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Kha'Zix Build Guide by vanchovski2002

Jungle Kha'Zix Guide in Depth, Patch 9.15 Including Everything

Jungle Kha'Zix Guide in Depth, Patch 9.15 Including Everything

Updated on August 7, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author vanchovski2002 Build Guide By vanchovski2002 24 1 51,393 Views 2 Comments
24 1 51,393 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author vanchovski2002 Kha'Zix Build Guide By vanchovski2002 Updated on August 7, 2019
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Runes: Standard Rune Page

1 2 3
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Nimbus Cloak

+8 Ability Haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Ability Order Abilities to level up

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Kha'Zix Guide in Depth, Patch 9.15 Including Everything

By vanchovski2002
Heya guys !
My nickname is Vanchovski and i am Kha'Zix main since long time ago.
That's my first guide and i will be happy if you give your feedback and opinion in the comment section.
I will include as much things as i know from my personal experience of playing Kha'Zix.
I made this guide for the ones who really want to learn Kha'Zix perfectly and that's the reason it might seems for you quite long guide compared to the others but here you are !

Patch 9.15 - That's good patch for Kha'Zix :)
His early game was quite underwhelming and he deserved the current buff on his Taste Their Fear..
That's buff to his Jungle Clearing and a bit to early game fights...Late game will be pretty much the same.
Table of Contests.
Guide Details
x Intro
x Closing
x Changelog

x Pros / Cons
x Abilities
x Tips & Tricks
x Masteries
x Runes
x Team Comp

x Items
x Gameplay
x Strategy
Champion Description.

Kha'Zix - The Deadly Mantis
[ Melee, DPS, Assassin, Jungler ]

Synergy: Very Good
Jungler ganking potential: Decent
Speciality: Slippery Assassin
Pros and Cons.

+ Very High Damage
+ Quite Good DPS for Assassin
+ Very Snowbally
+ Insane Outplay Potential
+ Very Hard to get caught
+ Good Duelist

Kha'Zix is one the best Assassins in the game due to his capability to become invisible for 2 or 3 times thanks to his ultimate Void Assault.
His Ultimate Void Assault makes him very good at 1v1 situations and quite slippery in teamfights.
In Addition his Leap resets on kill and Taste Their Fear lowers the cooldown to 45% when hitting isolated target.
He can adapt himself thanks to evolutions which means he can still be useful even when behind.
Very good Objective control.

- Very Weak to Crowd Control
- Squishy
- Lacks Crowd Control in his kit
- Hard to Master
- Weak against Tanky Comps
- Weak if behind
- No one likes cockroaches

Like every squishy champion Kha'Zix is weak to Crowd Control
In Addition he has some hard matchups and tanks counter him hard in late game as well as peeling supports like Lulu and Janna
Get gets quite weak when behind and probably leads his team to defeat, because Jungling is probably the most impactful role in the game...This means you take high risk with him and high reward as well...
So in order to maximize your potential with Kha'Zix you need to master him in order to lower the risky chance to lead your team to defeat !
Skill Explanation.
Unseen Threat -Empowered Auto Attack. Unseen Threat is Kha'Zix's passive which gives empowered when he is out of enemies sight.
He can reset him passive by walking out of enemies sight or becoming invisible thanks to Void Assault
There are quite more tricks with his passive but i will include them later in the guide.

Taste Their Fear -Main Damage Source. That's Kha'Zix's main damage source ability.It is very good ability since it deals so much damage if the target is isolated..
When Evolved it reduces the cooldown with 45% which makes Kha'Zix quite good Duelist with Isolation as well as good objective control

Void Spike - Poking and Healing.We mainly you Void Spike in the Jungle clearing for better sustain.However it adds good damage to Kha'Zix's combo.
Evolve this ability if you are behind or just want better poking potential as well as better sticking up to opponents and playing more as supportive role.

