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Evelynn Build Guide by stouzi

Jungle Prestige Evelynn - Detailed strategy vs every champion!

Jungle Prestige Evelynn - Detailed strategy vs every champion!

Updated on May 16, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author stouzi Build Guide By stouzi 207 21 285,538 Views 30 Comments
207 21 285,538 Views 30 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author stouzi Evelynn Build Guide By stouzi Updated on May 16, 2024
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Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


Anything else is troll
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Champion Build Guide

Prestige Evelynn - Detailed strategy vs every champion!

By stouzi
Hi! My in game name is stouzi and my rank is Emerald in EUNE at solo queue. I play since season 6 and I'm otp Evelynn all those years before and after her rework. The reason I loved this champion since I start playing LoL is her permanent camouflage which makes her very special. I have more than two million points on her and I only play her unless she's banned or picked by an opponent.
There are a lot of good and in depth guides out there from much better players, so my goal for this guide is to share my experience playing Evelynn against every single champion as my guide title says.
Pros & Cons
High Burst - Oneshot kills
Great sustain and fast jungle clears
Excellent tower diver
Can make easy kills to get fed
Can snowball easily

Tricky positioning/ hard to master
Very squishy
Hard to come back if behind
Team Compositions
I pick Evelynn no matter what because I'm otp and I rely so much on camouflage that I'm not competitive with any other champion. Although, you should avoid picking Evelynn vs 3+ tank teams while you have one or none in yours. The real question thought whether you should pick her or not is "can an assassin in my team have an impact to this game?" If the answer is yes, pick Evelynn to carry! ;)
Evelynn is an assassin so the primal rune tree is obviously Domination!

Electrocute has the most burst dmg in game so its the safe pick but Dark Harvest gives the same dmg while getting enemied by surprise and resets at kill but its great only if your game goes well. Predator might be usefull at very specific matchups where you always need to charm your enemies. Hail of Blades can be picked to troll :)

Sudden Impact gives magic penetration when you exit camouflage. Cheap Shot and Taste of Blood are just not for Evelynn.

Eyeball Collection gives more dmg the more kills you make. Zombie Ward and Ghost Poro will give up your position and you don't want that.

Relentless Hunter is a great rune for Evelynn so you can be on time where you need to be. Ultimate Hunter is also great because you usually don't want to fight without your ult. Treasure Hunter gives few gold and Ingenious Hunter gives item haste so pick whatever you like more.

The secondary rune page is Sorcery with Absolute Focus and Gathering Storm to get some more AP scaling.

+9 adaptive. Attack speed is useless and you really don't need ability haste.
+9 adaptive. Or maybe 2% move speed.. your call!
+65 health looks better than the other choices. maybe 10% tenacity/slow resist for some enemy combs.
Summoner spells
Not much to say here. Evelynn is a jungler and you cannot play jungle without Smite. Also, Evelynn is not one of the few champions that don't need Flash. You can play with Ignite to cheese as you can use your Last Caress as a Flash or a gap closer but I dont reccomend it. You'll need it to avoid death, catch an enemy or even Flash + Last Caress in teamfights.
All 3 jungle items are nice. The extra dmg + slow obviously, the extra ms boost can be very useful, even the shield to avoid random abilities that reveal you and ruin your plan. Pick whatever you like more. I think the speed boost is a little bit more usefull.

Lich Bane is just perfect. AP, ms boost and Whiplash booster as well!

Sorcerer's Shoes is a no-thinking pick for eve. Flat magic pen!

Buy Mejai's Soulstealer at any time you have Dark Seal with 10 stucks and you know you can go snowball carry mode without dying or else go Stormsurge that has everything eve needs (ap, magic pen, ms boost) with an extra dmg or gold passive and all these at a very low price, only 2900g!!

Rabadon's Deathcap. Buying it makes Eve a true assassin plus it makes your passive Demon Shade heals you almost full!

Shadowflame is excelent for eve. Ap, flat magic pen and crit ap dmg while enemy is low health.

Buy Void Staff to counter magic resist picks and tanks

Your defensive picks are:
Banshee's Veil counters champions with engage cc and is good in general vs ap enemies. It also keeps you in camouflage from random enemy abilities that may blind hit you and reveal you. Buy it and you won't regret it.

Go for Zhonya's Hourglass if you need to stay alive from abilities like Zed's Death Mark or Kayn's Umbral Trespass or Karthus's Requiem.
Ability Explanation
Alright! Let's talk about eve's abilities!
(passive) Demon Shade. A double effect passive which activates when you are out of combat for 4 seconds. First effect is hp regeneration until about half your HP + percentage of your AP (a shaded health bar is shown which indicates how much hp you are going to restore). Second effect activates at level 6 and is one of the most broken in LoL, permanent camouflage! You are invisible until you use an ability except Allure or auto attack or get damaged. While invisible you can only be seen by enemies if they get in range of the circle around you or if you get close to enemy towers or a control ward spots you! In all those cases an exclamation mark will appear on evelynn's head to indicate that you're spotted! Here are a couple of cheats with that: 1. When a control ward spots you, the control ward is revealed to you and the exclamation mark appears. Be carefull though, if the control ward is in a bush, there is a chance that an enemy/enemies might be in there as well 2. If you approach a bush and the exclamation mark appears, it means that at least one enemy champion is in the bush that can see you! So you can scout bushes without having to face check them!

(Q) Hate Spike. It's your main dmg ability with 4 casts! First one is a ranged skill shot that affects the first enemy it hits. If it hits, your next 3 abilities/attacks will have extra dmg against this target. So you need to hit to have all your dmg unload! The next 3 casts are the hate spikes which auto target the last enemy you damaged and affect all enemies in a line. Max it first!

(W) Allure. It's the most challenging ability. Your precious cc or slow! It does not get you out of camouflage. When you cast it on an enemy champion you'll have to wait 2.5 seconds to load, at this moment an arrow will appear on the enemy champion pointing on your location that indicates to him where you come from, then you have another 2.5 seconds to proc it with your Hate Spike, Empowered Whiplash or even an auto attack. (You can proc it with Last Caress as well but that would be a waste) It charms your opponent and have him take more dmg because it gives magic penetration to you AND your teammates! If you cast it before the first 2,5 seconds, you'll just slow your target. So the goal is to use it while you approach your target, position yourself correctly while you wait (which usually means behind your target) then proc it with Hate Spike from range or Empowered Whiplash if you're close enough. If you don't have time to wait or your target is low at hp or you're fed or have a Void Staff, you can cast it and proc it immediately to slow your target to unload the rest of your abilities. Max it third.

(E) Empowered Whiplash and Whiplash. This is your oneshot potential ability. A small dash that affects all targets in this small circle. Use it whenever possible unless you have to wait an enemy ability like Jax's Counter Strike or Shen's Spirit's Refuge because this ability aplies on hit effect and can be negated like an auto attack. Empowered Whiplash is ready when your passive Demon Shade activates. After use if you are still in fight it will come out of cd as Whiplash which has lower dmg, no dash and no aoe effect. So if you go in for a fight and didn't kill your target, if you are going to reattack it's better to go out of combat for 4 seconds to get camouflage, Empowered Whiplash and Hate Spike instead of wait full 8 seconds for both abilities to be ready and let your enemy know where you are. This way your target is tricked to think you go away. Max it second.

(R) Last Caress. This is one of the best execution spells in the game with aoe dmg and many ways to use it. It dmg all enemies in front of her in an around 180 degrees angle while Evelynn becomes briefly untargetable and blinks backwards to safety. So here are the goals to use Last Caress:
1. execute a single target.
2. execute 2+ targets if you're lucky they do the mistake to be low on hp and close to each other
3. to aoe dmg 3+ targets in teamfights
4. gap close if your Flash is on a cd and you don't need the dmg to kill your target.
5. Escape death or deadly abilities.
6. Secure objectives in danger (baron, drakes) with R + Smite.
7. 2+ of the above goals (ideal).
Max it whenever possible!
Laning phash/Early game
Evelynn's early game is weak before level 6. Your goal is to power farm making 2 full jungle clears with a couple of scrubs to get level 6. You can also steal a couple of camps from your opponent if you see the enemy jungler on the other side of the map. You only gank if an enemy champion is miss positioned or defend a teammate from a gank. So if you're going to gank you want to active Allure as long as you are in range to do and go as close to your target as possible while you wait those 2.5 seconds, to activate the charm with Empowered Whiplash or have low chance to miss your first Hate Spike. You don't have to hurry up because most of the time they use Flash or dash etc abilitie's like Lucian's Relentless Pursuit or Ezreal's Arcane Shift right at the moment charm is ready. So let them use it and dont miss your first Hate Spike or miss click your Empowered Whiplash on a minion! Take your time, you have a total 2.5 seconds to proc it!
Mid/Late Game
Mid game is where Evelynn shines! Your ganks are smooth and much more efficient. You can cheese much easier and get easy kills as they cannot see you or spot you with simple wards.
Late game is where things kind of get hard again as you are easy to kill if you get caught. So your goal is your role, assassin. You have to kill isolated targets if the mistakenly seperate from their teammates or wait to see a miss positioned squishy to kill instantly. Be aware of enemies having Zhonya's Hourglass. If you don't have a chance of a quick assassination you have to be patient for a teamfight to start so you can flank the enemy team to kill the carry or at least apply your ultimate at 3+ enemies then go out to wait your camoflage again to reenter the battle and finish off any low health targets. Another good strategy in team fightimg especially when you didn't have a good game is wait near your carry teammate and be ready to kill the enemy assassin that will probably dive him.
Lastly, as a jungler you have to do good calls for objectives. Use control wards on your winning laner at lane phase and in baron and dragon bit later.
Strategy vs every champion
Here comes an enormous chapter, the reason I created this guide. I will inform you how to interact vs anyone and I'll go alphabetically:

Aatrox is a top lane fighter with lots of cc with his The Darkin Blade and Infernal Chains, lifesteal from passive Deathbringer Stance which boost even more with his ultimate World Ender and also has dash ability Umbral Dash. You must buy Oblivion Orb if he does well and gank him a lot early so he has hard time to make his plays. If he's winning hard his lane before you even reach top, you cannot do much, so don't bother go there because you'll just feed him more. You can't solo kill this guy plain and simple unless he's low on HP or you're fed! During fight, when you activate Allure wait a second before trying to proc it, he might use Umbral Dash but most of the time he'll just fight you back and won't care about your charm!

Ahri has her Charm as well! When you gonna try to proc your charm try to avoid her Charm because she'll cast it immediately when she sees the arrow indicator of your position and maybe kill you before you can do anything! If her Charm is on cooldown' she'll probably try to avoid you with her ultimate dash Spirit Rush. So wait the first cast and then hit your Hate Spike.

