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Jax General Guide by LFG Titan

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LFG Titan

Detailed Jax Top Guide

LFG Titan Last updated on May 12, 2014
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About Me

I play League of Legends since early Season 2, after I quit WoW.
I play a lot and watch the Proscene a lot also. I am currently Diamond 3 in EUW.
Usually I only play with some friends normal games, or try to carry them out of Silver in Ranked Team games. :D
I main Solo Lanes and play here and there jungler. I prefer champions that snowball really hard.
In Toplane I usually play Jax and Irelia. Both have their strenghts and weaknesses. But right now I like Jax more so I did a guide for him. :D

About Jax

Jax is a bruiser. He is not an Assasin neither a tank. In my opinion the best way to play Jax is a mixture of tankiness and Damage. A lot of Counterpicks got nerfed, so "Suprise I'm back". With all this lanebullies in bottom lane Jax has a ways easier time. Champions like Ezreal, Vayne give him way more troubles in lategame teamfights. While something like Twitch, Jinx are rather easy to kill for him. Since they nerfed early snowball, lategame champions like Jax got way better.

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Runes are most of the time AD Marks Quints are also Ad sometimes some lifesteal or Attackspeed vs champions with longer tradingpotential. Seals are usually always Amor or HP. Usually Amor cause over a long laningphase Amor is more worth. Glyphs are either Amor MR or scaling mr. Depends on the jungler and the laner.

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21 9 0 if you have a semitank jungler or tanky jungler. 9 21 0 if you are the only frontline.
Attackspeed over CDR. Warlord is not good on Jax because he doesn't built a lot of AD. "Frenzy" Trinity alone doesn't give enough critchance, for this to be worth.
Jax has decent AP scalings, but the 9 Points in Defense are way to important.

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Right now pretty much always Flash Teleport. Only Flash Ignite if I have good kill potential on my enemy laner and I don't need to splitpush. Ghost is in some situations good, where I need extra Movementspeed against some champions. Exhaust is rarely used.

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Relentless Assault Leap Strike Empower Counter Strike Grandmaster's Might

This Passive is great in long drawn out fights. However it's useless in short trades. So try to make long fights.

This is your only way to stick on an enemy and is also your best escape.
So don't waste it. Take a chance to start a fight in melee range and if they jump away or flash away follow them with your Q. Also your Q destroys your Autoattack Animation. So in a 1v1, wait for your autoattack to finish before you use your Q.
You always max your Q first against ranged champions or champions that can kite really well.
Otherwise second.

Your W makes your next Q or autoattack stronger. However you usually don't want to pop it before you attacked your enemy. Your W refreshes your Autoattack. So if you do AA and W immediately afterwards you do like 2 autoattacks in a half second. This increases your DMG by a huge amount. So you should always try to use it this way. If you want to go for short trades like 2 AA minions and Q W onto enemy champions it's okay, but if you fight for a longer time, like 10 seconds or so always try to refresh your AA.
I max Empower usually first. Especially vs Champions or Players that stack amor.

Your Counterstrike is what makes you so good in trading and duelling. It doesn't give the enemy Champion any sort of counterplay early on and forces them always away. Your E is the number one defensive spell. This protects you of all ins from a lot of champions. Always try to get the maximum out of this spell. Try to dodge AA of the enemy champion and try to stun them. Also your E does up to 100 percent more dmg if you dodged 5 Autoattacks. So try to get minionaggro before you pop your E. I don't recommend E into Q. Only if you are far ahead or initiate for your team. In a 1v1 this allows your opponent a lot of counterplay.

Your ultimate is what makes Jax able to build the way he is. It gives you free tanky stats. This tanky stats get increased by Damage stats.(AD and AP) You could compare that to more amor on Soraka W, when she has more AP. No Champion can build 2 Damage items first and still just go ham into the enemy team as a frontliner and be so useful.
But wait this is only one part of his ultimate. The second part is his Passive.
This gives you by every third autoattack bonus magic dmg.
So you can do AA W AA and you already get an ulti proc.
This is ofc really strong in long drawn out fights. Aswell as your passive. That's why Jax is such a good duelist vs tanks.
You usually want to trade with your ulti. So you do 2 Autoattacks onto a minion and then you jump on your enemy with Q and you do a W to refhresh your autoattack or you popped it earlier, if you don't want to be next to your enemy for to long. Also it gives Jax atleast a decent amount of waveclear, because it's pretty easy to proc it onto minions.

