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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Rengar Build Guide by Frozerlol

Jungle [D1] Season 11 In-Depth Rengar Jungle Guide Perfect for Begi

Jungle [D1] Season 11 In-Depth Rengar Jungle Guide Perfect for Begi

Updated on September 23, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Frozerlol Build Guide By Frozerlol 2283 147 5,398,746 Views 152 Comments
2283 147 5,398,746 Views 152 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Frozerlol Rengar Build Guide By Frozerlol Updated on September 23, 2021
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Rengar
    Pridestalker all the way up in S10 !
  • LoL Champion: Rengar
    Other Builds

Runes: Conq Dmg

1 2 3
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10% Tenacity/Slow Resist

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None


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Hey guys my name is Frozerlol, I'm aD1 Rengar OTP from EUW and this In-Depth Guide teaches you all u need to know about the Pridestalker.
I main Rengar since I started to pick him up in Season 5 and have around 1.700.000 Mastery Points on him. I started to tryhard in Season 6 and reached Diamond for the first time. I hold this rank and achieved D3 in Season 7 with a 60% Winrate.
After that I took a break and I am now back to stream my Rengar Games on Accounts throught all elos, every Account with at least 60% Winrate on Rengar.
This is a picture of my currently 2 most played rank accounts:

Currently playing on many accounts while having SoloGrinding as tryhard acc on EUW and Ziduro on EUNE .
I put a lot of effort into this guide and I hope I can teach you how to play Rengar properly :).

My Discord for questions

A List of all EUW Acounts

A List of all EUNE Acounts
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Why should you play Rengar ? Pros / Cons


+ Insanely fun to play
+ High Burst / One Shotting
+ Variation on Fero Spells
+ Attack speed steroids
+ Bush Jumps
+ Very adaptive
Rengar is one of the best Solo Queue Jungler since he was released, due to his very unique Duel/Assassination Kit. He has the ability to 1v1 nearly every jungler in the early game and his clear speed is very good ( he's even faster with his first camps than graves !). You won't get bored because you can play him in so many different ways and you have to adapt every game item/playstyle wise.


- Hard to master
- Very unique Playstyle
- Rip if they group
- Only Camouflage
- Interuptable ult
- Countered by tankyness
Rengar is a double-edged sword, either you get ahead and stomp or you get stomped. It's hard to come back, if the enemy plays it correctly. He needs to engage and you will most likely die, when the targets you need to engage on won't get one shotted. So you have to try to get ahead early by utilizing your strengths and try to compensate your weaknesses.
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About Rengar

Before I start to tell you about the Combos, how to play him and his items I'll introduce you to his Kit. For this purpose I use the League of Legends Wikia .
I will mark the most important things for you (instead of shortening it) .

Starting with his passive:

Unseen Predator EFFECT RADIUS: 50 SPEED: 1450

INNATE: While in Brushmaker brush or Ambush 2 camouflaged, Rengar's basic attacks gain 600 bonus range and cause him to leap to enemies beyond his normal Melee role melee range. This bonus lasts for 0.5 seconds upon exiting brush or stealth. Leaping when on 0 Ferocity generates 1 Ferocity.

FEROCITY: Rengar generates 1 Ferocity whenever he casts a basic ability. Upon reaching 4 Ferocity his next basic ability is empowered, can be cast independently of its basic version's cooldown, incurs no cooldown of its own, grants Rengar 30% / 40% / 50% bonus movement speed for 1.5 seconds, and consumes all of his Ferocity. Reaching 4 Ferocity with Savagery or Bola Strike locks its empowered version for 0.1 seconds before and after casting it. All Ferocity is lost after being out-of-combat for 8 seconds.

Bonetooth Necklace Green
BONETOOTH NECKLACE: Enemy champion Damage rating takedown, within 1.5 seconds of being damaged by Rengar, grants him a Trophy, up to one per unique enemy champion and to a maximum of 5. An Head of Kha'Zix additional one is made available through the event The Hunt is On! Trophies grant 1% - 36% (based on Bonetooth Necklace Green trophies) bonus AD as bonus attack damage.

So basically you get Stacks for every Champion you damaged in the last 1.5 s and get bonus AD for them. You can look up which stacks you already got by hovering over the icon of the passive above your skills. But that's just a nice to have, the more important thing is that you get 1 ferocity whenever you use a skill. You get a Fero for free, when you have no ferocity and attack someone out of a bush or when you jump onto him.

