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Annie Build Guide by xblademojo

Middle [S14] Rank 1 Annie Complete Guide | By Coach xblademojo

Middle [S14] Rank 1 Annie Complete Guide | By Coach xblademojo

Updated on March 2, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author xblademojo Build Guide By xblademojo 147 8 337,512 Views 2 Comments
147 8 337,512 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author xblademojo Annie Build Guide By xblademojo Updated on March 2, 2024
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xblademojo's Featured Video

Runes: Most Builds S14

1 2 3 4 5 6
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10-180 Bonus Health
+10-180 Bonus Health


1 2 3 4
Survival & Hard Lanes
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None


Hi! I started my adventure in season 3 and pushed my way towards the goals in the game.

Started as top lane main and transitioned to Mid and Jungle to carry my games easier.
Currently, I enjoy playing mid and support the most.

I played a lot of Kassadin and was Rank 1 with him, and
Rank 1 Annie World.

I have peaked at Challenger EUNE and after that, I focused on growing my coaching services, because I find myself passionate about helping others and being their Mentor.

Currently, I’m playing on EUW in my free-time aiming to get Challenger and help people achieve their goals in the game ❤️
I also create free content to help others with the game on my youtube and Twitch. Feel free to join my discord to become part of my community, a friendly corner for all of us!

Annie is a great champion for everyone, for the beginners and advanced players. Her ability kit is quite simple and makes her a good champion to start your Mid-Lane journey with. She has amazing burst potential and her Pyromania allows you to stun even up to 5 people with your Summon: Tibbers. No matter how far behind you are as Annie she would always be a valuable champion for the team. I can promise you that if you play her consistently you will have a lot of potential to keep on improving.

Please remember that a guide can only help you understand Annie and give you a nudge towards achieving your goals but the final decisions you make, your playstyle and what you like the most from runes and items is up to you! To become the best you have to try everything in here, test it and then try to see what feels best for you. That’s how you can become a complete Annie player with good game sense. Good Luck!
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â—Ź Students Results: Here
â—Ź Educational Videos: Here
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The guide is during the Update, you can expect new Item Sections and The Video Incoming. For now, I updated the Items on the top of the guide.

Feel free to Follow Youtube and Twitch to Ask me Questions and stay up to date <3

If you wanna stay up to date please follow my and Youtube - I stream Daily, and I'm also about to release soon HUGE S14 Guide.


+Simple Mechanically
+Always Useful for The Team
+Amazing Burst
+Huge Impact around the Map
+Can change the Game on our Note
+Flexible Itemization

Annie is one of those champions that are almost always useful, doesn't matter if they are ahead or behind. It's all due to her burst and crowd control she offers for the team. Summon: Tibbers is making her capable of stunning up to 5 people with her Pyromania ready. Our lovely champion doesn't need a lot of items to deal damage, she is burst-dependent so works great against squishy champions. Our teammates tend to fight a lot in the early game, and she fits great into that play style. With Annie you want to look for group fights and river skirmishes. Sometimes the game might seem helpless, but you notice the enemy team starting a random Baron Nashor call that might be your chance as Annie to turn the odds in your favour when you are playing a losing game. You do that by connecting your Flash with a Pyromania stun and burst combo. You should never underestimate her potential.

-Extremely dependent on Flash
-No Escape Ability
-Can't Facecheck
-Poor wave clear
-Burst Dependent
-Can be outranged by some champions

Annie is one of those champions that are extremely dependent on Flash. Her abilities don’t have a lot of range so it's all about making a Flash play in the team fight or playing around enemy mistakes in positioning and picks. She doesn't have any escape tool, so once she makes a mistake in terms of her positioning or face-checking without vision the game could possibly be over for her since there is no way out of that situation. Molten Shield is the only ability that helps her to dodge some skill shots due to the movement speed it gives. Champions like Malzahar, Xerath and Vel'Koz are doing quite well against her due to their wave clear potential which is one of the things Annie is lacking

Flash and Ignite

Flash is in general one of the best summoner spells in the game. It helps us to avoid death in many ways. For example, while getting a gank from the enemy jungler, during team-fights and while you are fighting the enemy laner. We can dodge spells with it and outplay our opponents if we time it well. Annie needs it a lot since she isn't that mobile champion which makes her quite vulnerable during the game.

Our Pyromania is a game-changing ability that can stun people connected with her abilities, moreover when we have Flash we can most of the time get a free kill with our jungler or during a fight by making a pick on an opponent thanks to it. Because how would you counter Annie flashing on you and doing this five-man Ultimate Stun with Summon: Tibbers- you just cannot!
That’s what makes her the strongest, and that’s why you gotta value your Flash like never before.

Ignite gives us more of a snowball possibility and allows us to impact the early game stronger due to kill potential we gain from taking it. Annie stun from her passive Pyromania is capable of getting her early kills and good gank set up with her jungler if used correctly. Moreover Ignite makes you stronger in each fight, especially when your opponent has Teleport which doesn’t give him that much kill pressure.


Ghost isn’t only a defensive summoner spell but as well offensive.

By taking Ghost and Flash, Annie doesn’t leave opponents any chance to run away from her.
Making her even more dangerous to get close to and to do a power-play during a gank or a team fight, since all she has got to do to be dangerous is to reach!

