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Thresh Build Guide by snowflaxe

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League of Legends Build Guide Author snowflaxe

[PreS4] Thresh, The hidden ADC (In-Depth guide)

snowflaxe Last updated on August 20, 2014
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Hi and welcome to my ADC Thresh build. My name is Snowflaxe and im a summoner in EU west. This build is about the hidden strength that is Thresh. This will be my first build, so bare with me guys, this will all go well.

Before you downvote this build just because ADC Thresh is not what riot recommends. Please try out the build and give me feedback about your experience with it. Tell me about the support you had and how good this combo was. Tell me if you used any other items. Tell me ... uh.. Tell me... Just tell me everything.

NOTE: you will need some adc skills before you can get good scores with this build. so i don't recommend that you will try this build when you have never played adc.

Before i will go in depth about Thresh, I will tell the skill that makes Thresh a viable adc. Flay this is the skill what it is all about, especially the passive on this. This passive gives you more damage what scales with the amount of souls you collect, and at level 5 with 200% of your attack damage. So please read on and learn everything about the hidden ADC that is Thresh

While you at it, listen to his awesome intro music.

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Pros / Cons

+ First couple hits on a enemy champion does a scary amount of damage.
+ The Box has a really good slow. (99% to be exact)
+ build his own armor and AP by collecting souls.
+ he looks scary with alot of attack speed.
+ Has his own CC
+ Can help out teammates in trouble with Dark Passage
+ you won't be taken serious early game cause you go ADC Thresh
- Not good with every support.
- His range is really small compared to other ADC champs like Caitlyn.
- The Box can easily be countered by flash and other escape skills.
- Your combo depends on getting into the fight, which makes you easy targetable in lategame teamfights.

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With ADC Thresh we run a 21/9/0 build. The masteries are somewhat basic and like other ADC. The only change i made was getting a point into Arcane Blade . Why is this you ask? I shall tell you: Since Thresh his passive Damnation gives him the ability to collect souls, that give him AP and armor. Why shouldn't we use this AP for extra damage? Arcane Blade gives us another 5% of our AP on our normal attacks. Just keep reading my friend.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

- Greater Quintessence of Life Steal combined with Doran's Blade, this will give you really nice sustain. This will help you alot with staying in the lane and trading with the enemy.

- Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage The more damage we can get, the better.

- Greater Mark of Attack Damage Well not much to say here, attack damage so you can kill the enemy ADC.

- Greater Seal of Armor maybe you don't understand why i still recommend you to use flat armor runes since Thresh is building his own armor. That is because Damnation also has a downside to it. Thresh does not gain any armor by leveling, so these seals will protect you from being to squishy early game.

- Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist If the enemy caster decides to burst you down, as he should. This may safe your life.

Viable Runes
- Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage This is more early game damage, but I recommend you go for the life steal quints in stead.

- Greater Quintessence of Ability Power This quint gives you some solid base damage for your skills and it also gives you extra damage too you normal attacks, since we are using Arcane Blade

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Summoner Spells

Flash can do alot of things for you. it can you help get away from teamfight or get in to them so you can do damage. It can teleport you over walls when you are being chased, and you can secure a kill with it. Since Thresh does not have a escape skill which he can use anywhere on the map, I defenitly recommend you taking flash with you.

Barrier Barrier is the suprise killer. It can safe you in many ways, and combined with Dark Passage it will give you a super strong shield. A must have in my opinion.

Exhaust can be viable cause you will slow your enemy when he tries to run away, but The Box will also do this for you. So I recommend sticking with Barrier

Ignite will do the last bit of damage when you cant do it yourself. This will secure alot of kills for you. Only downside is that you will not have the safety of Barrier. Take Ignite if you like a dangerous playstyle ;) ( with more killing potential )

Cleanse Really handy when you are against opponents with stuns or fears. take it when you have lane opponents like Taric or Fiddlesticks

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Ability Explanation

This passive, combined with the passive of Flay makes Thresh a viable ADC. This passive will make minions and heros drop souls for you to collect. These souls will give you more ability power, more armor and thus more damage.