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Pros / Cons

1) Good Mobility
2) Crowdcontrol
3) Natural Tankiness
4) Strong Duelist
5) Good Laning
6) Good Splitpusher
7) Easily snowballs
8) Can kill carries pretty easy

1) Melee Champion
2) No sustain.
3) No burst
4) Bad 1v2
5) Item dependent
6) Level dependent
7) Weak vs AS reduction
8) Low to no AOE
9) Not that tanky till end of midgame

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When to pick Jax

    When your team lacks frontline
    When your team already has good engage
    When your team has waveclear
    When your team has another diver
    When the matchup allows to play Jax
    When your team needs a splitpusher

Champions that work well with Jax.
Make you really tanky, what allows you to freely jump in.
You pretty much always need another diver. Jax alone in the enemy team is usually not effective. The best partner for him is somebody with crowdcontrol, so he can stick better onto somebody. Also Assassins are good with Jax. Assassins have usually the problem that they can't kill somebody alone, because of peel, itemactives and Summoner Heal Barrier.
But together with Jax they can take the AD or AP carry instantly out, what automatically wins the fight.

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Team Work

Jax is a beast in 1v1 and if he snowballs you can even go for 1v2. Never go for more than 1v2 even if you are fed. If you don't trust your team, Jax is one of the champions that can carry a game pretty much alone.

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Core Items

You will start most of the time with Doran's Blade a Health Potion and a Warding Totem.
You will always want to go for a Totem. So you can jump in lategame on it to escape. If you are full itembuild, you need somewhere a ward to jump to.

Against ranged champions especially ADs like Vayne, Quinn, Nidalee you want a Doran's Shield.
If you are a slightly behind or it's a hard early game matchup I go for a Doran's Blade. Doesn't matter if I started with Shield or Blade before that.
Homeguard, Distortion, Alacrity depends on the Situation.
If I play vs champions that can trade rly well and poke me down. I get first Blade of the Ruined King.
If I don't have so many problems with sustain I rush a Trinity Force. If it's more about all ins first Phage. If it's more about rly short trading Sheen first.
I go for nine out of ten times for Mercury's Treads, Trinity Force and Blade of the Ruined King as my first three Items.
Ninja Tabi only if I am against 4 Ads. Or heavy autoattackers in lane and jungle. For example Master Yi jungle and toplane Fiora.
Fourth Item is whatever happens always a tankitem. You should never ever go for another dmg item. Why you are probably asking. Yes Jax gets tanky cause of his ult and his E, but till you finished 3 or 4 items in the game it's already the end of the midgame and grouping starts. What does a fed Jax help when he gets blown up? You will do enough dmg with Trinity and Blade so you won't need another dmg Item. Randuin's Omen is the go to pick. It gives you better sticking power and also good tankiness. Guardian Angel or Banshee's Veil are the next 2 items usually. If you are vs full Ad Warmog's Armor or Thornmail. Warmogs is better on Jax then on most other champions. Blade doesn't give the highest sustain and also Jax has no build in sustain so the lifereg is nice. His ult gives him free tanky stats so HP works really well with it. Also it's better against stuff like Last Whisper and Void Staff.
I sell usually boots lategame for a Zephyr, because it has amazing AS for somebody like Jax. Ad gives some more Amor with his ult. And tenacity is a must buy for Jax.

Other Items

Spirit Visage
While CDR is good on jax after Spirit Visage nerfs it's not that good anymore. Also you have no built in sustain so it's not a good passive.
Mercurial Scimitar
Is pretty good If you play vs a Zed or a Warwick or any other team with a lot of hardcc. The MS on active can suprise a lot of ppl. Better vs a lot of AP ofc. I buy this sometimes.
Ravenous Hydra
Usually I don't build it. But if a lane is about shoving it rly fast and you play vs a lot of Ads and you also don't need a lot dueling power it is a better item then Blade.
Hextech Gunblade
It's not close as good as Blade is usually. But it is a good pick up vs teams with more Aps and stack Amor. Because Jax has a good Ap scaling and also it gives him more MR with his ult. Also it provides more sustain. However I still prefer Blade over Gunblade, because it's an movementspeed steal instead of a slow. Jax is all about sticking on his target.
Zhonya's Hourglass
Maximum troll? Really not. I even rate it high and buy it a few times. Rly good for blocking stuff like Death Mark or Syndra ult. Also it's really good if you just used your Q and you got snared or the enemy flashed away. His Q is usually after Zhonyas always up again. So you can jump again on the ADC or APC and they never had a chance of doing damage to you. Your first jump forced them away. Then you Zhonyas and then you are again onto them. Jax has good AP scalings it gives you more dmg then you think also it gives you amor and rly much MR with your ult.
Maw of Malmortius
Good pickup vs stuff like Akali, Leblanc, Mordekaiser, Syndra. The Ad is not that awesome on Jax, because a low amount of Ad Scaling. But great vs this champions in early can build Hexdrinker as first item. I don't finish it usually till lategame.
Infinity Edge
Well you have good Attackspeed you work a lot with Autoattacks and you even have an Autoattackspeed reset. But the AD is not that awesome on a Jax and usually you prefer more attackspeed for more ultiprocs. Crit is usually only used on ADCs. You get Trinity and Blade, not just because of dmg and sustain you also get them to stick better onto your target. IE doesn't help you with that. I don't recommend building it on Jax.
The Bloodthirster
BT is not that good on Jax. I prefer Hydra over it, because it gives more waveclear. It's an ok Item, but not really Tier 1 for Jax. I don't build it. Also you can't stack BT up lategame that easily as Jax with grouping, because you can't kill a lot of minions while you are with your team.
Nashor's Tooth
Decent Item on Jax, but usually you want more tankyness. The 15 percent of Ap is also not that good. Cdr is pretty good on Jax.
Iceborn Gauntlet
I actually buy it a few times instead of Trinity. You need one of them usually because of the Mana. It makes you tankier then Trinity and gives you a slow. This let's you splitpush vs a Vayne for example rather easy. I get this if the enemy has like 4 ADs or I rly need the slow to stick on somebody.
Phantom Dancer
****. You usually always want on your dmg items atleast some sort of ad amor ap or mr. Also it's weaker then Trinity or BotRK.
Locket of the Iron Solari
If the game is only about team fighting and the enemies have like 2 Aps I might buy it. The Aura is really nice. But don't build more then 1-2 as a team.
Youmuu's Ghostblade
I see it might work. probably good if you are against some Assassins.
Sunfire Cape
Can be one of your first items especially against AD champions. Gives you good waveclear.
Frozen Heart
Good Item if the enemy has a lot of champions who work with AS.
Fiora, Master Yi, Irelia, Jax, Caitlyn, Vayne, Ashe... If the enemy has 2 champions that work heavily with Autoattacks I usually build it as a fifth Item.
Guinsoo's Rageblade
Only vs tanky champions when you have the time to stack it up otherwise I don't recommend it.
There is maybe a chance of this item paying of. Maybe if you have a troll supporter without one.
Last Whisper
If you snowball completly out of control and you are against a tank who stacks amor you can go for this, but this is rly ballsy.

