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Evelynn Build Guide by Sylvant

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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sylvant

How to: Hybrid Evelynn

Sylvant Last updated on November 24, 2014
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This guide is currently outdated, i am planning to do a major revision, but till then avoid using it!

Evelynn is probably the most versatile hybrid champion in the game. Her abilities scales well with both attack damage and ability power and almost every item in the game can benefit her more or less. She can be played as a magic damage caster, as a melee assassin, or a mix of both. Her main weapons are ambush and deception.
In this guide i try to provide the reader with all the knowledge i claim to know about her and also show the uncommon way to play her as a hybrid, outside of the meta standards. You will find detailed stats, masteries, runes, items explanations along with other stuff, you might find useful not only while playing hybrid eve, but also while playing other builds and champions.
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Pros / Cons

Her Pros

  • Her unique invisibility Shadow Walk makes the use of Stealth Ward less effective and requires the enemy to go a whole another level of awareness
  • Hybrid damage makes her hard to counter
  • Dark Frenzy gives her built in counter to slows and great mobility in fights
Build Pros
  • Great sustain damage
  • Strong Life steal and spell vamp to sustain her in fights
  • Deals with her natural squishiness and leads her into great fighter
  • Able to make use of various items, giving us wide option range
Her Cons
  • Squishy
  • Vulnerable to CC apart from slows
  • Close range
  • Lack CC early game, one of the main tools of a jungler
  • Hard to cooperate with certain champions/play styles
  • She is often recognized as main target and victim of counter-jungling, thats why she needs a bit of cooperation from her team
  • Mana dependent early game
Build Cons
  • Not as high Burst damage
  • Requires good gold income, especially early game

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Stats Importance

To make the best choices for your masteries, runes, items and everything, you must understand how stats affect you and which of them will help you the great deal according to the path you've chosen. In this guide the emphasis is on Hybrid-Jungle-Evelynn. Our damage type is hybrid, magic damage used to be greater, but duo to the patch 4.1 and change to Ravage, physical damage has weighted. Usually magic dmg will be slightly more of the dmg u deal to champions and phys dmg superior while farming jungle, but this also depends on what order you purchase your items and skilling up your abilities.

Attack Damage and Ability Power

Both affect nearly same way your Hate Spike and Ravage bonus dmg, the difference is, you can achieve quite more AP compared to AD, AP will also affect your Agony's Embrace damage while Ad your normal attacks . Duo to the nature of this build, we rely a lot on our attacks for effective damage in jungling and fighting champs and we mostly use Agony's Embrace as a slow and defensive tool, rather than a damage tool. So we get to the conclusion AD is slightly more preferred.


With the current state of the game, to counter magic dmg for example, you can rely mostly on resistance and health, to avoid your magic damage get countered you rely mostly on magic pen; pretty much the same goes to Physical damage and Armor pen. Whit this said, a way to make your enemy hardly counter your damage is to generate hybrid damage and true damage. Hybrid damage cant be countered by only stacking resistance or armor, your enemy must have both, which makes his task harder. In the same way, penetrating either his resistance or armor will improve your dmg only partially. There is currently no item that will give you good amount or way to penetrate both armor and resistance. The only reliable penetration we got is from Devastating Strikes and thats why its so valuable. Another option are Greater Quintessence of Hybrid Penetration and greater mark of hybrid penetration, but id not recommend using them over AD runes.

Increased Attack Speed

This is an important for you stat, cus as already said you rely on your attacks, but duo to the fact you get it in big amount from your Ravage, its not a stat you strive for. According wiki sources, it takes about ~239% bonus AS for Evelynn to reach the cap at level 18, thats when any extra AS wont have effect. You get 120% AS from Ravage at max level, 2,5% from Fury , this leaves you with a soft cap of ~116 extra AS from items. You will eventually get 30% AS from Trinity Force and up to 52%(with full stacks and on low hp) from Guinsoo's Rageblade. Any additional AS from items can go wasted, considering you can get extra AS from your allies, like Warwick's Hunters Call, or Ardent Censer.


