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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rizochi

Kassadin - The balance must be preserved

Rizochi Last updated on March 23, 2011
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Hello there. As you look at this guide, you may ask "Why another Kassadin build? There is plenty of them". Well I wanted to put something in the LoL community. Not only take the benefits form others work. Kassadin is in my opinion, one of the best champion in this game, and my favorite too. I spent long months mastering him only, because I wanted to own with him other people. Now I would like to share my knowledge. So lets get started.

IMPORTANT THING: I know that there is a Wall of Text. Sorry for that but I wanted to cover as much as possible in this guide.

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Pros / Cons

First of all, lets look at our champ pros and cons.


    Great nuke ability
    Escape artist
    Nice CC (long silence and aoe slow)
    One word - Riftwalk
    Rewards hard time spent on mastering him
    Fun to play
    Nice look and great voice

    Force Pulse needs six spells to be cast before it can be used
    Hard to play in early game
    Take some time to master him

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Skills (Littel bit of math and tactics)

- Void Stone. Kassadin Passive. After last patch (I'm writing this guide on 22 III 2011) it reduce incoming damage from spells by 10% and grants bonus attack speed. As for the second part of this ability it doesn't make a big difference for us. The first part is great. I can save your life more then a 100 time a game. As for the pre-patch this ability reduce the incoming damage from abilities by 15%, so it was much better. Still it is a good solid passive.
IMPORTANT THING: This ability is triggered even if we take one tick from dot spell like Nasus Spirit Fire

- Null Sphere. Kassadin Q spell and our main tool of destruction. It deals 80/130/180/230/280 plus 70% of our ability power. It also silence target for 1/1.4/1.8/2.2/2.6 seconds. This spell is great for almost everything. It works great for last hitting and harassing enemy in lane. It break enemy spells(taunts, ult, channeling spells) and prevents other to be cast. Over all great spell. It is target spell, so if you cast it, it will definitively hit your target.
IMPORTANT THING: If you silence target he can't use his summoner spells(Cleanse is exception).

- Nether Blade. Kassadin W spell. It is passive/active spell. On passive with each hit our champion restores his mana by a flat 4/8/12/16/20. If we hit enemy champion the effect is tripled. Upon activating we gain 7/15/25/38/50 armor penetration for 5 seconds. As for this build, where I'm focusing on Ability Power, this skill is kinda worthless. But you can't ignore it. Most Kassadin player that go with "The way of AP", use it only for charging Force Pulse. Still it gives us mana for each hit we make. This can sometimes save us.
IMPORTANT THING: The mana restore factor is trigger even when we are attacking towers. With our passive we can get a lot of mana back in few seconds.

- Force Pulse. Kassadin E spell and our aoe nuke. Pleas don't forget that this baby slows too. It deals 60/115/170/225/280 damage plus 70% of Kassadins Ability Power and slows all targets in a con for 30/35/40/45/50%. This skill wrecks havoc upon everyone. It has many ways to be used. To farm, to kill, to slow pursuit. Still all this positives have one big issue. It needs SIX spells cast near Kassadin(by him, his allies or enemy) to be able to be cast. In team fight it doesn't really matter, but when we are trying to kill someone, or chasing our target, we must pay attention to it.

- Riftwalk. Kassadins Ultimate skill and the main thing, that is defining what he is on the battlefield. This skill is mainly a flash. We teleport to the near location. Lets look at the damage. It deals 60/90/120 plus 50% of our ability power when we arrive. You may say: "Hey. This is nothing compare to his Q and E.". Yes. But the damage is dealt by stack. We can stack Riftwalk by casting it in 10 seconds periods of time. Each next cast will deal twice the damage. For example. If we cast it and receive 2 stack we will deal 240 damage with level 3 Riftwalk. If we cast it again, we will deal 360 damage. You should get the point by now. We can stack Riftwalk to 10 stack. BUT! Each additional cast, in this 10 seconds time period, will consume twice the mana. Math time. First Riftwalk will cost 100 mana, second one will cost 200, third 300, and so on. As you see it will run us dry if we will charge with it. Still the most important thing about this skill is it teleport/flash aspect. With this you can travel faster then any other champion by jumping through walls. You can escape almost hopeless situations and close the gap between you and your victim. You must remember, that Riftwalk is a skill shot and it is easy to learn skill, but hard to master.
IMPORTANT THING: You can use often Riftwalk to just travel trough map. It has low cost co you want lose much of your mana pool. Still remember. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, stack it if you travel. You will need every point of mana when you start your battle. Doesn't matter if you will make first step or your enemy.