The active will throw your scythe towards the enemy dealing magic damage and pull them towards you, or you can jump towards him by pressing Q again.

tips & tricks:
- The animation of Death Sentence is rather slow. So if you are trying to catch someone that is walking away, aim in front of him to catch him.
- You can pull an enemy closer, but only twice. So if you want him closer and go for the kill, you will have to press q again after the second pull to jump on him.
- Its better to use Death Sentence on a single target and not in a teamfight. Cause when you use it in a teamfight you will end up in the middle of the fight. Safe the skill for after the teamfight to catch fleeing enemies.
-You can use this ability to escape your enemies. You can for example jump over a wall with it if you cast it on the wraith camp. dont forget to pull yourself towards them by pressing q again.

This ability will throw a lantern towards the location and shield all ally champions including yourself. Also ally champions can teleport to your location when they click it. The most handy thing for ADC Thresh would be that it also collect souls that are near to it. So when you can't get near to a soul because the enemy ADC is standing next to it, throw you lanturn towards it so you will still get the soul.

tips & tricks:
-If you want to save someone with the lantern. Throw the lanturn in the line they are walking. Don't throw it on top of them, because then they will have to walk back slightly to press it.
-You can use the lantern as a ward to gain sight in bushes.
-When you cant reach the souls, throw your lantern towards them to collect them from a safe distance.
-When someone is target by for example Mega Inferno Bomb you can throw the lanturn on top of the one targeted, to save him or shield him. So he has a better chance of surviving.

The passive on this gives you more damage on your normal attacks. This damage is based on the amount of souls you collect plus a percentage of you attack damage. Since you are the ADC you will collect alot of souls cause you need minion kills. So for Thresh it is twice as important to get alot of minion kills. the active is another handy abilty, this can either throw the enemy champion away from you, or towards you. You can use this skill to push the enemy champion in your ultimate The Box. You can either push the enemies away from you or push them towards you, depending on where you click. If you click in front of Thresh you will push them away, when you click behind Thresh you will swing them towards you.

tips & tricks:
- Your active skills shows you how strong your next basic attack will be. You have four stages: Red, yellow, green and blue. With red being the strongest and blue the weakest.
-You can use Flay to push chasing enemies away so you or someone else has more time to escape.
- Flay can be used to CC enemies out of their ultimate. For example Crowstorm can be canceled with Flay.
- Flay can be used to push people in your ultimate The Box.

A really cool ultimate that will damage your opponent, and also slow him for 99% of their movement speed. Isn't that great?? just make sure to Flay them through one of the walls.

tips & tricks:
-Use The Box to block your escape route when you are being chased.
-If you are in a teamfight, walk in the enemy team and use The Box. Then use Death Sentence on a enemy minion nearby to escape the deathzone. Make sure you have Death Sentence of CD before you use this technic.

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Ability Sequence Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >

As ADC Thresh you want to max your Flay first because on level 5 this will give you 200% of your AD plus the amount of souls you have collected, as bonus damage on your normal attacks. After that max Death Sentence for some extra damage when you pull someone in, and finaly max Dark Passage. Make sure to level The Box when you can and do not forget to level Dark Passage at level 2 so you can collect souls that are outside your reach.

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Item Sequence

Statikk Shiv

Infinity Edge

The Bloodthirster

Last Whisper

Guardian Angel
Core Items:

We take Berserker's Greaves on ADC Thresh because the extra attack speed will make us burst damage faster, and will make us look really REALLY scary.

After some play testing with this. Statikk Shiv is a must have. this will give the first hit that you make on an enemy champion even more damage.

A must have for every ADC. build this after Statikk Shiv and your enemies will flee in terror when they see you.

Life steal and big portion of attack damage. No further explanation needed.

when you need some more armor penetration. This is the item you need

pffff i don't die, and when i do. I don't

Viable Items:

When the enemy team got a tank with alot of hp, you should go this in stead of Last Whisper

When you have trouble catching up with your enemies due to intervention from minions, you should consider this item in stead of Last Whisper

This is a good defensive item if you feel you are dying to fast. You can take this in stead of Last Whisper, or Guardian Angel if your support has a Runic Bulwark and you think you don't need it

Runaan's Hurricane is an awesome item. The only reason i haven't implemented this in the build untill now, is that i only take Runaan's Hurricane under some circumstances. When i feel that im falling behind in CS compared with the enemy ADC, and it's not safe enough to stay in a lane for to long (No cover form towers / your team is somewhere else ). When you are under this circumstance you should consider taking Runaan's Hurricane. With this item you can safely clear waves, cause you will clear them so fast that the enemies can't get their fast enough to catch you off guard. ( shoutout to Efc1 for bringing this item back to my attention )

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The killer combo

In this chapter I will tell you about the awesome killer combo that will destroy your enemies when executed properly.

