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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Singed Build Guide by BestSingedNA

AP Offtank Absolute Map-Wide Domination - TheWarlock

AP Offtank Absolute Map-Wide Domination - TheWarlock

Updated on March 5, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BestSingedNA Build Guide By BestSingedNA 74 8 633,284 Views 92 Comments
74 8 633,284 Views 92 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BestSingedNA Singed Build Guide By BestSingedNA Updated on March 5, 2014
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


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Introduction/About the Author

Greetings, Dear reads!

I really don't know what most people would like to know about me so I will make another chapter at the end of the guide which has a lot more detail about me and my league of legends history. In here I will focus on an introduction to this guide and why I am qualified to write a Singed guide.

I am a diamond player who heavily and mostly main's singed, I have around 4000-5000 Ranked Singed Games. I stream pretty much every day at . I have climbed with Singed from low elo to high elo over 50 times, I have the HIGHEST KDA out of any other Singed mainer I have EVER SEEN. Which is because of my unique playstyle that is forged from being an ex-elobooster, climbing the ranked ladder tenths of times playing singed in 90% of my games, Annihilating teams over and over so hard it pretty much becomes an action movie :D.

If you are a low elo player who like's Singed, or holds some interest in him, perhaps you want to use him to climb the ranked ladder. This is exactly the build for you, I have used this method of playing singed thousands of times and it works miraculously well for me. I also use this playstyle in my competitive ranked team's games and it works just as well. So without further due, I will begin explaining the Mindset and playstyle that this build is here to bring forth, prepare yourselves.


I am a Singed God.

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Singed Got Nerfed?

A lot of people are wondering about post-nerf Singed. Personally, as a master of this champion I love that he got nerfed and the masses stopped playing him. I get really irritated when a main I play often becomes flavor of the month, everyone is forced to learn their counters and just learn how to play against them. I feel like the nerf did affect Singed's team fight power by a significant bit vs. high CC teams (Lux, Ryze, Leona, etc.) but if the enemy lacks hard CC you won't feel a difference, I go CC reduction in defense to compensate vs. very high CC teams.

Now that no one plays Singed again I can just play him without everyone knowing how to play against him, and beat everyone :P
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*MUST READ!* Mindset of Absolute Map-Wide Domination Singed

The way you crush every single player on the enemy team and snowball everyone on yours, starts with the mindset, you must understand what Singed is and what his role is in a team, you also have to be aware of his crazy potential he has when it's fully utilized.

Singed to me is basically an unstoppable Harbinger of complete annihilation, when I gank someone with ghost ult up early/mid game. I feel like a full throttle freight train charging full force totally destroying everything that dares to stand in its way. It is important to materialize this feeling in yourself as you play Singed (just writing this makes that feeling coarse through my veins, the feeling of being powerful and unstoppable) because you should in 85% of games be playing insanenly and recklessly aggressive. So aggressive that everyone on your team is EVEN MORE SCARED THAN THE ENEMY TEAM IS! you are so aggressive and reckless that you TAKE PEOPLE BY SURPRISE EVEN WHEN THEY KNOW THAT YOU ARE COMING.

Basically, when you drink your insanity potion (Singed's Ultimate) you should feel that potion spreading through YOU aswell, you should be going just as insane as singed himself is. :P Fearless and calculated reckless aggression is the core of this Singed mindset. (note that when your ultimate is over you should mostly back off like a sissy with your tail between your legs, no aggression pls)
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My first Singed Pentakill, achieved on 3/3/2013!!

Hard carry game as Singed vs. Shen played on ~Diamond 3 Korea server

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I take this setup most games, vs. AD top or Jungler.


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

I use this setup only against BOTH TOP AND JUNGLER BEING AP


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush


For Marks I always recommend hybrid penetration, But they are expensive and most people do not have them so as a substitution magic penetration or flat ad. (There will be a chapter titled "Why?" which I will use to justify my choices)

For Seals you should ALWAYS use armor. There are no situations in which Singed is not subject to a lot of physical damage (Turrets, Minions, Champion Auto-Attacks, Dragon/Baron, etc.)

