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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

LeBlanc Build Guide by EmiliaLeblancBot

A Thorough Leblanc Guide for All lanes (outdated with rework

A Thorough Leblanc Guide for All lanes (outdated with rework

Updated on August 20, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author EmiliaLeblancBot Build Guide By EmiliaLeblancBot 6 0 176,904 Views 3 Comments
6 0 176,904 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author EmiliaLeblancBot LeBlanc Build Guide By EmiliaLeblancBot Updated on August 20, 2018
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Hi Guys!
Welcome to my LeBlanc Guide For All lanes!
I'm a NA region player that goes by the in-game name of EmiliaLeBlancBot.
(Emilia or Evaine is LeBlancs first name, it’s a lore thing.)
I've always wanted to make a LeBlanc guide and after seeing that no other guide on Mobafire
really covered All lanes I decided to make a dedicated guide of my own. There are plenty of AP mid guides already (which I include my own version of within), but the main purpose of this guide is to impart my knowledge of using her in all lanes.
Leave a Like if you enjoyed the guide or it helped you!

I also stream at [[/url] where I play a lot of LeBlanc, As well as other non-League games. If you have a question about the guide, messaging me on twitch is the best way to reach me. You can also leave a comment on Mobafire if you have any thoughts!

LeBlanc is my favorite champion in League of Legends and the champion I have the most experience with. Honestly if I am not playing her, I'm probably not having fun with the game. I play her midlane like most other LeBlanc mains, but I have heavily played her in almost all roles giving me alot of matchup knowledge, game knowledge, and experience with the champion. I also constantly use and test a wide variety of builds with her. The goal of this guide is to teach you the viewer what I've learned about this champion and how she can be effectively used based on my experience with her. You in no way should play LeBlanc exactly like I play her, or follow any builds blindly. LeBlanc can be very versatile compared to how most people use her and I recommend you explore different builds yourself until you a find a way she can fit your personal comfort.

Mid is the meta lane for most LeBlanc players. During a period of Season 4 and the 5th Pre-Season up until Patch 5.10 she was considered one of the top 4 Midlaners in competitive play. I started playing League around Season 4, which also happens to be when I picked up LeBlanc. The biggest inspiration to maining Leblanc came from watching the most popular player in league, SKT Faker. Famous for his Leblanc play, he has had her constantly banned from him in most of his competitive career. Up until the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational vs. EDG, Faker was renowned for being undefeated on Leblanc. EDG had built an entire team comp to try and specifically shutdown Faker's Leblanc resulting in his first professional loss with the champion. Faker early in his career was well known for single handedly dominating games with LeBlanc. He has even gone so far as to cause a twenty minute surrender in a professional game. After going 10-0-1 on LeBlanc in 18 minutes in the MVP Blue vs SKT T1 K Match of Champions Springs Korea 2013. Fans then had the first glimpse of how powerful LeBlanc is when played close to her full potential. This insane awe-inspiring fear and skill that Faker inspired when playing LeBlanc really brought me to love the champ and learn everything I could about her.

She’s a great champion with an amazingly deep kit. Hopefully my guide can help you utilize her to full capacity. Good Luck!!!
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Pros / Cons

  • Ranged
  • High Single Target Burst
  • 2nd Highest short term mobility in Game
  • Great survivability from Ganks
  • Amazing Roam potential
  • Great Early game
  • Stealth Passive with great outplay potential
  • High skill cap
  • very fun to play
  • high mana costs early
  • Extremely squishy and susceptible to CC
  • Unsafe waveclear against siege
  • No sustain
  • Hard to utilize mid to late game
  • Poor Team Fight
  • High skill floor
  • Has to Snowball
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Abilities and Stats: Leblanc by the numbers (WIP)

For Full Stats Click here.


LeBlanc's Passive Mirror Image is probably one of the more interesting passive in the game. Is has a huge amount of outplay potential, lifesaving ability and hidden uses that only long time LeBlanc players utilize. Mastering the passive is something that is a later step for most LeBlanc players but once done gives a level of complexity and enjoyment that other champions don't offer. It is not the most easily used passives and like most of leblanc requires a high skill cap to use effectively.

An odd fact about LeBlanc's passive is that it applies on hit effects through basic attacks. This is not really a factor for Midlane AP Leblanc, but some different builds can use this small fact. It is also a great tool to tank with in the jungle which is the only reason LeBlanc jungle clears even barely work due to clever use of the clone. It also can be used as a Brush checking tool. It's best use is as a cooldown soaker though in the middle of a teamfight often drawing out enemy abilities and drawing them away from the real leBlanc.

Sigil of Malice is the reason everyone hates Leblanc, even if they don't realize it. Her other skills are annoying and hard to deal with, but Sigil's mark is the reason she hits so hard. Understanding the marks or proc's of this spell means that whenever you use Q if you do not combo into another one of your abilities you lose half of the total possible damage and half of the AP ratio that the spell fully offers. Sigil alone is a very weak targeted poke with an average AP ratio of 40%, but once comboed the proc turns it into an 80% AP ratio truck which simultaneously doubles its base damage. This ability Demolishes squishy health bars. IT also doesn't require aim to hit and makes her laning amazingly powerful, IF you can combo it properly.

LeBlanc's Signature ability, Distortion a name also copied by the boot enchantment upgrade, is one of the few non-ultimate mobility spells that you can freely target and is on a relatively short cooldown. This spell really defines Leblanc as a safe assassin and one of the highest mobility champions in the game. The one drawback of LeBlanc is how little AOE she offers as a champion. Distortion is the only way to hurt multiple people and still get off combo damage with Sigils. Though it is very risky the later and later the game goes on due to how squishy she is naturally. Using it is risky as you must dive head first into the possible CC of your opponents. This skill alone gives LeBlanc a mirade of options. The ability to towerdive, the ability to travel faster, the ability to engage and disengage instantly and the ability to waveclear. Distortion is almost everything to LeBlanc.

Ethereal Chains are probably the hardest to hit ability of LeBlancs. Sigil is targeted, while Distortion is a decently sized AOE field. Ethereal Chains on the other hand are quite hard to hit without practice and due to leBlancs combo nature it is imperative to learn the distance since smart-casting on LeBlanc is a must. The initial hit of Chains and the secondary Root effect are very similar to Morgana's ultimate requiring you stay in somewhat close quarters to the enemy to get two instances of damage from this one ability. The first hit also Slows for 1.5 seconds while the 2nd proc then roots them for 1.5 seconds as well. Put together that is 3 entire seconds of mixed crowd control. Layered with Leblancs ultimate this gives her 6 seconds of total crowd control in her kit and a full 3 seconds of hard CC. Also it is important to note that either the inital hit or the secondary root instances both Proc the Sigil of Malice Proc meaning whether you hit chains first or second in a combo will still result in getting the full damage from Sigil of Malice. The inclusion of CC in LeBlancs kit means she is an execellent chase down artist as she can easily follow and hold down enemies long enough for a teammate to arrive and clean them up.

LeBlanc's Ultimate doesn't seem as impressive compared to other champions, but its uses are huge and varied making Leblanc truly complex kit wise. Mimic as an ability is a zero cost spell so is non-mana dependant and only relies on cooldown then assuming the form of the last spell LeBlanc cast, essentially meaning she can use any of her spells twice. She has the option to double distortion crossing huge distances that only Ahri can match( but at a much higher Cooldown). Her Double Chain combo creates some of the most layered and useful crowd control in the game. Finally the Double Sigil is a nuking combo that makes LeBlanc so fearsome. Instead of just one very straight forward purpose like other champions, LeBlanc can do many things without being locked into a single playstyle which is what draws me to her as a Champion.
It is also important to note that LeBlanc's Ultimate is only held back by CDR costs and therefore the previously used ability. A safe way of playing is to often try and have your Distortion be the last cast spell so you always have an Ultimate Distortion to escape sticky situations.

LeBlanc's bases stats will become more important when discussing certain builds. Though as a foreward noticing LeBlanc's Base Attack Damage it is a high starting 55.

LeBlanc's Base AD scaling is extremely high for a ranged Laner and with it she can make use of her autoattacks extremely effectively early. The one problem is that LeBlancs AS while decent statwise is very bad when taking her actual attack animation into account which while smooth, in the first part of ordering, is actually a very long sequence that gets beaten out by other champions and especially highly attack speed based kits. This information is almost irrelevant for AP mid LeBlanc but very important when considering TopBlanc as we will discuss later.