When you are lvl 6 and you have your Statikk Shiv with his charges ready. Go in on the enemy ADC with Death Sentence. When you snared him press Q again to jump to his location and directly use The Box

Important now is that you hit him once with a normal attack. The insane damage and sudden attack combo will make him dirty his pants and he will try to run. Now use Flay to push him in on of the walls of The Box then directly after it Ignite cause he will flash away. 9/10 times the Ignite will kill him. If not you can otherwise Flash after him and kill him. Or go back to farming yourself, and have a creep kill advantage over him.

When he does not flash away after your killer combo. Go to town on him with your scythe, and you will kill him for sure.

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Your enemies.

Ashe Is a strong adc that will perma slow you and then chase you untill you die. Try to dodge her W as much as possible and farm behind minions. Use your Dark Passage to safely collect the souls of the little children.. i mean the minions. When you can, harass her with one hit when you have your Statikk Shiv. This will give her a good amount of damage because she is really squishy
POWER LEVEL: medium - hard

Caitlyn is a champion with very long range and she will harass you for sure. try to stay back when her headshot is charged and safely wait tills she uses it on a minion. If you don't have Taric or Sona as your support for the extra armor they provide. Let your support get Aegis of the Legion as fast as possible for some extra armor. When Caitlyn tries to kill you with her ult. Use Dark Passage to give you the shield so you have a better chance of surviving it.

Corki is a strong opponent. especially because he can escape very quickly with Valkyrie. Your advantage over corki is that he is quite heavily mana dependent. So when he is low mana, he can't escape and he does less damage. Thats the time to snare and jump him with Death Sentence. Make sure your Statikk Shiv has his charges to do insane damage with your first hit.
POWER LEVEL: medium - hard

Draven is a really strong early game champion with his Spinning Axe. A little advantage you have is when he uses his Spinning Axe you can predict where he needs to catch it. Then use Death Sentence to catch him. I wouldn't do this before lvl 6 / Statikk Shiv though. Try to harass him as much as possible in early game, and dont forget to collect the souls.

Ezreal will be a hard to catch enemy. Cause he can use his Arcane Shift to escape The Box all the time. So it is better to just harass him out lane with your support and outfarm him. The main issue with Ezreal is that he can poke alot with his Q, so stay behind minions as much as possible so you won't get hit. When you pushed the lane to the tower. try to get dragon or gank mid lane. When he has a squishy support like Sona, try to farm kills on her cause you can kill her really fast when you have Statikk Shiv

Graves can be really annoying, but he is easier to catch than Ezreal cause he can't use something to escape The Box. Harass him as much a possible and farm behind minions so you won't take full damage from Buckshot. If he is chasing you when you are low health use Dark Passage for some extra shield and use The Box in a tight spot to block him.
POWER LEVEL: medium - hard

