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Ezreal Build Guide by MyRepublic

Ezreal: you only think you're getting away.

Ezreal: you only think you're getting away.

Updated on March 23, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MyRepublic Build Guide By MyRepublic 7 2 6,856 Views 18 Comments
7 2 6,856 Views 18 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MyRepublic Ezreal Build Guide By MyRepublic Updated on March 23, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Ezreal
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  • LoL Champion: Ezreal
  • LoL Champion: Ezreal



1) I will soon be adding a jungle Ezreal section. It will be in depth and have many branching paths to choose from depending on how the game is going. This will take quite some time to perfect and then type out. Please be patient.
2) I am going to be making all the sub-titles much prettier.

This is a fun way to play Ezreal. It is made to have all of the items synergize. However this should not be your main build. It is very costly and if you do not get the base build it won’t work very effectively. It is also meant to be a humorous guide. This whole thing was devised because I was sick of seeing the same build everywhere. I wanted a different build unlike what other people were doing. So I made this.

This is my first build and I worked extremely hard on it so please respect the time and effort it took to test this build and type all of this including the coding. Please read it all the way through before passing judgment, and only comment if you have something constructive to say. I will gladly accept screen shots of your results with this. (My email is Thank you for reading. Here we go:
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Pros / Cons of Ez

  • "Massive damage!"- ColbyCheeze
  • Amazing burst and great sustained damage
  • Awesome chases
  • Cool ganks
  • Sweet ulti.
  • Counters basically everyone... Everyone.
  • Super [powerful early game
  • Ridiculously even more powerful late game
  • Mana hungry pretty much all the way through the game
  • original skin
  • W is nearly useless now that the heal is gone.
  • really steep learning curve
  • squishy
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Summoner Spells

I personally take Exhaust and Ignite.
because coupled with the Frozen Mallet they basically stop moving for 3 seconds. More than enough time for you to send them back to their nexus. Plus they can’t really do much damage to you. But don’t worry, if it’s 1v1 they won’t try to most likely. Good kill bro.
SPACE Ignite

Because sometimes that d*** Taric just won’t die. He always gets away with like 100 health. Solution? Catch his a** on fire.

You could also use Flash or Clairvoyance if no one else on your team has it.


Because apparently one isn’t enough.
SPACE Clairvoyance

Because if you use it at the right time it can guarantee a kill with your ult, but you should leave that to your support and just ping where you want them to use it.

Honorable mentions


Because you really hate Master Yi. He must have killed your family or something.

SPACE Teleport
  • If you want that feeling of being everywhere.
  • Helps you get back to the farm after shopping as quickly as possible.
  • I guess it could be used, but I don’t. Leave it to the supports.
  • Same with Clarity.

SPACE Cleanse

If you’re good with it. I don’t use Cleanse on any of my builds, but if you love Cleanse then go for it.
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21/0/9 (extra mana) or 21/9/0 (extra defense) It doesn’t make much of a difference. I’d take the 21/9/0 route though
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Lane Runes


mark of desolation
Coupled with your masteries this gives you enough armor pen to be a danger to off-tanks and most tanks. Especially if you go the route of Last Whisper.


seal of replenishment
This coupled with your glyphs give you enough to spam your q to your heart’s content. Die squishies die.


10.3 MANA REGEN per 5s at lvl. 18
Still adds some nice mana regen but isn't as useful early game however like all /lvl runes it does scale much better than the flat runes late game.


(Refer to seals)


24.3 MR at Lvl 18
Adds some nice MR by late game when you really need it.


This will help you spam out the q's even faster, and if you buy Ionian Boots of Lucidity You'll see a nice reduction. Watch your mana though.


Greater Quintessence of Vigor
Take Garen’s passive and make it twenty times better. That’s what this does.


78 HP
Who wouldn't like some extra health early game? coupled with your Doran's Blade you should not have any health problems early game.


greater quintessence of desolation
9.99 Armor pen
Laugh as the enemy tank keeps on building more armor and realizes he still doesn't have enough. This works great with Last Whisper.

Jungle Runes

To Be Added Soon

You may wonder why I didn't include any other marks. That is because in my personal opinion you need that arpen. You may disagree, and if so send me in some ideas for different marks, and I'll add them in.
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Starting Items

This is a good start for an aggressive early game. This is what I get by default. When you go back and get your second one you'll notice that you have good lane sustain, health, and AD for so early in the game. However there are other choices depending on the situation.
If you are laning against someone that you aren't confident that you'll beat. This will help you survive longer. You'll want to be defensive with this build and not worry about harassing. This also works in the jungle, but it isn't the best for jungle Ez. He thrives on ganks not jungle farming.

