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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hodgeybeatz

Rumble - The Mechanized Monstrosity!

Hodgeybeatz Last updated on November 19, 2012
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Standard Build


Haunting Guise

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Ability Sequence

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Hello everybody! Welcome to my second guide here on MOBAFIRE. This guide features Rumble, Da Mechanized Menace! I'll attempt to make this guide as in-depth as possible while still maintaining its reading value.Some backstory about me. (the boring stuff) I've been playing LoL for 8 months, and recently bought Rumble around 2 months ago. The reason why Rumble intrigued me is because you barely ever see him played and his kit looked very interesting. Right after buying him, I began experimenting with builds and what works best. After playing 60+ games, I loved him and he is currently my main as of right now!
So without further ado, I present you Rumble, the Mechanized Monstrosity!

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Standard Build vs. Haunting Guise

As you can see, I put two different build options. The first build, my standard build, is the build I use 80% of the time. The other build, Haunting Guise, is what I'll purchase if I'm snowballing and dominating my lane EARLY GAME.
When to purchase a Haunting Guise and the benefits/cons of it

  • When to buy: You have a easy lane and you're farming without any issues. Pretty much if you're snowballing.
  • Benefits: Your early game is absolutely ridiculous. You get more tanky and gain AP along with the bonus of having +20 magic Pen. Don't be afraid of trading blows with someone, because you'll win most of the time.
  • Cons: You must sell your Haunting Guise late game because it's pretty much useless. It falls off HARD late game.

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The Pro's!

  • You have great damage output ALL game.
  • You can't be beat early game, unless you face a Darius...boy do I hate Darius.
  • You don't use mana so you can stay in lane a lot longer.
  • Electro-Harpoon is a ridiculous slow when combined with Rylais Crystal Scepter.
  • You can escape/catch up to just about anyone thanks to Scrap Shield.
  • Your Ultimate, The Equalizer, is a candidate to be one of the best Ulti's in the game...look at the ability section to find out more.
  • You're able to fight/trade with scary bruisers and come out on top. For example: Olaf, Garen, Nasus, Etc.
  • When you're overheated, your basic attacks are mini-nukes that can deal Ton's of Damageā„¢ early game.
  • Flamespitter will literally incinerate your opponent if they stand in it the full duration. Not to mention it's an AOE spell that can burn multiple enemies at once.
  • When timed right, Scrap Shield allows you to dodge/absorb skill shots fairly easily.
  • This may not help you in-game, but IMO Rumble has an awesome character model.

The Crucial Con's
  • You can easily be focused down. You may be fairly durable, but're not a tank!
  • No hard CC. Electro-Harpoon is only a single target slow.
  • If you miss your Ulti, chances are you'll most likely lose the fight.
  • If you get zoned out in lane by a tough opponent like Jax, you won't be much of a threat late game. YOU MUST GET FARMED.
  • If you manage to overheat at the wrong time, chances are you'll die because of it.
  • Since you are melee, farming can be hard without pushing the lane. The only way to farm if you are being zoned out is to use Flamespitter which pushes a lane hard. Pushed lane=getting ganked and getting ganked=you dying and you dying=one sad Yordle :(

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As Rumble, I prefer a more tanky mastery page than offensive. That is why I use 9/21/0. Read below for a quick explanation over all the masteries.

Offensive Tree
Summoner's Wrath : You get 5 AD and AP when Ignite is on cooldown. This is actually a pretty good mastery for Rumble because the AP obviously helps your damage and the AD helps you last hit better.
Brute Force : Helps you last hit early on and when you overheat, Junkyard Titan will hit a little more harder.
Sorcery: Gives you CDR which is awesome for Rumble. It allows you to use all of your abilities more often, which is especially helpful in a fight.
Arcane Knowledge : Provides a good amount of magic penetration which benefits you ALL game. You hit really hard early game because of the magic pen.

