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Gangplank Build Guide by RablyPale

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RablyPale

Gankpank: The Jungle Gangplank.

RablyPale Last updated on July 9, 2011
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Utility: 9

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Note: This is the first guide I've written for any character so please don't be too hard on me. Also, please try the build before voting and give me feedback as to how to improve the guide.

This is a jungling guide for Gangplank. Gangplank is a carry and is capable of putting out extremely high numbers in a very short period of time.

-High damage, especially late game when your critical is nearly maxed
- Remove Scurvy is essentially Cleanse and Heal combined with a much lower cooldowm
- Canon barrage is universal, slows, and does nice damage.
- Raise Morale increases the damage and movement of your entire team, making pushing turrets early, mid and late game take less time
-He's a freaking pirate. Who doesn't think pirates kick ***?

-If Remove Scurvy is on cooldown you're susceptible to crowd control
-You can be ganked easily in the jungle, especially at the 2 golem camp where you'll have low HP.
-Somewhat squishy unless you get a defensive item other than Banshee's Veil

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed (8):
These add up to 14% attack speed, the perfect amount for jungling

Greater Mark of Desolation (1) and Greater Quintessence of Desolation (3):
These add up to 12 armor penetration. This will help in the jungle and in your early game ganks, as well as into the mid and late game team fights.

Greater Seal of Armor (9):
These provide armor, which is essential while jungling. They also help when you're ganking an AD champ and even into late game in the team fights.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (9):
Glyphs are entirely your choice. I choose to use glyphs of warding becasue they help you when you're ganking mages and in teamfights.

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Deadliness : 2% critical will help you max out your critical faster.

Plentiful Bounty : Improved smite is essential. When used, it gives you 5 gold which you will need most of the time. It also reduces the cooldown by 5 seconds

Alacrity : Increased attack speed helps a lot int he jungle

Sorcery : Required to be able to put 21 into the offense tree

Sunder : More armor penetration helps throughout the game

Offensive Mastery : Helps kill jungle creeps faster

Brute Force : More attack damage means a more powerful Parley and faster jungling

Lethality : As this guide intends to have a high critical rate, more critical damage is great to have.

Havoc : Another increase in damage

Good Hands : Less time dead is always good.

Perseverence : This is required to unlock the next tier of skills. Getting 3 into this instead of Good Hands seems like a waste in my opinion. Feel free to switch them

Awareness : Required for any jungler. Getting this means you'll level up at the camps you're supposed to level up at as opposed to being level 2 when you should be level 3 and so on.

Utility Mastery: Longer buffs from Baron, Golem, and Lizard. This is important as it allows you to jungle for longer periods of time without having to go back.

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Jungle Route

Note: Never wait more than 1 second for the cooldown of Parrrley to last hit for the extra gold. It might seem worth it, but it will slow your jungle down.

You start off your jungle at the wolf camp with a Vampiric Scepter which provides you with survivability for the first part of you jungle. Put your first point into Parrrley then wait for the wolves to spawn. Use Parrrley On the big one then attack it until it dies. Then kill the two small ones, trying to last hit at least one of them with Parrrley for the extra 4 gold.

Move on to the Wraith camp. Smite the big blue and put a point into Raise Morale. Use Raise Morale and kill the 3 smaller wraiths using Parrrley when it is off cooldown. Once again, try to last hit at least one of them with Parrrley for the extra 4 gold.

Skip the red buff and go to the 2 golems. Make sure you have around 300 to 350 HP before starting. If you don't, wait a few seconds until you do. If you're really low on HP (Under 300), you can go back, but your jungle will be slowed quite a bit. Parrrley one of the golems then attack it until it dies, using Parrrley when it comes off cooldown. Do the same to the second golem. When both are dead, you should be level 3, so add a second point into Parrrley and go back. Buy a Cloth Armor and a Health Potion then head to your blue buff.

Use Parrrley on the golem then use Raise Morale. Attack the golem until it has around 600 HP then use Smite. When it's dead, kill the 2 lizards. Try to last hit one with Parrrley, then move to the wolves again. Kill them and try to last hit at least one with Parrrley. You should level, so add a second point into Raise Morale. Head over to the Wraith camp again and Parrrley the blue one. Use Raise Morale then auto attack it until it dies. Kill the small wraiths.

Go to your red buff and use your Health Potion. Wait until you have about 350 HP then start attacking the red lizard. Use Raise Morale and Parrrley whenever possible. Kill the 2 small lizards after. Go to the 2 golems again and Parrrley one of them. Kill it and you should level, but you'll have really low HP. Add a point into Remove Scurvy and use it immediately. Finish killing the second golem then go back and buy your Boots of Speed.