Especially in matchups where opponents are High-Range like Xerath, Vel'Koz, Ziggs it threatens them incredibly and causes them to burn their summoner spells most of the time.
It’s important to mention that Ghost ignores the unit collision which means that you for example won’t get blocked by minions.


We can take Exhaust against assassins like Zed, Qiyana and in general the ones that can easily jump on us and get a kill. It will counter most of their burst, making them unable to one-shot you.

Only take it if you do not feel that confident with Annie, because we can still play with Ignite and try to win those matchups early while buying for example; Seeker's Armguard if you really need some defensive items.


If you prefer the playstyle that is focused on being consistent with your farm and making yourself stable in the laning phase then Teleport is for you.

Ignite is a way more dynamic and aggressive summoner spell compared to Teleport which might not always work out as planned, especially if you got ganked and died, then you would lose a WHOLE wave. Teleport is way more forgiving, especially when you can’t handle some champions because of their poke like Xerath, Vel'Koz etc. Then you always have a chance to get that free recall and Teleport back to the turret.

Later on in the game Teleport will allow you to assist your teammates while you are on the other side of the map just simply by the pure pressure it gives. Your opponents might not be aware that you are ready to come and help them whenever.
Predator offers a lot of map pressure due to its range and as a gap closer to the enemy. Its movement speed makes Annie a deadly opponent, since most of the time enemies will be forced to Flash away from her Summon: Tibbers and the Stun from Pyromania. In a lot of games we are going to lack range and Flash might not be enough to reach, that’s why I consider Predator as the most impactful rune for most of the games on her.
Another choice from Domination would be Cheap Shot. It increases your damage against opponents with impaired movement, so for Annie it would be her ability to Stun. Gives you more kill potential and burst and has only 4 seconds cooldown. In harder lanes I would stick to Taste of Blood for more sustain.
For each kill you will get more ability power, stacking up to 10 times permanently. Annie is a champion with strong kill potential early game, which allows her to utilize this rune choice really well and improves her snowball/advantage.
Earn a stack whenever you takedown an enemy or assist in the kill (only one for each enemy champion). Those stacks will increase your out of combat movement speed. Which means it will improve your capability of rotating faster to other sides of map, reaching opponents and making way more pressure connected with Predator.

Manaflow Band will increase Annie mana up to 250 and will permanently grant missing mana regeneration once fully stacked. It’s definitely a choice to consider in a lot in your games.
Celerity will increase all of your movement speed sources by 7% which synergizes with Predator and Relentless Hunter. Moreover, it’s going to be way easier to dodge skill shots.

Electrocute from Domination is definitely one of easiest keystones to play compared to Predator. Would recommend you to play it first to feel more comfortable with your champion. If it comes to the kill potential it’s way higher in 1 vs 1 due to the early damage it offers starting from level 1. Would take it against the champions that are quite squishy on the lane like; LeBlanc, Zoe, Ahri, Malzahar.
Didn’t test it but I know it would work well, it’s not as strong early as Electrocute but if you can make the opponent low enough will start to benefit you with the damage. Moreover, each time you proc it, will permanently increase your Dark Harvest damage, so it’s a rune that scales, the question is how often could you make your opponent low enough to benefit :)?
Few more choices from Domination depending on your playstyle and situation. Take Taste of Blood when the lane is hard and you are forced to trade with opponent for example; LeBlanc, Zoe, Sylas, Yasuo. Treasure Hunter for getting your items sooner and power-spikes if you know you are capable of getting some kills in early game, since it’s an early game rune for snowball. Ingenious Hunter for shorter cooldowns on items, Hextech Rocketbelt, Predator + Boots, Luden's Tempest and Zhonya's Hourglass. Ultimate Hunter if you like to have your Summon: Tibbers sooner. Up to your preference

Take on the lanes that you can’t burst, due to their champions or runes + items; like Second Wind + Doran's Shield. Example would be Akali, Yasuo, Yone, Galio, and many melee champions that can abuse itemization and runes to improve their sustain.
Nullifying Orb great choice against Magic Power jungler and midlaner, thanks to the magic shield it gives. Absolute Focus for more ability power in the early game. Scorch early game rune for even more kill potential and pressure, synergies well with Absolute Focus but doesn’t scale at all. Gathering Storm over powered rune, the longer the game takes the more it’s gonna benefit you. Especially on lower ranked games tend to take longer due to people not knowing how to close the game. Always cool choice for long-term benefits and power.

Inspiration still offer ways for Annie to use. Biscuit Delivery is great in hard-trading lanes or when the opponents are forcing you to trade like LeBlanc, Fizz, Viktor.
Time Warp Tonic take only with Corrupting Potion which synergies really well, for the lanes that you can play the fullest aggro without the risk of getting bursted. Against Katarina, Qiyana, Yasuo and Sylas it’s always risky since they have so much damage early and you are lacking hp from Doran's Ring.
Resolve you will use against assassin's matchups while worried about making a mistake or getting one shotted. Take Bone Plating against Fizz, Zed, Qiyana etc. It will make it really hard for them to one-shot you, and force them to play around it’s cooldown. Overgrowth additionally with it to give you more permanent health during the game which would make survive more.

Most of the time take atleast one Attack Speed which will allows us to push and manage waves better.

