers with low sustain such as Jarvan IV couldn't do without a good pull/or the skill required to clear the jungle efficiently.

The main reason however, that I prefer Cho'Gath in the jungle rather than Top lane is due to his ability to camp a lane much like Maokai and shut down a troublesome opponent. Because of his Ultimate Feast he becomes extremely tanky without the need for many items, allowing you to either go the traditional Wit's End and Phage build or if you fall behind or your team requires a tanky front line then you can build remarkably tanky while still having disruption capabilities that other tanks like Shen or Rammus bring to the team.


AP Jungle? SPACE SPACE Back to Contents

So, some of you may be asking, AP Jungle Cho? Seems a bit weird. Well I had the same notion at first, and it was difficult finding a build that works in the jungle (the main problem being, AP items are meant for solo lanes, therefore they require a lot of money to buy). However if you reach the level of play where you can balance your farm with your lane presence then you will reel in enough money to keep your damage at a respectable level throughout the game, and towards end game, you will be impressed at how much damage you will out put while being so durable.

However I have found that AP jungle Cho is situational. You need to have another person on your team who can take punishment. You are NOT the tank, you cannot charge in and rape everyone while staying alive. You need a strong front-line for this to work, and sometimes you will find yourself doing very well with certain team comps, other times you will seemingly be useless. This happened to me on occasion, and the advice I have is, Learn the team comps that work with an AP Cho before you go into it.

Teams with a lot of strong front liners, and preferably an AP mid, to allow for double Will of the Ancients and to allow your Abyssal Mask to maximise the teams magic damage.
A possible team comp where Cho would work is
Irelia-Top lane (anyone of the bruisers would work, this is pretty versatile) Although i have found that a Vladimir top lane with and AD carry mid, is extremely powerful.
Brand-Mid lane (once again any AP will work, make sure they build a Will of the Ancients and you will both benefit)
Ashe-I chose ashe as the AD carry because of the CC she brings to the team.
Soraka-Once again this is completely based on counterpicking the enemy team, but soraka provides good health + mana for a team which is very mana heavy.
Cho'Gath-Jungle, CC, silence damage and is ridiculously hard to kill :), that's YOU :D.

Just as another note (I know I write a lot), The team comp which i have found is Extremely effective in an organized team such as 5v5's or when you know the mid/top laners is
Tanky AP top lane-such as Rumble, Vladimir, or Galio
Any sort of carry mid lane, the most success is when I have someone go mid to counter the AP mid like Talon Varus or even someone like AD Fizz, this team comp is very powerful if you can effectively keep the enemy team from swapping lanes, and your end game with double Will of the Ancients is AMAZING coupled with Abyssal Mask. However it is suggested that you have a tanky support such as Alistar or even a dual bot lane without an AD carry (I know people nowadays aren't in favour of changing the Meta-game but that is one of the best ways to throw off an opposition team).

I hope you enjoy my AP Jungle Cho, and I will continue to make changes to the build, as I feel that there are a few problems (it costs an absoloute ****LOAD to buy, and there are a few items I want to try out such as Hextech Gunblade and Tear of the Goddess)

As in pretty much all the guides you will see on Mobafire I would ask that you leave a comment if you find something is missing or you feel I have an incorrect reason for it. Please leave constructive criticism and reading the entire guide through is very much appreciated (although I am aware that I tend to write a lot)

Thanks to all the streamers that have helped me learn many tricks in the jungle that I never would have otherwise learned. If you take one thing away from this guide I would say the need to watch high level streaming is THE most important thing to do if you want to improve.
If you haven't seen any high level jungle streams then I suggest you check out streams like

and Lapaka

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.

