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Evelynn Build Guide by Sylvant

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sylvant

Dont let your victim see the blade

Sylvant Last updated on June 16, 2018
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AP assassin

Evelynn Build

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Electrocute
LoL Rune: Sudden Impact
Sudden Impact
LoL Rune: Eyeball Collection
Eyeball Collection
LoL Rune: Relentless Hunter
Relentless Hunter

LoL Path: Inspiration
LoL Rune: Approach Velocity
Approach Velocity
LoL Rune: Future's Market
Future's Market

+12 Attack Damage or +20 Ability Power, Adaptive

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Win 52%
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Words by the author

Hello Evelynn lovers, mains and players who are only checking her! My nickname is Sylvant and ive been playing League for few years. Shortly since this adventure began, i fell in love with Evelynn. Ive always enjoyed to play less common characters and paths and Eve had that potential. She was unique and versatile. Many would get harm of playing her and many would despise you for doing so. But if you managed to overlook them and reveal the champion true potential, she rewards you greatly in return.
Evelynn has gone through many changes and even reincarnations. She(and we, the players) experienced a lot of nerfs and rough times. She has been played on mid, but mostly established in the jungle. Beside AP, she could be played AD and hybrid with various off builds. She could behave as an assassin, mage, a bruiser, or even a tank, but her main weapons always remain ambush and deception.
After fooling around for a long time, i decided its time to let go of her fun builds, take a step forward and climb with her in ranked. Ive acquired a vast experience and general knowledge about the game mechanics, which ill submit in this guide and offer you the best ways of playing her as well as additional options and less common strategies. Most importantly, ill explain the logic behind different choices, and provoke you, the reader, to acquire the ability to choose on your own.

champion rework summary

patch notes


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Champion summary

Evelynn is plain and simple an AP assassin. Her play-style is greatly restricted and she is pretty much good in one thing- provide gank pressure and assassinate champions, especially squishy ones, but this too does not come for free and requires up to game performance. Her items pool is very limited and consist only of bunch of items. AP is the stat she benefits primarily and then, she needs magic penetration in accordance to her targets resistance. Cooldown reduction is a stat Eve can make use, but is only supplementary and should be considered as a bonus and not a factor when choosing items. The main thing you should be looking for is unique item features. Since Evelynn gameplay is dangerous, items with counterplay features like Hourglass and Banshee are often required.
Evelynn unique feature is the permanent stealth past level 6, which sets her apart of all other assassins and champions overall. She posses variety of mobility and CC tools, but they all come under conditions and are not as universal. The champion early game is slightly weak and there are certain milestones to be met, before you can do this or that.


  • Great roam and flank potential past level 6
  • Strong jungle clear and health sustain
  • Simple straightforward itemization
  • High damage potential
  • Multifunctional abilities
  • Has mobility and CC features
  • Great between-combats recovery


  • Weak pre-level 6
  • Medium range
  • Limited objectives control
  • Dangerous gameplay
  • Fight gap once she executes her initial combo
  • Her abilities hold drawbacks and can backfire

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Pre-game customization(Spells & Runes)

Eve is reliable on the cookie cutter spells combo for junglers. Smite is mandatory because its required to buy jungle item and get enough exp from monsters. Flash compensate the lack of universal mobility tool

Runes Reforged

The intuitive approach to decide your runes is to pick among the keystones first. Electrocute works best in conjunction with Eve abilities and purpose and overall, Dominion is a tree with complementing the champion runes. Sudden Impact is the most remarkable, providing the so valuable penetration under specific conditions Eve meets thoroughly. On the mid bracket, Eyeball Collection seems the most fitting. The bottom bracket offers different bonuses piling up on scoring takedowns, where the out of combat MS of Relentless Hunter seems the best choice. Choosing an off tree is more tricky and often depends on playstyle and per game. I found myself switching between few setups, but finally ended up with Precision as my main choice, which was solely determined by one single rune- Coup de Grace, which offers additional assassin power to low hp targets. I use Triumph as a supplementary rune.

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Skills Explanation

Begin the game with Hate Spike. Its Evelynn main tool of dealing with monsters. As a second ability we go with Allure, which is another great weapon vs monsters. Obviously, we leave Whiplash for last. This is also the order you should max up your abilities. The reason Hate Spike has priority is, its spammable against monsters and if you add up all its damage sources, the benefit per skill point is quite big. Allure have many parameters increased with every point, which is why i pick it second. Some would even put it before Hate Spike. Whiplash is last in line because its benefit with levels is marginal. Needless to say we level up the ultimate on every possible occasion.