Defensive Tree
Resistance : Provides some magic resist. Not a whole lot, but enough to allow you to trade with AP's easier.
Hardiness : 80% of the time, you'll be facing an AD champion top lane so having the extra armor helps a lot.
Durability : As the name states, you get more durable. Durability through health that is!
Vigor : Rumble has no sustain until he purchases a Hextech Revolver so having some HP regen is great in the lane phase.
Indomitable : Not the greatest mastery out there, but is defiantly helps. Reduced damage=more tanky.
Veteran's Scar: More health...yay! But for real, all the health you can get helps you!
Initiator : Makes moving around the map and getting back into lane a breeze! Combined with Scrap Shield, you move very quick.
Enlightenment : As stated before, CDR is a great asset to have on Rumble. CDR allows you to spam your abilities more often.
Juggernaut : The best mastery in the defensive tree. It increases your health a fair amount and reduces the duration of disables. Helps in lane phase and team fighting phase.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: The magic penetration this rune gives you is pretty awesome. It allows you to hit pretty damn hard throughout the game. I recommend taking this no matter what.

Greater Seal of Armor: A great rune for just about any champion. It makes you a little more durable by giving you some armor and since most of the time you'll be facing an AD champion top lane, it helps immensely.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: Pretty much the same thing as Greater Seal of Armor. It gives you a decent amount of MR which makes you more durable.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power: This quint gives you a decent amount of AP which makes you hit harder.

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Summoner Spells

The Best Summoners Spells to chose
: Good ole' Ignite. Pretty much everyone other than supports will use Ignite nowadays and for good reason. It can pick off low HP targets and synergizes with your Flamespitter and The Equalizer. Not to mention it shuts down a Dr. Mundo or anyone with lifesteal. A must take in my opinion.

: What can I say, Flash is amazing on any champion. It can be used offensively and defensively. You can Flash in to secure a kill or you can escape ganks 90% of the time if you Flash. Another must take on Rumble.

Other Viable Picks
: Exhaust is another great summoner spell for just about any champion. It shuts down an AD champion like no other and exhausting will ensure they don't run away. You can also Exhaust someone in your Ulti to maximize damage output.

: Not a bad summoner to take. It allows you to get back into lane quicker to farm and gain EXP. It can also be used to tele to a ward and get off an easy gank. Or you can use it defensively by teleporting to another turret that is in trouble. Although I hardly take this spell on Rumble because you have exceptional mobility through Scrap Shield.

Not the Best to Chose
: I don't recommend Heal at all. It doesn't work very well with your kit and and can only be used defensively. Another reason is isn't viable on Rumble is because there are MUCH better options to take. (Ignite, Flash, Exhaust)

: One of my favorite summoner spells, but not on Rumble. It can be used to escape or catch up to someone, but that is just about it. It's like a weaker Flash in my opinion and Rumble already has great mobility, so Ghost is pretty much un-needed.

I consider every other summoner spell not viable on Rumble, that's why I didn't waste my time and yours by writing all them down.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Start off by putting one point into Electro-Harpoon first because you are able to last hit creeps without going into melee range and you can poke the enemy fairly well. Then I'll start to max out Flamespitter because it is your main damage dealer/farm tool. Level up Scrap Shield last because it is no where near as useful as Flamespitter or Electro-Harpoon. Scrap Shield is mainly used for the movement speed buff early game. Of course always level up The Equalizer at level 6, 11, and 16.

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Ability Explanation

:Junkyard Titan (passive): Rumble's passive ability. A double-edged sword in my opinion. You can easily screw yourself out of a kill OR die because you end up silencing yourself. Its happened to me before and it was really depressing. BUT....when used correctly, you basic attacks are mini-nukes that will pretty much destroy your opponent early game when used with Flamespitter. What I like to tell beginner Rumble players is to ignore this passive all together. So many people are scared of overheating that they don't do well in their lane and don't have fun.

