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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Blitzcrank Build Guide by DKitten

Support Do you need a hand? Support Blitzcrank S4 v1 {DRAFT}

Support Do you need a hand? Support Blitzcrank S4 v1 {DRAFT}

Updated on January 29, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DKitten Build Guide By DKitten 6 1 428,119 Views 28 Comments
6 1 428,119 Views 28 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DKitten Blitzcrank Build Guide By DKitten Updated on January 29, 2014
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Guide Info {DRAFT}

Welp, this is my fifth time publishing this guide. Please head to the discussion section once you're done reading.

Matchups may not be accurate. Tell me what you think of them, since my playstyle is different from yours.
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Pros / Cons

Cuz we all pro
+ Great for kill lanes
+ ESPECIALLY deadly under turrets
+ Decent survivability
+ Three disruption skills
You thought you could get away?
- No heal/shield = no sustain for your carry
- Easily baited
- Counterpicks will be difficult to deal with
- The passive on the ultimate
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Skills / Kit

What it does: Shields you when your health falls below 20%.
Most effective when: High on mana (does NOT consume mana, so you might want to wait a second for it to activate before you use Rocket Grab)
Notes: While it doesn't scale with levels, this passive DOES scale with items. Some of the Utility recommendations will provide you with a lot of bonus mana.
What it does: Drags first enemy champion, minion, or pet hit to your location
Most effective when: You will force an enemy into a bad position or pull them into turret aggro.
Notes: High early-game mana cost. Avoid pulling Leona, Amumu, Thresh, Alistar, or Zac. Can be used to peel enemies off your allies.
What it does: MS and AS boost
Most effective when: Taking out turrets or chasing an enemy
Notes: At 40% CDR and Lv5, it will have a 1-second downtime
What it does: Modifies your next autoattack to knock-up your target
Most effective when: Used after a Rocket Grab or used to interrupt a channeled ability ( Fiddlesticks pre- Crowstorm, Nunu & Willump at the beginning of Absolute Zero, etc.)
Notes: Can be used as an AA reset for taking out wards and will also apply double damage to towers
What it does: AoE burst silence
Most effective when: Used in the middle of a teamfight
Notes: With its low base CD of 30s, it can even be used to clear minion waves if you don't mind running out of mana. Its passive may also steal CS or damage enemy champions under turret, and it WILL draw jungle aggro.
Advanced Static Field

The Combo

This combination creates a long CC to set up your carry's quarry. Rocket Grab is a stun while you pull them towards you, followed by the Knockup and the Silence when they land. If you have Iceborn Gauntlet, the Power Fist used here will also activate the slow.

The Chain

This is a longer combination that requires that you walk up to your quarry to initiate. You knockup and silence, saving your power grab after you knock them up a second time, as they may try to flash away after the first knock up. Keep chasing and knocking them up to hinder their escape!
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Defensive Masteries
Block : Blocks AA damage, a very common method of harass in bottom lane
Enchanted Armor : All of your late-game items benefit from this
Unyielding : Reduces damage from champion autoattacks and spells
Veteran Scars : Not as strong as it used to be, but it unlocks...
Juggernaut : 3% health late game. That means 3% more survivability.
Utility Masteries
Phasewalker : Get out of dangerous situations 1s faster. Also, heal up and get in lane 1s faster.
Fleet of Foot (2/3): For extended chases.
Meditation : For those missed grabs
Summoner's Insight : More Flash initiates and Ignites.
Alchemist : Makes potions 10% more effective
Culinary Master : Instant. Health. and mana.
Greed : Gold per second.
Scavenger : Gold per second in lane. I believe this activates for any allied creature, including minions.
Wealth : Starting gold.
Bandit : A snowballing mastery. If you do well, you'll get bonus gold on assist.
Intelligence : Admittedly only taking this for the active item CD reduction
Wanderer : Because nothing's scarier than when you don't know where the enemy jungler AND enemy Blitzcrank are.
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Health quints for extra starting health. You are a kill-lane support; you want to survive initiation and be alive to peel for your carry in case things go wrong. It is also extremely risky for you to recall early from poke damage, as it could result in the enemy engaging your carry with a numbers advantage, so HP quints will give you an extra bit of health.
Flat armor yellows for additional early game sustain. Most of the damage you're taking will come from the enemy carry and kills early game determine late game, so we wish to discourage dying as much as possible.
Flat MR blues since the enemy support will be trying as hard as possible to poke you down; also, many bottom lane champions have magic-damage skills, not to mention some assassin junglers and a fair number of mids can wander into the side lanes easily.
Flat armor reds. Typical marks for a tanky support to mitigate AA damage. Greater Mark of Magic Penetration or Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration are also viable to further burst the opponent down, though are not as useful due to your inability to safely poke the enemy.
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Summoner Spells

