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Evelynn General Guide by Alecha1067

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alecha1067

Evelynn, where you think you're going baby?

Alecha1067 Last updated on March 14, 2013
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Hello and I welcome you to my first guild here on Mobafire. I'm Alecha1067 playing on Europe West and I want you to improve your Evelynn games by reading this guilde. When I start playing Evelynn I got inspired by a Video on Youtube about Jungle Evelynn. From there I played 100+ ranked games with her to date. I MAY NOT BE THE MOST COMPERATIVE PLAYER but I have experience with her and I know what is importent if you play her.

If you are Intrested in which Video I watch here it is (BTW It's a german video)

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Pros / Cons


  • Invisibility
  • High Mobilty
  • High Damage Output
  • Good Roaming and Jungling
  • 1-shot Potential to carry


  • Squishy
  • Vulnerable to hard cc
  • High Gameknowledge needed
  • Stealth detection makes ganking hard
  • Unable to take down Bruisers (for exemple Darius)

To say it in a short form:
If you can't burst your target down and finish it off in the next 10 seconds you have to back off, because you dont have surviveability for a longer fight. Your squishy and should fokus the AD Carry.

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This Spell will save your a** millions of times and can secure you kills too. This spell is overall THE MOST USEFULL because you can use it in one million ways. A must have for everyone

It's self-explanatory why you should take this spell. If Dr. Mundo or Nidalee are anyoing by healing, Ignite them and finish them off immediatly. It's also nice to secure kills and force a trade if you get tower dived early.

You wouldn't believe how great 35% movementspeed more can be. You can rush in, even if they have warded the river, and kill them, because you are so fast that they cant react. For me, it's only an alternative.

Sometimes you want to shut down you opponent during a channeling ability like Katarina's Death Lotus. You should remember, that this spell won't be such usefull against Champions like

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Scaling Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power


This Marks are my recommendation, because you get alot of magic penetration here, which is usefull if you dont buy Sorcerer's Shoes to get Magic Penetration. A Long with Void Staff you get enough MP to burst people with higher Magic resistance. Otherwise use Mark of Scaling Ability Power


You may ask me why I use Scaling Armor. The reason is, that especally AD Carrys like Vayne Corki and Varus Scale great into the late game. Therefore I use these Seals to be stronger in the late game. Otherwise use Seal of Armor.


Nearly everone one uses these Glyphs, because they give permanent protection against AP Champions. Otherwise use Glyph of Magic Resist


if you want to complete your Rune Page with a bit more AP, buy these Quints so you can get a bit AP at the start of the game and keep it there, because you dont need scaling AP in most of the cases. Otherwise use Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power

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Offensive Tree

In the Offensive Tree of my Masteries I take Summener's Wrath to im prove Ignite if necessary Ghost and Exhaust. I take Sorcery over Fury , even though I need to auto-attack to proc the passive from Lich Bane. Maximizing Blast is necessary for Arcane Knowledge which gives us extra Magic Pen. At the Point of Mental Force and Brute Force you can deside on your own which one to take, because the bonus is so small, it wont be bad if you take AD instead of AP.Your must-have is Spellsword and Archmage followed by Executioner to further increase your Damage Output.

Deffensive Tree

For Extra Health I take Durability and Max it for Veteran's Scars . Against AD Champs like Talon you should take Hardiness or Against AP Champs.

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You WILL critisise my Itembuild, but there is no perfect Build, because League of Ledgends is a dynamic game and you must fit your requirements. So here we go.

I prefere these boots, because you need to get in range to enemys without using your Dark Frenzy. You should save it to negetate slows and get extra close to your foe.

This Item will help you finish off Luckers who want to escape with 100 hp or garentiees you an easy kill on the enemy AD Carry. It insteandly burns 15% of the Enemys Maximum health and you will deal 20% more Magic damage to them. In my opinion it's an must have for you.

If you feel like you need to increase your constant damage, you want to take this Item. It perfectly fits with your [Ravage] and does about 350 extra magic damage ever 2 seconds!