Savagery Q: COOLDOWN: 6 / 5.5 / 5 / 4.5 / 4

ACTIVE: Rengar's next two basic attacks within 3 seconds gain 40% bonus attack speed, with the first also dealing bonus Attack damage physical damage and having 25 bonus range.


30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 (+ 0 / 5 / 10 / 15 / 20% AD)

EMPOWERED ACTIVE: Savagery's bonus physical damage is increased to 30 - 240 (based on level) (+ 40% AD) and applying it grants Rengar 50% - 101% (based on level) bonus attack speed for 5 seconds.

Savagery resets Rengar's basic attack timer.

This Spell is where your DMG comes from. You use it to reset your AA, to speed up in your jungle when you have no camp to clear or you won't make it to the next one with full fero.
Your Fero Q gives your even more DMG and Attackspeed for the next 5 Seconds.

Battle Roar W: EFFECT RADIUS: 450 COOLDOWN: 16 / 14.5 / 13 / 11.5 / 10

PASSIVE: Rengar stores 50% of the damage he's taken in the last 1.5 seconds as Grey Health (75% versus monsters).

ACTIVE: Rengar lets out a battle roar, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and Heal power healing Rengar for his Grey Health.


50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 (+ 80% AP)

EMPOWERED ACTIVE: Battle Roar's base damage is modified to 50 - 220 (based on level) and additionally Cleanse cleanses.

Rengar's W is his backup/aoe spell. You store 50% of the damage you took in the last 1.5s and heal for this amount when you use your W. Your empowered W is also a Cleanse, so you can jump in do your combo and when you get stunned just press w and run out.

Bola Strike E: TARGET RANGE: 1000 COOLDOWN: 10

ACTIVE: Rengar throws a bola in the target direction, dealing physical damage to the first enemy hit and Slow icon slowing them for 1.75 seconds.


55 / 100 / 145 / 190 / 235 (+ 80% bonus AD)


30 / 45 / 60 / 75 / 90%

EMPOWERED ACTIVE: Bola Strike's base physical damage is increased to 50 - 305 (based on level) and using it Root icon roots its target for 1.75 seconds.

Now to his only CC-Ability. Your E is a slow which gets stronger per point into it and when you throw a 4 Ferocity E onto someone, he's snared for 1,75s.

Thrill of the Hunt R : EFFECT RADIUS: 2500 / 3000 / 3500 COOLDOWN: 110 / 90 / 70

ACTIVE: Rengar channels his predatory instincts, becoming Ambush 2 camouflaged after 2 seconds and gaining bonus movement speed for the duration. Attacking or casting most spells ends Thrill of the Hunt.



Rengar gains True Sight icon true sight of the nearest enemy champion, who he can leap to deal 50% AD bonus physical damage and reduce their armor for 4 seconds.

ARMOR REDUCTION: 12 / 18 / 24

The nearest enemy champion to Rengar alerts all allies within 1200 range about his presence.

This is the essential of Rengar's Kit which makes him a real Hunter. He gets one with his surrounding and enters camouflage mode. When Rengar is in Camo he gains movespeed, true sight on the nearest enemy, keeps it and can jump on someone. So you try to scout as much as you can before oneshotting. However if you come to close to the enemy, he will get an ! as a warning above his head, that you are near and marked him. You reduce the Armor of the target you jump on and deal bonus damage when the target was marked.
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Runes & Summoner Spells

The Keystone question

There are 4 Types of Rengar Jungle Player atm. But I will show you the most common and strongest one.
First of all you can take Electrocute or Predator in the Domination Tree and Fleet Footwork or Conqueror.

The currently strongest Rune-Setup

This rune currently shares it's first place with Electrocute, it gives you an insane early dueling phase, which can get you snowballing.

This rune gives you a nice recovery after jumping in and is a must take in that row.
You normally take Legend: Bloodline due to the recovery this supplys you in a 1v1 but If you wanna get more attack spped overall, you can also go [[Legend: Alacrity] because you push and clear faster due to higher attackspeed.
Coup de Grace
You take this one because you really want that 8% extra damage on a target when you are high on hp and usually you wont jump on a target when you are low or you wont need the extra damage then.

Second Tree Runeoptions

You should try the following 3 options and have to see which of them feels the best for you. Personally I prefer Domination > Inspiration and nearly never go Sorcery.
This gives you bonus lethality which results in more damage you really should pick this one up.

This results in more movementspeed. MS is crucial since it allows you to move around the map faster and get a higher jump range.
Just take them they are so good. More snowball potential, more movespeed, safe money for the next boots.