Pros SPACE SPACE Back to Contents
  • Very tanky with very few items due to Feast
  • Can be built for many different situations, tanky bruiser, full tank, or DPS
  • His ganking presence is akin to Moakai or Rammus and can shut down troublesome lanes
  • Even if he falls behind his knock up from Rupture and long silence from Feral Scream is very useful regardless of the situation
  • After level 6 his buff clear time with Feast up makes it extremely hard to counter jungle him
  • Classiest skin in the game :D
  • HE HAS TWO LEGENDARY SKINS NOW XD, friggin awesome :)

  • Not a carry jungler like Nocturne
  • His ganks rely on landing Rupture (although they are nerfing the cast time to 0.5 seconds) :D, win :)
  • Losing stacks of Feast can be hard to recover from if you are the focus of a fight
  • His early jungle clear is prone to countering

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For many tanky AP junglers you will see similar masteries, such as Maokai, sometimes even Shen. The 3 points in ability power give your Vorpal Spikes a little bit more of an edge early game, allowing for a faster level 1 clear time. Some people prefer Alacrity rather than Sorcery to allow a faster level 1 clear, however if you have the recommended runes then the 25% attack speed is more than enough to clear the jungle with 3/4 to full HP at the end of the first clear. I find that the cool down reduction is a must for Cho'Gath, as you will find yourself needing your ultimate as fast as possible to gain 6 stacks of Feast as quickly as possible.

In the defense tree, the masteries are pretty standard for a tanky jungle. You will want your first clear to be as painless as possible and all of the masteries are geared towards damage reduction. Once again taking the cooldown reduction of Enlightenment to allow you to stack Feast as quickly as possible.

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Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Builds 1/2

Build 3

Summoner Spells
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Well...not much to say really, if you want to jungle and aren't familiar with this spell then I would suggest you take a look at a jungling guide, but just to clarify, there are a couple tricks that you can do to prevent people from stealing your buffs by linking smite with Feast for a ridiculous amount of instant burst.

If you already have 6 stacks of Feast and just want to prevent the enemy from stealing the objective then once the objective reaches 1000+(insert smite damage here) feast then smite it. If you want a stack of Feast while doing this then just reverse it and you will gain a stack of Feast as well. (This technique is much easier if you use smart cast on Feast.)

Most reliable escape tool in the game, even after the nerf it allows you to do so many things it is only held back by its cool down :( (1 sec cool down flash would be very interesting :D). It allows you to flash over walls, flash Rupture, flash Feral Scream, flash Feast and also just flash to scare the **** out of someone ;).
Try not to flash into a wall however, as you look like a ******, while also probably dying a painful death. (it happens to the best of us)

A nice substitute if you don't see the need to have an escape, (for whatever reason, be it you are really confident in your ability to face-roll the enemy or you just find that your ganks are coming up short) then this can help secure a kill or even allow you to just walk away from that annoying Warwick.
Mhhhhmmmmm...ehhhhhh....uuuuuuuhhhh, mayyyyyyybe, I find this is a spell which is much more useful on auto-attack gankers like Nocturne or Shyvana, however if you are in love with this then there are situations which it is better than flash. Such as teams with low CC or a slow movespeed team with people like Fiddlesticks, however if you are popping your ghost and running up to someone to autoattack chances are they have Flash, and unfortunately without Flash you can't chase over walls, and also, you will be unable to flash smite baron and dragon, or just have a suprize gank with flash silence into *Rape enemy with Feast*.

As far as other summoner spells go I wouldn't go near the rest as Ignite is for people who want to secure early kills, and taking this on a support/tanky jungler is just asking to KS your carries...No, just leave it to the AP and AD or bruisers to take this as they need the kills/farm far more than you do. The rest should be confined to a corner and a flamethrower shall be taken to your face if you ask me why I am not taking promote because large siege minions look badass. :)