Flamespitter (Q): Rumble's main damage dealer, harass ability, and farming ability. Flamespitter is a high-damage DoT that will make melee champions think twice about dueling you. Read below for tips and tricks.

Tips and Tricks
  • Make sure not to constantly spam this ability on minions. You'll just end up pushing the wave out allowing you to get ganked more easily.
  • You can completely zone out an enemy from last-hitting by using Flamespitter. An amazing zoning tool.
  • Spell Vamp DOES work with Flamespitter so you have a little more sustain and 1v1 capability's once you purchase a Hextech.
  • Once you get a Rylai's Crystal Scepter, you can slow your enemy heavily allowing you to get flamespitter off for the full duration.
  • Use Scrap Shield and activate Flamespitter for early game harass and zoning.

Scrap Shield (W): An awesome spell that can be used in multiple scenarios. Most of the time you just want to use the shield for the movement speed buff but don't think the shield it gives you is totally worthless! Read below for tips and tricks.

Tips and Tricks
  • An obvious tip, use it to escape. Scrap Shield is an excellent escaping tool whether you are being ganked, or running away from your lane opponent.
  • A brutal way to harass your opponent early game is to Scrap Shield and activate Flamespitter.
  • Make sure to lead in with Scrap Shield of you plan to kill someone. It makes it a whole lot easier when your moving faster.
  • Constantly activate Scrap Shield when getting back into lane to get there quicker.

Electro-Harpoon (E): When you hit someone, it instantly damages them and applies a slow. Then you can fire another harpoon that costs no heat, damages them again, and applies another slow that stacks with the first. You'll mainly be using the spell as a poke or slow to escape/catch up to someone. Read below for tips and tricks.

Tips and Tricks
  • It is pretty hilarious to harpoon someone when you have Rylai's Crystal Scepter. It applies such a huge slow. Harpoon synergizes very well with Rylai's.
  • You can harass your enemy without putting yourself in danger at all by shooting both harpoons at long range.
  • Harpoon someone while your Flamespitter is up to keep them in it.
  • You can kite people around pretty easily if they are chasing you by shooting them with the harpoons.

The Equalizer (R): One of the best ultimate's in the game in my opinion. It can be used in so many different ways which makes it so versatile. Pretty much if anyone stands in The Equalizer the full duration, they will be chunked down to half health, easily. Tips and Tricks below.
  • If the enemy team is caught in a tight place, drop the bombs on them! Tight places are the best place to Ult.
  • When going for a kill in your lane, don't immediately Ult. I like to use it mid fight or when they try to escape.
  • You can pick off low HP enemy's from an INSANELY long range.
  • Don't be afraid to initiate fights. You can drop the bombs and deal pretty heavy damage to an entire team without you getting hurt at all. Just make sure to hit as many enemy's as possible.
  • If you get ganked and can't escape, place the ult directly behind you to slow the enemy very heavily.

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Basic Harass:-->

Your basic harass combo in lane. Activate Scrap Shield and turn on Flamespitter. Very easy to pull off and you can zone your enemy out pretty damn hard.

Risky Way off Harassing:-->-->

A risky way of putting out a lot of damage. This combo will chunk your enemy pretty hard early game. The combo is this, Scrap Shield towards them to soak up any damage they put out, activate Flamespitter, than immediately Electro-Harpoon to keep them in your Flamespitter.

GOING IN FOR THE KILL!:-->-->-->-->

This is your kill sequence in lane....and it's awesome. People won't usually expect to get destroyed so hard to a Rumble. Pretty much the same combo as before but you add and extra Flamespitter into the mix and of course The Equalizer. Make sure to save The Equalizer until the very end OR use it in the middle of a fight if you suspect you are going to lose.


Only use this combo in teamfights. You don't always have to initiate the fight with your ulti, instead wait for you tank to go in and then place it. Make sure to hit as many enemies as possible though! Wait to Drop Da Bombs! Pretty much just go for the squishy target and annihilate them.