This mastery helps you a lot because you can buy an ealy tiamat after a full clear + scuttle and you can ensure to get a lead through higher and more clearing.
You will spend most of the time being full hp. So you can get that bonus ad for an even better oneshot combo.

This one gives you more ad the longer the game get's which synergizes insanly good with your passive to amount even more ad. You could really give it a try.

Electrocute,Fleet or Predator if you don't like Conqueror ?

Let's see the potential and Pro's and Cons of each one.

-nice damage
-strong if you get 3 aa's out
-really reliant
-no sustain /bonus ad
-weaker then conqueror in long fights
Fleet Footwork
-healthier jungle clear
-great in chases
-insane lategame
-no damage
-hard to utilize perfect
-inferior to conq. late
-insane mobility
-ok skaling
-nice catchpotential
-not the highest damage
-high cd
-falls off after full build
-you need early boots

As you can see Electrocute has the least CONS that's why you should take Electrocute on Rengar when you don't like to play with Conqueror and want more DMG in short trades.
gives you 10 free Lethality
Free AD for every stack
Increases MS for better ganks

SMITE: This is obviously your Key Summoner when you are in the jungle. You need smite because you can't buy the Jungle Items without it and you need the bonus reg/ xp from this item. So just take it and don't try anything new.
FLASH: This is your backup spell. You can use it to either chase an enemy (for example flashing in a bush to jump on him) or just flashing over the wall to get away.
TELEPORT: I included this one for the Toplane Rengar Player. This might be useful for some Reader. This is a Jungle orientated guide but the combos and things like that are all the same.
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Let’s talk about Rengar’s pathing in the Jungle and how/when you should gank. Rengar can choose between many clears, I’ll show u some popular ones to begin with.
But before that some clear help:
  • try to kite the camp
  • try to generate fury before you start your red buff and jump 1:22 on the blasting cone with Q, this way you already have 2 fury when you start the buff and can q him instantly again for another stack.
  • And keep in mind that you don’t need to burst the jungle camps, so just reset every AA you can with a Q. So instead of Q mid-air on a camp, you jump and instantly q after you did your jump aa on the target you want to kill.
  • try to do blue and gromb at the same time hitting them with W's.

Due to the recent XP-Changes in 11.4 we level a lot less. You usually full clear but that differs each game.
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Jumps in the Jungle

Ranking of the Jumps from Easy to Hard with Boots/Ninjas

EASY: No extra things needed

MEDIUM: They are a bit harder timing wise

HARD: You need enought MS and the right place

EXTRA:Not hard but useful

Im going to add a few new jumps in the next days!
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Jungle Camp Infos

Jungle Monster:
Respawn timer buffs: 5 min
Respawn timer normal creeps: 2 mins

Rift Scuttler
Spawns minute 2 and Respawns every 2.30 mins
Crab: You should take the scuttle crab whenever you can later on in the game. The only thing you need to care about are lanepriority, where the enemy jungler is and If you can fight him. You can either choose to make the crab lvl 3 when you look for a skirmish or a safe crab or lvl 4 when u know that he won't do the crab or you just simply don't wanna 1v1 him.

Rift Herald :
Opens his eye every 10sec -2.5 sec the minimum is 3 seconds.
The eye won’t open anymore when he’s lower than 15%.
Herold Spawntimer: 8:00min
Respawn: 6mins

Baron Nashor:
You can normally take him down with 3ppl if one of them can tank for you. If you are very fed and are fullbuild min 30 with hydra you can actually solo it. Just try it a few time in normal games to get a hang of your dmg on him. His buff lasts for 180 seconds now

Spawntime: 5:00 plus each 5mins respawn until one team has slain 4 drakes.

The first three drakes are now always three unique once. The subsequent drakes will be the same element as the third drake.

The first team to slay four Elemental Drakes gains a Dragon Soul matching the Elemental Rift

I'm going to display the normal drake buff yellow and the permanent Dragon Soul Buff in red.

