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Evelynn Build Guide by PantherFFS



Updated on November 18, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PantherFFS Build Guide By PantherFFS 10 1 4,519 Views 0 Comments
10 1 4,519 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PantherFFS Evelynn Build Guide By PantherFFS Updated on November 18, 2021
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Runes: Standard

1 2 3
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
into squishies
LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Champion Build Guide


By PantherFFS
So, let's start with the reason you're reading this particular guide.
I'm not a Challenger player. I'll most likely never reach these upper echelons of League. I'm not some 6000 LP Peak 3.2M GOD OTP Evelynn. My peak probably lies somewhere in Plat and I'm honestly okay with that.
You'll find plenty of high-elo guides and clickbaited YouTube videos with flashy thumbnails. I have nothing against them personally - I mean it's good content to watch to dinner or something - but howrelevant are those to the experience of the average League player? Even if they're smurfing in low-elo, they're still thinking like a Challenger and have so much experience and high-elo habits that won't really work for you.

No, you're here for a mix of degenerate comedy and down-to-earth low-to-mid elo advice. You're here to listen to a random guy (you can call me Panther) ramble about his beloved onetrick while he pretends to be an egirl online so ***** guys buy him skins. So let's get on with that ****.

QUICK UPDATE - Pre-Season 12 has arrived yesterday as I'm writing this! A sizeable list of changes (though about half the size of preseason 11), but just as chaotic and did-they-think-this-through as always! What follows in underscores across the relevant sections are my very tentative thoughts on the biggest changes supplemented by some PBE experimentation, Rek's thoughts and Phreak's patch notes video. I haven't played the preseason myself yet cause i've been, uh, celebrating getting Plat, but I'll try to after this text goes live. Again, scroll down for an underscored take on the juiciest parts.
She's the Queen, the icon, the moment.

Click to expand a section about lore!

Evelynn is an insane burst AP assassin entirely designed around her passive Demon Shade which gives her permanent out-of-combat camouflage from level 6. She doesn't have any crazy mechanics (she literally has one combo) so her skill expression lies entirely in pathing and positioning. Stalking your prey, finding the most advantageous angle to pounce from is the essence of playing Evelynn.

This champion is for psychopaths. I am not okay. Making enemies very miserable very fast has been the most fun I've had in League ever since I came back to it in Season 8 (my initial contact was in December 2010). The nature of the champion brings out the worst stalker tendencies in her player. Soon enough you become addicted to seeing healthbars disappear (lower burst champs just doesn't feel the same anymore) and getting flamed in allchat (RIP my sweet prince), later you subscribe to r/QueensOfLeague and discover your closeted sexuality make like-minded friends there. Evelynn is a very unique champion in League of Legends and, I'd go as far as to say, pretty balanced on the design front. She's the lowest range assassin in the game due to her passive; she's extremely squishy but her passive HP regen makes up for that out-of-combat; half her damage (E Empowered Whiplash and R Last Caress) disappears if she's so much as grounded/rooted; a 75g item Control Ward in the shop counters her completely.
Passive - Demon Shade

When out of combat for a few seconds, you start regenerating your health based on level and AP - it starts from 40% HP but can get you anywhere from 70% to 100% HP if you're fed enough. After 6, you gain her infamous camouflage, which is the main reason we're playing this champion. You get to ignore yellow and blue wards completely and are revealed only by red wards (considerably longer range than the circle; you get a red shimmer) and champion vision in a radius conveniently slightly smaller than your Q dart range. Whenever you're not on the map, it instills your enemies with that sense of sweet, sweet dread which will persist throughout the entire time you're fed and will probably make them PSTD ban Eve after or make a rage post on r/leagueoflegends.

Q - Hate Spike

Evelynn throws a dart in a target direction, dealing magic damage and granting extra magic damage on 3 next attacks on the struck target. Evelynn can then recast Q for up to three times toward, in order: enemy champions, recent targets, other enemies.

This is your ranged damage tool, farming tool and charm-popping tool. Landing the first dart is the more important the less fed you are; missing it removes about 30% of your damage. The recasts are slightly shorter range and, unfortunately, you can't aim them yourself (Riot pls make it prioritize Allured champions tysm). You can't Q-Flash though - the dart fires from the start of the cast time. You're going to give your ring finger/pinky quite the exercise while clearing the jungle. Good move, fun to spam.

W - Allure (used to be called Lust Dust wtf riot)

Evelynn curses the target for 5 seconds. Expunging the mark with attacks or abilities slows for 0.75 seconds. If the mark stayed for at least 2.5 seconds (the heart forms), the target is charmed instead and its magic resistance shredded.