Akali has a counter ability for your charm Twilight Shroud which makes her invisible. She has also high mobility with her Shuriken Flip and ultimate Perfect Execution so you can't atk her as the most champs. Go straight at her making dmg and force her use Twilight Shroud and then you can use Allure as slow or even charm. You can also cheese her on a bush to make her nervous and try to escape you making bad use of her counter abilities and give you window to activate your charm.

Akshan is a fast moving assassin marksman. He has shield from passive Dirty Fighting, camouflage from Going Rogue and swinging (!) from his Heroic Swing. Ok, so things are simple here.. Go burst mode and use Allure only for slow if needed, but only if you are sure you can oneshot him or else he will just delete you!

Alistar is a high cc, tank support champion. Doesn't has dmg but he'll do anything to protect his adc. He has knock back Headbutt, knock up Pulverize and he can also stun you with Trample. Never focus this guy unless he's isolated and you can burst him hard or he's the last standing from the enemy team.

Amumu is a challenging matchup. He can go tank or AP or both. If he goes tank you have to avoid him because he has lots of cc, Bandage Toss and his ultimate Curse of the Sad Mummy and he will just root you there while another enemy will come to kill you. If he goes AP try to proc your charm while avoiding his Bandage Toss and you can kill him. If he goes AP tank, he can even solo kill you while you will struggle getting him low on HP.

Anivia. This guy is not really an easy target. He is squishy but he can use Crystallize between you and him and keep you away even though you can still proc your charm. He can also stun you with his Flash Frost. Last but not least he can slow you and hugely dmg you with his ult Glacial Storm. You should not try to charm him unless he is busy so he won't expect you. Just straight go at him and use Allure as a slow. Be aware of his passive Rebirth which is ready when a gray bird is on the top of his level indicator.

Annie is a high burst mage with a "click to stun" passive ability Pyromania which is ready after he has activated 4 of her abilities which are indicated below her HP bar. Somehow it is always ready when you try to kill her (hahaha) and can be proc with any of her other abilities. So you must use your charm to kill her or else you will be the one who dies!

Aphelios. I must say that I got bored to learn what this guy is doing because he actually does it all! Long range, high dps, slow, stun, heal! But what you care about is he lacks of mobility except a small speed boost he gets by an aa of some weapon. So if you snick on him with charm, he cannot do anything as long as he won't see you.

Ashe is one the easiest adc's to kill because she has no dash. She has lots of slow though from passive Frost Shot and Volley so be sure you can kill her before you attack her or else you won't be able to escape her even without using her ultimate Enchanted Crystal Arrow. You should probably charm her support so he can't react to you killing Ashe. Now, if she is the support she can use Volley to slow and reveal you every 3 seconds and her ult like every 20 seconds to stun you forever! She is annoying to deal with I must admit. BUT if you can find the perfect angle to aproach and touch her she just "disapears" from the map! Haha!

Aurelion Sol should be an easy kill because he only has one stun ability Breath of Light. If he miss or you charm him first, he dies.

Azir has dash Shifting Sands and can also push you away with his ultimate Emperor's Divide. So the plan is to Allure him, wait for his dash then proc charm but don't stay between him and his tower because he'll probably knock you back to his tower. So with his ultimate on cd pretend you go away and wait to see if he stays or not. If he stays, he dies.

Bard has some annoying cc. Slow with his basic attacks from he's passive Traveler's Call, stun with his Cosmic Binding and that weird ultimate Tempered Fate which is like Zhonya's Hourglass that delays you until his teammates come to deal with you. So don't get baited to go kill him if you see him alone unless you're that fed. He'll not die and you'll get caught. No need to focus this guy.

Bel'Veth the new "balanced" champion that should get banned every time until it gets nerfs! She gets GHOST after any ability cast + atk speed (passive Death in Lavender) and tons of dashes with her Void Surge which means she is uncatchable and unescapable! And that's not it! She also has 70% dmg reduction with her Royal Maelstrom and a knock up + slow ability Above and Below. Does she needs more? Her ult? oh god.. read on your own Endless Banquet or just don't bother! Ban her or pick her! Did I mention that she atks 10000 times during a single second with unbelievable life steal? You didn't ban her and the enemy picks her? Dodge! I ain't kiding. She must be bad and her teammates be bad and your teammates not feeding her and you play without mistakes so you might win! You still are in the game vs her? You got some balls I must admit. Ok, you don't aa her. Only charm, dmg and out, you can't win solo unless you are far far ahead and still play all your abilities perfect! Too much pressure? You decided to play! Always fight with a teammate and try to avoid to stay close. If she is low, ult! No thoughts, no need to save it, she'll kill you with your ult ready! cc and burst is the only way. Good.. luck? Whatever..!

Blitzcrank. Well this guy is a nightmare.. hook Rocket Grab, knock up Power Fist AND silence with his ultimate Static Field. Even if he plays full AP, you can't solo kill him because of his passive shield Mana Barrier. That means you can't do much. Focus his lane early game, avoid the hook at all cost and keep his lane unfed. In teamfights be prepared to atk the carry and ult immidiately or let him focus another teammate so you can go in or else you'll get deleted.

Briar is an ad heavy healing fighter with lots of dashes and cc. Her Head Rush is a dash with stun so not much you can do about. Just don't atk her while she charges Chilling Scream and try to avoid the slow. Be aware of her dash ult Certain Death that increases her resistances. You should avoid her early cause you won't have enough dmg to burst her. So atk her only when you feel you can quickly charm and kill her or else you'll be surprised of her healing!

Brand should not be a problem because he lacks mobilty and he has to land his skill shots Sear after he damages you with another ability. So if you charm him don't stick at him, moved around while using your Hate Spike casts. He'll miss. If you dont plan to charm him, pretend to go straight to him hit your first Hate Spike dodge left or right then go for the rest of your combo while you keep moving around.

Braum is another high cc tank with no dmg. Stun from his passive Concussive Blows, slow with his Winter's Bite and a knock up + slow with his ultimate Glacial Fissure. But that's not the biggest problem! This guy has a shield Unbreakable that blocks your Hate Spike AND can jump on a teammate with his Stand Behind Me to use his shield and protect him. Always be aware of his position and cds before you engage.

Caitlyn should be an easy adc to kill. She has a dash that will slow you if it hits you 90 Caliber Net and also she has a lot of crit dmg but that's it! Her traps are revealed so don't fall for them. Lastly, you can avoid her ultimate Ace in the Hole with your ultimate Last Caress if you time it right!

Camille has mobility and stun with her Hookshot so she can avoid you easily. You have to predict her escape path and position yourself smart to proc your charm. She is not an easy target thought. Her passive Adaptive Defenses gives her shield against your magic dmg if you fight her solo. Her Tactical Sweep and her ultimate Hextech Ultimatum can keep you there so she can kill you. You'll need company to kill her almost every time.

Cassiopeia is a tough opponent. The main problem is her Miasma which is a big cursed area that silences you! Also if she hits you with her Noxious Blast she gains movement speed and makes it really hard to catch her and if you do, she may stun you with her ultimate Petrifying Gaze to finish you off. Your plan is to activate Allure and don't let her see you until the charm is ready. This is one of the few times you have to proc it at that right moment with Hate Spike, then use your Empowered Whiplash and ult away or you'll probably get silences and die! On lats thing, if you don't kill her immidiately after the charm, face away so you'll just get slowed and not stunned by her ult.

Cho'Gath. This guy has knock up Rupture and silence Feral Scream. You have to take care of this guy before he grows too much health with items and his ultimate Feast. While ganking him be aware of the circle that indicates where Rupture will activate and charm him while you attack from the side to avoid his silence Feral Scream. If you get low on health, run or else you gonna be his meal Feast.

Corki can run fast using defensively his Valkyrie if he feels threat. If you want to charm him you have to calculate he's flying distance to be able to proc it. The best way to engage him though, is to attack without Allure to catch him off guard and trick him to fight you. If he does fight you, move constantly as his abilities are skill shots and use Allure to slow him if needed.

Darius. Aah.. this bully top laner. He does tons of dmg just with his passive Hemorrhage and heals with Decimate. He also have a short hook Apprehend and that scary finisher ultimate Noxian Guillotine. So the plan is always to charm him, apply your dmg and run. If he stays as usual, wait your cds and reattack with charm. But don't overstay because he has a jungler as well! If you get caught you'll die. You can't solo this gay even with this tactic unless you are too fed.

Diana is an one shot potential fighter! He has shield Pale Cascade and buys Banshee's Veil and Zhonya's Hourglass. He also has a knock up ultimate Moonfall and her combo Crescent Strike a range curved shot + her gap closer dash Lunar Rush. You have to fight her with teammate or have a lead over her to kill her or else she'll kill you faster because she's tanky enough to not die by a single charm full combo. She is currently plays as jungler with Sunfire Aegis which makes her even tankier without losing her big dmg threat. You need to play her smart with the team because she is a strong champ atm.

Dr. Mundo is a big problem late. He's health regen is just too much! Passive Goes Where He Pleases, he's ult Maximum Dosage and he's first item Spirit Visage. He also has reduced charm duration from Heart Zapper and probably his boots Mercury's Treads, and extra magic resistant from Blunt Force Trauma. He is the definition of a tank plus he can stick you right there with him to kill you slowly with his Infected Bonesaw. You obviously cannot solo this guy unless you are ridiculously fed. The plan is to hardly gank him early even before your level 6 because he has weak early as well, to make him fall behind a lot. While in fight, you MUST always try to attack with charm + you must avoid his Infected Bonesaw by all costs. If he goes low, he'll try to escape with his ultimate Maximum Dosage to gain MS and HP regen. So position yourself between him and his escape path before he gets low. If the game goes late, wish he doesn't buy too much mr (dodge the game if there is only 1 or none ad teammates), ask from your AP teamates to also buy Oblivion Orb (you buy it asap) and your AD teammates to buy Executioner's Calling or any other item that does grievous wounds and may the God be with you! Lastly, take all water drakes so HE won't have them!

Draven is one of the toughest adc to face. His dmg is of the roof and can kill you with a couple of auto attacks. Also he has a cc ability Stand Aside and MS boost ability Blood Rush. You must charm him and hit your first Hate Spike or you'll probably die.

Ekko is a mobil mage. He has dmg, MS boost from passive Z-Drive Resonance, shield and stun with Parallel Convergence and a dash Phase Dive. He also has his life saver ultimate Chronobreak. He is an aggressive champion so this is the plan: atk him straight and he will fight back, dodge at least one ability and keep dmging him so he'll be forced to ult so use Allure at that time to finish him.