Ability Power Jax

There is also AP JAX. This is serious completly. I think it might be even viable at a really high level of play.
You have AP scaling on your Q on your W and 2 scalings on your ult.
I only go for AP Jax if I am up against 3 APs.
If you have full item build your ult gives you 300 mr. So you get incredible tanky vs them and do a ****ton of dmg.

Itembuild is either Berserker's Greaves Mercury's Treads or Sorcerer's Shoes as Boots.
Nashor's Tooth
Lich Bane
Zhonya's Hourglass
Void Staff
Rabadon's Deathcap
Is full itembuild. Ofc you can go for a banshee's, G.A. or Randuins for the tankiness or Hextech Gunblade if you need the extra sustain.

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Where does Jax belong right now?

Jax is right now a Tier 1 Toplaner.
He does pretty well vs most of the other Tier 1 Toplaners that's why he rised so quick.
A lot of his counterpicks got worse.
Shyvana got nerfed.
Elise got nerfed.
Renektons early got nerfed.
Olaf isn't the same as he used to be.
Singed got nerfed.
Rumble isn't as strong as he used to be.
Kennen got nerfed.

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So this will be REALLY long. NO TLDR.

Why did I chose Jax

So why Jax?
Jax just is awesome to play for me. You can do plays, you can be the guy that beats anybody in the enemy team and you can have massive influence on the game.

Jax has a lot of good matchups and can take down the enemy backline all by himself while soaking up their dmg. He is a really good splitpusher.

If Jax snowballs once he is usually just completly out of control and you need multiple people to shut him down.

Strenghts and Weaknesses

Jax can be bursted and cct down. Jax is not a teamfighter. If he jumps into the enemy team in midgame he can be blown up and end up useless. Don't fight 2v2 or 3v3 lategame if the enemy has a jax within them.

Jax shines past level 11. When he got his Q and W pretty much fully capped and level 2 ult he is ready to **** up everybody pretty much. Your level 6 is rather week in all ins especially if your enemy and you both got already poked. If you go all in at level 6 only do so if you have close to full HP.

General Tips about Jax

Jax has low to no Burst. All his bursts comes from Trinity Passive and Blade Active.
As a Jax you always want to reset your autoattack with your W. Do Autoattack and immediately use your W afterwards. You do way more dmg. You trading in lane past 6 is always 2 autoattack onto a minions and a Q W onto the enemy champion. Really short trade is W Q. Otherwise Q autoattack W.
Never ever waste your E NEVER. E is pretty much the spell for Jax. Your is the spell against all Ads in the game. Never go and use E Q onto the enemy if you are about even. Only if you completly snowball or gank other lanes. You always want to make the enemy useless for 3 seconds. especially vs Champions like Tryndamere, Fiora, Master YI and stuff like that. If you waste your E you probably will lose hard vs them. You always want to dodge all autoattacks while trading with your enemy and then stun them and back off. Your ulti should be used always at the beginning of a fight, never wait to long for using your ult. You might get ccd and lose 50 percent hp while the cc before you ult.
Maximise the dmg of your E. Always try to use it when it will block autoattacks, either minions or champions. It will do up to 100 percent more dmg. This makes your E to one of the strongest spells in the entire game. Especially in level 1 and 2 a good placed E can win a lane. Autoattacktrade with the enemy laner, both get hit by minions you pop your E, he can't do dmg for 2 seconds to you and your minions still do dmg to him, also your Counterstrike will do more dmg and you didn't get dmged yet by the minions and you stun him which allows you to place another autoattack or savely retreat.