Mountain Drake:
There is a small trick pretty much everyone uses but doesn’t talk about,so you can do this drake very easy because of his combination of high dmg and low attackspeed. You start with an e on the drake wait until it flies up (that you don’t get knocked) and aa q the drake. You use your W only after he hit you. You are on 3 Fero now, except when you managed to either start the drake with one fero through jumping from the bush on the drake or using the Blast Cone before. When you are on 4 fero don’t q when you are solo doing it, use your w. You will only take one full hit every time when you repeat those steps I just told you about.
Gives you now +8%/+16%/+24%/+32% armor and magic resist.
After not taking damage for 5 seconds, gain a shield for 225 (+0.2 bonus attack damage) (+0.15 ability power) (+0.15 bonus health)

Infernal Drake:
The infernal is ok to do solo. He’s easy to do, but he’s very important for the late game. That’s why it’s a bit risky to solo it, unless you see the enemy jungler somewhere or you are that fed, that you can solo it quite fast, when you have enough vision around bot side.
Gives you now +5%/+10%/+15%/+20% attack damage and ap.
Every 3 seconds, your next damaging attack or ability on an enemy unit triggers a small explosion, dealing 90 (+0.25 bonus attack damage) (+0.15 ability power) (+0.03 bonus health) damage to the target and nearby enemies.

Ocean Drake:
He’s annoying, because his Attackspeed is low but his AA’s slow you, that’s why you can’t really drag him out without getting much dmg. Try to do this one either with your teammates or alone when you are fed or when you are sure that noone is in the near.
Gives you now +5%/+10%/+15%/+20% missing health regen per 5 seconds.

Dealing damage to enemies heals you for 180 (+0.4 bonus attack damage) (+0.25 ability power) (+0.1 bonus health) and restores 90 (+0.04 maximum mana) mana over 3 seconds.
Damage to minions or monsters regenerates with 30% effectiveness.

Cloud Drake:
You don’t heal yourself that much compared to the Mountain Drake for example when you use your Fero W because his hits don’t deal that much dmg.He compensates the lack of dmg per hit with his high attackspeed.
Gives you now +10%/20%/+30%/+40% ultimate CDR.
Passively gain 10% increased movement speed.
After casting your ultimate, gain an additional 30% movement speed for 3 seconds (30 second cooldown).

Elder Drake The Boss, the Sugardaddy of the Drakes.You can pretty much solo this drake when you have 3 Items. A team needs to gather the dragonsoul before he spawns.
Tick-Damage + below 20% Execute: The buff lasts 3mins and the respawntimer on the drake is 6mins.
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The normal route that I take is Red -> Crugs -> Raptors -> Wolves -> Blue -> Crab -> Either gank/invade or gromb.

You can also start at Blue -> Gromb -> Wolves -> Raptors -> Red and either Crab/ Bot gank or crugs.

If you think you are stronger than the opponent, you could either invade his first buff and steal it or start at your red and go to the opponent buff based on side.
Potential Fullclear by my homie PusiPuu

For further rengar informations and builds look into his guide
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With Full Fero
Full Fero Q+JUMP -> MID AIR E + W +Fero Q

Q+ JUMP -> MID AIR E + W + Tiamat + FERO E or try to gather some stacks before the best is full fero and JUMP+ FERO E + W + Q

Jumping in either with Q or not , midairbola + w -> FERO W at the right time
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Which main item should I buy ?

Most builded items


This item gives you a lot of survivability + damage in the jungle. You usually build it into teams where you have fights that get dragged out for a prolonged time. It feels really good due to the variety of stats it gives you.

Duskblade of Draktharr: This item gives you invisibility once you kill someone and decent damage. Its a really nice addition if you are playing against a fullsquishy team. You will reach A LOT of Ability Haste really fast with it and can reposition yourself a lot in teamfights.

This is a fun addition since you can just Galeforce out of a bush to extend your jumping range

Prowler's Claw:
This item gives you a greater burst on one target but imo this item is never better then eclipse which is why I never build it.
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Most builded items

Tiamat:This item gives you a way better clear in the jungle overall.You used to build this item first but due to the changes you dont build it anymore.

Essence Reaver:
This item is insanity it gives rengar every stat he needs AD,Haste and Crit and buffs your next AA after an spell procing on the Q. This item is completly nuts which is the reason why you usually build this item second unless you are going Tank.

Youmuu's Ghostblade: This item gives you the needed mobility for some jumps(as I showed you in the video above) or enables you to gank better because they have a shorter reactingtime window when you use this item in your R and jump on them. But since its really expensive for its stats I rarely use it.

Edge of Night: This item can be your choice If you play against champs that can interupt you or shut you down instantly when you jump into a fight for example Janna , Lulu , Malzahar or Veigarwith his cage. This is the third of the Lethality Items and it's usually a must buy at the moment.

