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League of Legends Build Guide Author ClearDays

Off-tank of the Jungle - Updated and In Depth

ClearDays Last updated on March 13, 2012
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Welcome to my guide, on Jarvan IV, the Price of Demacia!

Honestly, I had my doubts about making this guide. Anybody can buy Jarvan IV, buy the standard jungling runes, and do a standard blue path. However, this guide isn't going to only tell you the route, but I'll go into as much detail as I possibly can in each section.

A little info about myself : I started playing League in February 2011, after a Youtuber by the username of SSoHPKC played LoL in the background of his 75k Subscriber Q&A. Ever since, I've been playing League of Legends. An interesting note is that when I joined League Jarvan had just come out.

I don't think I've ever played Jarvan before Dreamhack. Before Dreamhack, I played the game purely for fun. Never cared if I won or not, I just fooled around with my friends. However, after Dreamhack I decided to become a bit more competative. Watching the pros play at Dreamhack would familiarize me with the metagame and what champions were deemed "Overpowered." Jarvan was definitely one of them. I loved jungling back then and mained jungle Amumu at the time. I saw lane Jarvan at Dreamhack being played by TheRainMan and saw how powerful that was. I was told by clanmates and friends that jungle Jarvan was a good idea, but never had I seen that in action before.

I bought Jarvan in the middle of Dreamhack I believe. I started off playing Jarvan as a top solo, even though I mainly jungled. After the nerfs I felt as if his mana problems were too overwhelming in lane, so I tried out Jungle Jarvan. Man was he fun. I was often counter jungled while playing Jungle Jarvan( Why, I have no clue ), and so I learned how to deflect counter-jungling and how to counter-jungle myself ( Even though Jarvan is an awful counter-jungler ). After that, I started to step up my game and join a team and compete for tournaments. Unfortunately, my team split up before school started for obvious reasons. I started playing ranked solo queue ( even though my teammates told me it was absolutely evil ), but only got a few games in as practice. Now I play a bit more competatively, and I HOPE I'm an above average player. I don't really have the ELO to show it, but without a team, I doubt I'll get that far in terms of skill anyways.


This will be my first guide up on Mobafire, so it probably won't be the best guide out there, but I'll try my best to give out my opinions and strategies on Jarvan IV, the Prince of Demacia. Currently, I'd say I have over 50 games with Jarvan IV, so I've tested out quite a bit of stuff. If anything is overlooked in my guide that you think should be included, leave suggestions in the comments!

If you read this far I'm rather impressed. If you skipped to this line, well you didn't miss out on much. But now without further ado, let's get the the guide, shall we?

NOTE : Much thanks to Jhoijhoi for the format and the banner! Read his/her/it's guide on how to make a guide by clicking here!

As well as a legend, for any terms and abbreviations that I use and you don`t understand.

Oh, and if you guys care, this is how Phreak plays Jarvan IV.

Normally, you only watch champion spotlights to see how the champion works along with the champion`s mechanics. Phreak is just a bad player. All the showcases are him being extremely fed and stomping.

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Pros / Cons


  • Extremely strong early and mid game damage without damage items.
  • Great late game and transitioning
  • He has an AoE Knock-up which is deadly in close quarters ( Like in the jungle )
  • You can initiate for your team if needed.
  • Can scout with Demacian Standard ( His Flag / E )
  • After your core items, you have a variety of choices from survivability or damage.
  • Mobile with his blink from his E->Q combo! Jump over walls every roughly 10 seconds if you ever need to.
  • You can save your teammates with your E->Q combo and/or your ult, and since I like to build fairly tanky, you have a better chance of living if you lock yourself up in your cage with the enemy then your squishy little Teemo being chased by a Rammus with movement speed of about 1000 :C
  • Do you like Demacians? I like Demancians. Why is this important? When you press R and target an enemy champion, YOU YELL DEMACIA.


( Yes, Jarvan has some cons! )
  • Skills use quite a bit of mana at the early and mid stages of the game
  • Needs a lot of farm, which can be obtained easier in a lane rather then in the jungle
  • Misusing your ultimate can and will cause your team to hate you
  • Armor can drastically reduce Jarvan's damage, as I prefer to go tanky
  • You often have to choose if you want to build survivability or damage. Few items give both survivability and damage.

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Summoner Spells

The Good

Obviously this is an important skill. It provides buff, dragon, and Baron control. It speeds up your jungle, and since Cloth+5 health pots is a rather waste now with the new jungle, I like to start off with a Regeneration Pendant and I NEED smite then.

However, even if you DO decide to start off with Cloth+5 Pots, you still NEED smite. Like stated above, it provides control over several key objectives such as dragon, Baron, and buffs.

This is debatable after the flash nerf. Honestly, I still don't find myself needing to flash often. Usually my flash is up for when I need it. Flash creates several unique plays for Jarvan, which I like. If you don't like it, then don't use it. Flash is no longer mandatory on every champion, so you can replace if it's not in your flavor.

I've seen SaintVicious use smite+exhaust. It worked out pretty well. I prefer using flash over exhaust for the safety and aggression, but if the enemy team has a hardcore carry that can be easily shut down by exhaust ( AD Carry / AD Solo top / AD Jungle / Fiddlesticks ) and you believe you can make use of exhaust, then by all means bring it.

With the nerf of flash, I've been seeing other junglers ( Not necessarily Jarvan ) use flash as a replacement. It helps when chasing / running, and with a phage / Frozen mallet, people won't be running away from you so easily! You can use this if you'd wish. I'd have to do more testing on bringing ghost along instead of flash, right now I simply don't have the experience with ghost to give a better explanation.

You might find yourself missing a kill by 50 HP. Ignite could come in handy, but I prefer not to use it as I feel that flash and exhaust are both much better spells.