Escaping an average gank:-->-->

The most basic escaping combo. Activate Scrap Shield and Electro-Harpoon the biggest threat to you. Than you can activate Scrap Shield again if you need to. (I suggest you do)

Escaping a Brutal Gank:-->-->-->

So lets say an extremely fed Jax or Nocturne ganks your lane, the basic escape combo isn't gonna cut it! You need more slowing power to escape this brutal of a gank! Do the same thing as the basic escape combo, but use use your Ulti. Make sure to position it to maximize slow potential.

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Starting Items

or or

Boots of Speed: I usually always start boots because it allows you to harass, escape, and chase easier. But in some circumstances, you should not start boots. Keep reading to find out.

Cloth Armor: You should only start cloth armor against early game beasts like Jax, Darius, or Riven. (Those are just some champions, look into the match up section to see if you should start Cloth armor) The armor it gives you early game lessens the damage you take and the 5x Hp potions help you stay in lane longer.

Doran's Shield: I rarely start Doran's Shield, I will wait until my first back to buy one. But you may just want to buy one at first and get it out of the way. You should get Doran's Shield for just about the same reason as Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potion. I think Doran's Shield is a little better than Cloth armor because you get HP, HP regen, and armor. But like I said, I recommend getting a Doran's Shield on your first back.

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Item Build

SPACE Probably the best boots in the game as of right now. They give you much needed magic resist AND tenacity. Tenacity is amazing on Rumble because getting CC'ed is really annoying when trying to aim your Ulti or attempting to chase with Flamespitter. I suggest getting these boots every game UNLESS you are facing a strong AD top lane. SPACE

SPACE Will of the Ancients is a fantastic item on Rumble. It no only helps you, but it also benefits your team! You gain a hefty amount of AP along with an aura that gives you +30 AP and +20% Spell Vamp. Once you buy a Will of the Ancients, or WoTa for short, you can 1v1 just about anyone. The spell vamp will sustain you through most fights and you are able to stay in lane a lot longer by just using Flamespitter on minions. A must buy on Rumble! SPACE

SPACE Rylai's Crystal Scepter is defiantly a core item for Rumble. The passive from Rylai's synergizes soooo well with your kit. You also get more tanky and you get stronger from the stats Rylai's gives you. Another must buy in my opinion. SPACE

SPACE Abyssal Mask is a fantastic item for Rumble. It gives you magic resist, ability power, and a great aura that helps you and your team. The aura range did get nerfed in the last patch, but it's still a great item. And since Rumble is melee, you shouldn't have a problem lowering people's magic resist with the aura even after the nerf. SPACE

SPACE Zhonya's Hourglass gives you a huge amount of armor and AP. What else is there to say? Oh yeah, it has an awesome passive that will take the focus off of you. Another tip, you can activate Zhonya's while your Flamespitter is active and Flamespitter will still be active through out the stasis!! Another one of those items that makes Rumble more tanky and stronger. SPACE

SPACE Rabadon's Deathcap increases your AP by a huge amount. Rabadon's is a must on just about any AP carry and it is fantastic on Rumble. You should have a Rabadon's mid-game if your doing very well in farms and kills, or the beginning of late game. Once you get a Rabadon's Deathcap you can annihilate and entire team or a single target. Another must-get item on Rumble if you are looking to put out hardcore damage. SPACE


Remember, the order of this build varies. For example, if the enemy team has a lot of AD, it may be wise to purchase a Zhonya's Hourglass before Abyssal Mask. You want to build to counter your lane and the enemy team. You mainly want to decide if you should build a Abyssal Mask first or Zhonya's Hourglass. Another thing is your boots. Getting Ninja Tabi against an AD top lane is the best thing to buy because it allows you to take shots and harass from them easier. It just depends on the team Comp. your facing.