For Glyphs It's a choice between Scaling AP, and Scaling MR. I prefer scaling MR over flat in most situations where MR is needed. the only time I take flat MR over scaling is when enemy top lane AND jungler are very threatening to me early, before level 6. (Examples would be something like Rumble/Elise/Vladimir+Maokai/Amumu)

Quints should always be MS, they are simply the best quints in game (gold value wise) and they are very complimentary to Singed's kit and playstyle.
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I start Poison Trail most games, to solo wraiths/wolves early game and take Mega Adhesive at lvl8. Maxing Poison Trail first followed by Fling and then Mega Adhesive. I max Adhesive over Fling past level 8 In games where I can rely on my team to be doing most of the damage and I want to focus on providing more utility than a burst of damage through Fling.

Maxing Poison Trail is always the rule, the only difference is W and E sequence.
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*IMPORTANT* Advanced Singed Skills

Inverted Composer has already put mostly everything down into his guide and video, so I dont feel like there would be a point in repeating it all here so I'll just link to this video made by him:

Watch this to learn how to REALLY capitalize on all of Singed's HIDDEN POTENTIAL!

Sky Auto attack is the most important trading skill you need to learn if you want to trade like a boss! Invisble poison is also a really powerful thing to use in lane for some mind games.
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I run Ignite Ghost in almost every game, I take Teleport only when I know it will be a 2v1 lane. Singed can kill any champion 1v1 in lane so Ignite is almost always better.

As for Flash and Cleanse I can see them working but only in very few situations. Perhaps flash would be better than ignite if you are playing against a Jarvan Jungle and an Anivia mid, To flash out of Jarvan ult/Anivia wall.

I would take cleanse against teams that look something like this, AP Nunu top, Amumu Jungle, Zilean Mid, Leona/Zyra support, and Varus ADC. But since teams like this are very uncommon I almost never use it.

As for Other spells Heal Barrier Clairvoyance Revive Exhaust I just really dont see situations where they would be better than the others. Maybe exhaust in very few situations (Like if you have a very strong early jungler (Shaco/Xin Zhao/Jarvan etc.) and you are against a 2v1 lane, taking exhaust might make it easier to kill the enemy laners especially if your jungler already took Ignite).
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Lane Match Ups

Akali Difficulty = 5

2 Things to remember when playing vs. Akali, 1- Push the lane and force her to use Q to CS 2- Don't trade with her if you dont have Fling up. Also keep your eyes on her shadow dance stacks, if she has 3 and you're around 60% or lower be careful of her going full in for the kill.

Cho'gath Difficulty = 4

This usually ends up being a farm lane, try to get your jungler to gank top if you want to snowball hard.

Darius Difficulty = 7.5

This lane is extremely sensitive, try to bait his Decimate by getting close to him and walking away right before you get into his range, and then trade with him after its down. It's very important to know his Apprehend Range and his Noxian Guillotine Damage. Get your jungler to gank top, Darius is very vulnerable to ganks because he has no escape spells at all.

Gangplank Difficulty = 4

This guy just dies to you over and over, you can dive him from full hp at level 6. Fling him every time it's up and auto attack him as much as possible, start Cloth Armor in this lane so you don't lose too much HP to his Q harrass.

Garen Difficulty = 6

Early on this can be quite a troublesome lane, his Decisive Strike Judgment combo is very painful if you let him hit you too much, try to let him push to the tower so that when he wants to Q you, you can Fling him into the tower.

Irelia Difficulty = 5

Trade with her when your fling is ready, back off when her Hiten Style is on because thats basically most of her damage. If you are going for a kill on her, try to Ignite her as soon as possible to prevent her healing too much from her ult and w.

Jarvan Difficulty = 6

Jarvan is a very strong laner, but Singed's mobility allows him to dodge the Jarvan Demacian Standard Dragon Strike combo and trade back quite well. He has an ulti that locks you up and makes all your movement speed practically useless, thats a big reason to be afraid of him especially if he has a high DPS jungler. If you are chasing him, try to save your Fling for the moment he drops his Standard, it will ruin his combo making him an easy kill.

Jax Difficulty = 5

Singed can trade with Jax quite well if you know his cooldowns well. The most important thing to remember here is NEVER EVER FIGHT JAX WHEN HIS Relentless Assault IS STACKED UP!