Flash is a general utility. All PvPers carry this spell. While it has the longest cooldown of any summoner spell, it's just too useful. You can Flash to catch up to enemies, escape, hop walls, dodge skill shots...really, it's everything. Flash Rocket Grab is particularly effective.

Exhaust vs Ignite


* Take vs AS-reliant champions ( Nocturne, Vayne, etc)
* Take for late-game advantage
* Use when enemy pulled under turret
* Use when enemy without a gapcloser tries to flee
* Use to peel an enemy off your carry

* Take for a kill-lane carry
* Take to shut down enemy lane
* Take if no one else on your team has Ignite
* Do not use until enemy has burnt Barrier
* Do not take if your ADC has Ignite
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What is a ward?

Simply put, wards enable people on your team to view targeted areas normally clouded by the Fog of War. To use a Ward or Sightstone, hit the corresponding number on your keyboard (or click it in your inventory) and then click again on your screen to place it. If the reticle turns green, you have placed it in a bush, which is the most ideal place for it.
180s ward you can purchase for 75g or place via Sightstone and Ruby Sightstone. You are limited to 3.
Permanent ward you can purchase for 100g or place via Greater Vision Totem. Reveals all stealthed units in the area but is visible itself. Limited to 1.

Stealth Wards are visible upon placement, and then stealth over time. Champions can attack the ward if it is visible, which is possible through the placement of a Vision Ward or use of a Sweeping Lens. Placing a ward near an enemy turret will cause the turret to target the ward.

What is a trinket?

Trinkets are additional sources of vision. They are free and are allocated to a "seventh slot" (keybound to 4). They will upgrade automatically at Lv9, and a further upgrade can then be purchased for 475 gold. If you decide to swap your trinket by selling it in the shop, it will go on a 180s (3 minute) cooldown.

This trinket puts a ward on the map. The basic upgrades increase the duration of the ward, though purchasing the Greater Vision Totem upgrade will instead change the totem into a Vision Ward.
A "detection" trinket. Using it will reveal and disable all traps in an area (such as Teemo Noxious Traps and Shaco Jack In The Box). It will also reveal and disable wards, robbing enemies of vision for the duration, even if you choose not to destroy the ward (hint hint). The upgrades increase the duration and decrease the cooldown, with the final upgrade enabling the user to possess vision of all stealthed units upon use.
A "ranged vision" trinket. Using it will reveal an area outside your vision range for 1 second. Upgrades will increase the range and decrease the cooldown. While similar to the summoner spell Clairvoyance, the short range on the skill only makes it useful for checking which buff the enemy jungler might be starting at. Enemies revealed by the blue trinket will remain visible on the map for an additional 5 seconds.

Warding with Blitzcrank

If you have sight of an enemy ward after immediate placement, you should pop Overdrive or use AA-AA- Power Fist to take it out before it fades.

You should always be trying to place wards around the map near key objectives or high traffic areas in the jungle. Carry Vision Wards if the enemy has a stealthing champion, especially a stealthing jungler. During teamfights, drop it to keep the enemy stealther in vision.

This is my warding map
Laning-phase wards are purple-bordered. Offensive wards are yellow-bordered. Defensive wards are blue-bordered.

Advanced Warding Tips

1) Do not smartcast wards. You want to be able to see the placement reticle change from blue to green when placing the ward in a bush.

2) Try to place wards at the corner of a bush. This will give you vision around walls

3) Place wards as far from the wall as possible. This will give you a better angle to look around the wall.