This is the bulk of Evelynn's skill expression right here. It's your mind-game move - whoever you blow your kiss towards, gets about 2.5 seconds of preparation before you come barreling down on them. Target selection is extremely important - so is knowing your damage so you can choose whether you can afford letting the charm charge or using it instantly for the slow and just going in immediately. The more fed you are, the less you need this skill. Mobile characters will do everything in their power to prevent you from charming them, so make sure to account for that. Most enemies will start to immediately back off when you place this, so use your passive to position behind them so they walk right into your eager, loving arms.

E - Whiplash (the virgin one)

Evelynn whips her target, dealing a bit of max health magic damage and gaining 30% move speed for 2 seconds.

This move is honestly ****. You use it either to run away or to last hit camps while moving to the next one. Still applies on-hits, if that's ever useful in context.

Empowered Whiplash (the chad one)

After gaining Demon Shade (even before 6), Evelynn can dash a short distance (210 units) into her target, dealing better max health magic damage to them and all enemies she passes through (on a pretty wide hitbox). This also grants the bonus move speed and applies on-hit effects, which simply means Lich Bane makes this deal Tons of Damage.

This is your melee range damage tool. If they get in range of this, they're pretty much dead. It also follows flashes, which is REALLY neat for pesky Ezreals or Zeds trying to time their escape with the charm charging. The timing on your actual dash distance is VERY tight (you travel more the earlier they dashed/blinked), but the damage will land no matter what, even if you've lost vision as long as you've started the cast. The move speed is underrated for either sticking to your target for Q recasts or peeling off (sometimes, if you can't kill them outright you have to hit-and-run to soften them up). It can be blocked but NOT dodged or blinded , which is handy for the recent Teemo buffs.

R - Last Caress (The Fool Destroyer)

This is it, this is the climax. Evelynn annihilates all enemies in a cone in front of her, dealing high magic damage (increased to 240% total damage for targets below 30% HP) before blinking back a large distance (almost two Flashes).
The hitbox is a bit bigger than the VFX (and wider than the indicator), but don't try to clip people with the edge without sufficient mastery cause you will just disengage yourself and look like LeBlanc still without any legendary or VGU - a total clown. You can be pretty insanely snazzy by ulting backwards to gapclose; just make sure you have enough damage to kill them safely. A big part of Evelynn mastery is knowing your damage as to know when exactly to press R to get the execute damage - it's so high it will most likely ignore any shields and damage reductions put on top of it as long as the underlying healthbar is 30% or lower. Sidenote on Cringebow and similar shielding items proccing on 30% HP - ****'s bugged, of course it's bugged. It's a complete coinflip whether you get the extra damage and punch through anyway or not - I've gone back to multiple replays, whipped out the calculator and targets with 31%, 32% HP on the frame of the damage landing would still get executed, but only sometimes. Thank GOD for Shadowflame coming in Season 12.

I told you it's a very simple kit. She literally has ONE combo ((W)QEQQQ(R)). This frees your mind to focus on the battlefield and your positioning - waiting for the perfect angle to go in and obliterate a priority target in about 0.69 seconds. You get addicted to it almost as fast as your enemies' tormented souls leave the Rift.
Let's move on to the slightly spicier part, which is your runes. The situation evolved a bit and now we've got a choice!

Electrocute is the most reliable and consistent choice - high base damage, solid scaling and gives you what you need most, which is moar daymage. Dark Harvest is a consideration, however you're going to need at least 16 stacks to outdamage Elec with an inferior cooldown, unless you get a kill. Only ever good if you can proc it multiple times in succession, such as getting a double kill botlane. I've had a brief fling with her and she's been fun, but I prefer consistency.

Predator is spicy new tech that arose in 11.22 with the massive buffs to Ingenious Hunter. Basically, you prioritize backing after crab ASAP and getting Boots and then some AP. I've tested it in a significant number of ranked games and while it does make her pre-6 ganks splendid comparatively, you quickly start missing the Electrocute damage as the game progresses, not to mention the tech is virtually useless with any other Hunter rune. Synergizes well with items with cooldowns, though, so test at your own preference.

Sudden Impact is the best by a mile. You don't even need 6 so proc it since your empowered E is a dash and Cheap Shot is laughable in comparison. Taste of Blood is never used on junglers.

In the stacking runes row, take Eyeball Collection. Ghost Poro is weird and I don't know how to use it and Zombie Ward is completely useless since you won't be clearing wards at all as Evelynn.