Elise has a counter ability Rappel for your charm in her spider form which is stun Cocoon in human form. She has dmg and is strong early because she doesn't need to get level 6. If you see her, you must avoid Cocoon or you probably die. If you attack her, bait your Allure so she uses Rappel and be unable to use it to escape death. She's squishy so you don't really need to charm her. You can also attack her without Allure and use it right after she uses Rappel to avoid death, and finish her off.

Evelynn. Well you can only face Evelynn as Evelynn if you go for a quickplay game. So I actually will write here how you can counter Evelynn with any champion. Items first: If you play tank you must buy Force of Nature and/or Spirit Visage and/or Abyssal Mask, if you play mage you buy Banshee's Veil and/or Zhonya's Hourglass, if you play AD you buy Mercurial Scimitar and/or Maw of Malmortius and/or Wit's End. Now, if she activates Allure on you, try to predict where she'll come from and keep your minions between you and her so she cannot proc the charm with the first Hate Spike. If you are close to your tower, good, go under it but keep moving to force her miss the first Hate Spike so she'll do less dmg to you. Yes, she's a good diver because Last Caress drops tower agro and takes her to safety. If there are no minions close to you or you are in the jungle, I feel sorry for you! Keep moving, get ready your dashes and start praying! If she attacks you and you don't die, don't run, hunt her! She will run if does not have ult or she will try to dmg more to kill you with ult. Lastly, if you play a good early jungler, counter jungle her a lot (if the circumstances allow it) so you delay her reach level 6 and maybe manage to kill her a couple times.

Ezreal is extremely squishy but has long range and keeps his distances. He also has dash Arcane Shift. So don't rush to proc your charm and always attack him from behind.

Fiddlesticks is a team fight terror! He can fear a whole team with just Terrify and ultimate Crowstorm coming out of nowhere and then he slows and silences with Reap and lastly he heals hugely with his Bountiful Harvest! And if he about to die he uses Zhonya's Hourglass! He also can reveal you with his passive A Harmless Scarecrow very easily! Ok, there is a simple rule, wait to see where he is or else don't engage! He is a priority target! Charm him and take him out first or at least force him to zhonya to sh*t his pants away. Good luck!

Fiora is a great dueler and a nightmare split push champion with a counter ability Riposte for your charm. So fighting her is tricky. If you want to engage with charm you must not hurry, she will eventually use Riposte before your charm proc window fades but I would recomment to atk her using Allure only for slow if need. If she activates her ultimate Grand Challenge on you, ult awayl immediately to safety or else she'll probably get double kill!

Fizz is an assassin mage with counter ability Playful / Trickster for your charm. The best strategy is to attack him without Allure and force him to use Playful / Trickster early (activate Allure right after) and his ultimate Chum the Waters from short distance which drastically reduces it's dmg, so you'll probably won't die and be able to proc your charm and kill him.

Galio is one of the few tanks that do tons of dmg without items! He's most annoying ability is Shield of Durand which reduces the dmg he takes and then taunts you to stuck with him and probably die! The plan is to use charm carefully because he also has a dash ability Justice Punch, do some dmg then go out for camouflage and charm's cd, then repeat. If he doesn't die, let him be or else you'll overstay.

Gangplank. Well, this guy has a counter ability Remove Scurvy which stops immediately the effect of your charm and also heals him. He is not a threat though. He has no dash and his abilities are effective if he sees you. So go straight at him and force haim to use Remove Scurvy and you can easily charm him and should be an easy kill.

Garen. Ah.. Garen.. He silences you with Decisive Strike which also makes him very fast and slowly kills you while you don't really dmg him because of his dmg reduction + shield ability Courage. Another tank that does a lot of dmg. The plan vs this champ is sad.. completely ignore him and pray your teammate won't feed him. Only care to defend your teammate, don't hope to kill garen. It will happen very rare.

Gnar. Small Gnar is mobil and Mega Gnar has tons of cc. Be aware of his rage bar to know what to expect. The plan is to not let him know where you are until the moment you activate that Hate Spike. If you avoid small Gnar's Boomerang Throw which slows you, you can burst him quickly with charm. When he becomes mega Gnar in early game you should probably back off unless he is really low or you are at least 2 champions that fight him. In late teamfights, mega Gnar can stun you all 5 on his own with his ultimate GNAR!, so don't stick very close to the rest of the team.

Gragas is a mage jungler that usually uses Predator and has slow Barrel Roll, dmg reduction Drunken Rage, dash with stun Body Slam and a knock back with his ultimate Explosive Cask. He is meant to be tank but players almost every time go AP with him. So, he is squishy but is really not easy to reach him and if you do, he uses dmg reduction and stun to kill you first. The plan is to charm him or no engage unless he is low on HP. While activating Allure stay unseen but really close to him and his escape path. Expect that he'll use his dash Body Slam to avoid you but you cannot delay your Hate Spike to proc charm because he'll probably try to slow your way to him with a Barrel Roll as he'll know at that moment where you're coming from.

Graves is a jungler that will make your life miserable early as he'll invade you hard. He has a lot of base dmg and also has a dash ability Quickdraw so take that in mind when you are about to proc your charm. Don't risk early and avoid him. Just take care of his slow + blinding ability Smoke Screen and he should be an easy target later.

Gwen is an ap tank that can become a lifesteal beast late game with her passive Thousand Cuts and apply a lot of dps. She doesn't have cc except a slow in her ult Needlework that can be cast 3 times and has dash + dmg ability Skip 'n Slash. Your worry is her Hallowed Mist where you cannot target her even with Allure unless you are in the mist. So if you gank her, go in and just do your thing but if you are about to solo her it might be your doom! It's better to use Allure when she cannot see you and go in the mist to charm with Empowered Whiplash and kill her if she is low.

Hecarim is a high speed jungler that uses Predator and Ghost or Ignite instead of Flash. He has weak early game but he becomes a beast later, tanky enough with huge dmg. The fact is you have to rely on your teamates to survive his ganks but your role is to predict where he's going and counter gank him. It's hard to charm him because of his speed so you should save your Allure or maybe use it for the slow. In team fights he won't die because of his Spirit of Dread, so wait it to go on cd and if he stays, charm to kill him. Although it's better to let him be and focus a squishier carry enemy because the fight might be over when his ability go on cd. Also buy Oblivion Orb if he does well.

Heimerdinger.. such an annoying champion! You can't gank him in lane because he has so many H-28G Evolution Turret around him that burst you quickly. So when you activate Allure he goes to his comfort zone arounds his turrets and waits to face you. It's better to attack him without Allure to make him panic and force him to fight you right there or make him run and freely let you dmg him while you can use your slow.

Hwei has so much abilities to read.. BORING! she turns red and her stuff to dmg, she turns blue to team ms boost, shield, and she turns purple to fear, root, or drag with slow.. you need to avoid a couple of abilities or else you'll never reach her. You should always try to charm her till late game where you can surpisely burst her easily.

Illaoi is a tank with high burst and heal. Her power is her tentacles though. When you gank her, charm and dmg her then back to clear a couple of tentacles. Be sure her jungler is not close and re attack her, it should be an easy 2v1. Buy Oblivion Orb if she does well and be aware of her ulimate Leap of Faith. When she casts it you should run away from her tentacles because they will heal her a lot and if she hunts you away fron them, finish her off.

Irelia is a mobil fighter with her Bladesurge, a 2-click stun Flawless Duet and a dmg reduction ability Defiant Dance. If she has 3+ stacks from her pssive Ionian Fervor, DON'T fight her, Charm her every time, making sure she is not close to your low health minios and be carefull not to cast Last Caress at her Defiant Dance, she won't die.

Ivern is not a threat at his own. He is good playmaker with his root Rootcaller and his shield Triggerseed. He'll run if he sees you or if you Allure him. If he stays or hunts you, expect that he has company. Dodge his root and he's nothing.

Janna the fastest champion in league. You can't proc charm on her and shouldn't go behind her because she has push back ultimate Monsoon. You can only ambuss her when she solo clears wards. She can defend herself though. In generall she is a support that you cannot easy kill early. Focus the guy she protects.

Jarvan IV can be played as a jungler or toper, tank or AD bruiser. His main combo is Demacian Standard + Dragon Strike which knocks you up if you get caught in the line and he uses it to engage or to escape. Well, if he goes tank, don't focus him. If he goes ad, you can burst him easily especially if you avoid the initial combo.

Jax is pain in the ***. If he sees you he can reach you easily with his Leap Strike or he can avoid you with it (can be uses on teammate, minion or ward). Your main problem though is his Counter Strike which not only stuns you but also negates your Empowered Whiplash. Also he can be really tanky with his ultimate Master-At-Arms and also can kill you fast. The plan is to take care of him early because late you really are nothing to him. Always use charm while calculate his Leap Strike and be extra careful with your Empowered Whiplash not to waste it. I'm so stressed every time I deal with this champion! You have to do everything perfect! I wish you good luck, you'll need it!

Jayce is not a tough target. The only ability to worry about is his knock back Thundering Blow. Also have in mind that in Mercury Hammer form (melee) he has increased defenses. Just charm and kill him.

Jhin is a high base dmg adc with passive crit and movement speed boost when he critically hits Whisper. That's your only worry. If you choose to go close to him to proc charm with Empowered Whiplash he'll probably won't run but fight you unless he reloads. So if he do crit dmg he'll get MS so you'll have to use Hate Spike anyway. The best strategy is to activate Allure, stay in shadow and proc it right when it's ready or attack him when he reloads. If you get caught by one of his traps Captive Audience you'll be revealed and slowed, you should better back off and choose another way to approach if possible or else he can root you with Deadly Flourish and kill you from distance.

Jinx is an easy adc to deal with. You only need to worry about her passive MS boost Get Excited!, so don't engage her when a teammate tower or champion is about to die. Her Flame Chompers! should be easily dodged.

Kai'Sa should be another easy adc to deal with. Your only concern is her Supercharge which gives her a brief ms boost and if upgraded, also grants invisibility. Take care of that if you try to proc your charm and everything is going to be fine. If she gets low at HP, she may ult Killer Instinct to gain shield but your ultimate will kill her anyway.

Kalista is the most dificult adc to even reach because of her mobility from passive Martial Poise. That ***** just jumps around constanlty and unpredictably and you cannot hit your first Hate Spike or reach her for Empowered Whiplash. She's a rare pick though so you don't need to ban her but you should not pick Evelynn if you see her unless you have a lot of "click to cc" teammates.

Karma should not be hard to kill. She has "click to" root but after a delay ability Focused Resolve and a shiled + MS boost ability Inspire. Activate Allure and go close to her to see you so she gets baited to stay and try to fight you and root you. If she stays, proc charm and you'll have your kill. If she runs, don't miss your Hate Spike to her MS boost.

