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Lucian Build Guide by Vapora Dark

ADC diamond

Master Tier In-Depth ADC Lucian Guide Season 10

By Vapora Dark | Updated on August 5, 2020
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lemonbellflower (21) | May 16, 2020 11:05am
This is a great guide, thank you for putting it together! I'm a huge fan of marksmen and, like a lot of folks probably, this Pulsefire event is my first intro to Lucian and I'm having a great time trying him out, and this guide just put the fun to a new level. Thank you!
Twiggymocha (1) | April 15, 2020 3:59pm
Damn this is an awesome guide,it just has so much content, I read it between matches, during champ select etc. Have been doing this all day and still have not went through everything.
Sayurus | March 19, 2020 11:39am
I dont know if anybody will see this, but Zac support is super good with Lucian and nobody talks about that.
Yasuo Comunica (5) | March 5, 2019 8:18pm
***********ing the best build I saw in my ****ing life!!
Keynx (13) | February 26, 2019 10:44am
So isn't the new Essene reaver something Lucian has waited for his whole life lmao? Why not put it in every build? It's also a great second item after IE since Tons of AD. What do you think?
Vapora Dark (603) | February 26, 2019 11:00am
Bork build was stronger before ER was reworked and it still is now. You can optionally use ER as your 6th item in the Bork build but using a more defensive item like GA or BT is more common.

There's a chance ER might be a good 2nd item in the Bork build instead of Cleaver but I'm waiting to see more evidence of that before I make changes to the guide.
Keynx (13) | February 26, 2019 12:45pm
Ofcourse. Thanks for adressing my question.
SteveBapanda (1) | January 13, 2019 9:52am
Solid guide, thanks for all the effort. I enjoy your guides, especially because you breakdown certain ability usages like Lucian's q here. Some things are obvious, but when picking up a new champ it helps to get reminded or told how to play more efficiently or intentionally
SnooowBoy | December 8, 2018 6:32pm
Nice guide! It helped me a lot. Thank you
PhoenixianSlayer (6) | November 29, 2018 7:35pm
I have been building Trinity Force second and doing extremely well (using klepto Lucian). What are your thoughts on Trinity Force on Lucian? I understand that Black Cleaver is good as a second, but the mobility from Trin and Ardent Blaze is really nice and the damage is really good since Lucian is designed to auto after every ability.
Vapora Dark (603) | November 30, 2018 5:34am
The main problem with Trinity Force is that the Sheen passive has way too high a cooldown for the speed with which Lucian wants to spam his spells, making Black Cleaver and other more AD-oriented items better for his needs. It's not a bad item per say, just not the best item he can build. You can build it for fun and it won't perform that much worse than the meta build, but I don't think it's ever better.
WhatsLeft4Dead2 (6) | March 25, 2019 3:57pm
Not to mention that the Trinity Force reworks of v5.22 through v6.10 were a massive Indirect Nerfs towards Lucian's old build style which both nerfed then removed the Zeal stats & later replaced it with Stinger, While Phage received random stat & passive changes along with Sheen. Then lastly, Sheen loses the AP & gains CDR.

Would have been funny to see the Icy passive on old Trinity Force applied to Lucian, unfortunately, Icy was removed during the same patch release of Lucian in patch v3.10a.

Trinity Force Stat changes(Patch History since Lucian's release):

UNIQUE Passive - Icy removed
New UNIQUE Passive - Rage: basic attacks grant 20 movement speed for 2 seconds on hit. Minion, monster, and champion kills grant 60 movement speed for 2 seconds
UNIQUE Passive - Spellblade
Damage increased to 200% base attack damage (from 150%)
Due to Phage's price reduction, total cost is now 3628 gold (from 3843)

Total cost increased to 3728 gold (from 3628)
UNIQUE PassiveRage: movement speed bonus now halved for ranged champions
TOTAL COST : [3703 gold]3800 gold
BUILD PATH : Zeal + Sheen + Phage + 300 gold
MANA : [200]250
ATTACK SPEED : [30%]15%
Sike! Not all Zeal items are more expensive.
Used far less as a true marksman item, we didn’t want ol’ Tons of Damage to be negatively impacted when we were hitting Zeal. Carry on, Trinity Force.

COMBINE COST : [300]200
TOTAL COST : Unchanged
Builds out of Stinger instead of Zeal. Critical strike chance removed, cooldown reduction and attack speed increased. Cost down, combine cost is now a bunch of threes.
As Sheen's offensive AD upgrade, Trinity Force promises mid-game dominance through double the Spellblade damage of its component item. By contrast, Iceborn Gauntlet is the upgrade for champions that can take advantage of its utility. That separation’s been a bit fuzzy this season, with many toplaners picking Iceborn to straight-up outduel their opponent. While this was partially due to Iceborn being overtuned, we also realized Trinity Force was suffering from a lack of focus.

The best Trinity Force users reliably proc Spellblade on cooldown - Jax, Irelia, and friends wield equal blends of abilities and basic attacks to deal damage. That combat pattern is key: it means Trinity Force users don't rely on hyperscaling basic attacks to fight enemy champions. With that in mind, Zeal is a marksman-shaped peg jammed into a fighter-shaped hole. It fits... just not perfectly. Stinger is better suited for the job: attacking faster and casting spells faster squares with the goal of maximizing Spellblade uptime. With new focus, Trinity Force is better than ever at fueling the mid game pain train for champs that want to play the Spellblade game.

BUILD PATH : [Sheen + Phage + Zeal + 200 gold] ⇒ Sheen + Phage + Stinger + 333 gold
TOTAL COST : [3800 gold]3733 gold
ATTACK SPEED : [15%]40%

As you can see, Trinity Force has received a bit of work; some of it because of Lucian, other Majorities are Jax, Irelia, Nasus, Darius, etc... & it's never going to be the same again.

The item lost out on its crit & attack damage, along with a bit of its mobility. It's definitely not worth the amount of gold you're spending for Lucian. You'd do 8x better with Black Cleaver & a Zeal Item like Rapid Firecannon or Crit/Sustain item, Essence Reaver.

Also, sorry for the Necro, but this is something that should get out there. (Did alot of micro-BB-code color managing to show the good, bad, & ugly.)

I'd also like to note that in Season 3 through 5, Trinity Force was an intended Raw Stat item that was a focus build item for Marksman & Fighter roles alike. The eventual removal of Zeal was a result of the above paragraph, which is still an unclear decision given all of the work from Riot to keep the Critical Strike component relevant for the few seasons it played a role in, in favor of Marksman & Fighter Roles.
Animewolf32 (3) | October 8, 2018 8:57am
This build works wonders I love it in everyway!
miguelceromil (1) | September 8, 2018 4:18am
Ok, so you recommend buy Sterak's even if you can't build it as a ranged champion and you also recommend getting maw and sterak's even if they share unique passive, I guess you wrote this on like s6 or something, just pointing it out
Irish Coffee (1) | August 31, 2018 10:52pm
Nice guide as always mate, props!
AbaddonSoulchain (16) | July 31, 2018 1:23pm
Something I've been wondering for a while, why in your core item notes you write "take ionian boots of lucidity if you're not using 10% CDR runes"? What is it supposed to mean? Is it something that remained from the old runes?
Vapora Dark (603) | July 31, 2018 2:57pm
Yeah that's a leftover of the old rune system sorry, removing it now.
AbaddonSoulchain (16) | August 1, 2018 9:36am
Glad I could help you clean your guide a bit.
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