Leap - Main Gap Closing ability. Wait..Is that flying cockroach ? Holy !
We use Leap to close the gap with high priority targets as well as escaping tool.
We evolve this ability when enemy team Group a lot.
Keep in mind that evolved Leap resets its cooldown on takedowns.

Void Assault - Main Outplaying Tool.Wait, did this cockroach went invisible ?? WTF !!
Void Assault is one of the best Assassin abilites in the game since it makes Kha'Zix invisible for 1.25 seconds but can recast this ability again for another 1.25 seconds invisability.
The amount of outplaying potential with this ability is huge ! You can Kite , Juke , Fight , Distract enemies.
In addition when evolved it makes the invisability duration to 2 seconds while giving overall 3 cast times.

Kha'Zix has 2 Rune choices
Those two runes are - Electrocute and Dark Harvest -
Lets start with Electrocute.
Electrocute is the better Rune overall since it has Good damage at every stage of the game. We proc this rune by simply hitting champion 3 times.
Dark Harvest is another great choice but you exchange your bad early game to become Very Strong late game.
You need to snowball hard or you will be useless with this rune.
Proc it by hitting enemy champion below 50% HP.

Here we have 2 choices.
Sudden Impact for Lethality or Cheap Shot for true damage.
Sudden Impact is the better option since Cheap Shot needs Crowd Control to utilize its damage.

Here we go for Eyeball Collection because it gives AD per champion takedown which helps for snowballing.
I won't introduce Zombie Ward and Ghost Poro just because they doesn't fit Kha'Zix really well.

The best rune out of these 4 is for sure Relentless Hunter
it works as same as Eyeball Collection but gives movement speed instead of AD.
Those 2 combines give you so much snowballing potential when ahead.

Kha'Zix Ultimate Void Assault gives good movement speed duration which is perfectly paired with Nimbus Cloak which gives Kha'Zix even more movement speed while invisible.

By watching this guide you already know Kha'Zix is very strong early game duelist and that's why we should go for Waterwalking.
While you are in the river it gives you 25 movement speed and adaptive bonus AD

We cannot miss those cuties !
Simply pick the 2 bonuses of Adaptive Force and HP Scaling for better late game.
Items Description

Core Items

Warrior Enchantment

You Should go for this enchantment every single game since it gives Kha'Zix huge powerspike once he reaches it, and will let you duel almost anyone at this time of the game.You either go Stalker's Blade - Warrior or Skirmisher's Sabre - Warrior which depends on enemy composition

Duskblade of Draktharr

This is one of essential items on Kha'Zix because it pairs perfectly with Kha'Zix's passive Unseen Threat and his Ultimate Void Assault
It gives some serious Damage , Lethality , Cooldown Reduction and can reveal wards

Boots of Speed

Boots give you good portion of movement speed so they are quite important to pick up !
You pick boots depending on enemy team composition as well as your personal preference
If enemy has a lot Crowd Control > Mercury's Treads
If enemy has a lot Auto Attack champions > Ninja Tabi
If you are insanely Fed then you go for Mobility Boots to be get a better pressure over the enemy team

Situational Items

The Black Cleaver

Black Cleaver fits Kha'Zix's kit very well.
It helps Kha'Zix to deal with beefier targets, such as Bruisers,Tanks etc..
This item gives 20% CDR along with Health , AD and movement speed passive.
You can choose item for your kit when there is tanky enemy composition or you would like to be tanky as well.

Youmuu's Ghostblade

That's your go to - item after Enchantment: Warrior and Duskblade of Draktharr if you are ahead and enemy don't build Armor or have no Tanky champions overall.
Kha'Zix make very good use of the Damage , Lethality , 10% CDR and the movement speed on his active passive.
You go for Youmuu's Ghostblade if you want to make use of the Lethality and overall for better Assassinations

Lord Dominik's Regards

In my opinion that's one of the best Items on Kha'Zix since it gives you to deal with those Fighters and Tanks.
If there are 2 or 3 tanky champions in enemy team then go for Black Cleaver and Lord Dominik's Regards because when combinated both Kha'Zix can really melt those beefier targets as well as squishies..