Demon Shade

After being out of combat for 4 seconds, Evelynn enters Demon Shade. While in this state, she restores hp based on level, while bellow certain threshold, which is further improved by AP. Past level 6, it also grants camouflage, but since it persists only while out of combat, unlike other champs with camouflage, any damage can break the effect.

Evelynn stealth is her signature. It makes her play style unique compared to any other champ, but its also her greatest curse, because it is the reason her ability kit is so restrained.
The passive healing gives her a great out of combat recovery, which lets her reengage. Combined with the stealth effect, she can touch enemies out of guard, not expecting her to be back in shape

Hate Spike

Long range skill shot with low damage. Hitting an enemy makes it vulnerable to next 3 Evelynn attacks and lets Eve recast the ability 3 times to project line of spikes which hits all enemies in their way, dealing low damage again. The ability has reduced cooldown vs monsters. The successive casts focus takes some time to get used.

This is your main combat ability which has several important purposes. The initial skill shot is very important to aim correctly. Its the primary way to proc Allure's effect and also improves your damage. Missing it can lead to a major failure. It has a large AP scaling. The successive casts are good way to negate spell-shields like Spell Shield and Banshee's Veil, but it backfires against mechanics like Maokai passive Sap Magic, or Kassadin's Force Pulse


Wide range cast which marks the target for 5seconds. Hitting the target with Evelynn basic attack or ability applies a slow and returns the mana cost if this happens before 2,5s. If the curse last longer than 2,5s, it charms instead. If the target is champion, it shreds its magic resistance. If its a monster, the charm duration is extended and also deals significant amount of damage

Allure is an ability with very strong potential, but also very tricky to achieve. Landing it correctly, literally decides the outcome of a battle, which can turn from certain kill, to certain death. It has various uses and can be cast in different scenarios. Usually you apply it on your main target and rely on maximum burst. You could also use it for a distraction, make a fake call for your target. It can also discourage enemies preparing for engage, e.g. Lee Sin who is about to follow-cast Q, or Yasuo with full stacked Q. In case there is no time to react, or the enemy is more vulnerable, the slow is enough and waiting extra time for the full effect can be mistake.


Attacks the target, doing damage predominantly based on its maximum health, applying on-hit effects and providing a short burst of speed. Gaining Demon Shade resets the cooldown and empowers the ability. The empowered cast behaves like a short range dash to the target and has increased damage, which also applies on all touched enemies.

This ability improves Eve damage against tanks. Its mobility use is also of significant importance and should be taken in mind.

Last Caress

Does high damage against targets in front and blinks backwards, while becoming untargetable briefly. The damage is greatly increased against targets bellow 30% health

Just like most ultimates, this one has long cooldown and should be used wisely. Not only this, but it contains two main components, which are nearly mutually exclusive in many scenarios and often, you make use of one and take no benefit of the other, or even worse, it backfires. E.g. you might prefer to use it as escape tool, or to reach a target(otherwise out of reach to proc Allure), discarding the damage. Watch for the 30% health mark, because the damage might be disappointing.

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Items Explanation

Starting Items


As an ability and mana user, Hunter's Talisman is generic choice, while Hunter's Machete benefits champs reliant on auto attacks, which Eve is totally not. The remaining starting gold i spend on Health Potion's, because i dont see a reason investing in Refillable Potion and its Hunter's Potion upgrade, since you shouldnt have any problem with mana sustain while clearing the jungle. Warding Totem is used as a counter-jungle prevention or to deep ward the enemy territory. Sweeping Lens is also an option pre-level 6.
On my first shop returns, i rush boots and jungler item upgrades. I dont like The Dark Seal, because potions are not strong part of my "to use" list, there should be no mana problems and snowballing on early kills is unlikely.

Jungle Item

Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes is undoubtedly the best go for an AP assassin, providing additional burst and mana sustain. The combination of Chilling Smite slow and mobility by Aether Wisp come of great use for new Eve in her task of reaching the enemy once Allure is in full effect. Dont forget you can cast smite without triggering Allure.

Vision & Trinkets

Purchase as early as possible and make sure you always have Control Ward on the map. I usually keep mine in the bush behind my red Brambleback, which provides safety against counter-jungle and additional protection for my team against backdoor ganks. Upgrade trinket to Farsight Alteration, which helps to ensure gank rout is not compromised by control ward or traps like Bushwhack and Yordle Snap Trap and allows to deep ward enemy monster camps. Oracle Lens is another option which counters specific threats like Jack In The Box and Noxious Trap.