Karthus. If you avoid a couple of his spam ability Lay Waste while you approach him and while you cast your Hate Spike, he should be an easy kill. Then get away from his corpse or you'll die too. Be aware of his items because he usually buys Zhonya's Hourglass. You can buy it too to deal with his ultimate Requiem if he's doing well in the game.

Kassadin is a mobil champion with a low cd dash + dmg ultimate Riftwalk. He has no cc but he takes reduced magic dmg because of his passive Void Stone and has a shield for magic dmg from his Null Sphere. So he actually has whatever he needs to sustain your dmg and avoid you or even dmg you back! Don't try solo kill this guy, you'll probably get tilted! If you try anyway, you must use Allure while he is not close to a wall and proc charm right after he uses his Riftwalk.

Katarina is a high mobil manaless assassin mage with short cooldowns but she lacks of cc and is very squishy. The trick is to gank her while she is away of her minions and she cannot use her Shunpo to escape or cheese her when she tries to roam other lanes. Another strategy is to surprise attack her to trick her to fight you. Stay away from her daggers and use Last Caress when she uses her ultimate Death Lotus. She may buy Zhonya's Hourglass if you do well.

Kayle is a counter to all assassins with her ultimate Divine Judgment plus she has a heal with MS boost ability Celestial Blessing. She is extremely squishy and weak early but does tons of TRUE dmg late. So the strategy is to gank her early even before lvl6 so she gets unable to do anything. She cannot use her ultimate while she's under the effect of your charm so land it and she's dead. Take care of her MS boost. If she activates her ult before you can proc your charm, it's a good trade, don't fight. Move around and repeat if she stays.

Kayn is a weak early champion and strong mid to late just like Evelynn. He's passive The Darkin Scythe will transform him into an assassin or a darkin tank. His ultimate Umbral Trespass makes him untargetable so you probably have to buy Zhonya's Hourglass if he does well. He is hard to kill because he has an escape + heal ability Shadow Step so atk him without Allure and use it after if he stays to fight. You'll also need Oblivion Orb mid game if he does well cause his lifesteal will be off the roof.

Kennen has a strong combo with his ultimate dmg Slicing Maelstrom and his passive stun Mark of the Storm. He also buys Zhonya's Hourglass to make the combo stronger! Well, I counter that with my Zhonya's Hourglass at his! The plan is to use Allure, he probably avoid you with his MS boost ability Lightning Rush or he'll use to return fast to fight you with his combo. Use zhonya when he ults and/or he uses his zhonya and then you can easily kill him with his abilities on cd.

Kha'Zix is a tough matchup. Not only he is an AD assassin that excels at killing isolated targets but he also has a counter stealth ability Void Assault for your charm and a jump ability Leap. That means you cannot fight this guy solo early and you can only fight him solo if you have a lead over him and with your ult ready. So try to predict his ganks and counter them. If you fight him solo, don't use Allure but atk from stealth and force him to use his ultimate, then pretent that you are backing off and finish him when comes out of his stealth. If you get him low enough right when he uses his ult, use your Last Caress immidiately! It will kill him anyway because the ability affects all enemies even stealthed!

Kindred. Aaah kindred.. This ****** champ makes me so nervous! His passive Mark of the Kindred makes you so busy! She marks your jungle camps and if she takes them she gets bonuses, so you have to go and quickly clear them first. But here are 3 problema with that: 1. She might have already kill the camp so you'll just waste your time to go there, 2. She might wait you there to ambush you because she is stronger early by default as she is AD based champion, 3. She might bait you to go there and clear it so she can freely gank a lane or do an objective while you are far away. So you need a good vision and/or predict her plan. Unfortunatly, fighting her is not easier. Her ultimate Lamb's Respite is an assassin counter ability that make things tricky! Always use charm on her to burst her hard, be careful of her dash ability Dance of Arrows, and don't use your Last Caress. She'll be forced to use her ult so wait in her ultimate's circle and time perfectly your ultimate to kill her before she kills you. AAARGH! It makes me nervous even writing about this! I wish you good luck!

Kled is toper that has dash ability Jousting and his ultimate MS boost ability Chaaaaaaaarge!!!. What you need to pay attention thought is his courage bar, when he is about to remount skaarl (passive Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard). This can make killing him a bit tricky. When ganking him, let your teammate start the fight and then go in with charm. You need to have a lead over him to fight him solo. If he is about to remount skaarl and you cannot finish him off, its better to flee the fight.

Kog'Maw is a squishy adc with no escape abilities but has long range and dmg. The only thing to be aware is to notice where he lands his low cd ultimate Living Artillery so he won't spot you while you approach him. Just charm and kill him, he shouldn't be a problem. Don't go in if you are low on HP because he will kill you too while dead with his passive Icathian Surprise.

K'Sante.. hmm.. ok. All abilities stun, slow, pull or knock back and especially his ult All Out which knocks back behind a wall and he follows up and also boosts his other abilities. Just stay away of this guy in teamfights. Also, you can only encounter him in lane with charm first or else he will just get away and you'll have just waste time etc.

LeBlanc is tough to catch champion with her Distortion which can be doubled with her ultimate Mimic and has insanely high dmg even with just 1 item. The strategy is to gank her only when this ability is on cd or she is mispositioned. In that case cast Allure while in stealth and wait her to use Distortion and proc charm right away because she can use it immidiately again to dodge you. If you are able to proc it and unload you combo, she will get low enough so her passive Mirror Image will occur. If she is very close to her tower, ult immidiately because your Last Caress hits invisible targets too. Otherwise, hunt the version that is running to tower. Late game she can delete you if she can see even from a distance because of her ult. So you have to kill her first following the same strategy you used to gank her at lane phase.

Lee Sin. The "I can jump over 10 walls straight" guy! Hard to hunt or fight solo because of his dmg and his knock back ultimate Dragon's Rage. You can face him though and win him with a couple of tasks. 1. Avoid him early at all costs because he can just easily kill you. 2. Dodge his Sonic Wave and he'll never kill you the entire game! 3. He is strong early champion that ganks a lot so if you are able to predict and counter some of his ganks early even without killing anyone, the game is yours! He might plan to counter jg you a lot though. As I said, avoid him unless your teammates are in position to help you and they despond to your "need help" pings. If he cannot snowball early, he is significantly loess effective later while you can have your easy kills after level 6. When you fight him always use you Allure and wait for the charm because they won't back off. Lee sin players are that arrogant! Be very carefull with your ultimate not to cast it while he is approaching a wall because you might miss it while he uses his dash ability Safeguard right then (it can be used on wards as well).

Leona is a tank champ with tons of cc that can stun you forever! She has no dmg but you shouldn't focus her at any time. Engage only as a team and wait her to focus someone else to go in. If you don't need charm to kill her adc, a good trick is to charm her so she cannot stun anyone for a second.

Lillia is a huge dmg threat with her passive Dream-Laden Bough and her Watch Out! Eep!. She is also very mobility due to the passive effect from her low cd aoe dmg ability Blooming Blows that aplies true dmg on the tip. She also has a skill shot detonate dmg + slow ability Swirlseed that travels until detonation and a strong cc + huge dmg global "click to" ultimate Lilting Lullaby that only needs you to be hit by another ability to cast. Ok, that's already too much BUT she is very squishy. It's tricky to get to her though. You cannot sneak your way to her while she fights because she will have full stack movement speed and you are going to miss your first Hate Spike and get outdamaged. The best way is to ambush her by putting wards and predict her path. Don't bother trying to charm her, just use it for the slow if needed. Be sure you can get her quick enough or don't atk her at all because she can kill you very easy and fast as well.

Lissandra has an escape tool Glacial Path but she can also use it to engage! She also is an assasin counter because she has this root ability Ring of Frost that affect all near enemies and of course her ultimate Frozen Tomb that can be cast either on her or an enemy. Last but not least, she buys Zhonya's Hourglass most of the time. So too many things to consider! The plan is to use Allure and wait her to use Glacial Path which she re activate to transport so use your Hate Spike right after that to proc charm. Deal dmg but don't use your Last Caress or dive her because she can ult you so the tower kills you or ult herself to make you waste your ult. Mid to late game things won't get better. Even if you get fed, she'll use Zhonya's Hourglass so just don't focus her or at least don't spend Allure or Last Caress for her.

Lucian is another easy adc to kill. He has a dash ability Relentless Pursuit but if you time your charm proc right after he uses it, you won't have a problem.

Lulu is an assassin counter support. She can transform you into a buuterfly with Whimsy and can shield an ally or herself with Help, Pix! or use a health boost on an ally or herself while knocking up nearby enemies with her ultimate Wild Growth. That means you have to focus her with charm while ganking the lane unless her adc is low on hp so focus adc but charm her anyway. Ping your teammates that you go for her so you can coordinate your attacks or you can just keep her busy while your teammates kill her adc. Late game don't focus her unless you are that fed and can kill her while charmed. You cannot focus her on teamfights either because she is not a dmg threat. Just wait her to use 1 or 2 spells and then go in for the carrier enemy.

Lux is a threat when her long root ability Light Binding is ready. While rooted you cannot cast Empowered Whiplash or Last Caress but you can still proc charm with Hate Spike. So if she plays mid, always use charm but don't dive her because she usually plays Barrier in addition to her Prismatic Barrier and you probably gonna feed. Is she plays support, go for the adc first because she won't have that much dmg. Late game she is very squishy and you can kill her without charm and even without Last Caress. Be aware though, if you get caught by her root, you die. If enemy team has at least one more hard cc ability, consider buying Quicksilver Sash.

Malphite. When you see this champ you think of his ultimate Unstoppable Force, a knock up with a lot dmg. He is meant to be played as tank because he has passive shield Granite Shield and a "click to slow" ability Seismic Shard but some ppl play him AP. If played AP he is very squishy but can oneshot you. While ganking him wait to use at least one ability then go in with charm, it should be an easy kill or he'll be forced to flash or even ult to escape. Late game you MUST be seperated from your teammates (like usual) so he cannot ult you with the rest of your team and when he does don't make the mistake to atk him but instead go kill the carry because it is the best time to do it, the fight has just started and ppl are using abilities.

Malzahar is one of your biggest threats. His passive shield Void Shift negates your passive, his Call of the Void silences and his ultimate Nether Grasp suppresses you till you die! If you have to face him anyway, cast Allure, don't reaveal yourself and at the right moment use rocketbelt or smite to take his passive shield and at the same time Hate Spike him to charm him and burst him before he can cc you. If played perfectly he dies.. if not, you die! Good luck!

Maokai is a tank with passive heal Sap Magic, dash with untargetability and root ability Twisted Advance and his ultimate Nature's Grasp is slow and dodgable but if it hits it roots for long! He is easy to kill early but you need Oblivion Orb to deal with him in later if he does well. In teamfights he is not a dmg threat so don't focus him, just dodge his ultimate.