4) You don't need to be within sight range of a ward to place a ward; you can place wards in walls and they'll get shifted onto the battlefield.
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Starting Items

Doran's Shield

Take vs heavy harass lanes
If you check the match-ups section, you'll notice that Blitzcrank performs poorly against several supports merely due to their harass capabilities, not to mention several carries for the same reason. Early game marksmen tend to deal 60-70 damage per AA, so the DShield passive is quite effective.
Ancient Coin

Take vs lanes with not as many poke options
This will give you a gold advantage. Will build into 20% CDR and a great initiation/escape tool (depending on your team comp). If you start DShield, try to grab Ancient Coin on your first back!
Places a Stealth Ward at indicated location.
See warding.
Restores 150 HP over 15s. Used to mitigate some poke/trade damage. The longer you're in lane, the more points you have in skills.
Places a 60s ward at target location (120s CD). Use this to get vision of river if possible. Make sure you buy Stealth Wards when you can, as the yellow trinket does not last long.


+180 HP
Passive: Wards
Provides a small amount of health and wards every time you return to base. You will pick up 4 wards (for free) every time you recall. It can be upgraded into a Ruby Sightstone. Normally, free wards will benefit you FAR more than upgraded gold income.
More gold
More regen
The upgrade to your gold item essentially doubles your income from it.


+25 MS More movement speed means you can ward objectives and get back in lane faster.
Trap/ward/totem disablement Used to deny vision or trick enemies (see Warding), this trinket swap gives you a more powerful presence, considering the Ruby Sightstone you will soon build maxes out the number of wards you can have on the map.


Talisman of Ascension 20% CDR
Dual Regen
Unique Active: +40% MS to nearby allies for 3s. Used to engage or disengage a fight.
Helloooooooo CDR. More grabs, more regen, and a good movement speed bonus. Be careful about your mana though.
+20 Armor
+20% CDR
+300 Health
Unique Aura: Allies gain MR+Health Regen.
Unique Passive: Shields nearby allies
The most common support item. It excels against AoE damage.
+45 MS
+105 MS while out of combat
These boots let you capitalize on wandering and warding. Other options include Mercury's Treads vs high CC teams and Ninja Tabi against autoattack-reliant teams.
Wards Upgrades from Sightstone, enabling you to place three wards and carry 5, along with providing a little more health.

Utility Options

+40 MR
+1.2 Mana Regen/sec
Passive: Increases mana regen when mana is low
Active: Heals target ally and removes CC from them
Helps you recover your mana and helps allied tanks absorb damage and disables
+30 AP
+70 Armor
+10% CDR
+500 Mana
Passive: Generates a slow field when you cast a spell and then autoattack.
Covers your weakness of lack of AoE CC and damage other than your ultimate. Will proc with Power Fist.
+95 Armor
+20% CDR

+400 Mana
Passive: Reduces attack speed of nearby enemy champions
The absolute ideal item for Blitzcrank; it provides tankiness, CDR, and assists in lowering the DPS of autoattack-reliant champions
+50 AP
+40 MR
+6% MS
Active: Slows two nearby enemy champions
Good against champions who rely on speed boosts to catch up. Will also reveal nearby stealthed champions.

Defensive Options

+20% CDR
+400 Health

+2 Health Regen/sec
+55 MR
Passive: Increases self-healing effects
Generally considered an anti-poke item. You can purchase Spectre's Cowl early against high-poke lanes like Lulu + Ezreal.
+100 Armor
Passive: Returns 30% of autoattack damage taken as magic damage to attacker
If an enemy autoattack-reliant champion is fed, this is a good item for causing them to damage themself while attacking.
+450 HP
+55 MR
Passive: Blocks all effects of spell that lands on you, then expires. Grants 4.5 Health Regen/sec for 10s after receiving damage.
If the enemy relies on a spell to engage, this is a fantastic counter. Also an anti-poke item, so Spectre's Cowl can be purchased early.
+70 Armor
+500 HP

Passive: Reduces AS of attackers who use AAs on you
Active: Slows and lowers AS of nearby enemies
Provides all the stats you want late game, except CDR. Used to slow the enemy team if they are determined to chase you or your carry.
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Early Game

Your main focus of early game shut down the enemy carry. Blitzcrank, being a melee champion in a mostly ranged lane, will have a hard time harassing the enemy. Your key element early game is positioning. Make sure you've placed a Stealth Ward in the bush in your lane (the bush closest to your turret).

Save the other wards to later put at the following locations when your jungler hits Lv3 (because that's when their jungler is also probably hitting Lv3):
You want to let your opponents push a little so that you can set them up for a turret combo and control ganks. The farther you push out, the more room their jungler has to gank. The opposite is true: the more they push in, the better the opportunity for your jungler to gank.

