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Hecarim Build Guide by Kotizers

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kotizers

Hecarim: A Horse in the jungle!

Kotizers Last updated on February 2, 2013
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Huh? Nothing much to say.. I just like Hecarim and i play him alot and hes my main if i go without a premade team because he can CARRY if feeded... So far Hecarim is my favourite because i do good with him. Im an eune player and i love going jungle.
By all means, TRY HIM!

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Consider going Jungle

Hecarim should go jungle! I've tryed going top with him but... It just dosent work out that good.. He needs to go jungle to get that farm and get thouse few kills. If he stays top and gets no kills then he isnt going to do that good.. Unless your matchup is squishy and is easy to kill. If going top he can harass with his q but i dont find him to be THAT good top. Well, thats just my opinion.. I've read a few guides about solo top hecarim but... I dont know.. Just dosent work out for me ;)

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Im not THAT good at the game and my grammar isnt that good too.. And i never made a guide before... ...Soooo before disliking just post a comment what you dont like about this guide and please excuse me for my not-so-good grammar

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Summoner Spells

Take Ghost and Smite.. Every jungler but shaco needs a smite (he only needs smite for stealing). Ghost can make ur ganks better/Chasing easyer/Escaping easyer.

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Pros / Cons, Tips / Tricks

Good movement speed
Good survivability
Has the ability to escape and save teammates
Invincible in team fights if you have a adc or ap teammate that does high damage
Can do good damage
His ult can change games and his ult can also help other champions, perhaps:
You ultimate, knock theyr ADCARRY in your team and while they are all feared people like-
Cassi can go in and use her ult and not get damage that much.
If people understand that they have to focus u early game (unless ur tank) then u get shutdown.
(If playing against )
Why people should focus hecarim? Because if you stop him from ulting or atacking ur ADCARRY then you can win! Also hec is a great chaser.. Soo when there are like 2 of you left on low hp- he can turret dive you and kill you.. So its smart to focus hec early game.

Pro tips: Dont counter jungle hecarim. Just dont! You cant kill him that easy unless ur bruce le- Ehm.. I mean lee sin. Hecarim is a great counter to Fiddle sticks because his e can do dmg to and also stop his health drain.

Tips / Tricks:
With your ult u can jump over walls!
Dont use ur E all the time. Use it only for running or knocking enemys in ur team or stopping theyr channel. Bad tops: Garen, Yorick, Jax. They will escape you. Hecarims W can heal you to full hp if your team is doing damage to enemys in the circle of your lifesteal "Circle".
Important thing to know: Your smite actualy HEALS you for quite a bit if you use it while your W is active/Your E does damage to turrets!
If you have Iceborn Gauntlet then consider pushing and killing turrets because your E can do dmg to turrets and iceborn gauntlet works on turrets too! So spam your q at the turret.. q dosent hit turret but it activates ur iceborn gauntlet's effect wich does quite alot dmg. Iceborn gauntlet is very good on hecarim because hecarims Q is spammable! And you can activate the iceborn gauntlets special effect alot more often.
..Psst, another good tip is:
Feed him carrots, hes a horse!

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Creeping / Jungling

jungle route is pretty simple: Wolfs with a leash, Blue with a leash ---> Wraiths ----> Wolfs ---> Red ---> Golems, Recall. Then go gank and when you have iceborn gauntlet start destroying turrets!

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Post your thougths and help me

Post your thougths about this guide.
Its my first guide
..Psst, please help me improve it.. This big block of rainbow colored text is making me dizzy :/

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About hecarim

at the moment is quite strong. He does good damage but is very strong late game. He needs atleast a few kills (3-4) to start doing good. His Devastating Charge will take a time to master and be carefull with his Onslaught of Shadows. Dont waste it!
Uses for it:
Defending turrets
Leading a charge/Initating
Saving ur ADCARRY from a whole team
And remember, you are the one who starts the teamfight. And you also are the one who wins it :P

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Why take Hecarim and what items and teammates are good with him

