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Zyra Build Guide by Lancegram

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lancegram

OMG that lady stung me! - How to play with and against Zyra.

Lancegram Last updated on July 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Utility: 9

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Hello my fellow summoners! I’m Lancegram and this is my guide aiming to help you dominate the game as Zyra. So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado I present to you my magnificent Zyra guide. And as I said in the title this guide includes a guide on how to play against her.ENJOY!

But first:

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Longing to take control of her fate, the ancient, dying plant Zyra transferred her consciousness into a human body for a second chance at life. Centuries ago, she and her kind dominated the Plague Lands, using thorns and vines to consume any animal that set foot in their territory. As the years passed, the animal population steadily died off. Food became increasingly scarce, and Zyra could only stand by helplessly as the last of her kin withered away. She thought she would perish alone, until the appearance of an unwary sorceress presented her with an opportunity for salvation.
It was the first time in years Zyra had sensed a creature wander so close. Hunger drew her to the sorceress, but some other, deeper instinct compelled her. She enveloped the woman in thorns with ease, but as she savored this final meal, foreign memories invaded her thoughts. She saw great jungles of metal and stone where humans and animals thrived. Potent magic surged through her vines, and she devised an elegant but risky plan to survive. Using the woman’s memories, Zyra poured her newfound magic into the creation of a human-shaped vessel. She didn’t know what sort of world awaited her, but she had nothing left to lose. When Zyra opened her eyes, she was overwhelmed by the raw power ready at her fingertips. It wasn’t until she noticed the shriveled remains of the plant she once was that she realized how vulnerable she had become. If this body died, there would be no network of vines to retreat through, no roots to regrow her...but she felt truly alive. She beheld the world for the first time as animals did, and a dark smile crept across her lips. She was reborn, and there was so much now within her grasp.
"Closer to the flower, closer to the thorns."

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Pros / Cons


+Spammable skills with a lot of dmg
+Plants assist her
+In-build slow and knock-up and snare
deadly bloom

-Low mana pool
-Low health (squishy)
-Particularly hard to master
-New champ, she is prior to nerfs

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  • Mental Force – You are an AP champ, so you always need more AP.
  • Sorcery – Essential for every caster and while stacking with items and your passive from rampart groth it can help you reach a 39% cdr! Cool!
  • Arcane Knowledge – Dude, more Mp means easier kills and you know what does this mean, eh? ( “You have slain an enemy!”)
  • Havoc – It is really a help when you try to kill that enemy, but it is mostly used to fill the gap and move on the tree.
  • Blast – AP is your true friend and ofc you need more
  • Archmage – Same thing as the other AP increasing masteries
  • Executioner – Just fantastic: You can assassinate that low HP runner with just one ability!


_______ _______

Guide Top



Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

_______ Greater Mark of Magic PenetrationGrants you more flat MPen
(flat magic penetration reduces the enemy magic resistance only for the current ability which does magic damage, not permanently and not for other players)
This is a great rune for every AP caster and this is a must for you. Why? Since you do a lot of burst damage and you are a squishy, you will fail if your abilities don’t do damage. Your enemies know that, so their first move will be to stack MR, but you with your runes, masteries and items can still kick their *** :)

greater seal of replenishment
_______ greater seal of replenishmentGrants you more mana regain per 5 sec.
As we said before you have a small mana pool especially in early game and spammable high cost spells witch can result to many OOMs (Out Of Mana). So these seals help you counter with that problem.
Finally you may ask me why I didn’t take Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration. The answer is: By the time you buy Chalice of Harmony you will have partly solved your mana problems, but until then you need more than usual mana regain.
greater seal of replenishment

greater glyph of knowledge
_______ greater glyph of knowledgeGrants you more mana per lvl
As we said you need more mana all the time. BUT: As you level up your skills, they cost more mana and they have lower cooldowns which makes them spammable. So increased mana as you level up is what you need.
(Anyway the amount of mana greater glyph of knowledge gives you in lvl 10 is more than Greater Glyph of Mana gives you at the same lvl.
greater glyph of knowledge

_______ Greater Quintessence of Ability Power - Grants you more flat AP
To be honest you crave for AP and these runes are the best thing you will find in store so go for it. I’m sure a lot of you will question this choice, so I will explain it:
First of all the amount of AP Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power gives you only becomes greater at approximately lvl 15, when the 10 AP difference is meaningless. Secondly, at lvl 1 the only thing you have is a 7-second-cooldown-low-damage-nonspammable spell which, however, scales very well with AP (60% of AP, eh?). So this instant boost of AP with the doran’s ring and the masteries will give you a total of 37 AP at lvl 1 which means 22 more DMG for your deadly bloom (”First blood!”)