Master Yi is a pentakill potential champion with no cc ability but an untargetability with dmg ability Alpha Strike with cdr from his high attack speed attacks that also heal him. He can be stopped with cc or high burst dmg so Evelynn is a counter to him. Your team relies to you to kill him at all stages of the game. Early you are weak against him so don't fight him solo but take care of his ganks so he won't get fed. Mid and late game you can burst him down without charm attacking him with Hate Spike from the shadow so you don't miss your first cast to his Alpha Strike but be aware when he uses his dmg reduction and heal ability Meditate which seperates good and bad yi players. You have to back off when he uses it, unless you are not solo atking him, and use Allure right then. If he keeps channeling his ability, wait your charm and proc it with Whiplash or the rest of the casts of your Hate Spike if you still have some. If he runs, hunt him down! In team fights don't go in unless he shows up and when he does atk him using charm, if you are not close enough, or go straight at him without charm if you are close enough! Best jungler wins!

Miss Fortune has no hard cc or escape tool, just an area of effect ability that slows Make it Rain and a movement speed boost passive if she hasn't took dmg Strut. So she is an easy target, charm and kill her.

Mordekaiser is tough champ to deal with beause of his ultimate Realm of Death that make the fight a duel between two that noone else can do anything for some seconds. He also has a pull ability Death's Grasp and a shield/heal ability Indestructible. Last but not least he does A LOT of dmg with his passive dmg Iron Man. Gank him normally with charm before his lvl 6. After he is lvl6: If you gank him with Allure, he will ult your teammate and make a double, so don't. Atk him staight and maybe force him to ult you. Nice, cast Allure and dodge a couple abilities those 2.5 seconds and then you may can solo kill him or at least survive while getting him low and your teammate can finish him. The best plan though is leave him be and focus other lanes after he is lvl 6.

Morgana is a big nightmare! She has this looooong root ability Dark Binding and a looooong stun ultimate Soul Shackles that damages and slows anyway and worst of all she can negate your charm by shielding herself or an ally with Black Shield. And she also buys Zhonya's Hourglass! So if you have to play vs her do whatever it takes to dodge her root and escape her ult, buy Quicksilver Sash if you have to. Also wait to use her shield before you use Allure or attack without it if you have to. If she plays mid she will also have tons of dmg, so think twice before you atk. If she plays support don't focus her but keep an eye for her abilities. At least she is squishy so if you get close you may kill her.

Naafiri is a pure Full dmg fighter with her packmates! The problem is her ult The Call of the Pack that reaveals you and also shields her. She shouldn't be much of a problem though. Do the usual and you should be fine. Stay away if she's fed cause you won't see nothing but dead screen!

Nami is a cc with heal support. You have to dodge her looong knock up ability Aqua Prison, her ultimate knock up Tidal Wave if possible and caclulate her heal with dmg ability Ebb and Flow that also gives herself or her ally an MS boost from her passive Surging Tides. Tough to catch champ but very squishy indeed. She has heal but its better to focus her adc.

Nasus, the late game dog! He stacks his Siphoning Strike all game to become a heal tank from his passive Soul Eater that can make pentakill solo with just one ability. He also has that huge and long slow ability Wither. You have to annoy him a lot in lane with ganks even dive him but be aware of his survivability ultimate Fury of the Sands and don't overdo it.. Buy Oblivion Orb if he does well and don't focus him but also don't hasitate to atk him if he gets greedy.

Nautilus has auto atk immobilize from his passive Staggering Blow, hook gap close stun Dredge Line and a knock up ultimate Depth Charge. That's a lot of cc that a supporr should have! No need to focus him cause he is not a dmg threat, just stay away from him and his hook as much as possible and you'll be fine.

Neeko has this Shapesplitter ability that not only tricks you to atk the clone by mistake but also can use it to scout your location! If she is not playing jungle or support, her passive Inherent Glamour to be camouflaged into an ally is useless until teamfights. She also has an ability that roots all enemies in its path Tangle-Barbs and last bad not least her ultimate aoe stun while shielding her Pop Blossom that she usually needs to flash to hit but its more effective to melee opponents. There is a cheat here though. Cast Allure as usual and force her to use Shapesplitter.. you know for sure who is the real neeko because the allure symbol is only over the real neeko's head! Thx riot! Easy kill but be sure you have the dmg to do or else she'll ult you to death.

Nidalee is a mobil assassin with ranged abilty Javelin Toss and heal Primal Surge. So she has dmg but is also squishy and she should not be a threat. To atk her it's better to go without Allure and surprise her forcing her to use her dash Pounce then use it either for the slow or to catch and finish her off with the charm.

Nilah. wtf is this riot? increased exp, increased shields, increased heals, ghost, ms, atk dodging, mr, dash, pull and all these are for every ally! This is not an adc. Anyway, just wait her 2.25 sec Jubilant Veil then kill her unless she has a strong healer by her side. If that's the case, dodge/ff and go next.

Nocturne has spell shield ability Shroud of Darkness that can make an easy win fight become a loss. It won't negate your charm because you can still proc it with the rest of your Hate Spike casts but you'll miss the extra dmg and that's not the worst scenario. He might negate your Empowered Whiplash or your Last Caress. So this is how you fight him: you atk from the shadow with Hate Spike and force him/wait him to spend his shield on a Hate Spike cast. Then if he runs go on wih the rest of your combo using Allure for the slow if needed. If he stays to fight he will start to channel Unspeakable Horror to fear you, use your Allure immidiately as well. He cannot kill you fast with his auto atks so when the fear ends, proc your charm with the Empowered Whiplash and finish him off. The problem is that he can use his ult Paranoia so frecuently because of this new item Axiom Arc, so expect that your teammates will feed him unless you can predict his ganks.

Nunu & Willump and his balls Biggest Snowball Ever!. A fast and heavy cc tank that does quite a lot of dmg. You should not engage him at any time of the game unless you are kind of fed. Your job is to counter gank him but always focus another enemy first. You can and should dodge his snowballs, back off when he uses Snowball Barrage and ult away when he uses his ult Absolute Zero. Only defensive approach to this guy but don't hesitate to atk him if has just used a couple of his abilities and always with charm. You'll need Oblivion Orb if he does well.

Olaf is a life steal + atk speed monster with his passive Berserker Rage and his Tough It Out so you must burst him fast with charm but here is your bigger problem, his ultimate Ragnarok which makes him immune to disables like your charm. So you need to buy Oblivion Orb if he does well and you need to be sure you can kill him solo or with assistance before you atk him. With that said, here is your plan: you approach with Allure, if he uses his ultimate stay away from him while avoiding his Undertow axes, you can come back soon. If you have to engage anyway proc charm anyway because you'll penefit the magic penetration of the ability, use your Empowered Whiplash as well and start to back off if he switches his attention to you while waiting your cds.

Orianna is one of the mages that you should not have any problem to assassin. She has no dash, her ultimate Command: Shockwave is a small cc and her shield Command: Protect is expected like all mages.

Ornn is another hard cc tank. He's pa***ive gives him extra armor and mr from items. He's Volcanic Rupture slows, he's Searing Charge may knock you up if he hits terrain and also he's ultimate Call of the Forge God slows you at first and then knocks you up when Ornn returns it back. Though, all his abilities are dodgable. So help your laner kill him early and avoid him later unless you are fed or can kill him with your team.

Pantheon is a very scary champ like irelia. You must keep an eye on his passive Mortal Will to know if his abilities will be impowered. He has a leap + stun ability Shield Vault, a ranged abilty Comet Spear and a shield + dmg ability Aegis Assault which you have to avoid wasting dmg on it. Always charm this guy and you'll able to hurt him when the shield is off.

Poppy is a tank with a very annoying ms boost abilty Steadfast Presence that counters your Empowered Whiplash. You need to activate Allure from an angle that you can catch her even with her ms bonus, proc charm with Hate Spike, wait her ability to end and then unload the rest of your combo but be carefull not to place yourself between her and a wall or she will stun you with her Heroic Charge. Lastly, if you can avoid her Hammer Shock which slows you and move around while she prepairs her ultimate Keeper's Verdict so she misses it, you just avoided everything!

Pyke is a very unique champ, a support assassin whith a hook Bone Skewer, mobility + camouflage with Ghostwater Dive, a dash + stun ability Phantom Undertow and this kill pressure ultimate Death from Below which refreshes after a kill for some seconds. So he is a hard to catch champ you must charm and position yourself correctly in order to kill. I would recommend to be aware where he is so you can dodge his abilities but not focus him because he is not the carry. If he is low on hp and you can isolate kill him without charm, do it of course.

Qiyana is a very weak early champ but scales hard just like Evelynn. She has 2 dashes Terrashape & Audacity and a stun + dmg ultimate Supreme Display of Talent. She is mobil and you probably won't reach her but if you do she is squishy. Combat with her is simpl, you are both assassins so the one that hits his cc first gets the kill and as long as you can aply your charm while camouflaged, you win.

Quinn is a marksman that tents to be played at top because of her huge ms boost from her ultimate Behind Enemy Lines. She also has a blinding ability Blinding Assault. She is an easy target though, if you proc your charm, she's dead.

Rakan is a strong support! He has self passive shield Fey Feathers, a skillshot heal for himself and an ally ability Gleaming Quill, a dash knock up ability Grand Entrance, a dash to an ally to shield him Battle Dance that can be cast twice and his ms boost + enemy team charm ultimate The Quickness. To sum up, Rakan is a very mobil + cc support champ that you cannot solo kill him or solo kill the target he protects unless you are rediculously fed of course. When you try to gank you have to be patient for a fight to start so he uses 1 or 2 of his abilities and then go in for his adc to kill and then finish him off with the help of your teamates. Late game you also have to keep an eye on him, who he protects so you can kill another carry first or wait him to use his shield first and then atk.

Rammus is a mobil lock down jungler tank that can really delete you. He gains ms bost from his Powerball and if manages to reach you, he taunts you with Frenzying Taunt till you die! Fortunatly he buys armor to stack up his abilities so if avoid him and do well in the match you will be able to burst him hard or at least force him to buy mr and give the chance to your ad teamates to do dmg to him as well. This is one of those champs you have to think if it is a good idea to use your Empowered Whiplash and when to do. Most of the time you'll wait him to focus someone else so you can atk a more dmg threat enemy. If you are going to atk him, always use charm and have your Last Caress ready to finish him off or back off if things go wrong.