Other Options

VS Easy AP matchups.
Take one Tenacity and Slow Resist against magic damage opponents in easy matchups, like; Veigar, Vladimir, Kassadin since they are not that strong early or auto attack you a lot.
VS Hard AP matchups.
Double Tenacity and Slow Resist in hard matchups or if the enemy jungler is AP aswell. Zoe, LeBlanc, Fizz
VS Heavy AD matchups.
Shield Against physical damage opponents or double Shield depending on how hard is the matchup, or if they are heavy AD for example mid/jungle. Qiyana, Zed, Rek'Sai


Pyromania is Annie passive and at the same time her triumphant card which is connected to her other spells.After using 4 abilities your next spell will Stun, which means connected with Summon: Tibbers you would be able to cast an area of effect stun into 5 people. During the laning phase it will help you set up a gank for your jungler by stunning your opponent and forcing them to Flash.In general you should often keep your stun to counter your enemies core abilities like;
Katarina Death Lotus or Fiddlesticks Crowstorm.


Disintegrate is your main spell which makes your laning phase more comfortable. By finishing a minion with it, you will get your mana fully refunded and your cooldown reduced by 50%. It’s your highest range ability so you are going to use it to poke the opponent or engage them in connection with Pyromania. Once you use it on your opponents and it starts flying, they won’t be able to dodge it, not even if they utilize their Flash. So if you have enough time during the execution of a play, you should always start it with Disintegrate as a Stun, to make sure they won’t be able to dodge any of your other abilities. Your Auto-Attack range is higher than the one from Disintegrate, so always make sure to walk up closer to make a smooth auto-attack + ability combo!


This is an area of effect which deals damage to all targets within range. Since it’s an AOE spell, it’s your main ability to outpush waves efficiently. It can be dodged by opponents who are able to dash behind you like Yasuo Sweeping Blade. That’s why you should try to play around how they are using their dashes, so they won’t be able to avoid it in any kind of way. This ability is the best to use if you want to surprise the opponent with Flash and Pyromania stun, since it’s the fastest to cast compared to Summon: Tibbers animation and your Disintegrate which flies really slow.

Molten Shield

Use your Molten Shield to get your final stack of Pyromania to surprise opponents with the loaded stun. Movement speed from the ability will help you dodge skill shots and engage on opponents easier. In close combat Molten Shield will additionally make them harm themselves due to the ability to reflect damage while they attack which is cool. Can be used to speed up your teammates which are chasing an enemy, or you might even save their lives one-day thanks to the shield it gives.

Summon: Tibbers

Summon: Tibbers is the biggest fear of the opponents.

There are a few ways of using Tibbers efficiently.

First of all our Ultimate connected with Flash and Pyromania stun combo is a game-changing play, especially in team fights, because there’s just a few other champions which can easily stun the entire enemy team the way that Annie does.
You can use Tibbers to block abilities like Zoe Sleepy Trouble Bubble and skill shots that would kill you. You can make Tibbers tank the enemy turret shots or even to stop the opponent's recall.
Or simply use it if you need to clear your wave faster to recall efficiently and get back to lane in time.
Yes, it’s okay to to use your Ultimate to fix a bad wave, trust me. On top of that, you can even spawn it to do Baron Nashor faster but only if you assume that there’s not going to be a fight happening any time soon.

Keep in mind please, that people can easily predict what you are up to, especially since Tibbers has cast time. Without using Flash it’s hard to make a good play out of it.

Here I will explain some fundamental combos starting from the laning phase up to teamfights.
Everything is going to be shown in the video below. It is cut into the following parts A.), B.), C.) and D.) and pasted together in one simple Video.

A.) Your first basic combo is Auto Attack (AA) → Disintegrate.
That's your basic combo to apply some early pressure on the opponent. Pay attention to your mana and trade wisely. This will as well be used to last hit minions. Your Auto attack range is higher than the Disintegrate and Incinerate, so always walk up closer to make a smooth combo!!!

B.) Pyromania Stun → Disintegrate → Incinerate → (AA). The early game combo focused on applying some pressure on the opponent and slowly making him low enough to possibly go for a kill. Annie biggest problem in all of that is mana, so take care because you still need to farm and manage waves.

C.) Molten Shield (Load 4th Stack) → Pyromania Stun Ready→ Summon: Tibbers + Ignite + Walk UP → Incinerate / Disintegrate order is situational. Basic burst combo focused on one-shotting opponent]. Movement speed from Shield, + your final stack for the Pyromania as a following surprise stun into the big damage that Tibbers and the rest of Annie spells offer.

D.) Molten Shield (Load 4th Stack) → Pyromania Stun Ready → Flash → Summon: Tibbers + Ignite + WALK UP → Incinerate / Disintegrate order is situational. That’s your golden card. Your Flash is most valuable and game-changing with your spells, don't flash for a 0/5 guy unless it’s early game where everyone is still even. Keep it for the 5 vs 5 team fight or an objective fight. You won’t always start with Ultimate since each game situation differs from another and you won’t be needing it every single time.


As Annie your team fighting potential is incredibly strong due to your damage and Pyromania with the ability to stun with area of effect spells like Summon: Tibbers and Incinerate.