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Summoner Spells

There are many summoner spells to choose from and all of them have the pros and the cons. BUT: there are some spells that are completely useless for Zyra and others that are good enough to pick them up.


These 5 spells are surely the most useful and correct choices. Let’s see why:

This little devil is doubtlessly the best of all. Personally this always my first choice, because it just gives you that little boost you need to escape, since there is no other way! Seriously now Zyra doesn’t have any escape abilities (like Ezreal with his Arcane Shift, like [teemo]] with Move Quick ect.), so this is the only thing you can do.

Another help kit. This one enables you to catch everyone trying to escape. BUT: You have many slows and a skill shot immobilizer ( Grasping Roots) so you don’t really need it.

This spell is the carry’s worst fear. It can shut it down for a small time and also slow it. BUT it is in the same case with Ghost. You don’t actually need it unless you take a point in summoner’s wrath. If you do so you will only activate it on the beginning of an otherwise fatal encounter (1v2, gangs, lvl 15 vs lvl 18, ect.)

One of my favorite spells it gives you just the little damage you need to finish of that bastard who dived in your turret, or ganged you from behind, BUT not for Zyra. Why? You simply have your passive Rise of the Thorns and you can finish every enemy and if you check it out your passive deals more dmg. You might tell me: ”OMG if combine them I can deal almost 1000 true dmg OMG” But this isn’t the meaning of LOL, eh?

Personally, my second choice. As a player with no patience I just love to see my spells hit the opponent again and again and if they are spammable and I have a low mana pool (both are true for Zyra), I usually find myself OOM. So this thing is just what I (and probably every Zyra player) need. And ofc your team will love you for it, just because it restores mana to them too :)


It is pretty much all the others:
  • Teleport is for soloers or for slow people who need to get to the team fights quickly. Zyra never go solo top (only mid, as mostly every AP carry) and since team fights happen in mid most of the times, she doesn’t have to move at all.
  • Smite is for junglers. You don’t jungle.
  • Heal interesting spell as it is for new players who aren’t used to the HP stuff (who used to play FIFA or NEED FOR SPEED in their computers) or veterans who just found out they don’t need anything else apart from Flash and want to help the others.
  • Surge apart from turning you into a giant (AGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHH), it isn’t that helpful as you don’t benefit from the AS.
  • Revive Useless. If you want to Revive after a lost team fight where all your team is dead, you will just find yourself ganged from 5 champs. (And we all know what happens at 1v5, eh?)
  • Cleanse is another lifesaver, but you will need to activate it within that milimilimilisecond, when it is useful. (It is reeeeeeeally hard to master and I have spent countless matches to do so and still I’m not sure I’ve got it right)
  • Promote Stupid spell. Waste of place and time. It helps only the minions. Should I continue?
  • Clairvoyance is support stuff. Leave it to them.

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Ability explanation

deadly bloom

_______ rise of thorns(Passive) – Upon death you transform into a plant and all your abilities turn into this one.

->This is your ultimate revenge. Kick their a** baby!
->Watch your fingers! Don’t press it accidentally!
->In a team fight hit as many enemies as possible with it.
->If you are completely alone when you die and you can’t kill your killer don’t cast it! It is better to provide the vision for your teammates to come and kill the bastard rather than forcing him to recall.

deadly bloom _______ deadly bloom(Q) – Is your main damage and harass tool and it is the ability that deals the most damage (apart from your ulti)

->It is a delayed spell (approximately 0.5 secs) so you have to aim it correctly: Always aim where the enemy will go not where it is now!
->As it has a quiet large AoE effect you can hit many enemies with it.
->Pair it with seeds to grow Thornspitters, which attack your opponents with ranged attacks.
_______ deadly bloom

_______ Rampant Growth(W) – Is an ammo based ability which whenever you activate it you plant a seed instantly where your cursor is or you walk until you are in range.

->Your seeds grant vision of the area.
->Pair them with abilities to grow plants.
->You can store up to 2 seeds but you can have up to 4 on the ground.
->Your plants don’t proc on hit effects, don’t pop spell shields, damage Black Shield, proc spell vamp and the slow from Rylai's Crystal Scepter, will prioritize champions by default, but will target Zyra’s target above all means, last 10, have 6 HP, basic attacks deal 2 dmg, single target spells 4 dmg, minion attacks 1 dmg and turret attacks 6 dmg and their attack speed is 0.800 per second.