Jayce Difficulty = 6

This lane has a lot of mind games, be really careful of getting hit by his Acceleration Gate Shock Blast combo. A thing I love to do when I'm laning against Jayce is Flinging him as he's in the air trying to do his To The Skies! Thundering Blow combo and then just walk away winning the trade.

Kayle Difficulty = 7.5

This I feel is the hardest lane on this list (There are harder lanes for Singed but I don't want to list them up in here because I want to avoid targetted counter play :P) Against this lane, just try to farm up as much as possible, it will be almost impossible for you to kill her without your jungler.

Kennen Difficulty = 4-8

This could be an extremely difficult lane if Kennen starts doran's blade and plays very aggressive not allowing you to get close enough to push the wave, if this is the case stay behind your creep line and just wait for farm to come to you under tower and pray to god your jungler will help you, however you could still turn around and kill him from full if you are healthy at lvl6. It could also be an easy stomp for you if he does not play aggressive early.

Lee Sin Difficulty = 5

Stayed behind creeps to avoid being hit by his Sonic Wave and keep trading with him using Poison and auto attacks. It's hard to catch Lee later on when he gets Dragon's Rage so if you want to gank him do it before level 6.

Malphite Difficulty = 4.5

This will Q you a lot, but it's quite hard for him to win trades if you fling him. He can't kill you if you're starting Crystalline Flask and you recall often. You outpush him quite hard, So just push and recall every time you're low and he will never have a chance of killing you by himself.

Nasus Difficulty = 3

His Wither is the most annoying spell in the game for Singed :( But he has 0 ways of killing you, just keep flinging him every time he tries to go up to a minion and poison him. You can activate Q and walk around your creeps for a bit to force him to take some damage if he wants to farm up his Siphoning Strike

Nidalee AD Difficulty = 3 AP Difficulty = 5

This b**** is so annoying early on, her mobility makes you want to tear your hair out, her early harass makes you want to recall every 15 seconds, and her sustain is just WTF? but don't worry, just farm and try to fling her early on to win trades massively, she has no damage spell like you do so you will win any trades pre-6. (It's ok to miss a few CS). DON'T STEP ON HER Bushwhack IT WILL HURT YOU! When you get level 6 you can Ult and Ghost up to her for a surprise kill.

Olaf Difficulty = 6

If you let this guy use his Reckless Swing on you every time it's up he will punish you real hard for it. Avoid trading with him early because he will win most trades unless you have minion wave advantage on your side. Every time he uses a spell and you don't get hit by it is when you want to trade with him, just Fling him into some Poison and auto him followed by you walking away.

Renekton Difficulty = 7

Personally this is one of Singed's hardest lanes for me but many other good Singed players say this is not that difficult, maybe its just my playstyle :S Avoid trading with him when he has 50+ Fury and you'll be fine, don't dive him if his Dominus is ready.

Rengar Difficulty = 7

Just farm, no fighting here pls. His sustain and trading ability is just superior to you in every way. He can't really kill you if you dont play aggressive so just farm and wait for a gank or lvl6.

Riven Difficulty = 6-7

This is a skill match up, don't trade with her when her Valor is up. Run around her when you fight her so that she misses her Q, W, or even ult and auto attack as much as possible when going all in.

Rumble Difficulty = 7

Fling him into Poison and auto attack him every chance you get, dont chase him trying to trade because he will just Electro-Harpoon you away and you will take a lot of punishment from that. Back off if he's using Flamespitter or fling him and walk the other way if you can win the trade (usually lvl before hes lvl 7)

Shen Difficulty = 5

Push him to the tower right from the start and keep taking jungle camps whenever possible, he has very low pushing power. after lvl 6 you gain big kill potential on him and he gains none on you because his ult is a shield doesnt work on himself.

Teemo Difficulty = 5

Play as aggressive as possible early game, a Fling into Poison and an auto attack early game takes out half of this guy's HP. The one who's higher level wins early game. You automatically win lane later on. DON'T STEP INTO HIS MUSHROOMS! If he walks in weird ways kiting you to specific bushes then anticipate where the mushrooms are and just avoid them.