Mortal Reminder

Very Good but situational item.
Basically, Mortal Reminder has 10% lower armor penetration than Lord Dominik's Regards.
Swap Lord Dominik's Regards with Mortal Reminder when enemy have self healing Fighters / Tanks.
For example - Illaoi , Aatrox , Warwick , Maokai and so on

Defensive Items

Edge of Night

Edge of Night is pretty solid item for Kha'Zix because it gives you almost everything you want to be more safe during Assassinations
It gives Health , AD , Lethality and Spell Shield which makes Kha'Zix to beg for this item if he goes for the Assassin Build but need some kind of resistance.
However keep in mind that this item doesn't contain much resistance in itself, so even with toggled Spell Shield one mistake can lead to death !

Guardian Angel

This item work wonders on Kha'Zix !
It gives AD , Armor and Revive !
When the revive passive is active it means when take the final blow you can revive..
With this item Kha'Zix can engage at enemies backline with more confidence because you are actually safe because of the revive passive.
Take it when you feel you are ahead and you want to be even more safe.
Swap this item with another when revive passive is on cooldown.

Maw of Malmortius

Pretty solid item on Kha'Zix against Heavy AP team composition.
This item excels at denying enemy Heavy AP champs to burst you down thanks to its AP Shield and Magic Resistance
In addition it adds some AD and 10% CDR.

Death's Dance

Hands down in my opinion that's probably the best mixed item on Kha'Zix containing in itself 80 AD , 10% CDR , Healing and 30% Damage Reduction !
Death's Dance helps you to survive enemy's burst damage because of the Damage Reduction while in addition it gives super Dueling power.
Take this item if it happens that you die quite easily but you want to keep playing as Assassin
In addition this item pairs well even with the Fighter Build on Kha'Zix
It's good idea when you are Full Build to sell Enchantment: Warrior and buy Death's Dance
(Keep in mind that's my personal opininion)

Randuin's Omen

Enemy team has a couple Auto Attack reliant Champions ?
Then Randuin's Omen is your best friend !
Since Auto Attack reliant champions build Critical Strike Randuin's Omen will reduce their Attack Speed by 15% as well as Critical Strike Damage by 20%
In addition you get 70 Armor and 400 Health from the item which is good if you are going Tanky Kha'Zix
We go for Randuin's Omen if enemy team has Auto Attack reliant champions - for example: MID - Yasuo , ADC - Caitlyn , Top - Darius

Preference Items
Take it by your preference

Ravenous Hydra

This item fits your playstyle if you like to clear your Jungle camps as fast as possible.
It gives AD , Lifesteal and adds some burst to your combo since Tiamat can be used in mid air jump.
Good tip for you guys: If you are playing against Elise, thanks to this Ravenous Hydra you can shut her spiderlings and make her Spider Form isolated.

Trinity Force

Eh...I am not a fan of this item on Kha'Zix but it's probably one of the best items to go for if you are ahead.
Simply it gives almost everything you need when you are ahead.
It adds some smoothness to the combo because of the Attack Speed and some Damage because of the Sheen
Take this item if you are ahead, but in no other scenarios

Stalker's Blade or Skirmisher's Sabre ?

Stalker's Blade - Warrior

Skirmisher's Sabre - Warrior

We choose Stalker's Blade - Warrior when there is nothing in enemy composition that can outduel you 1v1
This jungle enchantment is quite good against more squishy targets because they probably will start kiting you when Leap to them but thanks to this jungle item they can't really kite you since when you Smite them their movement speed will be stolen with 20% for 2 seconds and in addition the Smite will deal some True Damage as instant to them.
We pick up this jungle item when there are some champions from the enemy team who might give you troubles when fighting 1v1
For example: Jungle - Xin Zhao and Top - Fiora
Against these two champions Skirmisher's Sabre - Warrior will reduce their damage with 20% for 4 seconds as well as giving you some true damage over time against them.
- Jungle Pathing -

Before jumping into conclusions i would like to say that Kha'Zix Jungling is heavily based on getting yourself ahead and obviously snowballing that lead to victory.At first time you might feel like his jungle paths are quite hard to handle but it will get easier with the time.