ALWAYS VIABLE. But on a serious note, I don`t like this skill that much. If you like it, then by all means use it. It`s a lot more viable than some of the other summoner spells, and definitely needs more testing on my part.

The Bad

Let your supports get it. After the CV nerf some supports don't even bother getting this.

Removed. There goes one most well known troll spells in the game :(


The other troll spell! Honestly, just don't get it. If you really wanted to troll though, you can.

After 1 or 2 blue buffs, you don't need blue anymore. This skill is utterly useless late game. If you need mana get a Soraka bot on your team.

You're looking in the wrong guide section

Leave this skill to Heimerdinger.

You CAN get this skill if you go DPS Jarvan. However, I prefer a tankier Jarvan with his initiation and his ability to disrupt targets. With my build, you WANT people to CC you. Also 45% CC reduction from Mercs and Juggernaut I feel is more then enough.

You won't need this spell. Let your solotop/mid lane get this.

Not Tested Yet

Leave some feedback about surge on Jungle Jarvan! From what I hear, it's a bit underwhelming.

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The Runes that I use


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Health
Greater Mark of Desolation In my opinion, these are the best in slot. Since I don't get Sunder in the Offensive tree, the 15 ArP works well against low armored targets and squishies and helps out with your jungle. Early on, the highest amount of armor a small camp has is 15 ( The blue Wraith ), with blue and red buff both having 20 armor. You`ll be doing true damage to the camps for a while, until their defences increase.

Once again, I feel these are the best in slot for any jungler. Makes your jungle so much safer, and I like to use these even after the jungle changes as they not only help you with your health in the jungle, but your durability all game long.

It's a tossup here. I prefer MR/Level glyphs, but you can get anything you like, such as CDR, CDR/Level, or even flat MR. It's really up to preference here. I take per level over flat, due to the fact that I usually won't be getting hit by AP sources of damage early on. Even when I gank, most people run away. Only time you'll really take that much magic damage early game is if you're being invaded, ganked, or you try ganking a lane but feed instead ( NEVER A GOOD THING TO DO ).

I like flat HP quints. I can't tell you how many times I make it out with just 50 health. A healthier run in the jungle is always nice. However, these can be replaced as I know people do not like these.

The Runes you can use

This is arguably a better choice of quints for Jarvan. The utility this brings is just fantastic. Since Jarvan prefers to roam a lot and gank, these runes help reduce downtime between running through lanes/jungle. Only reason I don't use these are because I have one page for jungling, and not all my junglers can use MS Quints.

Speeds up your jungle, lets you do more damage, good early game bonus, boosts the damage on Dragon Strike and Cataclysm. What's not to like?

Greater Quintessence of Desolation If you want these, you can get them. I don't see much point in these quints, as you're not laning.

Greater Seal of Replenishment It's been argued that with the new jungle, a good pull on blue would mean the armor runes can be replaced. I just don't really need these as with my Philo stone, I don't often go back for the sole reason of replenishing my mana very often. Since in higher ELO / Competitive games, junglers usually give out their 2nd blue to their solo mid, these runes could become useful.

Like I stated, blues can be replaced for anything. These are also a strong glyph choice for Jarvan because of the fact that he can spam his skills more now.

I'd recommend these, but they've been removed. QQ.

Guide Top


I prefer 9-21-0 now. Ever since the buff on the offensive and defensive trees, utility is a bit lackluster and no longer offers what Jarvan absolutely needs.
Offense Tree
2 in Brute Force and 2 in Butcher to speed up your jungling. ( Get 1 point into Summoner's Wrath if you plan on getting ghost/exhaust/ignite, just take out a point from Brute Force ).

Now, I get 4 into Alacrity and 1 into Weapon Expertise for the mid+late game transitioning.
Defense Tree
1 into Summoner's Resolve , 2 into Hardiness , 2 into Tough Skin , and 1 into Bladed Armor as with these masteries, my overall bulk in the jungle is increased. Durability and Veteran's Scars are also good masteries to put points into.

Vigor is used for the nice HP/5 Regeneration it gives while roaming.

I put 3 points into Enlightenment , as 8% CD is pretty nice at level 18, and CD is an extremely good stat for Jarvan.

3 points into Initiator , as the MS helps Jarvan... Well... Initiate!

Juggernaut is such a great spell for any offtank. Let me do a bit of math. With Frozen Mallet and Jarvan's base 2040 HP at level 18, you get 2740 HP. 3% HP is 82.2 health, which is almost an extra 100 health for just getting a Frozen Mallet! And let's not forget the 15% CC reduction. That's nearly half the duration of any form of crowd control combined with Mercury's Treads!

However, you can also go 21/9/0. With this, you do more damage all game long, and you can replace a few Greater Mark of Desolation for Greater Mark of Attack Damage ( Just try to make sure you hit 15 ArP ). Once again, I just like to build my Jarvan tanky and be the team's damage soaker, so I get 21 points into defense.

Guide Top

Skills Explained and Sequence

Martial Cadence : (Innate): Jarvan IV's first attack on a target deals 8% of their current health as bonus physical damage. This caps at 400 damage. This effect cannot occur on the same target for 6 seconds.

Quite a nice passive. This skill is often overlooked. The more you switch between targets, the more damage you deal. This applies to both champions and monsters/minions. If you're holding a lane, you'll notice it's relatively easy to last hit due to this passive. It's like a mini-Kogmaw Bio-Arcane Barrage, except for the fact that it only affects a target once every 6 seconds.

  • Switch between targets in a teamfight! This will allow you to apply your passive to several different targets, causing more damage!
  • Remember, it deals a percentage of THEIR current health, doing PHYSICAL damage! So attacking targets who have only a Warmog's Armor and no armor, this will do a decent amount of damage!

