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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Corki Build Guide by ididacactus

AD Carry In-Depth Corki Guide: Speed of Heat

AD Carry In-Depth Corki Guide: Speed of Heat

Updated on June 22, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ididacactus Build Guide By ididacactus 108 8 976,497 Views 40 Comments
108 8 976,497 Views 40 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ididacactus Corki Build Guide By ididacactus Updated on June 22, 2013
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  • LoL Champion: Corki
  • LoL Champion: Corki


Hey there! My name is Ididacactus and this is my very first Mobafire guide. For quite some time now, I have admired and appreciated Mobafire guides so I have decided to return the favor to the community. Hopefully, I'll be able to provide some tips to new and experienced players.

Currently I am 1518 elo in the NA server with ~2000 games played this season (S2) ~300 of which are ranked games. My username in game is also Ididacactus. I main mid and ADC champions. For a good amount of time now, I have fallen in love with Corki's amazing skill set.

*UPDATE* I have achieved 1557 elo in S3 after 15 games! Hurray for me! This guide is brought to you by a gold player in S3. ENJOY!
*UPDATE* just reached 1688 ELO. Search me up lol. Hurray!

Please leave a comment if you want me to edit or change something! Feedback is always welcome!

Currently, I'm a noob at this so I'm using jhoijhoi's "Making A Guide." Please forgive me if I make any errors.

*note* - In my items above, I recommend selling Trinity Force for Phantom Dancer when the game is 40+ minutes. However, I didn't add "Phantom Dancer" because then you guys probably wouldn't know which item to replace it with or think I'm a noob who doesn't know there are only 6 item slots. See items section for more details

*note* - Even though the release of S3 came with cool new items, revolutionizing the current meta (Damn Black Cleavers! But they got nerfed so its okay), the ADC role and items are pretty much the same
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The Daring Bombardier's Pro and Cons


  • Amazing passive (true damage is always overpowered)
  • Strong poke and harass
  • Reliable escape
  • Good early game and scales well into mid and late game
  • AOE damage
  • Amazing burst and can shred armour

  • No form of CC whatsoever unless you build a phage
  • Mana dependent
  • Relies heavily on teammates during team fights/mid-late game
  • Auto attack range is only 550
  • Low base movement speed
  • High Skill Cap (which could be a good thing because there's so much potential)
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

For runes, I prefer

x9 Greater Mark of Strength

The reason for the attack damage runes is pretty obvious since they are able to help you poke and last hit minions. I don't recommend armor penetration marks, because then you would have to deal with the typical low AD base stats an AD carry has early game.

x9 Greater Mark of Resilience

Armour runes are very important because they provide damage reduction from minions and the enemy AD carry or support auto attacks.

x9 Greater Glyph of Warding

You could get MR scaling glyphs, but I usually get flat MR runes because the support generally is an AP dealing champion such as Sona or Lulu.

Greater Quintessence of Strength

Helps with poking and farming. A solid choice.

Greater Quintessence of Swiftness

Allows you to start with Doran's Blade because of your crazy good sustain. You might lack a bit of damage, but that Doran's Blade makes that aspect negligible.
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Masteries always matter because that small boost can mean the difference between losing and winning

Offensive Mastery Tree

  • Put a point into this when you are taking ignite because it gives a nice little +5 AD boost for last hitting or poking.
  • Nice attack damage per level. Overall a great mastery to put points in.
  • Maxing this is a requirement for 10% armor penetration. So..why not? The bonus attack speed boost is pretty decent.
  • Holyyyy. Armour Penetration when you can already shred armor with your Gatling Gun. That's a bit too much.
  • Great bonus damage. Get this too increase your damage output and to fulfill the requirements for Executioner
  • The attack damage boost is overall negligible because your runes will be giving way more, but max this anyway so you can get Executioner .
  • Great bonus damage. This mastery makes the Deadliness mastery worth it. You'll be hitting 10% harder with your critical hits. Nicee.
  • +6 Armour penetration when it's maxed out? Didn't we already have armor penetration and Corki's Gatling Gun? Jesus Christ X)
  • I don't know what Riot was thinking when they put this mastery in. It's actually incredibly most possibly the most useful mastery there is (sorry for the use of redundancy, but I'm just in shock from its amazingness). Usually the AD carry has to flash out of a fight because there's someone chasing him. When he rejoins it, most of the targets will be low so this is when this mastery comes in handy. Hallelujah!