Golden rules for Annie are: always be in range to cast all of your spells; most common mistake is that people are not aware that her auto-attack range is higher than the range of her spells, which is making them uncomfortable and rusty. Your Flash is golden, keep it for the most important fights, and the kills that can help you in the progress towards victory by opening the map or objectives. Try to hit as many people as possible with your Pyromania Stun or simply delete their carry- basically being the biggest threat to the enemy team.

If there is going to be a situation where you can’t reach the whole enemy team but you see that someone is going hard on your teammates, you should help your allies to kill this threat with your burst first and then strive forward as a team to kill the leftover opponents.

Quite often opponents are going to Flash away from you. To prevent them from escaping, try to stun a single target with Disintegrate if you have the time for that. Even if they might flash away now, they will get stunned; this gives us the opportunity to reach them and land our other abilities. This is really useful against Ahri, LeBlanc, Akali, Yasuo, Sylas. Always make sure your Disintegrate combined with Pyromania reaches the opponent first before casting other abilities, otherwise your Stun will vanish if it's still mid-air while you cast other spells!!!

Two different orders on how to max your spells as Annie.

I’m adding 2 points to Disintegrate for early poke and to have an easier time last-hitting minions. After that I'm maxing Incinerate fully. This gives me an area of effect damage spell, which makes clearing minions easier and helps me manage my efficient recalls, tempo, and roam timers way better.
Moreover, if it comes to fighting in early, I would be able to deal damage to multiple enemies and not just a single target.

It’s possible to max Disintegrate fully if you can’t walk up close enough to your opponents, either because they are too dangerous or they have multiple dashes which would make it hard to land Incinerate.

If your playstyle is focused on making rotations and helping the team, then Incinerate is going to fit well. If you prefer to fight your opponent 1 vs 1 on the lane then you should go for Disintegrate.

Up to your playstyle :)

Doran's Ring

Doran's Ring is the most common Annie choice. It offers you good amount of Health and decent mana sustain, and on top of that it's passive helps you with last hitting. Health is so valuable in the early game, especially against dangerous champions like LeBlanc, Sylas, Qiyana. Despite all of that, it's still going to be hard for Annie since she has high mana cost in general.

Corrupting Potion

Corrupting Potion is the most aggressive laning choice for Annie because it offers her mana sustain and has 3 charges instead of the alternative which would be 2 Health Potion. It allows you to trade more and spam your abilities. This works great in lanes against for example LeBlanc, Ahri, Zoe. But you need to be careful of full go-ins on you due to the lack of the 70 HP from Doran's Ring.

Dark Seal

Dark Seal is one of the most efficient items in terms of saving gold because with it we are getting Refillable Potion. You can get early stacks from kills which will give you Ability Power. I would purchase it at first base if I was lacking the gold to buy Lost Chapter. If you want to be greedy then get Dark Seal as a starting item; but keep in mind that your mana sustain and with it the trading potential won’t be the greatest.

Here I will explain some of Annie's item choices → when and why you need them.

Luden's Tempst

Luden's Tempest is the most comfortable choice and therefore also the item that is bought most often. Helps you wave clear better and gives Flat Magic Penetration which deals tons of damage to squishy targets who don’t buy magic resist. Basically an item for one-shotting. Gets worse the tankier opponents become/the more magic resistance they buy. Tibbers can procc the splash from Luden's Tempest passive.


Shadowflame together with Luden's Tempest is a great combination due to the amount of flat Magic Penetration they offer. If the opponent has 40 magic resist, Shadowflame can reduce it by up to 20. With Sorcerer's Shoes you can take away an additional amount of -18 magic resist - and you also have the flat penetration from your Luden's Tempest! This Item is definitely great against squishies and team-comps who have a lot of shielding like Lulu, Immortal Shieldbow item users, Janna. Karma, Yasuo.

Rabadon's Deathcap

Rabadon's Deathcap is going to give you the highest value possible as long as you don't need any situational or defensive items like Zhonya's Hourglass. The more Ability power you have, the more benefits you gain from the Rabadon's Deathcap passive; which is synergetic with Annie whole kit, since she wants to have tons of AP due to her burst potential. I wouldn’t rush Rabadon third item if enemy would be stacking a lot of magic resists, Void Staff will benefit you more in terms of damage due to the % Penetration in those situations.

Void Staff

Void Staff should be considered as the fourth or fifth item by every mage champion, especially as soon as your opponents start building magic resist. Why not too early? Because Void Staff Magic Penetration is in %, the more magic resist the enemy stacks - the higher value it gives. For example: If the opponent has 200 Magic resist, 40% Magic Penetration from your Void Staff would take away -80 Magic resist, which is quite a lot. If the opponent has only 50 magic resist, then it penetrates an additional of just -20 Magic resist

Hextech Rocketbelt

Hextech Rocketbelt is an alternative to Luden's Tempest. It makes you tankier and gives you a gap closer to surprise opponents, thanks to the active of the item. This Item also gives you flat magic penetration. You are going to lack mana, so Manaflow Band is highly recommended because Hextech Rocketbelt doesn’t offer the 600 mana Luden's Tempest would give you. In comparison to Luden's Tempest, the Item Hextech Rocketbelt offers you a higher kill potential due to the small dash that expands your range.