Your main combo, when you chose your target, will be Riftwalk in -> cast Null Sphere -> cast Force Pulse -> if you have activate your Nether Blade.

After that, there are two ways. First one is easy, your target starts to escape. You chase them with Riftwalk and Null Sphere till he's dead. The other situation is that your target feels more comfortable and fights you back. Now you must decide. Stay and fight him by using your standard attack and any ability that goes of cooldown or Riftwalk out, wait a bit, and then strike back. Of course this two situation are just examples. In real battle there are many other circumstances that occur. As Kassadin you are capable of choosing if you want to engage or not. You must learn to asset situation. If you master this, there no way, they will run away.

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Skill Sequence and some Explanations

As I seen the other guides, the skill sequence goes like this. And I agree with that. But still there is some place to explain why.

Riftwalk > Null Sphere > Force Pulse > Nether Blade

With this priority you get Null Sphere maxed at lvl 9. With your magic penetration and a little bit of AP will do nice, or should I say, insane damage. I saw some people maxing Force Pulse after level 6, then taking Null Sphere. Well I played that way in my early games. It has good damage but it depends a lot on six spell stack. On top of that, after latest patch Force Pulse does less damage then Null Sphere until both are at level 5. Of course it is AOE but still.

The other thing that is other in my build is one point in Nether Blade at level 10. This idea I got from NinjAChurch. You may ask, why. I will tell you that when you delay by one level your max Force Pulse you want lose that much. It will be only 5% less movement reduction and 55 less damage. You will get a free stacking spell that will:

Get stacks needed for Force Pulse
Will give you back mana with each hit
Will give you free spell for your Tear of the Goddess

As for me this is god trade. Still it is still personal choice on skill sequence.

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Well we are at the point, where I think my build is a bit unique. I don't really know if there is other build like mine. If there I'm sorry that I didn't found it and I'm taking credit (if it will happen ever) for it.

Ok. Lets get to analyze it. Lets start with Offensive Tree.

Archmage's Savvy - 3 points. This is self explained. Free AP per level. Why not? Give it to me. There is nothing more interesting in this tier of the tree.

Deadliness - 1 point. We need that point to get lower in this tree. Cripple is nice, but I'm not using Exhaust in my build. Plentiful Bounty is for junglers and Smite users, so we pass on it too.

Sorcery - 4 points. Cooldown reduction. Well it is only 3% total, but better to have this 3% then nothing. Still it is better then Alacrity witch give us bonus 4% Attack Speed that we don't really need. More then that we need this 4 point to get Archaic Knowledge .

Archaic Knowledge - 1 point. 15% magical spell penetration. It's good for you. Take it, don't ask.

Burning Embers - 1 point. Grants us 10 AP when Ignite is on cooldown. Most of the time it is, when is not, well make it be. Bonus AP is great. Still I will tell that this point is optional. You can put it where you want.

So the most importatn thing in Offensive Tree is Archaic Knowledge . You need to spend that 9 points here. And that's my opinion. With this 15% bonus magic penetration, with your Sorcerer's Shoes and Greater Mark of Magic Penetration you will take down almost everyone's basic magic resistance.

Now, lets look upon the Defensive Tree.

Mender's Faith - 1 point. Increased heal by 75 and lower cooldown. As for me, who takes Heal this is good choice. If you take other summoner spell, put that point in Hardiness . Still it is better to have 2 points of armor then Presercation, that will only benefit you if you take Revive. And trust me, you will not take it. Ever.

Resistance - 3 points. Grants us 6 bonus magic resist. It is not much, but we need that points to get to Strength of Spirit which is crucial for us. More or less, after the latest patch with nerf on Void Stone we need a little bit more magic resistance to covert the lack of that 5%.

Strength of Spirit - 3 points. Grants us health regeneration per 5 seconds by 1% of our maximum mana. You may ask: "Why do I need HP5 on Kassadin?". The answer is pretty simple. For your early game and ability to stay in lane almost for ever with Tear of the Goddess. With this 3 little point at level 1 and with Sapphire Crystal you have 475 mana and almost 13 HP5 (4,75 from this talent and 7,45 base). With only this 2 things you get bonus of 1 HP5 per level (0,5 base per level and 0.45 per level from your mana per level bonus). I'm not counting in benefits going from other items that gives you mana, but I think you get the point.