Dragon Strike : Jarvan IV extends his lance, dealing physical damage and lowering the Armor of all enemies in its path for 3 seconds. Additionally, if it encounters his Demacian Standard, it will pull Jarvan to it, knocking up enemies in his path.
Range: 770

Jarvan's bread and butter. The scaling on this thing is amazing. A 1.1 AD Ratio can make Jarvan's Q hurt if you build a bit of AD. The Armor reduction is also useful in teamfights if you manage to hit 2/3 or more people. Your ranged AD carry can then just tear that person apart. Also, ranking this skill up reduces the cool down by one second per point, with a max of 6 seconds. Combined with cooldown, this skill is spammable and still does a decent amount.
  • Right outside of Dragon's cage, you can pull it out by pulling it with Dragon Strike.
  • At max level, this skill will have roughly half the cool down of Demacian Standard. In teamfights, performing Dragon Strike once after your E->Q Combo should allow Dragon Strike to be up again when you can perform the combo.

Golden Aegis : Jarvan IV forges a shield for 5 seconds, which slows surrounding enemies for 2 seconds upon activation. The shield has more health for every enemy champion nearby when activating.
Cost: 65 mana
Radius of AoE: 600

The slow synergizes well with Randuin's Omen, and the shield is okay. However, once mid-game comes along, the shield is negligible. Use it whenever you dive the enemy team to slow everybody down, but other then that the 12Second cool down at rank 5 is just far too long for this skill to be that useful if you're not laning.
  • Use this while running/chasing, as enemy champions in this AoE will become slowed!
  • When you're about to get hit outside of a fight by something like a Karthus Requiem or a Caitlyn Ace in the Hole, use this shield! Although it probably will not block all of the damage, it will block some of it.

Demacian Standard : (Passive): Permanently grants Jarvan IV bonus attack speed and armor.
Attack Speed: 10 / 13 / 16 / 19 / 22%
Armor: 10 / 13 / 16 / 19 / 22

(Active): Jarvan IV throws a Demacian flag to a nearby area, dealing magic damage to enemies in the area. The flag will stay on the location for 8 seconds granting armor and attack speed to all nearby allies as an aura.
Cost: 55 mana
Cooldown: 13 seconds
Range: 830
Damage Radius: 150 (estimate)
Aura Radius: 1200 (estimate)
Sight Radius: 870 (estimate)

This skill is just so useful. Every time you use it, extra attack speed and armor comes to buff your entire team. It can scout bushes so you don't facecheck, and combined with Dragon Strike, you get a blink+knock up! Great skill, and I max it second.

  • Like stated above, you can toss down Demacian Standard and it will reveal the area for the 8 seconds it is up. Use this to your advantage! If you have no wards present, so you don't randomly run into 5 people!
  • Buying CDR will allow you to keep the attack speed and armor buff up. Make sure to buy some CDR to help out your team!

Cataclysm ( Ultimate ) : Jarvan IV heroically leaps to an enemy champion, dealing physical damage and creating a circle of impassable terrain around them for a 3.5 second duration. Jarvan IV can destroy the impassable terrain by activating this again.
Range: 650
Radius of Wall AoE: 300
Radius of Sight: 1650

( Note : When you use this skill, YOU YELL DEMACIA )

Amazing skill. It has a 1.5 bonus AD scaling, along with a decent base damage. It can trap foes in and act as a cage, letting your carries do all the work. However, using this skill incorrectly CAN cost your team a fight, so be careful of how you use it.

  • When ganking, try to save Cataclysm, and try to use it once you`re 100% sure that flashes are on cool down. There is nothing worse then feeling all nice and yelling DEMACIA, only to see the enemy flash out.
  • Do you hate Vayne? I hate Vayne. Well guess what. Vayne can Tumble out of your old pal Cataclysm. And that thing is on a, what, 4 second cool down? It`s even worse than, say, Le Blanc, where Distortion has a cool down of about 6-8 Seconds at max CDR.
  • Like already stated, try NOT to use Cataclysm when blinks are up. Riot nerfed Cataclysm by making Jarvan IV unable to follow after champions if they have flashed at the same time you hit your ult. It`s a shame. I`ll miss jumping onto champions who flashed away.
  • Use your ultimate as a finisher. Sometimes, you`re alone or your teammates are in no position to help you do the damage you need ( I`m talking about the Soraka who throws bananas that do... Oh, 12 damage? ). With a Frozen Heart, the cool down of Cataclysm will be much shorter. It does a surprising amount of damage to squishies, even if you have no AD items.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Hear me out on sequence explanations!

The first point into E helps out for level 1 scouting and helps you do your blue.
There's a reasoning behind all of this. Maxing Dragon Strike first reduces the cooldown, allowing you to spam this skill a lot easier. The armor reduction helps for early teamfights and ever so slightly increases the damage on ganks. It uses less mana than Demacian Standard, ( except for at rank 4 and 5, where it costs 5 mana more ) so you can give up your blue earlier in the game.

With the new jungle ( Even before the change ), the armor and attack speed did not matter THAT much. The cooldown on Demacian Standard is just too long. Maxing it first might grant you more HP at the end of your run, but that's why I get 21 points into defense. Also, the aura it grants usually does not do too much for allies during ganks, so the aura can be simply ignored as most champions won`t benefit from that little amount of AS and armor early game. I know this differs from how SaintVicious and Cyanide plays Jarvan, but I feel that if I`m starting off with a Philosopher's Stone rather than a Madred's Razor, maxing Dragon Strike is the way to go.

Alright, now onto why I get Golden Aegis last.

Most of the time, the shield will only be useful for small fights, as in teamfights that shield will just MELT. 400 hp in a teamfight is not that much, especially on a 12 second cooldown. Plus the fact that it's such a big mana burn all game. In a late-game teamfight, I MIGHT be able to use this skill TWICE. This skill just isn't worth putting the points into. The slow is nice, but I get Randuin's Omen, where its passive is pretty much the exact same thing.