Mobility is also very important for eve, especially when in jungle and roaming. You will find yourself crossing the map back and forth and rarely standing in place waiting for the right moment to execute an ambush. As close range champ, speed is especially important to reach your target.

Armor, Resistance and Health

Those are valued for you as a close range champion thats supposed to stand in the heart of the battle. Not only this, but eve is generally a squishy champion and her natural defenses are mobility and deception. Since you have a large shield provided from your Agony's Embrace, Armor and Resistance value slightly more compared to health, so too big amount of life is not advised.


Cooldown can be awesome on eve, but its not a stat to strive for. Your Hate Spike, is generally spammable and cd doesnt affect it much, your Dark Frenzy resets after kills or assists and if timed well, you can counter every slow and keep it up through out the entire battle. As said earlier, we mostly utilize the utility part of our Agony's Embrace, thats why cd is also slighly less valuable on it. The only skill where cd would be fully valued as long as it doesnt overcome the IAS buff duration is Ravage

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Eve have hard time jungling early game, thats why Smite is essential to have. Flash does not need explanation either, it is a must for any regular champ. Anyway, you may find Exhaust, Ignite and Heal useful in certain situation, but i strongly advise you not to pick them

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Considering the info from the Stats Importance section of this guide and the currently present rune choices, the best pick for your runes page would be:

As a melee jungler, eve needs that extra armor, especially early on when starting your jungle rout

As melee champion, thats supposed to go close range, she is often targeted thats why she needs extra resistance as well

I pick attack damage to support my basic attack and Hate Spike, Ravage damage

Same reasoning as marks

Greater Quintessence of Hybrid Penetration greater mark of hybrid penetration are an inferior runes choice, even using a hybrid build, but thats a bit more complicate and if you wish to learn more you can scroll down the following table with runes effectiveness(made by me so i dont claim its entirely correct)

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Evelynn primary role is assassin, eventho this guide makes her into a fighter, her main weapon still remains damage, thats why most of our points are invested in offense and as a jungler we pick few jungle specific masteries. Here is bit more of explanation to mastery choices that may raise question in some players:
Double-Edged Sword and Unyielding are very good choice as a melee class, cus eve gets most of it
Butcher and Tough Skin are vital as a hard jungler, what eve is. Feast use is arguable, as you dont kill as many monsters in the jungle and Spirit Stone and its later upgrades give more reliable health sustain options, while Bladed Armor suits better to a tanky junglers that rely on other sources of damage rather then their raw power.(as a side note, not once as i used it in the past, ive found myself taking a monster buff that was meaned for another player)
Expose Weakness is often neglected by supports and other champs, thats why its good, to have it as a jungler.
We pick all the flat AD and AP masteries, but skip Warlord and Archmage as they are more effective if you focus on building large amounts in either of them.

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Skills Explanation

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is the ability that makes Eve different from all other champs and all other invisible champs. Makes Stealth Ward a lot less usefull, as it cant track you and will only help if placed in a bush you are hiding and an enemy approach it. The passive forces the enemy team to use vision wards, because its the only available option. In addition, it helps you manage your mana

This ability gives you the needed sustained damage for jungling and helps you chase down/kill targets, in situations when you are lacking the burst potential to assassinate them fast. Its your main tool to faster stack Dark Frenzy speed boost and Guinsoo's Rageblade. You can also use it to consume spell shields like Spell Shield and Banshee's Veil

Place a point in it after you picked your 2 other basic abilities, its essential for faster moving between jungle camps and especially to overcome slows and keep up your blazing speed in team fights.

It is your opener and only burst tool. You max this first for more burst in ganks and faster jungle clear. It provides you with a massive attack speed boost, so stacking too much attack speed on eve is not advised, as you could go over the cap. You can use Ravage on nearby minions while sieging a turret, to make use of the attack speed buff

Just like any other ultimate, you place point in it anytime its available. Since you are not focusing on AP, its damage wont be impressive and we mostly rely on its utility, thats why, eventho it does more dmg when used to initiate, when the enemy has more health, its also reasonable to keep for later use, to make sure your enemy wont run away, or when you actually need the shield. Always try to use it on more targets, to expand the shield. When playing against certain champs like Zed and Fizz, that are able to avoid it with Living Shadow, Death Mark and Playful / Trickster respectively, its advised to use your ultimate after you make sure they have their respective evade tool on CD.