This is the go to start for Jungle Ez. This helps your early ganking power and will make building your Madred's Razors faster. This is not as good as Doran's Blade for laning though. You aren't building Wriggle's Lantern if you lane so there is no reason to buy this.

Early item options(lane)

2X Doran's Blade
Stacking Doran’s items early game is a very good start If you aren’t sure that you’ll dominate. If you have only bought one and you look down and realize you have enough for a phage then you don’t need to buy the second one though. This is not part of your main build. You will end up selling both of these to buy your first BF sword faster anyway.
Amazing early game item. Your Damage output should explode all over that Vayne's face like a giant... stuffed burrito. With lots of cheese. It also builds into your Trinity Force if you decide to build it. If not then just sell it for another item later on.
Because you want to look your enemy in the eye and say "F*** you". Also it builds into either your Infinity Edge or your Bloodthirster. Whichever you build first.

Core build (lane)

Mercury's treads
Ez is not a tank. He is rather squishy. His best escape mechanism is his Arcane Shift, but that get's shut down by CC, which is usually why you're running away. These boots help you with that, and add some nice MR.
The Bloodthirster
This adds 100 AD fully stacked and 25% life-steal. This means you hit hard and you can stay in lane for as long as you want. (note: Mystic Shot does not proc life-steal)

Frozen Mallet
So imagine you’re an enemy squishy taking a nice stroll through the jungle when all of a sudden you get nuked super hard. You try to fight for a second before realizing you’re outmatched. Then you try to run, but wait! You’re moving with all the speed of an upside down turtle. I guess you better flash out. Well F***! He used his flash too! Dead. Plus this gives you an extra 700 health and 20 AD. Add Atma’s passive in and this technically gives you 34 AD.

Late Game Items

Infinity Edge
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. Seriously. Coupled with the frozen mallet you should be able to incinerate the enemy team. If you don’t then you’re doing something wrong. Let me break it down to you. So far in the build you’ve built it up so you are close to an off-tank. You are now doing about 700 damage every second thanks to your off the shelf critting, and they can’t escape you unless they’re Yi. And even then you’ll probably rape him to death with your giant… glowing orbs… before he knows you’re there. GG bro. GG.
Phantom Dancer
Is 1.5 AS just not fast enough for you? Are you just not critting enough for your taste? Do you like running around like Master Yi? Then this is the item for you. Nearly worthless without your Infinity Edge, but with it this item seriously pumps out the DPS.
The Black Cleaver
This will help you rip through what little resistance is being offered at this point in the build. If you have gotten this far then this is just adding insult to injury. Because killing them in less than a second wasn't fast enough. You demand for your killing speed to be so fast that you go back in time.

Core items (jungle)

Mercury's Treads
This will help you with your ganks. Most people react to ganks by immediately popping their CC. This will help you power through those pesky slows. You could buy Berserker's Greaves if you're having trouble doing the actual jungle part of jungling though.
Wriggle's Lantern
This is pretty essential for Ezreal in the jungle. Without it he faceplants and has to recall too often. As soon as you buy the Madred's Razors you should be clearing pretty well, but you won't be just zipping through the jungle until you buy this.
The Bloodthirster
Take what I said about it in the laning section and make that about 10X as important in the jungle. This plus your Wriggle's Lantern gives you insane life-steal. Plus some awesome damage and you've got some extra armor. You will destroy in ganks and in the jungle.
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Hybrid Items

I don't usually run a hybrid Ez but he is very viable. Use this if you feel like being really different than the norm.
Sorcerer's Shoes
This really helps your abilities and Madred's Bloodrazor's passive deal that extra umph that make a difference in a fight. If you build a Trinity Force then you should get either Berserker's Greaves or Mercury's Treads instead.
Hextech Gunblade
You should rush this after boots this if you are going hybrid Ez. This thing is ridiculous. When you finally get this your damage output will be ridiculous. You'll pretty much never die. Add in that active and you have a huge advantage over everyone.

Guinsoo's Rageblade
This item actually works on Ez. Most people underestimate it. Some nice AD and some nice AP, plus dat passive. As you attack you keep getting more deadly. Great for hybrid.