All Champion Base Stats...
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Theory for Each Lane.

AP Mid Leblanc

Taking Leblanc in the midlane is the most accepted, normal, and meta way of playing Leblanc. Leblanc gains her powerspikes from outleveling and stacking AP due to her high AP scalings when taking her full combo into account. Mid lane gives her the highest leveling in the game through solo gold, experience, and most importantly the ability to roam anywhere on the map quickly and still get back to lane. From Midlane, LeBlanc can outlevel every other laner and have a significant advantage due to her natural powerspikes as early as Level 2 and 3 then again at 6. Overall she can make the most impact from mid and her regular opponents and matchups are usually squishy enough for her to actually kill 1v1 and snowball to other lanes with.

LeBlanc is also known as an Assassin due to her high AP scaling and incredible single target damage. Common called burst damage. Many players are drawn to LeBlanc because she can destroy a single enemy in an insane way when build as a Full AP carry. Midlaners in general are the second most squishy opponents generally behind ADCs. Taking LeBlanc Midlane means you have the opportunity to snowball higher than any other position by getting the most income to get that Full Combo strong enough to single-handedly Delete an opponent. You also have easy access to the Botlane where the ADC resides. Midlane Leblanc has alot of problems as a potent or successful Midlaner in the current meta, but this satisfactory feeling to deal huge amounts of damage very quickly similar to a Rengar is why she is such a fun Mid to play "IF" you can get ahead. A losing LeBlanc loses harder than the majority of champions in the game. After Playing alot of her, you will learn just how fragile and snowbally she really is.

AD Top Leblanc

Leblanc taken in the top lane has some great match ups and even the hard ones are generally easy for her to farm safely in. Often people might not expect you to be going top lane but if your team has a dedicated midlaner they will often assume your an AP top LeBlanc. LeBlanc can be counter picked hard by tanks or bruisers if going AP. She really thrives on being able to kill an opponent in one rotation of her spells. With tankier champions it requires alot more sustained damage to kill them than what AP Leblanc offers. So if she goes full AP she will have very little chance of killing them and whittling down their health as she will run out of mana before they get close to dying. Leblanc as a champion also does have a huge problem with sustain and wave control which most meta top lane champs excel against. Top Laners are also usually denied the Blue Buff unless on Blue Side. She then will also have next to no pressure to destroy their tower or have control over her wave. which is why AD leblanc top originally became an idea. I often go Ad top and instead become a split pushing threat with arguably the best safety of any split pusher in the game. The major downside is a lack of a dedicated tank in your team composition.

Your main focus is too splitpush down towers. You have to look at this lane alot like how nidalee was once a viable top laner and could be build AD. You will still deal alot of bonus magic damage since your spells only give magic damage off, but building AD means you have her super mobile kit and can sustain damage on targets which is made super easy by your double chains combos. You now also give off mixed damage which is very hard to itemize against properly. Often lower tiered opponents will stack purely Magic resist early against you and you will have an item advantage through that alone. I further confuse most top laners by starting Doran's ring sometimes. Top Leblanc is very different from Mid Leblanc mainly in that she cannot access the entire map as swiftly, will be denied blue buff far more often and will usually not always have the same snowball opportunities since your high defense standard top laners counter the Meta burst abilities of the standard Leblanc. Alot of the benefits of Top leblanc are just very situational. She is 100% a counterpick against melee top bruisers since she can kite insanely strongly. Almost all AD leblanc mains i meet were originally ADC mains which makes perfect sense due to her endless kiting nature. If anything LeBlanc played well can Kite stronger than any ADC or champ in the game due to her insanely mobile kit. Also the item Trinity Force is a huge factor in making her useful as a toplaner as well as the Lifesteal of AD items which solve the only real downfall of leBlanc's kit, sustain.

Now, most of you will think. "Well doesn't LeBlanc have ZERO AD scaling?!?" your 100% right she scales exclusively through AP with your abilities. Trinity Force and its components shore up alot of these problems early which i discuss more in-depth later in the guide. Even with this fact, Pro's in Korea including the well known top laners Ssumday of KT Rolster and Looper of Season 4 world Champion Samsung White have played her and popularized it when it first became a fad. It has also showed up in Pro games in China by the Top laner Flandre. Riot even officially releasing a news article on some of these strange top lane picks. Now in the scheme of the NA meta, this champion built this way, was never experimented with or caught on in the local scene. Once Piglet now of Team Liquid and originally SKT came to NA. He played (through Influence from KT's Ssumday) the build demolishing a high Elo Challenger Soloque game, first alerting and causing the fad to again spring up in NA. Notice also that Piglet a highly skilled ADC main employed it. The stronger of an ADC player you are, the better AD Leblanc is. She offers a kit that can kite safer and more reliably than any other carry. She has definite weaknesses that are exploitable but she also has strengths that few even realize. If you see Quinn or teemo as toplaners then Leblanc is almost the same except offering slightly less damage along with endless mobility, safety and her CC.

As a longtime AP LeBlanc player one of the biggest flaws and clunky parts of LeBlancs kit is her horrid attack speed. Using it to CS for years its one of the harder champions to auto with, also its very easy to cancel autoattacks with her. Almost every LeBlanc Main i meet who tries AD LeBlanc finds that the build and the Atk Speed built makes LeBlanc feel extraordinarily smooth and very easy to handle. Its a feel that AP Leblanc will never have, and after thousands of games on her as a AP carry is a welcome change from time to time and one reason I love the build so much.

AP Bruiser Top

Now there are three major variations of AP focused LeBlanc top.

1. AP Assassin LB (Mid Build)
1. AP Mage LB (Health Stacked Bruiser)
2. AP Pure Bruiser LB (Focus on defensive items with smaller AP values)

Support Leblanc

Support leblanc should be viewed in the same mindset that Lee sin mains might take him in the support role. LeBlanc has cc, buts its not instantaneous. she suffers from not having gold and experience and shes very squishy. This immediately screams a very vulnerable target. Like Lee Sin LeBlanc has probably one of the highest classes of mobility in the game. The best parts about her in this role are mainly her safety, especially with warding. You also leave your ADC without much true peel going this role. Her crowd control is good for layering in tandem with a gank, just not peeling. The Ethereal chains if used properly have a possible 6.0 seconds of mixed crowd control(two 1.5 seconds stuns and two 1.5 second slows) plus possible crowd control from your adc (Draven, Vayne or Varus) and the ganking jungler. Altogether this can create deadly ganks if your good with landing chains. Though often the most you will get is the inital slow and then the double chain proc resulting in around 4.5 seconds of total mixed crowd control. I would only recommend this role if your adc is mobile (in soloque that is) like Lucian, Ezreal or Corki and you have reliable hard cc on your team. (lux mid, Maokai top, ect) The main reason to pick Leblanc support is that she does have good single target damage early which can result in early first bloods bot lane for your adc and Leblanc's roams are very devastating even from support. Mainly if your super comfortable with your Leblanc mechanics you should consider her support. She can snowball like crazy in soloque, but the laning is quite hard for both you and the adc as she is quite fragile without natural sustain. Graves is definitely a preferred lane partner, Ezreal comes in second mainly due to safety. Often people used to run a Draven and Leblanc lane for the high single target damage and snowball potential, but I find that without any good Peel on Lb besides initial Slow on Chains its also an easy lane to mess up. Lucian is then the 3rd best pick as you need kill potential in lane or an ADC with their own mobility.
Vayne can be a good pair with her but there is little synergy between ethereal chains and condemn. I do run this lane with vayne mains who know me, but it requires more coordination as condemn and chains need to be used separately and precisely. Another thing to note is Leblancs insane early game damage. Although it is single target exclusive once you hit lvls 3 and 6 you can easily half-health the opposing enemy ADC which with a Draven in particular, is quite devastating. If you hit your entire combo and your playing with a jinx she can easily follow up with her ultimate for a nice combo.

Another note on her in this role is that due to her mobility she can often clean up kills that are narrowly missed. Say your Lucian barely missed the last few hits of his ultimate and your opponent flashed over a wall. Well lucian might not be in range to chase or could possible die going to finish off the opponent. Leblanc without blowing summoners can easily cross the distance and either finish opponents off herself or hold him down long enough with chains to allow your team to get there. Her mobility even as a support just simply outweighs in my mind the flaws she has in the role in many varied situations. Most people will just imagine you are going full AP support leblanc, which definitely can snowball but is not reliable. Her mobility in my eyes makes an average leblanc player just so hard to die with in lane, which is in soloque is half the battle. Just not feeding wins games. Its definitely not as good as the top supports but I think its quite a good pick. As a long time LeBlanc player she also has warding patterns that are impossible to do with other supports besides Lee Sin and she can scout in a way that other Support could easily get caught out with. She has a much stronger and safer vision game than even the best Meta supports which is an underrated factor. Overall if you fully utilize her kit she has a huge amount of playmaking potential.

