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League of Legends Build Guide Author LadyOfClockwork

[In-Depth] Nidalee Support: Because.. well.. Nidalee!

LadyOfClockwork Last updated on April 24, 2015
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Lux This is an easy lane. Feel free to max Q after your 2nd point in E. Your poke is better and you can sustain hers. Max Q
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Hii guys! You can call me Dee or Debra and this is my Nidalee support guide (well my vision of it) :3 It's actually my first guide and I really have a strange way of explaing things, because I'm explaining them my way :3, but i put a lot of effort in it already and I hope you'll enjoy ^^

Why Nidalee Support?

We all like Nidalee, Face it! She can be top, she can be mid AND she can jungle. She just does it all and she is extremely fun to play. But when it comes down to bot lane nobody likes her (at least the adc's don't agree with your pick). Anyway besides that she can do actually great as support! Whether you're poking along with Caitlyn or you're pumping up your Jinx with some attack speed steroids, she can go all ways! She provides sustain AND a lot of vision with her Bushwhack. So reasons enough to like her! So stop the selfishness (It's OK to end up being 0-5-22) and make your ADC a happy one, just dedicate your life to him like a true support does and i promise you will be loved <3

The Support Role.

I think Nidalee support can be played in many different ways. It just depends on your team. What lane will you be in? What does your team need and what can you provide?

The lane
So the lane will either be an aggressive poke lane or a more passive sustain lane. Even as Nidalee you can't always go the aggressive way. What you do then is just sit back a bit
poke what u can poke and more important try to help your ADC to gets his farm by sustaining him with your Primal Surge.

What does your team need? Does your team have enough damage?
Is that a yes, then you don't have to focus on yours and you can put all your focus onto your adc.
Is that a no, then you could consider taking some damage yourself, but dont forget you're still a support and you need to keep an eye out for your adc.

Does your team has enough tankyness?
If that's a yes, don't be afraid to go a more damaging route.
If that's a no, then you'll have to consider to go on the defensive yourself. In the end it's NOT about you. It's about Team play and what you can do to provide your team the right supplies to earn a victory.

Just keep in mind that you really NEED a Sightstone and keep the vision up. Nothing is more important then warding because it can tell you where the enemy team is and that can be rewarding in the end. It can save somebody's life, or you and your team can pick out enemies. Besides that it can also help you making the decisions you need to make in order to survive baron or a 5th dragon (or both) or taking baron yourself because u know where the enemy team is.

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The best

These are the best u can get when playing Nidalee support. Your kit and their kit go extremely well together.

The Dreamteam
The story behind the Dreamteam

The Poke Team
The story behind the Poke Team

The Machinegun team
The story behind the Machinegun Team

The Great

These adc's are just great if you really want to be in those poke lanes.

The Pierce Team
The story behind the Pierce Team

The Trueshot Team
The story behind the Trueshot Team

The Bully Team
The story behind the Bully Team

The Weak (early)

Don't get me wrong these ADC's go extremely well with Nidalee from a certain point, but not really during the laning phase. Since they are really item dependent I put them in the weak list. Your kit doesn't really provide them much except for sustain. You can poke enemies, but u can't really take on fights that easily.

The Night Hunter Team
The story behind the Night Hunter Team

The Rapid Fire Team
The story behind the Rapid Fire Team

The Beast Team
The story behind the Beast Team

Besides these ADC's there are a lot of others that just didn't make the list. Not because they are bad next to Nidalee, but just because there is not a real story to fit behind it.

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Pros / Cons


+ Sustain in lane.
+ Great poke.
+ Traps can be used for vision.
+ Attackspeed steroids
+ Roaming Support
A great thing about Nidalee support is that she provides some nice sustain with her Primal Surge without even having some great AP. Besides the fact that she can heal with it, it also gives your ADC some nice attacks peed steroids to take down objectives or a kill faster. Her Bushwhack not only deals damage but they give vision when getting stepped on. Free wards that last 2 minutes.
Not to forget about the great poke she has with her Javelin Toss. She's also a fast roamer due to her passive when walking through bushes.