Tryndamere Difficulty = 4

I never played against AP Trynd so I can't say anything about that match up, this is for AD Trynd. Fling him every time he tries to CS and keep Poisoning around your creeps, dont let him CS for free ever, never do extended trade's with this guy if he has 60+ Fury. And remember to save up your Ignite for using it half way through his Undying Rage if he has it.

Udyr Difficulty = 6

This guy out trades you really hard early game due to his Tiger Stance and Turtle Stance if you want to trade with him, back off immediately after Flinging him instead of auto attacking him. You out push him really hard so just drag the lane out until you're level 6 then push and roam.

Vladimir Difficulty = 6.5

This guy is really weak early so try to play aggressive, however when he is level 5+ he will punish you really hard if you attempt to trade and you end up backing off without actually trading. You're stronger than him past level 6 if you all in him before getting poked too hard.

Warwick Difficulty = 5

If he builds doran's rings and stuff like that early game he will be annoying to lane against and you have to just stay outside his range most of the time, if you dont get any ganks. However if he builds anything else you can just walk all over him.

Wukong Difficulty = 5.5

Fling him when he Nimbus Strike you and walk away not letting him hit his Crushing Blow if possible. Avoid Flinging his Warrior Trickster at all costs because it will set you back quite a bit.

Xin Zhao Difficulty = 1

This is one of Singed's easiest lanes, Trade with him whenever you want, push lane whenever you want, just do whatever you want, dive him anytime past level 6! you're the king of this lane! (Don't forget to rush Ninja Tabi)

Yorick Difficulty = 5

Trade with him aggressively early on. Always go to the bush when he uses his Ghouls and they will stop hitting you. This becomes pretty much a farm lane later unless one of you gets repeated ganks.

*Coming Soon*

Zed Difficulty = 5

This guy is quite mobile so catching him will be difficult even level 6+, and if you let him harass you too much you will die to him when he reaches level 6. Trade with him if he underestimates your damage and ever tries to walk up to you. If he plays really passive and just walks away every time you get close and tries to CS and poke you with Razor Shuriken then just buy pots and wait for ganks or lvl 6.
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When is Singed best to pick?

Your Team:

Singed is really good with teams that can give him speed boosts, Lulu Kayle . Singed works really well with jungler's who can gank and kill top early game because when Singed gets ahead...its almost impossible to come back so champions like Lee Sin Vi Rengar Nocturne Xin Zhao.

Enemy Team:

Singed is really BAD against teams with good kiting Lux Nunu & Willump Zilean Zyra Janna etc. I recommend that you NOT pick Singed against such teams. Singed is really good against teams who want to go in and have a lot of AoE spells, Amumu Kennen etc. this is the kind of team Singed excels against.
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Starting Items

Cloth Armor + 4 Health Potion + 1 Mana Potion

This is best vs. AD Top+Jungler, This is a very good start early game for doing wraiths and playing aggressive in lane.

Boots + 3/4 Health Potion

This is the weakest start simply because boots of speed only give you 20MS and no fighting stats, This might be required vs. something like Kennen and aggressive early jungler (Lee Sin, etc.)

Crystalline Flask + 3 Health Potion

This should be your default start.

Dorans Items.

While these might be good starts they are usually not the best but they are however better than boots in almost every case, buy them if you dont want to start flask.
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Early Game/Laning Phase

You want to either start Fling and invade the enemy team or take Poison and do wraiths level 1 (Depending on both team compositions) Taking wraiths level 1 will allow you to reach level 2 first and start off the lane with a massive advantage. I usually play very aggressive early game, Flinging people when possible into my poison and auto attacking them in the air aswell as when they land, This is a very effective trading method, it out trades most top laners early game and gives you massive pressure on them.

It is possible to cheese people by ghosting the moment you reach level 2 and they are still level 1 (because of wraiths experience) and flinging them into poison and igniting them right away. at the very least you will get a flash out of it (Which has a minute and a half cool down over your ghost, so next time your ghost is up you can almost gurantee a kill) I have done this many times and my team mates often ask me HOW THE **** DO YOU FIRST BLOOD A KAYLE(or whatever lane I'm up against :D) AT LVL 1 WITH SINGED?

