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Miss Fortune Build Guide by king boo311

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Not Updated For Current Season

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League of Legends Build Guide Author king boo311

Preseason 6 [5.23] ADC Miss Fortune - Favored, Fed, Fortunat

king boo311 Last updated on July 20, 2016
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Balanced / Bullet Time Build

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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 12

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

Threats to Miss Fortune with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ashe Ashe is easy to bully around due to your poke and better trades. Be careful of her ultimate, the stun can be fatal / interrupt your ultimate.
Kog'Maw Really weak early game, punish his laning with constant forced trades and well aimed poke. Aim to kill him, shut him down as much as you can. Zone him, kill him, poke him, etc. He has nothing to stop or run from your ultimate. Be careful of his passive that activates when he dies, it can earn him a revenge kill.
Sivir Abuse her short AA range. Dodge her boomerang skillshot and you're good. She can only spellshield your Q effectively. Ult will destroy her.


About the Author
Hello, fellow summoners! I'm King Boo311, a Platinum V player on the NA servers. I currently prefer playing Mid and ADC, sometimes support. I play Miss Fortune as my ADC of choice. I've been playing her for quite some time and she was the first ADC I really enjoyed and felt comfortable with. I'm here with a guide that tells of how to play MF, what to build on her, and some general ADC tips.

Who is Miss Fortune?
Miss Fortune is a high physical DPS champion whose main focus is to dish out tons of damage in a fight. Or, in simpler terms, she is a marksman, or rather, a markswoman. She is a strong lane bully with decent burst, poke, and powerful trading potential. She excels at destroying enemy teams with the use of her ultimate, Bullet Time. Overall, she is a well rounded marksman that's easy to pick up and learn. She can be a great asset to many kinds of teams!

+ Strong laning phase
+ Extremely powerful ultimate
+ A lot of multi-target damage
+ Huge teamfight presence
+ Runs places quickly with Strut
Miss Fortune has a variety of impactful strengths to aid her throughout the game. Her strong laning phase allows her to bully opponents and easily defeat them. This stems from her powerful poke, burst, and dueling prowess. Bullet Time is an ultimate that can completely shift the tides of battle to favor you and your team. It's range will keep you at a generally safe distance and the damage it dishes out is simply insane. Additionally, her multi-target damage is phenomenal. Love Tap, Double Up, and Bullet Time all make you a huge presence when there are multiple targets to attack. This also makes her an exceptional teamfighter, allowing her to spread chaos across whole teams. Finally, Strut allows her to get around the map quickly. This lets her get back to lane quickly, defend towers faster / easier, etc.

Miss Fortune has a few glaring weaknesses that impact her gameplay. The most important thing is, as a marksman, she is naturally supposed to be a squishy champion. She will be killed easily if caught. She has no gapclosers, like a dash or flash like ability, tying into her squishy factor. It's hard to get away once she has been caught. Bullet Time can be interrupted. This is one of the things that make her so strong in fights against multiple targets, so if it gets interrupted, she may be in trouble. Also, Strut is a 50-50 passive. It's broken by a single minion attack making it very difficult to maintain in combat.
- Squishy!
- No gapclosers
- Ultimate can be interrupted
- Strut is easily broken

General Synergies
Notice a common occurence in these champions? That's right, they all have AoE abilities, AoE CC abilities at that! Miss Fortune is a champion picked almost exclusively for her ultimate, Bullet Time, so any champion that can lock enemies down for the duration of it synergize with Miss Fortune quite well. She also enjoys some nice protection from enemies in the form of peel. Leona is a good example of a champion that can peel for Miss Fortune due to her kit that includes high CC. Wukong has a particularly nice synergy with her. His ultimate will knock up opponents which means tenacity can't reduce its effectiveness. Additionally, The Black Cleaver will allow both Wukong and Miss Fortune to deal heavy damage due to their AoE.