As a Assassin you are squishy as hell, so 500 extra hp will help you out. In addition the bonus Ability Power and the Passive slow which procs even on your Hate Spike will help you chasing and sticking to enemys.

This Item does 5%/10% damage because of your slow from Rylai's Crystal Scepter It also gives you extra Magic Penetration.

Armor, Magic resistances and a second life every 5 min. What do you want more?

Situational Items

Abyssal Mask A nice -20 magic resist aura to enemys and +45 magic resist makes it worth against strong nukes like Veigar.
Hextech Gunblade If you need Spellvamp, you should buy this over Will of the Ancients because the active nuke can help you more than the passiv from Will of the Ancients.
Iceborn Gauntlet It's the Armor version of Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
Mejai's Soulstealer Only buy this if you know that you are good enough to snowball through the WHOLE game.
Morellonomicon As said before, buy this if Nidalee or Dr. Mundo heals for too much heath.
Ohmwrecker If the enemy stats playing defensive while you roam, buy this item to tower dive them over and over again.
Shard of True Ice It's good with Ohmwrecker because it gives you gold per 10 seconds and a usefull active for tanks.
Twin Shadows Some Evelynn playes buy these for it's active nuke and bonus Magic resist. It can be usefull for roaming but i dont recommend this.
Void Staff If the enemy stacks alot of Magic Resist from Spirit Visage or Runic Bulwark you should crush them by buying this wonderfull item.
Rabadon's Deathcap It gives you more Ability Power and thats not bad at all, but I think it's not necessary at all.
Warmog's Armor Togther with Rylai's Crystal Scepter you will have about 3,5k hp which is nice against burster like Cho'Gath.
Thornmail If the enemy AD Carry is overfed, you should consider to buy this item.
Banshee's Veil A spellshield can be usefull against Champs like Veigar to negetate the stun and the extra 300hp can be usefull to survive the burst. In addition 45 magic resist are nice for such Nukers.
Mercurial Scimitar This is your [Quecksilver Slash] and can negetate Malzahar's Nether Grasp Supression. It will also give you 50% movementspeed for 1 second.
Shurelya's Reverie With Health and Mana reganeration can you sustain on your lane for longer. You will also be uncatchable if you use it with your Dark Frenzy.
Crystalline Flask Lane sustain Level: Over 9000 Nuff said.
Elixir of Fortitude Bonus Health and AD can be usefull in the mid game to survive Karthus's Requiem.
Elixir of Brilliance Cooldown reduction and Abillity Power are nice for Evelynn, but you should fokus on buying items, than on buying Elixir's.
Sorcerer's Shoes In my opinion, these boots are great if you want more burst, but you can't catch up to other champs and roaming is more difficult because the MIA/SS has more time than otherwise.
Mercury's Treads Only buy this if the enemy has a lot of cc or hard cc like Ahri's Charm
Ninja Tabi Only buy these boots if the enemy has 2+ AD carrys (like Caitlyn on bot and Tryndamere on top and Fiora in the jungle).


Archangel's Staff and Manamune Even if you spam you Hate Spike pretty hard, there are better items to buy, because they only give mana, manaregernation and AP/AD which can be nice, but they dont give flexabllity.
Athene's Unholy Grail This item gives you some sort of Manaregenartion after assist or kill, but that's not as good as the mana regeneration from a blue buff.
Doran's Ring You need to rush your items fast, you don't have time and money to waste in this items.
Guinsoo's Rageblade Abillity Power and Attack damage? Sounds great but you are full ap not hybrid even if all you abilitys scale with AD too.
Nashor's Tooth You dont auto-attack like Kayle you only need to auto attack to proc Lich Bane.
Rod of Ages Just No.
Malady Nice passive but you dont auto-attack.
Will of the Ancients If you need Spellvamp, buy a Hextech Gunblade.
Trinity Force I would recommend this, if you would play AD Evelynn but this is an AP Evelynn guilde.
Zephyr You get Tenacity from Mercury's Treads and you don't need Attackspeed.