Engaging the enemy

There are two ways of initiating. One is your Q, the other is your E. You should ALWAYS let your carry get the last hit if possible. Doing this requires practice with many people and understanding how carries build. In other words, you need experience.

Starting Q (Typical)

Starting E (Atypical)


Zoning involves getting the enemy to such low HP that they are uncomfortable staying close to minions, and thus cannot obtain EXP and gold. This is the #1 reason that carries and supports carry Health Potions; to recover health and resume farming.

To zone, place a Stealth Ward in your enemy's bush to provide sight for your carry during pulls and use your Sweeping Lens to destroy any enemy wards in the bush to cover your own butt. You, as the tanky support, should get near the enemies and let them taste a few autoattack- Power Fist combos ( Power Fist resets your AA timer, so let an AA in first). If your carry is into it, let the carry do some extra damage to boot them from the minions faster. HOWEVER, your main goal is to let your carry farm; do not engage unless your carry has safely farmed most of the enemy's minions.

Once your enemy is at 200 HP or so, you've laid out a death sentence. If they come close, your Combo will lock them long enough for your carry to kill them, and they know this. They might try to poke you back in this case or they will, more likely than not, recall and get more potions.

If, for some reason, your team is getting zoned, calm your carry down and call in your jungler or mid to gank. If your carry is VERY low on health, tell him or her to recall so the enemy pushes and call in both your jungler and mid. Hopefully, by the time they're ready to engage, your carry is back in lane and you can 4v2 the enemy.

Preparing Ganks

Junglers love to gank, and you can help them. If you see your jungler near the south side of the map, set up some Vision Wards near river and tribush to give them safe passage. Ask the jungler to gank via chat or ping (you can use the "Assist Me!" ping or simply indicate them with the "G" ping). This is most effective if you can get the enemy support and carry down to low health or mana. Stop zoning them if you were and let the enemy push forward to leave room for your jungler. When they get close enough to your side of the lane for your liking, indicate the target for the jungler and carry and initiate. If your jungler is tanky, let him initiate; use your discretion based on experience and how far your jungler is in their build.

Transitioning out of laning phase

If you have decided it is time to push to the enemy turret, use a Sweeping Lens in the enemy's bush to destroy whatever ward they have there (or place a Vision Ward). You should also ward the bush in the river if you have not done so yet.

Keep your wards up and ward dragon with a Stealth Ward. Keep track of the timer on that ward: if it's been knocked down, that means your opponents may be preparing to take Dragon or have taken it already.

After the first turret is down

Ideally, now you and your carry want to start roaming to other lanes. Move together at all times unless you feel like you can keep wards up around your carry while he or she pushes a lane by theirself. Tell your teammates that you're looking to gank. It may also be wise to tell them to drive them towards the jungle walls closest to you; that way, you can pull the enemy through the wall and let your carries do the rest. Make sure the jungle stays warded when you're ganking.



By mid-game, the game has dissolved from laning phase to constant teamfights. The best thing to do is prepare. For starters, keep dropping wards. By now, you should be keeping vision wards at Baron and Dragon and keeping wards along mid. Don't be afraid to carry extra vision wards if the enemy team has any stealthing champions; dropping a vision ward in a team fight will enable you to see them, and stealthing champions have that mechanic because they can't take a hit.

During an actual team fight, you'd like to focus on the AD/AP carry. Unfortunately for you, your opponents are smart; the tanks will likely stand in front of the carry so you can't grab them. You have a few options:
  • take your carry into the jungle and pull the enemy carry in.
  • focus the enemy support or champion with the highest CC and keep them inactive with The Combo
  • save your mana for Mana Barrier


We're winning!

Hooray! You either have more turrets down or more kills than the enemy team (or, preferably, both). Keep warding. Build the survivabilities and auras. Make sure you stick with at least one high-damage character; you should not be by yourself at any time because you cannot peel for yourself or kite effectively.


We're losing!