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Items Explanation

Starting Items

Hunter's Machete is taken on any jungle, this goes with stronger force on eve, repeating for the 100th time, she is hard to jugnle with. Health Potion you will have to keep supply of, until you complete your Spirit of the Elder Lizard. Continue with upgrading to Spirit Stone and purchase Boots of Speed, when you go back to vendor


Scrying Orb fits eve the best. It helps you scout for hidden in bushes Vision Ward, Bushwhack, Yordle Snap Trap and similar
Consider going for Oracle's Lens against champions like Kha'Zix, Vayne, Teemo and Greater Vision Totem against Rengar, another Evelynn and such

Jungle & Gold Income

Your main priority early game is getting a jungle sustain item and there are quite a few reasons. You must provide yourself with gold income and it is also widely believed jungler should pass kills to the respective laner and you make no excuse out of the rule. You need more life and mana sustain than anyone else, as you are supposed to kill creeps on your own. Right now the best available option for this build is Spirit of the Elder Lizard, which has a true damage bonus and a life/mana replenish effect based on damage dealt, which fits perfectly to you as a damage dealer. Spirit of the Spectral Wraith is ap casters oriented and becomes worthy only if you stack ap. Spirit of the Ancient Golem used to be heavily supported by this build, cus it was a great way to increase durability and sustain of more squishy damage dealers, by providing flat health bonus, tenacity and similar replenishment effect like Spirit of the Elder Lizard and Spirit of the Spectral Wraith, but that is no longer true. With the changes of patch 4.11, now its aimed to tanky champs, giving less flat health in return of additional percentage health, it no longer provides % modifier to your damage dealt to monsters, but rather extra damage on hit based on targets health and its replenish effect not determined by your damage.
Feral Flare fits well on eve, but compared to Spirit of the Elder Lizard, it does not go so well on this item build. You already have a good amount of AS from items and Ravage and extra AS wont scale well on you, plus you can go over the cap. As a side note Feral Flare on hit damage effect is not affected by spell vamp


Out of all the boots options, Boots of Mobility simply fits eve the best. Apart from shorting the travel time between jungle camps, reaching heat locations and such, it gives you the fastest option to approach the enemy in your skills range. Should not worry the bonus is lost as soon as you start the battle, as thats when your Dark Frenzy and Trinity Force turns on. Ofc you are advised to try other boots according to the enemy you face, like Ninja Tabi against heavy AD team, or Mercury's Treads vs heavy CC. I would not pick Berserker's Greaves since you already have a lot of attack speed provided from other items and abilities, Dark Frenzy makes Boots of Swiftness pretty useless; you do hybrid damage and Sorcerer's Shoes wont improve it much.
About boots upgrade, feel free to improvise, id go Captain if my team lacks such, as sometimes you can surpass your allies and can be crucial they join you sooner, or lead them out of danger while invisible, providing them bonus speed. Furor could repay even more for the loss of speed once you enter battle and Homeguard is simply awesome


Right after you took care for jungle sustain and mobility, its time to build some more damage. You should pick at least one of the items bellow before heading for extra defensive items

Guinsoo's Rageblade is cheap, yet very good option, it simply fits so well to Evelynn. You will be able to charge up the stacks quite fast and keep it up non-stop effortlessly. It also has an emergency passive, if u fall bellow half hp, you get bonus attack speed and life steal/spell vamp, which last until battle is over, with pretty short cd. Everything this item offers you put in great use.

Words are not enough to describe the coolness of this item on eve and on this build in particular. Every bit of it is used. Bonus health, passive MS boost, additional MS when hitting killing minion/champion and ofc extra damage. You wont even have to time Spellblade, it should be up as soon as its out of cd.

Another jewel in the eve itemization. This build relies a lot on its health recovery provided from spell vamp and life leech, you'll be filling your life points in matter of seconds. A good way to do that can be a small jungle camp. Its slow on use effect is the extra slow you lack.