Zhonya’s Hourglass

Zhonya's Hourglass doesn’t offer great combat statistics, but can counter many champions and their main abilities, like Zed Death Mark, Fizz Chum the Waters, Karthus Requiem thanks to it's active. Annie is one of those champions that has to face-check and engage before the opponents to shoot a good combo. It's hard to stay alive, but an additional 2.5 second invulnerability can be essential for your team. Item is situational but could work as a second or third choice in certain games. There is no magic rule since every game is different.

Liandry's Anguish

Liandry's Torment amazing item against tanky opponents. In those cases where you won’t be able to one-shot your enemies, Luden's Tempest and Hextech Rocketbelt are losing their value. That's the moment where Liandry's Torment comes in clutch because of its burning damage per second, more precisely: the greater the maximum health, the more damage it's going to deal. Here are some examples of the champions we counter with it Sion, Galio, Sejuani, Leona, Zac, Gragas. When enemies have a lot of healing and/or shielding, this item is going to do a great job too!

Demonic Embrace

Demonic Embrace great damage per second item against Champions like Sion, Galio, Sejuani, Leona, Zac, Gragas. Combine it with Liandry's Torment only against extremely tanky teams to melt them! If you decide for a more burst-heavy item build against those beefy teams, there might be a chance that you could lose your game off that because you will lack damage against their resistances.


Morellonomicon is going to be our next option. Buy it in those games where the enemy team has a lot of healing, against Champions like: Kayn, Yuumi, Soraka, Sylas, Vladimir, Irelia, Samira. Always ask your enchanter support if they can get Chemtech Putrifiersecond/first item. Your Adc could get Mortal Reminder. Because I’m greedy with my gold, I try not to buy this item. In games where my enemy laner however has a lot of healing in his kit it forces me to at least buy Oblivion Orb. This Item in general doesn't give anything special except healing reduction.

Banshee's Veil

Banshee's Veil grants you a barrier that can block one of the enemies’ spells. In addition to that it gives you some magic resistance. Works great against teams who have a lot of magic damage, especially if the enemy mid-laner is abnormally fed. You can prevent their win-condition and counter them with this item.

Mejai's Soulstealer

Mejai's Soulstealer forces you to play better and offers you an even stronger snowball potential. It is an efficent upgrade for your Dark Seal after you gained 10 stacks. High risk high reward item: it can turn the game in your favour, or it might end in defeat after you die and lose stacks. Good Luck

Cosmic Drive

Cosmic Drive perhaps a really interesting item to reach your opponents and to have an easier time dodging against Long-Range. Gives you 30 Ability haste which improves your spells cooldowns and therefore works great against tank too.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Rylai's Crystal Scepter gives great utility against tanks and champions which are trying to reach you. Your Summon: Tibbers applies the slowing effect from Rylai while walking around opponents. Combine it with Liandry's Torment and Demonic Embrace to be even more of an “anti-tank”.

Sorcerer's Shoes

Sorcerer's Shoes is the most aggressive choice for mages due to its Flat Magic penetration which improves your damage by ignoring magic resist by -18. That means it works best against squishies and champs that won’t buy MR. I wouldn’t buy them if my team was heavy in magic damage and opponents were stacking a lot of MR. The more magic resistance opponents have, the more flat penetration loses its value.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Ionian Boots of Lucidity is a good buy when the opponents are planning on building a lot of magic resistance and are quite tanky. As I mentioned before: Cooldown Reduction value is higher when opponents are stacking Magic Resist, and Flat Penetration is better when they are not stacking any. It offers us way more utility and it’s a good purchase for your summoner spell availability. For Annie having Flash sooner is one of the most important things, that’s what makes them a really good choice because of their passive which reduces summoner spells cooldown.

Mercury's Treads

Mercury's Treads take when opponents have a lot of Crowd Control like Lissandra, Sejuani, or Leona. Simply against teams who are mostly heavy magic damage and have CC. Additional resistance from them makes you harder to kill. An example would be when the enemy jungler and mid-laner are Ability Power damage.

Before start, I want to mention to you that league of legends is as well a mental game. Without a proper mindset to climb and get better, you might become easily frustrated, depressed, and pressured. there are many factors to it. Like: comparing yourself to friends and social pressure, not seeing any results within a certain period of time, people flaming and judging you and way more.
- There is nothing wrong with comparing yourself if you can use it as Motivation and energy, but not to feel even more down.

That's one of the biggest demons many players are struggling with. Letting go of those emotions and working on it is the key.

It's your quality time, your own journey, goals and story. Don't compare yourself to others to feel even worse about your rank or anything. Everyone progresses in their own time. Never blame other teammates, because it won't help you at all.

The only thing you can truly do to improve as a player is to become open-minded and to fall in love with the process of changing what you can control → Yourself.

I have been doing a lot of motivational speeches about league the in past and during my coachings. I have to admit it, without the proper mental you might not enjoy the game to the fullest, but instead feel bad about it.

It's only you who can change yourself for the better. Focus on it and spend your energy on it. There is no such thing as "My Teammates are keeping me in this elo" that's an illusion. Because if that was the case, there wouldn't be any challenger, master, or grandmaster players.

Would you really be happy with just accepting something like "yeah I'm just unlucky with teams" ? Because I would never. Don't quit, just take it all on your chest and MOVE ON my Friend.


Here I'm gonna insert the link for a small Mindset document I made back in 2021 for my Students.