Lich Bane
This item is great for nuking, but you sacrifice a tiny bit of DoT. Not much though as if you auto attack after every ability then you're just doing ridiculous damage. It depends on how you play. If you prefer auto attacking more than using spells then go with Trinity Force. However the only reason you're getting AD is for your Mystic Shot so really 30 AD isn't all that much.
Trinity Force
Very useful, however I don't think it stacks up against Lich Bane with this build. If you were to trade Rylai's Crystal Scepter for another defensive item then you should get this.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Adds a nice amount of health, AP, and a slow. This is the mage's Frozen Mallet. Take everything I said about it and take it for this. If you get a different defensive item instead of this then you should buy a Trinity Force instead of Lich Bane.

Madred's Bloodrazor
This item wraps the build up nicely. It adds some AD and some armor as well as that passive. This makes both your abilities and your AA hit like trucks. With this you melt everyone. It's pretty funny to watch.
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Situational Items

Against Tanky Teams

Last Whisper
This should let you gain an edge on those tanks. This is only useful against people over 100 armor. Keep in mind though: That is pretty much everyone late game, however, this will be most effective against someone at 150 armor +.

youmuu's ghostblade
This coupled with your Infinity Edge is ridiculous. huge critting and with your Black Cleaver you have a good amount of armor pen/redux. Very useful. Also pop the active and enter god mode for 12 seconds.

Madred's bloodrazor
Pretty standard item to get to counter a tank. With this build you have a high enough AS that it can really shred a tank. I love this item and coupled with a Malady or a Wit's End or both this is just a fun item to use. Look up an on-hit Ez guide if you want to try that out. It's not how I play him.


Banshee's Veil
Remember what I said about people popping CC on you as soon as you appear? Well now you can giggle excitedly as they waste their mana. This also makes you slightly more durable and helps Ezreal's chronic mana issues. Pretty standard for AD carries.

Quicksilver sash
So you meet a mean old Sion and he decides to up and stun you while you're just strolling peacefully through his jungle for no reason. Show him who is boss and just use your nifty little Cleanse-like ability and then proceed to rape him and his Red buff.

Guardian angel
This adds a nice chunk of armor and MR. It's basically the Trinity Force of defensive items. Plus it's nice for the LuLz. "Oh you thought I was dead? Hahaha good one." Be prepared for the sweet sound of people saying "TROLOLOLO". Ahhhhh good times.

Randuin's Omen
I have to be honest. I'm a tad biased when it comes to this item. I love it with a deep seated passion that only comes from using it on everyone even especially if they don't need it. It's simply awesome. Health, armor, health regen, epic passive and active... It's simply a great defensive item. However it is quite epensive. I'd recommend getting your Warden's Mail and then building the rest of your build and then once that is done you can finish this.

Frozen Heart
This item is great if you need some ridiculous amounts of armor (>200). It also adds mana. It's pretty great. Add in the CDR and AS redux and you've got an awesome item. This with Youmuu's Ghostblade means you can constantly spam your Mystic Shot. If you plan on getting this then go with Ionian Boots of Lucidity for the lulz. Your Mystic Shot would come out every 2.4 seconds.

Final word on items: ****er-spaniel.
But no seriously. There is no end all/be all formula to what you should buy and what order to buy it in. Mix it up. Find what works for you. Just don't buy a f***ing Tiamat or I'll unread this guide from you.
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Ability explanations

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
> > >

Rising Spell Force(Passive)

Hitting an enemy champ or minion with one of his spells adds 10% attack speed and this stacks 5 times. Pretty straight forward really. If you spam your Q you can attack up to 50% faster making it 1.95 APS for six seconds. Not really noticeable while it’s going on but when you’re attacking 2 times a second and every other one is critting it’s kind of absurd how much damage you do. Just make sure you have full mana before trying to use this.

Mystic Shot(Q)

This is your nuke. Press q and watch their health drop then 2 seconds later hit them again. Do that. Do that a lot. Thank God we picked up the mana regen runes right?

Tips and Tricks

  • It only hit's one enemy so don't use it if there is a minion in the way.

Essence Flux(W)

It does 300 damage with the full build and costs twice as much as mystic shot and has a much longer cool down. Pretend it isn’t there unless the enemy is getting away and your q somehow isn’t off cool down (That will never happen. Ever). Or if it’s in a team fight and you want some minor AoE damage, but this is still not worth the mana. Just focus them down with your q instead. You’ll be more useful that way. W is only really useful in clutch situations. And still not really.

Tips and Tricks

  • It kind of works if they’re all grouped up like idiots.