That covers all of my input in Defensive Tree. Lets move on to the last part. The Utility Tree.

Perseverence - 3 points. Grants us bonus of increased health and mana regeneration by 4%. More HP5 and MP5. With our build. Bring it on.

We need one last point to move lower in this tree. As for me, who is taking Heal and Ignite I don't have need for Spatial Accuracy or Haste . I'm putting my last point in Good Hands . It is better to have shorter death time, even if in most case you won't die.

4 points in tier 2 of Utility Tree. Now it is time for a little debate. Most of the time I'm going with Awareness the bonus 5% of experience in the field isn't something you want to pass. I must say, that this is a talent that will benefit us most through early and mid game. Late game it is worthless. Still it can grant as an early game edge, with which we can gain advantage of our enemy. On the other hand we have Expanded Mind which grants us bonus 5% of maximum mana. Now this talent isn't as good as the first one early game. The most important thing is, it doesn't stack with items, that grants us bonus mana. On the other hand it work's great with Tear of the Goddess and Archangel's Staff 1000 mana bonus. With this we gain more mana, more HP5 from our Strength of Spirit and more AP from Archangel's Staff. Still this is the point where you need to decide. If you can handle early/mid game without bonus exp, then take bonus man. If you would better start and a little bit advantage early one, go with bonus exp.

From Tier 3 most important thing for Kassadin is Meditation . 3 points here give us additional 3 mana per 5 seconds. It is great as Kassadin in very mana hungry champion.

With this way we have 9/7/11, and 3 points left, if you don't take Burning Embers . From here there is few things you can take.

You can max your Good Hands so you will leave your 2 points her.

You can take Greed for the bonus gold. It's not that much. You will get 1 gold every 10 seconds. So in 1 minute you will get 6 gold. In 10 minutes you will get 60 gold. In 30 minutes you will gets 180 gold. As you see it isn't much. But still it can grant you 2 free Sight Ward and Health Potion. It cost only 1 points so I think it's your call.

On Tier 3 Utility you can get for 2 points Utility Mastery which will grant you 30% longer neutral monster buffs. I take this one. It works great with golem buff and baron buff. With this you have more time to Riftwalk around mape faster and nuke out any target you meet on your way.

So this is about talents I'm choosing. Maybe latter I will cover all other talents in all three trees, but for now please don't be mad at me. ^^'

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells are most of the time personal choice. I will try to cover most of them here and talk a little bit about them. I will start with one that I choose.

- Simple. You gain health on cast. It is your "Emergency Potion". Well most of summoners don't like it. Yes it is strait forward spell. But. It can save us early game and more it can fool our enemy and make them extend to much. In my opinion it is life savior skill that saved my life and grant me early kill.

- Well this is a free source of damage that is able to nail down your escaping victim. It has nice damage, ignores magic resistance and reduce heal effect on target by 50%. Some people say, that Kassadin don't need another damage spell. Maybe. But this little friend allow me to get early kill on level 4/6 then wait. Combined with Heal it makes a terror trap for over confident and zeal players.

Now lets look on other spell.

- very nice spell. Reduce target Attack Damage by 70%, Ability/Item damage by 35% and slows them by 40%. Well in early times, this spell gave blind instead damage reduction. It was great for shutting down have dps carry like Tryndamere or Master Yi. Now it is over all pin down skill with overall enemy outgoing damage reduction. In my opinion, Kassadin don't need it. You have Riftwalk and Force Pulse. You are great chaser and can easily pin down any enemy you choose. The magic resistance reduction is nice on it, when you take Cripple. Still it is good if you like it. Don't forget to take Cripple.

- Grants us movement speed and ability to pass through units. Nice spell to closing gap between you and your target or escaping. But to be honest, you don't really need it on Kassadin. Your base speed and your Sorcerer's Shoes will cover almost all speed need. Don't forget, that you got your Riftwalk that allows you to through wall gaining distance from your chasers. If you like it and think you will need it, it's your call.