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Situational Items

So as most of you probably know, my build or anyone's build for that matter is not set in stone. Just because I put that as the build doesn't mean you should buy those items in that specific order 100% of the time. Read the item list below for further information :D


You should buy Ninja Tabi if you are facing an AD top lane. Some example are Tryndamere, Riven, Jax, Jayce, Darius, Gangplank, Talon, Fiora, etc. Those are just a few to name. You want to build to counter your lane and Ninja Tabi is great if facing an AD champion.

Sorcerer's Shoes aren't the best item for Rumble. All they give you is offensive stats which makes you a squishy, BUT they also increase your damage. I personally don't like them though because Merc's Treads are far superior. Just stick with Ninja Tabi and Mercury's Treads.

Offensive Items!

Void Staff: If the enemy team is starting to stack magic resist, you may want to consider buying a Void Staff. It's never a bad purchase because chances are, late game, the enemy will have a decent amount of MR.

Mejai's Soulstealer; for when your fed out the ***. I'm not a fan of Mejai's because and a high risk high reward type of item. If you lose your stacks, it just takes up space and you waste 1,300 gold on buying it. I don't recommend buying one, but if you are completely pubstomping the enemy (Your 10-0 by the 20 minute mark) buy one.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking....only two items? Yes. Trying to find an AP item that doesn't give you mana-regen or just mana is hard. If you have any other suggestions, please tell me in the comments!!

Defensive Items!

Doran's Shield: Ahh, good ole' Doran's Shield. This will make laning against those pesky AD's a piece of cake. Doran's gives you some sustain, armor, and HP which is great if you're facing an AD champion who is very strong with harass. You may want to consider buying a Doran's against any of the following:
Xin Zhao

Sunfire Cape: I've seen a lot of Rumble's purchase a Sunfire cape and I can see why. You get pretty darn tanky and its passive is god-like when combined with Flamespitter. The only problem with a Sunfire Cape is you have to be right up in the enemy teams face and when you that close, you'll probably die! Otherwise, pick one up of you wish to be more tanky.

Guardian Angel; for when you're being focused. If you are being focused in teamfights, pick up a Guardian Angel! Double the lives, double the damage. Guardian Angel is my go-to item in ranked games because most of the time you'll be getting focused.

Force of Nature is a great item if the enemy team is stacking AP champions. I don't usually buy one though, just because it is a rare sight to see 3+ AP's on a team.

Thornmail; for when there is 3+ AD's that are focusing you. I have never bought a Thornmail, nor do I think I ever will, but there may be a rare case when there is 3+ AD's that are focusing you.

Warmog's Armor; when your looking to troll in some normal que games. You're one annoying Yordle if you purchase a Warmog's. You can be right in the enemy's face shooting out flames, and they simply can't kill you.

Like I said, picking items for Rumble that work is extremely hard! Please leave a comment about what items you think are viable or make sense.

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Lane Phase/Teamfights

Early Game

When played right, Rumble has an awesome early game. He can harass without much threat and farm no problem. Here is a list I made on what you should prioritize early game:
    1. Farm
    2. Harass
    3. Not dying
A pretty straight forward list that if followed, will put you ahead. Farm is you highest priority because without farm you won't have enough gold to purchase anything. 2. Harass. If you pressure the enemy, they won't get any farm and will be forced to lose XP. 3. Not dying. Sounds easy right? Wrong. Rumble isn't a tank so don't expect to live through any fight, you can easily get yourself killed early game if you take un-needed damage and get ganked.


Mid-game, Rumble's strongest time of the game. He has the ability to harass, farm, and kill very easily. (if played right) Once mid game comes around, I'll start to harass way more often. I try to peel down the enemy to were I can either kill him, or force him to go back and lose EXP. Just remember, FARM...all the farm you can get will benefit you!! You're able to gank other lanes too. I'll usually push to the enemy tower and gank mid-lane for an easy kill or assist. Oh yeah...I almost forgot....WARD YOUR LANE!