Transition Defensive Items

As soon as you feel like you have enough damage, but starting to feel too squishy, it is time to go for some extra survivability. Depending on your needs and current items, you can get one of the complete defensive items, or just get its base and continue with seeking more damage.


For now i wont be including here items that trade some defensive stats for offense, like Maw of Malmortius, Mercurial Scimitar, Abyssal Mask and such, as eventho they could synergy well with eve, you will gimp an important defensive stat like armor/resistance and/or health combined with the other item choices.
When making your final items decision take in mind what damage you have to deal with, magic, physical, or both in most cases and how tanky you have to be according your team setup. Always try to get a chunk of both health, resistance and armor.

This is my personal favorite, its bonus to healing regeneration effects synergy well with all your spell vamp and life leech.

Out of the armor source items, this is the best one. I wont be going into details of its uses as its quite common

This is another option to replace omen, if you meet the following conditions: there is already omen owner in your team, your team is tanky, you dont need as much armor, your enemy does not stack a lot of resistance and the magic damage aura will be good damage addition.

This lets you deal with annoying Stuns and similar CC's and generally screw up the enemy combo

Very good decision against strong ADCs and AD assassins relying a lot on normal attacks, it will also lower the chance they focus you

Thats the only way to balance your armor and resistance while being able to use all the 3 offensive items above in addition with your jungler item and boots. It makes you slightly less appealing target as well, but puts your hp pretty low, you will have to rely mostly on your Agony's Embrace shield

Complete Item Builds

Most reliable item builds

This items choice relies on Ninja Tabi for defense vs AD champs and Spirit Visage for resistance and increased effect of all your life steal/spell vamp effects

Here we switch to Mercury's Treads for resistance/tenacity and Randuin's Omen for additional health and armor

This is another option, where we sacrifice Trinity Force for Iceborn Gauntlet, which provides us the needed armor and its hit effect synergy so well with Spirit of the Elder Lizard

Luxery Build

This is a more expensive and improved gear choice, it can be used for longer games, when you have a solid gold incom, gives more overall armor and resistance as well as utility. It suggest that you sell Spirit of the Elder Lizard once you are done farming with your core items. The two defensive items at the end of the listed items can be replaced with other similar mentioned above, according to your needs and preferences

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Beside tips on Evelynn, part of this contain general knowledge about jungling and repeats or mentions important parts of the champion play style i forgot to write.
First of all you must know She is not easy to handle champion and is hard to play, not only in terms of skill requiring, but also in terms of taking care of your gold income, items dependency, your cooperation with team, your interaction with the enemy. There are different scenarios which you can use for ganking, team fights and other activities.

When to use your skills

Use Dark Frenzy to move between monster camps and keep your Guinsoo's Rageblade stacks, but care if there is any threat by your enemy. DO NOT waste it as soon as you initiate a fight unless certain your enemy have no slows to shut you down(which is pretty much never). Keep it up until a slow is used on you to remove it, to do so, you must know the enemy champion arsenal of slows. Use Dark Frenzy in the heat of the battle, before you are certain you are going to get a kill or assist, if its off CD. Watch over your mana early game to ensure you wont enter in battle against champions or monsters even, without the required amount. Focus on easy to pick on damage dealers, ADCs and such, you are assassin after all. Dont waste you ultimate on every opportunity. It is the skill that can turn the tides of a battle, make sure it will land, by letting your enemy use skills like Rappel, Playful / Trickster. It is your tool of entering in the heart of the battle. It can save a teammate thats chased, by slowing the enemy(s). Often you can serve as a moving ward duo to your Shadow Walk

