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Blitzcrank Build Guide by DKitten

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DKitten

Did you need a hand? Support Blitzcrank

DKitten Last updated on January 30, 2013
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Blitzcrank, your #1 way to secure early game kills! Blitzcrank has a lot of utility, and being a "melee" champion, great survivability.

The best way to play Support Blitzcrank is with someone who can provide CC AND damage, to keep them stunlocked/slowed while pounding away.

The thing to note about Support Blitz is his cooldown timers. They are RIDICULOUSLY small, especially once you have the 40% CDR.

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Pros / Cons


  • Great support for feeding your carry / choking the enemy carry (In other words, securing a kill)
  • ESPECIALLY deadly under turrets
  • Great survivability
  • Can branch off into damage if it becomes absolutely necessary

  • No heal = no sustain for your carry
  • Melee, so it is difficult to poke enemies
  • Dat ulti passive (see Skill Sequence)

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Skill Sequence

E, Power Fist, is a knockup that does twice your attack damage. I prioritize this first because it is very spammable. By leveling this skill up, and maxing CDR, you can go from a 9s CD to a 3s CD, making it 300% spammable. With its low mana cost, it is ideal to taking down turrets. Using this skill resets your AA timer, so make sure you activate it immediately after your AA while taking down a turret.

Blitzcrank's signature move, Rocket Grab, has an initial CD of 20s. This drops to 16s at max level; it is difficult to use it multiple times in a fight. It should be saved to pull an enemy champion under a turret to stunlock them or to pull them back into a teamfight as they are escaping. You can max this skill first over the E if you consider yourself good at skill shots and positioning; remember that Rocket Grab can grab minions and monsters.

Overdrive, the W, lets you move faster, meaning you can get back on the field after recalling faster. It also makes it easier to catch up with enemies who are running away so that you can pull them into a teamfight. The attack speed bonus is useful for taking out turrets. At 40% CDR, the buff time is one second short of the cooldown time, giving you a practically permanent 32% speed buff when maxed.

Static Field is a problem regarding Support Blitzcrank. It actually has a short cooldown: a static 30s. Upgrading this skill only increases its damage, not any of its utility values, which is why I leave upgrading it to levels 17 and 18 (ER MER GERD I'M NOT UPGRADING MY ULTI AT 11 AND 16 WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?). The problem with it is its passive. The passive targets the closest enemy minion or champion and zaps them with lightning every 2.5s. It does a fair amount of damage, especially once you start upgrading it. The radius of the passive is relatively small, but it CAN give you away if you are hiding in bushes or the jungle. Use this ability to silence enemies who may be trying to escape or trying to initiate.


This combination create a long CC to set up your carry's quarry. Rocket Grab is a stun while you pull them towards you, followed by the Knockup and the Silence when they land. If you have Iceborn Gauntlet, the Power Fist used here will also activate the slow.


This is a longer combination that requires that you walk up to your quarry to initiate. You knockup and silence, saving your power grab after you knock them up a second time, as they may try to flash away after the first knock up. Keep chasing and knocking them up to hinder their escape!

Blitzcrank's Champion Spotlight provides good tips on usage of your skills. You will not be aiming for damage as the Riot employee does, but you will be looking for chances for maximum disruption.

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Gold per 10 quints for extra gold. Supports aren't supposed to rely on making money via kills, though you certainly get a lot from assists. Do not farm minions unless your carry tells you to or your carry is not present, in which case you aren't stealing their creep score.

Scaling health yellows because +350 HP is awesome. It comes out as ~20 HP / level. You COULD substitute with Armor or MR yellows as you see fit; this build gives quite a lot of armor as it is.

Flat armor reds because you need to protect your carry early game, but you will build more armor later.

Scaling MR blues to provide MR later in the game. MR isn't as important early game because your lane opponents do not possess a lot of AP early game.

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Using turrets

There are two ways of initiating under allied turrets. One is your Q, the other is your E. You should ALWAYS let your carry get the last hit if possible. Doing this requires practice with many people and understanding how carries build. In other words, you need experience.

If you start with your Q, be warned that it has the longest CD of your basic skills. However, it is much more effective for getting turret damage in. Most carries and ranged supports can survive three consecutive turret hits early game in addition to the damage from your Power Fist. Follow up the Grab with a Power Fist to increase the time spent under turret. Let your carry get a hit in after this. If they escape turret range, you can TRY to chase after them with your W and pray that you can land your E again. This is possible with Ashe using Ice Arrows, or some other form of a slow.

If you start with your E, this is a bit riskier for your health, but a little more stable for your carry as the turret will not have time to do much damage. Your E does a fair bit of damage early game; it's an early game crit with a knockup built in. When they start running away, you can grab them back if there aren't any minions in your way. Follow that up with your W to chase them, and you now have extra time to recharge your E than if you had started off with your Q!