Rek'Sai is another mobil jungler tank. She has a base ability Burrow / Unburrow which make her burrow into the ground and increase her ms and vision range (this is the main problem, she can see you and you don't see her which is what YOU do usually but not now and also you don't know that she can see you! No exclamation mark!), but also she knocks up while unburrowed. She heals from her passive Fury of the Xer'Sai and create reusable tunnels for her with Furious Bite / Tunnel. Lastly, her ultimate Void Rush makes her untargetable and then do execution dmg somewhat like your Last Caress. She usually looks to do early ganks using her tunnels to surprise your teammates, so if you can predict a couple of them and prevent a death or even get a kill you won the match up. Some users go ad with her, so she'll be squishy enough to outdmg her and win even 1v1 battles. If she gets a lead though, it's probably over.

Rell is a strong tank that has a stun ability Full Tilt while being with a teammate than can stun you. The one thing you need to have in mind is that she steals armor and magic resistance from you with an aa (passive Break the Mold) and has extra magic resistance while dismounted. She's a tank, don't atk her.

Renata Glasc is a terrifying teamfight support with this rediculous strong ultimate Hostile Takeover but she also has root Handshake and a shield + slow Loyalty Program. Lastly, don't get fooled trying killing an enemy that got resurrected by Bailout. If he died, he will return to death soon! Ok, the main plan is to kill her first because she is a strong support but very squishy. Just avoid the root and she won't be a problem. In teamfights, don't you ever stay with the team, instead flank and target her even before the enemy carry and the teamfight should be over!

Renekton is a tough guy. You have to watch carefully his fury bar (passive ability Reign of Anger). If his bar is full or close to full, DO NOT ATK because his abilities will be much stronger! He can unload his dmg very fast like an assassin with the help of his stun Ruthless Predator but also has a lot of HP, gaining extra when he is under the effect of his ultimate Dominus. He also can heal himself with Cull the Meek. Last but not least, he has a dash ability Slice and Dice that may have 2 casts when empowered. So if you gank him, apply your dmg then flee immediately or wait him to spent dmg on you, then ult out. If he ults, go camouflage, wait his ult to end and reatk him with charm. If you try solo this guy, be sure you can burst him fast so he won't even atk you or else he can kill you without a doubt.

Rengar is an ad jungler assassin created to spread death! His passive Unseen Predator has 3 effects: 1. While in bush he leaps at his target with an aa for extra dmg which makes him very strong inside the jungle. 2. Killing enemies increases his atk dmg which makes him scale even stronger than you. 3. His abilities build ferocity that empower his next ability and you have to pay attention to. His empowered Bola Strike roots if it hits and empowered Battle Roar dmg you, heal him the dmg you just did to him and also breaks your charm! So if you try to charm him while he has full ferocity he will wait you, break the charm and outdmg you. If you try to charm him while he has no ferocity, he will use his ultimate Thrill of the Hunt which will give him camouflage, movement speed and also will give him true vision to you so he can SEE you, atk you and kill you before you can react. So don't try to charm him if his ult is ready. Actually, you cannot solo fight him late. You have to win this matchup early with counter ganks and vision to his jungle so your teammates won't die while you do your thing.

Riven is a very mobil fighter without mana bar that scales really hard! She has a triple cast dash + dmg ability Broken Wings that the last cast knocks up, a dash + shield ability Valor, a small aoe around her stun Ki Burst and tons of dmg when she opens her ultimate Blade of the Exile that she can re-cast to use a powerefull range atk. Early game you have to wait your teammate to engage so you have a window to actually proc your charm but always expect a response. I dont think you can solo her at any stange of the game unless you have a reasonable advantage over her.

Rumble shouldn't be much of a problem. You only have to care about his ms boost + shield ability Scrap Shield if you try to proc your charm and also his slow + huge dmg ult The Equalizer. If he is not fed you can take him down every time with a successfull charm. Don't underestimate him though, he can do quit a lot of dmg.

Ryze has that annoying "click to root" ability Rune Prison that you cannot avoid. That makes him winner in a 1v1 battle as he can do lots of dmg while you are stuck there. Try to gank him early, wait to cast the root on your teammate and then cast your Allure, it should be an easy kill or he 'll burn his summoners spells. Late, you cannot fight him solo either unless you can ambuss him from a bush without charm. If you need to fight him for some reason, play defensively. Act like you are going to atk him without using any ability, just go right at him so he can see you, dodge a couple of him basic dmg spell Overload and then use Allure to atk back! If he tries to escape with his ultimate Realm Warp, try to charm him so he exits his teleport circle.

Samira is another broken new champion! She can negate your Hate Spike with her counter aoe dmg + def ability Blade Whirl! She also has a dmging dash Wild Rush and the rest of her abilities are tons of more dmg, her ult ability Inferno Trigger has 3 sec cd!! If you gank her you must force her Blade Whirl before you try to charm her. That can be done if you just wait her to spend it on a trade with your laner or if she is has pushed a lot, just jump on her spaming your Hate Spike then Allure her and predict her dash (she can cast it on allies or enemies). If you want to face her solo, cast Allure stay unseen and wait, if she casts Blade Whirl right away, wait it to fade out (its duration is 1.25sec and your charm window is 2.5sec) then kill her. A good player though will cast when he'll see you cast your spike, in that case ABORT or get rekt cause she can and will outdmg you with style even if you are ahead. Be aware that you can proc charm with Empowered Whiplash and she cannot stop it with Blade Whirl.

Sejuani is another tank with lots of hard cc. First of all, you cannot surprise atk her because of her passive Fury of the North which gives her high resistances. She also has dash Arctic Assault and her ultimate Glacial Prison is a ranged skillshot stun. She is more effective with a melee teammate that accelerates her frost stucks to activate Permafrost which is another stun. The plan is, actually, not to solo fight her or focus her because its meanigless atking any tank unless you are rediculously fed. If you need to atk her anyway, wait for a teammate to dmg her so her passive fades and then use charm expecting her to dash and you'll able to down her. If you are solo hit her with a Hate Spike, wait her passive to fade (a shiled icon over her head means she has passive effect so wait this to disappear) while you go towards and away of her to trick her to fight you then use Allure but stick very close to her so she won't be able to escape the charm proc if she choose not to fight.

Senna is a support marksman! Straight line aoe heal with dmg Piercing Darkness, aoe shield and dmg with her ultimate Dawning Shadow, aoe skillshot root Last Embrace and even a moving aoe ally camouflage ability Curse of the Black Mist! Alright, this champion can give you a hard time with her aoe ally camouflage ability but you can still hit. Try to charm her but aproach from a different angle than your teammates to avoid her root and she should be dead.

Seraphine is a team fight general! She has it all! Slow, stun, charm, shield, heal AND dmg! But she is squishy. Take her out first, position well to hit charm and that's it because at least she has no dash.

Sett is a fighter created to fight 1v2! He uses his punches to dmg which means he has no range but he has ms boost from Knuckle Down, a slow or stun ability Facebreaker depending if he is fighting 1 or more opponents and an ult that smashes a teammate of yours in your face! (again!) He also has a fight changing ability Haymaker that true dmg depending on the dmg he has take the last seconds (grit bar, passive Pit Grit that also gives health regen) that also gives shield! Come on! If you cannot land charm on him, don't bother fighting him, he'll just punch you to death! Don't solo him unless you are fed or he is extra low and in team fights be sure to stay away from your teammates (flanking as usual) to avoid his team cc and dmg abilities. Always be preapared for the Haymaker, be sure you can kill him or don't atk him at all!

Shaco is a tough opponent. He doesn't use Flash and instead uses Ignite & Smite because his Deceive makes him invisible while it teleports him to a close location. He also has a trap ability Jack In The Box which scares and dmg you and also has a clone creation ultimate Hallucinate which makes his clown a triple trap when it dies. So expect that he will always try to surprise atk you like you do. You cannot charm this guy unless he has just used his Deceive, so always do your dmg right away either you defend or engage. If his clone is there you can determine which one is the real by which Shaco is not using abilities or which one is taking more dmg or which one is going straight to die. If you use Allure before he creates his clone, you will know who is the real because the heart from your ability will over the real Shaco's head.. cheat!

Shen is a tank with a counter ability Spirit's Refuge that blocks your Empowered Whiplash. He also has a passive shield Ki Barrier, a dash + taunt ability Shadow Dash and global teleport to a teammate which also shields his teammate while the ability channels. So, as with all tanks, don't solo fight him or focus him and if you atk him or a teammate close to him don't waste your Empowered Whiplash to his ability and don't get taunted under tower or close to a grouped enemy team.

Shyvana is a dragon-focused tank jungler. If you are matched vs her, you must always have a ward on dragon because slaying a dragon makes much more tankier from her passive Fury of the Dragonborn. While fighting her you need to pay attention to her fury bar to know when she can use her ultimate Dragon's Descent to transform into a dragon and gain extra effects to her abilities. You should treat her as a tank unless you managed to keep her away from dragon kills and/or you see her built non-tank items.

Singed is a weirdo just like the players that use him! He can mess up with your head making you hunt him like its a life goal and kill you while you trying and get even more mad! He gets movement speed from his passive Noxious Slipstream and from his ultimate Insanity Potion which also boost all his stats. If he is after you, you only need to avoid his Poison Trail, even if he use Fling on you, and he won't be able to dmg you. If you have to fight him, you must use Allure while stealthed and position yourself between him and his escape path so you'll be able to proc the charm. If you don't kill him quick enough, DON'T HUNT HIM for any reason because it doesn't worth it and he'll probably escape anyway or get you towards his teammates to kill you.

Sion is another heavy cc tank. Some players, though, play him as an ad champ or they don't buy MR for some reason. If one of these two happens, he'll be very squishy to you so just charm and kill this guy. He has no dash except his ms boost ultimate Unstoppable Onslaught which also make him immune to charm and cc etc. Avoid his Decimating Smash, get away from his dead body and he won't be a problem.

Sivir is an adc with an ability block shield Spell Shield but that won't block your charm, you can still proc it with the rest casts of your Hate Spike but you'll have reduced dmg because your first cast will count as a miss. If you atk her without charm be carefull not to spend your Empowered Whiplash or Last Caress on it but use a Hate Spike cast to break the shield and she'll die very easy.

Skarner is a hard cc tank. Passes thought walls to stun with Ixtal's Impact or even drag 3 enemies with his ult Impale and a shield + slow shield ability Seismic Bastion. He relies on his teammates for dmg output so atk him only if he is isolated with charm first or else live him be and avoid getting dragged!

Smolder is an easy champ to kill for Evelynn. The only thing you have to worry is his flight ability Flap, Flap, Flap and of course if he's fed! hahaha!

Sona has everything that a support needs to have! Boosting teammates dmg with her dmg ability Hymn of Valor, heal + shield for her and a teammate with her Aria of Perseverance, ms boost for her teammates with Song of Celerity and an aoe skillshot stun with her ultimate Crescendo. You will need to focus her first when ganking bot unless you can insta delete her adc from the map. Anyway its a good idea to use Allure on her even if you go for the adc so you can proc it with a Hate Spike cast and prevent her from healing anyone or even worse, ult you right before you can get the kill.