You outscale pretty much any champion you play against, so it's usually better to don't throw that by giving them a chance to snowball the lane.


Try to keep always a Ward or your trinket to use it as an escape. A ward into a Q is almost as good as a flash. If you get ganked try to use your E and Q good together. Pop your E stun them and jump instantly with your Q to something. You jump out of range for the gapcloser of the enemy to 90 percent. Not Zac for example, but vs pretty much any champion. This is the best escape you have. If you mess that up you are probably dead. Don't forget that you can jump over walls with your Q onto monsters, wards, allies...

Teamfighting Tips

Don't run into the enemy team headless. Don't overextend and don't engage the fight without an advantage. You are not A TANK AND NOT AN INITIATER. Also Jax is rly good in taking care of the enemy assassins and bruiser. If the engage on your backline you can turn on them. E Q is a good use this time. You and your team can easily burst down an Assassin with your CC and your dmg. This is recommended with a rly tanky jungler especially against an enemy backline that didn't build to much dmgs and have problems in taking down you and the jungler. However don't do this vs Teams with stuff like an Orianna and a Kog'maw. You gotta take care of them. Otherwise they will kill the entire team.


Jax is all about sticking on his target and doing dmg over time. CC is rly strong against him. That's why you build Trinity, Blade Randuins. So you can stay for a longer time onto your enemy. Jax is not the best champion in the game in short trades. Renekton, Shen etc. are better in short trades. If you feel you are about even. Keep on going rape them into pieces you are broken as **** in long fights especially 1v1s. Your Passive your ulti Passive and your low CD on Q and W make you nearly imposible to beat.

Your 1-3 are really strong and you can beat most champions in the game. Then you fall off a bit. At level 11 you get your biggest spike and then you can beat pretty much everything.

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Creeping / Jungling

Jax can do really good Wight or Golems. If you shoves out the lane you can clear them or if you get outzoned. Red buff is extremely strong for Jax. Jax is all about sticking on somebody and the Slow let's him stay on the target vor ages. Which allows him to splitpush vs any champion in the game. If you want to shove your lane always use your W and your third AA wisely. Don't waste your third Autoattack onto a minion with 10 percent hp. Hit a minion with more hp and finish it then of with a normal AA. Also the W reset is good for pushing, because it gives you faster ulitprocs.

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Lane Matchups

I rate from 1 to 10. 10 is one of the hardest matchups. 1 is one of the easiest.
Ofc when I say you can towerdive this champion easy, I wanted to say when he got harassed or used his ulti already.

Easy Matchups

Shen can outtrade you early on. Shen has built in sustain. Don't trade with him early on to much. You will only be forced out of lane.
Shen is weak in all ins. Energie is good if you only trade all 10 seconds or so. Mana is way better in all ins. Shen has huge energie costs his E takes in early stages of the game over 50 percent of his energie. So always watch at his energie. Shens Passive is way better then yours in short trades. I recommend playing passive early on and after level 6 abuse him. Shen is one of the weakest level 6 champions, because he has no ult that helps in 1v1. Ofc always try to stun him when he uses ults. The thing with Jax vs Shen is all ins. Especially in midgame. Just go on the Shen you beat him with ez. your Passive your low cooldowns your ulti passive completly beat him in long fights. While his energie makes him vulnerable. He can't spam his abilities after his first rotation so abuse that and beat him. You can chase him for ages. Just don't get baited for a turnaround with shen taunt. Shen is tanky so it will take really long till you killed him. While that the enemy maybe comes to help. You can push him especially before he gets sunfire cause he has no form of waveclear and not close as much autoattackdmg as you do. You can push him to the turret let him lose some cs or deny him a chance to ult cause otherwise you take the turret. If you pushed him to the turret you can also roam mid or take junglecamps and just go back afterwards. He doesn't have the waveclear to shove back into the turret till you get back.

In this matchup I start with Q. You want to jump onto Vladimir all the time early on. He has really limited escapeability against a Jax and low dmg compared to him. Don't let him use his Q E onto you without trading back. Jump onto him whenever it's possible.
Start either with flask and 3 pots or Doran's Shield. Only go for Blade if you have Lifesteal Quints. Usually I rush here a Cutlass. If you have a bad time Hexdrinker is good too. Watch out for him towerdiving you under the turret, if you got harassed to hard. Your E is pretty bad against Vladimir. Vladimir can pool your Counter Strike pretty much all the time. So try to use it after his pool.

Use your E after he used Q. Beat him first 3 levels beat him past 6 beat him always. Yi is not strong vs Jax. Doran's blade first item. Trinity rush. Blade not as good, but still fine. if he got fed. Get after one of these Randuins.