In Hunter, we actually have a choice! My premiere pick is Relentless Hunter since Evelynn needs move speed for rotations and better ganks, but if you love using your ultimate very often, you can choose Ultimate Hunter. After the massive R cooldown buff in 11.17, though, I feel like this rune has a bit of diminishing returns. You will find zealous acolytes of both sides and both of them have their merit.
11.21 introduced quite the massive buff to Ingenious Hunter, you could consider that as well. Personally, I'm against it since I don't need the mythic cooldowns more often than 30 seconds and you'd have to go for Zhonyas to make it really worth.


Here we have two viable secondary trees. Go Sorcery for the standard Absolute Focus and Gathering Storm, which is about the only strong picks you have there (since Nimbus Cloak and Celery were nerfed to the ground) or be a 5Head chad and go Inspiration for Cosmic Insight(more Smites and Flashes - a must on any jungler) and then either Magical Footwear if you're boring or Future's Market if you wanna have your itemspikes before anyone else.
Actually, I'll take a moment out to mention - do you KNOW just how broken FM is? I'll link the full explanation on how to use it correctly here (cause it takes like three paragraphs lol) but basically, you get to buy your important items up to a couple times even though you didn't get that kill or been farming that well, which is just perfect for us.
Oh, I guess you can go Perfect Timing if you want an early Stopwatch and/or are buying Zhonya's Hourglass 2nd item by just LOOKING at the enemy full AD comp, we all know those.

First Strike is here and I'm iffy about it. Ideally, it has the potential to give you even more damage than Electrocute while also affording you a new shiny bag. Practically, it lands somewhat inferior of Elec while also potentially robbing you of a keystone altogether if you take any damage whatsoever beforehand ( Teemo shrooms? random Luden's Tempest procs, anyone?], so while it is fun to experiment with it and see the damage and gold amounts for different early-to-midgame scenarios, I think the reliability of Electrocute still goes unmatched. On average, FS would give me less than half of Elec's damage and about that much gold plus +-150g. FYI, an average Elec game is 1.5-2k, with the really good ones capping out at 3k damage throughout a 35 minute game. That being said, it's fun to experiment with it, precisely why I include things like inspiration secondary and off-meta **** in my guide. Ranked is fine, but it's virtually useless if you don't have any fun playing the actual game ;3

If you're gonna run it, though, Domination secondary is going to be mandatory. Unfortunately, we have to pick just 2 out of the 3 minor runes, so take either Sudden Impact and Eyeball Collection for straight damage or a Hunter rune for utility. I'm afraid the standard Sorcery secondary would never give comparable damage, since First Strike is best utilized to get you your midgame powerspikes faster. On that note, too, we're now able to take Magical Footwear/ Perfect Timing, Future's Market AND Cosmic Insight all at the same time, which is pretty enjoyable.
Now this is where the good stuff starts. I'm not being ironic this time because Season 12 is REALLY spicing things up. I'm going to keep the new items underscored for a month or two for your new-season convenience.


Evelynn has a mythic choice, but it's not what you think. And it only gets murkier the deeper into the preseason we go.
The obvious one is Hextech Rocketbelt. Solid AP, token health and good Mpen on both the item and the mythic passive and on top of all that, a free dash with damage - who wouldn't want that? Then why, please enlighten me, do so many people still insist on Night Harvester?! Its effect is exactly as much damage as Rocketbelt, less move speed than your E (KEKW) and you get Ability Haste instead of Mpen, which is just completely useless on Evelynn since she exists to get in, deal her entire rotation and then get out immediately. Yes, it was broken for like 2 weeks in Preseason 11, but its pickrate until literally Worlds was proof to me many adult people fundamentally lose to kindergarten level maths.

My nerdrage aside then, what's the other Mythic? Well, my dear god-forsaken reader, I am a filthy Everfrost enjoyer. Let me explain myself.
Yes, you buy mana on jungle Eve, which is a bummer. Yes, you lose out on the Mpen and the mythic passive only makes up for it a little bit. In exchange, you get to lock down almost anyone in the game for your full charm with no counterplay. It goes like this:
1. You place your charm.
2. About 0.5 second later, you hit them with the middle of the active. If you've missed (like I often do), don't worry - the 1.5s 65% slow is still crippling.
3. You time popping the charm with the end of the root.
It's completely disgusting and the perfect answer to overwhelming mobility creep in the game right now. I suggest you try it out yourself, cause with the right angle, nobody can escape your grasp.