Doing good early game is THE KEY to your Map-Wide domination later on, the better you do in lane the more powerful you will become Mid game and have more ability to snowball everyone on your team!
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Mid Game - Absolute Domination Begins

Mid game starts for singed the moment you level up to 6. I usually push the creeps past tower (just the usual Singed thing) and recall, preparing for a gank on bot/mid lane with Ghost and Ult. I ask my laners if any summoner spells are down from the enemy lane and then head out. I simply walk down the lane and ghost+ult at them flinging the easiest target then proceed to do a 5v3 or 5v2 dragon in case of killing both enemy bot laners. This will snowball both you and your mid/bot lane and give your team a significant early advantage due to the kills and dragon (Keep in mind that bot lane is extremely snowballish and in case of a few levels+items advantage it shuts down the other bot lane EXTREMELY HARD!)

I then recall to go top and ask my jungler to come gank (there is no dragon so ganking top now wont worry my team in case of a 4v3 dragon by the enemy team when our jungler comes top) We dive the enemy laner and take top lane tower, then take whatever buffs and camps there are in enemy jungle then either recall (if we're low from diving) or go push mid as 3 and take mid tower.

At this point my whole team has 2-3 towers down while enemy has 1 or none, we also have a few kills top and bot lane + a dragon advantage. Team fights become extremely in our favor and we just group mid and siege mid tower (it could also be any other lane) We usually choose to dive if my ghost is up and then take Towers+Inhib or Baron which basically snowballs the game past the point of no return.
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Late Game (If some people on your team fed early and you could not end the

Usually this is the point where you stop ghost ulting into the enemy team and killing their back line by yourself, and you focus instead on flinging the enemy bruisers off your carries. The way late game team fights usually work is the team whose carries survive longer wins, that's the reason for shifting your focus (If your carries are underfed and you arestronger than them damage wise, Then ghost ulting for the enemy back line rather than protecting your own carries them becomes a good idea.)
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More about me/My League of Legends history

I started playing League of Legends at the end of season 1 (A month or two before the first dream hack) The moment I got to level 30 I started playing over 5 ranked games a day, For the first 3 months I could not rise above 1000 elo (I was on Eu server at the time, playing at a 180 ping) 6 months later I got to gold, Mid season 2 I decided to move to NA server. I got platinum elo within 2 months of playing ranked there. At this point I had around 2000 Singed games played, I just loved Singed.

The first time I fell in love with Singed was at Dream Hack Season 1 World Championships. I was watching either Dyrus or TheRainMan playing singed, cant quite remember. They ghost ulted through a bush, they slowed the entire enemy team with rylais poison and then the team caught up to them and aced them, leading to an insane come back fight and a baron, which led to them winning the game. I started playing him 3 months later and I could not stop since then. And now I am a diamond player on my way to the LCS Online Qualifier :). It's been a really fun and hard journey, I think it was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life so far, I've met tons of amazing people throughout and I thank everyone who's been a part of this wonderful journey. and I appreciate all of you who will continue to be part of it!

A big Shout Out to Dyrus, You are the reason I got to high elo in the beginning, I just wanted to talk to you and I felt like there was no other way than to get into a solo queue game with you. I never got to talk to you like that but I did post on r/Dyruslol and you replied to me there so its enough I guess, there is still a lot of stuff I want to say but Its not that important now. I just wanna say that if I ever become a famous league of legends player or even half famous then it's partially because of your influence on me.
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Questions, Explanation of some choices I've made in this guide + FAQ

Why Hybrid penetration?

To do wraiths early without losing too much hp, to fight in lane early, to help with CS.

What makes Singed so strong mid game?

He get's every stat from his kit naturally, Damage MS HP+MP Regen Armor MR all from ult and HP from passive. Combine that with a high damage and very powerful disruption spell (Fling) And a lasting AOE High Base damage DoT (Poison) you get a mid game monster. Other champions have to pay very high prices for stats like MS/Armor/MR/HP/AP, Singed gets all those for free from his kit so mid game whether he has items or not he will be dominantly strong.

Why so aggressive?