_______ Grasping Roots(E) – Decent damage and short-time snare, is your main CC ability.

->Pair it with your seeds in order to spawn Vine Lashers, which attack your opponent with short-ranged-slowing attacks.
->It snares and damages all enemies in its path and can be used to ensnare the entire enemy team.
->Use it with deadly bloom on a runner to guarantee the kill.

_______ Stranglethorns(R) – Your ultimate ability, a natural destruction, which sounds like: KRRRRRRSHHHHHHHHHH as the vines pop out from the soil and FLLLOOUUUPP as they withdraw.

->As you can see, it is not used so much for the damage, especially at lvl 10 where it doesn’t deal more damage than your maxed out deadly bloom, but for the enrage of the plants.
->The vines start from the center expand until the end and the withdraw back from where they came out. The effects are only applied at the spiked edge of each vine. This means instant damage in the middle, delayed damage on the edge, instant knock up on the edge, delayed in the middle.

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Ability sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

My skill priority is this:
>>deadly bloom>>=

deadly bloom is your main damage-farm-harass ability. You pick it first, but if you level it up to lvl 5 instantly you will lose a lot of CC and CDR from the others, so you lvl it up to 4 and leave it there.

Rampant Growth provides you not only with faster reloading= more plants, but also with CDR. But it is as important as Grasping Roots so you lvl them up equally.

Grasping Roots CC + decent-long-piercing-all-enemies-hitting-skill-shooted damage. It pins them so you can kill them easily. But it is as important as Rampant Growth so you lvl them up equally.

Stranglethorns Is your earth-ripping-AoE-damaging-AoE-knocking-up-enraging ability and you must lvl it up every time it is possible as lvl 6, 11 and 16.

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----------ITEM SECTION BELOW---------

As you see I have separated the Items section into different ones, in order to make it easier to you to find what you need instantly without scrolling through the whole Items section. You can thank me when you won’t have to apologize for being AFK ^.^

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Starting Items

______ ______


______ ______

As you see, I recommend a single way of starting with Zyra, but there is a difference on the sequence. The start with Doran's Ring (the option on the left), is the one I prefer and base my build on it: With the sum of Doran's Ring, Greater Quintessence of Ability Power, Mental Force , Blast and Archmage you have 36.5>37 AP just at lvl 1. This boost can guarantee you first blood. BUT: there are some players who just love the boots+poisons start (option on the right). This could be a good start only if it is not expected. (on ranked matches supports tend to use the Clairvoyance spell on the enemy base at the beginning of the match to spy the builds of the players. This enables them to see an incoming boots+poisons start and counter it effectively.) Why? Because with that build you gain speed, early speed and can easily catch and kill the slow enemy. BUT : this is only effective on top or bot lanes if you can lure them close to you and kill them while they are trying to run to safety, while heal from the damage you have suffered. If you are in mid, the skilled player will see it coming and instantly hug their turret. So it is just useless. If you still want to use it replace the Greater Quintessence of Ability Power with something more useful like a Greater Quintessence of Health or something like that. Finally don’t sell your doran’s items, unless you need more space to move on to the build.

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Early items

So these items are ones you should be purchasing at the beginning of the game and you must have completed purchasing them before the team-fights start. Let’s see more info about them:
  • Sorcerer's Shoes Apart from the MS increase they give 20 MPen This means that every spell you cast and the plant’s attacks bypasses 20 of the target’s MR. Cool, eh?
  • Needlessly Large Rod It gives you 80 AP This is your basic damage kit. From such items you empower your abilities. You can’t and you mustn’t skip it, but you can skip the second Doran's Ring if you have the money to buy it.
  • Chalice of Harmony Extra MR, Mana Regain and the cool passive When you get this you will have partly solved your mana problems, unless you spam like mad on minions.

There is only a last thing I want to mention here: If you are laning against an AD champion (an AD Ezreal or an AD Fizz, a Jayce, ect.) in mid you should consider purchasing the Chain Vest (one of the components of Zhonya's Hourglass) after these items. It costs only 700g and it can save your life.