Jungle Leblanc

As a One-trick I have often tried Jungle LeBlanc, and in different seasons and game patches it always was somewhat useful and able to clear with proper use of the clone. But on the current patch it really is just a subpar pick compared to other champions in the same role.
It can work, but other champions have much easier and safer clears compared to LeBlanc. The best clears I do mainly focus with AD like starts which if fully transitioned into AD items does poorly. While if i build like a AD leblanc from runes then go straight into AP i seem to do the best.

The main benefits of Jungle Leblanc is that she can tower dive extremely easily, can take objectives(Dragon, Baron) easily even without smite due to her strong single target burst and can possibly gank lvl 3 onwards as the big levels are 3 and 6 in terms of her gank effectiveness. Once again its a choice for people with confident Leblanc mechanics. Most of you will think she gets eaten up by the jungle but with recent nerfs to jungle camp damage and clever use of the passive its actually a decent clear. The real reason she is even close to viable in jungle is because of that passive. Properly controlling it and using it to tank minion damage for you makes your clears much easier as well as its low cooldown allowing your early clear to be decent enough. She can have killer ganks similar to a leblanc mid roams and having a leblanc that is not in vision creates huge pressure against the enemy team. One special point is her ability to steal dragons or barons. Because your W has an instant cast its easy to get in or out with smite or your full combo and both will do about 900 damage around midgame easily stealing objectives even safer than lee sin jungle.
Ever notice when an enemy fiddlesticks flashes into a dragon pit and then dies after failing to smite steal? You can avoid situations like these with Leblanc much easier "AND" without blowing your summoners. You can simply distortion over and whether or not you win the smite war you can still jump back out quite easily and survive. This same mobility also makes her more likely to survive jungle invades which are common on any off-meta jungler. The major problem with her as a jungle is that she is super susceptible to invades and is quite weak early becoming a more of a midgame threat. Its not an easy champion to jungle with by any means, but a choice that i love to play with alot of unique attributes. Talking about her clear rate it is definitely subpar to many metapick, but the lower the elo the less you get punished for it and where you will find more success. This role is probably her least viable next to ADCblanc. It can work but requires a soft early game clear, which often isnt the case agaisnt high lvl Jungler opponents and teams. Esepecially since your Off-meta. Its also important to note that I find most of my success with a AP carry style build in thsi role while most team compositions rely on the jungler to be a heavy cc tanky threat which often causes alot of harm.

Because you are an Off-Meta Jungler regardless of your clear or even if you actually are good at jungle LeBlanc, people will invade and camp you by not understanding it or assuming LeBlanc's clear is insanely weak. If anything I say that a mechanically correct clear with LeBlanc makes her clear even with, or better than Wukong's. Though because Wukong is a meta Jungler he does not get invaded or targeted to the same way any other Off-meta Jungler will get harassed. So regardless of how good she actually is, the meta of NA Junglers demands they personally attempt to shut you down. Something to keep in mind with the jungle.

ADC LeBlanc

LeBlanc as an ADC is a very weird thought. Not only does it go against her core as a AP midlane assassin but it also goes her identity as a burst damage dealer. After playing Top AD LeBlanc for several months i started seriously considering ADC LeBlanc. I knew that LeBlanc with her rush of Sheen into Trinity Force had a solid buildpath and a strong laning phase at least as a top laner. When I took her in the bot lane it became very apparent that when built Full AD very similarly to Ezreal or Corki she is decently strong. Her positives include her amazing CC for an ADC, her amazing ability to reposition unlike any other champion giving her unparalled safety, her quite disgustingly effective mixed damage, and her high skirmish potential. The main negatives are her range which rival the lower end of ADCs at 525, her lack of AOE damage or spells in team fights and her weak siege potential rivaling adcs such as vayne. The main reason leblanc is so strong is that her cc is incredibly effective with her supports. The ways you can contribute to any primary engage are huge and allow you to really hold down enemy ADCs. The mobility she gains from her double distortion unlike in other positions is truly unique as a ADC. Corki and Ezreal are generally considered the safest ADCs. While Exreal definitely has a farming edge on LeBlanc in terms of safety, his actual safety is alot lower than LeBlancs at the same time. Unlike AP mid leblanc you almost never have to use distortion offensively to shove your frail squishy body right into an enemy champion. You can use it to kite quite effectively and land easy to hit ethereal chains which at the highest potential makes LeBlanc the perfect ADC Kiting champion. Now considering the actual damage done the build path of Trinity Force into IE, Statik and then regular ADC items makes her very strong and hugely mixed in both magic and physical damage. She beats out both Corki and Ezreal in terms of magic damage while building the same items making it hard for enemys to properly itemize, including the enemy ADC. Her major downfall in damage is a lack of any percent health damage or anything to deal with tanks. She like any ADC can destroy them given enough time, which is really allowed through her Chain CC allowing her to kite them much better than almost any other ADC. I classify LeBlanc as a Midgame Spiking Attack Damage Carry. She is a strong champion once you reach the powerspikes of Sheen and then again at Triforce. Another minor Spike occurs after Statik Shiv is finished which I have usually been waiting until after Infinity Edge to build. Either way its a very fun build I've started experimenting with and have played well over 50 games with. I usually duo with my friends while learning this one as unlike playing LeBlanc in any other position its highly unmeta in any sense and most people will blatantly refuse to play with having no understanding of how it could possibly work. But as alot of experimenting has shown it is a quite decent pick in my opinion. It is definitely outclassed by the top tier of ADCs but it has a niche role that no one has really discovered yet. Also the lack of it being meta makes it even less likely for Riot to ever Nerf it or AD Top LeBlanc making me very happy. Regardless I had alot of thoughts regarding LeBlanc as an ADC to be quite bad and honestly i had no expectation for it to be as good as I have found. Previously on this guide I totally destroyed the image of ADC LeBlanc but after many, many games I can easily say she is a fun decent pick once you get a team that won't flame you instantly for playing it.


AP Mid - Top Tier easily A
AD Top - Very Strong, and a uncommon Pick A
AP Top - Easily Pushed in, low waveclear and high mana problems, best only as a counterpick against mage tops B
ADC - SomeWhat Decent, with lots of utility C
Support - Definitely Useable, especially in soloque. C
Jungle - Not well known and ineffective in many ways F
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Skill Sequence For all builds

The standard way I max my Spells is 99% of the time
W max > Q max > E max and of course a point in her Ult(R) whenever you can.
Levels 1-3 are more variable.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is the standard Mid Ability Order I run with LeBlanc.
Top is generally the same.
Jungle is much more linear as Lvl 1 is very dependant on starting Q instead and then after lvl 3 following the same max as mid.
Support can be interesting as W for pushing the wave early and then E for a dash chain is super effective for early all ins.
ADC follows the same theory as Support in that you can hit CC which allows your support to layer his easily.
regardless of position, after lvl 3 i usually max the same as the mid ability order regardless of lane.

With the way the current LeBlanc is designed, there is no benefit from maxing E compared to Q and W.

From maxing E you gain a slightly lower cooldown and increased damage, though her cc duration doesn’t increase. With this being your only true skillshot I always recommend maxing either Q or W instead. The only real value from maxing this first is that the mana costs on E do not increase like they do with her Q and W. LeBlanc’s E is considered the 1 point wonder skill that many other champions possess. It is a skill thats full utility is gained from the first leveled point, such as Yasuo’s Windwall.

Changes from maxing Q are an increase in both base damage and higher mana cost. Q is the main starter of all LeBlanc combos. Maxing it does NOT decrease Q’s cooldown but will result in highest possible Q damage output at a slightly higher mana cost. Maxing Q also guarantees you a targeted poke on your opponent at a decent mana cost. The longer the game goes on, the less effective her Q becomes as a single spell (uncomboed). It is almost always a waste to use without procing it in combination with another skill. Leblanc is a combo reliant champion so she needs to be able to use her multiple spells in sequence.