I Believe using Singed's crazy surge of power mid game is the key to capitalizing on his full potential. Every good Singed player will approve of this, however different players have different ways of capitalizing on it, Some players use it to passively push top lane and never die to ganks or even 2v1 the laner and jungler (People like SirhcEz and Inverted Composer). While me I prefer to use it to roam and snowball other people than just myself with it (which is why my KDA is so stupidly high 6.1/3.9/11.0)

Who are other good singed players that you know of?

In my opinion there are only 3 Really good singed players on NA server (That I know of, Of course there might be many others which I have not seen so I can't speak for every single player) And those 3 are Knife Gun Blue (Knife Gun Bro), SirhcEz, and me. What about Inverted Composer/Dyrus/Insert other famous Singed player here. Dyrus is a good player but his singed mechanics are not top level (because he does not play him that much anymore) Inverted Composer's is good too but he is just a solo queue troll :P He plays League of Legends for the lulz mostly.

What do you think about Tear of the Goddess start?

It's a viable start for passively pushing top lane kind of playstyle but that is not how I played Singed and this guide is about dominating the entire map mid game, so RoA early is a better option for that.

Edit: This is the best start now, this is what you should get in most games, it allows Singed to be very strong these days like he used to be.

What about Hextech Revolver?

Just no, if you know anything about math...then Hextech Revolver is just a really REALLY bad idea, thats why you never see any good Singed players buy it (Other than AF Shy, and tbh I dont rly know why he gets it either) Basically hextech heals you around 30 for every 15 seconds of base poison damage on a single target enemy. Every 1000 poison dmg you will be healed for 33, and every 400 damage fling will heal you for 40. Basically if you do 1500 Poison damage (hitting 5 people for about 6-7 seconds) and do 800 fling damage (2 flings in a fight) you will be healed for around 180 HP (equivalent to 1 auto attack from their bruisers). Why spend 1200 on this instead of giant's belt ever?

How do I decide which boots to upgrade to and what should I enchant them?

Boots of swiftness are good because of their slow reduction, Mercury Treads are good because of the MR and tenacity, and Ninja Tabi are very good vs. heavy auto attack teams, Boots of swiftness is always my pick against teams with a lot of slows (Nunu, Kayle, Lulu, Zilean, Orianna, Zyra, Ashe, Rumble, etc.) Singed's mobility is what makes him so powerful, in the case of other champions having higher mobility than Singed, they are totally superior to him during that time and they have the power to shut him down. Mercury's are very good against teams with high magic damage and/or Crowd Control (Amumu, Zyra, Leona, Varus, etc.). Tabi are very good against teams with many auto attack champions ( Irelia, Nocturne, Xin Zhao, ADC's, etc.)

Do you stream?

Yes, I regularly stream

You mentioned something about being an ex-elobooster, isn't that bannable?

Yes, Eloboosting is Bannable by Riot, I basically stopped when Riot stated clearly that eloboosting was not approved by them and they punished a few known players who did that. Also I just prefer being open, people have the right to criticize me for who I am and I am ok with that.

If you have any other questions for me, Feel free to ask in the comments below and there is a chance I will post the question here if I feel other's would benefit from it.
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Singed is one of the harder to play champions in the game IMO, his playstyle is very different from any other champion. Thats why you often see Singed Player's a lot less capable of playing other champions than just Singed, while someone who main's [Irelia for example can learn Renekton in a short time. Be patient and don't judge yourself before you have 20 Singed games in 1-2 weeks time (If you play a Singed game every 4 days it doesn't really add to your skill the same way, same for every champ)

Singed is very fun to play and watch, he just runs around and kills everyone as he laughs and never dies. But while it looks easy it is actually very hard, so don't underestimate how hard it is to play him.

Remember that League of Legends is something you play to have fun and try not to get too emotionally invested in a singular game, just move on and enjoy it.

The key to getting better at this game (and any other skill) is to fail consistently and learn from those failures. You dont have to lose a game to learn from it, when you die in lane and you realise that could maybe have lived if you used ult a little earlier or fling a little more differently then thats a good lesson in itself, just keep playing and learning and thats how you will get high elo.

And finally, thank you for reading my guide, I hoped I helped you learn a new way of playing Singed that will help you carry games and have tons of fun :) Feel free to give any feedback in the comments below! Cu on my stream :)

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