If any of you ever feel mentally lost in this game, don't hesitate to text me with your case on my discord; xblademojo#9742 for free. We all been there before ;)
Here I will tell you about some of the stuff I always share with my students in order to improve their fundamental knowledge for the Mid-Lane.

I always recommend these following 3 rules:

This is the base that will help you become a more consistent player in your games. That doesn't mean you always have to follow these rules, because League of Legends is a way too dynamic game for a single game pattern. Of course in future you want to limit-test what your champion is capable of, trying out different playstyles and coming up with new conclusions.

Students often ask me what I have to do in order to climb? You can climb without amazing mechanics as long as you can improve your Map Awareness and Laning Phase. The ability to analyze your map dynamically connected to your decisions is one of the keys to start winning more. Being proactive means: noticing opportunities on the map and analyzing what’s the best decision to make with current circumstances. Chances like: Roams, Priority to join your jungler, Invading, Efficent Recalls, helping team and way more.
The more you see, the more you are capable of doing. League is not only about beating your opponent 1 vs 1. I recommend making your map slightly bigger in HUD.

For everyone with a locked screen.

I can already tell you this is the thing we gotta work on. You don’t need the whole vision around you while playing with locked camera. For example you don’t need to know what’s happening behind you when you move forward towards your opponent. This sometimes even makes you lose track of what’s happening right in front of you like what spells were used in a teamfight, just simply because your camera is centred around your Champion instead (I know even worse cases from coaching experiences). My recommendation here is to unlock your camera completely and start using your thumb on the spacebar to hold and direct the camera on you. Whenever you wanna see some more, just let go of the spacebar and expand your vision of the camera with mouse. Trust me on this and Good Luck.

You want to know where the enemy jungler is starting, same goes for your jungler.

Which scuttler on the map are they gonna path towards and contest? Are they going to meet on the same side river?

Every good Jungler is going to be on the river at around 3:15 mins into the game, which is the spawn time of the Scuttlers. Gank is going to have a place before or after this timer. The optimal ward time is around 2:40.

Before that time you should ward the side he is pathing towards. Trying to get priority for the river around 3:15 timer for your jungler sounds great, but don’t force it if you can’t.

Most importantly = be rational.

4:20 is the time where the jungle camps again. If the enemy jungler did Blue Sentinel into Gromp at the beginning, then Gromp is gonna spawn at 4:20. This means, starting from 4:15/20 both junglers are going to start the pathing and clearing from the same side on which they started their jungle clear on. The whole conclusion is that they are going to recall and come back to the side they started at, because that’s the order of the camps spawning after their first clear.

What is Mid-lane? Mid-lane is one of the most impactful and the hardest role to play. You have many ways of impacting the game in your favour thanks to the possible rotations it offers. Keep in mind the lane is hard to play because of the many angles you can get ganked from.

Winning doesn’t necessarly mean killing your opponent 1 vs 1 on the lane.There are way more possibilities to get a lead on the Mid-Lane:

1. Wave Management
2. Proper Lane Warding
3. Rotations aka Roaming
4. Trading

First of all, I would like you to get in touch with the basics of waves management like: My video :)

-Slow Pushing (Building up the wave to achieve something: dive, recall, longer rotations / roam, or to feel safer against the opponent inside of your huge wave)

-Fast Pushing (Getting priority for X reason like a dragon / fight,roam, setting up a fast recall, making opponent stuck under the turret)

-Freezing (Zoning opponent from resources and keeping wave away from him, denying his cs, forcing him to walk to you; Aswell used while you are behind)

-Handshake Wave / Equal Wave (Using equal waves esp. Cannon ones to recall or rotate when the wave is literally on the middle of the lane)

Being aware of those basics will help you. The Video on top of the guide includes further explanations which will help you to understand those principles.

People are overthinking too much about how warding around Mid-Lane works. What you need to know is Jungle Tracking (Chapter Above). It will make you more capable of working on a solid and safe vision around your lane. How and where you ward depends on your goal, priority, vision and the state of the map. Sometimes you might die trying to put a ward somewhere without any other priority or clue where the opponents might possibly be. In my opinion warding should come naturally to you, but there are a few great places to ward around the Mid that I put in the screenshot below.

Green = Good Warding Spots
Red = Not Enough Vision
Purple = Ways the Enemy Jungler could path towards you

After you push the wave and gain some time, it’s recommended to think about what you can do right now. And here comes Map Awareness. I often see people standing and doing circles on the lane, without even seeing an opportunity to go for vision / rotation / efficient recall or helping your teammates by making a play with your jungler for example – fundamentally missing out on those.

Roaming is basically the meaning of using your time efficiently to impact the map while still being rational - seeing a chance doesn’t mean you have to take it.
You really need to consider:

-What is my wave state? How much would I lose if I roamed?
-Is it efficient to still roam while I have so much gold?
-Maybe opponents are too strong and I could die while roaming?

Most importantly I can tell you to be rational and don’t force things. Be open-minded about possibilities and don’t be tunnelled vision on your lane only. The safest and longest roams are while the cannon wave is coming to lane or when the wave already crashed and plenty of allied minions are under your opponent’s turret.

Basically, that’s called fighting with your opponent on the lane- making trades. A lot of this stuff should come naturally with experience, and I’m not a fan of making people a “zombie” of following patterns, but I will share some tips with you on what to look for.

How to trade well and what to consider?