Now I always max W even in most of situations that might have a slight advantage with Q. Maxing W is the only current way to increase utility on Leblanc. It puts her distortion(W) which is normally on a high cooldown (18sec lvl 1, 0 cdr) on a very short cooldown coupled with CDR from most builds making her highly mobile. This increases 3 important things. Waveclear, Mobility, and combos to proc her Sigils. The majority of her damage is the Proc you get when landing a sigil and then detonating it, aka her combos. So while maxing q seems like it will increase damage you actually lose the amount of combos you can attempt or do over time as well as losing control over your minion wave in lane. The damage from Q-W will in fact increase but the whole combo will be significantly spaced due to the long cooldown on the early levels of distortion. This results in a huge loss in damage as well as safety from ganks. Her scaling with AP is also much more significant than her base damage, so the leveling of abilities even with a Q max is much more dependant on items to increase the damage than the actual points into Sigil of Malice.

Leblanc mainly suffers from waveclear and from mana costs compared to most mids. With this skill order not only can you more easily clear minion waves, but you can survive ganks easier, roam faster, get to lane quicker, chase down opponents quicker and proc q's damage more often. Also the decreased mana cost on Q from not maxing it first means you can use it without as much cost on your mana to last hit under tower more reliably. Also your just more mobile on demand with w max. Overall there is more to be gained from a W max then any other start. A Q max really means that your limited in combos you can hit. Leblanc is all about hitting as many of her skills at once. Keeping w at a high cooldown from q max just means you cannot reliable hit as many or attempt them. The Q damage does increase the standard Q-W single combo though, which is a good thing to experiment with yourself. I only recommend W max for the reasons I list. A Q max method has for a longtime been a valid method of play, just realize what you gain and lose in each situation. Leblanc is unique because of her W. I love play her for the insane mobility she gains.

Other lane skill sequences.(NON-mid)

For Jungle I differ from starting w to starting with my q unless im invading or doing a specific lvl 1 strategy. The DPS from your q coupled with the lower mana costs means over your clear you actually do more damage than you would from your w start and have an easier time while clearing. W might be tempting since its aoe but you will still get it lvl 2 and max it. The early high cooldown just isnt worth it since a camp will likely be over before it comes back off cooldown which is 18 seconds at lvl 1. Jungle leblanc needs to get dmg to survive the early camps and Q is just the most reliable way. You end up being able to use Q 3 times in 18 seconds compared to distortions 18 second lvl 1 cooldown. So with a standard start and leash at either Krugs or Gromp you do much more damage overall and reach lvl 2 and get the other skill before your second camp regardless.

Top leBlanc is more situational. Against another ranged laner (which I usually avoid going AD against) I would probably start my w since i want to compete against them to waveclear for early levels. The only real matchup I might go q against is nasus. The Dps level 1 is nice and costs less mana and i dont ever really want to push my wave for nasus. AD Leblanc is mainly about kiting in top lane. Distortions instant re-positioning and chase potential is the real reason she can even work in this role. I love to take distortion level 1 here as well NOT to push the wave, but to continuously chase off my lane opponent with more and more auto attacks.

Support also it is nice to start q to harass early, but you also lose the the wave push and aoe you would get from W. If your ADC is adamant about freezing early game, then take Q 100% for your spellthief stacks and trades.

All in all, W allows you more wave control in any role, while q gives you significant DPS. The only times I 100% start q are in the jungle if I'm not getting invaded. But every skill point after lvl 1-2 where q and w can switch are focused entirely on the W max regardless of role since the lowered cooldown of distortion is so useful.

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AP Mid Runes


3. Scaling CDR: The Stat efficient page

When looking at stats its important to make sure that through your build you obtain a max of stats in the areas of Ability Power, Cooldown Reduction, mana and finally Magic Penetration.
Looking at Runes you have to make a decision between what stats are most easily obtained first through Items, leveling, and then finally Runes. Considering Cooldown reduction it is a common stat in items, but we can get more AP out of our 6 item slots by going at least a minimum of 10% cdr in runes. By going with Scaling cdr we thus eliminate the most space and can even squeeze in a 3 glyphs of either ability power or magic resist standardly. This setup is also the most popular current midlaner page. (I specifically build sorcerers boots with this rune setup, and Lucidity boots with any other Glyphs) The beauty of the build is that even if you went Penetration in both glyphs and marks you still don't even reach the full Magic Penetration gained from Sorcerer Boots. This means that although I love rushing Morellos and lucidity boots I can then take the penetration instead and still have a full 40%-45% cooldown reduction build without blue buff AND get a great amount of Magic penetration. AP is so easily bought from itemization that even with scaling AP runes I believe this rune page is actually the best "stat wise", though it has specific weaknesses. Those weaknesses is mainly a huge weakness in laning phase compared to any other glyph choice. You do not have a huge starting Ability power amount or any defensive stats of armor or magic resist. Although I will use the same page with armor against AD mids. This makes you quite squishy in lane. Its a huge nerf to lvl 1-3 since the scaling CDR basically sets you back until you have high levels, but once it does you have a huge amount of cdr and a much more offensive item path. This rune page works best with somewhat passive level 1-3s and once the scaling is starting to pickup at lvl 4 and post-firstback you can then play more normally. Just remember Leblanc is known an an early game carry so your specifically weakening your strongest phase to make her even better once the game gets to mid and late game.


Fleet Footwork
Dark Harvest
Phase Rush

1. Flat AP: aka Lane Bully Blanc

Basically a Flat AP build. It is an important page to play to LeBlancs main strength being her early game and her dominance in lane. Also very optimal for snowballing against squishy midlaners and the rare full squishy teams. Some examples being when nami support, or teemo top are locked in for my opponent. Against standard mids, LeBlanc has a much stronger and deadlier early game, than the average champion. So for this reason taking early AP almost always ensures a first blood or a forced back for a favorable LeBlanc Matchup. It does get outscaled, but LeBlanc as a Champion is meant to be an early game god. Almost all of her matchups outscale her and therefore a full early AP rune page is perfect to amplify your strengths.
Its important to note that this is for the aggressive laner lvl 1-6. If your not aggressively trading with your opponent in lane, this is the wrong page for you.


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
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AP Masteries

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AP Mid Item builds


Now in patch 5.13 most of the AP items were changed in both their total AP, cost in gold and through recipe changes. For the most part it was a very great buff for all AP champions since build paths altogether are a bit cheaper for major components and more buildpaths are actually much more viable than were before. Riot also specifically buffed Rabadons Deathcap's AP percent increase to try and keep the total AP numbers the same in most full builds.

The biggest thing to look at post-changes is NLR items or the Needlessly Large Items. Before the change these were all the highest AP value items in the game. This is no longer true, and for LeBlanc specifically, any build with the "NEW" NLR items is viable for different reasons since she mainly needs AP, CDR, Magic Pen and mana to have a good build. Now I will continue to call them NLR items essentially meaning the "highest value AP items" but the new subset after AP changes includes items that do not even build out of Needlessly Large Rod anymore. All the new 100AP items include

Rod of Ages(fully stacked), Ludens Echo, Rylai's, Rabaadon's Deachcap, and Mejais(stacked)

and the only remaining 120AP item Rabadon's Deathcap. Which is the final item in almost any build.

The New NLR items are:

Rod of Ages, Luden's Tempest, Morellonomicon, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Seraph's Embrace Rabadon's Deathcap, Mejai's Soulstealer

Most other AP item besides these NLR sets are all around the 80AP mark

Liandrys Torment, Void Staff,

Now when we consider which NLR items to include in any build the preference now comes to their stats. Before you simply just build all of them since they would fit into any AP caster build, but now with a larger number of NLR's we have some flexibility in any build
Since the highest AP items will not all fit into a standard build.

Tankiness + Mana with a Delayed Powerspike (ROA)
Movement Speed + waveclear/poke (Ludens)
Invulnerablity period (Zhonya)
Minor Tankiness + Alot of Soft CC (Rylai's)
Straight AP (Deathcap)

All depending on the circumstance of any particular game we can pick and choose, though some have some interesting synergy. It is important to note that Seraph's embrace gets over 100AP when fully stacked as well. So along with Deathcap is one of the highest current AP items. Rod of ages has the nice number of 100AP fully stacked, so i just include it with the other NLR items.