First one is Red Buff > Krugs > Raptors and then going for Invade / Scuttle Crab or Ganking a lane.
In my opinion that's his best jungle path since you hit level 3 really fast and you able to apply some kind of a pressure earlier than the enemy jungler as well as having gold and experience advantage over enemy jungler.
Keep in mind that this path is the hardest one and if you are beginner as Kha'Zix you might find yourself in low HP after clearing those 3 camps.

The second path is Red Buff > Raptors > Wolves > Blue Buff and then looking for Invade or Ganking a lane.
This one is good for average Kha'Zix players since the clearing is easier and you will be with higher HP
Also we go for this jungle path if we are in the bot side and you will prioritize ganking Mid and Top lane since at the end of the clear you will be positioned in the Jungle right between your Mid and Top lane.

The last one is Blue Buff > Enemy Red Buff and then depends entirely on the situation.
You can go for level 2 gank if you have Strong CC laner or Good early game laner.
However you can return to your jungle and farm till level 3 and then look for Gank / Invade or securing Scuttle Crab for vision.
Evolution Orders

Kha'Zix is probably the only one champion in the game who is able to Evolve and Adapt to the game with the motives being useful at every stage of the game.
However being able to Adapt doesn't mean he has a specific Evolution Order.
It means that you should Evolve your abilities based on the situation and enemy team.

I will give some Evolution Paths as examples.

> >

at level 6 you evolve Taste Their Fear and start prioritizing Objectives such as Herald and Dragons, thanks to evolved Q you will be able to slain them really fast
You should also try to find the enemy jungler or literally try to find someone to kill him 1v1.
At level 11 we evolve Leap because at this time fights and skirmishes happen more often and you can benefit quite a lot from them with evolved Leap because the cooldown resets on champion kill or assist
At level 16 we evolve either Void Assault or Void Spike which depends on the situation.
Does your team need more Poke and CC as well as better catching potential ? > Void Spike
Do you find yourself very hard to kill and in addition you want to be even more slippery ? > Void Assault

> >

This is pretty much the same evolve path like the first one but we evolve Void Spike at level 11 for two reasons:
- You need to be more sticky Assassin as well as having good Poke and good CC
- Somehow you fell behind so you change your playstyle from Engaging Assassin to Supportive Assassin which means you no longer should look for assassination but helping and peeling for your team and jump at the target when you sure you can kill it.
At level 16 we have two choices: Evolving Leap or Void Spike
- Go for Void Assault if you want to play more as supportive role since you will have 3 invisabilities and each one of them lasts 2 seconds so you will be able to distract their team more.
- Evolve Leap at 16 if you still want to look for picks rather than being supportive guy.

> >

We go with Evolved Void Assault at level 6 if we want to have good ganks because the invisability duration lasts 2 seconds and still having good dueling power thanks to that you can become invisible 3 times.
Then we transition into Evolved Leap for longer range on cast and better teamfight at all
At level 16 we can go for Taste Their Fear if you can find isolated enemies before the teamfight starts or just Evolve Void Spike for better teamfighting potential

Keep in mind these Evolve Paths are for example and you need to adapt to the game, not going for a same Evolve Path over and over because you pretty much deny the
uniqueness of this champion.