Bae Everfrost is getting a discount!

You read that right, dear degenerates - Everfrost is gonna lose 10 AP (and 5 on the mythic passive, who cares) in exchange for losing 400g of cost, or a kill and a camp.
That makes it honestly the only contender to icon=crown of the shattered queen size=18Crown of the Shattered Balance right now. I'm even afraid Hextech Rocketbelt is becoming too expensive at this point. The time is better than ever to pick up my patented cheese and run wild with it on the Rift. Am I happy about it? Vaguely, because others are gonna be picking this up en masse too. It's really just a contest of who can abuse the new items the most, honestly.

icon=crown of the shattered queen size=18Crown of the Shattered Balance

...or a not-so-quick guide to literally everyone but artillery mages that're gonna poach this beauty.
This mythic (joining the "cheaper AP mythic tier" along with the love of my life Everfrost) had some identity issues on the PBE, first granting its effect for way too long and then being too weak for it. Now, Riot have settled for 75% reduction of incoming champion damage for 1.5 seconds, which I think is the most fair this godforsaken concept could've been created. Well sure, the defenseless Xeraths and Luxes of the world are gonna love this, but you know who else is gonna be really disgusting with this?
Diana. Sylas. Ekko. LeBlanc. Neeko. Divers who are looking to engage fights on their own terms and be practically briefly impervious to your counterattack while also gaining stupid amounts of AP while it's up. It's the Cosmic Drive problem - an item good for its intended use but also so good that it's going to be poached by everyone under the sun and moon until it's nerfed to oblivion because of the underlying design. We thought icon=immortal shieldbow size=18Cringebow was bad? Well this puppy is somehow worse.
How it's going to be strong on Evelynn - well, who doesn't like getting 25-40 (realistically) extra Ability Power which is very easy to maintain via her passive? Who doesn't like being able to 1v1 the Kha'Zix every time without question because of season diff? (may I say - finally lmao). I guess the Mythic Passive is nice (more move speed pog?!) but it's the AP boost that's the problem. I think the Poise passive has no place on this item, as that's the part that incentivizes all the poaching. The damage reduction is strong as is, leave it alone Rito.

Friendship ended with Shadowflame

The item I was literally creaming my pants about, the AP shieldreaver, the "magic lethality" execute item complete with a sick-*** name and icon.... is komplet trash. Biggest red herring of the entire patch. I mean utterly, utterly useless compared to literally any other AP item in the patch, but to understand why, we need to whip out the math.

Gold efficiency ain't bad on its own, but the gooch punch is in the unique passive. 10-20 Mpen sounds nice, but when you actually compare it to the realistic amounts of MR at relevant gametimes (so when you buy this 2nd with a standard amount of income), it's like paying 3x as much for inferior Sorcerer's Shoes. 10 flat Mpen has AT MOST the potential to reduce mitigation by 10%, but that's ONLY if the remaining MR were 10, and that's obviously unrealistic. More likely, you're shredding them by about 5% (up to around double that if they were shielded or low enough) buuuuut you know what other item gives a juicy % amp in damage?

Horizon Focus is niche no more.

Riot fundamentally doesn't understand the concept of a niche item. Hullbreaker was in a fine spot so it was hotfix buffed and then buffed again and now it's OP but STILL picked seldomly because THAT'S THE POINT. Same could be said for Horizon Focus - a decently niche stat stick that gave long range mages a massive boost in damage and nothing else because that's the design. Now, they've slapped HEALTH (yes, health on a glass-cannon item) on Hextech Alternator (I broke down laugh-crying when I first read this), slapped ABILITY HASTE (15) and reduced the AP some to "compensate". The stats aren't amazing anymore if you can't proc the Hypershot, right? Well the thing is that basically everyone can proc Hypershot now, since it procs with slows, too. That enables Evelynn to quickly tap W for that juicy 10% damage amp. Missed Everfrost like the boosted ape I am? Well, you're saved too, because they're gonna be dead before they realize you've missed it! The item has genuinely become a VIABLE 2nd pickup in Season 12 if you're not a fan of Lich Bane. I'm already upset and we haven't gotten to the most ******** one yet.

League of Cosmic Drive.