Oh noes!!! You've lost a lot of turrets or the enemy team is fed :( This is the case of the loser's strategy. If no one else on your team has room in their inventory, ask whether they want you to take the carry and backdoor or if they want you to defend. If they want you to defend, build tanky items and Enchantment: Homeguard if you haven't bought your enchantment yet. If they tell you to take the carry and backdoor, grab Ohmwrecker and start moving through the jungle. Wait until an enemy minion wave has passed (you can check against the position of your waves) before you actually go to take out the turret. Make sure your drop wards around the target turret. You and your carry should be able to knock down a turret before running too low on health.
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ADC Opposition / Synergy

What you're looking for in opposition is an enemy with little "escaping" power. You can counter kiting fairly easily, but not true poke damage. For synergy, you want someone with high burst or high continuous, but short range, damage. S

Kit: 100% Crit after being out of combat, slowing AAs, cone-AoE that will apply slow, bonus gold per CS + bonus vision, global skillshot that stuns target hit and slows enemies around them
Opp: Low. She can only kite enemies, but don't chase her too long or you'll take too much damage.
Syn: Low. She has the third longest AA starting AA range for an ADC. While she can use Rocket Grab to get far more AAs in than any other carry, her escapes are unreliable and she excels midgame.


Kit: Bonus damage every few AAs, linear AoE, visible snare-traps, skillshow slow + gapcloser, long-range targeted damage.
Opp: High. She will tend to harass you with AAs or Piltover Peacemaker from behind her minion wave and she has a gapcloser to escape.
Syn: Low. She has long range and very good poke, meaning she doesn't need your pulls. Look for opportunities to pull enemies into her snares, then wait the snare duration before you Power Fist.


Kit: Bonus true damage with every AA, ground-AoE damage&vision, linear AoE gapcloser, cone DoT with armor shred, linear skillshot with low CD
Opp: Medium. While has has short range, he is very bursty and will punish you if you are poorly positioned. If his support is squishy, pull his support instead.
Syn: High. He's very bursty and will perform very well when you pull them to him for a Gatling Gun to the face. You both face mana issues early game, so you might want to wait until Lv3 to engage. (Note: Upgrade Rocket Grab at Lv3 in this case.)


Kit: Bonus gold on kill, bonus AA damage, MS+AS boost, linear AoE knockback&slow, global linear AoE skillshot
Opp: Low. Short range, no escapes. Look for the circle where his Spinning Axe is going and aim there.
Syn: High. THE kill lane. Snowballs with kills, kills, and the occasional CS. Stick to your target to intercept any CC headed towards him.


Kit: Bonus AS after landing a spell, linear skillshot, linear AoE that gives allies an AS boost, gap-closer, global linear AoE
Opp: High. Her mini- Flash ( Arcane Shift) has a shorter cooldown than yours. Try to capitalize on damaging her before Lv1 if you can.
Syn: Low. She relies heavily on skillshots to poke the enemy down, which you royally mess with when you launch a poorly-timed Rocket Grab.


Kit: Gains tankiness in-combat, three-shot cone AoE, ground-AoE blind, gap-closer, linear skillshot that damages enemies behind target
Opp: Medium. He has relatively short AA range, and his gap-closer doesn't bring him that far, but is naturally tankier. Make sure you do NOT run next to your carry when fleeing him post-6.
Syn: High. He gets the most damage from Buckshot when in his opponent's face. Make sure they stay there.


Kit: Gains MS when a turret or champion she attacked is killed! Swaps between an attack-speed and long-range/AoE weapon, linear skillshot slow, linear snares, global skillshot execute!
Opp: Medium! She has no true escape, though she has the potential to harass you with Fishbones (the rocket launcher) and her slow gun!
Syn: High! She's a champion that, once she gets a kill, will probably kill the other enemy in lane, so she suits your burstiness rather well! A very strong snowballing lane!


Kit: Explodes after he dies. Can shred enemy armor/MR, deal %HP damage, linear AoE slow, high-arcing projectile with low CD
Opp: Medium. He can poke you down quite a bit, and the explosion when he dies and is probably right in your face is not appealing in the least.
Syn: Low. Kog'Maw is a special case for Blitzcrank as his only escape is barely effective. If you're matched with a Kog'Maw, you should focus on creating opportunities for him to harass enemies and position yourself to peel enemies off of him.


Kit: Attacks twice after casting a spell. Linear AoE, exploding skillshot that can grant an MS boost, gap-closer, and multi-hit linear skillshot
Opp: Medium. If he feels like wasting the mana, he will try to harass you with skills. If you see him getting close, he definitely will harass you to activate his passive.
Syn: Medium. While his skills have a decent range, he performs best during chases where he can stick to his opponents. If you can Rocket Grab an enemy to isolate them, they will probably take the full brunt of The Culling post-6.