Choose your Early Game playstyle

- Level 6 Evolved Q Playstyle -

After Evolving Taste Their Fear you should start looking for Objectives like Herald and Dragon as well as finding enemy Jungler and kill him 1v1.
He won't stand a chance against Evolved Taste Their Fear because once he is isolated your Q have 45% reduced cooldown.
In addition you can farm even faster so make sure you lead yourself ahead of the enemy

- Level 6 Evolved W Playstyle -

Evolving Void Spike at level 6 means you are either Behind or you want to encourage your team to follow up on your Void Spike's Slow and adding even more Crowd Control from allies because if the enemy is isolated they will be slowed for like 80% and landing a CC ability from your teammate is easier.
Pay attention to the fact Evolving this ability at 6 means you have no combat stats and you shall pick your fights more carefully.

- Level 6 Evolved E Playstyle -

Evolving Leap at level 6 is the perfect time if the enemy team start groping a lot and they force a fights.
Since Evolving this ability resets your cooldown on Leap whenever you got kill or assist means you can clean up those fights easily and making sure enemies never group again :D
Again, this ability doesn't give you any combat stat so be careful.

- Level 6 Evolved R Playstyle -

Evolving Void Assault is very useful in the early is quite useful because you can sneak from river to lanes easily since you have increased invisability duration.
With this Evolution you have good dueling potential because now you can get invisible 3 times and gives you a window for huge outplay potential.

Basic Mechanics

Finally ! Here we are ! Those below are Kha'Zix's Basic Mechanics.
You need to learn them to perfection in order to be Decent Kha'Zix player.
After we cover the basics then we can learn his Advanced Mechanics as well as some Tactics !

Here is another tip for you guys - You can use Practice Tool to learn those mechanics since they are easier to execute and you probably will be more confident when you enter the rift since you already know some of the basics.

Basic Mechanic 1 - Taste Their Fear while in mid air.

The most basic and important mechanic on Kha'Zix !
I cant explain to you how important this mechanic is.
It makes your combo smoother and faster as well as giving you more transitioning opportunities which leads into devastating skirmishes
To execute this mechanic you need simply to use your Taste Their Fear while in Leap mid air.

Here is video example of this mechanic : ( Make it on 720p )

Basic Mechanic 2 - Assassinating Combo.

Kha'Zix's most damaging combo is Void Spike > Leap > Taste Their Fear mid air > Auto Attack with Unseen Threat
This combo provides the most damage in the smallest amount of time and we want to abuse it when enemy doesn't have a vision on you, so you can get a guaranteed hit with Void Spike
Otherwise if they already have seen you then you should go for Leap > Taste Their Fear mid air > Auto Attack with Unseen Threat > Void Spike
Much better and reliable combo most of the times because you can land your Void Spike easier thanks to the slow from your passive.
Use your Void Assault as necessary to avoid damage or in some scenarios to chase down the prey !

Here is video example of his combos : ( Make it on 720p )

Basic Mechanic 3 - Refreshing Unseen Threat.

Kha'Zix's passive is very strong ability which is able to slow and add some bonus Magic Damage to the enemy so we make sure we use it often.
We can reset this passive by 3 ways
First one is just by going again in Fog of War but this trick isn't useful most of the time
The Second one is by going in Bush which makes Fog of War for the enemy team unless the Bush is warded.Abuse it if you fight against someone but you have no Void Assault
The Third one is just by using your Void Assault and it is MUST when fighting enemy because you can avoid damage , dodge abilities , reset you passive as well as waiting you abilities to come again.
REMEMBER ! - Use your Q in between Auto Attack and Void Assault casts in order to maximize your damage

Here is video example of refreshing Unseen Threat : ( Make it on 720p )

Advanced Mechanics

Once we have learned the Basics, we can handle the Advanced ones.
They require good muscle memory as well as fast reaction times

Quick Tip : Learning those Mechanics well means you can start making your own Playstyle as well as creating Strategies around your team composition

Advanced Mechanic 1 - Double Jump .