I'm calling it now - this item is gonna define the meta for the next months unless it's dealt with immediately. Some token shuffling around of the base stats in exchange for literally being able to buy Phase Rush plus the AP part of Conqueror for 3000 gold?!Sign me the **** up! It's going to be strong on Evelynn. It's going to be REALLY strong on Sylas, Vladimir, Ryze and everyone else that used to run it normally. It's going to discover entirely new ways for basically every AP character to be broken beyond what you might've imagined. Ekko. AP Jax. Cassiopeia. Lux if you remember to use your passive before pressing R. *******it, ANYONE who has any AP ratios is going to LOVE 25-15% move speed (don't forget the base amount!), 40 ability power (FLAT at all stages of the game!!!) for either 5 seconds or UNTIL EXITING CHAMPION COMBAT, so theoretically forever. I hate it here.
Obligatory clarification on its strength on Evelynn - well, don't you want a free Phase Rush on TOP of your Electrocute that procs with just QE (evelynn is ordered to basic attack after E) to either run away at the speed of Udyr or continue sticking to them with your extra 40 AP? Don't you want the 5% move speed for rotatoes, potatoes and in combat too? At this point, even buying Ability Haste is a non-issue because this passive ECLIPSES every other AP item in the game at the moment. Well, maybe with the exception of icon=crown of the shattered queen size=18Crown, but that's a Mythic and there's a million ******** Mythics in the game.

Lich Bane is very sad. On the one hand, the synergy with Evelynn is literally perfect. AP, no mana anymore, move speed and the spellblade effect is applied by your E Empowered Whiplash making them do incredible, incredible damage. Rushing it in Preseason 11 felt so nice for clear speed, too. However, it's currently in such a miserable state it's just better to buy Rabadon's Deathcap 2nd. I'm not kidding, LB's gold efficiency is so ****... but we still go this item into 4+ squishy teams because Shadowflame is not in the game yet.

Rabadon's Deathcap is the obligatory 3rd item. I sometimes slip up and buy other items before it and end up getting it 4th, but you can't go a single game without it. Absolutely pivotal.

Sorcerer's Shoes is the only boot choice you'll ever have that you should get somewhere between 1st and 2nd item. Don't go Mobility Boots, you'll severely miss the whopping 18 flat Mpen it gives. I've heard some people say go for defensive boots or 6th item in the very late game when you have Void Staff, but eh, test at your own recognizance.

The aforementioned Void Staff is the go-to when there's 2 and more durable carries stacking MR (a single tank Nunu & Willump is not worth it). The lower elo you are, the less this happens, and I personally end up buying it in about 30% of my games. Still, it's a stellar item just for gold efficiency. Pairing it up with Rabadon's Deathcap makes for a devastating combo.

For 5th item, I'd go with a defensive choice - Banshee's Veil against magic damage or pivotal CC you need to protect yourself from (while still buying a lot of AP), or Zhonya's Hourglass into full AD teams where you can stand your ground and your team will back you up when you thaw out of stasis. Take those 3rd item instead if you need the survivability more than straight damage from Deathcap.

Speaking of damage, Dark Seal is your best friend. Even after the nerfs, the value is just too good. It's a must buy in 99% of your games. For just 350 gold you get 123.69% of the value right away plus a promise of potentially reaching 372% efficiecy at 55 AP in one slot if you clap cheeks correctly. It's a no-brainer for me, however... upgrading to her big sis, Mejai's, is where it gets tricky. IF you're confident the game is going well enough for you to keep stacking then be my guest. I, however, have been cursed for calling KingStix a phony that one time and whenever I upgrade it, the game instantly turns to ****. I lose my stacks by dying twice without achieving anything, the game slips out of my grasp (44% efficiency poggers) and I start depending on my Yasuo's 0/10 powerspike to bring me back into the game. It's not a good time.

Oblivion Orb is a tough one to crack. Yes, the gold efficiency is good, and it obviously helps against characters like Sylas and Irelia, but in my head it's in contention with just buying more damage so they can get oneshot before they even know what's happening. It depends on your personal opinion on that matter, I personally dislike buying it since it puts my completed items 800 gold behind and takes up the slot. Morellonomicon is almost never worth it, by the way.

And that's about it! Other than the fact that your 6th item slot should always be occupied by 1 Control Ward for the majority of the game. Buy a control ward every time you you back and have the spare 75g, and CERTAINLY make sure to have one before objectives, as you can't trust the SoloQ autofilled support to sweep properly and have pinks ready themselves. I feel scared ****less as if raw-dogging in the girl's danger period when doing an objective without a pink in the pit, and so should you.

OH, I'D ALMOST FORGET. I bet you wanna hear about the ****ed-up off-meta **** I've got festering in my head.