Athenes vs Morello

With the AP changes of almost every other item to either 80 or 100ap athenes is now
super unefficient to build compared to morello. It is now one of the lowest AP values in the game. Building it on super mana hungry champions will make your powerspike significantly weaker. While another valid option like Seraph's will still solve the issue and create a huge payoff at fully stacked. Morello is just a stronger option currently if you really need the CDR in your build. LeBlanc specifically has CDR as one of her most valuable stats along with AP. This makes Morello a much more attractice option with a stronger powerspike even in the component pieces, since Chalice does not give cdr.

Standard AP Mid Build

Morellonomicon, Sorcerer's Shoes, Rabadon's Deathcap, Void Staff, Luden's Tempest, Zhonya's Hourglass,

The main objective of the standard competitive leblanc build seen by Faker, Ggoong, Dade or Bjergsen in mid is mainly to become a early Game centric Snowballing Assassin through a combination of AP,CDR, Magic Pen and Mana regen. What achieves all three stats besides Penetration is Morellonomicon our standard rush item. Leblanc having really high AP ratios scales much better with Morello over the alternative Athenes. Both are equally good items, but ever since the overall AP item buffs of 5.13 Athenes is now one of the lowest Ap items in the game and significantly weakens you compared to your midlane opponents. The build path of Morello also allows you to get CDR in your Morello components before the build is complete making you stronger and stronger at an earlier stage. Morello hands down is one of the best rush items for Leblanc. The standard of giving your midlaner Blue buff also allows her to get away without anything more in terms of Mana or Mana regen. Though against High Waveclear mids you will still have alot of trouble keeping up when in between blues.

The rest of the Build then mainly includes Sorcerer shoes (with CDR glyphs and Lucidity boots with different glyphs) Deathcap and then Void Staff with two slots left for 100AP items.

Morellonomicon + Sorcerer Shoes + Deathcap + Void Staff + 100AP item + 100AP item.

Like mentioned above the two last items are almost purely preference. Usually they are built after the Morellos and boots for the actives early on. Luden's echo has been quite popular as a third item since it increases your roaming potential and waveclear which are highly valued stats on any midlaner. Then Zhonya has long been the classic last item to be able to outduel targeted abilities or just safely initiate and insta-gib or assassinate a target. Any of the 100AP items besides ROA. ROA if not rushes just takes so long to scale that Rylai's is just a better purchase if you really need the tankiness(against annie for instance).

Another popular build is Morellonomicon straight into Abyssal Sceptre which just replaces an 100 ap item. With is a super common pro build to withstand the harass of your AP lane opponents. In fact defensive item wise the standard has always been

6th slot Defensive items:
Abyssal Mask, Guardian Angel, Zhonya's Hourglass, Quicksilver Sash, Banshee's Veil

The factors into these choices usually is Abyssal vs double AP compositions or poke mages, guardians vs wombo combo or Single Target CC and Zhonya's against AD mids and heavy AD comps. Quicksilver Sash and Banshee's Veil are also situation items based on enemy CC and champions.

Also considering Mejai's I think even if you die its a great investment early since even getting a few stacks on it can give you a strong midgame. I almost never keep it throughout a full game unless I'm just unkillable but usually it will fill the Luden's Echo slot until I do sell it. Mejai's is an item that really changes focus priority from the enemy. It increases your snowballing prowess and instantly makes you the primary focus on the enemy team. Since your actually AP can increase or decrease on kills or deaths.


Mejai's Soulstealer,
Rabadon's Deathcap,
Rylai's Crystal Scepter,
Sorcerer's Shoes,
Void Staff

Super late change certain components to

Rabadon's Deathcap( usually with mejais)
Luden's Tempest (boots change)

My Main Build during season 6, post-mage-rework has been double mana item into 3rd Item Rabadon's. With current item changes The ability to get CDR from items is better, but the items with it often have weak amounts of AP. So often depending on build if you take 10% in runes you get another 20% from Morello and then have a plethora of options to get the last 10%. These include Blue Buff, Zhonyas or Abyssal as standard Ap items and buffs. Personally with or without the Blue I feel that LeBlanc is super limited by her mana pool. To utilize the Fully capped CDR I feel a single Mana item isnt enough. I don't think the meta competitive builds which are highly Blue Buff reliant even come close to the amount of uptime LeBlanc can keep with this build, as I can constantly Splitpush, Waveclear, and teamfight with much more reliability and length. I use this build to first snowball off my early game natural powerspike. Also the high cost of Rabadons since the item changes, means that building this item is costly and delays your powerspike by a huge amount. By the point that you want to invest in item you often have decided the game already. It is a 3rd item powerspike. By using and building Mejai's insanely early i often get a early game snowball which holds me over long enough to snowball into Buying all the parts for rabadons and then once most other champs can start really punishing me mid to late game for my Mejai's purchase i have a non KDA dependant Rabadon's to seal up my Ap issues from losing stacks.

Also a note on Dark Seal and Mejais. Both items are somewhat strange to see as official part of builds. The major changes to these items by giving them Mana and scaling AP makes them perfect substitutes when rushing more Damage oriented items. The mana and sustain it gives you from pots is actual incredibly useful early game and is often the now go to back instead of double dorans rings as seen in seasons past. Now instead get a dark seal with your 1st dorans and just sit on it, of course if it snowballs then build the mejais!

Upgrading it to mejais actual is a small investment being only 1400 gold. The item is now officially part of the NLR items of the AP item universe.
having higher base AP max stats while stacked than any other item
and then the real NLR items now being at an 100AP value including...

Ludens, Rylais, Rod of Ages,Morellonomicon

This basically means that Mejais is now the most cost effective way to build AP as it is both easily the cheapest costing item of the NLR categories, BUT its snowballing as a dark seal alone has very valuable stats and due to LeBlancs safety and snowballing it compliments her playstyle incredibly well and has become a super successful item for me. I think her win conditions and natural safety already synergize extremely well with Mejais in general and I have personally started building it in over 95% of my games.
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AD Top Runes


These runes are mainly about utilizing your LeBlancs kit to turn her into a pseudo-sustained damage dealer while giving her alot of safety early. Attack speed is one of the huge things that holds back leBlanc in the midlane and in csing or harassing in general. Those runes are the most important of the bunch. Once you play enough AP leBlanc mid, you can almost feel how great leBlanc feels with some attack speed taken Top. The difference especially after triforce or botrk make her autos just feel fantastic. The Ad marks simply give me enough punch before I can complete core items and the glyphs protect me from the mixed dmg most meta toplaners havee. The main problem is that you will be super squishy and need to extensively rely on your distortions to keep you save as opposed to using them solely offensively as in midlane where you can escape much easier. Alot of AD top leBlanc players try to build her bruiser with Frozen Heart and spirit visage. I like both of these alot too, but they need to be later items in the build since it is imperative to rush some offensive stats on her and even with tanky items shes just so squishy early. I personally prefer to almost always go with my Split Push build which emphasizes damage but that is mainly in soloq as opposed to ranked 5s

I feel that hybrid penetration runes are very strong on AD blanc due to her mixed dmg, just havent tried them extensively or done the math to see how effective they are.


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Theorizing AD

AD leBlanc is also a very popular build I have alot of practice with. Best used in the toplane due to being outscaled naturally by pure ADCs, but being a great build to bully or counter picks melee top and midlaners. You will notice in this build that you cant 1v1 an adc but almost anyone else is fair game, even tanks. You also develop significant waveclear as opposed to AP leBlanc. You still will do a significant amount of hybrid damage too. Liken this build to how Ezreal and Corki are both built. Ezreal himself has actually AD scalings as Corki does. they are much more synonymous with the Triforce build, since it helps mixed scaling champions. Both also have great escapes. The one thing leBlanc has over either of them is delayed hard cc which is stackable, and double the escapes. Taking her kits superiority in both CC and escapes she can actually survive in a solo lane and add small utility to a team comp. Corki or Ezreal mid while viable do not necessarily add much beyond their damage and safety. Their complete lack of cc makes them unsuited for 2v2s with a jungler as it is then completely on the jungler to make the play happen. leBlancs chains also slow initally on contact. This soft cc combined with the hard cc lockdown which then takes effect after makes her 2v2 far superior and super effective in tandem with guaranteed cc.

The main fault in this choice as a top, is that your team comp is filled with squishies early and your jungler almost has to go tank or your frontline is completely devoid of damage and cooldown soakers. This makes champions like master yi or akali very valuable to an enemy. Eventually building bruiser and Lifesteal after the initially Trinity and Static Rush alleviates alot of those problems, but also takes awhiel to farm up to. Just be wary and understand the benefits and Cons of taking a champ like leBlanc top. also if you get countered by heavy armor stacking, You can build straight AP without a problem. Which is a huge in your build path as leblanc top.