Defensive Mastery Tree
  • This is a great mastery as it provides decent armor in case their AD carry is extremely aggressive.
  • For the last point I either put it in this just for their support or I put it in Summoner's Resolve if I'm taking cleanse instead of ignite.
  • Put a point in this if you're taking cleanse because that extra 1 second of disable reduction can mean life or death.
  • This is a nice mastery to max because the health per level is nice and you want Veteran's Scars
  • Provides great health bonus.

Utility Mastery Tree

You can put some or all of the 9 points in the Defensive tree in here if you have mana problems, but I believe that a bit of defensive stats is a better alternative. As long as you have 21 points in offense, you're good to go.
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Summoner Spells


Great summoner spell. This synergies with your extraordinary burst combo. Most of the time I take because it helps secure kills in lane.

Great summoner spell that allows you to survive the nastiest of situations. Get this whenever the enemy bot lane has a lot of potential burst damage. Depending on the amount of hard CC the enemy team might have, you might choose cleanse over barrier.

This summoner spell is situational. If you know who their bot lane AD carry and support are, you might want to take this because they can manhandle if you don't otherwise. Always take this if they have an Ashe, Leona, Taric, Blitzcrank, etc.

Heal was a great summoners spell until it got nerfed. It used to be taken by every AD carry, but now most people prefer ignite. Taking heal will now get yourself countered.

ALWAYS take Flash on AD carry. Not only does it allow positioning in fights, but it can make some nice plays as well.


The previous four spells are the most common for a reason. The others are all "meh" or it works..ish

You can take Exhaust if you feel like your team needs the extra CC, but keep in mind that your support will most likely take exhaust. You might both exhaust the same person at the same time. However, this is a great spell to use late-game to shut down carries.

Take this if you don't have Flash because an escape is better than no escape. You could try and see if you can make it work because your Valkyrie is like a handy Flash. Get to lane faster, chase faster, kite harder!

Pretty useful summoner spell for split pushing and farming. Remember that you'll be a bit weaker than the enemy AD carry if he chose to take ignite, cleanse, or anything that can benefit him in a fight.

Not a great spell at all. Early game, attack speed buffs are kinda useless just because you're last hitting and you don't want to push lane. Also, the spell is really obvious when you activate it so the enemy will quickly disengage for the next 12 seconds so what you going to do? Late game, you have a Phantom Dancer so you don't really need an attack speed buff. It's not really not a good spell overall. The AP buff you might say? LOL no.


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I would have to say that Corki is one of the most funnest AD carry champions to play.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Max Phosphorus Bomb first of course for the burst damage. Put one point in Valkyrie because you shouldn't be using it to harass and max Gatling Gun next. Put points in Missile Barrage whenever possible.


Corki's auto-attacks deal 10% of attack damage, as additional true damage to minions, monsters, and champions.


TRUE DAMAGE..Wow. This passive allows Corki to effectively poke and last hit. It's also the reason why he scales well into mid and late game.


RANGE: 600 COOLDOWN: 8 COST: 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 Mana

ACTIVE: Corki blasts a target area, revealing it for 6 seconds and dealing magic damage to all enemies hit. Any champions hit will also be revealed for 6 seconds.
MAGIC DAMAGE: 80 / 130 / 180 / 230 / 280 (+ 50% AP)


Possibly the skill that defines Corki's early game. It does instantaneous burst damage, which can be used to trade with the enemy AD carry/support or push lane.

Tip: Combine these with your auto attacks for some nice harass. Don't forget you can also reveal areas!


RANGE: 800 COOLDOWN: 26 / 23 / 20 / 17 / 14 COST: 100 Mana

ACTIVE: Corki surges to target location with a speed of 650, dropping bombs on its path that create a trail of fiery destruction for 2.5 seconds. Opponents take damage each half second they stay in the trail.
MAXIMUM MAGIC DAMAGE PER HALF SECOND: 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 / 90 (+ 20% AP)
MAXIMUM MAGIC DAMAGE: 150 / 225 / 300 / 375 / 450 (+ 100% AP)


This skill is a gift from the heavens. It's like a flash, but with an inital 26 second cooldown so save it for chases and/or escapes. Use it to get into/out of teamfights/engages.

Tip: Put 1 point into this at level 2 just because it's a great positioning skill. Your Gatling Gun is not worth the mana, damage, and armour shredding action just yet this early on in the game.