From this point on, you can do several things:
1) Go gank a lane where your teammates are having trouble
2) Ward the map
3) Continue jungling. Steal their buffs and ward them, especially if the enemy team has a jungler.
4) Buy an Oracle Elixir and go around destroying any of their Vision Wards, Sight Wards, Noxious Traps, Evelynns, Twitchs and any other invisible things.

Jungle route in video: Credits for the video go entirely to stonewall008.

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Build 1 Items

Provides survivability for the firsts half of your jungle

Provides survivability for the second half of your jungle

You don't need to get boots that give 2 speed yet because these boots and level 2 Raise Morale will give you a decent amount of speed.

In my opinion the best item for a jungler. 20% chance to deal 500 damage to minions, 17% lifesteal, 23 armor, and best of all a free ward every 3 minutes. For early game, I recommend using the ward for Dragon. By around the 20 minute mark, I recommend starting to use it at Baron, or at least buying wards for Baron.

The 12% critical along with the 5 gold per 10 seconds from this for only 750 gold is amazing.

More critical, attack speed, and movement speed all in one item is really good.

The CDR from these boots and the CDR from blue buff will bring your Parrrley down to about a 3 second cooldown which will result in some serious damage.

This item is amazing with Gangplank. More attack damage, critical, and increased critical damage. Start off with the B. F. Sword for the damage increase then get the Cloak of Agility for the critical.

Increased attack and movement speed along with more critical chance means you'll be able to drop their HP even faster. As you've already bought the required Zeal, buy the Cloak of Agility then finish it off.

This item is just amazing. It provides HP, MP, Magic Resist (something you would otherwise lack), and prevents one damaging spell every 45 seconds. It's particularly effective against mages like Annie with her stun or Malzahar and his ult.

Same reasoning as before; start it with Zeal then finish it as you have no other slots.

, , The 3 elixirs are things I don't often see people get but that help a lot. Always use an Elixir of Agility after you get your Zeal. If the game lasts long enough for you to finish your build, carry all 3. The 8% crit, 22% attack speed, 40 ability power, 10% CDR and 10 attack damage will be a surprisingly nice increase to your overall damage output.

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Build 2 Items

Provides survivability for the firsts half of your jungle

Provides survivability for the second half of your jungle

You don't need to get boots that give 2 speed yet because these boots and level 2 Raise Morale will give you a decent amount of speed.

] I find that you'll be able to get the B. F. Sword out by the 15 minute mark if you're ganks are successful. Getting a B. F. Sword this early is great, as it speeds up your jungle and makes your ganks more successful.

I moved this back a few items because I find the B. F. Sword to be so much more helpful in ganking successfully. Successful ganks means more money, which means being able to buy other items sooner.

Because of Raise Morale you've had plenty of speed, and still do. I get these now for the 15% cooldown reduction.

Gangplank with a Sheen is amazing. Use Parrrley ad Sheen will proc. when it hits them, if Parrrley is level 5, you do YourAttack*2+120. If it crits, you do (YourAttack*2+120)*2. Once you get Infinity Edge, it's (YourAttack*2+120)*2.5. This is some extreme damage for this early in the game, and can be done every 3 seconds with your boots and blue buff, so you're ganks will hardly ever fail.

This item is essential for Gangplank. It adds a bunch of attack and critical chance and increases your critical damage to 250%. Parrrley + critical + critical + basic attack with Sheen = insane damage. You should have this out by 30 minutes.

This is awesome because it makes you attack and move faster and it makes you able to get the 250% crit from Infinity Edge more often. The speed boost from one of these with Raise Morale and Ionian bots of lucidity pretty much only let Master Yi get away from you. I alwaays start it with a Zeal because it provides all 3 boosts instead of only a crit boost.

I usually only get this if they have a mage like Annie or Veigar that is capable of dealing massive burst damage that can pretty much kill you in half a second. It's great for preventing Annie's Stun and causing her to waste Summon: Tibbers. If they don't have a mage or somebody capable of burst damage, it can be replaced with a situational item.

I added this into the main build because otherwise you lack health and armor. It's great when they have lots of AD champs, and using it's active effect in team fights can change it from a winning fight t a losing fight. If you want, it can be replaced with a situational item.

, , The 3 elixirs are things I don't often see people get but that help a lot. Always use an Elixir of Agility after you get your Zeal. If the game lasts long enough for you to finish your build, carry all 3. The 8% crit, 22% attack speed, 40 ability power, 10% CDR and 10 attack damage will be a surprisingly nice increase to your overall damage output.