Kit: Gains bonus MS until attacked. Can shoot behind targets, inflict Grievous Wounds, ground-targetted AoE slow, cone multi-hit damage.
Opp: Low. She falls somewhere in between a poke lane and kill lane, with Impure Shots giving her an advantage against sustain lanes...which you're not. If you're running away, do not run behind your carry, as the second shot of Double Up does more damage.
Syn: Medium. Level 6, you will probably get a kill, no questions asked, as her ultimate does a lot of damage and you can lock people in it. Just make sure she gets to Lv6, then you two will have excellent synergy.


Tag Team
Kit: Deals bonus damage when she attacks a marked target. Linear skillshot with burst blind at end, grants vision nearby, position tool with a knockback and slow, form change (to melee fighter)
Opp: Medium. She focuses heavily on harass in bottom lane, and deals a lot of damage to marked targets. Pay attention to when your carry gets marked, as they remain marked for 4.5s and Quinn might try to attack then.
Syn: Medium. She can be pretty bursty, and her low range synergizes well with your Rocket Grab. She also has interesting escape mechanics, so you don't need to worry about escorting a good Quinn player.


Kit: Gains MS when she damages an enemy champion. Linear AoE that deals damage on its way out and in, bouncing projectile, spell block, and AoE MS boost.
Opp: High. A good Sivir will bait your Rocket Grabs and go "thanks for the mana". She also has long range when she goes for a kill, so make sure you recall when you're getting into the danger zone.
Syn: High. High damage, low range. She doesn't have a true escape, so you'll need to Power Fist anyone who chases her when her Spell Shield is down.


Kit: Gains attack range with levels. Activated AS steroid, ground-targetted gapcloser with AoE damage (refreshes on kill/assist), passive pushing power and active DoT & Grievous Wounds, targetted knockback
Opp: Medium. She can definitely harass and chase well, and she can escape your knock-up from midair. She might even deserve high opposition.
Syn: High. High damage with a free escape if she gets a kill. Try to aim for a Lv2 kill to snowball this lane, as her burst potential spikes.


Kit: Basic attacks deal true DoT. Can stealth himself, AoE slow and passive builder, burst damage from passive stacks, and piercing AAs.
Opp: Low. He's squishy, and provided you have an inkling of where he ran after he stealthed, you can try to grab him. Watch out for his poke (which can easily turn into burst) and when he builds Sword of the Divine, a very popular item for turning him into a burst carry. You should definitely carry Vision Wards when battling him.
Syn: Medium. His only escape is Ambush, but he does very well if he can get all six stacks onto a disabled opponent.


Kit: Kills or assists grant bonus AS. Linear AoE, passive basic attack modifier, ground-targetted AoE that inflicts Grievous Wounds, skillshot stun that may stun nearby enemy champions.
Opp: Medium. Varus is known for being able to poke and trade well, especially with his high starting AA range. However, he has no hard escapes, and heavily relies on his Blighted Quiver to do damage. If you're aggressive, you should be able to punish poor positioning, especially at Lv1.
Syn: Medium. If you can lock enemies down within his attack range and frighten them so they don't try to trade back, you should be able to net some kills after Lv2. Do not try to engage early, and try for engages post Lv3.


Kit: Gains MS when moving towards an enemy. Gapcloser, passive AA modifier that deals true damage, knockback with stun potential, buff to all skills.
Opp: Medium. She has relatively short range, but the cooldown on Tumble is very low with low cost. Her kill potential is strong, but her trade ability is very low. I would not suggest trying to grab her until after she has used Tumble.
Syn: Medium. If you can grab an enemy near a wall, let her Condemn them before you Power Fist for CC-chaining. Try to keep enemies off her, as she can be weak to snares. Stick with her at all times to make sure she will always be in a favorable position, but don't pull enemies when she's running away.

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Support Opposition

Anything in a spoiler is rarely seen. THIS SECTION WILL BE OUT OF DATE. I'm not updating until patch 3.16 most likely, as I'm waiting for support abuse cases to appear.

Alistar is horrible for you to lane against. His Q is a knock-up AND stun. His W throws people backwards (potentially into his own turret, though this is much harder to set up) AND immobilizes them. On top of that, he has the most spammable heal in the game, which gets more spammable as his carry farms.

Opposition: High. When you pull him under turret, he'll smack either you or your carry back to kingdom come, then heal himself afterwards.