Nashor's Tooth for split-pushing when your team doesn't have literally anyone else better qualified for the job. All the straight nuclear glass-cannon-that-fires-cannons damage you've been building, when coupled with 40% extra attack speed, will melt towers in about 5 seconds or your money back.
This one is an actually viable strategy I'd use in ranked as a last resort (Evelynn backdoors are nasty). Plus it's a fun meme as a 1st item for powerfarming since Lich's wig got snatched. Just make sure to autoattack the monsters.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter for infinite Q slows. Also synergizes well with Top Evelynn, which we will talk about later.

Horizon Focus for the omegalul AP number. The reason why this item USED TO BE in the off-meta section is that you always have more reliable choices for the slot. Not anymore, I guess.

I've heard some people unironically say go Cosmic Drive for the move speed and health, but I personally can't see it. Ability Haste is totally useless, 200 health doesn't do **** in the current state of damage in the game and 20 move speed is a massive waste of the slot. Overall, it's a luxury item for all but like 3 characters and you're not one of them. Well that's out of the window as well. I'm keeping this legacy text here for some time just so we can sigh how it all used to be simpler back in the day.

Demonic Embrace is getting changed yet again and this time, it's actually going to be a worthwhile, well-designed item! It also opens up the path to some cheeky AP Bruiser Evelynn gameplay that I miiiiight expand upon as the season progresses, but for now, know that you're gonna want tank items suited for the enemy comp, preferably with as much health as possible. (tradtionally - Sunfire Aegis into Frozen Heart or Randuin's Omen is hilarious for absolutely tilting Rengar mains thinking they can oneshot you. Also a unique way to make AD carries cry, since we're all about that. Force of Nature has been made into an MR Dead Man's Plate, which is about 6 seasons too late. Abyssal Mask sounds pog in theory, but in practice the numbers aren't quite there yet.) Hell, with how they're slapping HP on LITERALLY ANYTHING AP right now, just try buying it on your normal buildpath and see how it goes! That's the spirit of the preseason, after all. I'm just gonna say though, Fimbulwinter is not that strong for this since you're gonna have to bother with stacking tear on the comparatively useless Winter's Approach for a long time. You'd probably have to even bother with Rylai's Crystal Scepter to reliably proc the shield often, at which point your build becomes way too expensive for what it gives and just play Singed instead.
QUICK UPDATE - I said I had updated the guide for Season 12. I lied. I tunneled on items themselves harder than the left on not watching the Rittenhouse tapes (yes I said it, cope) and forgot the changes that are coming to the jungle and the drakes! As always, the new stuff is marked with underscores for some time for ease to find.

Now onto the best part, the saucy ****. Honestly the most important part, you can disregard everything I've written so far and you still could find great success playing Evelynn. I'm going to divide it into three parts.


I'll get the part that tilts me the most out of the way first. NEVER EVER go for that Chally trick where you recall in a bush, place a Stealth Ward at the last second and swap to Oracle Lens. I mean you can do the first part, but Sweeper is a massive lie. Sweeping for ganks is never useful since they can see the ward being disabled anyway and then you're revealed as you destroy it. Soon enough, you gain 6 and you're going to simply walk past less wards than you think, because PEOPLE IN LOW ELO DON'T WARD ENOUGH. Your support will do enough ward-destroying for you, your top/mid are likely to take Oracle Lens too if they think they're chally and you'd be missing out on placing vision yourself, which you're best qualified for since your job is literally to constantly move around the map, more than even roaming supports. You're guaranteed to have the highest vision score before supports get their item upgrade, and you will continue to be way more useful than the enemy jungler in this department. You can consider swapping to Farsight Alteration in the late game if your ADC is not using it, for extra safety.
Where to place said wards then? Almost any spot is better than Oracle Lens, but here is a comprehensive map. (this image is pretty old so it lacks the so-called "banana bush" at the entrace to both blues. it's a good defensive warding spot.) Learn even a quarter of this and you're already miles ahead of your competition. Evelynn is a positioning-based assassin so this is doubly important on her.

You have some options for where to start - either go standard start with botlane for a better leash and a chance you get invaded, or go for the cheeky play I always use and start topside (leashless is a thing too), smiting the buff at 450 to get lv2 ASAP and then continuing to do 5 camps and keeping your smite for crab. I do this in about 3:08 (3 minutes flat with any leash), which gives me time to either opportunistically gank or ward while I wait for crab to spawn. I actually start with Health Potion and 1 Control Ward, which I place at around 1:20 in the topside pixel brush (placing it immediately risks it getting destroyed prematurely) and that allows me to know where the enemy jungler has started, because they'd be either ganking mid or getting the crab themselves or not show up. In the latter case, you can risk going for the coveted double crab. Also, depending on whether they spot the pink while taking crab or not, you can even get increasing returns as the ward lives on.