RANGE: 600 COOLDOWN: 16 COST: 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 Mana

ACTIVE: Corki's gatling gun begins firing at enemies in front of him automatically every second for 4 seconds, dealing physical damage and shredding the armor of enemies who are under continuous fire.
PHYSICAL DAMAGE PER SECOND: 20 / 32 / 44 / 56 / 68 (+ 40% AD)
MAXIMUM PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 80 / 128 / 176 / 224 / 272 (+ 160% AD)
Armor reduction stacks and lasts 2 seconds. Corki can keep attacking and using other abilities while Gatling Gun is in effect.
ARMOR REDUCTION PER SECOND: 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10
MAXIMUM ARMOR REDUCTION: 8 / 16 / 24 / 32 / 40


Shredding armor = Armor Penetration...when you already have true damage passive?? Jesus. Use this skill when the enemy commits to fighting because the range is quite small. Also, don't use it until you're sure you will be facing the target during its activation because it hits stuff in front of you..not behind.

Tip: Don't try using it too much in lane because it doesn't do as much damage and it uses a lot of mana. It should only be used when you want to make sure you'll get the kill.


RANGE: 1225 COOLDOWN: 1.2 COST: 30 / 35 / 40 Mana

ACTIVE: Corki fires a missile in a line that will explode and deal magic damage in an area upon colliding with the first enemy it hits. Corki can only fire a missile if he has missiles stored, and can store up to 7 missiles. Corki stores one missile every 12 seconds, the time to respawn a missile is affected by cooldown reduction and does not progress while having maximum missiles.
MAGIC DAMAGE: 120 / 190 / 260 (+ 30% AP) (+ 20% AD)
Every fourth missile fired will be marked as a Big One, dealing 50% more damage than normal missiles and the explosion has a broader radius. After dying, Corki will respawn with 4 missiles.
BIG ONE MAGIC DAMAGE: 180 / 285 / 390 (+ 45% AP) (+ 30% AD)


MOARR DMG. This skill is great for poking and farming. Use this when you aren't able to reach a last hit or you want to put some decent damage onto an enemy. Remember, don't spam too hard. x)

Tip: This is the skill that sets apart the OK Corki players from the great Corki players. Getting one two hits with this is a world of difference. Aim where the target is going to be. Remember that the Sheen in Trinity Force will proc every time you use it so time these in between your auto attacks! You gotta love that feeling when you snipe someone from REALLY FAR AWAY!
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One thing that I've realized on Mobafire is that you should never ever follow exactly what the guides tell you because every game is different. However, unlike other roles, AD carry basically follows the same build every game with the exception of a few items.


Back in season 2, everyone generally ran Boots and x3 Health Potion. There was some variation where people bought an Elixir of Fortitude and a bunch of Health Potion or a Long Sword with Health Potion. Nowadays, people run Doran's Blade at level 1 BECAUSE they have x3 or x2 Greater Quintessence of Life Steal.

ALWAYS start Boots and x3 Health Potion or something else that allows you to buy Health Potion IF you do not have Quintessence of Lifesteal. This allows you to recover lost health so you can stay in lane LONGER to farm.

When you return to fountain for the first buy, you generally want to buy x 2 Doran's Blade or x1 Doran's Blade and a Phage. This allows you to be tankier and it'll help with poking/farming. If you buy a phage, remember that you are now able to slow enemies! This is important because you can use this to your advantage when you chase or run away.

Buy Berserker's Greaves and a Vampiric Scepter when you come back to fountain. Finish Phage if you haven't yet. The attack speed and movement speed is necessary and the Vampiric Scepter will allow you to sustain in lane if your support doesn't have heals. Continue building towards a Trinity Force unless you're losing lane..then consider rushing an Infinity Edge for more damage mid and late game.

By mid game, you should have more or less an Infinity Edge or a Trinity Force, or both. Build towards a Phantom Dancer for the DPS late-game.


Always get this! Most AD carries have this in order to sustain in a team fight so it's important to you to have this as well. I realized that I didn't include this in my guide earlier.

This item is definitively worth its money. Really good critical damage bonus.

Most of the time, you should have this item because it synergies with your spamming of skills. Your Missile Barrage + Sheen Proc + Hextech Shrapnel Shells really shows when you get this item. The slow and the attack speed are a nice bonus as well.