Probably one of the coolest mechanics in the game, however it tends to be situational because most of the time you will be either panicked or under stress when fighting, so it means it is situational but it can be fantastic in some clean up teamfight scenarios
Simply this mechanic involves on leaping twice before falling into the ground..
First Step - You need to make sure that your target is low enough to get killed with your Taste Their Fear
Second Step - In order to have almost guaranteed success you need to stand next to the target.
Third Step - When you cast Leap hit the target with Taste Their Fear as fast as possible.
Fourth Step - At this time you should be in mid air and probably your target will be dead so you need immediately cast Leap again in the mid air and direction where you want to go.

Quick Tip : This mechanic can be obtained with Evolved Leap

Here you can see video example of Double Jump :
*As you see its not mine recording because i am too lazy to enter a game for double jumps :D

Advanced Mechanic 2 - Outplaying and Juking
with Void Assault .

Void Assault is what makes Kha'Zix so hard to deal against.
You can use this ability to Juke , Sneak , Chase , Outplay and some Unpredictable moves which makes him so annoying to deal against.
In my opinion that's the ability what compares Bad Kha'Zix to Good Kha'Zix
thus we make sure we maximize its potential

Juking - How to do it ?
First Step - Run from enemies who are chasing you !
Second Step - Make sure you have your Ultimate Void Assault
Third Step - Cast Void Assault and run in entirely different direction.

Quick tip : If enemies Flash for you after you juked them, Juke them another time ! It works.

Here is video example of insane Kha'Zix Juke :

Outplaying with Void Assault - How to do it ?

First Step -Start fighting an enemy champion while using your abilities as necessary
Second Step - Make sure you have your Ultimate Void Assault off cooldown
Third Step - While using your abilities cast Void Assault to make sure you reset your passive Unseen Threat and taking no damage while gaining some time to come your abilities again.

Here's what outplaying with Kha'Zix should look like :

Tips and Tricks

Knowing those stuffs can help you at some scenarios so its important to know them !

You can increase your Jungle clearing if you kill first the small camps so you can isolate the big one.

Kha'Zix is able to cancel important enemy abilities and Auto Attacks by casting Void Assault at right moment. For example Darius and Garen Ults.

Kha'Zix is able to cast Taste Their Fear at mid air jump as well as other stuffs pretty much like > Tiamat Randuin's Omen and Youmuu's Ghostblade.

Kha'Zix can weave with his AA between abilities which smoothers his ccombo.Good example of this could be AA > Q > W > AA.

If you are at Jungle/River and you seek alone non isolated enemy champion it means an ally is near but he is just in Fog of War and if you jump it won't be 1v1 but 1v2..Keep that in mind.

Kha'Zix can make use of the mechanic called ""Pseudo Shield"" which works by this way. You can negate enemy Crowd Control by Leaping right at the same time when they use their CC ability at you..
Imagine you are ganking bot lane where there is enemy Morgana as Support .
Your Leap can be interrupted only with Knock-ups and Knock-backs. However, Morgana has only Stuns in her kit and this means if she throw her Q at you but you Leap at the exact right moment, she will Stun you while you are in mid air jump and she wont interrupt your Leap because that's no Knock-Up or Knock-Back...
However, this wont work against Champions like Lee Sin , Aatrox, etc since they have either Knock-Up or Knock-Back


Kha'Zix is decent ganker thanks to his High Early Game Burst, however he Lacks Crowd Control in his kit so it depends on your laner to land his Stun or enemy laner regards he has escapes or not

Kha'Zix's ganks are straight forward.
You save your Leap when enemy use their escape ability or when he gets way too far from you...Use your abilities as necessary until its the perfect moment to Leap at the opponent.
You can sneak with Void Assault to lanes by avoiding warded areas as well as using it for chasing , passive resets and avoiding damage at the same time.
However, there are scenarios when using Leap at the beginning of the gank is better because sometimes you might need quick burst or when the target is low enough to get killed by your combo rotation as well as saving ally

Early Game

Early game can be described as the very beginning of the game and the most important thing we should look as Jungler is to lead your team with some kind of advantage over enemy team as well as taking farming so we keep up with the enemy team

For example :

- Taking Drakes > They give good buffs to everyone
- Invading > By this way you can set enemy Jungler behind with CS and Levels.
- Ganking > That's the easiest way making your Ally Laner ahead while the Enemy Laner behind.