Rather easy lane. Don't get screwed at 1-4 with losing trades. Always try to hit your E He might dodge it with his E. So always back up your E with your Q so you can hit it. Go for Doran's Blade. He dies easily to ganks. You can towerdive him with your jungler. You beat him past 6 anyways. If he doesn't completely snowball you can splitpush with him all day long. Focus him in teamfights. He will dive into your team at some point and time. Just kill him then.

Free lane. Abuse that. Destroy him up over and over and over again. Just go ham onto him the first 3 levels. Use your standart trading past 6 with autoreset on W. You can go toe to toe with him for really long in the game. When he wants to all in you with hiw W just jump onto a minion he can't follow you anyways. Ask for ganks nasus is a freekill if your jungler comes. You can towerdive him easy with jungler. Rush Trinity before you get Blade. If you didn't get a good lead in this matchup don't fight him anymore when he reaches around 400-450 stacks. If you lost ofc earlier. Try to kill the enemy backline in teamfights wasted time attacking him lategame. Hope your team ccs him good and that they kite him well. You might have good kill potential on him. You can stick onto him with your Q even if he uses W. Only use your Q then if your autoattack is up. I sometimes go for an ignite in this matchup because you can kill him

You are a small counterpick for her. You can beat her in any stage of the game if played good. Just don't forget to pop your ult early on. She has no way of disengage so you don't need to be to scared in wasting it. Be aware of Fiora is great in snowballing, if you die early on, better get tanky stats and outscale her even if you are a bit behind, later on you are still stronger then her. Never ever waste your E always block with your E her ult past 6 Also her ulti has a high cooldown so use this to your advantage. Fiora without her ult is rly weak vs jax. If she pops E use your E. If her E ends you can easily beat her in all ins. Cause she has no real sustained dmg. Without it.

You can just beat her in any stage of the game. Be aware of her passive it is stronger then your ulti passive. Try to outtrade her. She has no sustain. Get early doran's blade maybe even 2 hexdrinker lifesteal and you are ready to beat her. She has no escape ask for ganks free kill. Level 6 she gets some good escape. Try to dodge her Q. By either going to the side or jumping on her when she uses it. If she maxes Q first you can easily all in her after she missed it. If she maxed W it's a bit harder. Watch out for enemy jungler you can die rather easy to her with a jungler past her level 6. If she builds tankdiana ignore her in teamfights if she is squishy take her down with your team. Ignore her if she has zhonyas. You outscale her in splitpushing. I usually go for teleport here. Just back of when you lost to much hp mana and port back into the lane. She has no sustain and somewhat needs a blue. So you can outsustain her with lifesteal easily.

Not a lot to say. Get Doran's shield or flash first. Get Blade and all in him at any stage of the game. Lategame either ignore him or take him down if he got strong. He dies really easy to ganks and gets dived easy too. Just ask for a junglegank.

Really easy lane. Bully him early you can dive him with your jungler and he dies easy to ganks also. Get Blade w.e. happens vs him. Easy matchup ignore him lategame teamfights you are better in splitpushing lategame.

After her nerfs not that hard anymore. You can go for Trinity first here. Doran's Blade first item. rape her first 2 levels. But respect her all in especially if she goes for blade of the ruined king. However you can disengage easy, because she needs autoattacks for her W to refresh. You outscale her in splitpushing rather easy. Best is to wait for level 11. Ignore her in teamfights and focus other guys.

Easy lane easy matchup Just don't waste your E and you have an autowin. 1-3 you win anyways. Then wait for your ulti because your ulti is way better than his in 1v1. Doesn't rly matter if you go first for Trinity or Blade.

Not to hard. Beat the **** out of him when he wastes Q. Don't chase him through bushes past 6. Just all in him. Rush Cutlass you can all in him. Also he dies easy to ganks and gets towerdived with 2 ppl. rather easy too.

Not that easy Matchups

Not an easy matchup early on, but once you reach level 7-9 you will outscale him.
So there are a few ways people play Lee Sin. Some of them max Q first. All they opt for is killing you.
Then the W maxer. They just trade with you and sustain it all back.
Then the E maxer. They just want to slow you down, ruin your AS and shove you all the time under the turret.
Against the first one you need to watch out. He can blow you up at level 6 and will usually play really offensive. Maybe he gets overly aggressive and dies to a gank.
The W max is all about doing small trades over a long time. He just wants to outsustain you. So you have to get some lifesteal and try your luck in all ins.
Against the third just try to farm up. He won't rly kill you. You will fall behind in CS, but you outscale him heavily.
Jax has a way better lategame then Lee Sin. So going even is already a win for you. Don't risk to much early. Lee is just as broken as you are at level 1-2 probably even a bit more, because his passive is stronger. Try to keep up in CS, play passive wait for your jungler to come. You rly win this lane after level 11. In Teamfights it's better to ignore the Lee Sin as long as he doesn't build like 4 dmg items. Look for another target. Try to use your E when Lee used his Safe Guard so you can safely stun him and force a bad trade for him. Don't underestimate the dmg on his ult. It has good basedmg and AD scalings.