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Team Work


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Matchups A-Z

Ahri is weak against you, because you are mobile and she only has skillshots. Even if Fox-Fire will always hit you when you engage, she needs to hit Charm to deal serious damage to you and aslong as you move after every autoattack, she can't hit her Orb of Deception. She will get away aslong as her Spirit Rush is available, Ahri will get away, but this spell shouldn't be used this way.

You should get lvl 6 before her and start roam, because you can't 1on1 her aslong as she has 2-3 Shadow Essences on her Shadow Dance. Pre lvl 6 she only can harass you with her Mark of the Assassin. If she uses it on a minion, feel free to harass her with your Hate Spike and hold her off from farming. Remember to get away when she goes into her Twilight Shroud even if she only has 100hp. You should ward the area so you dont get counterganked.

You have the upper hand pre-level 6 because you can dodge her Flash Frost with your Dark Frenzy. You should be aware off Crystallize which can cut off your escape when you get ganked. Post-Level 6, she wants to harass you with her Glacial Storm Frostbite combination. Never understimate her Rebirth if you can't burst her down she can burst you if you don't care. You should roam at level 6 and have an easy game.

She will be your nightmare. Even after she was nerved, she can burst you in 1 combo. Her Disintegrate will always hit you and has a long range. Also, she will never have mana problems if she plays good and her early game strengh can push you out of lane or give her a kill. My recommendation is to stay behind your minions and try not to get harassed. Also, if she activates her Molten Shield you should back up because she reflects autoattack damage and could stun you in tower range if you are foolish enough to dive.

This Matchup is a true skill matchup. If you can dodge all of his skillshots you will win your lane. If you even get stuned once, you will die to his high burst. Be aware when he uses Conflagration on you, because i will try to combo you by then. Try to punish him if he fails his combo and roam if you can't stay in lane.

You can escape some zoning, but Cassiopeia will zone so hard, it could hurt you bad. This can get even worse if she got blue buff. Her Noxious Blast can hurt you bad and when you are poisend her Twin Fang can hit you multiple items. You can only escape her if you use Dark Frenzy after you are slowed from Miasma. The most dangerous skill is her ultimate. If you get stuned, it's your end, if not you may get a chance to burst her. It's not easy to win the lane but it's not impossible. Roaming or support from your jungle can help you out.

This guy can give you the creeps when you don't play carefully. Even if you use you Dark Frenzy to get rid of his slow from Rupture he can silence you with his Feral Scream while you are airbone and finish his combo with Feast. His passive Carnivore make him natrually sustainable and he builds ofter very tanky so you cant burst him down. Roaming is the only way to play a normal game.

Diana is someone you never want to fight against. At early stage of the game, she's not the strongest and you can get a kill if her Pale Cascade is on Cooldown. After she it lvl 6 you are in big trouble. With her Crescent Strike Lunar Rush combo she can do serious damage and she is overall pretty tanky. You have to roam and never fight her. It's a pitty that she roams nearly as good as you, so you have to ward to avoid counter ganks.

Elise is nearly as bad as Diana but her main weakness is her percentual damage, which isn't high because you dont stack health as Evelynn. Anyway, she is tanky in her spiderform and can get easly away with Rappel or out play you with a quick Concon Neurotoxin combo. You should roam or ask your Jungler for help. With some Magic resist early on you can force a stalemate in lane.

Well this is a pure skill matchup. Buy a pink ward and call MIA/SS if you don't see her.

Against AP Ezreal, you should play as against a normal AD Carry. Play safe early on, because Mystic Shot can deal high damage at early levels.If you want to 1on1 him be sure that he can't use Arcane Shift to escape or burst you with Trueshot Barrage. Don't forget to recall at unusuall positions so he can't snipe you when you get away with 100hp.


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Evelynn is a "Do or Don't" Assassin, who relies on snowballing throughout the game. She has burst aswell as constant damage and does well by roaming. In Teamfights, she is the second Champ to join the fight and eliminates the carrys nearly in 1-shot. Overall if you want to play her you need a good Gameknowledge and a high skilllevel.

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Ending Note

I thank you for reading my guilde and i hoped you enjoyed it. If you find any gramatical or spelling mistakes, please tell me about it and I look forward to complete my guilde.


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