Kha'Zix is naturally Assassin and thus we make sure we get our team ahead as well as getting kills in order to snowball hard lanes as well as easily securing Objectives thanks to Kha'Zix's Skirmishing style.
Once we get level 3 we should getting some kind of impact in the game by ganking lane because it is the easiest way to win games.
If we cannot gank a lane then we should either Killing both Scuttle Crab for Vision or simply find Enemy Jungler and kill him.
After we are done with this then we return to our Jungle and do the exactly same rotation i give you below :

If you've done good Early Impact then you should be level 4.
Now it's the time return to your Jungle and keep farming so we keep up with the enemy.
You should always look to gank a lane after you've cleared 1-2 camps because that's the best way to make sure you gank a lot and keeping up with Enemy at the same time.
Clearing 3 or 4 jungle camps will leave your Teammates vulnerable to enemy ganks.
If they lanes are ungankable then find Enemy Jungler 1v1 and kill him.
If you can't gank a lane and in addition can't kill the Jungler 1v1 then just keep up farming in your Jungle .

Remember this : If the enemy Jungler is ganking a lane or started doing Dragon or Rift Herald but you are far away from him and cannot countergank him or stop him from killing the objective then do something else ! Don't just chill in the Jungle by farming ! You must do something while he is busy with his job....
You can either gank a lane by turning the favor or just do the opposite objective, for example if he is at Dragon then you can go for Rift Herald and in addition you can gank a lane after the Rift Herald as well as placing deep wards in enemy Jungle so you can keep track of him..
See ? That's how we apply pressure on the map...Remember, Do not just sit down and farm while enemy Jungle is winning the game ! Turn the Favor ! Smash him !

Early Game Tips

Mid Game

Mid Game starts when turrets start falling and everyone have around 2 or 3 items.At this point of the game Fights and Skirmishes start forming much more than before and we need to be careful, because Death Timers now are longer and one Death can lead your team in very bad Situation and sometimes even Defeat !
As Kha'Zix if everything went right then that's the stage of the game where you shine and you should abuse it.

As you know already, Fights and Skirmishes now are like bread and butter and your job as Kha'Zix is to kill High Priority Targets while most of them are squishies either ADC or APC...After they got assassinated you can escape easily thanks to your versatility kit or look to assassinate another high priority target.

But how we decide which one must be focused ?

Let's say that Enemy Team has Cassiopeia as APC and Caitlyn as ADC.
How do we decide which one must be killed first ? Easily ! You just need to decide which one of them is bigger threat to your team or simply has more damage.
However, if you cannot kill the priority target then stick to the another one. It is always worth killing Carry at all...

Okay..But what if you are behind and can't kill squishy ?

You must admit that you are not strong and you should play around your team..
It's not good idea to dive their backline when you are behind...You can simply Evolve Void Spike and use it as supportive tool by peeling for your carries thanks to the Slow you get from the evolution.
After you help your carries neutralizing Enemy Divers thanks to your 90% Slow then that's the time to look for their backline because your carries now are safe and you can go kamikaze meatshield :D
Oh, you aced them ? It's time to go for towers or kill Baron Nashor as team as well as placing deep wards at Enemy Jungle and steal his camps....

Mid Game Tips

Late Game

Late Game involves mostly around Teamfights and that's the stage of the game where Kha'Zix is either entirely useless or killing machine at Teamfight. Late Game appears when most of the towers are down and most of the players have around 4-5 items and Elder Dragon appears in the map.

At this point of the game you should have ended because now you will have hard time doing anything at all.
Now Tanks , APC and ADC shine most and at this stage of the game it depends on them and you are worthless ! Unless you are super fed of course...
Kha'Zix is cleanup artist during Teamfights and that's double - edged sword because you either carry your team or you literally don't exist anymore.