Soraka the biggest healer of the game with her Astral Infusion but she is extra squishy and can only heal herself with her entire map ultimate heal Wish. So you must always kill her first! But there is a problem.. a good soraka player can play well her silence aoe ability Equinox and really shut you down. You can try to charm her but if you miss your first Hate Spike or she uses her ability in front of her, abort or you'll find yourself rooted in front of her to die by her teammates or tower. A good idea will be to use Allure on her teammate so she won't get alerted or use her Equinox to ally so you can freely atk her but you might won't get the kill solo because of her ultimate. Choose your play depending on the situation, who's low on HP, who's fed etc but most of the time you'll want to kill her first.

Swain is a big healing mage. His abilities are skillshots that can cc you if the hit. The plan is to down this guy early with ganks because he will be a problem later. Aproach with charm every time, he has no dash to avoid, so go close and proc it with the rest of your combo.

Sylas is a very tough opponent. Not only he can use your own ultimate against you Hijack but has also a battle reverse ability Kingslayer that does execute dmg and also heals him big! And that's not all! He has dash ability Abscond / Abduct with a recast to dash + cc + magic dmg shield if it hits! I mean.. wtf riot? The rest are his Chain Lash that dmges and slows and his passive Petricite Burst that boosts his aa after an ability cast. Why I don't play sylas? I like camouflage that's it! Ok, when you try to kill this guy, always try with company unless he is low! Use Allure, he will respond with his dash ability, pro your charm and avoid his second cast so he won't get the shield and be forced to use his Kingslayer early or even ult, you just won the fight so hunt him to kill him.

Syndra is a mage that all her abilities work around her Dark Sphere. The more sphere's on the field + 3 moving in circle around her, the more dmg her ultimate Unleashed Power does. Your concern is her push back stun ability Scatter the Weak that you really cannot do much about it. Wait her to use it then go in or use Allure and try to proc it while you stayed unseen so she cannot use her push back.

Tahm Kench is tank that his dmg is increased based on the max HP he has (passive An Acquired Taste). He has a slow ability Tongue Lash and he can eat you with his ult Devour. He also has this life saving shield Thick Skin and a small teleport + knock up Devour. Don't focus him obviously avoid his Tongue Lash that slows big and if you are atking him, don't spend abilities on his shield, wait to fade. Also, when you try charm him, be aware of the teleport ability.

Taliyah is a mobil mage with good cc abilities. She can move faster while close to walls Rock Surfing, a knock up Seismic Shove, has a slowing minefield Unraveled Earth that does combo with the knock up and wall creating ultimate Weaver's Wall that she may ride to reach fast a fight or escape a fight. Your goal is not to let her see you before she gets charmed or she may easily avoid you. If you charm her, she'll die.

Talon is an assassin with a very unique ability to jump over walls Assassin's Path that has low cd and can create him easy kills or avoid death even easier. He has a gap closer ability Noxian Diplomacy and a camouflage ultimate Shadow Assault. Most of the time you won't be able to charm this guy so you can only surprise him and your dmg won't be that high. If he ults while he is low enough to die by your Last Caress you can cast it immidiately and you'll get your kill.

Taric is a very strong tank support and the reason is Bastion which shield an ally and make taric's abilities cast off them as well. Those abilities are stun Dazzle and invulnerability ultimate Cosmic Radiance. He also has heal Starlight's Touch. While atk the champ he protects you must avoid Dazzle and don't spend dmg while they are under the effect of his ult. Don't focus him for any reason.

Teemo... the most rediculous champ of the game! He has this signature ultimate Noxious Trap mashrooms that is your only concern and late game can realy make a difference. Change to oracle and go kill that guy, he has no dash, just an ms boost ability Move Quick.

Thresh is an excelend cc support tank. A hook + pull + stun ability Death Sentence that does combo with knock back Flay and his ultimate The Box for perma cc! He also has a great escape or gap closer ability for his allies Dark Passage. You must wait him to use a couple of his abilities to be able to dmg his adc.

Tristana is adc with a jump ability Rocket Jump and a knock back ultimate Buster Shot so she can defend herself. Use Allure while she doesn't see you, predict where she's going to jump, wait for it, then charm and kill her.

Trundle is a mobil tank that steals your stats! Avoid him early and you will be able to burst him down late. Get away from his Frozen Domain and Pillar of Ice and you'll be fine.

Tryndamere and his ultimate Undying Rage.. pff.. just die mate! A mobil fighter that builds atk speed and crit that is very squishy without his ult. If he is doing well you'll probably have to buy Zhonya's Hourglass or you won't be able to fight him with his ult ready. Charm him, do your abilities force him to cast ult then run. Cast zhonya before you die and ult him if he stays. Or else ult out and let your teammates finish him off.

Twisted Fate has an aa boost ability that stuns Pick A Card but it takes some time and you can prepare for it. Here is how: when you active Allure on him he will use his ability and prepare the gold card to stun you when he sees you. If you can proc your charm with a Hate Spike and don't let him see you until then, you just killed him. The problem is that he has a teleport ultimate Destiny that grants true vision of enemies to all his team so EVERYBODY CAN SEE YOU during this time! You can counter that with Banshee's Veil though if you want!

Twitch is a champion with camouflage ability Ambush with a smaller circle to be seen than yours but it has a time limit. The ability also grants ms boost and atk speed when Twitch is revealed. That's his only ability to avoid you so he is an easy taget for you. He is very deadly late game and you'll be assigned to kill him in team fights. All you need to do is stay out of sight, position yourself behind the enemy team and wait him to show up, then go straight to atk him, use Allure just for the slow and ult him as soon as it will kill him so noone can stop you. GG.

Udyr is a mobil atk speed beast and these boosts are gained just from his passive Bridge Between. He also gets extra atk speed from his Wilding Claw, shield + hp regen from Iron Mantle, a stun with Blazing Stampede and his ultimate is just another stance with no extra cd but most udyr players don't even use it, the Wingborne Storm that burns enemies in front of him. You cannot hunt this guy or escape him without jumping walls but most udyr players go pure ad with him which makes him very squishy so you can land your charm and burst him down. If he builds tank you should just avoid him and focus the carries obviously.

Urgot. Bruh.. what a champ! His passive boosts his aa that are ranged, he has a ranged aoe slow ability Corrosive Charge, he can use constant aa with Purge that has zero cd or lvl5 (!!), he has a dash + shield + through back ability Disdain and his ultimate Fear Beyond Death is a looooong ranged ability that if it hits it insta kills you if you are or get 25% or less HP while it lasts! Ok lets have a plan to annoy this guy. You need to use Allure without let him see you and position yourself between him and his escape path. Wait him to use his dash, then proc charm, unload your dmg and move constanly but not around him so he might miss his ult. If he dies, ok. If not, get the f**k out of there!

Varus is an adc with no dash ability but has an aoe slow Hail of Arrows that will reveal you if you get hit and an immobilizing skillshot ultimate Chain of Corruption that also affect the target near his target, so you might get immobilized even unseen and be reavealed as well. So if you are ganking him atk from a different angle that your teammates do, use Allure while unseen and proc it with a Hate Spike just when you are about to be seen so you won't give him a chance to ult you, at least not before you apply your dmg.

Vayne is the strongest late game adc! Her ad boost ultimate Final Hour which lasts until she kills everyone + her dash Tumble which make her invisible like every 2 seconds makes her survive even if everyone is atking her! She is very vulnerable in early though and be killed very fast. Some players like to play her top and that's my favorite cause I stay in top, I get fed, my top laner gets fed and stays way behind so she won't be a problem late if late game happens at all. Ok, the plan is to always aproach with charm but don't rush it because she will use her dash right when the charm is ready to proc and she might even ult as well but she will show up anyway before the charm window ends. The hard thing is to deal with her "click to" push back Condemn that stuns you if you hit a wall. Sometimes you will burn Flash to reach her again, sometimes you will be able to kill her before the charm ends, sometimes you will be able to get the kill even if you get pushed back. It's all about the map where the fight takes place but generally avoid to place yourself between her and a wall.

Veigar is tha mage with the highest burst on the game and that's because his passive Phenomenal Evil Power grants him free AP. He has a skillshot dmg ability Baleful Strike thats hit 2 targets, a dealyed aoe dmg ability Dark Matter with crazy scale, an ability that summons a cage at a chosen location that stuns enemies that step on the walls Event Horizon and a "click to" kill ultimate Primordial Burst. Which means if you get caught on the wall, you die and late game if he ults you, you die. If you avoid the cage thought and charm him, he dies very fast. If you gank him, wait him to use at least one ability so he cannot oneshot you and proceed with charm (he has no dash). If you try to solo him, using Allure will alert him and make him cast his cage around him. That means he is going to stay there, so wait 2 seconds to proc your charm with a Hate Spike (it must be easy as long as he stays there), wait the cage to go away and then go at him to finish your combo while the charm still lasts. It's tricky but it's the only way.

Vel'Koz is a mage that all his abilities are skillshots with slows and tons of dmg. He lasts of dashes and he's only hard cc is a knock up ability Tectonic Disruption which means he's an easy target. Don't underestimate him thought, if you need charm to burst him down, he will be alerted and play his abilities acordingly and if you get caught by one you must abort or you'll probably end up dead! So, aproach without Allure or position yourself smoothly and be ready to dodge incoming fire!

Vex is another annoying mage! Her secondary bar shows if fear is ready from her passive ability Doom 'n Gloom. She has shield from Personal Space, aoe dmg Looming Darkness and 2 skillshots Mistral Bolt and her ult Shadow Surge which can be recast to get her face to face with her target and can be recast if target dies, to another target. First of all, don't engage solo if her fear is ready. If fear is out, charm and do your thing, easy, or else atk without Allure and after she fears you, cast it and use Hextech Rocketbelt to gap close and charm her to finish the job. Good luck!

Vi has a really nice passive shield Blast Shield, a charged dash that knocks back if it hits Vault Breaker and her ult Cease and Desist that makes her unstoppable while she travels to her target that will knock up and also knocks aside other enemies on her way. You need to predict her early ganks to protect your teammates. To fight her you MUST dodge her dash knock back or you'll probably won't able to do much. If she engages with her ult, you can ult as well while she charges if you feel that you cannot survive. If you are going to engage her you cannot use charm because she'll dash away or get it ready to hit you with it. Just ambush her if she's missing enough health to die without charm. Late game she builts tank and stops being a big dmg threat, so focus someone else. In teamfights, if you have a fed adc or mage, you can wait Vi to ult your fed teammate so you can burst her fast together.