Other Synergies
Other champions that Miss Fortune synergize with are those can protect her and or add to her devastating Bullet Time damage. Thresh is a good example of protection / peel for example. His Dark Passage gives you a free escape in most cases and his overall CC leaves you in a safe position to pound away. Morgana is a mix of added AoE damage / CC with her Soul Shackles and great protection in the form of Dark Binding and Black Shield. Black Shield will also stop your ultimate from being interrupted while it is active. Brand is an example of added AoE damage. Pyroclasm & Pillar of Flame alongside Bullet Time will wipe the floor with your enemy team extremely fast if used properly. Other mages that can add to your AoE mayhem include champions such as: Lux, Ziggs, Orianna, Annie, etc... Even assassins like LeBlanc and Katarina will simply adore your Bullet Time.

General Counters
Miss Fortune struggles with opponents who can catch and take her down with ease like Vi with her ultimate, Assault and Battery, or Fizz due to his assassin playstyle and tricky to deal with abilities ( Chum the Waters, Urchin Strike, Playful / Trickster). This issue stems from the fact that she has no gapclosers like a dash or built-in flash. Others that can outmatch her DPS and or burst, like Draven ( Spinning Axe), prove challenging as well. Additionally, her ultimate can be interrupted. This means any hard CC will ruin her strong teamfighting ability. This leaves her open to a lot of disaster since a huge percentage of the champion roster have a form of hard CC in their kit.

Other Counters
Other types of champions that Miss Fortune struggles with are tanks, long ranged mages, and some bruisers. Tanks are a natural counter to Miss Fortune as a markswoman. Rammus is a tank that can block your damage and throw it back to you while CCing you to death with his Powerball and puncturing taunt. Long ranged mages like Lux prove annoying as all hell. With her massive range that keeps you at bay, she can whittle you down with Lucent Singularity before going for her killing combo. Her Prismatic Barrier can also hinder your Bullet Time damage for her whole team. Jax represents bruisers that can just get up in your face and kick your teeth in. His Counter Strike will make your basic attacks pretty much useless which is horrible for marksmen in general. He can easily use this to safely get in range and then Leap Strike and reactive Counter Strike to stun you before unloading huge damage before you can even retaliate properly.

* Remember, if you forgot what her abilities do, feel free to scroll over the ability icons for details such as its damage, cooldown, mana cost, etc.

Ability Explanation
Love Tap (Passive)
Love Tap is a very strong passive as it provides you with a respectable amount of burst / poke damage. In the late game, it's basically a free crit. Early on, it enhances your lane bullying prowess, making it almost impossible to outtrade you.

tips & tricks

Love Tap Example
Double Up (Q)
This ability is the skill you'll be using most. It is your main harass / poke spell as it deals powerful damage at all stages of the game. It's at its peak of power when it hits someone with the bounce portion - that part is what makes this skill so deadly.

tips & tricks

Double Up Opportunities

Double Up Killing Crit Example
Strut (W)
Strut is basically a huge bundle of utility for Miss Fortune. The added movement speed makes it difficult for enemies to poke you down with skillshots and gives you a lot of running / chase potential. The active attack speed buff is also a huge buff to your overall DPS.

tips & tricks
Make it Rain (E)
Make it Rain is a pretty weak ability, but it does have its uses. The slow is a great set up for hitting the opponent multiple times. The slow effect is very powerful once maxed.

tips & tricks
Bullet Time (R)
Bullet Time is Miss Fortune's signature ability. It's what defines her and sets her apart from other ADCs. It shifts the tides of battle to favor you and your team easily by dishing out a huge amount of damage to enemies caught in its wrath. This ability will make up most of your teamfights if you can use it correctly.

tips & tricks

Bullet Time Opportunities

Bullet Time Can Oneshot Squishies!

#1. Bullet Time
6 / 11 / 16

#2. Double Up
1 / 3 / 5 / 7 / 9

#3. Strut
2 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 13

#4. Make it Rain
4 / 14 / 15 / 17 / 18
Take Double Up at level 1. It provides more burst and poke to establish early lane dominance. Take a point in Make it Rain at level 4, believe it or not it is pretty useful for discouraging opponents and throwing them off during battles.

From there, prioritize maxing your ultimate, Bullet Time, first. It decreases its cooldown and increases its damage overall and ramping up how many waves of bullets it fires. It's power increases immensely with every level.

Prioritize maxing your Q, Double Up, second. It's your main damage ability and thus, you want it to deal all the damage it can. It's cooldown also decreases with every level down to a base 3 second cooldown!

