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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Patool

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Patool

How to: Kha'Zix S4. [Jungle&Lane]

Patool Last updated on January 27, 2014
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Kha'Zix is one of the best assassins in the game due to his high damage and mobility and my best mid champion. It's also a high tier jungler in the preseason 4 due to the Spirit of the Elder Lizard buffs.


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Pros / Cons


+Low cd single target nuke Taste Their Fear

+ Void Spike provides a long range slow and sustain


+One of the longest jumps in the game

+INSANE teamfight mobility with Leap resets when evolved

+Damage reduction with evolutioned Void Assault

+One of the best assassins in the game

+Scales insanely good

+Probably best voice in the game

+Benefits from bushes to refresh Unseen Threat(Makes him dominant in top lane)



-Like most assassins, requires team synergy or good team comps to success

- Not fully useful until midgame

- Vulnerable to pesticide

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Ability Sequence
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Evolve Q Taste Their Fear then E Leap then W Void Spike if need AoE cc OR R Void Assault if need survivability.


Evolve E Leap then Q Taste Their Fear then W Void Spike if need AoE cc OR R Void Assault if need survivability.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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-But Patool, what do I do in the late game teamfights?

Don't worry sweetie, here are some advices.

When a teamfight is about to happen, always save your leap for the perfect moment.
This means, when the enemy carry gets out of position/caught do the following:
Jump, don't use Taste Their Fear inmediatly, first, hit a basic attack. That will do extra damage and slow your enemy, then you can start using your Q. Never jump in the teamfight if there's a chance you'll get stunned to death or CCd hard. Always wait for the enemy team to use their stuns/slows/fears/knocks etc. before jumping. I also recommend to wait and join the fight when their front line is below 50%. Here's an example: Their carry is good at positioning or has a good escape. They have offtanks in the front line (like shyvana, vi, jayce, etc). Wait for your fighters and theirs to brawl a little, and when someone of their team is 50% hp or low enough for you to kill with a basic attack and a Q, jump in. This will make you secure the kill and also get you out of danger or help you make your way towards the enemy carries. When you kill someone, (assuming you already evolved it) you get your Leap again, it resets its cooldown, making you able to jump 1 time for every assist/kill you get in a teamfight.So, jump, slow with basic attack, Q, ult to refresh enhanced basic attack ( Unseen Threat), kill, jump again, basic attack, Q, refresh with your second ult. Repeat. That is most likely what you have to do to be a successful Kha'Zix.

Here's an epic video of Alex Ich, which shows a perfect control of Kha'Zix and his Leap resets and it's pretty much what I explained above. You surely will understand better watching the video: (Note: This video is from a patch where evolved Void Spike used to hit Unseen Threat and that's why his spikes do so much damage, but it doesn't anymore. However, Kha's Q got buffed and it's why it's maxed first now.

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Ranked Play

Well if you are not first pick, I recommend picking Kha'Zix when your team needs heavy ad or an assasin AND you have good initiation, so you can enter the teamfights when the fighters/tank are fighting and you jump from afar to last hit their squishies and get those juicy leap resets without worrying about getting killed. Kha works greatly with speed/shield comps, like lulu or janna, for example.
Make sure you pick kha when the enemy team does not have too much cc lock (Nautilus, Lulu, Alistar) because you will get peeled of the teamfights and have a bad time getting stunned to death. However, if you are playing kha with good positioning, you will never get caught due to the leap resets, so make sure that when you jump agressively, the target is going to die, make sure of that.

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Who am I?

I'm Patool and I play on LAS server. I'm currently Gold and I've been playing since May 2012. I'm and adc main and the other roles I like are Mid, Support, Jungle and Top (In order). I play too much normal and not enough ranked (3k+ normal games, 300 ranked games).
I'm from Argentina, I speak native Spanish and I try my best at English <3

Click the sexy samurai for my lolking profile