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  • carnivore: This is what allows you to have that early sustain that many junglers lack, and moving to mid game, the small camps allow you to actually regain your HP and Mana with no Lifesteal items whatsoever. If this was a Top lane guide then this would by far be the most important thing in Cho's kit however it only comes into play in the jungle during early/early mid game. Although it has to be said that when you are holding lanes, this ability is like an instant reward for last hitting, and constantly reminds you to last hit while giving you a nice amount of HP and mana regardless of whether you killed a mage minion or baron nashor :D, how awesome is that! :D
  • rupture (Q): This is your ganking tool, your number one best friend as a ganker. With this skill you can set up a gank, run away by dropping this behind you while running, or in the early levels to knock up the creeps to avoid some damage between auto-attacks.
  • feral scream (W): One of the most annoying silences in the game, while also doing a decent amount of damage. Use this after you land rupture to prevent the enemy from using flash, or other spells, and to also seriously piss of that Kassadin that though he could Riftwalk away...what a wanker
  • vorpal spikes (E): This is a very nice boost to your early game damage, and allows you to clear the jungle very fast for a tank/tanky bruiser, with very little offensive items. It synergises very well with attack speed for obvious reasons and also provides a deceptively large amount of damage if you are allowed to go unchecked in a fight. One thing I have yet to confirm is if enemies can see the spikes if they leave a bush you are attacking in, and I would be grateful if someone could answer that if possible.
  • Feast (R): This. Is. THE Ability. It makes you a buff raper, a tank regardless of items, gives you amazing mid game burst, an amazing chain combo smite to secure baron/dragon and neutral buffs. This is the reason that you stack cool down reduction, and the more you have the more quickly you will become that gigantic pain in the *** that we all know and love. Just be warned, as constantly spamming this, or saving it for the right moment is what separates the good Cho'Gath's from the great. If you have the temptation to Feast a minion to finish that last stack, but you are aware that the enemy team is massing near baron then the common sense in you would suggest that you save your Feast for that crucial teamfight, whether it is used to add more damage to the teamfight or to steal baron, you must think ahead before you use this ability.

    Regardless of whether you use it or not, I would recommend smart-cast for this ability, as it will allow your chain combo with smite to be cast much quicker.

Ability Sequence
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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >

This is a standard build that most Cho's will use, as the early levels in Vorpal Spikes will give you the damage needed to clear camps while the early single point in rupture is all you need to gank, (the slow doesn't scale with levels). Maxing Feral Scream next allows the silence to last an unreal amount of time, although nothing like a silence from Dota, but 3 SECONDS...JESUS. And of course, leveling Feast whenever possible to maximise your baddasery and tankyness.

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Item Build 1
  • Philosopher's stone: a standard tanky jungling item that allows you some decent sustain and also the ability to give blue buff to your mid/top/support/whoever needs it. The main reason is the GP-10 however, as it builds into a Shurelya's Reverie, which is an amazing support item.
  • : another tanky jungler item, allow you to reel in some gold and also allows you the choice of building a Randuin's Omen.
  • Kage's Lucky Pick: This is an item that I try to get whenever possible if my first ganks go well, as it allows you to maximize your gold income even further, and can be sold towards the end game for a more important item, however this is somewhat situational.
  • : The No.1 Choice for anti-CC and early-mid game MR. The cc reduction it gives you is never to be underestimated and the early boost to your MR gives you the durability against AP that you lack from going MR per level glyphs
  • : Gives you AS, MR, and a very nice passive that allows you to go toe to toe with AP carries. This item gives you a much needed damage boost while also giving you some very respectable defensive stats that most items cannot offer.
  • : Pretty Self-Explanatory, to be picked up if your support wants to pick something else up, such as abyssal scepter for example.
  • Shurelya's Reverie: This item is so valuable throughout the entire game, whether you rush it or not that it should be the first item you should work towards. Some say that you need the extra gold from Nomad's Medallion, however the move speed buff this gives you is invaluable, whether it is initiating, escaping, or moving to an objective quicker, the importance of using this item's active cannot be underestimated, and the health and CDR are always a very nice boost to your stats. As was brought to my attention by OTGBionicArm, double shurelya's is situational...If your team lacks the good initiation and you are finding chasing/initiating very difficult then this item will allow a 6 second move speed bonus to the entire team, otherwise you may just end up wasting an item and both you and your support won't use this item to its maximum potential.
  • : Mana, CDR, armour, and an amazing passive that wrecks autoattackers like Tryndamere and Nocturne, a must if you are going tanky Cho'Gath.
  • : This is primarily an end game item, however, if you find yourself needing an extra slow, against AD heavy teams, or against attack speed champs like Tryndamere, Warwick, and Nocturne then by all means, click this and watch them trip over themselves in amazement as you stroll away. Once again brought my attention by the extremely helpful comments on my guide, if you find that the AD's on the enemy team aren't posing much threat then replacing this with a situational item is entirely possible. The support on your team may have bought this, in that case it's not nearly as necessary to buy this item.