If you guys noticed, there is a second build. That one maxes Demacian Standard first instead of Dragon Strike. This is because of the fact that I start off using Cloth+5 Health pots, and rush a Madred's Razor. The AS given from Demacian Standard increases my jungle speed with the extra procs. Normally, by the time I get Wriggles Lantern in my original build, [[Demacian Standard already has 2 or 3 points invested in it.

TL;DR : > > >

Guide Top

Demacian Standard into Dragon Strike.

If you guys didn't know, tossing down Demacian Standard and then targetting it with Dragon Strike creates a knock up effect, blinking you to the location of Demacian Standard and knocking up all the targets in your way! This is a relatively easy skill to perform, but you're potentially putting yourself at a risk, diving into a team. Here are a few tips I use when performing this combo!

  • If you guys watched the Riot vs Pros at Dreamhack, you'll hear the commentators talk about DP, which stands for Dude Potential. Basically what this is, is a tactic used to calculate how many people can potentially be near you. Before using Demacian Standard and Dragon Strike to blink in against a squishy little Teemo, make sure you're not accidentally running into 5 people!
  • Use this to get past the enemy's tank! You want to be doing damage to their damage dealers, not the Galios and Shens with 300 armor and 4000 HP.
  • You can use this to initiate for your team! This combination is DEADLY on champions who overextend, and is also dangerous in close quarters.
  • Buying CDR is a very good stat to get on Jarvan. Buying cool down reduction allows you to just spam your knock up targets more often and to become even more disruptive.
  • Use your knock up to disrupt dangerous ultimates such as Katarina's Death Lotus or Malzahar's Nether Grasp. Doing so could just save your team!
  • When farming, use Dragon Strike first and THEN Demacian Standard ( Unless you're base-racing to the enemy team's tower ). If you push yourself up in the lane when it's not safe, you could get ganked and might even die.
  • The knock up can NOT be reduced by Tenacity!

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Since I'm jungling, I prefer to get a Regrowth Pendant and a Health Potion. You can easily do blue buff, even without a pull! I'll get into more info about routes in the jungle route section.


Philosopher's Stone
Normally, I'll just finish my Philosopher's Stone. Don't worry too much if you can't buy your Boots of Speed. If you can't, just buy a few health potions along with a ward.


Just try to get the gold for Wriggle's Lantern. Eventually you'll hit that 1600 gold! Just buy the pieces one by one if you have to.
Now for Heart of Gold, it's rather optional. It`s definitely a luxury item you could get if you`re getting farmed or fed. Some games I don`t get this, others I do.
Now I finish off my boots, upgrading them into Mercury's Treads. You can get Ninja Tabi, but that's only if the enemy team has more than 2 AD and/or if the enemy team has very weak CC. Other then Mercury's Treads, there isn't really a better option for boots. I guess you could get Berserker's Greaves if you go DPS Jarvan, but I don't play Jarvan as a full on DPS character. I prefer him as a tanky-bruiser type.


Now you can go either path you like. Whether you want to build damage or you want to get durability. Personally, I like to get at least one damage item so that you're not 100% ignored for lack of damage. Or, you could get a little bit of durability and possibly build damage later on into the game. After my core items, my items are constantly changing from game to game. You have to look at team comps, both yours and the enemy's. If you're in need of a tank, then you have a variety of options to give you survivability.


Every single stat here is useful to Jarvan, from the movement speed it gives to the mana. The crit chance, attack speed, and movement speed from the Zeal component just makes you do more damage overall. The Sheen portion of Trinity Force lets you spam additional skills with the mana, as well as ever so slightly increase the poke damage from Demacian Standard, not to mention the 150% bonus damage when you perform skills. Dragon Strike is on a relatively low cool down, so expect to get the Sheen proc often in teamfights. Last but not least, the Phage's slow, health, and attack all make Jarvan perform just that much better. This item is just so useful, and usually provides me with enough damage for the entire game.

Such a good item. Provides you with a pretty nice passive, along with the fact that it gives you a bit of armor! Buying items such as Banshee's Veil, Warmog's Armor, and Randuin's Omen will increase your damage. Did I mention the fact that it also synergizes pretty well with your own passive? But do note, if you follow my build and buy a Warmog's Armor and then immediately rush Atma's Impaler, you'll be lacking Magic Resistance. A lot of offtanks ( Not only Jarvan ) make this mistake and get absolutely destroyed by mages due to lack of Magic Resistance. Health and armor aren't the only stats that you need!

All the stats that it gives is pretty useful. I've never personally bought this item in a ranked, as you'll almost never run into a team comp where your solotop is tanky enough to take on their entire team ( ALSO KNOWN AS Udyr ). Everybody else will usually be pretty squishy, if you're following the meta of Solotop/AP Mid/Jungle/AD Bot/Support Bot. However, it's a pretty good item if you really need that damage and don`t need that tank.

A luxury item, as stated by SinJustice in his guide. Buying this item will severly boost your damage, but is just so expensive. Anybody caught out of position, along with Jarvan's ability to punish targets who are alone, will absolutely melt with the DPS from this item alone. High risk, high reward.

DPS Jarvan, huh? That enemy Rammus just lost 40% of his armor. Buy this item only if you only feel that you REALLY need it.

If you're the kind of person who doesn't like to get a Trinity Force, then by all means get this item! The slow is a bit overwhelming, since Jarvan IV already has a lot of CC, but can definitely help. Switching targets means damaging more targets with your passive, along with slowing more people. Frozen Mallet provides you with 700 health which also extremely good, as well as giving you a slight amount of attack damage. However, try to incorporate Atma's Impaler in your build. You need the damage.


Pretty much most items with a lot of health, armor, or magic resistance is good. However, I'll just list the items I normally buy.