The typical rune setup is either

Quints: 3x Attack speed
Marks: 9x Attack Damage
Seals: 9x Armor
Glyphs: 9x Flat Magic Resist

or Possible alternatives are.

Quints: Attack Damage, Attack speed or Flat AP or Lifesteal(if lifesteal have 1 while 2 are attack speed still)
Marks: Always attack damage unless AD quints where you would take Attack Speed marks
Seals: Armor or Health, Generally Scaling health is best
Glyphs: Scaling AP, Flat AP, Magic resist are prefered. CDR is another option but generally isnt as important.

Remember Attack Speed is LeBlancs BEST Stat as a Bruiser top.
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AD Masteries


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AD Top Items Builds

Ad leblanc is a very different monster but is 100% a counterpick to melee tops.

CORE ITEMS: Trinity Force, Statikk Shiv or Rapid Firecannon, and Infinity Edge
Other "CORE" items:
Full AD: Blade of the Ruined King, Lord Dominik's Regards, Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge
Bruiser LB: Iceborn Gauntlet, Spirit Visage, Banshee's Veil (I've mostly done this as AP, havent tried AD bruiser much)
SplitBlanc: Youmuu's Ghostblade, Statikk Shiv, Guardian Angel

Most Popular Start:

Corrupting Potion

Other Options:

Doran's Ring, Health Potionx2
Doran's Blade, Health Potion

The main theory behind AD leblanc is that if your a competent leblanc player she can be the safest champion in the game. Being ranged and a lane bully she mirrors Ezreal in alot of ways. Her main weaknesses is lack of any type of ADC steroid (like attack speed) or scaling of AD with her abilities. Her range while great is only 525 which either matches the lower range adcs or is outclasses by the further ranged ones. Because of lack of AD scaling skills and range she doesnt become strong against ADCS with this build. You can catch them out but a 1v1 battle will result in you losing with equal skill. Taking her top is the prefered choice as if makes you a huge lane bully, think old AD nidalee. You have your own cc possible two instances of 1.5sec to 3. Two escape options and minor nuke if you build trinity and its sheen specifically. This build with lifesteal also solves Lbs problem of sustain. Since spellvamp is so weak you cant rely on spellvamp builds on AP leblanc to be as efficient.

Trinity force is the number "1" core item.
The reason for this is that is gives you everything you need to cover your weakness as a non-meta ad champ. Since your not a pure adc you wont just autoattack mainly. Your like Ezreal in that you will fling spells mainly between autos and dont rely on crits therefore the sheen gives you massive dmg as opposed to IE. Leblancs Attaack speed is horrid so the increase through items is a major need. Then finally the movement speed passive and leblancs natural jumps makes her truly unkillable as an experienced leblanc player. Also the main point of trinity is also your splitpush strength. Your not a pure ad champ your a AP champ with Ad therefore you use lebalnc for her safety making her an even better (safer anyways..) splitpusher than zed. Also due to your combo oriented spells, You will almost always have a spell ready to proc your sheen with. Trinity Force is just a must for this build.

Statikk Shiv is Core "2"
Statikk synergizes with both itemized attack speed on leblanc and solves her NUMBER ONE AP Leblanc problem. She has no waveclear. Building Statikk is not about the crit chance. Your not a pure autoattacking champ. You will and should use your spells to lockdown and kite opponents getting multiple sheen procs. The shiv gives you waveclear without wasting yout escape options. With AP leblanc you risk yourself everytime you waveclear against a sieging enemy and you use your escape spell. WIth shiv your w and ult are constantly up and you a small amount of safe waveclear. Its basically the splitpush item of choice.

Bloodthirster is Non Core
Thirster is a great pickup because unlike with botrk you get better lifesteal and the shield covers your weaker trades with other ranged adc like champs. also paired with trinty the higher pure AD makes your sheen procs much stronger. Also if your leblanc you will have ZERO trouble chasing people down so the botrk active is kind of wasted on leblanc who needs better lifesteal.

Trinity Force, Statikk Shiv, Bloodthirster, Youmuu's Ghostblade, Guardian Angel, Ionian Boots of Lucidity

I think is the closest to a standard meta build AD LeBlanc can have. Like the standard Early game focus AP mid build it follows her strengths as a champion, the closest of the AD builds. Now this build relies on split pushing to the highest capability that Leblanc can offer. Trinity gives us sheen procs to Destroy towers, Statikk gives us waveclear to quickly push, Youmuu's the AS to quickly destroy towers at the slightest opportunity and bloodthirster to stay topped off. Every item here in this build serves a vital purpose to enable the splitpush and to make it faster and safer. Guardian Angel in particular is my favorite LeBlanc item that i seldom use on Mid LeBlanc anymore unless Zhonya in particular is just useless. Unlike other champions who need heavy team peeling after dying with Guardian Angel, LeBlanc has the perfect kit to escape after reviving. I would Say LeBlanc, Fizz or Ahri with ult can cover the most distance in the shortest time and LeBlanc in particular has her spells on much lower cooldowns than the other two. If Ahri dies and still had her ult she usually didn't get her full damage off, while LeBlanc can easily use her full rotation and still have them back up once the stasis wears off. In general too as a splitpusher it wastes valuable time of the enemy securing the kill on you and allowing the other 4 members of your team to get another objective. Overall just a highly synergistic item with LeBlanc.

In terms of order the build usually is started with the Trinity Force, Statikk Shiv core and then evolved into the CDR of Ionian Boots of Lucidity and then the vampiric sceptre of Bloodthirster into Youmuu's Ghostblade which then fully finishes the Bloodthirster and ending with Guardian Angel.

Usually at Trinity and statikk i have a good idea of how the enemy toplaner is building against me so at that point I highly customize the build and continue with any of the builds I outline in the guide depending on the situation.

Also you will often find that Vampiric Sceptre might be needed earlier in the build do to LeBlanc's natural sustain problems.

Full Build Damage

Trinity Force, Sorcerer's Shoes, Blade of the Ruined King, Last Whisper, Infinity Edge, Guardian Angel

This will definitely be the build that is the most fun. Full damage Leblanc is a specific build to be built when your highly ahead over your toplane opponent and the enemy team has a low amount of hard cc. Some common examples are if the opposing team has a shyvanna, Wukong or Mordekaiser. Champions with situational CC that isnt easy to use, or with low kill pressure in ganks. If the enemy team has champions such as Maokai, Annie, or Syndra this build is highly risky and will result in alot of deaths if the enemy team focuses you.

The build primarily is about becoming a secondary carry which as a toplaner is a risky prospect. Almost 99% of the time in soloque your ADC will be glasscannon (unless urgot),
and your midlaner will be full AP damage. this makes it so that if you go full damage as well the only possible frontline champion can be your jungler or Support.

Assuming your meeting these variables, lets get onto the build.
Unlike the other variations of my top build I build Sorcs with this build. The reasoning is that like corki all of my spell damage is primarily magic and even with full AD items after trinity force I still do about 50% or less of my damage as magic due to the sheen from Trinity. This gives me almost a mirror of any corki build. Then the rest are just simply the best itemizations of AD items with leblancs kit to make her a toplane ADC. The Botrk is prefered over Bloodthirster in this instance because Leblancs naturally poor attack speed means she needs another attack speed item besides trinity force. Botrk gives you three stats that are super optimal for you. This includes lifesteal, attack speed and percent health damage which as a toplaner is very important against mainly bruiser and tank champions.
Infinity Edge and Last Whisper then are just standard AD items to maximize the penetration and attack damage in your build. These can be traded out for other items in your own personal builds. The last item Guardian Angel then is one of the best items for Leblanc in particular. Unlike other champions Leblanc has some of the highest short term mobility in the game and has it on a much lower cooldown than Kassadin or Ahri. This means that whenever they kill you with Angel activated you almost always have a high chance of actually surviving after the passive is procced.