- Provides no CC.
- Squishy target.
- Skillshot reliant.
- Adc's think you are selfish.
- Extremely mana hungry.
It really comes down to who you're facing because if you get cc'd you will die fast because you are squishy. Your main damage is a skillshot and if you can't hit them the pressure in your lane wont be very high, not to mention the mana you toss away every time you miss your Javelin Toss because her spells do cost a decent amount of mana. Not only that but if you pick Nidalee support, the one that will be your adc won't be so happy. Besides the fact that you have 0 cc and peel potential, he will also think that YOU are the one that's getting all kills. You will really have to prove him wrong.

Tips & Tricks

*Most likely the enemy adc will hide behind minions to prevent getting hit by a spear. Try to throw them from the sides of the lane so minions wont be in your way that much.

*Place your traps around the enemy minion wave if the enemy adc is making it hard for you to land your spears by constantly walking around his minions. Dont place them too close to avoid minions walking over them. Eventually the ADC will step in it.

*Keep your traps using in lane and bushes because with Spellthief's Edge you'll get 15G each time an enemy steps in it. Nice way to make your money :D

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Runes, Masteries and Summoner spells

Your bread.
Your butter.
Your breakfast.

These are the runes i use for support Nidalee. The Greater Mark of Magic Penetration allows her Javelin Toss to hurt quite a bit. I take the Greater Seal of Armor because I don't want to take too much damage. Greater Glyph of Magic Resist I also take because I don't too take too much damage. I also don't want to be blown up by the enemy mid lane roam. Last but not least I take Greater Quintessence of Ability Power to give her some more power to heal and more power to poke.



This will give you +5% Cooldown Reduction. MORE SPEARS ^^

This will allow your ADC to do more damage for 3 seconds.

This way your spells are more effective since you get some AP per level.

+6 Ability Power for you is a little more pain for them.


Fleet of Foot, Wanderer : You just want to be a little faster than you already are! This way you can safely ward the enemy jungle.

Meditation : Since your your abilities eat away your mana, you really want this to keep the spears flying.

Scout : This is a more optional thing. I really like it because it allows me to face check a little further away.

Summoner's Insight : Of course you want more Flash and more Exhaust.

Alchemist : You will be healing up a bit longer!.

Culinary Master : This is optional, but we all like cookies and they helped me survive more than once. If you think cookies make you fat, don't take it.

Scavenger , Wealth , Greed : Money, Money, MONEYYY!! ^^

Bandit : Money in the bank! You will be the only one on your team that can afford an extra item at the start of the start. Feel rich!

Intelligence : You want the extra CDR for more spear spam. You also want to use your atives some more. I'd say yes!

Summoner spells

You really need Exhaust as Nidalee support to have a little peel potential for your adc. It will save his life many times. If you don't really reel the need to peel for him and you want some more kill potential in lane you can also go for Ignite.

This is an absolute must for Nidalee to have in order to escape some nasty situations. It can also be used to catch up on enemies if you don't catch them with your Pounce. If you are really confident about yourself and you are sure you can escape most of those situations, you can replace it with Ignite for kill potential or Heal if you feel your ADC could use an extra one.

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Champion Abilities

Skill order
What you want to max.

Prowl: This part of her passive allows Nidalee to move 10% faster when walking through bushes for 2 seconds and if she's walking towards visible enemy champions, within 5500 range, it will increase with 30%.

Hunt: If an enemy gets hit by Javelin Toss or steps in Bushwhack her passive will mark them as Hunted for 4 seconds, giving you vision, enhancing your Takedown, Pounce and Swipe and roots neutral monsters for 2 seconds.
Nice facts to know

Javelin Toss: Nidalee throws her spear in a straight line, dealing magic damage to the one it hits. The longer it travels, the more damage it deals and marking your enemies with Hunt.

Takedown: Nidalee's next attack deals extra magic damage, depending on how much HP your enemy is missing. (up to 250%)
If the enemy is marked with the Hunted, Takedown will deal 33% extra damage.

* You will mostly use your Javelin Toss to poke your enemy ADC and support down. You mostly use your Takedown when you see an opening to go aggressive, using it on the very last moment to get the enemy ADC very low in order for your ADC to finish it off or taking the kill yourself.