This start is so reliable it's not even funny. In the last 100 games, I think I was denied both crabs one (1) time. I get double crab in about 30% of cases. It's a great counter to the prevailing Gold meta of always starting with your botlane (and low-elo players having ****ty clears.) I'll also show an example of the way I clear the camps casually, since you can already look up the pros minmaxing this **** and you're not here for that.

Don't get me wrong, the above is still a stellar start that's good for taking over the game with early ganks while keeping up with farming. However, with how utterly useless (and thusly finally balanced) first crabs have been made in S12, I think just full clearing with both smites, recalling and doing it again is back on the menu, guys gals and other pals. A 5 camp into 1 crab doesn't give lv4 anymore. You can come to the river to see whether the crab is still there because the enemy jungler also recognizes it's meaningless to prioritize it or try to hover a gank for ~15 seconds to account for the longer respawn timer and then recall for the 2nd clear. That should give you level 6 and then you take over the game as usual.

After your guaranteed crab, you either recall immediately for Amplifying Tome and Dark Seal and then book it to Krugs to clear them before Raptors respawn or gank/counter-gank mid and continue to top crab. If you stay, make sure to second clear to keep your tempo and recall with alotta gold, which you're going to spend on a Blasting Wand, Amplifying Tome/ Dark Seal and Control Ward. From there, you're going to have a bit of time for another gank before your camps respawn again and grant you level 6.

Before I move on to Mid Game, I cannot stress this enough - being passive as Evelynn is a huge gamble. You're an assassin, after all, so powerfarming should be your plan B, not A. Farm kills and shutdowns, not raptors. Moreover, you're an assassin jungler, so your responsibility to help your team is even greater than a Talon's or Katarina's will ever be. All the time, people mistake not letting yourself be set behind for passivity. Even my toughest earlygames, I've never just stayed in my jungle all day - Lee just pulled off a double kill? fine, I'll go across the map, and if I can't, I'll enter his opposite jungle, ward and maybe steal something (they never expect Evelynn to counterjungle them, love it every time). Vi just solo'd drake? nice, now I know where she is so I can countergank mid/botlane or exert pressure top. Evelynn is, in my mind, one of the best predators in the game so you need to run around and hunt some ******* game. It's that kind of "I need to have tempo, i can't stand around" hurry-up mentality you need to adopt if you want to excel at her. That can be said for all snowbally champions, honestly.


As soon as you unlock your ultimate , this is where the game reeeally opens up. Nobody in the entire game can match the kill pressure of a level 6 Evelynn. You can simply walk to any lane you please and they die, straight up. The amount of damage and towerdiving potential your ultimate adds is unrivaled, not to mention they can't see you anymore. If you've been farming well you can even cheekily invade the jungler and kill them on their camps since they're most likely still 5. Either way, this is where you take over the game. Get your Mythic ASAP and start stomping even more; if it's a Cloud/Ocean/Hextech (AH and AS are useless on you) Drake , go for Rift Herald instead and use that to get plates and open up one of your winning lanes. You're going to fall off in the lategame a tiny bit, so keep exerting your pressure while it's at its highest. You either make them spend all their gold on Control Wards and PTSD ban Eve afterwards or play a different champion .
Quick notes on the new Drake maps: ***tech is good for you since it gives you more damage against full-health targets and you're unlikely to be full from your passive unless you're monstrously ahead with your anyway. When Evelynn and an enemy walk into melee range by accident, it's usually Evelynn that wins, so you've got that going for you too. Hextech Gates reveal her during the initial cast time; she stealths during the travel, just like a Bard portal; she's in camo by the time she pops out, but I'm unsure whether the VFX/SFX that accompany the landing are visible or not. Either way, they're AMAZING for getting crafty angles on your targets, so we're all about that.
A high-elo guide would've by now told you how to prioritize lanes for ganks to get ahead. To make a rough gameplan on the loading screen and try to follow it. Tell me, dear reader, who wins the Katarina vs Yasuo matchup? If you've answered Yasuo, you're wrong - it's the better player that wins. Can you tell on the loading screen? **** no. Low-elo is such a mishmash of bad players, tilted players, good onetricks but terrible macro players, even technical problems that the gameflow is impossible to predict. I've seen Sylases go 0/4 in 5 minutes into Lux. (I wish that matchup went that way in lore honestly). ****'s ****ed beyond belief and if you think you can prepare, you're deluding yourself. However, by now you should have a vaaague idea of who deserves your kills and when you should be taking everything for yourself. The answer is take them for yourself most of the time anyway, because you're the only **********er you can control, but whatever.
Also, since I don't have a better place to mention it - try to balance being on the map and backing at good times (not too close to objectives; 30 seconds or closer is too late) to get your items. Don't be a goblin and hoard your gold; be a queen and go shopping.