Usually you can easily look for a trade when an opponent is busy executing a minion. That’s the time his moves are usually easier to predict and he won’t be able to answer back due to his auto-attack/spell animation on the minion. You can also get punished that way while getting a minion. How well you can punish and trade with your opponent depends mostly on how well or how bad you guys are clicking. Positioning and dynamically adjusting clicks for the best results is the golden key.

In “League of Legends”-Language it’s called spacing: to either achieve the most comfortable position for you to be in or causing the biggest discomfort to the opponent. Pay attention to how you click and position yourself. Minions are as well a huge factor to consider, the amount of them could simply give you an advantage or disadvantage.

That’s why the one who is able to push early and gets priority in the number of their allied minions is usually the one who can trade more freely without worrying about getting too much aggro from the enemy. To put it simply, the more minions you have compared to the opponent, the safer and stronger you are. If your opponent is pushing into you with a bigger minion wave, that's his moment to win trades most of the time.

Another trading pattern is when the opponent uses his important spell on the wave. For example Syndra uses Dark Sphere on the wave which causes her to become vulnerable to the opponent, forcing a trade on her. Another example would be Orianna Command: Attack the wave, leaving Yasuo or Irelia a chance to jump on her. Look for those simple factors to use them in your advantage.

Before laning phase starts, try to look for advantages that you have against the enemy champion.

- Sustain difference? Health Potions, Doran's Shield, Fleet Footwork, Corrupting Potion vs Doran's Ring and abilities. Who wins in terms of sustain?

- What is the opponent's win condition in trades on the lane? There are some incoming examples. Let's say Talon uses Rake level 1 on the wave, this gives you a window to punish him. If the opponent is Kassadin, you want to zone him away from XP and minions since he is so weak before his level 6 Riftwalk. If Ahri misses her Charm, it’s going to be easy to threaten her. Analyse and think!

- Level 2 and 6 are a time-window in which you can abuse your opponent. On the solo lane, killing one melee minion of the second wave is going to get you the Level 2. For the bot lane, 3 minions of the second wave are going to give you the same. That can be an angle to punish and surprise.

I want you to analyse and RATIONALLY think about what you can do in certain matchups, and what you cannot.

When the lane starts, try to feel the enemy's body language and what he is up to. Read his moves and how he plays – adapt and respond. Often you will be able to notice if he is good or not by just simply how he clicks. Moreover, you might even notice the change in your opponent’s behaviour is a signal of his jungler being around.

I could write a book about this chapter, but we are still in an Annie guide.

Please keep in mind that the amount of things that can be done depends on how good/bad the opposing laner is, as each player’s skill-level differs
Your champion definitely is not a weak early game champion due to her Pyromania and early burst she offers with Ignite and Electrocute. However if it wouldn’t be enough to kill someone then you have a problem until the next spell rotation comes up again.

Being capable of transitioning your lane pressure to help your Jungler around the Scuttler time (which is 3:15) sounds great. It all depends on your wave state and priority. - Be rational.

Use your amazing Auto-Attack range to harass the opponent on lane and connect it with Disintegrate for an early advantage.

Annie is one of the best champions to play with as a Jungler thanks to her Pyromania, that's why you should try to encourage your teammate with pings to set up a gank.

Most of the time you are capable of one-shotting squishy opponent with your full combo at level 6 after the first base with Sorcerer's Shoes or Lost Chapter and Ignite.

At some point, it’s impossible to kill your opponent because he will be constntly catching the waves under his turret. Sometimes the lane becomes Ping-Pong when both laners are just exchanging waves and it's quite stagnant on the lane; That’s the moment you need to realize what’s happening right now and look for rotations around the map, to snowball your teammates or yourself. Being Pro-Active is the key.

First I need to say that there are a few different Ways on how to Lane Annie depending on the enemy champion. The fewer factors to consider, the easier the matchup.

Easy lanes would be against champions that cannot easily punish Annie and allow her to trade.

There are some matchups where you only need to keep track of a single main ability in your enemies’ kit. If you manage to play around this spell, you will get an opportunity to bully your enemy and win lane. Examples for this: Veigar with his Event Horizon, Zilean – Time Bomb, Taliyah – Seismic Shove, Malzahar – Nether Grasp, Anivia – Flash Frost and Akshan with Heroic Swing.

In those matchups feel free to start with Corrupting Potion to implement as much early pressure as possible for a potential kill. Use a lot of your auto-attacks on them and poke them out with Disintegrate and try to surprise them with a Pyromania stun. The only problem that occurs in those matchups is, that their push is greater than yours, so you are forced to sometimes max Incinerate to keep up with wave clear. Don't forget to use your advantage to help your Jungler or look for a play with him.

Skilled matchups are the ones that require you to consider way more factors: reaction time, dodging and good positioning.

Here are examples on what you have to think about before the laning Zoe Paddle Star and her Sleepy Trouble Bubble have to be dodged, because one miss step might lead you to losing a lot of HP or even death. LeBlanc with her Distortion and the Ethereal Chains requires a lot of reaction time from your side to not get too much burst, moreover she is forcing you to trade by dashing into you.
Ahri with her Charm followed by the rest of spells. Viktor with his Siphon Power that can block Annie Disintegrate damage and also his Death Ray which outranges her, allows him to poke heavily. In those heavy trading matchups Corrupting Potion is definitely cool, but you need to still be careful, since you lack 70 Health from Doran's Ring.