This lane is not a really counterpick at all. (Jax counters every champion that relies on autoattacks is not entirely true.) I give a slight edge to Jax, but this lanematchup is really snowbally. Aatrox can avoid with his Q Jax stun pretty good and is in all ins with his ult, passive and W as good as Jax is. This lane can easily be decided by one junglegank or one big fail. Don't play overly agressive. You win this lane past level 11.

This matchup is all about snowball. Never waste your E always use your E when she goes on you with W. Watch out for her dodging it with Q. Go on her when her W is on cooldown. Your outscale her at level 11 and also your level 1-3 is better. Don't fight her at level 6-10 you will lose. Her W is just overpowered at this levels. Wait for your second ulti. Irelia has a lot of burst watch out for that. Especially past level 6. She can burst you down don't stay in lane with to low hp. Irelia has sustain so don't trade badly. Only trade if you win clearly. Otherwise don't let her lifesteal on minions her W and usually Doran's blade make her regen really good onto minions stop her from doing that. If Irelia goes for Trinity and Blade she is extremely vulnerable and you can kill her like a squishy with no problems at all. you can even towerdive her with your jungler.

Rape him level 1 Rape him level 2. Rape him past level 6. Don't waste your mana. If a tank and a bruiser attack each other, you will go rather quick oom. When he goes in for his trade you can turn around and fight him. after his Q and E is on cooldown he is one of the weakes champions in the game. Let's say he outtraded you and forced you back with his Q and E. Go back in and beat him down. He has nothing to trade back with. Your passive and your ulti passive completly beat him hin all ins. If he builds early dmg watch out for him burstin you down. Don't underrate his ultimate. It's one of the strongest executes in the game. Be aware of that. Better recall and outscale him later. It's fine falling a bit behind. Garen is extremely weak lategame has low to no dmg and can be kited with ez. You outscale him really fast. Watch out for his E pushing the wave. So you don't get hit by to many minions also don't get baited by his passive when he stays in a bush and regens like 15 percent.

Darius is really rough. Beat him at level 1. His Q is strong but in melee range not close as strong. Your passive is as good maybe even better then his Passive and your E is way stronger then his Q. He will get level 2 quicker then you his Q is just to good in pushing so back off before he pops level 2. You also can beat him level 1-3. Level 6 don't fight him even if you have 100 percent hp. He is one of the strongest champions in the game at this level and his ulti ignores your ulti. I recommend building here an early tankitem like Sunfire or Randuins if he plays overly agressive. You outscale him at level 9+ Level 11 he gets again more burst, so just watch out for him not bursting you down if he builds dmg.
He is weaker lategame with no gapcloser, only a slow and gets easily kited by the backline. You don't need to force an advantage, going even is fine here.

This champs ****s you up. Always go for Doran's Shield. Back of when he has his autoattacks stacked up 4 times on his W. Let him use it to last hit. Wait for ganks he dies really easy to ganks with your stun. Be aware of his level 6 he has really good burst there and his cc can **** you up hard. Get some MR. Hexdrinker, Mercury are really really strong vs Kennen.
Wit's End is also a good item. You beat him midgame rather easy, but in Teamfights he is a bit stronger than you. You can go onto him at level 2 just wait for his stacks on W going onto a minion. Level 3 he can stun you disengage and poke you down with autoattacks. Max first Q in this matchup. You have the advantage lategame in splitpushing, but teamfighting he has an advantage.

Annoying as ..... I speak of Ad Nidalee. AP Nidalee is 2/10. Doran's Shield is your first item. Probably go for a Doran's Blade after that. You can or you are probably forced to go for some early amor. HP is not close as good as amor vs her. Because you have no sustain to get your hp back. Lifesteal is also really important. Nidalee is really fast with the bushes be aware of her poking you down. She has no escape before level 6. Ask for early ganks she can easily die to you and the jungler. If you get ahead I recommend Blade first item. So you can stick better on her. Max your Q first. Try to stay in Exp Range of minions. Stay in a bush if she didn't skill W first. She can facecheck it because you rape her with your E early on and because you are a melee. (More amor and AD) You somewhat outscale her Mid to Lategame you beat her in 1v1. You get kill potential with Blade Randuins and Trinity because you can stick onto her really good then. You are like 2 times stronger in Teamfights than Nidalee. So abuse that.

Not close as a big hardcounter than a lot of people think. Even more so because a lot of people can't play him and only play him because he is (counter). Before the Malphite buffs I would have said 5/10. Malphite lacks sustain and has high manacost. If you get early lifesteal a good amount of healthpots and a manapot you can easily outsustain him and force him out. If you fall behind well fk it you are screwed then. Your advantage is that you can kill the backline. While he can only tank them. You beat him level 1-3 and past 11. Watch out for him diving you with the jungler if you got chunked. He can tank it a long time and his ulti can screw you up because you might die before you can use your E or ult.