Item Build 2

: See Above, this item will allow you to clear jungle faster, and if you are building DPS, then you activate your Vorpal Spikes and your auto-attacks will hurt SO much more.

: This item is a wonderful early/mid game item, as it gives durability, a little bit of damage, and a slow which is somewhat underestimated. The real Advantage of this item it that you can build it into one of 2 Fantastic DPS items. Trinity Force and Frozen Mallet

: This is an amazing item if rushed, and it gives you everything that a DPS tank would want. However this item drops off late game slightly and it's slow is somewhat unreliable, as well as you not using the Sheen proc as much as someone like Ezreal

: This item is expensive...I won't lie, it takes a decent amount of time to earn 3.2k. However it is the most reliable slow in an item, in the game, and gives you some very nice HP. The attack damage is nothing to write home about however you aren't building pure AD, rather DPS, and this item will allow you to stick to your target like some Inhuman glue like thing. :D

Item Build 3

Kage's Lucky Pick: GP-10, and AP. what more could you want? it also builds into Deathfire's Grasp, an amazing nuker item allowing you to burst down then enemy carry instantly with your ultimate.

: A very safe choice for AP Cho, because all the stats it gives are remarkably good, HP, Mana, AP, and of course it gives you a little sustain if you level up, and the other reason I get this early is to get the charges of it much quicker.

: This item is Freaking Awesome, it is very underrated on double AP teams, as most people don't tell their team member to buy it, however the double buff from this will make you and your AP carry very very scary. This item can be replaced if there isn't enough magic damage on your team to warrant buying this.

: Another great double AP item, however this one I wouldn't recommend replacing, as the passive is amazing for removing the enemy MR, and this item allows you to get Mercury's Tread instead of [[Sorcerer's Shoes].

: This item speaks for itself, as since you are an autoattacker, the passive will destroy squishy targets, this is the end game item you want to work towards.

Deathfire's Grasp: Well, if you want to rip an enemy to shreds in one second then this is the item to get. Combine this with your combo, Rupture> Feral Scream, Feast, Deathfire's Grasp you can almost instantly burst down a target, guaranteeing the enemy will be scared ****less.

: I'm sure many people will question this item, however I do find that if you want the extra damage then this is the obvious choice. However it can easily be replaced with any of the situational items if you find the team already has enough damage and wants to have more utility.

Situational Items for Build 3

: A nice Magic Pen item to allow you to make even the tanks cry, an alright choice if you are facing a tanky opposition and your Abyssal Mask isn't enough to break through the MR.

: I wouldn't normally go this item, however if you are face-rolling the enemy team then by all means buy this and no matter how much MR they stack your damage will still find it's way through.

: If you can get this item in the confidence you won't die, then you probably have already won by then, however I have had some fun with this item before, and it will allow you to rape faces so easily that it's not even funny anymore (well maybe a little).

Situational items for All Builds

: This should be taken if you feel that the enemy team has a little too much CC even with Mercury's Treads. The passive from this item will stop many spells that would wreck your team in a team-fight such as Enchanted Crystal Arrow and even Twisted Advance. It has also saved me when you are running and you walk over that stupid AP Teemo's mushroom with 100 HP left. Life saver :)

: This item is very situational, and I say this not because you shouldn't get it, but you are the tank. You will die a lot. And this item isn't cheap, so you are losing a good item such as Frozen Heart or Shurelya's Reverie in place of a minor revive. If you are being focused in a team-fight then you should be happy that you are and focus on reducing the enemies damage, rather than having a second chance once every 5 minutes. If the enemy are stupid enough to focus you in a team-fight then by all means, build this, however In most cases you are so tanky you won't be killed quickly enough, and by the time they realize that you are un-killable, your teams AD and AP carry have ripped a nice hole in their faces :).