Boots of Mobility help great deal in roaming and flanking, generally in making sure you can proc Allure accordingly before entering combat, but it can also backfire, if you get stuck in combat before that. Sorcerer's Shoes do not suffer from this gamble effect and offers what an assassin is about- additional damage, plus, it can offer further synergy with other sources of penetration.

Core Damage

Hextech GLP-800 is the best early rush. It offers abundance of stats and easily achievable powerspikes. Its build path contains the most efficient 2nd grade item Hextech Revolver. Duo to Eve scaling extremely well with AP, Rabadon is the ultimate item choice, but beware its expensive, which delays powerspike, so consider if game goes well, or once you established solid items kit. Lich Bane is another great damage boost, but it might be hard to fit it in a final build, considering you might want to focus on other issues like penetration and defensive utility.


Dealing entirely magic damage and damage based on her target's health, magic penetration goes extremely well on Eve and can be mandatory, especially in late game and some scenarios. Duo to Allure magic resistance shred, it can be tricky when you went too far with penetration and other stats were more valuable. Its recommended to limit to either Sorcerer's Shoes or Oblivion Orb in early game. Later in game, when your abilities deal more damage thanks to AP and based on how much resistance the enemy has, you should consider Void Staff as the ultimate solution, or Morellonomicon against less durable enemies, which also provides additional counter healing.

Defensive Utility

Evelynn suggests dangerous play. You are often on the edge and a small mistake or simple ability can screw you greatly. Banshee's Veil and Zhonya's Hourglass both offer amazing defensive features ensuring you can execute your combo. Stats wise, the first offers some magic damage protection, while the other against physical, but thats not of great importance. Whats leading about Banshee's Veil, is the prevention against CC. Hourglass is a great counter against certain abilities like Chum the Waters and Death Mark. The stasis effect also matches the 2,5sec mark of Allure and can work in conjunction. Hourglass build path gives an early edge duo to Stopwatch.

Less viable options

I advise sticking to Protobel up until you feel comfortable to approach your target and execute your combo without the additional dash. Spellbinder seems extremely good on Eve, but has no place in the context of this build, GLP sits on the throne for an early game tool, while Lich and Rabadon fit better for follow-ups


Elixirs are the last brick to complete your build when game takes too long. The choice is pretty much straight-forward.

Example Set

This is an example cookie cutter set, offering the tools to fulfill your role as an assassin. Sorcerer's Shoes offer early magic penetration. GLP gives early powerspikes once finished and thanks to Revolver. Hourglass is the defensive tool of choice, but can be replaced with Banshee. Rabadon and Void puts the final strokes.

Why not to use

There are handful of items which are arguably to use or not and above are few id advise to avoid. Eve no longer has AD scaling, and duo to her combo downtime Hextech Gunblade sustain and damage is no longer applicable. She lost her AS and additional on-hit scaling, which turns Nashor's Tooth less efficient too, plus CDR is not only a supplementary stat. Abyssal Mask only has one extremely good offensive feature, but its stats are far away of what the champion requires. Just a reminder Luden's Echo shares effect with Enchantment: Runic Echoes. Rylai's Crystal Scepter is quite cheap, but its signature feature is of low use for an assassin. The new Liandry's Torment is designed for AP tanks and poke mages which can maintain longer combat presence. Rod of Ages just offers a bunch of cheap stats, some not so relevant and no desirable utility. Archangel's Staff robs early game and one of its main features- mana sustain is of no use to Eve.