Next, start maxing your W, Strut. It's more useful than Make it Rain, but its maxing priority isn't above Double Up's. The passive movement speed buff increases with level as does the active attack speed buff, making it a huge overall stat increasing ability which helps a lot during mid game where you'll be maxing it.

Finally, finish off by maxing your E, Make it Rain. It's your one-point wonder skill, meaning it's useful with just one point in it. The damage increase is weak considering it deals magic damage and it deals it over time. The slow increase isn't as noticeable due to many champions having dashes or blinks nowadays.

* Miss Fortune has a variety of combos with different uses. To represent her basic attacks, I will be using the Long Sword icon to clear any confusion!

* Read ability icons left to right.

Combo Explanation
This is one of the most basic skill combos for Miss Fortune. Double Up resets your auto attack animation, so the combo would, preferably, be to AA > Q as projectile from AA fires > AA for really quick burst. It's a great combo for stacking Impure Shots as well.
Combo Explanation
This combo requires a bit of timing on your part. Once you fire Double Up, you'll want to activate Strut while it's in midair. This will result in giving you a burst of attack speed to surprise and burst down your opponent.
Combo Explanation
This is an extremely powerful combo when positioned correctly. The idea is that Make it Rain will slow your target(s) and effectively trap them for Bullet Time to strike multiple times. It also causes panic more often than not, who wouldn't be scared of giant bullets raining on them while more bullets are being fired in waves at them? It does cost a lot of mana however, so be careful when using it.
Combo Explanation
This is a super burst combo. You unload your basic AA>Q>AA combo for burst, finishing with Bullet Time to take them down. A lot of people don't expect Bullet Time to be used as a finisher. This results in their demise as the waves of bullets consume the last ticks of their health bar. Make it Rain is optional, time-wise it might be inefficient, also it makes you use up a lot of mana.

This is a what a generic ADC mastery page looks like in the ferocity tree. Fury is a nice stat boost that synergizes with Strut. Feast and Vampirism are useful for their pretty impactful sustain properties. Bounty Hunter and Battering Blows impact your overall damage and such. I recommend using Warlord's Bloodlust as your keystone mastery. It provides useful sustain in combat even if you don't have lifesteal while also buffing your attack speed. It just overall gives you a huge edge in combat once you crit.

This tree provides some useful combat / laning properties that make your life easier. Savagery makes last hitting even easier. Secret Stash makes your Health Potion a lot more impactful. Merciless can be the deciding factor in a fight. Dangerous Game can save you in many situations and maybe keep you sustained during combat.

Alternative Page

In this page, your Ferocity Tree stays the same. However, your remaining 12 points will be spent into the Resolve Tree. This page is a more defensive / durability based one for marksmen. Recovery gives you an extra amount of lane sustain. Tough Skin and Veteran's Scars increase your overall durability. Insight is a greatly impactful since it reduces both your Flash and Heal cooldown.

Why Not... ?

Rune Explanation
9X Greater Marks of Attack Damage These marks provide a decent amount of AD to keep your early game strong. They allow for easy last hitting. They are very important to make sure you can deal a solid amount of damage through your basic attacks and Double Up early on.
9X Greater Seals of Armor These seals give you a great boost in armor to help survive throughout the game, especially early on. They protect you from a lot of your opposing laners' damage, mainly from basic attacks and abilities from the opposing marksman. They reduce minion aggro damage and supports who like to tag you with basic attacks like Annie and Janna. They even protect a bit from common junglers who revolve around AD such as Lee Sin and Jarvan IV.
4X Greater Seals of Armor
5X Greater Seals of Health
This rune combination is pretty good. The mix of armor and health is very effective early on. The extra hp adds to your great base health. It's definitely a great choice!
9X Greater Glyphs of Magic Resist These glyphs will protect you a little bit from many things through out the game. Most supports deal primarily magic damage, so these will minimize their damage somewhat. AP junglers, like Elise or Amumu will have their ganking damage reduced. Also, AP mids that gank, like Ahri or Annie, will also have their ganking damage reduced. All in all, these are a solid choice for glyphs.
2X Greater Quintessences of Attack Speed These quints will make your all ins a lot better. They synergize well with Strut and make last hitting faster. Overall, they help you fire out more basic attacks for some added DPS early on as you won't be buying attack speed too early.
1X Greater Quintessences of Attack Damage This quint will make up for some loss in AD due to taking attack speed quints as well. The little AD boost might not seem like much, and it isn't, but it does help quite a bit with some added AD to pack a punch on your basic attacks and Q early on.