Arcane Shift(E)

This is possibly your most versatile ability. It is just so useful, but most people don't think of all the uses it can have.

Tips and Tricks

  • Flash with some damage added. Think Kassadin’s ult but it costs less and doesn’t do as much damage. Good for catching people or getting away. Theoretically you could hit someone halfway across the map if there are no minions in front of them. Fun to use if they are getting away with one shard of health left. Just flash and bang! Dead.
  • But this isn’t really what you should use it for. This should mainly be used for escaping in awesome ways. Chases with Ez involved are possibly the most entertaining.
  • It should also be used for positioning. Ez is all about positioning. If you have bad positioning you die very quickly. So let me say that again. Positioning, positioning, positioning.
  • You could also use it to initiate but I wouldn’t unless you are certain you can win and that the enemy team won’t catch you.
  • I’ll also point out that most of the time you cannot be sure who this will hit so using it for damage isn’t recommended unless you are positive it will hit who you want. There are two reasons for this.
    One: It will drain your mana very quickly if you do.
    Two: If you use it for damage it might not have cooled down when the enemy cavalry arrives and Sion stuns your *** and you need to GTFO. And believe me. That will happen every FIVE SECONDS. F***ing Sion

Trueshot Barrage(R)

This is what makes Ez Ez. Honestly this may be my favorite ult . Cross map uber nuke skill shot. Hell yes. If you are good at predicting enemy movement you can get off some bad *** kills with this. Like hitting a stealthed twitch in the fog of war from halfway across the map. This ult is what will make people call you pro. And if they call you pro then rest assured. You are.

Tips and Tricks

  • If an enemy is on low health they will most likely do one of two things.

  • They might just try to run straight back to their base. Just calculate in your head where you think they'll be when your ult gets there.
  • They might run a little way back and then press "B". If they do this it is mostly up to luck now. Aim for where the path from the jungle meets the lane (either next to blue buff or double golems)

  • You can also use this to initiate a team fight if they are all clumped up. This will bring most of them down to near half health and give your team a huge advantage, but you'll probably just want to save it for picking up runner after.
  • Only ever use this on minions if it is to save a tower that you can't get to in time.
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Playing as Ez

sight ward


You should try to be solo. Either mid or top with a jungler. Be friendly with the support down bot though. You want them to use their clairvoyance a lot after you hit level six. The simplest way to get an early edge in lane is to sit in the bush and wait for the enemy champ to show up. When they pass you Exhaust and Ignite them then hit them with a Mystic Shot and auto attack until you can Mystic Shot again. They’ll either die or have to go sit next to their tower and suck on their Health Potion.

From there you simply get more CS (you need a lot) than your opponent. Don’t worry about getting a kill unless it’s really easy or they’re pressing you harder than they should and you’re confident that you won’t just be wasting your precious mana. Also remember that you’re squishy early game and can’t handle ganks so don’t push too hard until your jungler ganks and you know you can take the tower.

MID-GAME: (LVL’S 12-14)

Ok now everyone is getting antsy. The ganks are coming in like rounds from a machine gun. Everyone wants to rush into late game. But not you. You are more advanced than these simpletons. You know that the late game will come down to the CS. So you ignore the ganks, and you farm. Hard. By now you should be taking down the whole minion wave every time. You’ll get a couple kills here and there from the ganks but that isn’t your main point. You want cash. And if you do the math one minion wave is worth pretty much the same as a kill. So why give that up? Now if you need to do some clutch things to save your teammates and towers then of course do. You want your team to respect you and listen to you when you tell them to do something.


S*** gets real here. No one else really gets CS, but you need to. If you see a huge minion wave go for it. But be careful. You’ll probably be ganked if you aren’t fast. Here is where the team fights come in. Right now all I can really say is positioning. Use your Arcane Shift to get to where you need to be. Try to get to the side of them or behind them. But make sure you don’t get cut off from your team. This is a more durable build than most but you aren’t a tank. You cannot 1v5. Well I guess you could but you’d have to be really fed. Pick off any runners with your Trueshot Barrage and do most your damage with Mystic Shot and auto attack. Only ever use your Essence Flux if you think you absolutely have to.

Remember you can steal Baron with your ult. Use it when it gets to around 2000 HP. By the time it’s loaded it should be at 1500 and when it hits Baron it will probably be at around 400. And then you look like God. You’ll probably kill whoever was tanking too.
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To Be Added Soon

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In regards to the troll build


Ok. so this one really is just for fun. It is just a troll build and an extra. It has nothing to do with the actually guide so don't base your judgment on the guide around this. Think of it like a bonus track for the lulz. Now to get to it. I present to you "Ramzreal". The Tanky DPS. Bask in his power and his ridiculous health bar.