You don't see Jayce much as an ADC, but im still going to say some things about him so you know what to do, when you encounter him. Jayce has alot of poke with his Acceleration Gate combined with Shock Blast. So when he uses his Acceleration Gate expect him to poke at you with Shock Blast. Never stop moving when fighting a Jayce, but also make sure you don't make the same movements all the time, keep it random. Try to CS from behind your minions, and dont get to close to him, cause he will just jump you with To The Skies!. Try to lane as safe as possible and wait till your support or your jungler can initiate a fight, and then jump in with your killer combo.
Jinx is strong. Believe me. She has alot of stuff to throw at you. Lets take a look. Her passive Get Excited! will make you hate your life. For example she can kill your support, and get away with 5 hp because of this passive. On to her Q Switcheroo!. Her minigun gives her stacking attack speed. Her rocket launcher will give her increased attack range, 10% more ad damage, and aoe damage. So don't stand near the minions if she switched to her rocket launcher. Then her W Zap!. This abilty does a scary amount of damage, and its a strong slow. Luckily its pretty easy to dodge. Just make sure you dodge it. Otherwise it could be your dead. Her E Flame Chompers! is basically a snare. It will root you to the location if you step on them. So watch out for that. Last but not least we have her ult Super Mega Death Rocket!. This ult can be compared with Ezreal ult. Only difference it explodes on contact, and does 80% aoe damage against nearby targets. Don't underestimate it ;).
I can tell you this. You will have a hard time against Kog'Maw. His Bio-Arcane Barrage will give him even more range and he will harass you heavily with it. Try to farm as safely as possible, and dodge his Living Artillery when possible. When you try to go for a kill on him. make sure you have Flash off CD. so you can flash away from his passive when needed.
Lucian is one of the more balanced champions. Most of the new champions that riot released are pretty strong at the start, and need some nerfing. Lucian isn't all that bad in my opinion. Okay on to his skillssss. his passive Lightslinger grants him an extra attack after every ability. So he shouts twice really fast after every ability he uses. His Q Piercing Light is a poking skill. He can use it to poke you from a safe distance by just shooting on a minion, which is standing directly in front of you. So watch out for that. His W Ardent Blaze will mark you on hit, and will give Lucian extra movement speed when he hits you. Relentless Persuit his E, is his engage and get away skill. You will see Lucian use this to poke you combined with his passive. Cause he can dash to you to do the double AA for damage. His ultimate The Culling can be strong if used correctly. You wont see it much in lane i guess. In my opinion this is more a ult to waveclear fast or to do some poke damage before teamfights.
POWER LEVEL: medium - hard

Miss Fortune is a strong opponent. Just try to be save and dont stand in her ultimate. Flash out of it when you must and then try to go for the kill. Or flee like a scared puppy dog, whatever is best in the situation. While farming get to a safer distance when there are only 2-3 minions from your team in lane, cause Double Up will be more likely to hit you when she shoots it on a minion near you.

Quinn is a hard one, she has alot of damage early game. When she uses her ult Tag Team / Skystrike use The Box to block Valor and damage him with it. Look out for her passive Harrier, This will marks you vulnerable and she will do extra damage with her next basic attack. So try to avoid that from happening. If she jumps you with Vault try to hook her with Death Sentence directly after and use the killer combo too finish her off. If she is stupid enough to use her ult to escape from The Box, because she think the extra speed from Valor will save her. Nope 99% slow.. When you box her and she doesnt have Vault or Flash to get out of it, you will have the kill for sure.
POWER LEVEL: medium - hard

If you can run for her ult, please do and wait it out. Then go back in for the kill, cause when you try to fight her with her ult activated you will most likely die. So when she uses On The Hunt run or flash away from it till it runs out. Then go back in for the kill.
POWER LEVEL: medium - hard

Teemo is not an official ADC but you can encounter him on this position. What is most annoying about Teemo is his ultimate Noxious Trap. Everybody in the world hates it... Try to think of where you would put that annoying shrooms, and avoid them that way. Teemo doesn't have much range, similar as Thresh. So when you can poke, do so. Just make sure your Statikk Shiv has it charges to damage him alot. If you don't feed him, you will be fine. Because your bursting power is stronger then him. Use the killer combo when you have him at 50-75% health, and you will murder him with ease.
POWER LEVEL: easy - medium

Tristana will annoy the **** out of you. I don't think you will ever be able to land your full killer combo on her, because she will just Rocket Jump plus Flash away from you. So if she haves a squishy support, try to kill that one in stead. Most of the time lane passive, and get at much CS as possible, and try to zone Tristana away from your minions. Don't stand near any minions she kills cause you will get damage from Explosive Shot passive.

Twisted Fate is okay to lane against. Make sure you dodge Wild Cards as much as possible. When he uses Pick A Card stay away from him if he has a yellow card above him, cause he will stun you, and could go for the kill. Also stay away from nearby minions when he has a red card above him, cause you will take damage when you are to near the minion he targeted. When Twisted Fate hits level 6, warn you team so they won't get an uninvited party guest, that will cheat with card games.
POWER LEVEL: easy - medium

Laning Twitch can be really hard or fairly simple. It really depends on the players skill. When you can land your killer combo, do so. Ambush only makes him invisible, he can't avoid The Box with it. Also Twitch is rather squishy so try to poke with your normal attacks.
POWER LEVEL: easy - hard

Like Teemo, Urgot is not an official ADC... This doesn't mean he is not an opponent that you don't have to fear. I suggest you never try to dive him under tower, unless you are surtain to kill him. Cause he will just use his ultimate to get tower hits on you. When he marked you with Noxian Corrosive Charge you can do two things to avoid getting hit by Acid Hunter. Run and hide, or stand near minions that are also hit by Noxian Corrosive Charge so he maybe hits a minion in stead of you.