- This spell teleports us to friendly minion, turret or ward. Great skill for fast travel between lanes or back to your lane after recall. There are some tricks, that you can pull of with Kassadin and this little fellow. I will try to speek about them later. Nice spell.

- Removes all forms of crowd control(Except Suppression). I like to refer to this skill as PvP Trinket. If you get ever caught by enemy gank or heavy crowd control enemy(like Xin Zhao) you pop up it and Riftwalk. People say it is best spell on Kassadin, because it grants us ability to escape any hostile situation. Well I don't really know. Tried to go with this spell and it didn't work that great for me. I must say that Heal saved my life much often. First of all I think that Kassadin couldn't found himself in the situation that calls for Cleanse. And even if there is such situation, Heal can save your life as good at does it Cleanse. There is long way to talk about which is better. I will say it is matter of personal play style and choice. If you like it and you are good at using it, be my guest and take it.

- This spell works almost like Heal. It gives us mana. You may think, that this would be great on Kassadin, but I must disappoint you. As it grants nice amount of mana early game, the numbers aren't that great later. Ok, it can give us mana for one more combo or one more additional Riftwalk that will help us out. Still if you get in those situation you should consider thinking about your way of play. With Tear of the Goddess you don't need additional mana. If you need, then maybe your doing something wrong, like traveling with stacked Riftwalk or waste your mana on stupid things. It will be better to counter it with Golem Buff, rather by taking this spell.

- Why am I looking upon this. Well it looks like support skill, that should be taken by support champion or tank. But. I saw many Kassadins, that was doing great with it. I will say this once. This spell, as it look not that special, is god like. It need time to master it. You need to learn how to use it to it full potential. You will gain by it more advantage and escape deadly traps. If you are really good with this baby, take it. If not, think about other options.

- Great skill, but in my opinion, not on Kassadin. Hey. You have already your Riftwalk. Ok. With Flash and Riftwalk you can close gap faster or escape better. Still I think this spell is an overkill on Kassadin. It has long cooldown if you don't go down in Utility Tree. Still it can work wonders in good hands. As with some previous spells it is your call if you want to take it.

So for main spell I would say that you should take two of those:

- Heal
- Teleport
- Cleanse
- Ignite

If you think you will do better without them, consider taking spells below. But. I strongly recommend to take Heal or Cleanse. They will help you survive.

- Exhaust
- Ghost
- Clairvoyance
- Flash
- Clarity

Don't ever take this one.

- Revive - You won't be dieing. Overall it has long cooldown. Just NO!
- Smite - I was thinking about this spell as good versus pets. Still it is better on jungler so don't take it.
- Fortify - Not great skill for Kassadin. Better for tank or tank/jungler. Don't take it.
- Rally - I have seen only once, that someone took it. It isn't good and not on AP Kass. Don't take it. Ever!

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As for the theme of runes. Well I consider taking primary runes for Marks, Seals and Glyphs. If you take them you can gain most of IP spent on them. So lets look on them.

As for Marks I go with Greater Mark of Magic Penetration. They give you Magic Penetration which is great for your spell damage. As for Marks there are no better for Kassadin then these.

I take Greater Seal of Clrity. Why? They are better then Greater Seal of Replenishment. At level 6 first one are almost good as the second one. Later they get even better. You don't need on Kassadin Seals that give you Armor or Dodge. Some people consider taking HP Seal. Well great you will be a little bit harder to kill, but you wont last long in lane because you will loose your mana too fast.

As for Glyphs I started with Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist. They are good as Greater Glyph of Magic Resist at level 10, but early on, you don't need that much of Magic Resistance. After latest patch I'm more confident in taking them. With them, your base Magic Resistance and 3 points in Resistance you gain solid reduction on magic damage. But that's only one option.
You can get Greater Glyph of Ability Power or Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power for additional AP, that will grant you bonus fire power.
You can take Greater Glyph of Mana or Greater Glyph of Knowledge that will grant you bonus mana, which work great with Strength of Spirit , Expanded Mind and Archangel's Staff.
Or you can get Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction or Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction to lower you cooldown.
Each of this ways got it's positive and negative sides. I want say "Take ..." or "Never take ...". As for Glyphs should decide which one will work better for you. I would think about taking Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction or Greater Glyph of Knowledge or Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist. I'm not great fun of taking AP runes, but if would choose them, I would prefer Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power.