Summoner Spell Explanation
Flash This is an absolute must have summoner spell on Miss Fortune. She needs it to make up a bit for her lack of gapclosers. This will pretty much be her only gapcloser, so use it wisely. It can be used to escape, blink over walls, chase, reposition, etc.
Heal Heal is the summoner spell you'll most likely be using on Miss Fortune with Flash. Obviously, it provides a nice boost in health to help you survive. The other aspect is that it gives you a burst of movement speed, which is also helpful since you'll need some speed in combat. Did I mention that it affects two people? That makes it much more powerful.
Cleanse Cleanse is a pretty powerful summoner spell when in the right hands. It can save you from a team that runs a CC factory. It's extremely situational, especially because later on if you're cc'd, for even a small amount, you'll die. Cleanse may be a smart choice against a Leona who can put you in a CC lock or an Amumu to get out of his ult. I wouldn't recommend this because you could always just buy Mercurial Scimitar to have its effect.

Starting Items
Item(s) Explanation
This is the standard starting item set for marksmen. It provides a balance of survivability, sustain, and damage. The lifesteal & HP you gain from Doran's Blade and the protection Warding Totem provides against ganks helps you survive and sustain. The AD from blade gives you some nice damage. Secret Stash upgrades your Health Potion to give an extra burst of health / mana which can be nice to get a headstart on your opponent or win a fight.

If you're behind, purchasing a Long Sword or two never hurts. It gets you started on the path to Caulfield's Warhammer which builds up into your Essence Reaver. Buying a Health Potion or some more is also a good idea if you're being bullied by poke champions. A Vision Ward is also nice if you can afford it, it can give your jungler a chance to gank and get you back into an even lane.

Item(s) Explanation
You should work towards Essence Reaver as it is your main damage item. Buy one of the AD components first ( B. F. Sword or Caulfield's Warhammer,) they benefit you more. It will be a huge damage spike as you'll gain more DPS and a lot more burst damage if you get a crit. The CDR it grants is absolutely massive and synergizes with the two attack speed items you buy right after it. Since your ultimate has such a huge impact, the CDR grants you a massive buff. Getting mana back on crits is also nice as you consume a hefty amount of mana with your Q spam and E. Berserker's Greaves are the boots to get as a marksmen. The attack and movement speed bonus from it benefit you greatly as the attack speed and movement speed synergize well with Strut.

Buy Statikk / Both
Item(s) Explanation
Generally, I like to buy Statikk Shiv. It just goes so well with Miss Fortune's early-mid game playstyle. It allows her to clear minions easily and burst opponents down with the lightning proc. She can also farm to catch up easier with it. It also gives you the maximum CDR from Essence Reaver once you finish it. Now, you have a choice. You can either buy Rapid Firecannon or not. It synergizes extremely well with Statikk Shiv and both of them will proc their own damage. It can also grant you some nice finishing kill shots with the added range. It's just overall a neat item. However, building so many attack speed may not be beneficial as your main selling point is Bullet Time. Choose wisely. These items also allow Warlord's Bloodlust to start kicking into its full potential.

What About Youmuu's?
Youmuu's Ghostblade is a nice item to have on Miss Fortune, mainly for the armor penetration and movement speed buff. I don't like the inconsistent attack speed is all. However, it can be very strong when used correctly, I just feel it's better on assassin like ADCs such as Vayne or Twitch.

In fact, in the Bullet Time Build, I prefer rushing Youmuu's Ghostblade. The flat armor penetration is highly beneficial as most of your targets won't have much armor early on. It also grants CDR and a very strong active that can help your lackluster single target focus damage.