Viego's passive Sovereign's Domination makes him a teammfight beast! Untargetable and healing and with new abilities and items! He also has a charging dash + stun ability Spectral Maw you need to avoid of and a camouflage, ms boost and atk speed boost ability Harrowed Path which makes him very unick and very akward to fight. The plan is to countergank. Always try to be aware where he is and what he is up to. Deny him kills and objectives. Well, fighting him is tricky. You have to atk him only with Allure but before he kills anybody and he must die first or else he will always penta. Don't be afraid to "waste" your ult on him. It is worth every time.

Viktor is a mage that has no dash or real cc. He can only stun you if you stay in his Gravity Field. Easy target, just charm him and go straight to at him, he won't be able to do much as long as he can't see you.

Vladimir is a mage tank and he build AP and HP which are boosted from his passive Crimson Pact. Your real problem is his Sanguine Pool that makes him untargetable for 2 seconds. That means that when you gank him and you cast Allure, you'll have to try to proc it immediately with a Hate Spike when it's ready so he'll be forced to use his pool and you will still have 0.5 seconds to proc your charm when the pool is over. What I recommend though is to go right at him and force him to use the pool to avoid further dmg, so just keep up with him Allure him for the slow and finish him off.

Volibear.. no, no, no.. Riot did some broken work here again! This champ has a stacking atk speed The Relentless Storm with extra dmg + aoe effect at full 5 stacks. A huge ms boost ability Thundering Smash that has stun effect on hit. A ranged aoe slow ability Sky Splitter that also grants him shield if he is in the area. A strong dmg ability Frenzied Maul + a leap ultimate Stormbringer that for 12 seconds grands him cc immunity, health, atk range, increased size, slow effect, dmg, and TURRET DISABILITY! OMG! You still want to play vs him? You are fearless indeed! Ok.. you see him early in your jg? Run immediately to the other side! Let him take them all, its his! After lvl6, if you wanna engage him, (not solo of course!) be sure he has no ultimate up or else your charm is useless. Just hit and run, don't aa him. Focus anything else, ignore him, avoid him and pray your teammates won't feed him either. Good luck, you'll need it! Ban him if he is in the meta!

Warwick is another mobil tank that can truck you down with his Blood Hunt ability even if he cannot see you! He has strong healing as well with his passive Eternal Hunger and his Jaws of the Beast that combos excellent with his ultimate Infinite Duress that suppresses you if you get hit. Last but not least he has a damage reduction ability Primal Howl that fears nearby enemies when it ends. You cannot solo kill him because of the last ability, unless he is really low and you proc charm or you are rediculously fed. If he's hunting you thought and he opens his howl, run away from him, dodge his ultimate and then go right at him with charm! Never think about saving your ult while fighting him. If he is low, finish him or you'll regret it!

Wukong is a strong champion with an invisibility Warrior Trickster that leaves a clone behind him, an engage dash ability Nimbus Strike and a knock up ultimate Cyclone that can be recast! He can kill you faster at any stage of the game so avoid him early and try only to fight him with a teammate. Atk him straight, force him to fight back so if he tries to flee with the clone, use Allure for the slow or even charm.

Xayah is an adc that has an untargetability ultimate Featherstorm and can also stun you with her Bladecaller which make her a tough champ to deal with considering she's an adc and she'll be protected by a support. The best way to engage is to atk her straight from behind to force her to ult, avoid staying between her and her feathers and continue with charm while staying as close as possible without dying. This tactic needs you to have teammates to be around or her missing some health because you'll aply dmg without the magic penetration from the charm.

Xerath is a mage without shield or dash ability (he usually uses Barrier because of that) and he has one skillshot stun ability Shocking Orb that if you avoid, he will be the easiest kill of your life. Cast Allure and go right at him but the moment he sees you be ready to dodge, he will try to stun you immediately... enjoy your free kill! ;)

Xin Zhao is one of the hardest enemy junglers and he is stronger that you at any stage of the game unless you get a big lead over him. He has an engage dash with dmg ability Audacious Charge that also grants him atk speed and aply slow to you! (What an ability!) He also has another slow + dmg ability Wind Becomes Lightning, a knock up ability Three Talon Strike and an ultimate that knocks back non-challenged champion and also doesn't get dmged by enemies out of the ability's circle. He also heals from his passive Determination and from items. Nightmare!! Avoid to fight him solo and always atk him with charm. Don't focus him thought unless he atks your carries.

Yasuo is one the most annoying mobil fighters you're going to face. His passive shield Way of the Wanderer and his Steel Tempest storm combined with his ultimate Last Breath, feel like they are always ready! He can also jump around to your minions and your team with his Sweeping Blade. Last but not least he has this Wind Wall that blocks your Hate Spike, his passive also gives double critical strike chance and his ultimate gives armor penetration at critical strikes. Ok let's make a plan on how to fight him. You must always have your charm and ultimate ready to gank him or fight him solo unless he is really low on hp and not fed. Also you must not have a lot of your minions around so he cannot use his mobil ability a lot. Use Allure, wait briefly to see where he is going to move and then go right at him to proc charm with your Empowered Whiplash and then use the rest of your abilities. If he activates his wall anyway and not wait your Hate Spike, don't spend casts while the wall is between you and him or better run away from the wall just to make sure, he will chase you anyway or he'll mistakenly give you time to ready your Empowered Whiplash + camouflage again. If he ults you, you should ult as well as soon as possible unless he has not that much dmg. You cannot fight him solo at late unless you have a serious lead over him. That's it, good luck!

Yone is a little more complicated yasuo. Dash, knock up, shield and an engage - disengage ability Soul Unbound that is the one you need to pay attention. If he engage with this ability just avoid him or fight around his initiation spot. If you are the one to engage, try to atk right when your charm is ready so he won't have the chance to cc you. My favorite gank is when he goes all in at my teammate laner and I wait him to return to that spot so I can kill him! :) Late game he becomes a beast but early game he should not be a problem.

Yorick is a healing fighter because of his Last Rites empowered atk. He also has an aoe slow + dmg of current health ability Mourning Mist and a wall to cage you Dark Procession. Lastly, his ultimate Eulogy of the Isles summons his maiden that boosts his dmg. He has no dash or hard cc so you can easily apply your dmg on him. Be sure to buy Oblivion Orb if he does well and avoid fighting him if maiden and mist walkers atk you (passive Shepherd of Souls).

Yuumi can be a great teammate because she earns your camouflage if she's attached to you! She is also a good opponent because she has passive shield Feline Friendship, a heal + ms boost ability Zoomies, both for her attached teammate, she shares each others stats with her attached teammate (dmg, defense, etc) You and Me! and has a long range controlled missile that slows Prowling Projectile + a root potential ultimate Final Chapter that both can be cast while attached! What a support! Did I mention you cannot atk her if attached? No and no you can't! So no plan for her, you must kill her ally first and you cannot kill him solo. They are 2 of 'em in one body! She doesn't even need boots or Flash! She gets Exhaust and Ignite or even worse Heal! Can I have yuumi supports pls? We'll carry together!

Zac the booble! A tank with mobility, cc and high survivability! If you fatal dmg him he splits into 4 bloblets that need to die as well or else he revives (passive Cell Division, he also healths from this passive when he atks an enemy). He can channel to jump a huge distance with Elastic Slingshot and he uses it both to engage or flee and has a 4 bounce knock up ultimate Let's Bounce!. Don't fight him solo, you cannot kill him especially if his passive is up, and ffs don't atk him first in team fights! Take care of his early ganks so his teammates won't get fed and that's it. No further plan.

Zed is high mobility assassin that you cannot easily hunt or battle. You need to atk this guy right after he uses his mobil ability Living Shadow and the shadow lefts the field, use charm and hunt him down because he won't be able to do much. If he uses his ultimate Death Mark get ready to dodge his incoming dmg from Razor Shuriken to avoid further dmg from his ult and consider buying Zhonya's Hourglass if he is doing well because you'll avoid all his ult's dmg. If you don't need to buy zhonya but you get caught with his ult while you are low, use your ult right when he comes out of his ult and you may survive.

Zeri is a heavy atk speed adc that steals shield with her passive Living Battery and has a dash Spark Surge which means you can easily delete her but she can erase you as easy. Allure her, predict her dash and she should be no problem. Just keep in mind not to atk her with a shielded teammate or she can surprice you with a shield. Late game though things get weird as her atks slow you hard and her dmg is just way high!

Ziggs is a mage without dash, though he can use his own Satchel Charge bomd to get knocked away. He also has a slowing minefield Hexplosive Minefield and that's it. Avoid them and his Bouncing Bomb and should be easy target! Just be aware of his huge ranged ultimate radius Mega Inferno Bomb at fights even if he is not there.

Zilean is an annoying support mage with his Time Bomb you have to always dodge, his ms boost Time Warp and his reviving ultimate Chronoshift. A good strategy is to use Allure on a low HP enemy go after him to bait him use his ult on him and atk a different squishy enemy. He is also squishy so make the right decision depending on the situation.

Zoe is an extra squishy mage but can really mess with your head! She has just one dmg ability Paddle Star that can truly oneshot you if you got cc buy her skillshot Sleepy Trouble Bubble. The weird thing here is that you cannot use Flash or she'll take it and use it as well with her Spell Thief. To atk her you need to cast Allure and stay unseen until it is ready and it reveals your position, dodge her blind bubble, and then proc your charm etc. If she uses her low cd R which is a blick to a nearby location for 1 sec then blick back, wait her to return and continue with your combo.

Zyra is a support mage that applies a lot of dmg with her plants atks that also apply slow. Plant grow when she casts abilities on her seed which spawn from her passive Garden of Thorns and Rampant Growth. You can kill seeds, though, by stepping on them. Ok, all you need to do is avoid her root Grasping Roots and you can kill her or the guy she protects. Be sure to charm your target because her plants atks will slow you and you won't reach it somehow else. When she uses her large area ultimate Stranglethorns you'd better ult away even if you miss your kill or you'll get knocked up and get big dmg from her plants.

That wraps up this chapter. I know that some strategies require precise steps and may not be easy to make them happen but you can always practice them. If you guys know any strategy that it is not in this guide, feel free to tell me in the comments.
So that's it guys! I'm sorry for the bad language and spelling mistakes (I'll correct them eventually). If you need more information or videos about Evelynn, be sure to check kingstix's youtube videos and mobafire guide and/or kryra's youtube videos and twitch, they are my challenger teachers (even if they don't know)! I hope you enjoyed reading this guide as much as I enjoyed creating it! I also hope you learned new things about Evelynn and you are ready to face and win any champion with her. Feel free to comment or ask anything! Thanks for spending time to read my guide and good luck on the rift!
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