Nice facts to know

Bushwhack: Nidalee lays down a trap that stays for 2 minutes. If an enemy steps on it, it will reveal, applying "Hunt" and deals an amount of current health as magic damage.

Pounce: Nidalee jumps forward for a short distance, dealing some AoE magic damage where she lands. Killing a minion will reduce the cooldown with 1%. When jumping towards a Hunted enemy the Pounce range will increase.

* You want to use your Bushwhack mostly to provide vision in un-warded bushes or making some nice money with your Spellthief's Edge since the enemy support will be walking over them all laning phase long. You don't want to use Pounce too much in lane unless you are really sure to get the kill or u need to dodge skill shots.

Nice facts to know

Primal Surge: Nidalee can heal herself and her allies which will grant them an attack speed bonus for 7 seconds.

Swipe: Nidalee deals some AoE damage right in front of her.

* You want to use your Primal Surge to heal up the damage your ADC has taken or to give him some nice attack speed steroids in a fight and to take down objectives faster. You want to use your Swipe if you see an opening to get the enemy ADC low.

Nice facts to know

Aspect of the cougar: Nidalee begins the game with 1 point in Aspect Of The Cougar which allows her to change into a cougar and back, giving her a new set of abilities and melee range.

Skill order

Q. Javelin Toss
2 / 5 / 10 / 12 / 13

W. Bushwhack
1 / 14 / 15 / 17 / 18

E. Primal Surge
3 / 4 / 7 / 8 / 9

R. Aspect Of The Cougar
0 / 6 / 11 / 16
What are we maxing?

Ok, so the first thing we want to max is E Primal Surge since this gives your ADC sustain to get through the laning phase, but also adding a little attack speed steroid for more kill potential.

Then we want to max our Q Javelin Toss because this is your main damage source. This will add some more pressure and a higher kill potential.

Last but not least we will max our W Bushwhack. The traps give vision and you can pounce a bit more, yea that's great, but it doesn't give you as much as your Q and E. Since you're support Nidalee the damage isn't great either. That's why we max it last.

Put a point in your R Aspect Of The Cougar whenever u can.

Guide Top

Build Path's

The most common build to go to will be:
This one I call The Damage Build.

There are many other ways to build Nidalee support. Some build's more effective than others, but with a little creativity and smart play you can make them all work.

Themed Build Path's

Since you already have 10%CDR built in your masteries I recommend picking up 2 10%CDR items along with your support item as this will bring u to a total of 40%CDR.

I don't have to explain these do I? these are just a MUST!
Pick them up on your 1st back. End of story ^^

The Slow Build.

Since Nidalee doesn't have cc you still want to peel for your ADC and secure his safety. Personally i think a support doesn't have to do great damages, he just has to do his job. And with Nidalee it's pretty questionable if she can. That's why I've chosen for this build.

Frost Queen's Claim
I like this item because it gives you some AP, 10% CDR and mana regen + your spells and basic attacks do 15 additional damage. The active Gives you a 80% Slow that decays over 2 seconds, which i think makes up a little for her lack of cc. It can help her and her ADC escape easily. It also makes it easier for her ADC to kite his way to safety.

Sorcerer's Shoes
We want this item to deal a little more damage with your abilities because of the magic penetration it gives you. Since this will be your only magic penn item.

Mikael's Crucible
This is the item we want to provide your ADC some survival. It removes most of the cc. So if your ADC gets stuck activate it and he is free to go (so far he can go) and it also gives him a little heal. This can save you some time to heal up your adc or help him escape. Not to mention the stats it gives u. 10% CDR and just enough mana regen. You won't run out of mana that fast anymore :D

Iceborn Gauntlet or Rylai's Crystal Scepter
NOTE: The slow does not stack with the rylai's
You can either go for Rylai's Crystal Scepter or Iceborn Gauntlet.If you are going for the slow build Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a must. It gives you a little more peel potential because it adds slows on top of your abilities and it also gives you a little AP boost (+100 AP) and some nice HP to live a little longer. If you want some extra mana and be a little tankier then Iceborn Gauntlet will be a good choice. Another option to take would be Frozen Heart. Yess you'll have a lot more armor + the nice passive which reduces attackspeed, but half of the time your top lane or/and your jungler already has one so for me it's not worth to buy another one + then i would be 10% above the 40% cap. You can also choose for a Randuin's Omen if you want to stack the slow, and have some more armor and HP. Does the enemy team have some heavy AP damage you could also choose to take a Locket of the Iron Solari Because it has a nice aura providing your teammates some extra MR and it gives a little shield also.