Choose 1 or 2
Item(s) Explanation
The Bloodthirster provides great life steal and a shield to protect against some burst or poke. Its huge AD boost also goes well with your Q. The item in general is just great for keeping you alive and buffing your damage. Infinity Edge is another option. Coupled with Essence Reaver, Statikk Shiv (and possibly Rapid Firecannon,) you'll be critting nonstop. It just gives you a huge buff in damage similarly to how Rabadon's Deathcap functions for AP mages / assassins. Lord Dominik's Regards is probably your most likely candidate to build Last Whisper into. It gives you a nice bonus versus your more beefy opponents and basically allows you to deal relevant damage to everything. Phantom Dancer is a decent attack speed item alternative if you feel you need the extra survivability with its movement speed buff and damage reduction to your target. You usually don't need it alongside Statikk Shiv, so it isn't necessarily the best purchase.

Defensive Items
Item(s) Explanation
Mercurial Scimitar is an excellent defensive choice for defending against CC spells in general. It will also give you a burst of movement speed to disengage. The attack damage and lifesteal are also very beneficial. It's like the more offensive version of Banshee's Veil. You should know that it won't be able to cleanse knockups like Unstoppable Force though. Banshee's Veil is good against strong poke ( Piltover Peacemaker) or sudden engaging abilities ( Unstoppable Force). It grants more survivability than Mercurial Scimitar through health and more magic resist. It prevents you from getting caught in the first place, something GA doesn't. Also, its passive is strong against DoT like Toxic Shot. Guardian Angel is a very good item to have on Miss Fortune and many others. It allows you to have a second chance which is great later on as you'll probably be one of the most, if not the most, important people on your team. It's also good for when the enemy team blows everything on you, this will waste their important CDs and give your team a window of opportunity if it does happen. Obviously, this does not defend getting caught.

Possible Trinkets
Item(s) Explanation
Upgrading your Warding Totem into Farsight Alteration is generally the best way to go as far as trinkets go for marksmen. It lets you scout important objectives from afar so you don't have to endanger your squishy butt. Sweeping Lens & Oracle Alteration are for ward clearing, which as a marksmen, this shouldn't be your job. However, if you feel the need, you may be able to fit a Vision Ward purchase here and there to help support your team in taking vision control.

Boot Enchantments
Item(s) Explanation
The homeguard enchantment is now automatically granted at 20 minutes. It allows you to defend / leave your base with ease. Part of this is due to the fact that you regen much quicker with it, in addition to its main purpose - the movement speed buff. Enchantment: Distortion is great on Miss Fortune because of her lack of gapclosers / mobility. I prefer it because Flash is super important for your survival, and you won't be able to kite a LeBlanc or Jax hammering you to death. Enchantment: Furor is great for kiting / chasing. Enchantment: Alacrity is more of an enchantment you get if you need constant speed, which is really situational.

Item(s) Explanation
Buy this during mid / late game if you have spare gold. It's very powerful as it gives a lot of sustain and a nice AD boost, the healing factor can be very handy in long teamfights where you need to survive as long as you can endure.

Just Ward
Item(s) Explanation
No, the support isn't the only one who should be warding. You need to help ward the map. Buy a Vision Ward every now and then to help maintain vision and control over the map. Buy a Vision Ward if you would like to counter stealth champions like Akali, Twitch, Vayne, etc...

Situational Items
Item(s) Explanation
The Black Cleaver is a wonderful item all around for Miss Fortune. She benefits from literally everything the item offers. The AD and armor shred buff your damage nicely. The CDR is always super strong. The movement speed on hit passive + its health stat bonus makes it a great item for making you a little bit more durable while allowing you to dish out sufficient damage. In the Bullet Time Build, it plays a huge role by dropping opponents' armor stat to dangerously low zones that simply let you tear apart teams without problem since each wave from Bullet Time proc the armor shred. Mortal Reminder is the item to buy against annoying champions who keep getting their health back. Some champions you might buy this item against include: Dr. Mundo, Swain, Vladimir, etc. You should never have both Last Whisper items.

Early Game

Starting the game off, you may or may not be leashing for your jungler. You might even be invading! Usually, just scout the perimeter and alert your team if the enemies are coming to invade you and your jungler. Most of the time, you'll just be leashing for your jungler so he can kill his camp faster & stay healthier. Just basic attack the big monster a few times, and maybe throw in a Double Up for a kind gesture, before leaving and strutting to lane.

You'll want to gain a level 2 advantage to dominate your opponent, so attack the enemy creeps a few times to "push". Last hit them as usual and you'll get level 2 faster. This means you can just flat out destroy your opponent in a trade if your support joins in as well.