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Mid-time items

Welcome to the core items or just the ones you will normally purchasing in the mid of the game, when the teamfights have already started. Let’s see more info on them:
  • Rabadon's Deathcap It gives 140 AP and increases your AP by 30% including itself. It is your main AP boost as it gives you a sum of 182 AP by itself while affecting the AP from other items, reaching crazy numbers in a full build. I have seen an enemy Karthus in a custom game coming with 5 of those sh**s activating his Defile, dying, and scoring a penta kill activating his Requiem while dead. 0.o
  • Athene's Unholy Grail 90 AP, 40 MR, 15 Mana regain, 15% CDR, increased mana regain and restoring mana on kills and assists Simply everything you need, and solving your mana problems. If you got this you don’t need any more recalls for mana and let your teammates know that you don’t need any more blue buffs.
  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter 80AP, 500HP and an 35% slow on spells, but reduced to 15% for DoT, AoE and spammable spells A really cool item for casters with almost no cc and squishes as it also provides a great deal of HP. You might ask me why am I picking this one, despite the fact Zyra has already a slow and a knock-up. The reason is simple: Your slow is produced by a meele-positioned-turret (the vine lasher) and the knock-up from your ulti, which is on a fairly long cooldown. Additionally, you don’t need the vine lashers anymore and you won’t waste seeds on them anymore, because your thornspitters proc it by themselves.

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Late-time items

By the time you have finished your mid-time items, the game should be over. These items are normally purchased in a long time game (more than 40 mins) in which people are in a constant draw, when your team loses but it can def veeeery well or when is a couple of trolls in the opposite team who don’t accept the surrender and keep playing. Let’s see the info:
  • Abyssal Mask 70 AP, 57 MR(^^), AoE flat MR Reduction OR Void Staff 70 AP, 40% MPen These items are essential for reducing the defensive capabilities of your opponents and without them you simply fail. However, you have to choose. As the AP boost is the same, you should consider the other buffs. Generally, there are 3 rules: 1. If the enemy AP carry is constantly picking at you, you must take Abyssal Mask to minimize the damage suffered. 2. The MR of your enemies (not every enemy, but your primary targets the AD carries and the AP mage or the feeded champ and you always search the majority of them. I mean that if you have a super armored AP caster simply don’t target him): All champs start and continue having 30 MR. Considering that and the fact that you also have sorcerer’s shoes, it is really simple: below 50 -> Abyssal Mask above 50 -> Void Staff. 3. Abyssal Mask’s MR Reduction is unstackable and AoE so if the support has it you must buy the Void Staff.
  • Zhonya's Hourglass 100 AP, 50 ARM and Stasis for 2 sec. 100 AP is a big xmas gift and the armor is not bad at all. Let’s talk about this awesome passive. Once you got it you simply can’t die. Why? You can watch them being kicked in the a** by your plants, while you laugh at them in golden form (MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA)

Guide Top

Situational items

Here some famous items that are not useful along with items used in different situations are listed. Situational-> Green color, Useless-> Yellow color

Our beloved staff that almost doubles every caster’s mana and grands them AP equal to a portion of their max mana. BUT: not for you! This item charges with every cast you make, which is very good as you have a lot of low cooldown spells, however it has a 3 sec cooldown between every charge. And as you know (and if you don’t you will learn) Zyra casts all the abilities in 3 or 4 sec. And as the mana increase caps at 1000 and increases by 4 every time you will need 1000/4=250 combos to fully charge it. (Believe me you will only fully charge it up if you play for 2 hours or something).

Ah, the Lich Bane apart from the really cool yellow light around your arms it helps those poor casters who also rely on their basic attacks to finish off the enemy like Fizz or anyone else who like playing hybrid, like evelyn. BUT: as you can simply understand (I hope!!) you are not born to be lich, same reason as above.(Spamming all skills in a small period of time)

Yes, the RoA is one of the most common choices for AP casters who usually have strong late games and don’t care about the early ones. Zyra is not that kind of champ. It can ofc be paired with archangel’s staff and reach crazy amounts of mana, but you can’t really buy it without sacrificing something useful and ruining your early game.

Simply an amazing item definitely one of my favorites as it can deal astonishing amounts of dmg especially on that freaking tank who can’t just die, dispite the fact you have been kicking his *** for 2 mins and still has 3000 HP left (“Die you mother****ing Alistar with your ****ing ulti!!!!”) and you just activate it and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! (not really that sound). Finally as it provides CDR you have to swap it with ahene’s unholy grail.