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Take my item guide with a grain of salt. Supports are NEVER plastered down for item choices, especially tanky supports like BC. You always have the option to build Armor/MR/Health over CDR. However, I show a maxed CDR build that is great for securing kills. As I stated, BC has low CD on most of his skills, and his skills are all about utility. He becomes UNGODLY spammable with max CDR. The build I focus on raises his CDR and movement speed so he can move quickly across the map and chase opponents, knocking them up every three seconds.

Reasoning behind this item build:

Crystalline Flask: GOODBYE POTIONS! The amount of HP and MP these potions restore is pretty good. If you have the Greed mastery, you CAN start with Crystalline Flask and Faerie Charm, but I recommend two wards to save money while providing wards for about the first 10 minutes of the game.

Ruby Sightstone: Wards. Wardwardwardwardwardwardwardward. "Free money"'re not spending on wards. Also, gives HP. Not that bad. But sell it later, when you don't need it anymore.

Runic Bulwark: This is THE support staple. It's considered one of the most cost-effective items in the game. Armor and MR for not just you, but your allies (plus you get the aura buff also).

Shurelya's Reverie: GOD I HATE THIS. But you all think you should be building it. 15% CDR and a 3s 40% movement speed buff, along with a few other things. Builds off of Philo, so makes a good endgame item. I'd still rather have other items, but this is standard support kit.

Iceborn Gauntlet: You just got knocked up? WHY DON'T I THROW A SLOW ON THAT TOO? Also gives a fair amount of armor and mana.

Banshee's Veil: Blocks the first ability (and associated effects) you're hit by in combat. It's useful for using Rocket Grab uninterrupted.

Locket of the Iron Solari: Armor. CDR. A free "aura" shield.

Boots of Speed: Actually, the 2nd tier boots are yours to call. Take Boots of Swiftness if you're in combat a lot and the enemy team has mostly slows. Boots of Mobility if you are wandering around the map a lot. Mercury's Treads for bonus MR and Tenacity. Ninja Tabi for armor and damage resistance. I took Enchantment: Alacrity, as the +15 movement speed is helpful in moving around the map (whereas Furor's is only useful for chasing opponents). I also recommend Enchantment: Captain or Enchantment: Homeguard.

Other items I recommend for supports:

  • Will of the Ancients (however, the mage of your team occasionally picks this up)
  • Mikael's Crucible (a bonus Quicksilver Sash to use on yourself or a teammate, plus it gives MR)
  • Banner of Command (The Valor and Legion auras stack. Promoted minions are that much harder to kill. You don't see Banner too often.)
  • Ohmwrecker (By the time you can build this, it is often worthless. It lets your carry towerdive with more safety though.)
  • Randuin's Omen (Bonus armor, great for initiating against a carry, and it comes with an active AoE slow)
  • Abyssal Mask (gives MR and lowers opponent's MR, but the mages occasionally pick this one up)
  • Zeke's Herald (good when you have an AD-heavy team)

One item I am dubious, and thus didn't add to this build, is Kage's Lucky Pick. It takes 30 minutes to pay it off, as it only gives 4 gp10. If you build it into Shard of True Ice, it gives Mana Regen and can replace Iceborn for its slow aura, but must be activated. The Twin Shadows can be used to check for stealthers if you do not use an Oracle's Elixir. Morellonomicon gives CDR now, so it could be useful depending on the situation. On pretty much any other support, I would include Kage, but BC really doesn't need it. He has other things to prioritize. Add it as you want.

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Sightstone! It is Riot's gift to supports. Free wards whenever you return to base and refill your Crystalline Flask!!!

The Explorer's Ward is a 60s ward. Use it if you suspect the mid or enemy jungler will wander into your lane soon. You CAN place wards over walls. Do so as you see fit.

All your other wards are 180s wards. Ward your lane to prevent ganks and keep it warded. Buy pink wards for dragon, and Baron if possible (though Baron should be left to one of your top laners so that the enemy team doesn't realize you've left lane to ward Baron).

As BC, you probably have mobility equal to, if not better than, your jungler. Moving a ways out of lane does not hurt. When you run out of wards, recall and get more. I fully endorse recalling for wards and flasks.

If you need a map, look up any support guide. Sona, Lulu, Taric, all have great maps for wards. To me, warding is common sense and situational, therefore I cannot create a guide.

If you want my lazy snag map, click here (includes credits to original writer).

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Lane Synergy

I tried my best ;u; I'm not very experienced, since my partner plays mostly Ezreal.