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Playstyle & Jungling

Large part of this section is not updated yet

First clear

Evelynn has good clear potential, but is vulnerable to invades and has limited ganking capacity during early game, so play safe and grab only certain gank opportunities. During this time, her ganking pattern is similar to other junglers- announce your presence by pinging and remain in unwarded area until you pick a moment for when the enemy is initiating a trade(e.g. Riven rolling Q combo). Move from behind and mark with Allure once you have a clear perspective to reach your target in the time frame. This is the moment when you can hope your teammate will use some cc, to ensure yourse will apply afterwards.
I prefer to start the game from my bottom buff monster, where i can have a better help, unless my team is busy with other activities, then i solo Raptors. If i begin with the Blue Sentinel, i continue with Gromp(where i use Smite) and proceed with wolves and raptors. The second Smite will be up for Red Brambleback. Keep and eye out for vulnerable to gank lanes in proximity at any given time. Finish the with Krugs if the game is silent.
When i start with the Brambleback i skips some jungle camps, i.e. i only pass by raptors to leech some health via Hate Spike and Hunter's Talisman synergy, then i kill wolves, Blue Sentinel and Gromp, using Smite on either of the last two. Obviously this clear goes faster and you've left with no options, but to either check for gank, or steal camps in the enemy territory. The River Scuttler can be a good way to regain some health, plus Evelynn passive keeps her healthy. You can proc Allure earlier, when killing it, because the slow effect and mana retrieval can be compared with the CC and damage addition, taking in mind you spend over 2 seconds in preparation. Be extremely caution for invades and avoid direct fights because Eve is weak during this period.
Dont hurry to back early. A level advantage is enough to be efficient, even without fulfilling your gold and this is an advise i give for the entire game. The main method is to be at the right place, in the right time and go back only when there is not much to do on the map(usually when your team is also retreating) when you can realize a large item investment and a large power spike respectively.
The real fun starts at level 6, when you finally reach your main weapon. You actually gain two along with the ultimate. Stealth gives unique ganking ways on your disposal, so be creative and never rush an engage. You have the advantage to be able to pick the best moment, so enter when the enemy baits, wastes a cd etc.

Monsters & how to deal with them

The main tactic while killing camps consisting of multiple monsters is to position so your successive Hate Spikes hit as many targets as possible, while the initial cast should apply to the one with most hp. During early game, always use the extended Allure effect, to clear jungle camps and start the focused monster in close range, so you land the most hits while its charmed. You can also slowly kite it to a desired location, where you feel safer in case of a counter jungling. Moving between camps and waiting the Allure effect, gives enough time to exit combat state, which turns Demon Shade on, recovering some health and gaining improved Whiplash. Use the later ability, to hit multiple monster and to position comfortably in order to apply the initial Hate Spike cast on the desired monster.

Objective Control

Eve has weak objective control and is reliant on her team on taking drake, pushing or defending turrets etc. An advantage she posses is large last hit damage thanks to her Ult/Smite combo, but this takes large amount of resources and training to execute(Perfectly you want Flash to be able to approach Baron for example and then steal/retreat with ult).

Rift Herald- this monster dwells Baron Nashors location until his arrival. Its recommended to have at least 2 players to kill it. When its attacked in front, its rear is vulnerable and takes extra damage. It drops an object on kill, which can be picked by a member of the slayers team, which goes in the place of trinket button and can be cast to summon the Rift Herald itself, which can serve as a powerful siege monster.
Baron Nashor- this is the strongest monster on the Summoner's Rift and spawns when the game takes too long. On kill it provides a team buff which grants bonus to AD, AP, aura which boosts lane minions and a faster Enhanced Recall.


One of four Elemental Dragons will spawn every six minutes if no Dragon is alive, until the 35th minute when an elder Dragon spawns. Killing a dragon gives a permanent buff to the slayer's team, providing bonus depending on the dragon type. Only four elemental dragons can spawn per match. The type of dragon is visible on minimap and by the glowing runes inside its pit.
  • Mountain Drake -increases damage to turret and epic monsters.
  • Infernal Drake Provides bonus to AD and AP.
  • Cloud Drake Provides extra out of combat movement speed.
  • Ocean Drake Restores missing health and mana while out of combat
  • Elder Dragon Grants a powerful burn-over-time on spells and attacks as well as increasing the strength of other elemental drake buffs.


Those small vines are situated all over the jungle, including the river. Using a single basic attack will destroy them, providing a benefit. There are 3 types of plants, each one having a different spawn area and benefit.
  • Blast Cone- Knocks everyone in its parameter when destroyed, the direction depends on the knocked target position relative to the plant. It spawns behind the Drake pit, between the Sentinel and wolves and close to the team bases on their Brambleback side. It can be used to speed up traveling between camps, but its most useful to escape chase, or quickly leave enemy jungle when countering. The last is a big plus to Eve, which naturally lacks that option unlike other junglers.
  • Scryer's Bloom- when destroyed, releases a large cloud in the pointed direction, which gives vision for a short and reveals champions and wards. Its very useful to check enemy jungle location, or for possible wards and traps(im speaking about you Teemo). They spawn near jungle exits and can be used to scout Drake and Baron too.
  • Honeyfruit- after being destroyed, it drops few fruits. Each fruit can be picked to replenish a portion of health and mana, but also applies a short slow. The Honeyfruits spawn about the river. Besides used to regenerate, they could be used as a slow field to partly slow enemies reaching you when doing drake or simply running away.