Twin Shadows
I can also recommend Twin Shadows if you want some more AP +10%CDR and a little extra slow.

The Damage Build.

If things are going well and you or your ADC aren't scared for the enemy team feel free to go for some damage. Along with your Frost Queen's Claim and Sorcerer's Shoes you can go for:

Seraph's Embrace
This is a great way to get rid of the mana issues by stacking it with your Tear of the Goddess. It takes a while but then u have something :D It gives you a ridiculous amount of mana and when completed to Archangel's Staff and fully charged you'll get a nice little shield based on your current mana and some extra AP based on max mana. How nice! If you feel you don't really need it you could go for Athene's Unholy Grail if you want the 20% CDR and a little magic resist.

Rabadon's Deathcap
Of course you also want to get this item because it will boost your power quite a bit, making your spears even hurt more. Isn't that fun!!

Twin shadows
I can't help it, I just think it's a fun item. But the 2 ghosts are quite handy when your are getting chased or want to scout out enemies. It's also nice to have some extra 10%CDR and a little more movement speed. If you don't like it for some reason you can also take Morellonomicon for some more spam of your spears. With 20%CDR this Item will get you to the cap op 40%CDR. If you want your spears to hurt a little more you could go for a Void Staff or you could go for a Zhonya's Hourglass if you need something to protect yourself with.

The Protection Build.

Protection, protection, protection!! I can't say more, since your adc will get shields, heals and even more shields!

Face Of The Mountain
Ok, so this takes away a bit of your early pressure, but it can do great things when it comes down to team fights. It doesn't only gives you health but it can give one of your allies a shield and some more sustain in lane. Seriously you'll be saving life's with that thing! If you want to keep the early lane pressure you could also start with Spellthief's Edge(Don't complete it) get your early items and sell it by the time you have some money for your Face of the Mountain.

Mikael's Crucible
As you've read above, you'll know what it does and why is a must for this build. Let the cleansing begin and heal, heal, heal!

Locket of the Iron Solari
I've also explained a bit about this item and i think i will fit just great in this build because of the MR aura it gives and yea,, well,, the shield of course that's what it's all about!

Rabadon's Deathcap
I know you are a bit sad that I've given up a lot of damage to create this build. But it's not about you, it's alll about the ADC! But maybe this will cheer you up a little. We need to keep the heals going right?

The Siege Build.

So this might be a fun one. It's all about running after enemies, picking enemies off guard and giving tons of steroids to your strongest members of the team (including the canon minion!) It will also allow you to take your objectives faster.

Talisman of Ascension
This is a great way of making your money fast. Not only that but once completed you'll benefit from (once completed) mana regen and a huge speed boost for your team. This will allow you to either run for your life or chase down enemies.

Ardent Censer
Ok, so this build will make u lack a damage, but it will make your ADC stronger! So what does it do then? I think this item is a bit underrated(on any healing support). It gives you a decent amount mana regen, and it also gives you more movement speed and AP. Not to forget that your heals will add 25% attack speed on the person you're healing and together with your Primal Surge that's quite some steroids o.O

Banner of Command
I personally think this item fits in here perfectly. It gives you some AP + HP and you'll get the same aura as Locket of the Iron Solari gives you. Also you can turn one of your minions (I recommend the cannon minion) in to a little super minion that is immune to magic damage. Not only that, but it even farms for you! Oh bot lane is pushing in? No problem! Just buff a minion and from every last hit it makes you will get the money, you don't even have to be near it. ^^

Righteous Glory
So this is where the real fun begins. You'll be getting loads of HP and loads of mana + some sustain each time you level up. Together with Talisman of Ascension you'll be running yourself dizzy! Just kidding. This will be great for sieging as it will give you 60% Movement speed to you and your allies while running towards enemies and enemy turrets.