As for Quintessence there are many that would work great on Kassadin. As long I prefer per level Seals and Glyphs, Quintessence are better flat.
With my build I go with Greater Quintessence of Health, but I have played with Greater Quintessence of Swiftness and it worked great. I don't think that Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power work that great, but I saw few Kassadins with full AP page, that where doing insane damage. Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration sound nice, but I think that your Sorcerer's Shoes and your Marks cover your basic needs. Same goes for Greater Quintessence of Scaling Mana Regeneration and Greater Quintessence of Cooldown Reduction. Still that are only my ideas. Choose these which will work for you great.

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Core items in my build are:

Why only this tree, not more. It is simple. Because they cover almost all our needs and grants us enough fire power, to take most of the targets down.

- cover our all mana needs. It is good source of mana and MP5. It constantly increases our mana pool with each cast. It work great with Strength of Spirit and Expanded Mind . It is good first step on your road to Archangel's Staff that will benefit you greatly.

- well you need boots. From all of the possibilities these work great. Bonus magic penetration covers all need of reducing your enemy defense. You may ask why not Mercury's Treads. Well as long they look like solid anti crowd control. They reduce they duration by 35%. As for me it is around 1 second from almost all stun, snares, sleeps or immobilize. Well it ain't that much and in most cases these 1 second won't really save you. As for Magic Resist your Void Stone covers it great. But if want them and really like it take them. On the other hand you can take Ionian Boots of Lucidity. Although they lack offensive and defensive stats they grants us 15% cooldown reduction.

- snowball item. It is your cheapest source of AP or the most expensive 20AP you will ever get. Still it is great on Kassadin because of his escape mechanism and being capable of taking down squishes in one combo. I will say this once: Don't ever give up on this item. I had bad games, which begin with me being FIRST BLOOD, but after some good kills, ganks or one good team fight you can get from 5 to 10 stacks in like 1 minute.

From this point in game you should look upon your enemy team and yourself. Now you must decide what you need to buy, to cover your weakness and hit where they have openings. Next important thing is what you can effort and what will be most effective.

If your enemy isn't doing great, they aren't stacking Magic Resistance, you can go strait to power items.
- good cheap item, that grants us solid amount of AP. It is required in most of AP powered items.
- if you have 1600 gold, don't think long. Take this baby. It has one of the best gold per AP counter.
- overall you should upgrade your Tear of the Goddess at the point, where you reach 1800 mana. At this point it grants you 1 AP per 20 you spent on upgrading it. This item will always appear in my build.
- powerhouse item. It grants us flat 155 AP and bonus 30% AP of our total AP. Great item. Expensive but it is worth it's price.
- good power item with a little bit of survivability.
- overall great item. Nice passive, good stats. Still it isn't that great before items that I'm referring above.

If the enemy team has heavy dps damage consider items like:
- good amount of armor for small price. It is a good start before we can get down to the other, more expensive, items.
- cheap item with a little bit of armor and mana. Cooldown reduction is nice too.
- Upgrade your Glacial Shroud into it when you have still problems with dps carry. Now it grants you more armor and man. 20% cooldown reduction and reduces attack speed of nearby enemies by 20%. Great item. And it will benefit your Archangel's Staff and Strength of Spirit
- great item. Grants solid amount of AP and Armor. Plus god like active that gives you 2 seconds of invulnerability. Overall great survivability item with nice power.

When your enemy is doing well with spells, it should be considered getting one of this:
- nice magic resistance. Good start for next items below.
- great item overall. Nice HP, MP, and Magic Resistance. As bonus it blocks one negative spell every 45 seconds. It blocks crowd control, damage, slows. Almost everything. This one blocked spell can make difference between life and death.
- Nice AP and Magic Resistance. On top of that it reduces enemy Magic Resistance by 20. More survivability and great power item. Yes, I will take it.
- Magic Resistance and it breaks all crowd control on you. Great overall item.

If enemy team is stacking magic resistance to counter your overall effort, you should consider getting one of this:
- look above. Overall nice item.
- this item is great. It works better then Abyssal Mask when there are enemies with Magic Resistance above 80. Still you need to consider which one will work better.