You have a strong laning phase with your burst and poke. Your main trade / harass combo is AA (auto attack / basic attack) > > AA. That will rack up some hefty burst damage. Use Double Up to poke enemies, preferably using the bounce shot. Remember, it prioritizes anything directly behind the target shot.

At level 6, you earn a significant power spike in the form of your ultimate, Bullet Time. You can easily destroy the opposing bot lane pair if your support can stop them from interrupting you. At this time, your support will influence the lane a lot. A support Soraka will probably only silence them and they can just leave your ult anyway. A support Leona, on the other hand, will probably chain CC the opposing bot lane, or CC lock them, and your Bullet Time will shred them. Learn the potential of your supports!

Try to take Dragon with the help of your jungler if you've killed at least one of the opposing bot laners. It will be highly beneficial if you can take it without protest from the enemy. Try to get your mid laner to either help or distract the enemy mid so they won't come roaming down as well.

Remember to use your Warding Totem and or buy a Stealth Ward or 2 to see incoming ganks from the enemy team and get to safety! You may also choose to use the wards aggresively to hunt down your foes. ( Ezreal won't be so safe in that bush he just shifted into for long!)

All In All...
  • Help your jungler by leashing and or scouting for them.
  • Try to get to level 2 before your opponents to dominate them.
  • Force trades if they favor you.
  • You have a huge power spike at level 6, learn its potential when paired with your support.
  • Take Dragon when efficient / best.
  • Buy / Use wards.

Suggested Reading

Mid Game

Mid game generally starts when a tower has been destroyed. You're free to roam to other lanes and get some kills or push other objectives with your team. Commonly, you'll take Dragon, an opposing lane's tower, etc.

You may be the lane that has had their own tower and or lane destroyed, in which case you can either do the above or farm and catch up to the enemy marksmen. I recommend to not give up after losing lane, even terribly. A Graves destroyed me in lane with a whopping 10 kills, 0 deaths. I said "K." I just farmed my lane and the nearby golem / krug camp (which would be the wight / gromp camp on purple side) and caught up in items. My teamfighting and positioning skills proved superior and we went on to win the game.

If you have destroyed the enemy bot lane tower, you have a few options. You can advance onto their tier 2 tower and keep heavy pressure on them, but this will draw attention to you and may get you killed. You can also start roaming to other lanes and help them take towers as well. You usually take Dragon more often as well.

As stated previously, keep vision of the map, control it. Use wards to accomplish this important task. Don't get caught out by the enemy! Use the picture I've provided to the right for common ward spots.

Green: Multipurpose ward spots common for both teams

Yellow Star: Can ward with all types of wards - common spots due to these areas containing potential game changing monsters.

Pink: Vision Ward spots

Blue: Siege ward spots

You may also get into teamfights during this phase; in fact, it's extremely rare to go through mid game without at least one teamfight. In teamfights, stay in the backline of your team, or where its most safe. Stay there until it's safe for you to start hunting down opponents (usually when you're winning the fight.) You're probably going to be most of your team's damage, so stay alive. Attack the closest threat. Yes, it's okay to attack the tank, if they're the only one in your reach, take them down so you can move onto the more important lines. If there's a tank and a carry next to each other, go for the carry, they pose more of a threat then the tank more often than not. Try to get a good Bullet Time off. This is how you dominate fights; the AoE damage is super powerful. As stated many times before, it can and will shift fortune's favor towards you and your team.

All In All...
  • Take objectives.
  • Farm up if needed.
  • Ward.
  • In teamfights, and in fights in general, attack the closest threat!
  • Use Bullet Time wisely.

Suggested Reading

Late Game

Late game usually begins when you have 4 or more items. You fall off a bit compared to other marksmen, but that's okay, you're still a major damage factor for your team. Teamfights in the late game aren't much different from teamfights in the mid game. Don't step out of position as usual and kill those (preferably high priority) in your range. Try to land a good Bullet Time on the enemy team and take them all down! If you can't, remember, your autos will deal more damage than Bullet Time at this point, you should only use it if the range is beneficial for your safety or if you're hitting at least 2 of the opposing team with it.
Obviously taking towers and inhibitors after killing your foe should be your realistic objective(s). Eventually you'll get to their Nexus, destroy it, and win! (Or they'll surrender before any of this...)