can turn the tide of the battle around! From a losing game you can make it into a win! He CAN carry if feeded. Consider taking items like Thornmail or Twin Shadows-
Thornmail does a GOOD job because if combined with your Spirit of Dread it can actualy heal you for the damage that Thornmail does.
And Twin Shadows are very good! Isnt it just funny how all of a sudden- The enemy is doing baron and 2 ghosts run up to them, A horse with spectral riders jumps in and Smite theyr baron and runs away.. ..Its just such a good scouting item!
I almost ALWAYS take Twin Shadows if we are not winning.. Basicly- flying vision wards that chase enemys! What can be better? So.. Yea. Hes pretty good with this item.. Consider taking Hecarim if enemy has squishy teammates. I find myself getting countered by Garen and Yorick + Jax alot because i cant quite gank them.. They either slow me or they just spin to theyr tower :/ Dont you find that a bit annoying?
Well i do. Talking about hecarim.. He can chase down almost anything and he has fast clear time and is hard to counterjungle. Hecarim shines the moust if you go tank with him or offtank because you can dish out alot of damage with ur Iceborn Gauntlet. I usually rush Sheen with him but if im falling back i go for the Spirit of the Elder Lizard for survivability and extra healing from my Spirit of Dread in teamfights. Spirit Visage is always my fourth item. I get Iceborn Gauntlet, Spirit of elder wizard, mercury's threads and then Spirit Visage.. And if you are being pushed too much you can just get the homeguard enchantment and beat the sh** out of the enemys in ur base.
So? You probaly wonder whats a good team with hecarim?
Well a good team with him is good damage dealers that have slows, from my expierience this is what i like in my team
Anivia or Veigar mid. (Anivia is very good help) Or also Katarina is good- Who needs CC if the enemy is already dead?
Bot lane: Lulu and anything with a slow
And top lane i like irelia because she can help me with ganks even if she is low on hp because then she can stun. If enemys are focusing u when u are jumping in teammfights- consider getting health items or resistance items. And at early games u usualy die when charging in teamfights so.. lulus ultimate can help you there quite a lot. I like hecarim because he dosent need a premade team that much as other champs... but if you have a premade team and you are talking on skype- then hecarim can be really good :P However if you want to go top with him- go ahead. He is UNGANKABLE!
Hecarim does need quite alot of mana at the begging and he also needs blue. Dont give your blue away untill level 10.

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does need that farm. If he gets a good farm or gets to clean up a wave of minions while an ally needs to recall, its always good. Hecarim can be VERY, VERY, VERY strong if feeded.. He can also carry his team (Yep, because he has a saddle) if feeded. So. He needs kills or farm to shine more! And earlyer! I usually do bad at early game but then end up super good late game. A few games before, i had a score of 17/0/38 wich i think is pretty good considering that our lee sin got a pentakill because of my help. Hecarim can snowball REALLY hard if he gets kills.. Hes also a great turretdiver if you get Ohmwrecker or some hp items. I love to play hecarim because NOONE ESCAPES HIM (Mobafire, y u no add shake effect?!)

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Lets go trougth the items

Thornmail Is a good pick. It heals you while you are using your Spirit of Dread and is almost a MUST against AD team.
Guardian Angel Gives even more survivability, even more chance of escaping, and is a overall-good item.
Spirit of the Elder Lizard Once again, your Spirit of Dread benefits from this and heals you for more
Iceborn Gauntlet It is a MUST on Hecarim. It gives you survivability, extra damage against turrets, and works good with your Devastating Charge
The Black Cleaver You can get this if the enemy is very squishy or you are dominating.
Sword of the Occult If you are getting feeded, by all means, get this! It gives great extra damage.
Tiamat Not much to say.. Isn't that good unless you get it super early or go backdoor
Twin Shadows Its good for scouting baron or where the enemys are.. Basicly, a floating ward.
Warmog's Armor Gives good survivability and extra hp.. You can get it whenever you wish
Wriggle's Lantern Hecarim doesnt really benefit from this item.. I'd rather just buy something else
Youmuu's Ghostblade Its good for making better ganks or better initations to do extra dmg or escape.
Zeke's Herald Can help your team in teamfights and also gives some survivability..
Zephyr If you don't have merc threads but some other boots and you need CD reduction and extra damage then take this. Its a good item on Hecarim
Zhonya's Hourglass You can get this if you are getting turretdives or you want your Spirit of Dread to do more damage.. not really that good for Hec
Sunfire Cape Gives extra healing from Spirit of Dread and also gives more survivability. A good item on Hec, early or late game, it helps.
Spirit Visage You have to get this. its a must. It dosent give you THAT much extra healing, but it gives you enough to stay in a teamfight longer and also gives you survivability. A very good pick on Hecarim
Shurelya's reverie Its a good item. It helps you and ur team escape from tricky situations.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter Actualy.. Its not that bad of a item on hec. It slows, it gives you health and it gives your Spirit of Dread extra dmg! Its a wierd pick but go ahead..
Quicksilver Sash A VERY good item if enemy has hard CC and you are dominating. This can save you ALOT. Especialy if you are dominating- it will prevent the enemy from shutting u down.
Overlord's Bloodmail Sure, get it! If you are not doing that good, then this item is good. It gives survivability and even more survivability if someone dies.
Maw of Malmortius A good choice. More survivability and damage!
Locket of the Iron Solari It can help you initate and also save ur teammates.
Infinity Edge Hecarim dosent really need this.. it dosent give any extra hp so its not that good on him.
Hextech Gunblade You can build ur hecarim as a hybrid and take this..
Guinsoo's Rageblade Same as Hextech
Frozen Mallet You can take this even tough you dont need it because youve got ur iceborn gauntlet..