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Situational items

For the first build I would recommend replacing the second Phantom Dancer or the Wriggle's Lantern if you don't use the ward effect. For the second build I would replace either the Randuin's Omen or Wriggle's Lantern. I recommend always keeping at least one defensive item.

If they have a lot of AD champs and they're giving you trouble

Same as Thornmail

Same as Thornmail

If you're really having trouble with the mages

920 more HP plus another 450 over time. Your ult is good for farming it.

Some armor and critical. Also 2% of you HP is added to your attack damage. It's particularly effective when used with a fully stacked Warmog's Armor

Personally, I don't like snowball items. They just make the enemy team focus you. But if you like snowball items, feel free.

The only reason it's not in my main build is because I prefer to keep my Wriggle's for the free ward.

Awesome for mowing down tanks if they start stacking armor.

Once again good for destroying tanks. I'd only recommend getting it if they have more than 2 tanks that aren't stacking magic resist.

If they have lots of crowd control or AP champs these are great.

If you prefer these over Ionian Boots of Lucidity, that's your choice. I just like the 15% CDR because it lets me use my Parrrley more often, which is particularly useful if you want to harass while you're holding a lane and is very useful when ganking.

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Items I don't recommend

At first glance it might seem really good; Attack, HP, and a slow! I personally don't think it's that great on Gangplank. Your basic attacks and Parrrley already slow the enemies by 7%. Also, the effect of Frozen Mallet's slow using Parrrley is reduced to 30%.

I just don't find this item that useful. Most people will notice that there's a white aura type thing around you and will stand around to kill you after you're revived.

Any items that mainly give AP. Items that give AP only add to Remove Scurvy and Cannon Barrage. The AP ratio to Cannon Barrage is ridiculously low and Remove Scurvy should only be used for removing crowd control. If you need to heal, the 380 base at level 18 should suffice.

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Summoner Spells

In my opinion, Smite is essential for all junglers to jungle quickly and effectively.

I just like Flash. It's great for escaping and can also help you catch up if a person you've ganked is getting away.

Optional spells
Exhaust Helps make sure you get a kill when you gank
Teleport It's a decent spell as it allows you to jump right into a team fight, go push a turret, or defend a turret. I just like Flash more.
Rally Pretty good when you're pushing turrets mid game and in team fights. If you choose to take it, I suggest using the point in sorcery to get improved rally.

Spells I do not recommend
Ghost You have enough speed from your Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Raise Morale, and Phantom Dancer(s).
Heal : You have Remove Scurvy if you really need heal.
Revive : Useless skill. 9 minute cooldown
Cleanse : You have Remove Scurvy
Fortify : In my opinion, only a support or tank should take this spell
Clarity : Most of the time you will have blue buff so there's no need for more mana
Ignite : Useless. You have Grog Soaked Blade and most of the time you will have red buff.
Clairvoyance : In my opinion, only a support or tank should take this spell.

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Skill Sequence

This is your passive. It adds a stack of poison that deals 3+x damage per second for 3 seconds, where x is your current level. It also applies a 7% slow for 3 seconds. Both poison and slow stack 5 times.

Your main skill. It is extremely powerful when your critical chance is very high and you have an Infinity Edge. It applies both effects from Grog Soaked Blade. It will be maxed first.

This skill is awesome. It heals and removes crowd control. Never go into a team fight if it's on cooldown.

A great skill both passively and actively. It increases your movement speed and attack damage passively and when activated boosts your entire team's mvoement speed and attack damage. Great for pushing turrets and team fights.

Your ultimate. You can cast it to anywhere from anywhere. It deals damage and slows. Perfect when you're going in for a gank or you see someone escaping from a team fight with low HP. Don't fret using it on a creep wave that's piling up at one of your turrets. It has a relatively low cooldown.

Remember: R>Q>E>W

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I've added a second build taking suggestions from the comments and adding in my own ideas. the Avarice Blade was removed because I feel Sheen is much more effective and the blade took 25 minutes to pay for itself. I left the first build up because ti still works, I just prefer the second build.

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Always remember:
1) Gank any time the opportunity is available. Even if you're not done your route and you have enough HP, go for it.
2) Ward the map, particularly Baron, Dragon, Red, Blue, and the river.
3) Counter jungle
4) Buy an Oracle Elixir and destroy any invisible thing you see.

Thank you for reading my guide. Please leave feedback on any way you think I can improve it.