Shurelya's Reverie Build it from your Philosopher's Stone. The health is a nice bonus on this item. However, what makes this item stand out from the rest is the active and the CDR. The CDR just really helps Jarvan IV, as his skillset is just too good. The active speeds up your team, and since Jarvan IV likes to dive in REALLY HARD, this will help your team initiate. Or it could help your team escape a bad engagement.

I build this from my Heart of Gold. It's such a strong item against AD champions, and the active on this item is just so strong if you can use this along with your Golden Aegis in the middle of the entire enemy team. They'll be slowed for a heavy amount, and your team will be able to catch up.

In a regular game, this is usually what I get after my core items. I DO realize this is rather expensive, but it just gives you so much health. Paired up with an Atma's Impaler, you can tank AND deal a lot of damage. Trust me, unless the enemy team has a Kog'Maw, most champions will not get a Madred's Bloodrazor until late game, so you'll be rather safe from AD Carries until late game. With the armor from my runes, Demacian Standard, and Wriggle's Lantern, you'll have a decent amount of armor for a while. Just make sure you buy a Negatron Cloak after this, and possibly build on that, so that the AP Carries won't completely destroy you.

That Negatron Cloak I told you to buy if you get a Warmog's Armor, yea. Build that into a Force of Nature. Trust me, Banshee's Veil is rather a waste in my eyes, but you can get it if you decide to buy a Catalyst the Protector ( Which I know some people like to buy to replace the Heart of Gold in my build ), you can buy the Banshee's. Force of Nature is just so good. The movement speed helps any disruptive tank ( I'M LOOKING AT THE TROLOLOLOL Singed PLAYERS ), along with the fact that you can regenerate just so much health and the MR component negates so much magic damage. Force of Nature is just a good item to get on any offtank.

If you feel like you're a big portion of your team's damage, or if you already build a Force of Nature and feel like you need more Magic Resistance, get a Guardian Angel! That revive is just so good, but as a tanky Jarvan you tend to get people to focus you even less.

If you don't like Randuin's Omen, get this item instead. The CDR and mana helps Jarvan IV just spam his skills, along with giving an intense amount of armor. The AS debuff is also something that shouldn't be overlooked. If you like this item, then by all means get it!

Honestly, this item is both under survivability and damage. I often see champions like Riven get this item, but forgot how useful this is for Jarvan IV as well. Really useful if you get invaded/ganked/Teamfights/ganks and the enemy has lots of magic damage. Or you could get this item if you hate Karthus.


Only get this if you KNOW the enemy team`s level one teamcomp is MUCH stronger than yours ( Example : Alistar, Ashe ( Volley and Focus crit are SO STRONG level 1), Twisted Fate, Nocturne, and Singed ), get a Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions. You`ll be guaranteed a much easier time if you get counter jungled. Also, if you take this route, go with Demacian Standard instead of Dragon Strike. The attack speed will help out your jungle due to the increased chance of proc.

Catalyst the Protector Buy this only if you started off Cloth Armor and need some type of regeneration, but your team already has a Shurelya's Reverie, and you plan to build DPS Jarvan with a Banshee's Veil. Banshee's Veil is completely useless on off-tank Jarvan, as the spell block is completely useless.

Normally, supports will get this item. The stats on this item are actually a bit lacking for Jarvan. However, it's the aura that makes this item so good. I believe Jatt's Trundle ( Scumbag Jatt ) bought an Aegis of the Legion after his Mercury's Treads and Wriggle's Lantern, so why can't Jarvan do it too? This is a very good item on junglers who support their team such as Nunu, Amumu, and Rammus.


(Philosopher's Stone )
This is my set of core items. I don't get Philosopher's Stone and Heard of Gold every game, so those two are in brackets.

Catalyst the Protector
Have you been forced to start Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions? Does your team already have a Shurelya's Reverie so there`s no need to build a Philosopher's Stone, but you still need durability and regen? Do you want to buy a Banshee's Veil, as you'll be doing a lot of your team`s damage? Then look no further! Just buy a Catalyst the Protector! Yea, those are the requirements for me to buy a Catalyst. That's why it's under situational items.

I BELIEVE this is what Wicked gets on his Irelia. So why won't it work for Jarvan IV? Easy chasing ability, tanking, and damage. I also get this on several top laners, such as Gangplank.

Oh my God are these two items broken. No lies. Broken.

That big health regeneration. You also get enough armor with Atma's Impaler and enough magic resistance with Force of Nature.

Now what do I get?

My preferred build is starting off with my core items ( Philosopher's Stone, Mercury Treads, Wriggle's Lantern, Heart of Gold ). It's a bit obvious, but needs to be stated. Next, I prefer to get a Warmog's Armor if I'm raking in assists and gold, along with an Atma's Impaler. Afterwards, I build accordingly to the enemy team.
However, if I'm getting fed and my team is tanky enough, I'll build a Trinity Force to keep up my DPS.
Now, if I'm feeding ( Which should never be the case as the jungler unless you're getting outplayed, which happens to even the best of players ), I prefer to get an Aegis of the Legion, turn my Philosopher's Stone into a Shurelya's Reverie, and turn my Heart of Gold into Randuin's Omen. Those 3 items just help out your team so much, and only the Randuin's Omen is really expensive.


My Standard Games :


Shurelya's Reverie


OR ( My DPS Build which I RARELY use)

As you can see, in one build I get an Atma's Impaler as my damage item ( Cheat sheet 1 ), and in the other I get Trinity Force. You can sell the Wriggle's Lantern, but I just kept that in there to for now as I usually never come to the point in the game where I have to sell it. When that does happen, the game's close to over as I'm extremely fed or if the game has dragged out for an extensive amount of time. Also, in the second build I sold my Heart of Gold to make room for a Frozen Heart, as the CDR that Frozen Heart gives is just really good on Jarvan IV. The Frozen Heart and Shurelya's Reverie add up to 35% CDR, near max!