Late-Game (team-fighting phase)

So assuming you got a hefty amount of farm and snagged in a few kills, you should be set for late game. Make sure to always stay with your team, because late game usually marks the time for team fights. You want to be in every team-fight no..matter...WHAT! When you're in a teamfight, chances are you'll win. You bring huge damage and huge slows which is enough to take out 1-2 people alone. Remember to focus the biggest threat on the enemy team, because you can drop them in a few seconds.

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Rumble's favorite Allies

This section will show who Rumble synergizes best with. The first being...

Amumu is the best champion to have on your side. He has ridiculous initiations and he can trap enemy's in your Ult! Curse of the Sad Mummy+ The Equalizer=won teamfight.

Just about the same reason as Amumu, his ult goes great with yours. If Jarvan IV does a well placed Cataclysm, drop your ult and the enemy's will be trapped inside Jarvan IV's. It's pretty hilarious to see.

Slicing Maelstorm+ The Equalizer=TONS OF DAMAGE. Possibly the most devastating AOE combo there is. If Kennen engages with his ult, be ready to drop yours to insta-kill 2+ targets.

I've recently found Nunu to work amazingly with Rumble. You both have ridiculous slowing abilities and his ult (if landed) is a game changer. If Nunu uses Absolute Zero, try to drop your ult right in the center to slow enemy champions even more...then...BOOM!!! I guarantee there will be 2+ champions dead and the other 3 at 1/4 HP.

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A very hard lane! Difficulty: 9/10
Darius is one of Rumble's biggest counters. He is able to go toe to toe with you and end up completely destroying you. If you get pulled in by him, chances are you'll get chunked to half HP. Your best bet is to call for a ton of ganks and farm VERY...VERY passively.

The Pirate
Moderate lane. Shouldn't have problems. Difficulty: 6/10
Gangplank: Always start Cloth armor and 5 HP pots against this pesky pirate. He has a ton of harass with his Parrrley ability so starting Cloth armor will halt that damage. You have to be careful mid game though, because he can duel you fairly well. You still beat him in a 1v1 fight, so don't back down if you go for the kill. Oh, and make sure to Scrap Shield out of his Cannon Barrage if you fight him.

Easy to Medium Lane. Difficulty: 5/10
Garen can be an intimidating lane. Start cloth armor against him and avoid his silence. Believe it or not, you can duel him once you're level 6. Wait until his Spin-to-Win is on cooldown and engage on him. Another tip, harass him constantly then go in for the kill.(dont get counter harassed though!)

Easy to moderate lane. Difficulty: 5.5/10
Olaf...he scares most top laners...BUT NOT RUMBLE! Try to avoid his Undertow and true damage combo and you'll win your lane. Buy a Ninja Tabi against him and a Doran's Shield if you want. Tip: Try to bait a fight, and ult him immediately and go all out on him. If you Ulti him right at the beginning, he may be forced to Ragnarok away.

Mister Malphite
Very easy lane. Difficulty: 2/10
You counter Malphite...very hard too. Abuse him early on with your poke from harpoons and once you hit level 4, you can zone him out insanely hard. Q-W combo him if he goes to last hit a creep. Just avoid getting baited by him because his jungler may come out and kill you.

Nasus: The dog man
Easy Lane. Difficulty: 4/10
Nasus...not much else to say other than he farms all game except for late game. Zone him out in lane and deny him farm. You outclass Nasus so zoning him out and harassing shouldn't be a problem. If you deny him farm, he won't do much late game. He is sorta hard to kill though because his Ulti gives him health and he can Wither you if you chase...which is a ridiculous slow.

Medium-hard Lane. Difficulty 7/10.
Pantheon is an early game monster. (Thats about it) He has a lot of harass thanks to his Spear Shot and he has a decent burst. Buy cloth armor first and get Ninja Tabi. Although, you may want to get Mercury's Treads to negate his stun. Pantheon's are often cocky, so if he jumps on you try to burst him down.