Trinity Force, Statikk Shiv, Spirit Visage, Frozen Heart, Blade of the Ruined King, Mercury's Treads

This would be the teamfighting build I would use on TopBlanc. Probably the Least fun of the three but the second most useful after the SplitBlanc build. If you find that your getting destroyed and blown up too fast thats one indicator its the right game for this build. The second factor would be if the enemy team composition has characters thats whole purpose is to delete a single person off the map. Examples incluse Vi, Warwick, Annie. Champions who either get a kill and pick winning the teamfight or else don't have enough burst to kill the target (or tank aka you in this situation) and waste their super high cooldown ability. This build also gives you enough survivability to adequately wade into a teamfight and be able to get your Chain's root off on high priority targets while simultaneously autoattacking them to death and keeping them close with Botrk. Overall its the number one teamfighting choice and great if you simply cannot splitpush or the enemy splitpusher just outclasses you or gets super fed.
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Support Runes


Its important to note when making a page for a support that you will almost always be behind in levels compared to your opponents. This means that in regards to flat vs scaling runes its almost always better to take the flat since supports need to dominate lanes early to make their ADCs strong and since you will have low levels it makes scaling runes subpar.
Another big factor is that the with Support leblanc it is imperative to get your chains procced. I often take a Movement speed quint to ensure that I can stay in range for early chains once they connect if my distortions are down.


Press the Attack
Lethal Tempo
Phase Rush
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Support Masteries

My standard supportBlanc Page

When I usually run SupportBlanc in a game close to my actual elo of play I always go with this setup. Leblanc doesnt have the instant playmaking cc of other supports but if she gets the chance to actually hold some one down with her ability to double chain she has an insane amount of cc. The problem is that unless she is somewhat tanky she can't safely stay in range to proc the chains. Taking this into account i take the 9 points into defense. The Juggernaut max health increase naturally synergizes with both Sightstone and Aegis which i turn into Banner as two core item purchases. Recovery or Swiftness are both highly preferential. The Swiftness is useful agaisnt Tahm Kench and other heavy slow based kits, but I generally take Recovery due to LeBlancs poor sustain already.

In the Utility Tree. I find as a heavy roaming support its a super useful route. the extra experience from Inspiration allows me to not be punished as hard whenever I leave lane and due to LeBlancs heavy reliance on levels as an AP champion she need this much more than the feeble AP you would gain form using the points in Offense. The second major use of the the is the double Movement Speed increases you get from both Fleet of Foot and Wanderer . These two in particular make LeBlanc a devastating ganker, a much safer warder and synergize naturally with Mobility boots which I believe is a core purchase as support. Overall it allows you to not only hit chains but better traverse and help your laners.
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Support Items Builds

CORE ITEMS: Spellthief's Edge, Sightstone, Twin Shadows, Mobility Boots, Talisman of Ascension
vs Ad: 1st choice Zeke's Harbinger,2nd Zhonya's Hourglass,3rd Iceborn Gauntlet
vs AP: Mercury's Treads, Banner of Command

Now the itemization with support Leblanc is pretty flexible since shes so safe.
You pick Support Leblanc when you want to do several things as a support
  • Not get caught out as easily
  • Have very safe warding
  • have backline threat on squishies
  • play very aggressively early.
You need to early all in your opponents understand how to zone them, have a mobile adc as your partner and roam constantly.

Regarding starting items. Although I believe Spellthief is the preferred start I almost never fully upgrade it into its core item. Twin Shadows which i Believe is a much better item has a non-skillshot dependent active and for 200 more total gold also gives the same CDR 30+ extra AP for a total of 80 and then also is strong against detecting Stealth Based opponents. Of course most of the GP per 10 is gained in the laning phase where almost all supports rush the items Sightstone and Mobility Boots regardless. It is just subpar compared to Twin Shadows as a completed item and I find the Mana Regen to be Sorely Lacking. The mana regen and total AP of the item is much lower than Morello or Twin shadows. The cc you gain from Frost Queens Claim is also inferior to Twin shadows. Instead I usually prefer to start spellthief's at some point sell it and usually if I need a fully upgraded Supporting start Item I get either Talisman of Ascension or Face of the Mountain Outright. Both having better actives unmatched from other items. I still start with Spellthief's in lane due to Leblanc's ability to poke with her targeted Q and her AOE W making Spellthief more gold efficient in generation than either Relic or Coin. Though the small amount of AP is nice its mainly the Gold numbers which make it the right item, and I have experimented fully with the other two starts which can have valid reasoning especially with Ancient Coin since its fully upgraded item is the most useful teamwise as LeBlanc. She also unlike any other Support champion, besides Braum, can easily get to her own team and get close enough to them to initiate the speed buff giving both of these champions higher than normal synergy with Talisman since they aren't as reliant on having your team group around you since your kits mobility allows you to get to them. Overall I start spellthief due to its efficiency in gold generation and as a starting item it does give the best combination of mana regen, some early ap and gold generation. But like i said its far from ideal as an up-gradable item

The Main items I have found to be core on her are sightstone are Twin shadows, Banner of Command and Zekes harbinger. Twin shadows is a cheap item that offers two of the 2 of the 3 vital stats that leblanc needs (AP, CDR but not mana) its a low costing item with small parts easy for a support to build. It also has one of the best support actives in the game. The active helps you not only chase down and chain opponents, but its a great peeling tool as well. Besides that its also the safest brush checking tool in the game and a hard counter to invisibility champs besides reksai and pinks. Overall a great support item that happens to really offer a cheap build path and the stats Leblanc needs. Now Banner of Command is another useful item. Basically its the AP version of Locket of the Iron solari. Any AP support i believe should have Banner instead of Locket, unless they are a somewhat tanky. It gives you a decent chunk of AP an active that helps not only keep lanes pushed, but actively increases your teams siege potential and gives the exact MR to your team from its aegis component. I generally believe the locket of iron solari shield isnt as useful as banner's active besides having an easier way to secure assists, which kda wise is helpful. Though it doesnt have the same actually game winning impact as Banner does since the locket shield is so small in total dmg protected. Zeke's harbinger is a relatively new item in league. It directly help's Leblanc by giving her and her adc a period of amplified crit chance and Ability power. 50% on crit and 20% on total AP for

mejais is another great early game item. I only recommend this if you have a kill or 2 already and are roaming throughout the map. Mejais is not for the AP or the CDR is brings. You should build this early on support lebalnc because it gives you massive potential snowballing and even if you die you can sell it into a more stable item immediately without having to wait for as much gold as with a NLR rush. The mistake most people make with this item is thinking it is a solid 6 item build item. The item makes you a walking target. The moment the enemy team as a whole communicate or notice it in your inventory you will get focused in fights. The item is all about making you strong early and then smoothing the transition into more stable items that won't directly effect your power after a death. The main reason it is so good is that after getting a few kills as a support you have a few options. First you can buy the utility items like sightstone and boots. While this is useful as LeBlanc support or another dmg focused support like Brnad or Vel'koz you can singlehandedly secure a lane by building a small amount of damage early. If instead you go full utility your left with an even matchup in lane still since you got the kills instead of your ADC. Mejai's then allows you to secure the kills "FOR" your adc since you can now dominate any trades they take and get their health low enough that your weaker ADC can finish them off. The best bonus is that the enemy will now attempt to focus you isntead of the ADC in some cases, which leaves him free to get autoattacks off. Overall you need to put some thought into Mejai's as it is a truly scary item on Support LeBlanc since she is so hard to kill. Just blindly using it for its value as a full AP support build is probably one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

sightstone - Even as a snowballing AP support I think the addition of a Sightstone to any team is a major buy. Even with the new trinket upgrades. pre=lvl9 is huge and the need for vision is so major. Even if you decisde to sell it, sightstone is a must buy early. Especially if your a highly roaming support. It is jsut better to lay down vision for the adc so you can safely leave and effect other lanes without him feeding.

Rush Items- Almost everygame as a supp the build path into both Sightstone and tier 2 boots is a must to both have good roams and to keep your laners safe. After these two items are completed I usually build either twin shadows if I need the extra CC or just rush Banner if the enemy team has any AP threats. After this point if I have alot of gold Im either doing very well or we are reaching late game. Usually Leblancs main problems is that she either cannot get the angles to get good chains off or she is getting blown up too fast due to being squishy. If your problem is speed then rushing Luden's is a decent option as it's buffed mov speed increase is insane for setting up chains, especially when paired with Twin shadows. If your problem is getting blown up then your option needs to be either zhonya or Zeke's. Now if your vital to engage on opponents or they are highly bursty then Zhonya will be the preferred purchase, but Zeke's is a decent option against highly dps oriented teams.
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Jungle Runes


The thought process behind leblanc jungle is mainly to survive the early clear. I first tried this after playing alot of Jungle Nidalee who I used to main in the top lane.
Catsexual a Challenger Nidalee main uses a slightly different rune setup for his nidalee jungle where he goes from the AD mark heavy start to his full AP jungle nidalee. It is probably the safest way to get through her early clear. I also have probably the 3rd (RIP Nid nerfs) most games on Nidalee after Leblanc so alot of things I learned of the AP/AD Nid split i use and experiment on with leblanc who like nidalee is a very similar ranged lane bully.