For my third build ( Cheat sheet two ), I started off with cloth+5 pots instead of going for Philosopher's stone and Heart of Gold. Afterwards, I go for Atmogs, ensuring that I get a Negatron Cloak in the mix. Upgrade that to a Force of Nature, and buy a Frozen Heart afterwards. The Frozen Heart can be replaced. I buy this item because I'm usually the one dealing with the bruisers ( Who are normally AD, except for the occasional champs such as Singed who is AP ) and protecting my carries, or going after the enemy team's AD carry.

Now for my DPS build...
Yea, I like Warmog's Armor and Atma's Impaler. It`s just too good of a combination to pass up. Youmuu's Ghostblade and Trinity Force for the damage. Guardian Angel so you revive like a troll. Won`t go into TOO much detail, as I`ve gone this build... Maybe once or twice? Trust me, solo queue is all about picking the squishies and waiting for your last pick to choose a tank, or else all you`ll hear in game is "QQ WHY DIDN`T YOU CHOOSE A TANK NOW I`M FEEDING YOU NOOB."

Remember, you can change up your build as much as you want! The core items I get are just so good on Jarvan to pass up. Afterwards, Jarvan is an extremely flexible champion in terms of items. You can seek to build some big DPS, or be a team player and be the tank for your team! Just remember that Jarvan's playstyle kind of forces him to get out of position in some cases and to dive into several people. Compensate for that fact and you'll be fine!

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Stats to Prioritize

I guess you could say I'm copying this from TheRainMan's Trundle build which can be found by clicking here. Jarvan has something like this as well. This is my list, along with explanations.

NOTE : Please remember that when I'm talking about resistances, I'm assuming that the enemy team is follow the meta of 1 AP Carry, 1 AD Carry, while the jungle and solotop can be either or. If the enemy team has 5 AD Champions, then of course prioritize armor, even if I say armor is a lower priority than magic resistance. Adjust to each game and scenario. Don't follow one outline for every single game. Also, stats that help me do damage ( Such as AD, ArP, AS, etc. ) are at the bottom of the list. If you`ve read a lot of the material I`ve typed out so far, you`ll understand that I prefer to be my team`s tank, and soak up as much damage as I possibly can, so this list is influenced by that fact.

1) Health and Magic Resistance. On Jarvan, I usually get enough armor from my Wriggle's Lantern, runes, and Demacian Standard. Prioritizing these two stats will increase your overall durability.

2) Movement speed. THIS DOES NOT MEAN BUY 5 Phantom Dancers. Instead, Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed, Force of Nature, and Trinity Force, are all extremely helpful on Jarvan. This lets you stick to targets, get around the map faster, move around in fights, and potentially save dieing teammates. Trust me, this stat is a nice bonus, but PLEASE don't rush 3 Zeals and blame me. Try getting the items listed above, and you'll see what I mean. The MS just gives so much utility to Jarvan IV's playstyle, and let's you perform different plays. It's like Singed. You have Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed, a Force of Nature, and possibly a Shurelya's Reverie to be that annoying tank that nobody can kill.

3) CDR. Look at Jarvan IV's skill set. His Q provides armor reduction, and that's why armor pen isn't my favorite stat to get on Jarvan. The reduction is 26%, which is just amazing. Plus the fact that Dragon Strike is on a 6 second cool down without CDR. Golden Aegis isn't THAT useful, but maybe using it two or three times in a teamfight will save your life. Demacian Standard's buff is extremely helpful for your team, and having Cataclysm on a shorter cool down is always nice. CDR is hard to come by as well. The only items I like to get that provide CDR are Frozen Heart and Shurelya's Reverie.

4) Armor. The reason why this is so low is because of the fact that with 1 point into Demacian Standard, which gives 20 Armor when the flag is nearby, 12.6 armor from the Greater Seal of Armor, and 30 armor from Wriggle's Lantern, you'll already be tanking auto attacks fairly well.

5) Everything else. Honestly, the stats above are what I try to prioritize. Attack damage, ArP, and Attack speed aren't mentioned because, like stated several times before, my goal is to be the team's off-tank, so I build items such as Trinity Force and Atma's Impaler which can cause you to deal a lot of damage, and usually no other damage items. Only get extra sources of AD, ArP, or AS if you're going DPS Jarvan IV, instead of Off-tank Jarvan IV. Mana and health regeneration also fall under this category, even though these two stats would follow right after armor. Health regen is good against pokes, while mana is good early and mid game. Other stats such as life steal, crit chance, and crit damage, fall under this category. Oh and ability power, spell vamp, and magic penetration is under this list of what stats to prioritize last. But I'm pretty sure that was a bit obvious.

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Early game - Jungle Route

Finally, onto the jungling! You can start out with either Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions, or start off with a Regrowth Pendant and one Health Potion. Either way, you can take this path that Stonewall made a video on!
( Blue text is for starting on blue team, red text is for starting on the purple team. )

A normal pathing to take is the standard old Blue start path.

Despite it`s name, you start at the wolves, to save as much time possible. With help, you`ll kill the wolves before the Blue buff even spawns! ( Buffs spawn 15seconds after the small camps spawn )
Second, you go to blue ( Note : Try to get your teammates to damage your wolves and pull your blue! ). You will level up. Put your next skill point into Dragon Strike.
After that, kill the wraiths. Simple stuff, no?
This is where I start to branch off from the video.
Once you`re done there, head to your double golems. Finish them off, and level up Dragon Strike once more.

Now, if you think you`re too low on health, recall! No need to risk getting ganked. Recall, and get your Philosopher's stone ( Or boots if you went with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions.

Whether you recalled or not, get your red buff. Depending on your health, you can recall now if you didn't before, or do your wraiths once more for level 4, in which you put a point into Golden Aegis for the slow.