First few level are dumb you are screwed. Try to farm up as good as possible. Start Doran's Blade. Max Q first. At like level 6-7 you can beat him and the lane is over if you didn't fall to much behind yet. You will outscale him in 1v1 even more. However don't get poked down to much by his Cannon Q E combo. He might be able to burst you down then. Jayce is extremely squishy you can kill him really easily, especially with a jungler just do past 6 Autoattack twice on a minion and Q W him. He will knock you back. Engage when your Q is up again onto him with your stun and you might be able to kill him

All in him early on, your E gets really strong with his ghouls. Don't trade to much. Start with a lot of sustain maybe even flask and 3 health pots. You beat him in all ins in pretty much any stage of the game falling a bit behind is also ok. just don't get raped to hard and you are still Fine. Lifesteal is important in this matchup. Yorick has no real escape ask for jungleganks you can kill him with your jungler rather easy. You are stronger then him lategame. However don't underrate his ultimate in lategame onto backline. Ryze, Cassiopeia, Vayne... Completly smash with his ulti.

8/10 used to be 9/10
His ulti got nerfed so you can all in him at level 7 or so. Start with Doran's blade or if you feel cocky Blade. :D
He has sustain you don't have sustain however I like Trinity in this matchup more. Renekton has better trading. You can beat him Level 1-3 try to abuse that. After that play more passive. Even if you lose out on some cs you outscale him. Watch out if you get low. You can get towerdived by him and the jungler easy. Lategame Teamfight ignore him it's wasted time, look for another target. You are way stronger splitpusher then Renekton in midgame. If he pushed to much forward you might can kill him. Chase him down Renekton has no chance in dealing you in all ins. His W is broken vs your E so be aware of that. Even in early stages go on him when he used his spells. Just back off before he has again his cooldowns up. He has no sustained dmg without ulti.

Used to be hell. After the Singed nerfs not a problem anymore. Rape him early on rape him midgame. Always be aware of him clearing the wave and you facing the whole wave with him. Don't overchase him. Never go for E Q he just uses his fling. Only go for counterstrike if you can really hit if. For example you are in melee range and you can back it up with a leap strike. Early proxy leave him. When he lost like 60 percent hp you can kill him. especially with your jungler. Give up on the kill when there is a low chance of killing him. Don't waste your Q if you come from behind. Otherwise you get flinged and slowed and he is gone. As Jax you are fine with just farming. Try to E the wave in front of the turret. If you are confident enough to last hit with the extra dmg. You don't want your turret to fall. Only gives Singed more room. Singed may goes for Golems or Wolves after he cleared the wave. He losses a lot of hp than. You can obt for a kill. Maybe even ward the bush next to this camps.

Hard counter early on. Get over 15 amor in runes. Maybe even lifereg quints. Go for Flash akd 3 healthpots. Fight him before he stacks up his passive. Don't trade with him if you only want to go in for 2 auto minions Q W him. You need to all in him rush cutlass always. All in him past 6 his ulti is completly useless in 1v1 and you can kill him. You need to all in him because he is godlike in trading vs Jax. If he is pushed far you can chase him down with cutlass and kill him. Max Q first. Ask for jungleganks. Pantheon is completly easy to kill with ganks. You outscale him really fast. When he jumps in teamfights in your team turn combined with your team onto him and you can take him down instantly also you deny him his E with your stun.

Used to be 10/10
Srsly that champions was the most annoying thing vs you. Finally it got nerfed enough for you to handle her a bit. Get a Hexdrinker early on try to all in her at low levels. Don't fight 4-5 your ulti is stronger than her ulti level up. So better don't go in before that. You outscale her with Level 11. Get some early sustain go for doran's shield or flask and 3 pots. Ask for junglehelp. Don't fall behind vs her otherwise you are screwed. You outscale her in splitpushing. Also you are a bit stronger in teamfights lategame.

You can beat him first few levels your ulti is stronger then his ulti. Don't use your E for a stun while ulti or he all ins you. He can shove you really easy to the turret and deny you then. Olaf has no form of escape, so ask for jungleganks you can kill him rather easy. You outscale him a small bit at level 11. But he is one the champions that can go toe to toe with Jax even lategame. Blade if you get harassed otherwise Trinity. Watch out for his "E" trade in Lane don't get to low by that. Trade back if he just went up to you and did his E.
Lategame you are better in splitpushing I go for Teleport in this lane. Teamfighting you have a slight edge. After his rework and itemnerfs he isn't as strong as he used to be.

Way harder then some ppl. think. She can all in you at level 6 rather easy. and has decent trading potential also she can deny your E with her W. Buy a pinkward after first or second back. Get an oracle lense in midgame so you don't need always a pinkward. Go for a Hexdrinker, Boots are Mercury. You will win outscale her. Just don't let her snowball otherwise you get crushed. Ask for jungleganks you can kill her easy with ganks just let him get a pinkward or get yourself one. You outscale her completly at level 11. Go all in on her level 1-3 you beat her easy. Kill her when she jumps into your team lategame or when your team has decent bursts and good cc go for their backline.