Fiddlesticks includes a fear, self-sustain, AoE silence, and AoE DoT. He's a very heavy damage support with a lot of utility. A Harmless Scarecrow is a debuff with range of 1000, so watch for it on your buff list when you can't see him.

Opposition: Medium. He is not someone you want to start leaving the lane early, because he is a threat to your allies. I would level Overdrive and Power Fist a little bit earlier (leave Rocket Grab at Lv1). In team fights, wait to use disruptions until he starts channeling.

Janna comes in with a built-in Ghost (once she trains Zephyr). She has a knock-up, slow, and a shield with an AD buff. Her ulti is a decent range AoE knockback and heals her allies.

Opposition: High. She is probably your nightmare, as she has a lot of disruption in her kit and can amplify her partner's poke damage.


Kayle starts off the game with low Armor, so she'll be technically squishy early game. Her AAs decrease her target's armor and MR. Her kit includes a targetable slow, a heal/movement buff, and an AA modifier. The R is invincibility on whoever she casts it on for 2-3 seconds.

Opposition: Low. She is EXTREMELY weak until Lv4, and she can only peel one target. Try to shut her down early.

Leona is stun central and a tank. The most important thing to note is Zenith Blade, her skill shot, brings her to the farthest champion target it hits.

Opposition: High. You do NOT want to grab her, or she will sit down and stun you. It's the equivalent of pulling Amumu in; her game mechanic involves her jumping to you to CC, and you're doing half of her job for her.

Lulu SPAMS low-cost Glitterlance. Whimsy is a speed-up and AP buff, AND a silence. Help, Pix! gives her allies a shield or does damage to you, making you visible for 6 seconds. Wild Growth heals her ally, knocking up all enemies around said ally, and gives that ally a slow aura.

Opposition: High. She's extremely good at peeling and can silence you with Whimsy before you can launch your Rocket Grab.


Morgana comes with a snare, MR debuff, dat shield, and a lifeline. The lifeline is a slow that becomes a snare, but it is easy to Flash out of it.

Opposition: High...because of Black Shield. Once she has that sucker up, you're useless for 5 seconds: none of your CC, including Power Fist, will work. The only way to prevent her from activating it is to disable her before she starts activating it, which means The Combo.

A good Nami will own her lane; a bad Nami will launch easily dodgeable Aqua Prisons. Ebb and Flow is effective on the first target, but it mostly scales with level, and her E is used to increase AA damage, along with giving them a slow for three AAs. Tidal Wave requires that Nami be far from combat for it to be most effective; it's generally used as an engage or disengage.

Opposition: High. She's squishy and her stun takes longer to cast than it does for you to use your AA. Make sure you destroy her wards in both lane bushes so she can't poke you. Try to gain an advantage before she hits Lv4 and she gets free pokes.

A poke (two target), heal+DEF buff (allies nearby), a speed-up (allies nearby), and a stun (wide linear AoE). Her AAs have bonus effects after three spell casts. Blue = bonus damage, Green = damage debuff, Pink = slow.

Opposition: Depends. A good Sona can position well and dodge your hooks, wasting your mana and forcing you to recall early. A bad Sona gets eaten by turrets relatively quickly.

An MR-debuff, heal, silence/MP donor, and a global heal. Ideally, she syncs well with an AP carry, so you should build some MR up if that occurs. Her heal, while very potent at low HP, has a long CD of 20s.

Opposition: Low. The only thing you really need to watch out for is her silence, but she offers very little resistance once The Combo starts.

A heal, armor buff and debuff AoE, stun, and AP/AD buff AoE. Probably the most popular support in the game.

Opposition: Low. Make sure you pull his carry and not him, as you'll remove the carry from his bonus armor range and he won't be able to Shatter your armor.

A pull/gap-closer, shield/ally escape, a push/pull, and a slow that functions as a snare.

Opposition: Decent. Thresh starts off the game tankier than BC and more in-lane sustain due to his higher Health Regen and his shield. He also uses the same mechanics you do; he can pull enemies, though not as quickly, and he can also push enemies to allow for peeling.


Deadly Bloom

Zyra is another one of those squishy ranged supports: dead if under turret. She doesn't have the best CC as she is very damage-based. Her plants from Rampant Growth can form a wall to block Rocket Grab, which makes the enemy super aggressive on your turret.

Opposition: High. Keep track of her seeds; she can plant four at a time and keep 2 in reserve. She's a more damage-based support and killing her does not make you safe due to Rise of the Thorns.
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