Avalanche item. But as all natural disasters it is very risky. I don’t think you have to be really skilled to find out why. Only buy it on a really good game where you don’t die, because if you die you simply lose your CDR (as it replaces ahene's unholy grail). However 160+20 AP is nothing to laugh at… (MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA… “SERIOUSLY NOW STOP LAUGHING”)

This book-item is for those games where the enemies have forgot the meaning of the MR and your support hasn’t bought it. Seriously, now these are rally rare games, but this little fella can help and maybe save your allies lives.

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----------Gameplay section below----------

I have a lot to say here so I have separated it in order to be more readable.

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Zyra belongs to the category of champions who can spam all their abilities together and wait for the results. So as you can imagine there are some basic combos:

Pocking combo

deadly bloom+

With this you deal some serious dmg and your opponent will focus on killing your plant rather than you. Land your deadly bloom first and then put a seed before it damages your enemy.

Full damage combo

deadly bloom+++

This one enables you to deal the full potential of your normal damage. Start by landing a deadly bloom and 2 seeds before it damages your opponent. Immediately cast Grasping Roots to keep him a bit more within your grasp. You will have to pay attention not to spawn Vine Lashers or you will fail.

Chasing combo

++deadly bloom+

Use this one to chase down runners. Initiate with Grasping Roots and a seed to snare and slow your opponent. Try to reach him and cast deadly bloom and a seed in front of him. He will have to escape the both slow and the Thornspitter afterwards.

Escaping combo


When you want to run, just lay a seed in front of you and after you pass it throw a Grasping Roots behind you. They will ensnare your chaser and the plant will slow them too.

Go for the kill! combo

deadly bloom++++

Just deadly combo, it can kill almost every opponent. But he must be willing to attack you not be fleeing like a little girl. If he is, just don’t cast it, it will fail. Start by popping your deadly bloom and 2 seeds. Cast immediately after the Thornspitters have spawned your ulti, Stranglethorns, and, after he returns to the ground from the knock-up, the Grasping Roots to keep him a bit more snared.

Luring combo

+ +deadly bloom+++ +deadly bloom

Last combo, but in my opinion the best! Start by having low health and putting a seed in a nearby brush. Lure the first meele-non-OP enemy champion into chasing you. Head into the brush with the seed. Once he approaches and he has just entered the brush, fire a Grasping Roots trough your seed, snaring the enemy and spawning a Vine Lasher. Immediately pop the deadly bloom with 2 seeds and turn to gold with Zhonya's Hourglass (you can also activate your ulti if he has a lot of hp or if he is op). He should be dead when the golden form ends, but, if he is not, chase him down with your chasing combo. If he kills you punish him with your passive: Rise of the Thorns. Finally, you can laugh at him in the /all chat (”Haha, noob Jax you thought you would kill me that easy?”).

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Warding with Seeds

Your seeds are a mix of wards, Teemo Noxious Trap, Nidalee’s and Caitlyn’s traps. They give sight, they reveal enemies, but they last only 30 secs :(
So the only thing you can do is to ward your lane. And check bushes ofc.
When in mid you mustn’t always ward, because if you do so it ruins your rotation.
You should only ward for these reasons:
  • Your teammates in top or bot lane called out ss.
  • You push your mid lane (attacking the turret), after you have killed the enemy mid champ ofc, and you are afraid that he will gang you.
  • You just lost track of your enemy and after calling out ss you ward both bushes.
  • You want to check a bush or be sure that you have your retreating bush (the one behind you, when you perform the Luring Combo) empty and enemy-free.

Offensive Seeds

As you already know, your seeds transform into plants when hit by your other abilities.
You should always pop your combos when you find the chance. Anyway, there is one simple rule. Always put the seeds blocking the area you don’t want the opponent to go. For example, put them behind him in mid lane. If you do so, they will have to get around them or try to kill them or even turn around and face you. In all three cases you have achieved what you wanted, your plants attacking your enemy for the most duration possible. Anyway, don’t be afraid to put them right in their paths, as they have a second of Finally if you encounter enemies in brush or in the jungle, you should try and stand as close as possible to your plants, as the enemy might target wrong and kill them instead of you.

Misleading and Luring Seeds

There are some final techniques considering the seeds. First of all you can lure the enemies into stepping on them and leading them strait to you, while you hide in a nearby bush. Seriously, now a lone seed somewhere in the lanes or jungle is very tempting to pass by. If they are caught you just activate it with Grasping Roots and continue your Luring Combo.
Secondly, you can close in your opponent or block possible escaping paths and send him right to your allies waiting in the nearby bush. How? Simply! Just make your opponent understand that you are willing to activate every seed you lay and he will automatically strafe away when he sees one.