Amazing item that all AD carries should get. It provides everything you need: Attack speed, movement speed for positioning, and critical chance to hit harder! I originally had this in my core build, but I forgot to include life steal (Whoops! Bloodthirster) so this item has been moved out of its initial priority.

If the game drags on (45+ mins), consider selling the Trinity Force for a Phantom Dancer just to help with your late game damage. Late game revolves more on DPS than utility.


As we know, every game is different so you might have games where the enemy champions will have barely any hard CC and you might have games where it will be MANHANDLING TIME 24/7.

This is the most common situational item for AD carry. Not only does it discourage your enemy, but it also allows you to survive some nasty situations. Consider buying this after you have Infinity Edge and/or Trinity Force and a Zeal because those defensive stats and its ability to revive you makes you too cool for school.

If the enemy team has lots of CC and/or focusing you, get this instead of Guardian Angel.

Too much CC? Not a problem. With these pumped up kicks, you'll be flying high in no time! Just sell your Berserker's Greaves because it isn't fun dying.

Man..Gotta hate those games with high armor champions like Malphite and Taric. If these bad boys are stacking armor, always buy Last Whisper to ensure that you do TONS OF DAMAGE (Phreak Champion Spotlight

Banshee's veil provides some nice health and it increases your mana pool for spamming skills! A very useful item because of its passive spell shield similar to Sivir's Spell Shield. Get this item when they have a Blitzcrank, Alistar, anyone who can chain CC combos. Getting this will stop them from using their wombo combos such as Blitzcrank's infamous Rocket Grab + Power Fist combo and Alistar's annoying Headbutt + Pulverize combo. Get this instead of Guardian Angel or Quicksilver Sash.

This new item in S3 was crazy good at the beginning of the season. However, it has been nerfed and Corki does not really need the attack speed it provides. A quick combo with sheen procs using Corki's ultimate and autoattacks will deal far more damage ONLY get this if you feel that you're getting bursted too fast or if you can't kite that well so you need that slow.

You might get this instead of Phantom Dancer because you're tight on gold. Still an overall great item that allows you to clear waves. Just don't make this item a priority.

Quicksilver Sash already allows you to remove hard CC so why spend some more gold on an item that provides the same passive? The movement speed? The attack damage? Only get this item IF you have already bought Quicksilver Sash and you have bought all your other essential items.

Doesn't help with DPS that much. Kinda useless except for its tenacity bonus. Get this if...actually...don't get this at all. I changed my mind. :p

Gives you **** ton of mana that lets you spam skills 24/7. Ok-ish item on Corki, but you might as well play blue Ezreal if you're gonna buy this item.
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Essential Skills


The following skills can apply to EVERY role, not just AD carry.


Last hitting means you're getting the last hit on a minion. This is an extremely useful and common skill for ALL roles.

  • You don't push the lane. This means you'll be ganked less by the enemy jungler and your jungler will have an easier time ganking your lane.
  • You get TONS OF GOLD. The YELLOW STUFF that minions seem to carry for no

You're amount of minion kills will reflect how good you are at last hitting! As AD carry, it's your job to be a master at this. By last hitting, you'll be able to ensure that you have the gold needed to transition into mid and late game.


This term originated from DoTa. "Orb walking" is when you walk in between auto attacks in order to minimize the downtime of auto attacks.

This skill is incredibly useful when you're CHASING, RUNNING AWAY, TAKING OBJECTIVES. If you have watched the professionals before, you'll notice that they use this skill very often. For me, the first time was confusing because I was like "OMG. They're clicking so fast and so excessively. Sweet baby jesus. Oh my lord. God help my generation."


Example: Lets say that you're chasing Miss Fortune...if you attack her and not walk in between auto attacks, you'll eventually lose sight of her. If you had attacked her while running forward with her in between auto attacks, you can ensure that you'll get more Phage procs; therefore, the little pest isn't getting away!


Sometime's you'll be chased by the occasional Udyr or Warwick. These guys can usually outrun you so this chase seems to be in favor for them. REMEMBER: You have a good chance to proc Phage or Red Buff if you use orb walking. He'll be slowed, he'll take damage, and you might be able to kill him or discourage him from the "chase."


This one is pretty straightforward. Use orb walking to take objectives. DON'T use it if you have a Zeal or a Phantom Dancer because then orb walking is kinda redundant.