Gains atkspd after using ability (passive). Lots of ranged skills and a flash in his skills.
Sync: Low. He'd work better with a healing support, as his range enables him to poke.

Gains armor+MR in combat. High utility kit (AoE, AoE slow/vision reduc, dash).
Sync: Decent. Grabbing an enemy lets him know to activate his slow near you while saving his dash.

Does 10% AD in true damage on AAs, but low range. Skills are damage-based.
Sync: High. Likes to be set up for kills but specializes in burst damage.

Gets bonus crit damage. Has a damage skill, a speedup, and a positioning skill. Overall, better AA damage than other champions.
Sync: Low. He works better with a slowing champion or one that can sustain him, as he does DPS.

Improves crit chance while out of combat. Has a slow, AoE, and passive gold bonus.
Sync: Decent. Her sustainable slow lets you harass opponents very far down lane.

Miss Fortune
Improved movement speed while out of combat. Works well against healing teams.
Sync: Good. If you set up correctly, you can pull enemies into her ulti and keep them there.

Does extra damage every 2-3 AAs. Has a snare, linear AoE, and positioning mechanic. Ulti is almost inescapable.
Sync: Good. Initiate with your E while she lays a trap, then let her wail away.

Turns into a walking bomb on death. Has superior range and a slow.
Sync: Low. Blitzcrank does not provide a good escape mechanism. Also, Kog'maw's range means he does not need Rocket Grab.

Gains movement speed with each AA. Has decent AoE damage and great chasing capabilities.
Sync: Low. Works better with a healer and doesn't need enemies brought to her.

Gains AA range as she levels. Specializes in positioning and AoE damage.
Sync: Decent. She has her own escapes, and your knockup lets you keep them "stunned" so she can burst them down.

Does bonus DoT true damage every AA. Has a burst that builds off his AAs.
Sync: Decent. Pulling the enemy carry into the turret sets up Twitch well to chase them down and finish the job.

Gains a temp AS buff with each kill/assist. Focus of his damage is Blight, which does damage based on % health.
Sync: Low. A true stun or slow would work better to set up the Piercing Arrow.

Passive lets her chase enemies better. Has a gap closer and positioning skill.
Sync: Good. Condemn, along with your Q and E, can keep an enemy within turret range for much longer than they planned.

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Lane Opposition

How to deal with enemy supports. I didn't include a few Riot-listed supports because those supports tend to be in other lanes. The order of abilities listed is passive, then Q W E R.

Pulverize Headbutt Triumphant Roar Unbreakable Will
Alistar is horrible for you to lane against. His Q is a knock-up AND stun. His W throws people backwards (potentially into his own turret, though this is much harder to set up) AND immobilizes them. On top of that, he has the most spammable heal in the game, which gets more spammable as his carry farms.

Opposition: High. When you pull him under turret, he'll smack either you or your carry back to kingdom come, then heal himself afterwards.

Howling Gale Zephyr Eye Of The Storm Monsoon
She comes in with a built-in Ghost (once she trains Zephyr). She has a knock-up, slow, and a shield with an AD buff. Her ulti is a decent range AoE knockback and heals her allies.

Opposition: Decent. She's pretty squishy as a ranged support. To use her knock-up, she takes a small amount of time to channel. When you set her or her carry up, she'll probably shield first, then knock-up or slow afterwards.

Wait, what Karma? There's a champion called Karma?

Holy Fervor
Reckoning Divine Blessing Righteous Fury Intervention
Not much to say here, since you don't see her as a support as often as you see her playing other roles (Kayle does ANYTHING). Starts off the game with lower Armor, so she'll be technically squishy early game, though don't rely on that late game. Her AAs decrease her target's armor and MR. The Q is a slow. W is a heal and runspeed buff. E is used for clearing minions when pushing a turret. The R is invincibility on whoever she casts it on for 2-3 seconds.

Opposition: Decent. She'll be easier to handle early game, as her kit offers no disruption skills. But watch out for her late game, especially if she starts building AP or AD. As Kayle can play any role, that includes damage.

Pix, Faerie Companion
Glitterlance Whimsy Help, Pix! Wild Growth
She SPAMS her slow, which does damage, has a low mana cost, and a good range. Whimsy speeds her allies up and gives them bonus AP or silences and slows you. The Pix command gives her allies a shield or does damage to you and makes you visible for 6 seconds. Wild Growth is a buff that heals her ally, knocks up all enemies around said ally, and gives that ally a slow aura.

Opposition: I don't know. Blitzcrank and Lulu are APPARENTLY counters to each other. Lulu's biggest weakness is her low movement speed, so outrunning her is not much of a problem. Your Rocket Grab range is slightly longer than her Glitterlance range (not like that matters, since it won't disrupt you).