Jungling is the most distinctive role in the game. Its the most independent, most requiring and the most impactful, which means its the most responsible, so when playing it, know you put great responsibility on your shoulders. Evelynn is greatly restricted towards gameplay champion. She is mainly good in assassinating and providing gank pressure and even this comes with a delay, because it happens once you reach stealth and requires items. She has weak early game and is vulnerable to invades. This is when you should be extremely careful and play it safe. Its very important to learn to distinguish her powerspike and know when you can do something. The first major and obvious powerspike is when you hit level 6. Its a double prize, because passive gives stealth and ofc, you gain ultimate. Following powerspikes are harder to recognize and this happens only with experience. Such milestones in the game are when you can assassinate a champion without charming, or without your ultimate out and within harder conditions. This is related to how fed you are compared to the enemy. Evelynn is particularly strong past level 6 while the game is still in laning phase and you can abuse her gank potential. Once players start to group, you are entirely reliant on your team for winning turrets and other objectives. Your solo potential is to punish enemies who dont play with their team. Beside that, you should anticipate team fights.
Punish imprudent and arrogant enemies. Often, their arrogance is the only thing that allows them to win and is also what makes them so vulnerable to demise, but its not always a bright idea to try and help a loosing lane. Dont take it as your duty to help everyone at all cost. To win, you must stay relevant. Sometimes there are bad players, or bad champions, where you cant help. When a lane is loosing and the enemy is fed, it can take great amount of resources(time, spells, cds) to intervene with low chance for success. You might end up with two players behind, including yourself, facing even more fed enemy. Prioritize sure objectives, where you can earn more with less effort. This is how you can carry a teammate whos behind. Ensure your own lead first. If a teammate earns a kill of your successful gank, dont hesitate to tax some CS. If a turret is unprotected and you have the chance to leech some gold and exp, use it. Use when the enemy is vulnerable. Consult with your team and join them when the enemy is out of Flash, ultimate or other important abilities. After successful gank, abuse the enemy weakness and push for turret, or force a more important objective like Drake or turret. Remember Evelynn is very dependent on her team for such objectives and you gotta make sure you have their support. Certain champions dont need much help and can provide almost certain gank success, such can be assassins like Fizz, Zed and Ahri, or champs with strong CC like Mao'kai, Riven and Pantheon and others like Rumble, Darius etc. If you have such champion in your team, make sure you abuse his power.
Follow the movement of the enemy jungler. Take his part of the jungle when he is on the other side of the map, or even initiate Drake, or Herald with your team. You could also set up a trap and counter-gank.
Be sure to provide good vision on the map. Eve on its own works similar to a moving ward. Have control ward to secure an area. Use pings to communicate with your team.
The best tactic during team fights is to flank the enemy and either quickly kill someone, if you are fed enough, or wait for the fight to start, before you attack while they are vulnerable. This being said, its always nice to go in after the enemy has used some bullets and are less likely to pull a counter card. When things look really grim, you can use a peel strategy. Basically you want to stay among your team back-line, mark avant-garde enemies with Allure(when you feel they are about to make a move) and peel for your carries. Keep an eye out if enemy carries become too aggressive to come in your range and use your long cds wise.
The good jungler is the one that knows what is going on or about to happen on the map and can estimate where he is most needed and can be most productive. Escape from patterns(e.g. taking your buff monsters on spawn, gank lane because they loose, fight with someoene who invades you, clear your camps in a perfect line etc), because that can obscure your vision and you can miss a more important event. The most important thing is to not tilt. Dont loose temper if your team is flaming(often groundless), or the enemy is invading you. Know your potential and avoid fight when you cant. Its your own fault if you fall for a taunt. When you gain sight on the real matters, thats when things will line up for you. Only in the beginning of your jungling experience, is when you should stick and learn healthy patterns. Past that, its time to learn to improvise. At the end, remember you are just a human and as much as you try to make the best call, you still can end up pulling the short stick, dont get disappointed, success favors the bold.

Thanks to MrMad2000 for the picture and here it is as promised!

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This section contains archived data which purpose is only for historical reference.

The following spoilers contain a walls of outdated information.

old patch notes

old stats scaling explanation

tank update- patch 7.9

Rundown of preseason