*More to be added soon!
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Laning Phase, Mid Game, and Late Game


In laning phase, Corki is able to effectively trade with the enemy AD carry because of his passive Hextech Shrapnel Shells + Phosphorus Bomb + Gatling Gun combo. His passive helps him with last hitting and poking the enemy carry/support. Always poke the enemy AD carry if you can, but make sure the creeps and the enemy support will not target you. Generally, when the enemy AD carry is heading towards you to last hit a minion, you should be getting a hit or two on him. He has to either commit to the last hit and get hit or back off. However, don't do this at the expense of your own farm. FARM IS ALWAYS YOUR FRIEND. If he attempts to poke back, remember that your passive is OP and that your Q has insane burst. When it looks like you're able to kill him, poke him a bit and wait for him to commit then use your Gatling Gun + Phosphorus Bomb combo. Proceed to Valkyrie + Ignite + SPAM Missile Barrage in case he uses Flash or attempts to escape. Remember, your Valkyrie can be treated as an extra Flash, similar to Ezreal's Arcane Shift and Grave's Quickdraw so don't use it unless you're sure a kill is GUARENTEED.

If, for some reason, your support hasn't been buying Sight Wards because he's a cheap scumbag, you can buy wards too. Think of it like an investment. The knowledge of knowing when the jungler is coming for a mere 3-4 minion kills is a pretty good deal.

If you're losing a lane because of whatever reason, consider rushing an Infinity Edge rather than a Trinity Force to make sure you have the damage for mid and late game.


Corki scales well into mid and late game. By now, you should have at least a Trinity Force and/or an Infinity Edge. His burst and his Gatling Gun can shred most, if not all enemy champions. Generally, this is when the enemy is starting to focus on defensive items in order to transition to late game. Take red buffs and keep farming. Always keep in mind of objectives such as dragon or towers and NEVER travel alone (unless it's safe obviously safe of course!)


Late game is kind of iffy because the game can change at any moment. Because of Corki's passive Hextech Shrapnel Shells, he's able to maintain his damage output this late in the game. However, this is when positioning is essential to all AD carries. Hit whoever is in range, but keep in mind of their cooldowns! Due to Corki's lack of CC, it's extremely important to keep in mind of where the enemy's carries/tanks are in team fights. Remember the following:


1. AD carry
2. AP carry
3. Support
4. Jungler
5. Bruiser

I got this list from a high elo player...I forget where. Allow me to explain. AD carry and AP carry do the most damage so their positioning is obviously critical. Supports generally have buffs and Crowd Control to make plays. Junglers can effectively take objectives such as Baron Nashor . Bruisers disrupt the enemy team.

You're Corki, the one who should be doing the most damage on your team. This means that it's your job to remember when to go in and when to NOT go in. Never trade kills as AD carry because you're the most IMPORTANT member on your team. Kite those who try to approach you and be sure to save your Valkyrie for escaping. Only use Valkyrie offensively when you know that (1) the enemy champion(s) has no teammates to fall back on or (2) you're certain about everyone's positioning and you want to get into a position to attack the enemy. If you can only hit the tank, hit the tank!

If the enemy is able to Crowd Control the hell out of you, always consider buying a Quicksilver Sash or a Guardian Angel. Sometimes, its necessary to buy these defensive items before completing your Phantom Dancer, another Bloodthirster, etc.

Always take objectives such as Baron Nashor , towers, and inhibitors because farm is not as important this late into the game. Your team relies on your attack damage to take these down!

Always remember to rush damage first because it's your job to do the most in team fights. Don't build any defensive items until you have decent attack damage to help your team. Remember, every game is different so there might be games where they have multiple assassins like Akali, Talon, or Katarina who are capable of nuking you in 1 combo. You may need to be more cautious in those cases.
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Bot Lane Match-ups

Before I get into bot lane match-ups, I just want everyone to know that there is no such thing as an “easy lane.” Every game is different so you have to factor in junglers, wards, skill levels. I don't want people to assume that just because they have an “easy matchup” that they shouldn't try or that they are guaranteed a winning lane. Please note that this is based on the AD carry + Support bot meta so no Alistar + Blitzcrank.

Bot Lane Supports



Probably one of the best supports for any AD carry. He can heal using Triumphant Roar, he can use 2 CC spells Headbutt + Pulverize, and can be tanky as hell when he uses his ultimate Unbreakable Will. This champion can quickly follow up or engage so be sure to synergies your skills for efficient WOMBO COMBOS.