So much poke.. Varus will poke you alot with Piercing Arrow. Try to avoid getting hit by that as much as possible. Also don't walk through the affected area from Hail of Arrows cause you will still be slowed, and that makes you an easy target for Piercing Arrow. When he hits level 6, dont get to near him when you are low health, cause he will snare and kill you with Chain of Corruption

Vayne is the weakest in early game, so you should try to get the kills there. Try to harass her with your normal attacks and out CS her. I you can't get any kills on her, make sure you have more creep kills then her. So you can still defeat her in late game. In lane make sure you are not close to walls, cause vayne will stun you with Condemn.
POWER LEVEL: medium - hard

If you don't agree with any of this, please let me know why you think it should be different.

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Your BFF's (supports)

Alistar can either be a good combo with Thresh or a bad combo. It all depends on how the Alistar is playing. Alistar Triumphant Roar is really handy, cause it will heal everyone near him which is really handy in teamfights later. When Alistar can land his CC combo with Headbutt and Pulverize you will have an easy time picking up kills. Let him do the combo and directly jump after him with Death Sentence and land your killer combo.
ALISTAR WITH THRESH: medium lane - strong lane

Blitzcrank is a skill heavy support cause his most important skill Rocket Grab is a skill shot. When you have a Blitzcrank that can land his pulls you will win the lane. There is even a nice skill combo between Thresh and Blitzcrank where you combine Dark Passage and Rocket Grab. In this combo Blitzcrank has to stand on the lanturn and land a grab. When he landed one he has to click the lanturn and dash to Thresh. If you do this correctly the enemy that was grabed will follow all the way to Thresh. With this glitch/bug however you want to call it, you can get enemies from far away, all the way to your tower.

Not a support you see much, but Fiddlesticks can be an awesome support. His Terrify and Dark Wind will help you out getting the kills easily and his ultimate Crowstorm is just amazing. Let him walk the bushes, and zone the enemy ADC with his fear. When going for a kill, let him intiate with Crowstorm and Terrify. then jump after him with your Death Sentence. Directly use your ultimate when you jumped on him so he can't escape Fiddlesticks ultimate anymore, and you will have a the kill for sure.
FIDDLESTICKS AND THRESH: medium lane - strong lane

I don't think Galio will be the best support for Thresh and he is not played much as a support anyway, but i will still cover him. I think only Bulwark and Idol of Durand are skills that will really help you out. Bulwark will give you an awesome amount of armor and magic resist that will make you tanky as ****. And Idol of Durand will give you some extra time for getting the kill.
GALIO AND THRESH: medium lane

Janna is a good support, but I think only decent with Thresh. Her passive will give you a small movement buff, that can help you catch up to your enemies. Her combo between Howling Gale and Zephyr can be really strong and it can help you land your killer combo on the enemy ADC. Tell her to watch out where she lands her Howling Gale cause se can unintentional steal cs with it. The best skill she haves according to me, is Monsoon. This ultimate will safe you 9-10 times, if she uses it correctly.
JANNA AND THRESH: medium lane

In my eyes this new Karma is not a support anymore. Don't get me wrong i think the new Karma is awesome and I like to play her, but as a mid lane champion. Not as a support. Still I will cover some thing about her because i still see people play her as a support. Her ultimate Mantra is now a regular ultimate with no stacks, but she still haves him from level 1. Her passive Gathering Fire refreshes 1-2 second of her cooldown when she does damage on a enemy champion with a basic attack / ability. Her Q Inner Flame is a skill shot with nice damage, and combined with her ult it has a aoe damage and slow. Focused Resolve is in my opinion the strongest abilty of her, nice snare and it heals her when combined with Mantra. Her E Inspire is basically the same as the old E. it shields her target and when combined with Mantra it explodes.
KARMA AND THRESH: bad lane - medium lane