Stormrazor: This item is great against squishy teams. You normally dont need it because your damage output is high enought when you buy Lord Dominik's Regards and it gives you overall just the great feeling to crit someone and truly oneshot. Even if you build into Crit in the late game you usually won't pick this up in late since the other items supply you with better stats.

Situational Damage Items

Lord Dominik's Regards: This is a pretty insane item. It gives you overall nice stats which is Critgars wet dream.

Mortal Reminder: This item has less armor pen compared to the Dominik's but reduces the healing of the opponent. You could buy this item when you play against an Mundo,Swain etc. But I wouldn't buy this item normally.

Ravenous Hydra: This is normally the 5th or last item you could build. It boosts your dueling wiht alot of lifesteal but
I rarely go this item as last item since there are better options rn.

Mercurial Scimitar: This item is extremly expensive and you normally don't need to build this when you use the Edge of Night right or your Fero W.That's why I never build this item because you will get the hang of the other two methods quite fast and it is not good to buy this item because you just need to wait until your team engages and the enemy uses the CC onto them or them trying to engage with their CC.

Guardian Angel: This item is a nice to have when you are fed for example and can kill 2 of the enemies. When you die you fall into the stasis but you could soak enought CC or damage for your team to let them clear up.

Situational Offtank Items

Black Cleaver: This is a more utility like item. You buy this if you wanna go for the 40% CDR and Offtank/Bruiser Rengar, due to them having fed carrys or a huge frontline. The armor shred and movespeed of this item is very nice on toplane rengar and you will most likely find this item on a toplane Rengar build if he doesn't want to enter Assasinmode or his team needs an offtank.

Maw of Malmortius: You buy either this or Sterake Gage if you go Offtank or they have a LeBlanc for example which could blow you up. But you normally don't build the Hexdrinker early into the Maw because it's already quite efficient in terms of gold and slot efficiency. This item gives you lifesteal when the shield pops.

Sterak's Gage: This is the anti-ad item compared to Maw.Keep in mind that you cant stack both of these items,due to them having the same passive. You can buy this on toplane Rengar and this item gives you a nice tenacity boost when the shield pops. You can buy this item in matchups like kha when you are playing offtank.

Titanic Hydra: This is the Bruiser variant of the Ravenous. You deal more when you build HP so that's why you normally build the Ravenous Hydra instead of this one. Im not really recommending Tank Rengar because it doesn't suit my playstyle and bc there are way better offtanks then Rengar but if you want to play him you can still try it.

Trinity Force: This item is nice but also very expensive. I wouldn't recommend this item on Assasin Rengar, because there are better gold efficient items. You could try this item on Rengar Toplane tho but as I mentioned above this guide is based on the jungle. IF you want something to toplane reng just let me know.

Situational Tank Items

Dead Man's Plate: This item can be build when you want to get HP and Armor and the enemy has no crit. The movementspeed buff of this item is very nice and you can catch enemys quite good with this item. But it doesn't fit into the normal Rengar playstyle. But it's mentionable that's why it's in this category.

Randuin's Omen: You build this item when the enemy has crit. It gives you nearly the same stats as Dead Man's Plate but his ü***ive isn't getting movementspeed over time, it's slowing the Atk.speed of attacking enemys and recieving less damage from crits.

Zhonya'S Hourglass: If you want to believe it or not, there is a Korean Challenger Player in Korea that builds this item in the toplane.He has a very unique playstyle but it's good if you want to play offtank Rengar and got the utility to be able to Zhonyas in a teamfight after jumping in and dealing the damage you can do.

Gargoyle Stoneplate: I personally have never build this item before on Rengar but I could imagine that some people rock this item on tank Rengar due to the fact that he jumps into 5 man, activates it has double hp and after the team using everything on Rengar he uses Battle Roar twice to get out.

Warmog's Armor: This item is nice for having long fights where you are able to regenerate yourself up and jump in again. But again I wouldn't recommend playing Rengar because there are champs that are way better at being a meatball.

Spirit Visage: I like to build this item when my team needs an offtank and I just can't build assasin because of their teamcomp. The heal up of your Battle Roar increases and you have overall a bit more HP.

Adaptive Helm: You can build this, if you are toplane Rengar and have to play vs a Teemo , Cassiopeia, Syndra or Malzahar for example to reduce their over-time damage of their skills.
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This will be a personal statement to the skins:

Normal Skin: He's actually quite fine and its not as ugly as Udyr's normal skin for example.

Head Hunter: Probably my favourite among all those skins, even when he's the oldest skin for rengar. He looks quite nice, either using him or Night Hunter. This is the most used Skin among the Rengar Playerbase. And a big plus for this skin are his Chromas. Every Chroma of this Skin looks nice.