Click me to enlarge!
On the left is a flowchart for when you should/could attempt to kill Baron Nashor. That thing is what causes many game losses due to bad awareness and or overall calling of the time of when to take it. #thethrows I hate when my team decides to do Baron without Smite (or doesn't Smite it at all) and lets the enemy team steal the buff and proceed to win the game due to us being lower hp than them because of Baron, allowing the enemy team to kill us easier.

All In All...
  • Same teamfight rules from mid game apply here.
  • Try to get massive Bullet Time firings off. Know when and when not to use Bullet Time; your autos will deal more DPS against a single target, possibly two targets.
  • Use Bullet Time if it will hit at least 2 or 3 opposing champions.
  • Go for the enemies' towers and inhibitors and destroy them! (eventually their Nexus too hopefully!)
  • Know when and when not to go for Baron.

Suggested Reading

The Competition

As a marksman, you'll want to know about your main competitors down in bot lane. Learn what enemy marksmens' / supports' abilities do, their auto attack range, their combo damage potential. Can they ruin your day with CC? Are they generally tanky? Are they generally squishy? Do they have good disengage? Do they have gapclosers? Can they burst you down in mere seconds? These are the kinds of things you'll want to know.
Not knowing what Caitlyn can do with her passive, Headshot, for example. It can easily flat out kill you early on if you're low. Not knowing not only that Janna can use Eye Of The Storm to shield an ally, but that it also grants AD! It's important to know these things. Become familiar with the competition and be ready for some nasty combos like Miss Fortune and Leona.

Kill the Scuttle Crab!

You know, that cute lil' guy who roams between the dragon and baron areas? Yeah, kill it. The vision it grants is very nice and could save your wards for more spots. The speed shrine is wonderful, some possible uses include fleeing or having a fellow teammate come down to gank even faster! Something that's really great? The sight can't be killed off by enemies! Unlike regular wards, the vision stays until the duration runs out.

Last Hitting / CSing

  • Last hitting / CSing is the act of scoring the killing blow, thus the last hit, on a minion / creep. CS stands for creep score (scoring) by the way!
  • It's very important as a marksman to know how to last hit properly, you need to get all the gold you can to complete your build.
  • Learn how to last hit under tower!
    Usually after...
    1 tower shot you can kill a caster minion.
    2 tower shots you can kill a melee minion.
    Use your best judgement to determine when to hit a siege minion for the last hit.
  • Very early on, you might need an extra auto before the tower shot(s), then another auto to finish the caster/melee minions.

Kiting / Orb Walking

A common thing for marksmen to do, is to kite. Kiting is the act of cancelling your auto attack's animation once the projectile fires to minimize the down time of your movement. It's very important to know how to kite; it's sustains your damage while keeping you alive and safe.

Preferably, you want to kite opponents by using your maximum attack range (in this case, 550). This means you keep your opponent as far away as you can while still being able to fire basic attacks at them.

This can be expanded upon by learning how to 'A' Click or Shift Click. 'A' clicking, or shift clicking, is pressing the A button and clicking the ground, or holding shift while clicking the ground. This will move your champion to that location and, if anything is in range, will attack the closest target. This is useful for a variety of things.
  • Enemies won't be able to run back and forth through bushes to cancel your attacks, with A/Shift clicking, the moment they leave bush and you have vision, your champion will fire a basic attack at them.
  • Once you learn it, it's extremely good for kiting, later on anyway. In the laning phase if you try to kite like this it may make you attack a minion instead of the enemy champion. Basically, run from the opponent but use an A/Shift Click after every movement to automatically fire at your pursuer, cancel its downtime animation (animation after projectile fires), and repeat. (Move > A Click > Move > A Click > blahblah)
  • The same applies if you're chasing an opponent.

It's not the end of the world if you can't do it, it's fine if you're good at kiting just through use of right clicking really fast! I do it all the time myself to be quite honest.