Light Binding Prismatic Barrier Lucent Singularity Final Spark
Lux tends to be a mid, rather than a support. Her kit includes a snare, shield, slow, and a kill-stealing laser. She normally flies snare → laser.

Opposition: Decent. When pulled, she'll probably shield or snare, when she can't hit anything other than you and her carry with the snare. She's very squishy, but is not often in range for you to do much about that.

Soul Siphon
Dark Binding Tormented Soil Black Shield Soul Shackles
Her passive spell vamp is not in-sync with a support kit. Comes with a snare, MR debuff, dat shield, and a lifeline. The lifeline is a slow that becomes a snare, but it is easy to Flash out of it.

Opposition: High. And the ONLY reason it is high is because of Black Shield. Once she has that sucker up, you're useless for 5 seconds. Your bonus damage from E will go through, but its knockup effects will not. Your Q won't do anything, nor will your R. The only way to prevent her from activating it is to disable her before she starts activating it, which means using The Combo.

Surging Tides
Aqua Prison Ebb and Flow Tidecaller's Blessing Tidal Wave
Her kit is an AoE stun, heal/damage, a roundabout slow, and then the knockup+slow from offscreen. Her passive is negligible, as the movement speed it gives lasts a very short time. Her Aqua Prison has a small casting range and very small effect range; it is easily dodgeable. The heal/damage is weak, and gets weaker as it goes. The E is used on her carry to increase the damage the carry does, along with giving them a slow for three attacks. Tidalwave requires that Nami be far from combat for it to be most effective.

Opposition: Low. She's squishy and her stun takes longer to cast than it does for you to use your AA. Feel free to tag and bag her.

Power Chord
Hymn of Valor Aria of Perseverance Song of Celerity Crescendo
A poke (two target, champion prioritizing), heal+DEF buff (allies nearby), a speed-up (allies nearby), and a stun (wide linear AoE in front of her). Her AAs have bonus effects after three spell casts. Blue = bonus damage, Green = damage debuff, Pink = slow.

Opposition: Low. Sona, the queen of the auras, is utterly useless to counter you. The only thing she can do is use her Ulti, which she generally saves for team fights. Be wary about pulling HER in a team fight, unless you're pulling her out of combat.

Starcall Astral Blessing Infuse Wish
An MR-debuff, heal, silence/MP donor, and a global heal. Ideally, she syncs well with an AP carry, so you should build some MR up if that occurs. Her heal, while very potent, has a long CD of 20s.

Opposition: Low. The only thing you really need to watch out for is her silence, but she offers very little resistance once The Combo starts.

Imbue Shatter Dazzle Radiance
A heal, armor buff and debuff AoE, stun, and AP/AD buff AoE. Probably the most popular assist in the game.

Opposition: High. His long-range stun can be used to disrupt your combo. The heal means that if your quarry escapes, they'll be back at full health soon. He excels both in lane and team fights, making him a hell of an opponent. If you think he is preparing to stun at a key time, you might want to silence him or knock him up while your team continues to fight.

Death Sentence Dark Passage Flay The Box
A pull/gap-closer, shield/ally escape, a push/pull, and a slow that functions as a snare.

Opposition: I don't know. Thresh is too new, and I want to look at guides for him before saying anything about it.

Heightened Learning
Time Bomb Rewind Time Warp Chronoshift
A time-delayed AoE, a CDR ability, slow/speed-up, and a resurrection. Overall, nothing that can disrupt you.

Opposition: Low. If his ally (or himself) is grabbed under turret he will probably activate his R. Prepare your E if you don't hear the death announcement. His runspeed buff is as spammable as yours, and gives much more run speed, so make sure he doesn't get the chance to escape.

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Flash for utility (escaping, chasing, etc). Exhaust to slow your opponents. I also recommend:

Clairvoyance, can be used to intercept the enemy jungler (It's lovely when you set it up as the jungler is coming near your turret and you pull them into it from the jungle monsters, but this situation does not crop up often).

Ghost, for bonus movement speed and to ignore collision

Barrier, for extra shielding. It shields more damage than Ignite does, so it may save your life. Most people won't run it, but it is quite annoying when your Mana Barrier ends and then you suddenly have another shield in its place (or a third, once you complete Iron Solari)

To make up for your lack of healing.

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Blitzcrank will give you a hand. Grab, knock-up, and dash around the map to pull enemies into unfavorable situations. Let everyone else get kills; XP and gold are not as important for you. Silence with R when you think the enemy are going to initiate or try to escape.

Image by krizalid17 of dA.

This is my first guide, so let me know if anything needs to be clarified. I only published this guide because the ONLY other Support BC guide is pre-Season 3 changes. If I made any naive assumptions, comment politely; this is a learning experience for me as for you.