Farming in the Jungle

Dont fall out with items progress. Once you have Spirit of the Elder Lizard time its extra gold passive and dont let it go wasted, make sure your team dont steal much of your jungle camps, in return dont take their lane farm. Try pass them kills, show them you are not the usual selfish jungler, this will make sure your team is doing well with gold and wont need your constant care and ganking. Try becoming independent from the need of blue and red buffs, pass them to a teammate, mage/ad champ respectively.
Ask for your team assistance when starting with Blue Golem(yes you start from it). You will often get counter-jungled by champs such as Lee Sin, Jarvan IV, Shaco and Vi that have great mobility and feel more comfortable in the jungler, in such case ask your team for assistance and wards. Use your trinket on nearby bushes when going for a jungle camp(especially buff monsters). Learn how to position yourself and pull monster camps, so you hit the most targets with your Hate Spike. The only hard place to do it is the wraiths, hitting the big one and 2 of the small is fine, all you need is practice. Just like anybody else and this rule is especially valid for you- early game is the most important time to get some farm.


It can be hard at 1st as you lack the usual damage and/or CC the most junglers have, so dont waste your time in multiple early ganks unless something tells you its a good idea to do it, like a teammate that feel certain in his kill ability and need only a slight help. Your best friends are ambush and deception, your positioning is very important. You have various ganking routs on your disposal. Dont scare your prey away too early, let them engage a fight and join in while the chance is on your side. Track the enemy champs on the map and their health, if they are farming their lane on low life, try ambush them if possible. Keep track of the enemy jungler movement, try stealing monster camps of his part of the jungle field, or try counterganking him. You can easily prowl while he is killing a monster and steal the killing blow with smite if he is careless. As a jungle, it is your duty to keep track of drake and baron later in game, have your smite prepared for them and ask your team assistance if the right moment occurs.

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Eve and the current meta

In this section i'll explain why some builds dont fit Evelynn, how some gone from good to bad and why the meta suggest a specific build. It is only my opinion and i dont claim its the absolute truth.
Generally the 3 options you have as Evelynn are AP, AD and Hybrid. I wont go back in the past when eve was non-viable champ, cus thats not relevant. She got quite few transformations after her major rework. First she was recognized as an AP mid champion, that roams and provides extra gank threat to the enemy. Later from mid, she went to jungle, being one of the few AP junglers and here we are today as she is no longer played as AP, but as AD jungler. The reasons for all those transformations are many and they are laid in all aspects of the game, like small changes in Evelynn ability toolkit, changes in her desired items, changes in her enemies and so on. Of coarse all those changes are initially noticed by the competitive players, that sets the pace of the game. People follow their example, picking their champions, their roles, their item builds.
I'll start with explaining why was she initially recognized as an AP mid champ. Well that was her natural location, her stealth makes her an awesome roamer and on mid she has fast access to the side lanes. All her abilities were doing magic damage and scaling with AP. Her ultimate was a lot more stronger, doing damage based on maximum health instead of current health, with a high percentage values, combined with the old Deathfire Grasp it could burst down even a heavy tank in a matter of second.
Now i miss the point when she was allocated from mid to a jungler. I believe her ability to farm in lane was diminished, while her mid enemies learned how to deal with her. New jungler items was also present and she was provided with the option to go there.
LoL devs were not happy with her state and they kept hitting on her abilities. The result so far is, her ult got heavily nerfed, her Hate Spike also nerfed in several ways, Ravage no more doing magic damage. This made her damage a mix of magic and physical and penetrating either armor or resistance is only partially useful. This lowered the effect on her damage of Deathfire Grasp and Liandry's Torment, which were also heavily nerfed. All this makes building AP quite uncomfortable.
Unfortunately hybrid never came to a competitive stage. Initially AP was simply superior to it and currently because the LoL meta is simply not comforting building that way. There is only few true hybrid items, with the main being Trinity Force and Hextech Gunblade, but they are simply very expensive and hard to build. Generally its a lot more easier to stack either attack damage or ability power, with things like Archmage , Warlord , Rabadon's Deathcap. Also penetrating effectively both armor and resistance is impossible, its a lot more easier to penetrate either of them, with items like The Black Cleaver, Last Whisper or Void Staff.
Right now "AD Eve" is the most viable option, relying on hit effect damage such as Blade of the Ruined King and Feral Flare combined with high attack speed, while building defensive items as well, as she is no more a bursty champion that relies on finishing her opponent before she gets focused.