Alternative items. Here I will try to cover items that didn't found place above and still can be useful for Kassadin:
- nice cheap item. Provides AP, HP and Magic Penetration. If you didn't took Sorcerer's Shoes you can take this as a temporary item.
- very good item. Provides a solid amount of HP and AP. As bonus it grants slow to our all abilities. As for the slow it isn't great, because of slow on Kassadins Force Pulse. Still it will grant us slow effect on Riftwalk and Null Sphere. Which should be a little bit of help in fight.
- well I like this item for its look. Nevertheless it gives us a solid amount of AP and MP5 with nice 20% of cooldown reduction. Nice item. You should consider taking it in place of your other AP item or even Mejai's Soulstealer.
- you may ask, why not take Spell Vamp on Kassadin. Well it doesn't work that great. Of course it will heal us a solid amount of HP, but in that place we can get more effective item.
- another great item. Still as AP, MP5 or CD reduction ain't as good as thier are on Morello's Evil Tome it gives Kassadin another nice nuke, that literally breaks tanks. Still you need to think if you really need it. As for me it is personal choice.
- Cheap, nice item that will grant us MP5, solid amount of Magic Resistance and great boost on our overall mana regeneration. Can work wonder when combined with Tear of the Goddess.
- well it has nice amount of magic resistance and HP5. Still as for some game, it is not really a great item for Kassadin.
- well this item is something, that makes forum go wild. As it grants for us a free Chronoshift. Still I'm looking a little bit skeptic on it. Well if you die, it was because there was a tone of damage or your enemy team just CC you to death. In all other situations, you should be able to escape. When you will die and revive with 750 HP and 350 MP you will be dead after another 1, maybe 2 seconds. As it looks nice it is not really worth the price.
- why am I even consider tank items on Kassadin. Well I will tell you this. What will you do, as a dps carry if you Kassadin standing there alone? I think the answer is simple. You will try to kill him in second with you god like AS and AD. What he has tone on armor and slows. And I'm dead. The thing about taking not standard items is to fool your enemies. And overall Randuin's Omen is good item.
- same as above. Good item versus dps carry like Master Yi.

There are some other items, that would work really nice one Kassadin. Still you have limited space in your inventory and limited time/gold. You must consider what you need a the current point. There are many items as you see. Each of them fulfills it purpose. And still the most important thing about items is your ability of adaptation in current situation. You must know which will grant you most benefits. Think of them not only by they one statistic like for example AP. Think about item as whole thing and how can you use it in new ways. You don't need to follow certain path. With all this items, you should found what you need in a certain situation.

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Tips and Tricks (The Little Things that some people don't know)

As you get to that point, you may think what more do I need/want to tell you. Well there are some things about Kassadin, that some people don't know. Same as some of you didn't think about them in that way. Well I will try to share with you things that I noticed. Maybe you know it, maybe not. Still I think they will help you greatly.

1. All of you know, that Null Sphere have a silence effect that prevents target from casting spells. That effect is applied, when the spell hits the target. From the point, where we cast the spell, till it hits target, there is a little time window. What am I suggesting with that. Once you cast Null Sphere it will hit target, no matter what. In early days someone could dodge it with Flash, now it is impossible. Imagine yourself this situation. A Warwick is coming at you from his jungle. He is level 6. Probably he got his ultimate ready to cast. What you do? You cast your Null Sphere. Even if Warwick will start his ultimate before our spell will hit him it will be broken as soon our little purple orb will reach him. Now he didn't use his ult on you, it is on cooldown, he can't use any other spell, and he took nice amount of damage. You can hit him with what you got at the moment or just Riftwalk out. I know that this window is very short. But remembering it can sometimes save your life.
2. Did you know, that when Ezreal uses one of his ability Kassadin gain 2 stack of his Force Pulse then just one. Now you can consider leveling up your E skill before Q. With Ezreal on lane, doesn't matter if he is on your side or is he an enemy, you can farm better and gain an advantage.
3. Most of you know the trick with Kassadin's Riftwalk through walls. Still I would like to remind you on it. If you use your Riftwalk on a large wall and normally you would appear inside of it, your Riftwalk will push you forward. This is the thing, that makes Kassadin an escape artist. Also remember that still there are walls that you can't pass and if you try you will get pushed back.

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Well. As for now I think I covered all aspects of Kassadin. Sorry for this wall of text. I hope you like it and I didn't make you fall asleep. Please comment and vote. I will be updating this build constantly adding new ideas or item. Looking forward to meet you on the fields of justice.