The Non-Support Build.
So have you read the title? Just skip it, that's NOT what we want from support Nidalee!!
This also is one of the reasons people don't like support Nidalee. (Besides lacking CC)
So we're not doing this one :3

The Situational Items.

So a few of them I've already described on the top of this section, but when do you use them?

Rod of Ages is a nice item if you are facing some bursty champs. It gives you some overal more HP and mana. But also sustain while you are leveling up. This will give you a chance on survival after getting full-combo'd by Zed, LeBlanc, Talon or other bursty champs. Since you are just the support you will most likely be the easiest target to blow up.

This is a great item if you are facing an AD comb. It gives you a lot of armor, gives u a lot of mana, a nice passive + it provides 20%CDR. This item would go great with a Rod of Ages or a Rylai's Crystal Scepter

This is a great item if you are feeling the need for some tankyness. It gives you a great amount of HP and armor. The active is nice too if u want to peel for your ADC. You can slow enemies to make sure they can't reach your ADC or make your ADC escape.

Choose your boots wisely!

Do you want to roam a lot and want to be fast back in lane, then i should go for these if u are feeling u don't need the magic penetration Sorcerer's Shoes give you.

If the enemy team has a lot of cc i would definitely recommend these. You don't want to die because you are getting CC'd to death. They will help you out! I won't take these for only the MR it gives you, because its just not worth it. There are many good MR items available so better save that bit of money.

If the enemy team has very less of 0 CC or you are facing a full AD team I would go for these. It gives you some much needed armor and it will block some basic attack damage.

Guide Top


What you want to do.
What you want to ward and tips.
when you're free to go.
Don't mess it up!


So in the laning phase there are a few options depending on what kind of adc you have and what enemies you're facing. In most of the cases you will max your Primal Surge first, but there are exceptions (if you want to know these just go to the top of my page and read the match up section).

What you want to do is trying to poke down your enemies with your Javelin Toss and keep healing up the damage you or your ADC have taken Primal Surge. If you can go aggressive, just go aggressive. If you can't, just keep poking and sustaining and ask nicely for a gank. Also make sure you make a good use of your w Bushwhackas they will provide you vision as long as you don't have wards. Place them in your bushes in the sides of your lane and around the river so you can see incoming ganks. On your 1st back make sure you pick up a Sightstone and keep your lane and the river warded.


I just can't say it more enough. It's sooooo important to have wards EVERYWHERE!! Like I said above, those things can save life's. Buy a ward, save a life, money well spent! You always want to know where the enemy is hiding, Not only for your safety but also for securing objectives.

These are the possible places you want to have warded and trapped (I might have forgotten some).

From blue team's perspective
These are the wards and traps you want during the laning phase. It's very important to know where the enemy jungler is so you can avoid an unexpected gank or avoid getting your lane turned in a 3v2 or a 4v2 lane. In this stage of the game most important is Dragon Control. This will let you and your team know if the enemy is taking it or not. If your team is going for it you really want to know where your enemies are else things will get messy.

To go a bit further up in that, you also want to consider deep wards or protect your own side to see if the enemy is in there. This will give you an even better sight of where your enemies are if you and your ADC continue to keep the pressure up.

Last but not least Baron Control. Later on in the game when most objectives are taken, you want to go for baron. This is the stage where most throws are made by either your team or the enemy team. It's extremely important to keep this warded. This will help you make the decisions you need to make your way to victory. If the enemy team is doing it, try to stop it or go for an other objective and sit it out. You can set up traps in order to catch them and go for baron yourself. There are so many things you can do if you just have the vision.

If you're facing enemy junglers like Shaco or Evelynn the best places to ward are directly on or near the camps. This way you can see if they are doing and which way they are heading after it. For example you place a ward between their blue and gromp just behind the big tree. You also ward their tri-bush and the entrance of their jungle. You can see them doing their camp and you see which way they go after it. This way you can alert your team for incoming ganks. (This isn't only a tip if you are facing Evelynn or Shaco, this will come in handy anytime.)