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Laning Rotation

Simply, always cast your Pocking Combo when he/she comes closer to you. Always try to last hit the minions. I know it is really hard as your basic attack is really slow and will take a lot of time to master it, but it does worth the effort, because hitting an enemy close to your turret gives you more space to chase them afterwards and if they are so dump and try to attack, you might be assisted by your turret. Once you hit lvl 6 it is time for the kill. Simply soften your opponent with some Pocking Combos and finish him off with the Go for the Kill Combo. Simple, easy and mind blowing. Unless he activates some summoner spells, you will surely hear: ”You have slain an enemy!”

Team-fight Rotation

In team fights, to be honest, you are useless if you don’t have your ulti. Despite the fact your skills are all AoE you can only deal real damage to one target and secondary to others. But if you cast the ulti, it is a free pass and probably an easy ace. But most of the time you will ks your opponents. Simply always land the Escaping Combo without escaping ofc and cast deadly bloom on any low hp opponent to guarantee the kill. Anyway don’t be afraid to cast the Full Damage Combo if the team needs to assassinate someone first and always cast the Chasing Combo on (who else?) the fleeing runners.

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Countering with Zyra


Simply don’t change anything here.


Not real changes, just consider replacing your glyphs with Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist and everything not so important to your build. Don’t replace your MPen marks ( Greater Mark of Magic Penetration) for no reason!


Considering you are an AP caster, you should consider making a mix of AP and MR items. Try and inclusde as many as possible from these items.

Zyra has a lot of cc and deals only Magic Damage. Consider buying these early as they can save your life many times.

Zyra relies on stacking pocking to reduce your health in order to kill you easier. This one helps you restore your health rapidly and destroys her rotation. Also with the increased movement speed you can dodge some of her abilities.

Great item if you benefit from CDR and/or having mana problems. Also if paired with Force of Nature it can give you endless sustain. Don’t forget the extra 90 AP, eh?

Nice little item for almost every AP caster (not for Zyra!). Anyway the extra health and mana can really help you come alive from the fights and catalyst the protector helps you sustain better, because, since you are in mid, you lvl up rapidly.

Just incredible. 100 extra AP, some armor to counter with the possible gangs, and that incredible active! Having the ability to dodge her entire combo is fantastic!

Don’t forget that you have to kill her as well! So extra AP, MRReduction and some MR as well is the best choice for you!

Perfect item if you are a ranged AD carry ( Caitlyn) It gives you both AD and a life saving shield. BUT: this is a magic damage shield and the true damage from her passive will ignore it!


Simply play defensively. Always move and always last kill your minions. You don’t want 2 things:
    1.Not to be hit by her pocking combo
    2.And not to get caught in her turret

But you have to be offensive too! Try to kill her as much as possible below lvl 6. There is a brief time in early levels when she can’t grow plants! The rampart groth starts with nearly 16 sec cooldown (normally 17 but she also gets 4% CDR so 16.something), but her plants only last 10 secs! So if she spawns 2 plants, wait until they die and then attack.

After lvl 6 you should again attack her at that small time space, but don’t even dare to dive or attack her if she has 2 seeds. She can simply kick your ***.

Always ask for gangs! It is the only way to go if she is very skilled or over 14-15 lvl. BUT: don’t stick to your ally, because she can easily cast her abilities on both of you! And believe me you don’t want to feed her with a double kill.

When you want to recall go far behind your turret. Why? She has long-ranged-delayed abilities and she can cast them and run out of your turret’s range before they damage you. Also, be aware that she can kill herself and assassinate with her passive.

About that passive now: The ultimate revenge! It is better to cast Ignite on her and start running rather than killing her by hand. And remember: you have only 2 secs after you kill her to get the hell out of her way! After those seconds start moving in circles and not in a straight line. When she is about to strike, you can hear a specific sound, something like a SKRRRRRRRRRRRRR. When you hear it immediately change direction. Finally her plant form has a 8 sec duration and she can activate it whenever she wants.

Don’t step on her seeds! They might be deadly traps if she activates them. Only do so if you know that she is dead. If you find a seed in the jungle it is better to strafe away. You will only be revealed for a second not the whole 2 seconds. This might sound stupid, but this is enough time for the whole enemy team to find you in there.

I hope I helped you!

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