Ohh lord. If you are ever unfortunate enough to lane against an Alistar, be sure to play extremely cautious because even though you seem to be winning lane, this bull can change the tide pretty quickly just because he can set up some nice opportunities for his AD carry.



Keep farming and poking and patiently wait for Blitzcrank grab someone with his Rocket Grab. Usually he'll stay in brush to discourage the enemy bot lane from zoning or pushing. Keep in mind that Blitzcrank offers no sustain!


If Blitzcrank uses Rocket Grab, dodge it and profit from his lack of a gap closer. However, if he attempts to use Power Fist first by running straight at you, don't run in a straight line! Keep changing directions in order to confuse him and once he misses his grab, poke him because he should be punished for trying to kill you. Stay behind minions and tell your support to ward the brush he is in.



Rarely played as support, but I have seen people try it from time to time. This big fella can provide an OK shield Bulwark along with a movement speed buff with his Righteous Gust. He can use his Resolute Smite to slow and can also taunt with his ultimate Idol of Durand. People usually don't like having a Galio support, but he's actually pretty decent.


Stand near minions so he won't be tempted to use Resolute Smite and push the lane. At level 6, he might Flash + Idol of Durand so watch out for that.



Janna is an amazing late game champion with a very good passive. However, early game she's kinda meh because (1) her Howling Gale isn't a guaranteed hard CC unless the enemy is right in front of you, (2) she's really squishy, (3) she shields you for nice attack damage so the lane depends mostly on your skill. You might not want to engage with Janna because usually she can't follow up or engage that well. Ward the brush so you can poke them if they try to zone you.


Take advantage of the fact that Janna provides no sustain to the AD carry. Poke them when Janna's shield Eye of the Storm is down and profit. Watch for Flash + Monsoon when she's level 6.



Leona is an overall great support for all AD carries. She adds more damage to your burst with her passive Sunlight, 3 CC spells, and general tankiness. A great pick with Corki.


Oh lord. Sweet Baby Jesus. Generally, I take cleanse if I know that I'm facing a Leona bottom. Dodge Zenith Blade which is similar to Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab. Always Cleanse when she uses Exhaust or uses her ultimate Solar Flare because they have relatively long cooldowns. Play a bit more passive than you would and make sure your team has a tanky support with CC to get her off you ( Alistar, Blitzcrank, Taric). She's going to use all her Crowd Control skills on you, and then she's going to use Exhaust so be sure to disengage quickly.



Lulu provides nice shields with her Help, Pix! and movement speed with her Whimsy. She can also harass with her Glitterlance which also slows enemies. This is probably one of the few champions Corki can go MANMODE with...just because her ultimate Wild Growth is pretty cool.


Lulu is an annoying pest. She'll sometimes bait you by saving her ultimate Wild Growth. Just don't stand too close to her.



I generally don't recommend Lux support just because I find her lack of heals, her 4 skillshots, and lack of reliable CC very discouraging. If she misses her Light Binding, it's unfortunate. If she does land it, keep in mind that the target can still use skills and auto attack you if you're in range. That's why I prefer Taric or another support over Lux. Her slow is a bit unreliable because she'll either land Lucent Singularity a bit behind or in front of the target which means that it's dodge-able. Unlike mid Lux, support Lux isn't supposed to kill minions because that'll push the lane. In conclusion, if you do lane with a Lux, try bursting the enemy down, but be careful since the typical Ezreal + Taric has more potential.


Get a support with heals and hard CC. Avoid her Light Binding and stay behind minions. If she uses her Lucent Singularity to harass, she'll most likely throw it a bit behind you so avoid your instinct to back off and move up a bit. Remember, she has already used one of her spells so she can only use her unreliable Light Binding or her Final Spark to hurt you now! She has no escapes and avoid running in a straight line.



Great support for Corki! With your movement speed quintessences and Nunu's amazing Blood Boil, you'll be SPEED OF HEAT. He also offers nice slows with his Ice Blast. If the Nunu & Willump knows what he's doing, he'll be able to stop ganks and engages with his Ice Blast and Absolute Zero while you escape easily with his Blood Boil. Huzzah!