When do you want to roam?

Winning a lane isn't an excuse to leave the lane to roam, because you'll have to be there to keep the advantage by zoning your enemies so they fall behind even more. The best moment to roam is:
  • When the enemy isn't in their lane because you don't want to leave your ADC in a 2v1 lane.
  • When your ADC goes to base and you don't really feel like back-ing yet you could go for a roam.
  • If the enemy lane goes to base you can leave your ADC alone for a while to give him some solo XP and see if you can get things done. Make sure you'll be back in time.
  • You can roam if you know for sure your ADC won't be threatened in a 2v1 lane.
  • You lost your tower and your ADC can farm safely, you won't be really needed anyway.
  • You can't get things done because your ADC is very passive or "useless".

What do you want to do when roaming?

If you can't get things done you are wasting your time and setting yourself behind. Make sure you roam on a time where you can get things done. Things you can do:
  • If the enemy midlaner is pushing you could go help your midlaner get a kill.
  • If you know when the enemy buff's are spawning you could go for a steal, setting the enemy jungler behind.
  • If you see the enemy mid lane just went to base, help your midlane push and take down a tower.
  • The enemy jungler just ganked and got away with a little HP, sometimes they will do 1 more camp before they base. You could go on a little hunt and get a kill.
  • If you notice your jungler is counter jungling a lot, just team up with him and counter jungle together.
  • You could gank top, hide in the side bush and pop up when the time is right.
  • Since your roaming make sure you make a good use of your Sightstone and try to get some deep wards.

Note: Before you roam make sure you have a good communication with your team. Let your mid lane know you're coming or ask your jungler to come with you. Most important of all is to let your ADC know that you are roaming, so he knows that you're gone and when you are coming back.


Early on in the game:

So, this will mostly be the time we group up for objectives such as towers, dragons or teamfights (because most of the time they will end up in one). Nidaleee is known for not being the best as it comes down to teamfights. What you want to do is trying to poke with Javelin Toss before the fight starts. Even thou you don't have great AP they will still do enough damage because nobody on this time really has defenses. When the fight starts keep a close eye on your ADC. You really want to attack whatever is attacking your adv, this can result in a kill for him or he will escape safely. You want to heal him up with your Primal Surge and if needed you need to Exhaust the enemy that's attacking him. Sometimes you will have rushed a Mikael's Crucible if you did, make sure you use it. Don't be afraid to give your life if it will result in either a kill or your ADC survives. You have done everything to keep him alive so it's OK to die now.
This is also the time you will put more wards in the enemy's jungle to see if they are around there.

Later on in the game:
This will mostly be the time that most of the objectives are taken and you want to fight to get those Inhibitor's or Baron. It also might be the time that will decide the end of the game. Depending on what build you've been going you can still try to poke with your Javelin Toss but they won't be that effective anymore. At this point you will always be next to your ADC. Make sure you have bought the right items that will help him stay alive because most of the time you will win fights if your ADC survives. Keep providing him heals, Exhaust the ones that try to blow him up. Attack what your ADC is attacking and attack what is attacking him. Make a good use of the actives that the items you have give you and you might save life's with it. If your game ends up being a loss it's OK too. You have done EVERYTHING in order to keep your ADC alive, but u couldn't do more than that.

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

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So Nidalee support can be built in many ways and can be a great support. But do I think she'll always be a viable pick? No, i don't. How much we love her and how fun she is, there will always be better supports out there (especially in Ranked Solo Q). Feel free to pick her up in normal games and try out my builds and see how they work for you. But if you want to use her as support for ranked really think about the viability for your team. As we know most players only care about them self's and pick what they want to play instead of thinking about others how to secure victory and Nidalee really is a team depending champion.

Anyway, I'd like to thank you for reading my guide and I hope you enjoyed reading it :3 Feel free to leave a comment and give me some tips on how to improve this guide if you want to. I'll try to do my best to keep this guide updated^^

GL HF and make your way too victory!!

-xx LadyOfClockwork (Dee,Debra)

Special Thanks to jhoijhoi's Making a Guide guide!