But how do i play Kha'Zix in teamfights ?

Well, like every Assassin in the game, you should wait for the right opportunity to jump on enemy champion and kill him then go out with your Evolved Leap.
Kha'Zix is cleanup artist and you now are entirely depended on your team getting Enemy Team low enough so you can possibly Leap in , Leap out, otherwise do not jump at Teamfights if you are unsure about your current possibilities of assassinating enemy champion because dying at this stage of the game might lose the game for your team since Death Timers now are so long , about 45+ seconds.

Okay, but what do i do if my team can't get enemies low enough so i do the cleanup ?

Probably you will lose..However you should never lose hope !
Try to either Splitpush or Find enemy Carries and waste their important Abilities and Summoner Spells before the Teamfight starts. If they are in really bad position you can kill them but most of the time wasting their Ultimate or Summoner Spell is the point of this tactic.They will be panicked and probably burn everything to get the heck away from you and by this way you can let your team to CC them easier since they have no escapes...

Quick Tip : If you are Fed enough to be able to instakill their backline if they get isolated then you should try this tactic but remember, You MUST be Fed enough so they should be scared when you appear in their sight !
Sometimes it happens that you are with most kills of your team and because of this you are forced to be in the Teamfight in order to win the game
As i said this stuff works pretty well if you are Super Fed and probably the most dangerous for the Enemy Team simply because you can kill everyone and that's why they will start panic and probably everyone will run in different direction and that's the best moment where you can Leap at the isolated enemy Carries and kill them.

Late Game Tips

Objective Control

Securing Objectives is the name of the game and every good Jungler know this.

Destroying Towers gives good Map Control , Gold and you get access to their base.
Killing Dragon improves your team usefulness by increasing their Stats as well as yours.
Taking Rift Herald helps you for destroying Towers insanely fast and gain Map Control.

Now do you understand how important objectives are ? Let's take a look at them one by one.


Dragons are important objective because it improves your team Stats, However they are situational most of the time and that's why you shouldn't worry if you losed them except the Infernal Dragon , losing this Dragon from my experience can lead to Defeat unless the Enemy Team doesn't scale well.

Cloud Dragon gives increased Movement Speed when out of combat. It's especially useful for Assassin and Roaming Champions while giving them more Map Control. Don't worry if you lose this Dragon because it's not from the most important ones.

Mountain Dragon gives True Damage against Objectives and it's useful for Splitpushing Champions like Tryndamere and Fiora. If you don't have a Splitpusher then giving up this Dragon to the Enemy Team is okay..It's not worth dying for something which won't work for your team.

Infernal Dragon is considered by many players the strongest Dragon due to its Raw Power Damage boost and if it's viable, you should contest it at all costs. It increases everyone's Late Game power, especially for Veigar..In the early game, the percentage increased won't make a difference, but the Infernal Drake 's Late Game Power is massive.

Ocean Dragon is kinda situational since it gives HP Regeneration when out of combat which is useful only during Lane Phase and against Poking Comps..Overall you can take it by your choice.

Elder Dragon doubles the effect of Dragons you've taken before. Overall it's not worth securing this Dragon because at this minute Baron Nashor is on the map. However if you have secured the Infernal Dragon a couple times then Elder Dragon is for sure good choice.

Sure, but how do i secure them properly ?

First of all, you should know the first Dragon appears at 5 minute in the game and new Dragon appears 5 minutes later after the last one is killed.
at around 4:30 Minute you press TAB and look at what Dragon will spawn after 30 seconds. Does your team synergize well with the featured Dragon ?
At this time you will be level 4 and if your team synergizes well with the featured Dragon then Evolve Taste Their Fear at level 6 and secure it while Enemy Team has no idea about your motives.

If Dragons doesn't synergize well with your team doesn't mean you abandon them ! Secure them when opportunity appears.

Tips for Securing Dragons
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