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Gragas Build Guide by eloment

Middle Complete Gragas Guide (Mid,Top,Jungle)

Middle Complete Gragas Guide (Mid,Top,Jungle)

Updated on March 5, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author eloment Build Guide By eloment 47 5 196,473 Views 1 Comments
47 5 196,473 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author eloment Gragas Build Guide By eloment Updated on March 5, 2019
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Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ingenious Hunter



LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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About me & the guide
Hi im eloment and im currently plat 2. I've been playing since early season 3 and i've been maining Gragas since early season 7, mainly in mid lane with about 500k points on gragas thoughout the accounts that i have. I will be discussing Gragas top mid and jg telling you about his combos and everything you need to learn to pick him up. Almost everything in this guide is knowledge i got from watching ''Panunu'' and ''Woody Fruity''(both god level Gragas players).
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When is it a good time to pick gragas?

So when is a good time to pick Gragas? Gragas heavily depents on poking his laner or short trading him but there is NO matchup that Gragas can't win against in mid or top. Picking Gragas means two things for your team:

1. Your team fights will become a lot better and

2. You will either have a tank with high damage or an ap caster/assasin with very good survivability

So its never really a bad time to pick Gragas.
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This gives Gragas WAY bigger one-shot potential. Combos perfectly with his abilities and destroyies the enemies healthbars.Also i want to ad one more thing here that i want people to know. A lvl 4 Gragas with 2 points on Barrel Roll can deal around 500 dmg with his combo Drunken Rage Body Slam Barrel Roll Ignite.

This is perfect for top lane Gragas. It gives him protection and damage as well as being triggered by both his Body Slam.

Another rune that gives Gragas one-shot potential. The reason i take this on jungle and not Electrocute is because Dark Harvest gives almost as much damage and more frequently.

I also want to talk about Transcendence mainly on top lane Gragas. After buying Iceborn Gauntlet, Spirit Visage, Ionian Boots of Lucidity and being lvl 10 you will have already extended the cdr cap by 20% which will result in and additional 40 Ap. Just imagine a full tank Gragas with 88 Ap (other 48 comes from the rest of the runes along with a Doran's Ring)

Now i wanna talk about all the runes i use on ap Gragas mid. Already talked about Electrocute so now im gonna talk about Sudden Impact

Sudden Impact the most usefull rune for Gragas (in that line anyway) because of Body Slam which instantly activates it.

eyeball colection
eyeball colection is great just because the other two aren't really usefull and it just gives you free ap sto why not?

Ingenious Hunter is very good because of the active items you will be building.

I already kinda talked about it but im gonna say it again. It gives free cd and hella dmg some times.

Its perfect for poking your opoment enough so you can one-shot them.
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The most basic item for ap Gragas. Gives ap which is delf explanatory, health for extra survivability and cdr which is great since Gragas has very high cooldowns. You also have to build Hextech Revolver before building Hextech Rocketbelt which is awesome cause it is a HUGE powerspike.

Another necessary item for ap Gragas. Your Drunken Rage auto attack procs the Lich Bane which results in a huge ammount of damage.

Not necesaary but its great if the enemy team has a lot of burst damage, ad champs or cc which you need to escape from.

It has become a pretty great item for ap Gragas. Gives you cdr along with great dmg and mana sustain. It's best to buy it fast against champions with high poke( Syndra, Vladimir, Orianna).

Great item if the enemy team has a lot or magic resist or if you just need more dmg.

All around great item if you need dmg or if you need a last item and you don't need something special.

Its actually pretty good if you need more damage against tanks and more survivability.

morellonomiconsGet it against champions with healing( Vladimir, Trundle).

Now for the tank items.
Great when fighting ad toplaners.It's a must for toplane Gragas except if the enemy team doesn't have a single ad champion

Build it if the enemy has an ap champ.You can rush it as a first item if the enemy you are facing on top is an ap champ.

titanic hyndraThis might sound like a troll item but it actually isn't!It is great if you want to be in the midle of the fight and you want to deal dmg without buying any ap.

Great item if you don't really need any resistances but you still want to go off-tank.

All the other items like Adaptive Helm, Abyssal Mask or Dead Man's Plate are items you get depending on the enemy team so it's up to you to judge what to buy for each situation.
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Both Ignite and Flash are a must on Gragas on mid because Ignite give the extra kill potential that Gragas needs and Flash is always a must because of the combos you can perform with it.

I already explained Flash and there isn't really much to say about Teleport other than it gives you both the ability to return to lane and also to roam a lot easier.
I don't think to explain Flash again and also explain why a jungler would need Smite.
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Skill Sequence

So i don't really want to talk about anything expect 3 things.

1.You open Barrel Roll on lvl 3 instead of Drunken Rage so you can poke a easier and in case you didn't notice on the runes section a lvl 4 Gragas with two points on Barrel Roll can deal around 500 dmg with his combo Drunken Rage Body Slam Barrel Roll Ignite.

2.You max Body Slam against champions like Yasuo or Riven that want to fight close up even on mid lane.

3.You can max Drunken Rage second while jungling (although i don't suggest it).
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Pros / Cons


Great damage output
Medium Sustain
Tanky even when going ap
Very good teamfights
Uses a lot of mana
High cooldowns
Hard to land skillshots
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Creeping / Jungling

There is only one route worth taking in my opinion:

Raptors-Red Brambleback-Murk Wolves-Blue Sentinel-Gromp-Scutle Crab.
Another little tip is to throw your Barrel Roll level 1 at raptors at exactly 1:23 because they spawn at 1:27 which is enough time for your barrel to gain more damage.
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Unique Skills

So Panunu has made a video about the gragas combos. In case you don't want to look at it (for some reason)here are the basic ones:

1. All In
Drunken Rage - Body Slam (use Barrel Roll while in your Body Slam animation) - Barrel Roll - Explosive Cask

2.Basic Combo
Use Barrel Roll far from target - Drunken Rage - Body Slam and use Explosive Cask to throw them into your Barrel Roll

3.Woody Fruity's Combo
Drunken Rage - Explosive Cask - Body Slam away from the target - Barrel Roll and then flash on the target right after Explosive Cask hits them so that you stop them from getting knocked back with your Body Slam.

Here is the video with the combos.
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So all in all Gragas can be played in a bunch of different ways with a bunch of different uses. He is a high skilled champ with lots of cc and combo potential. Picking tank Gragas up is easy but being able to reach Ap Gragas' potential is very hard not only because of the skill he requires but also because he is pretty bad right now. Anyway thanks for reading this guide and i hope it helped you with Gragas.

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