It's past 30 minutes. Both teams have some dragons under their belts and it's time for Baron Nashor throws dances. You or your team have failed to end the game quickly with the leads you've been gifting them, the enemy has secured some random towers and the Bounties on them have made your lead meaningless, everyone's at 4+ items and one fight could lose you the game regardless of how you did earlier because League has a massive problem with fighting being everything right now. You might've even gotten dragon soul but now Elder Drake is coming up and you're ****ping your pants fearing the throw instead of enjoying the soul. What do we do to win?

You can't teamfight as Evelynn, that's a given. Instead, your only hope is to IMMEDIATELY take out a priority target or two, live and PRAY your team do the rest. The priority target is the biggest threat you can reliably erase from existence. Picks on supports are usually not worth it unless literally free. If the threat is Irelia or Jarvan IV, you're kind of ****ed. Yasuo and Yone are fine except for that Cringebow bug I mentioned earlier. I'd honestly be banning the biggest currently meta threat you can't easily stop (so bruisers/tanks) instead of your jungle matchup. Just make sure to hover your bans for a while so you don't accidentally take them away from your team.

Don't forget Elixirs, I swear I do every time. Either Elixir of Sorcery if you feel you need that tiny bit of extra damage or Elixir of Iron for more survivability. Oh and bigger mommy Evelynn.
Congrats on making it to the end of my guide! This is the second time I've written it, cause unfortunately the first attempt was lost in the bowels of Mobafire as I got unexpectedly logged out. This time I've learned my lesson by writing it in a txt file with Visual Studio Code as my word processor and 10m autosave enabled. As far as I'm concerned, it's not finished yet - I've still got things left to write like essential synergies (there's an excellent guide with literally EVERY hostile matchup out there already, go give it a gander), Toplane Evelynn, maybe a cheeky skin review, and most excitingly, the Season 12 item changes! So do make sure to let me know if you'd like to see that and more in the near future. Tell me anything in the comments, really. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I'd also like to use this place to give a HUUUGE shoutout to Rek's Coaching and his Community. This man taught me everything I still don't know about League of Legends. He bullied me into compulsively buying Control Wards (yeeeeeeeeaaaahhhh), he's analyzed a dozen of my VODs in a very brave endeavor of improving my gameplay, and is the reason I've finally hit Plat for the first time in my life. You can regard him as the spiritual co-writer of this guide, since without him I'd never have the confidence to actually pretend I'm good at Evelynn nor the freedom in being so passionate about her (toxic masculinity oof). Finally, his community became the place I could be myself, in more ways than this one, among other great people.
I cannot even begin to describe how overqualified he is for his job, so it's best you just join his Discord and learn from there. The main thing is that HE NEEDS MORE STUDENTS. If you don't want to spend money yet, you're sure to enjoy the free VOD review show called The Roast. That's how this journey started.

I even did my own free VOD review to a friend of mine! You might find something there that I haven't explained here. As a sidenote, if you sub to my youtube channel you'll most likely get some random League clips sometimes. Proceed with caution.

I also stream sometimes, though rather irregularly. You can find me at , where I try to keep a chill tone as I play Eve in jungle and Anivia in mid. Come say hi in the server!
Upcoming: better formatting, Synergies, Skin Review/Tierlist, and whatever you suggest in the comments! I also promise to keep the guide updated as this cesspool of a game evolves.

23 october 2021 - initial release and then immediately fixes to the image embed and icon BBCode.
24 october 2021 - minor adjustments based on Rek's free feedback. Thanks for the votes!
14 november 2021 - updated prologue to include me getting to Plat IV 29 hours before season end. season 12 madness coming soon - stay tuned for that!
17 november 2021 - added the most relevant bits of Season 12. I'm not done with it yet, though! And neither is Riot.
18 november 2021 - updated the Gameplay section with the new drakes and scuttle changes. Duh.
19 november 2021 - Added an expandable spoiler with lore! I recommend you read it, it's really important.
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