Splitpushing is a tactic that basically revolves around taking towers down (simultaneously) without your team, only with the use of minions. It may be smart to take someone with you, preferably one that can peel for you. Some times to do this are...
  • You're fed and you can reliably duel most of the enemy teams' members.
  • You can see 4 of the enemy teams' members and the remaining member is one you can easily take down by yourself.
  • The entire enemy team is in your sight and your team won't require your help any time soon, for example, in a teamfight.
  • The enemies is taking Dragon or Baron and you cannot contest it.
  • RISKY: The enemies are taking your towers, but your team has good siege defense.
  • Please don't let the enemy team crush your entire base, pay attention. You can't outpush 5 or 4 enemies at once. If your team needs your help, HELP THEM.
To perform this tactic rather safely...
  • Have vision of the enemy team! Ward the nearby jungle of the tower you aim to destroy.
  • As Miss Fortune, Strut makes it easy to run away from danger if you spotu it coming.
  • Recall if you're suspicious. EX: Suddenly, 2 foes disappear from mid lane. They might be coming down bot to stop your splitpush by killing you / scaring you off. RECALL. Better safe than sorry.
This tactic is very useful because...
  • The gold you gain from killing towers is highly beneficial as it rewards your whole team. This could lead to catching up in gold overall, beating the opponent gold-wise, etc.
  • It puts pressure on the enemy team, they can't ignore you most of the time or else you'll take their whole base.
  • If you're not one of the more useful people on your team, the enemy team might have to send a stronger person from their side to deal with you. This gives your team an advantage as one of the enemy team's advantages are now gone to deal with you, a minor asset to your team.
  • Many enemies will panic and send way too many people back at once to deal with you, in reality you can just run and recall and have wasted their time. Additionally, your team can swoop in on this opportunity by constantly stopping your opponents' recalls or by killing them. This will lead to taking objectives. If your team can "stop the ports" (prevent the opposing team from recalling and stopping you,) then you're free to go berserk on the enemy towers.
  • TL;DR - It forces enemies into making a decision, sometimes, a bad decision that will cost them dearly.

Teamfight Positioning

As a markswoman, positioning is an extremely important aspect of gameplay. It's critical to be in a good position during a teamfight for several reasons. If you're too close to the enemy team's major damage sources (mid lane, adc, assassin, etc.) you're probably in risk of dying easily. This is especially dangerous for Miss Fortune due to her lack of innate escape tools.

Blue = Ally
Red = Enemy
Yellow = Miss Fortune / You
NOTE: Champion icons are a little out of proportion, you shouldn't be that far from a fight generally speaking. The distances are a general guideline for reference.

Take a look at the diagram above to discuss this further...
  • Both teams' backlines are safe and secure with the markswomen and supports next to each other. The support will be able to peel for said markswomen and also help their other allies.
  • Both teams' mid laners ( Annie & LeBlanc) are somewhere between their backline and frontline, ready to unleash heavy damage when given a good opportunity.
  • Both teams' frontlines consist of tanks / fighters which will attempt to cause havoc in the opposing team.

Now, let's get down to the battle and some dos and don'ts.
  • Do: Attack the closest prioritized threat. For example, Gnar (mega form) and Jarvan IV can be close to you. You'll want to attack the one who has less defense against you and or the one who poses the greatest threat which in this case is Gnar who generally builds more damage than Jarvan IV.
  • Don't: Run through the enemy team in attempt to attack Caitlyn / Janna. Fisrt of all, that's stupid. Why would you run past a LeBlanc and two durable foes that can easily disable you and have their damage tear you to pieces? Second, even if you did get to them, Janna would easily just peel for Caitlyn and Caitlyn could damage you severely before you got to her due to her long range.
  • Do: Follow up on a good initiate / opportunity. For example, Annie uses a Pyromania charged Summon: Tibbers on LeBlanc, Gnar, and Jarvan IV, stunning and damaging them all. This is an amazing time to use Bullet Time to shred their hp / stack Impure Shots. Also, Sona could potentially do the same with Crescendo. Make sure not to leave yourself vulnerable to a potential counter attack by Jarvan IV / Gnar with their CC (not counting LeBlanc because hopefully Annie was smart enough to instakill her with her combo while LeBlanc was stunned.)
  • Don't: Get close to LeBlanc, that sneaky prick is trying to get around to your team's squishies in order to blow them up with her assassination combo. Wait for someone to CC her before even thinking of attacking her, or simply stay away and attack other targets.

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