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Urgot Build Guide by Urpog

Middle [11.20] Urpog's master tier guide to Urgot midlane!

Middle [11.20] Urpog's master tier guide to Urgot midlane!

Updated on October 8, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Urpog Build Guide By Urpog 24 3 13,688 Views 1 Comments
24 3 13,688 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Urpog Urgot Build Guide By Urpog Updated on October 8, 2021
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Runes: Standard core

1 2
Press the Attack
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Second Wind

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Win 52%
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Top Lane Ranked #18 in
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Ability Order Core, don't stray from this.

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Champion Build Guide

[11.20] Urpog's master tier guide to Urgot midlane!

By Urpog
Hi ! I'm Urpog. I'm a Diamond in every lane peaked masters Urgot main and yes I mean every lane, I've played Urgot Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC and support finding success in every role. I've always played league the way I've wanted to play league and I've done it ever since season 7 when I first started playing league and I love sharing my personal niche knowledge about offrolling Urgot and talking about him general, so I thought I'd write a little guide about him if anyone wanted to try out Urgot mid.

This is my main account where I'm (as of writing)75% WR playing Urgot MID / ADC.

This is my NA user where the grind started, climbed to D2 with about 70% WR but just stagnated since I started taking EUW more seriously - I am from England so every game on NA I've ever played has been with 120 ping !

If you were curious to see how my games are going and how personally I'm adapting my builds and playstyle around games I stream almost daily at !
Why Urgot mid?
If you're like me, you're probably pissed off with the state of top lane right now, every toplane game follows the same pattern of two ways they play out;
    You're ganked by the enemy jungle 1 or 2 times and then you're made completely obsolete and you never get any returning help, your botlane goes 0/10 and your role already has no agency.

    You get the one in a million gank and then your laner is playing something better than you and you lose your lead slowly and painfully, Tahm Kench, Mordekaisers and Cami run rampant and do whatever they want while we try to scale, not fun.

So go midlane! The worst matchup mids doesn't mean the game is unplayable for you, Urgot's worst matchup midlane is Anivia and Cassiopeia and you can easily farm it out against them granted you might lose some plating to do it - what I'm trying to say is a bad matchup toplane is not even comparable to a bad matchup midlane, getting behind midlane doesn't mean you're out of the game like it does toplane, you don't have to AFK farm for 20 minutes because there's actually something happening around the map when you're playing midlane, you can also take teleport if you're a real team player - I recommend talking teleport when you lane against something like a Ziggs which you have absolutely 0 kill pressure on.
Wave management / Roaming
(Good match up eg; Sylas, Kassadin, Yone, Yasuo)

Level 1 you should be immediately pushing the wave but be very conscious you're only using one of your legs when shoving the wave, you want to save all other 5 of your legs for kill pressure on your laner, if you've been pushing correctly - punishing your laaner for walking up to CS if they're melee, you'll always hit level 2 before they do, once you hit level 2 and if they're still level 1, you want to E + Flash ignite then hold your W on them, you have ABSURD kill pressure level 2 and even if you don't kill - you're still going to burn their flash which enables your jungle to come mid whenever they want free kills, Urgot is one of the best champions in the 2 v 2 situation and you have amazing gank setup - Your Q is a slow to let your jungle get into range, if your jungle has a stun then you're set up to use your E, your ult can be used as gap closing as it's slow is huge.

Level 2 you want to be shoving , what you're trying to achieve here is pressure and usually mages are midlane - they struggle to shove back against you early, your W can get you incredible prio as it's an incredible shove tool get those minions under tower, make them use their abilities on the wave instead of you, force them to lose either 200 gold or do 200 damage to you, once your minions are under the enemy tower that's exactly when you want to start walking around with your jungle, you want to be looking for the 2 v 2 scuttle fights always, even if your jungle is comparatively weaker to the enemies ! As said prior Urgot is one of the best 2 v 2 champions in the game, if you've got the kill early against your laner too you should come back to lane lvl 2 preferably with a cull and deshove ready for the scuttles, so keep in mind if you want to play Urgot mid you are always looking to fight 2 v 2, 1 v 1 you might lose out against mages, especially something like Anivia.

(Bad matchup; eg Cass, Ryze, anything that can contest your early game)

Level 1 you should be letting them push into you for the most part, you want them to be crashing the wave under your tower so you can farm it without taking poke from them, anything with range should be actively attempting to zone you from the wave; refer to this video about how I piloted the game against Cassiopea in general but pay particular attention to how I played the early game, otherwise you aren't going to have fun against her, the goal with this kind of play is that you'll preserve legs and HP so you can make plays either level 1 or 2 or 3 which is exactly what I did against her, if you're confident you can make the play level 3 then you can expend your legs on the wave for CSing but you always need to be actively setting something up.

At level 2 in the bad matchup, you should be looking to hold the wave around your tower, level 2 is building up into where the jungles start doing something on the map, if the wave is at your tower you're putting passive pressure on the enemy laner for even being pushed up towards your tower; so you're either going to gain some passive pressure on your opponent while you're comfortably CSing and then lead it into a gank or you're setting up a kill window, again refer to the cassi laning I did above!

Your first back should be based on your gold amount, please refer to my matchup guides and buildpaths for what your ideal backs should be but you're either looking for;
(FB) 600 gold for cull + control ward
875 gold for Pickaxe.
1200 gold for Tiamat.
1300 gold for Giants belt + Ruby crystal.

If you've went the Pickaxe route you want to be very aggressive and offensive, you want to be taking trades where you're losing HP and so are they, you are actively looking to kill your laner when you are building Pickaxe, if you have went Tiamat then you're doing essentially the same thing but it's not your laner you're looking to kill, it's stuff on the map, shove that wave under tower with your obnoxious pushing power then look for raptors while the midwave is under the enemy tower - this of course is implying the enemy jungle isn't nearby, vision is really core on enabling Urgot mid, in a 20 minute game I average around 30 vision, I buy 3 control wards on average a game and put down an average of 10 wards during laning phase, you can 1 v 2 ganks but very hard midlane with the amount of damage mages have. - I expect you to be around level 5 on your first base unless you got the first blood, if you got the first blood, stay to shove the wave under tower then leave, come back to lane with a ruby crystal and a control ward, don't ever buy additional potions it is a waste of gold.

If you've played your lane well then at this point you're an oppressive midgame god, once you have Titanic hydra you should be actively looking to invade the enemy jungle on your own, stealing camps away and putting some deep vision down, your goal with Urgot mid isn't just to lane against your laner, you need to be the one oppressing the enemy jungle if that's with your jungle or just by yourself, you need to understand your limits and it's a learning process for sure but there's some games where I've completely taken over games and averaged 11 CS permite from just taking enemy JG farm and my lane.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Urpog
Urpog Urgot Guide
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[11.20] Urpog's master tier guide to Urgot midlane!

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