Summoner Spells:

There is only one pitfall for Ramzreal! He is obscenely slow. Coming in at a whopping 305 movement speed you can be assured the enemy team will never waste a slow on you! There are three Summoner spells that can help you here. Ramzreal already has a built in Flash with his Arcane Shift, but you can NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH Flash! So grab another one. Also since it’ll probably take you about five minutes to get to your towers you’ll probably want to grab a Teleport. It might be faster to just wait for the cooldown than to try walking all the way. Also you could use Ghost If you don't get why then GTFO!


Obviously we need as much HP as Possible so 9/21/0 is what we’ll go for. This should also give you some extra armor, but with 5000 HP who needs armor?


Well since most of your AD comes from health and you’ll only really start getting that late game then my proposal is that you use these runes. And by proposal I mean demand, because Ramzreal doesn’t take no for an answer!
The only runes that you can ever use with this build… or else.

Greater mark of vitality 84.5 HP at lvl 18 (2 AD)

Greater seal of endurance 224.4 HP at lvl 18 (4.5 AD)
I said so b***.

Greater Glyph of Health 24.03 HP ALL DAMN GAME (.5 AD)
So much f***ing health God dammit! If you don’t get these then it’s because you’re a NOOB!

greater quintessence of vitality 143.8 HP at lvl 18 (3 AD)
(Refer to… you know what? F*** it. FUUUUUUCK YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!)

This list was sent to me in a dream I had in a temple in the Czech republic. It was from Jesus. What’s that? How do I know that? Cuz I f***ing SAID SO DIDN’T I!?!

Doran's Shield- Same deal as all the other builds. Get two then sell them later for something. This will guarantee that when you get your atma’s impaler You will immediately become f***ing Sephiroth or some s***.

Atma's Impaler - The entire core of the build. Get it. Love it. Chew on the end like a pencil then write “RAMZRIEL WUZ HERE” in your victim’s blood all over their nexus with it.

Warmog's Armor- If you don’t understand the concept this item adds 920 health and 18.4 AD thanks to your Atma’s impaler. This keeps going up every 5s per minion kill. YOU MUST GET THIS OR YOU ARE NOOB.

Sunfire Aegis- This adds some nice health and has a good passive. You won’t be escaping too often so you might as well step on the enemy team’s toes while they chase you. Of course you shouldn’t be running because Ramzriel CAN 1V5 ALL D*** DAY.

Soul Shroud- Gives you a nice chunk of health, and does some s*** for other people, but who gives a d*** really? Just f***ing get it b****.


Randuin's Omen- Adds some health and also means that the more they chase you the more likely you are to get away. COUNTER- INTUITIVITY IS THE BASIS OF RAMZRIEL!

Rising Spell Force- What you want to do is spam your abilities so that this get’s fully stacked. Mana? What about it? RAMZREAL DOESN’T NEED MANAAAA!!!

Mystic Shot- remember the description for Frozen Mallet? Yeah that but even more “A”s.

Essence Flux- This isn’t very useful to the other builds, but to Ramzriel EVERYTHING IS USEFUL! USE THIS ALL THE D*** TIME!

Arcane Shift- Use this to get RIGHT INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE ENEMY TEAM! Or else you’re a noob.

Trueshot Barrage- Use this whenever you can. Just destroy everyone when you get it up.

How to play Ramzriel:

All game:

  • R*pe those b****es on the enemy team.
  • ALWAYS tower dive if you have even the slightest chance to.
  • GG. Ramzriel Always carries. He had to be nerfed because he used to carry BOTH TEAMS.
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Thank you for reading. Please comment and Vote. But please only do that if you tried the build, and read the whole guide.
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Thanks to JhoiJhoi! Her epic guide can be found here!
(That's right. Direct quote. I'm so original)

A thanks to my friend jacobox12 for giving advice on how to make the build and for actually being supportive of this. (He's generally an a** haha. True story)
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(02/27/12) Published. Added coding. Fixed issues. Worked feedback into the build.
(02/28/12) Added another possible build choice. Added color for emphasis. Added alternate choices for Runes. Added tips and tricks. Added acknowledgments.
(02/29/12) Added the "rammus"/troll/lolz build. Worked on adding some pictures.
(03/10/12) Worked on the anti-tank build.
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