I hate laning against Nunu & Willump. Not only does he make me feel like a fatty when he uses Ice Blast despite my x2 or x3 Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed, Nunu & Willump can give his AD carry a HUGE advantage in lane with his Blood Boil. His DAMAGE with his ultimate Absolute Zero is INSANE if he manages to get his full ultimate off at level 6. Luckily, he falls off late game but you'll never be able to escape his ice balls. MUAHAAHAHAHA.



Sona is an excellenet support. She can provide an attack damage boost, a movement speed boost, and a defensive boost. Her passive Power Chord + Hymn of Valor combo deals tons of damage. However, keep in mind that she's really REALLY squishy and has no Croud Control except for her ultimate and her unreliable slow that she gets from her Song of Celerity. Whenever her ultimate Crescendo is up, consider using it with your combo.

*Shudder* A good Sona can and will effectively harass you to deal tons of damage. She can do this without the help of her AD carry. Always bring Cleanse for her ultimate Crescendo, but beware of her using Crescendo and then following that up with an Exhaust.

Be sure to get an aggressive support because she's pretty vulnerable before level 6. So jump on her FTW.



Soraka isn't a very aggressive champion so this lane depends heavily on you. Always poke the enemy carry or support and spam your Phosphorus Bomb as much as you can, but don't push the lane too much. Abuse the fact that you can out-sustain their bottom lane. However, be sure to have the brush warded because if Soraka or you gets jumped on, the lack of hard CC from the both of you won't help.

This is a match-up where i generally take ignite unless their AD carry has hard CC like Ashe with Enchanted Crystal Arrow or Varus with Chain of Corruption. Don't engage unless you can seriously put some hurt on them because Soraka heals ( Astral Blessing) can easily recover what they just lost from a trade. Also, Soraka heals give armor and you shred armor An aggressive support is recommended.



Taric is probably one of the best supports in the game because of his tankiness from his passive Shatter, his mediocre heal Imbue (still a heal nonetheless), and his skills ( Radiance + Shatter Combo) that synergies with your burst. Usually, let Taric initiate in order for his to draw the damage from the enemy. Most max their Shatter first so it's better for them to take damage than you. Once he stuns, make sure to follow up with a Phosphorus Bomb + a few auto attacks in order to get a health advantage in lane.


I usually take Cleanse for this match-up just because Taric and his Dazzle are annoying and the enemy AD carry will usually have ignite. Taric is one scary champion to deal with if he's with a burst champion like Graves or Ezreal. By stunning you, the enemy AD carry will hit you 99.99% of the time. Always account for his stun and his tankiness. Corki can shred his armour and he also does magic damage so just wait until Taric stuns your support or you think you can cleanse out of it before engaging.



Thresh is probably one of the funnest supports to play because he provides so much utility. His Death Sentence grab is hilariously fun to grab or miss with. It even stuns! Go in when this guy grabs someone. Use lantern to escape or surprise jump attack them. His ultimate The Box allows you to easily escape or catch up. All in all, a good support.


Uh oh. Make sure brush is always warded! His grabs + their AD carry combo hurts so make sure you don't get grabbed at all costs. At level 6, Thresh can make the biggest plays; no wonder people ban him. Watch out for his huge ultimate that he can't possibly miss at level 6.


Not played often. If he places a Time Bomb on you, you can detonate it right next to your minions if you want the lane to be a little pushed. This allows for easy ganks. Don't kill the target right away if he has Chronoshift on him. Wait a few seconds until it wears off before proceeding to massacre him.

Bot Lane AD carries


Hide behind minions to avoid her Volley and be sure to take Cleanse if she tries to use her ultimate Enchanted Crystal Arrow on you.


Caitlyn is a rather annoying AD carry to lane against. If she's good, she'll do what I mentioned in my "Laning Phase section" (poking you like there's no tomorrow). This is a match-up where I generally don't harass the enemy AD carry until I'm level 6 because her attack range is too big. Remember, you out-scale her and your level 6 is way better than hers.


If you ever lane against another Corki, be sure to show him who's boss by farming better and poking harder. Remember to factor in who their support is.


Draven is able to dish out tons of damage with his Spinning Axe. However, while he's trying to catch it, poke him and use your Phosphorus Bomb to out-trade him. Dodge his skill shots.

*UPDATE* This guy is crazy strong right now. His Spinning Axe adds tons of damage to his basic attacks and his Blood Rush gives him an amazing speed boost. Don't expect to out damage a competent Draven later on in laning phase because he is seriously strong.