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
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Jungle Masteries

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Jungle Item Builds

Ranger's Trailblazer - Runeglaive, Will of the Ancients, Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Ranger's Trailblazer - Runeglaive, Will of the Ancients, Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Zhonya's Hourglass, Void Staff, Luden's Tempest or Rabadon's Deathcap, If your dying constantly I recommend Guardian Angel instead

After your first clear you have a couple of options. You want to get rangers off your first back preferably. IF you get invaded then crystalline flask is a decent option, though i like to just save up for rangers regardless. Usually then I complete rangers into Runeglaive and then work on revolver of WOTA immediately. Then What I've found works after that is to build my lucidity boots and finally finish WOTA. Before Runeglaive when magus was still an item I found i needed Morello desperately for mana regen but with runeglaive its not a big deal so usually i forgo morello completely. The buff for WOTA is also a huge reason i consider this item. It's passive now as a completed item does not give spellvamp at all, but instead gives 15% of damage back in healing. This means that with LeBlanc's insanely high single Target burst she gets alot of health back not only while Jungling but when ganking as well. The lucidity boots then allow me to reach 40% cdr in a strange way. 10% from Runeglaive, 10% from Wota, 15% from Lucidity boots and finally 5% from masteries. Now at this core of 3 items I have such a low cooldown on abilities than I can spam them nonstop with a %mana regen and %Damage return in Health regen. The main thing is just adequately using the runeglaive procs to get the passive off and spacing your abilities right to constantly proc your sigils on each camp.

After this core Build "IF" the opponent has MR at all I will 100% build void staff. Usually Mid LeBlanc has Magic penetration marks and builds sorcerer boots for extra pen. But with jg leBlanc I forgo all of that for my early clear. Generally at this point of the game most top laners will have MR and if your own midlaner is AP then the other mid will be highly likely to build MR as well. So void is highly needed to keep your damage output up. Though if the enemy team completely fails to build items with Magic resist or an aegis, then by all means rush Deathcap or Luden's at this point. I do find that after Void, Zhonya usually is a highly valuable item on JG Leblanc so my end core items are almost always Deathcap, Void, and Zhonya's, in some order
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ADC Runes


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Generally the main stats ADC LeBlanc needs are defensive and attack speed. Her high base AD and synergy with Sheen make it so you don't necessarily need the Glyphs of AP, but I enjoy using it if the enemy support is not a high damage AP champion like Vel'koz or Brand. It makes my early game much stronger. If of course i do face one of them, I then turn my glyphs into Magic resist instead.

So the main priority with these rune is the armor and Attack Speed Quints, while everything else is more optional, though without AD marks you will have a tough time last hitting
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ADC Masteries

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ADC Item Builds

Trinity Force, Infinity Edge, Statikk Shiv

Standard Build:
Trinity Force, Infinity Edge, Statikk Shiv, Blade of the Ruined King, Last Whisper, Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Other Possible Items:
Manamune, Youmuu's Ghostblade, Mercurial Scimitar, Phantom Dancer, Bloodthirster, Sword of the Occult, Zhonya's Hourglass

ADCs in lane usually have a standard rush item. That one item that singularly spikes their dmg insanely and gives them a high amount of sustained dmg at usually a high gold cost. Jinx, Trist or Caitlyn almost always rush Infinity Edge. Kalista or Vayne rush BoTRK. While the last group of Ezreal, Corki and LeBlanc benefit from Trinity Force.

Now something to keep in mind with Ezreal, Corki and LeBlanc is that all 3 have Ap ratios and have alot of success with a small amount of AP. Though even with this considered none are standardly built AP in the ADC position. Building AP items means your heavily dependant on your mana, and since your in a duo lane you have alot less XP or Experience as other lanes thus having lower points in abilities. So building a standard AP in the botlane will put you at a significant disadvantage due to lack of blue buffs, Experience and not being able to control your lane or consistently output damage until you build more items. What solves all these problems and starts a great buildpath into the Full AD build is the item Sheen. A mana item, an auto attack modifier and a AP burst item.

Now lets look at LeBlanc. First off she has mana issues, Secondly she has poor attack speed and an insanely high Base AD, Third and lasty she has INSANE AP ratios regardless. So Sheen as a rush item gives LeBlanc almost everything she could need to ease her into the full AD buildpath. One important part of LeBlancs kit is that she can kite extremely well. If you learn to time spells 100% around sheen procs of 1.5 seconds you have an insane burst of not only her spells but a combination of single empowered autos. Sheen also deals 100% bonus Base AD. Remember LeBlancs stats? she has a higher Base AD than corki, Ezreal or any other Marksman. Thus Sheen makes her not only hit hard with spells but outright win auto to auto trades. Its probably the single best item early on with LeBlanc as without mana regen or attack Speed she benefits from these stats the most to give her a solid early to mid game. The Build path is also easy with its smaller parts.

Now much of Statik Shiv i recall in the Top Lane section, But to rehash if your only reading the ADC section it basically shores up LeBlancs main problems. It gives an easy to proc AOE charge which LeBlanc can quite effectively charge with her Dashes and constant chasing, it gives her AOE and its a cheaper item than most attack Speed items so it gives an earlier powerspike. The charge of it also lets off magic damage further driving LeBlanc into a highly mixed damage utility ADC. The Best part of the Item is how effective it is at improving waveclear. Unlike other ADCs LeBlanc has a safety that is unrivaled, she literally is the queen of chasing and kiting and has the most mobile kit of any ranged style champion except maybe Ahri whos long cooldowns don't give her the same minute to minute safety.
With this in mind Statik gives us the ability to Split Push super safely and highly react to rotations. It just is the perfect item for her to get larger and larger advantages with.

Now Coming to Infinity Edge it simply is the best standalone DPS item in the game for any Attack Damage Champion. With Statiks procs and Trinity empowered autos the IE really shores the gaps in the middle of these one hit auto attack trades. It allows LeBlanc to really fight the frontline and the bruiser opponents she has. Much like the Ezreal or Corki Builds its just the best item if your in a situation where you can get alot of autoattacks off consistently in teamfights. It will not always be the case but in the current scheme of items this one is just legitimately the Best DPS you can get out of any item. Also the Crit of the Statikk proc is quite nice too.
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Now for those of you have completely read the guide i applaud you! I get very wordy and go into alot of detail, unlike most other guides. My goal is to make a true LeBlanc guide pertaining to every single lane and I think I set out not only her viability, and use in each role, but also good builds I put alot of effort and playtime into, with each role. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my guide! Very much appreciated!

Also if you have any question or comments feel free to message me on Twitch or leave a comment on mobafire!
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Started redoing Masteries and builds

-Completely Revamped ADC section in theory
and have started Adding ADC section

-SpeedSupport build added.
-changed all support items cheat sheet builds

-New Jg build

-Added Abilities and stats section
-Seperarted section more clearly
-font details 160 size pacifico 120 102

-updated From start through 3 AP item builds for 5.14/15
-small editing, need to change colors on Theory Section

-updated all the way up to AP mid items
will probably completely rehaul item sections for new AP item changes
-New Lategame APC build added

-updating From start to 'AP mid items' and added shoutout section
-updating for 5.11 outside of matchups which need alot of work

-Saw AngelicBlackRose's guide and realized mine looks horrible.
TIME for some housekeeping ^-^!!!
-Also updating for 5.10

-changes to ap mid Build 1
specifically masteries
-Change to recommended AP Runes
-Changes to Support Leblanc Build, Righteous Glory Included
-Updated all tabbed Builds at Top Cheat Sheet

-edits for Patch 5.7

-formatting for matchups
-various starts and builds for matchups
-Starting formatting of rune section to have a single chapter for each separate build.
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Shout out, other Leblancs who helped me

Shoutouts to

-Deceiving Death a great Leblanc teacher, taught me alot about playing her.
also a twitch streamer under noir_death

-Gen another main who taught me the magic of AD leblanc

-AD Top Leblanc, a guy with a sick name. you can probably guess what he helped me with.

-and AngelicBlackRose who also wrote her own guide on Mobafire
I recommend you check out Here!
Who has spent hours discussing Midlane and support Leblanc builds with me

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