Kayle is an all around champion that can almost be played everywhere. His ultimate Intervention is a beast and can safe you if used correctly. When Kayle hits level 6 you can try to poke the enemy ADC to low health and then jump him under the tower with kayles ultimate on you, to negate the tower damage. Kayle other abilty Reckoning combined with Divine Blessing can really help you chase your enemies, cause it slows the enemy and buffs your movement speed.
KAYLE AND THRESH: medium lane - strong lane

Leona, also known as the mother of stunns. Her stun potential is really high, and this will make it rather easy to land your killer combo on the enemy ADC. Her ultimate Solar Flare is a really strong stun and almost always gives you the oppurtunity to kill. With Leona as your support you have a strong chance of winning your lane. Another awesome thing about Leona is her passive Sunlight, this gives you some extra damage on your first hit with Thresh, and we all know that his first hit is scary allready. Well her passive makes it even stronger...
LEONA AND THRESH: strong lane

I think Lulu is awesome, her skills will all help you out getting the kills and she is a strong poke champion. If she pokes at the enemy with her Glitterlance you know you have a Lulu that knows what he/she is doing. A passive Lulu is a bad Lulu. Both Glitterlance and Whimsy have a good slow, and the polymorph is just funny to watch. Help, Pix! gives you vision of the enemy, and this will really help you out chasing them down. Wild Growth makes you big and scary, and gives you a buff on your health. If Lulu is using this correctly you will almost never die, cause it is quite a lifesaver.
LULU AND THRESH: strong lane

Not an official support, but Lux can still be very nice to have as an support. Her Light Binding can snare your opponent so you can land your killer combo easy, and she can secure kills you couldn't get anymore with Final Spark. She can also shield you with Prismatic Barrier which can safe you if used correctly. So overall a decent support for you to have.
LUX AND THRESH: medium lane - strong lane

Lately I see more and more Morgana as support. And i must say it works pretty decent. Her snare on Dark Binding is quite long and combined with Tormented Soil she does good damage that helps you killing the opponent. Also Black Shield is a strong shield that can help you out of some nasty situations and her ult Soul Shackles does damage and stuns them if they stay in range. So if the Morgana lands her Dark Binding just Death Sentence on the enemy and land your killer combo.
MORGANA AND THRESH: medium lane - strong lane

Nami is a difficult support because her most important snaring abilty Aqua Prison is quite difficult to land. If the Nami knows what she is doing she can heal you pretty fast with Ebb and Flow, but this depends if she can let that abilty bounce. Her ultimate Tidal Wave is best used in a teamfight, you can compared it too Sona Crescendo, but ofcourse it is also handy in 2v2 on bot. Her other abilty Tidecaller's Blessing gives you some extra damage, which is always nice. And her passive makes you faster everytime she uses an ability on you. A difficult support, but when played correctly, a strong support.
NAMI AND THRESH: medium lane - strong lane

Not a support you see really often, but still Nautilus can help you out in lane. Although he is better in teamfights late game. Dredge Line is a good opener and his passive Staggering Blow snares the enemy for a brief amount of time. So when Nautilus jumps in with dregde line, wait for him to snare him to the ground and then use the killer combo on that enemy. Nautilus ultimate Depth Charge is a strong CC ultimate which can give you eough time to burst an enemy down, and it can also be used to kill a fleeing opponent.

Like Morgana a support that you see much more often lately. Why? probably because she can throw them spears!! No seriously even when Nidalee goes support, her Javelin Toss will do a scary amount of damage late game. In laning phase she really helps out because her spears can poke / zone the opponents and Primal Surge can keep you alive. Also Bushwhack is a "semi-ward". So overall a strong support to have.

Nunu is a good support to have for Thresh. Blood Boil will give you extra movement speed and attack speed and this will help you get to the early levels where Thresh is the weakest. Also Ice Blast is a good slow to catch up to fleeing enemies and his ultimate Absolute Zero is awesome in teamfights. In laning phase don't be mad if Nunu takes one or two minions with Consume, this is his sustain. This way he can stay longer in lane and keep the harrass high on your enemy, so they don't get an advantage over you.
NUNU AND THRESH: medium lane - strong lane

Thresh combined with Shen is a shield mayhem. both you and Shen can shield yourself and this will keep you in lane longer. Shadow Dash will give you some free damage on an enemy, without getting hit yourself. Shen's ultimate Stand United can really safe you, even when you are not even near Shen. Don't go in full rambo mode when Shen teleports to you. keep playing safe and you will get the kill without dying.
SHEN AND THRESH: medium lane - strong lane