  • If you have the blue buff, use Golden Aegis as much as you like, so long as you don`t run out of mana for Dragon Strike or Demacian Standard!
  • Use your knock up combo to damage AND get to camps faster! It`ll speed up your time overall.
  • Donate your blue buff and red buff once you do not need them anymore! I like to give out my second blue buff to my AP Mid, and my red buff whenever my teammates want it ( Usually later on into the game ).
  • Don`t follow this path WORD FOR WORD! If you see an open opportunity, GANK! It`ll put pressure on whatever lane you ganked, as well as ( hopefully ) put your laner ahead!
  • Jarvan IV`s level 2 ganks are DEVASTATING. That knock up is just so strong, and will occasionally force a recall or give your team first blood.
  • Jarvan IV`s level 6 ganks are even scarier. Cataclysm is such a deadly move for characters without blinks. Just make sure that blinks are being baited out before you use your ult!
  • Keep dragon control! Getting a free dragon is a HUGE asset to your team! Remember to keep the spawn timers on it, so that you`ll know when it is up next. This also goes for Baron Nashor late game. Control these two major objectives, and you`ll be far ahead of your opponents.
  • Ward for your team! You know the saying. Buy a ward. Save a life. If you don`t know where to place your wards, look at Panglot`s guide onwhat wards do and where to place them.

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Being Counter Jungled - A route without Blue Buff

This pathing is pretty standard. Just watch the video. I'll try to spare you with the details.

Try to save as much mana as you possibly can on your second run ( after you recall ). This way, when the opportunity arises, you can gank.

First, I'd like to give a big thanks to Twi1ightSparkle for this video! I was originally looking for somebody who had fraps to record this for me, and he was the first person to offer help. That's the reason why it's his IGN instead of mine in the video, as he recorded it.
/league-of-legends/item/regrowth-pendant-5 At this point, check if the enemy team left the small minions there. Clear those out, and continue on with the route.
Once you're done with that, go to your wraiths and finish off with Double Golems, smiting them once more.

The second run is a lot simpler. Buy a Philosopher's Stone, two HP pots, and one MP pot. Go to the Wraiths, then to the Red buff ( Obviously using smite ), and end your route with Double Golems.

What this route allows is rotation around the jungle. Rotating around the jungle allows your to set up early ganks, which is why I chose this route over one that is faster.
Oh, and starting off at Wolves would be too risky if your blue is being stolen, so I start at Wraiths. Simple, right?

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Mid Game and Late game - Transitioning and Teamfights

I`ve heard TheOddOne say several times that even though Jarvan IV is an extremely big threat early and mid game, his late game and transitioning is absolute garbage. I beg to differ. Honestly, Jarvan IV is one of those champions that people never see anymore, so they don`t expect such terrifying ganks. Most of the time, you`ll get at least 2 or 3 assists or kills in a game at lower ELOs, where lanes usually are not warded ( Except for bottom ). Ganking also works on Jarvan IV at higher ELOs. Have you SEEN TheRainMan, HotShotGG, or any other well-known player stream? Half the people in the games honestly look as if they`ve just reached level 30... BUT ANYWAYS.

If you can`t perform ganks, just farm. Jarvan IV's jungle speed is mediocre, but you can definitely keep up. Just farm up for the items you need.

If you DO get farmed/fed... Well I go Atmogs for a majority of my games. And we ALL know how overpowered that is on top laners and junglers such as Nocturne, Lee Sin, Nidalee( AD NID OP ), Gangplank, and many other champions. Jarvan IV`s utility is just amazing. The knock up, the slows, the damage, and that incredibly deadly ultimate. What's NOT to like? Just make sure that you have enough damage so that enemy players CAN'T ignore you, but be tanky enough that you can withstand the damage that`s put out. Midgame is all about catching people off guard when they're roaming, picking players off one by one, getting towers, dragons, and normally if one team is noticeably in the lead at this point, they`ll probably win the game. As Jarvan IV, punish those who are out of position, and set your team up for a strong late game.

Now, let`s talk about teamfights. What do I want to be doing? Who do I want to be focusing? When do I back off?

As Jarvan IV, you want to be the team's initiator. If a carry is out of position, initiate with Demacian Standard into Dragon Strike! That`s one of their damage dealers useless for the entire knock up duration. If they`re squishy glass cannons, they`ll probably dead if you have a team behind you. Or, if you see that the entire enemy team is in one bush, and you`re team is ready to back you up, knock up and trap all 5 enemy players! It's a DEVASTATING combo, and your carries will be able to do work. Jarvan IV's play-style requires a lot of diving and sometimes reckless maneuvers, so you need to be able to live during those situations!

Now, who do you, as Jarvan IV, want to be focusing?
I`m assuming there is 1 AD Carry and 1 AP Carry on both teams. Often, you`ll be going for the AD Carry. Jarvan has quite a substantial amount of armor from Demacian Standard, so don`t be afraid to force that AD carry out of the fight! Just don`t chase too far, tank the damage from the other carries on the team as well, not from just 1 player! However, if their AD carry is somebody that's 0-5 and 55 CS when it is 40minutes into a game... No real threat there, focus the next prime target. Often you won`t be able to get to the enemy team`s carry, so just pick off whoever is out of position! Supports, squishy glass cannons, anything that can melt from your team's damage output! Just remember which characters have blinks. Forcing flashes for Cataclysm is usually a good deal, as now the enemy is in a state of panic and your team can follow you in for anybody who does not flash out. Forcing flashes pushes carries out of a fight, leaving the bruisers/off-tanks to take unnecessary damage.