Mister Ghoul's.
Hard lane, a counter-pick to Rumble. Difficulty: 8/10
If you see that Yorick has been picked, for god-sake don't pick Rumble! He out sustains you, damages you, and is more tanky than you. Call for ganks to get ahead early and snowball off him. If he sends out a ghoul, you can run into a bush and the ghoul will stop attacking you. Try to harass when his lifesteal ghoul is down and make sure not to over commit to a'll probably lose it.

Riven is broken.
Counter pick to Rumble..HARD LANE. Difficulty: 9/10
I hate Riven...badly. I almost hate Riven as much as I hate Darius...but anyways Riven outclasses you so play very careful. Don't play over confident early game because if she kills you, just give up because she snowballs like NO OTHER. Pick up cloth armor first and build a Ninja Tabi. Then get a Doran's Shield you next back. You have decent base stats so building defensive early game doesn't punish you at all.

The French Mistress.
Moderate. Difficulty: 6.5/10
Start cloth armor against this annoying French girl. Then purchase Ninja Tabi and Doran's Shield. She isn't all to hard to beat, but she does deal a lot of damage. If she dashes too you, punish her. Either drop your ult if you believe you can kill her or activate Flamespitter and counter attack her.

The Grandmaster
Medium-Hard lane. Difficulty: 7/10
An even match-up imo. If you see him start to charge up Counter Strike, try to harpoon him than Scrap Shield away from him. Try to poke him early game without getting too close. Just make sure to keep your distance unless you're absolute sure you can kill him. I like to start boots against him to avoid his Leap Strike stun combo, but make sure to buy a Doran's Shield on your first back.

The Dunk Master.
Easy to medium lane. Difficulty: 6/10
Jarvan IV will destroy you pre-6. He has a big burst of damage that will chunk you pretty hard. But you should be able to easily outclass him once you're level 6 and above. Make sure to keep your distance until you're level 6 though. If he is dumb enough to do his E-Q combo you, start fighting him. And if he is dumb enough to Cataclysm you, drop your ulti on his face. He is basically trapping himself in your DoT from The Equalizer.

Easy Lane. Difficulty: 4/10
I've faced multiple Rengar's and they are so cocky against you. Literally all they'll do is jump out of a bush and try to combo you. Take advantage of them when they jump out of the bush and light em' up. Literally. You beat him Pre-level 6 and post-level 6. He can be annoying though with his sustain. But if you kill him once, GG for him. You snowball off him so hard. You even might want to buy a Vision Ward if he try's to ult away.

Diana, AKA spammer of the Q.
Medium-Hard lane. Difficulty: 7.5/10
Super annoying lane. She'll zone you out pretty hard early game because all she does is spam her Q ability, Crescent Strike. It is dodge able, but it's hard to dodge. Stay your distance early game, but once mid game comes around you can harass more often. If you're inflicted with moonlight, her passive, avoid her at all costs. But most of all....DON'T.TOWER.DIVE.HER. She has an insane shield that will soak up all your damage.

More match-ups to be added soon!!

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Videos of the Menace

In this section you'll find a collection of videos featuring Rumble. Enjoy!

Every ones favorite...the Champion Spotlight! It may be outdated, but there is still some great info!

Another great informative video featuring an awesome guy named Ciderhelm!

This video has actual game-play in high-elo. It's also commentated by a super nice guy: Pawnce!

Another high Elo video. Roughly 2200 ELO. Oh, did I mention it's Dyrus, a pro gamer, playing him? (Warning: Contains Swearing!)

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Closing Statements

Thank you for reading my Rumble guide! I encourage you to comment on what I could have done better, or any suggestion you can think of. Also, if you down-vote my guide, PLEASE comment why so I can fix the problem ASAP.

Once again, thank you for reading my guide, I hope it helped you!

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Change Log

10/2/12: Changed mastery page and how the mastery page section looked.
10/2/12: Added champions who go good with Rumble.