Sona is a powerfull support to have, the only downside to this is that she is really squishy. Let's start of with her ultimate Crescendo. If she can land this at the right time in a teamfight or in laning phase, you will defenitly get kills. In lane her three skills will give you all sort of handy buffs. Hymn of Valor will give you damage and ability power. Aria of Perseverance will give you bonus armor and magic resist, and Song of Celerity gives you bonus movement speed. Aria of Perseverance can also heal you, and Song of Celerity gives you even more movement speed when she casts it near you. Sona is also a poke alot champion which will do good damage early-mid game. She can use Hymn of Valor to damage the opponent, and with her passive Power Chord she will do double damage with it. The other two skills reduce the damage output and movement speed when she combines it with her passive. So to round this all up. Sona has alot, and i mean alot of potential. She can do everything to annoy the enemies and help you out. In my opinion Sona is one of the best supports in game.

Soraka is also a good support for Thresh. Mostly because of her awesome heals, her Astral Blessing heals you for alot, and it gives you extra armor. So you will even have more armor then you allready have.. isnt that awesome. Starcall is awesome because it lowers the enemies magic resist, so you will do some extra damage with your abilities. Infuse is a silence, and a mana regenerater combined. The extra mana coming from this is awesome because ADC Thresh is mana dependent to kill, since you are trying to snare you will lose mana quickly, so the extra mana coming from Infuse is awesome. Last but not least her ultimate Wish. Not much to say, it heals your whole team everywhere on the map. Quite a livesaver isn't it.
SORAKA AND THRESH: strong lane

In my opinion Taric is the strongest support you can have. With him in your lane you will win your lane so damm easy, it isnt even funny. You will feel sorry for the despair your opponent is in. So on to the abilities. His passive Gemcraft will recharge his own mana when he damages minions or champions. so don't be mad if he attacks some of the minions to replenish his mana. Imbue will heal both you and Taric himself. The reason why this is such a strong lane is because of the passive on Shatter. This passive gives you armor.. alot of armor. combined with your passive Damnation you will have tons of armor and you will almost be unkillable in laning phase. ABUSE THIS ADVANTAGE!!! be all over their ADC and keep trying to kill. when Taric is around you will win every trade cause you have to much armor. The active of Shatter will reduce the enemies armor, so you will do even more damage. Dazzle is just an amazin stunn which will secure alot of kills for you, and Taric his ultimate Radiance will grant him and everyone around him extra attack damage and ability power. Just make sure that he uses it in the beginning of the fight. Just tell him that if he forgets.

Not a support you see very often, because Volibear is much more on his place in jungle or top. But, he still is a good support if played right. His passive will heal him for 30% when his health drops below 30%. Rolling Thunder is an awesome chase tool, and it will fling the target over his shoulders. which makes it easier to kill for you. Majestic Roar is a strong slow and if he uses it directly after Rolling Thunder you will have an easy time snaring him with Death Sentence. His ultimate and his W are not support skills, but they will help you kill your opponents much faster.
VOLIBEAR AND THRESH: medium lane - strong lane

Zilean is not an official support, but he can be usefull. his passive Heightened Learning increases everyones experience. So with Zilean in your team you will level faster, which is a good thing. Time Bomb and Rewind are skills that will not help you out much. Time Bomb will place a bomb on the enemy target which will explode and damage after a few seconds. Rewind will reduce Zilean cooldowns with 10 seconds. The best abilities coming from Zilean are his Time Warp and Chronoshift. Time warp will speed you up alot, or slow the enemy alot. Chronoshift will prevent you from dying in teamfights, or in laning phase. So with Zilean around you will basically have a second chance to kill.
ZILLEAN AND THRESH: medium lane - strong lane

The last support too cover, Zyra is a strong support to have, mostly because of the CC she haves. Grasping Roots and her ultimate Stranglethorns are the most important abilities for her as support. Grasping Roots is a snare which will make it easy for you to land your killer combo, Stranglethorns is a team fight turner. If she places this correctly the CC will completly change the outcome of a teamfight. Also handy is that her seeds will reveal a small area around them, so she can use them as small wards.

If you don't agree with any of this, please tell me. Also tell me if i didnt cover a champion you think i should cover here.

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