Currently Ezreal is one of the most POPULAR and one of the most SUCCESSFUL champions. He has a win rate of about 53-54% and he's played in 50%-55% in all ranked games. Man...I remember when everyone, especially the high elo players, was hating on this guy. Dodge his skills shots ( Mystic Shot + Essence Flux + Trueshot Barrage) and profit since you're basically a better version of him.

*UPDATE* EZREAL isREAL gets hit by expected nerf bat. HURRAY. However, his kit is still very strong.


High burst champion..Yeashhh. Shred his armour and dodge his ultimate. Avoid standing too close to him unless he has used his Buckshot already. Remember, he can escape as easily as you.


When this guy was released, everyone was playing AD carry Jayce which was extremely annoying. He's rarely played now as AD carry, but if you do encounter one, be sure to stay away from him when he's using Transform: Mercury Hammer. Dodge his Shock Blast and profit from his lack of damage when he's using Transform: Mercury Cannon.


This guy shines late game so be sure to take advantage of his OK-ish early game and his lack of escape. Remember his TRUE DAMAGE passive Icathian Surprise. Factor in who his support is!!!

Miss Fortune

Probably one of the most annoying AD carries in the game. Avoid standing right behind minions and be sure to poke her so she doesn't get her movement speed passive. Aggressive supports are recommended because of her lack of escapes.

Quinn and Valor

I'd have to say this champion is one of the more annoying AD carries that you'll ever meet. Her passive Harrier add intense bonus AD. Her Vault can be cast upon you to mark her passive on you again. Basically, she has a blind, a slow, a dash, intense movement and attack speed passive, a revealing skill, and her high mobility ultimate Tag Team that, when activated again, casts Skystrike, which does percentage damage based off missing health. Slippery champion FTW? It's a good thing all of this makes her a high skill cap champion. Poke her from afar because she lacks range. Standing next to her is death. GL HF!


Another annoying champion to deal with. Dodge her Boomerang Blade and try to make sure that you push the lane a bit cause she usually pushes the lane when she tries to poke you with Boomerang Blade or her Ricochet.


She has a strong early game but so does Corki. Remember to harass her in lane and show her who can do more damage. When mid game comes around, you should be doing more damage than her simply because Tristana isn't that great mid game.


Yea... Twitch isn't a very good AD carry simply because he lacks mobility. Jump on him to win lane. He can, however, keep throwing his...what are they? Vials I think ( Venom Cask). Combined with a few autoattacks, Twitch's vial throwing and Expunge can poke very well.


Urgot is pretty strong in lane. I wouldn't really want to poke this guy because he'll land a Noxian Corrosive Charge and proceed to use Acid Hunter. This is just too strong...However, he falls off a bit late game because he has no mobility and he'll be using more of Acid Hunter, which is dodgeable.


He's a champion similar to Ashe. Stand near minions so he pushes the lane if he uses Piercing Arrow or Hail of Arrows. Dodge his Piercing Arrow and his ultimate Chain of Corruption. Call for ganks if he pushes the lane.


This champion has been known as the OP AD carry late-game because of her passive Silver Bolts. Generally, people don't pick Vayne to counter someone in lane. Be sure to harass her because her early game is pretty weak.

My general view on bot lane match-ups

As you can see, my comments about support match-ups are much longer than my list of AD carry match-ups. This is because I believe that the skill and champion of the support plays a vital role. The AD carry is kinda meh cause the supports impact the trades the most with their Crowd Control.
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Final Comments

Thanks for reading my guide! Hopefully, I'll be able to make some more when I'm not so busy. Check out Barbecueribs's (1928 elo) guide here on Vladamir if you play Vlad. He gave me the idea of making a guide. Also, he owes me already because I did his bio homework for him while he was making his guide. Damn..I'm a tool.

Thanks to JhoiJhoi! Her epic guide can be found here.

I'll be sure to edit some of this later!

More to come: pictures, videos, other match-ups, font colour changes, other goodies.

Feedback is always welcome!

Hopefully, I'll get some positive feedback and I'll make more guides. Phew..I don't know how Mobafire guide writers do's exhausting but well worth the effort.

*Update* Thanks everyone for the positive feedback! I'm getting an average of 1000 views per day and this guide has become #1 Top rated guide within 30 days. I'm considering making another guide...perhaps after I embellish this one of course! =]

*LOL. From 89% to 84%. Troll voters? Or is this guide actually bad?
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