Annoying Lane. Can kite you really easy. Get early boots and Cutlass so you can all in her. Ask for jungleganks she dies easy to ganks and is pre 6 weak in 2v2. She will shove you under the turret and will nonstop harass you. Don't fall to much behind. If she ganks she is open for ganks. Don't underrate her slow and her speedbuff to get away. Better only all in her alone if you are even or ahead, till you have some tankitems. Watchout for Kayle ulti in lategame in teamfights in looking for a target. She is really easy for Jax past early midgame in 1v1. Flask 3 pots or doran's shield are the items to buy early on.


Not that hard lane, neither to easy. Watch out for him playing you out with his ult when you use your E. He can avoid it easy. Also stay next to minions when you all in him. Don't lose to his sustain. I get Doran's blade. You can dive Kha'zix rather easy with your jungle, before he gets ult or has it up. Trinity or Blade first item. Depends on how the trades are working out. Kill him lategame if he jumps to reckless into your team. Otherwise go for their backine.

After his recent bugfixes and buffs he can be a problem. Doran's Blade or Shield start. Only use your E when you can stun him. Don't use it when he is next to a brush at level 1. His sustain isn't to high. His E is dodgeable. You beat him first few levels. Don't go at him when he has 5 stacks. You outscale him at level 6. His ulti is useless for 1v1.

You are good vs Riven. at any stage of the game. Only watch out at level 6 or 7 because her ulti is broken. Use your E wiseley for dodge and stun Don't let her third Q knock you up while E. If you chase her down only jump on her when E shield is down. E has a small duration now. Wait for your E before you fight her at any stage of the game. Go onto her in Teamfights. You outscale her in splitpushing. W.e. happens don't play to reckless otherwhise you throw this lane. If she snowballs get a tanky item early on. Otherwise you just get killed over and over again. You can kill her with jungle but it's not the easiest lane to gank.

Used to be 6/10 before his buffs. He isn't as strong as he used to be. Hexdrinker, Cutlass, Mercury first items. I go for flask or Doran's Blade first. You can all in him at low levels. Ask for ganks he dies really easy to ganks. You can't all in him before you have cutlass for the slow. Max Q first in this matchup. You outscale him at level 11 really easy in splitpushing. Don't stay in Rumble ulti. Dodge it with Q when he wants to all in you. Watch for his overheating. His autoattacks do a lot of dmg then. Use your E if he goes for it. All in him when he is at like 70 heat. He will only be able to use 2 spells then. Also he is not close as strong with 0 heat. Best times to engage is then. Don't drop to low to his Q. Teamfights kill him if he doesn't have zhonyas.

Snowball one of the lanes where I skill Q first. Max Q first. Ask for ganks he can get towerdived easily. Ask for jungleganks he dies rly easy. He is rly squishy till midgame you can burst him down fast. Cutlass usually first item. He will spam Q onto you. All in him nonstop. Use your Cutlass when he roots you and all in. This matchup can go either way. If you snowball it's rather easy. If you fall behind you might need hexdrinker and a second or third item banshee's

Don't get poked to much. All in her ask for ganks not a big deal. Be aware of triple heal if you want to towerdive. Flask or Doran's Blade start. Cutlass Rush for sticking onto her and sustain.

One of the Champions that is better in all ins than Jax even in lategame. Probably the best all in ulti in the game. However Trundle is weak in small trades. He only has for small trades Q that's about it. You can outtrade him with your ulti passive W and Q really easy. If he wants to go all in just pop E or jump away with Q. Lategame teamfight ignore him. However watch out for his ulti. If he used his ulti on you, you need to play way more passive otherwise you die quick.

Slight Edge maybe to Jax but not to much. Level 1-2 you are stronger. Don't fight him after that till level 6. He dies rather easy to ganks early so ask for your jungler. Trade well he has sustain you not. I go for teleport here so you can back off once in a while. Don't overextend when your E is on cooldown otherwise he might kill you. He can go toe to toe with you mid to lategame.

Not that hardcore counter then a lot of ppl. think. I max E sometimes first in this matchup. A good Tryndamere will go onto you at level 1 and when you pop E he just Es aways. Then he goes onto you again, but he has E up before you have your E up so he can trade you out and force you away. He will outsutain you with his Q. If the matchup goes even you will beat him. But if you fall a little bit behind wait for 3-4 items till you fight him. Otherwise he will kill you through our ulti in midgame. Because his ult is stronger than yours in squishy vs squishy. Be aware of that. Either focus him down in lategameteamfights or ignore him. Depends on the situation.

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So yeah, this guide is pretty long and I am sorry for my bad english and having no clue where to put down ",". But yeah I hope, I helped you and wish you gl. Also I am still editing and adding something. This was my first Guide ever and I did it in one go. I appreciate any sort of criticism, as long as it is constructive.


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