Just to clarify, if you are building Tanky DPS, then this item is probably number 1 on my to buy list when you are nearing end-game, as you will cherish this passive forever once it wins you a fight because you needed a second chance at killing that annoying Warwick. This item is however not to be used as a, "now I can run in and solo the enemy team" item. It will allow you to mess up once, however you need to be aware that when you are revived your HP is relatively low seeing as you have about 2.5k HP, so you should still have the same type of playstyle, and make sure that IF YOU DO DIE and this passive is up...Then die somewhere convenient, not under a tower for Christ sake :P.

: This item is a bit iffy, as I find that building Mecury's Treads and Wit's End gives you enough MR to HP ratio. However, this item I have found is a COMPLETE counter to one item in that you are actually remarkably likely to see against you. Madred's Bloodrazor
This item is meant to be a tank killer, and the only thing that can prevent this item from absolutely and undoubtedly shredding you to pieces is building MR. Force of Nature provides the highest MR besides Wit's End and since you are quite tanky due to your Feast, the passive is pretty decent, however it won't turn you into a Dr. Mundo

Jungle Route
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Cho'Gath is pretty Versatile in the routes you can take, due to his Vorpal Spikes costing no mana! This allows him to start at red and gank immediately, golems then red with a leash, wraiths then red with a leash, or the standard wolves then blue with a leash.

For the beginners the easiest route with a good leash is wolves>blue>wraiths>red/golems>golems/red>gank.
However you must keep in mind that if the enemy decides to counter jungle you early, or you feel you want to counter jungle early then starting at the enemy wraiths into a leash around the enemies Red Buff will allow you to gank immediately after, while giving you a decent advantage early game over the enemy jungler.



Idling is something that you would do when either you need some gold because you have fallen behind in gold due to an early death, your lanes are pushed and you are unable to gank, or there are no lanes to hold/help out.
The basic idling route is wolves , wraiths , golems , and by then wolves should have re-spawned.

Just as a point of interest, as a jungler you should always have an awareness of when your Buffs/Dragon/Baron re-spawn, and typing the re-spawn time into chat allows your team to be aware of when something spawns and group or be ready for it when it does.

Wolves Wraiths Golems : 75 seconds
Blue Buff and Red Buff : 5:00 Minutes
Dragon : 6:00 Minutes
Baron Nashor : 7:00 Minutes

In all games, whether it is at 1000 elo or 2100 elo, you will see a jungler. And most people are aware of the presence of a jungler, however many in the lower elo don't know how to give the jungler an effective "leash" or "pull" to allow him to clear the jungle at higher HP than if he had soloed the route.

Stonewall's Jungle Leashing Tutorial, if you haven't checked out his channel on Youtube, its an invaluable resource for any aspiring junglers, and people who want to learn how to give a good leash to their jungler.

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Image taken from Fiddlesticks:Fear the jungle by ModotheGreat

Orange Points: These wards are primarily for the laners to ward, however if they cannot go to base then you might have to be the nice guy and donate a ward to their lane.

Light Blue Points: These are defensive wards, they are to protect your jungle from invasion and protect your buffs from being stolen.

Purple/Green Points: These wards are to prevent the enemy team from baiting you into a bush or from someone stealing the smaller camps and just roaming in your jungle in general.

Yellow Points: These wards are to give vision of enemies crossing the all-important river area, whether they are setting up for dragon/baron/ganking or just moving from one point to the other they are very very important.

Red Points: These are the most important mid/late game wards, if you have vision on dragon/baron then you have a chance to steal or contest it. The importance of these wards cannot be stressed enough.