A lot of people don`t know when to back off. When you're obviously outnumbered or without your carry, back off! Things will NOT go well. Just one death late game can lead to a baron and a loss for your team. If you know your team can dish out the damage, just stay in the fight and take one for the team. Just pray your team is smart enough to take out their damage dealers, because it takes a LOT to down a Jarvan, even if he is not fed or farmed.

Objectives for late game? Barons. Towers. Inhibitors. Catching people off guard.
A free Baron usually means the end of a game if the game seems rather even. Baron gives just so much gold and experience for one team, and the buff is can make a teamfight extremely one-sided.
If the enemy team is split up ( Example : 4 bot, 1 mid ), grab a tower if you can! If a majority of the team is bot, you can opt to go for Baron or push down top tower ( Normally Baron is a better choice, but most player`s aren't stupid enough to push bot late game where it really matters ). Push down to their base, and eventually go for the inhib.
Getting an inhibitor often means that one lane is going to be pushed back for a long time, allowing you to roam the enemy`s jungle and collect farm and buffs for your team with much more freedom.
Catching even one person off guard can be a team`s downfall late game. You can force teamfights, Barons, and even split pushes, as the game is 5v4 now. Roam together as a team and stay strong, ward, and don`t risk losing anybody or anything!

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Scores and Proof

I honestly don't know how I forgot this. Thanks to jotsky for reminding me about this!

Currently, the only RECENT Jarvan IV game I have on me is this one :

Here's Abi22's first game as Jarvan!

Next up we have Da Cooky on EU West, raking in some assists as Jarvan!

Here are a few scores from Srkad!

Although it IS a leave, Random92 ( That's his Moba name ) apparently had internet issues. Nonetheless, amazing score. Racking in those assists like you should!

I must say, those are some impressive scores. Nice 5 game win-streak bro. Credit goes to n00b Sailbot CZ!

If only I could get such good scores like Halovian did this one game :l

If you'd like to have YOUR score up here, comment down below and post a link to the picture! If you're new to this kind of thing, I recommend going to imageshack, signing up, and posting your picture. You can use other websites, but that is the one that I use. What are you waiting for, submit your scores!

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Ending - Outro, Change Log, Updates, Patch Notes, and Credits!

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Writing this guide was actually a bit of fun. Although this guide is not meant to be the best Jarvan guide on the Mobafire charts, clanmates and friends will get to see how I play Jarvan IV and how I build him.

This guide was meant to help people who are just starting to play Jarvan IV, and want to learn more about how to play him as a jungler. This definitely is not your pro level guide. I`m just your average player, giving out my 10 cents on how I play Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of Demacia.


Much thanks to Kreuw and the rest of Escur Gaming! Those guys taught me how to be bad at the game. With those techniques in mind, I found out how to become decent at the game by doing the exact OPPOSITE of how they played!
Thanks to Bwlingiant, Zer0 Bubu, Zer0 Ender, and the rest of the Zer0 Society! I`ve had SO much fun playing with you guys, along with learning how to work as a team with Zer0 Society`s Tier 2 Team!
Thanks to Jhoijhoi`s and Searz`s guide on how to make a guide! The link to it is in the introduction section. Also thanks to Jhoijhoi for the banner!
Thanks to Sinjustice`s guide on lane Jarvan IV! It would have taken me AGES to find out what items worked out for J4 without using and referring to his guide several times.
Thanks to Twi1ightSparkle for the alternate J4 jungle video! It took me while to look for somebody who had fraps and was willing to offer their time :/
And thank YOU for reading my guide!


12/28/11 - Ahri patch - Guide Released
1/5/12 - STILL Ahri patch - Edits made, fixed up a few grammar and spelling mistakes, working on masteries. 78% with 9/9 upvotes! 3rd place in terms of Jarvan guide! Thanks to everybody for the support!
1/8/12 - Masteries updated to 9/21/0! Thanks to everybody for the tips on this.
1/15/12 - Started begging for somebody with a video recorder in my blue-less route section.
Fixed up a few things under the runes section
Also, I will be adding a section with a bunch of scores, which is to come soon! I'll probably try to add my scores in now, and start collecting other people's scores, since a lot of people have exams coming up soon.
1/16/12 - Fixed up a items. Added more items to cheat sheet ( Yes, I'm concerned about the trollvote I got .-. ). Also added Hexdrinker as an item under survivability.
1/19/12 - Adding patch notes section with Sejuani patch! Fixed up a few mana costs, added a bit more, fixed up some punctuation.
1/20/12 - Reached 80% ( 81% on the front page ) and reached 9th place for the - POPULAR : Last of 30 days - chart on the homepage! Thanks to everybody for the support :)
2/2/12 - Exams are DONE! I'll try to fix up my guide. Dropped to 77%, but it's whatever. As long as I know that my build works, it's good enough for me. Added the new bug fix for Jarvan IV as of Zigg's patch.
2/11/12 - Got the blue-less route DONE! Thanks again to Twi1ightSparkle for the help and the video!
3/5/12 - Kinda didn't update this after some scores were added... I kinda just put them in. Oh well.
Added Random92 and N00b Sailbot CZ's scores! Also, I hit the 100, 000 viewers mark! 86% with 45 votes total! Thanks to everybody's support! :D
Also added some colour ( I'm Canadian, deal with it ) to this section for my own viewing purposes.


v1 . 0 . 0 . 132 - Sejuani Patch
Jarvan IV
Jarvan IV buffs! The mana reductions will overall improve Jarvan IV]]'s jungle speed indirectly by allowing him to use Demacian Standard more often for the AS. Also, this will help out his mid-game, as well as making blue buff less required on him.
Buff on Golden Aegis is barely noticeable. Might make lane Jarvan IV a bit stronger.

Ziggs Patch Notes
Jarvan IV
    *Fixed a bug where Cataclysm immediately crumbled when Jarvan IV died
Still waiting on jungle speed buff. I know that probably won't happen though. Sadface. QQ.