NightHunter: Playing him more often in the Nighttime, you can put his cap on If you want to with strg+2. As you can think this is the 2nd most used skin of Rengar.

SSW Rengar: Dont buy him except when you love sneakers. He has ****ing big ones.

Mecha Rengar: He sure looks fancy and new but he feels a bit clunky to play. I dont see any Mains using him , im only playing with this skin when I dont need to tryhard for examples in Normals.

Darude Sandstorm: Looks fantastic with the chromas and feels smooth. As long as you are fine with his W animation (which looks like a shroom explosion of our favourit rat in the game ) then you should definitely grab this one.

So If you want to buy a Skin for Rengar don't waste the money on the mecha one and buy urself the Headhunter/Sandy with one/two chromas or you decide yourself for the Nighthunter If you like the more assasine looking style. And Sneaker Boy only with a foot fetish.
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Supports Rengar synergizes with:

If you want top/mid Matchups just let me know.
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Patches that effect Rengar Jungle

[8.15] Stromrazor might be better for Rengar now.
[8.16]: Hecarim Buff he's maybe one danger level higher now but I have to test it. Taliyahs early is a bit weaker now which makes her more punishable. Trundle got finally nerfed and he probably goes down one or two level.Same with Wukong and Tryndamere. Amumu got buffed and you probably wont be able to kill him in the late unless you buy % Armorpenetration. Rammus is stronger now aswell due to his resistance buff, but this will affect the late game a bit more than the early game. The rune changes dont really matter you only lose some Movespeed and AD in the late but you won't take Domination because that got nerfed aswell. Maybe we should try to give Inspiration a chance.

[10.6] Haven't done this in a while but everything that changed was that you transition into crit and you take conqueror. This Patch changed DD which made it better for offtank rengar top imo.
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This was my In-Depth guide about Rengar. I told you nearly every thing I know about Rengar and just shortened it a bit because I dont even know If you like the matchup tab for example. If you want me to write a Toplane Guide just let me know. I'd appreciate it if you could leave a vote and or a a comment. Feel free to let me know If my builds and tactics worked out for ya or which builds you are currently rocking and as I mentioned above you can ask me Stuff on my Discord
And a special thanks to jhoijhoi's Making a Guide guide.
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Update Log & plan for the next days

[25/06/18]: I added the items and another itemset on the top, made it look better and fixed some minor issues.
[27/06/18]: I added the crab section and corrected some spelling issues and corrected the Patch. Nothing has changed about rengar and his itemization.Except that you get 1 mroe ad when you run Domination+Precision]
[18/07/18]: I took a look over all matchups and their difficulty and updated the things based 8.14 patch. And I made the combo videos and found out some more jumps.
[29/07/18]: I connected my stream with mobafire would like to see you sometimes in my chat when you have questions.
[01/08/18]:[8.15] Stromrazor might be better for Rengar now.
[plans]: Im going to add the Combo Videos, found out a few more jumps and will add a trick part. And when my stuff is working properly, some more cheese strats.
[16.08.18]: Hecarim Buff he's maybe one danger level higher now but I have to test it. Taliyahs early is a bit weaker now which makes her more punishable. Trundle got finally nerfed and he probably goes down one or two level.Same with Wukong and Tryndamere. Amumu got buffed and you probably wont be able to kill him in the late unless you buy % Armorpenetration. Rammus is stronger now aswell due to his resistance buff, but this will affect the late game a bit more than the early game. For the runes

[28.08.18]: Rengar shorter CD on his R -Duskblade less Dmg but more Penetration and Stormraizor less DMG overall more ATKspeed. Theses are the important things for Rengar so I think its better to buy something different then Stormraizor now for example Youmuus.

[19.10.18]: I have to check if the runes are still perfect like that due to the DH early game nerf.

[21.11.18]: Ok so im curios about how the Rengar runes are changing, I will keep you updated.

[06.02.19]: Due to the adc changes there might be some changes on how to build rengar which I will test in the next day.

[21.03.19]: Okay so I finally had enougth spare time to actually change the things I wanted to change. Changed the runes so you dont get confused.

[24.03.20]: Made small changes here and there. I updated the builds and runes, fixed the new item logs and changed a few infos :).

[29.04.20]: Due to the recent item changes I might change the build as soon as I tested it enought.

[27.02.21]: I updated everything according the last patches sorry for the delay.
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