You don't have to ward everywhere all the time, however you should, as a jungler be buying at least one ward with any spare money that you have left over, and placing it in any locations that your team has little vision of.
Early/Mid/Late Game
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Early Game

Early game for jungle Cho'gath is slightly different from the normal jungle tanks you see, such as Maokai and Skarner. You have 2 options, you can either clear the jungle once, then find a lane to camp and ruin for the opponent. This option would be necessary for a troublesome match-up, e.g the enemy has a Kassadin or Mordekaiser, and they need to be shut down early.

The other early game option would be to farm till level 6, then build your Feast stacks and then camp a lane. This option I find less favorable because of Cho's early ganks being relatively good, (he has 2 forms or CC which is more than many junglers have even with their ultimates).
You will want to capitalize on your early ganks being powerful by ganking whenever there is a chance. you will most likely be outfarmed, however if you are a decent ganker then that won't matter as your lanes will have won.
This is an easy way to snowball a lane and ensure a teammates victory. Therefore I would recommend trying to gank always, and keep your lane presence up.

A point to note is that your playstyle, whether it be farming or ganking or holding lanes all day, is completely based on the enemy team. Do not always follow a ganking playstyle, as it is only useful against farming junglers, and weak escape opponents.
However you cannot always sit and farm in your jungle because if the enemy has a stronger laning phase then you will have let them get the advantage over you, and since the early game is all about who wins the laning phase I strongly suggest you practice learning when to gank, and when to back off and farm.

Mid Game

This is the part of the game when early skirmishes are breaking out, and teams start to fight over buff, dragon and tower control. This for some games can be the "pushing phase" or it can turn into the teamfighting stage if one team knows they are more powerful and
wants to force a teamfight.

In this part of the game one thing to keep in mind is that farming is still necessary. Even though I said you should be "ganking a lot", whenever you can, or whenever you pass by a creep camp, clear it, the exp and gold is a lot more reliable than a possible gank kill.
So, your job as the tank/tanky DPS in the mid game as a jungler, is to keep an eye on the enemy jungler and the enemy movement around dragon. You should, as a team be in control of dragon, and should be able to kill it whenever it spawns, allowing for a gold and exp advantage over time.
This means, warding the dragon area, when you are roaming around the map you must keep an eye on the enemy jungle (that's where wards in the enemy jungle help a lot), using wards or CV, to make sure he doesn't try to sneak a dragon, because during mid game most junglers will have the ability to solo dragon, especially the farming junglers like Shyvana Udyr and any jungler that builds very offensively.

Late Game

This part of the game teamfights will certainly be breaking out, towers will be pushed, and teams will usually stick together. This means you should also stick together.
The number one rule that I found would save games on a regular basis, is
This may seem slightly silly, however many of you will have had that game where everything is going well, your carries are fed, the enemy is behind significantly, and all you have to do is win the next teamfight and the game is over. And then...that stupid AD carry walks into a bush without a ward and the enemy were waiting for him, just waiting to get that guy, and you lose the teamfight, then a few towers, then the game.
This isn't uncommon for teams which are ahead. People will refuse to group because they want the laning phase to continue, and they want to finish their build before they can engage on the enemy.

It doesn't work like that.
1. Wards, you are the jungler. You and the support, and anyone who has spare money and a slot should be spraying these all over the map in various locations (see warding guide), and making sure that the enemy cannot move without you knowing about it.
2. Oracles, this is almost universally forgotten in lower elo, as very few people ward, however if the support doesn't have this by late game then buy it. Denying enemy vision will make them wary, it will mean they don't know whether you are doing baron, dragon, in their jungle stealing blue buff, or just camping in that tiny little bush which seems too small for Cho'Gath and his cronies to fit inside.
3. Grouping, always stay as a group unless you are confident there is no way the enemy can engage onto you. If there is a large minion wave however I am not suggesting the entire team farms it, by all means defend the enemy's push, however sending one person to a large minion wave on the enemy side of the map is asking to be caught out, be careful when farming, this is a team game, so when 5 of the enemy jump onto you don't be the one to say "5v1 noobs", because you were out of position.
4. Last but not least, ITEMS, this doesn't mean, farm all day. No. What I am saying about items is...This is a guide, a "GUIDE", not the bible on how to build every single game. Therefore, the most important part of League of legends, the hardest part to master (I believe), is buying the right items. Early game items are usually pretty standard.
But, If you are going against a team with two AP's, such as Brand mid and Vladimir top, then what would be the point in stacking armour? Or an AD heavy team, there would be no point in getting a large amount or MR. This is SO SO important, the amount of people I see even in higher elo's just following there builds is saddening. Build according to what the enemy builds.
If the enemy builds a double Will of the Ancients, then build something like Force of Nature along with something else to combat that AP heavy team. If the enemy builds armor penetration, then why the Hell are you stacking armor? Build HP instead.

To clarify,
Armor > AD
AD > Health
Health > Armor/Spell Penetration
Armor Penetration > Armor (Duh)
Ability Power > Health[/color]
Spell Penetration > Magic Resist
Magic Resist > Ability Power

If you do use this little "thing" I created then please refer to me as the creator of it :P, wouldn't want my genius being stolen.

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This is a pretty straight-forward role for Cho. You are the tank, or part of the tanky front-line therefore you should be the first one in and the last one out. You don't have the greatest initiation in the world, so be careful when trying to start a fight, however if you see that the enemy team has good initiation your role should be to make sure they CANNOT under any circumstances initiate onto your carry. E.g Ashe firing an arrow at your face is better than Mr. Graves (or whichever Ad carry you have) being frozen in place while you watch him get raped by then entire enemy team.

If possible, when the fight breaks out try to knock up as many people with your Rupture as possible, thus allowing your team to capitalize on the enemy floating aimlessly in the air. Another point to note is that while using Feral Scream on the AD carry won't be of much use, silencing that annoying Brand from popping his ultimate and wrecking your entire team with one spell will most likely take him out of the fight for good.

One thing keep in mind is that in teamfights it is your role to harass the enemy carry. This means you must try to get to them and push them away from the fight. As the helpful comments reminded me, if the AD carry is wasting time running away from you, then your team is most likely going to win the fight. The combination of rupture into feral scream will be enough to make the carry aware of your presence, however to be completely certain that he won't just ignore you, you have a built in AOE autoattack. This means if you get up to the AD/AP carry and start auto-attacking then chances are they will be wondering why their health is going down so fast and will start running. If you can do this effectively then you have shut down a main source of damage and the team fight is already leaning in your favor.

My final point about teamfights is, knowing when to back off. A successful teamfight doesn't always mean an Ace. If you eliminate a key enemy, such as the AD/AP Carry, or even the Initiator/Tank. Then you may have the opportunity to back off, and get baron/dragon or a few towers. Chasing the enemy for long periods of time is never a good idea after a teamfight, and always keep an eye on the enemy respawn timers, to gauge whether you can finish the baron/dragon/tower before they get there.

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I hoped you enjoyed reading all that stuff that I wrote :P, and took the time to learn from anything you didn't already know. I would be very grateful if you could give me tips to improve the guide as I will update it at least once a week. And also, a comment and a +vote would be very much appreciated and I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have concerning pretty much anything LoL related :).

Hope you have a great time playing the Monster that is Cho in the jungle :D, and if you have any screen-shots of your scores then I would be happy to add them to the guide and give you a shout-out :D.

I will put your name here if you help me out by giving me some helpful advice, a score, screen-shot, a funny comment, or just are a cool guy/girl in general :)

Thanks to
OTGBionicArm for the +rep and the suggestions thanks a lot bro.
xenotechie for the +rep and comment ;)
Dusktoglory for the +rep and comment :)
koreansp for the +rep and comment :D
pluckin-penguin for the +rep and comment

Stay in school Kids,

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.

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    I also added a nice chunk to the teamfights section to clarify Cho's role in the cluster**** that is teamfights. :) Updates the shout out's section as well.
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