Don't force anything that doesn't feel comfortable in those matchups, sometimes it’s better to just stay efficient and wait for your Jungler to help you. Play around your Pyromania and Disintegrate poke. Stay efficient and punish them while they waste abilities on for example the wave. Be aware whenever you waste Pyromania because you could get punished for that. Instead of heavy trading, you can always try to get a stronger early push than your opponent, which should in theory make you more comfortable and stronger in terms of 1 vs 1. As I said, don't force something if it feels uncomfortable.

Take Predator against Xerath, Ziggs and Vel'Koz since those are the champions that out-range you to an extreme level and have good wave clear. Predator will help you reach/kill them. Max Incinerate to keep up with the wave clear. These matchups depend a lot on your dodging and baiting skills.

Have you ever thought that melee matchups are easy, and that you can poke the opponent for free? - I thought so too and then I died million times :D.

You are often going to encounter champions like Yasuo, Irelia, Sylas, Fizz, Diana, Katarina etc. It will often happen that you push too much towards their turret and you can get punished by them when they are abusing their level 2 strength. That's why I don't recommend crashing second wave under their turret.

Why and how? Simply their champion can do that due to them having a stronger level advantage, and yours (even though is ranged) can’t really answer to their all-in. You are burst dependent and most of them out-trade you while going-in on you, which might lead you to burn your Flash.

What we can do against those matchups is, to connect the second wave to the third one to build up a slow push towards the enemy. Thanks to it they won't be able to contest you and you will be able to safely recall / rotate.

Many of those champs can abuse Second Wind and Doran's Shield which makes them incredibly hard to kill due to regeneration/sustain and your mana problems.

It's essential to keep your Pyromania stun in those matchups; If you waste it on minions, they will look for all-in on you. Of course you should poke them, but balance it with wave management, check their sustain and take care of your mana resources. If you are afraid of the enemy champion, play through the waves, build them up and play through the pressure they give you. There is no magic rule since each of those players can be worse or better.

In mid-game Annie is amongst those kind of champions that love to roam around the map and help the team. This is the moment where you should value your Flash and keep it for team fights on Dragon / Rift Herald , or to gank other lanes and making picks.

As I mentioned before, not everything is about 1 vs 1 and stomping your lane opponent. The longer the laning takes, the more it's going to be about transitioning your pressure on the whole Summoners Rift and helping your allies to snowball in order to open the map.

Usually I would recommend trying to open a Tier 1 Turret bot-lane and help your bot-laners, since it’s 2 allies and they in general offer more pressure than just one person. Once you help them open that turret with your rotations and pressure, that's where the real mid-game starts.

You are a walking one-shot and a stunning champion, aka Annie. Be Pro-Active in terms of using your time efficiently and don't be tunneled on your lane.

Keep Summon: Tibbers and your Pyromania stun loaded for team-fights. You don't always have to focus the enemy carry if it's impossible to reach or forces you to face-check 3 or even more opponents. Sometimes just help your teammates to kill the person that goes in heavily on them- I call it "Kill the gorilla/battle boss". Remember Annie can do more than just burst an enemy by for example Flash on them, she can as well peel her teammates with her CC.

Predator against champions with long-range is a game-changer since you otherwise will be lacking the gap-close. Moreover consider Hextech Rocketbelt in those kinds of games too.

Late game for Annie is going to be highly focused on grouping up with your team and forcing a fight. She is a great team-fighting champion due to her AOE stun from Incinerate and Summon: Tibbers. As I mentioned before, Annie shouldn't be split pushing or overstaying on side lanes.

At this point of the game one good Flash-Combo into a group of enemies could win us the game, but it also carries some risks to execute such a play. Make sure your team-mates can follow up, or that you at least have your Zhonya's Hourglass ready.

Find a win-condition and play for objectives like Dragon Soul, Elder Dragon and/or Baron Nashor . Work with your team on increasing your vision and map pressure by pushing out waves and warding together. Get Oracle Lens while your team overall is in a stronger position and has more control over the map, Farsight Alteration for when we can't really face-check because opponents are controlling the majority of the map.

If I had to summarize how I view the mid and late game, it would be like this:

1. The present map standing in your game tells you a lot about the current state of the match. I always say: there are two teams, fighting over a good game flow - they are like surfers trying to catch a good wave and go with the flow. Once they catch this good flow of the game, they are the ones winning and controlling their opponents; but if they lose it, that's the moment the other team can come back to the game.

2. I always used to call the teams “Prey and Predators”: Predators are controlling the map and the state of the game which enables them to hunt their Prey; The Prey might risk losing the game whenever they face-check even their own jungle bushes simply because they are overall behind in the game. Predators must make a mistake which will then allow the Prey to work on building up a healthy map standing again, working on pressure, and getting back into the game in general.

3. In cases where you are winning, I always say: Don't force, play for objectives, and keep good map pressure. Keep your priority around the side of the river that you guys would like to contest objectives in like Dragon or Baron Nashor . Playing around objectives doesn't necessarily mean that you have to start fighting over it, just simply keeping good vision and forcing opponents to come to you while you are under control of the ground. I call it “CAPTURE THE FLAG”.

Thank you for taking your time to read my guide. I believe that every single one of you can achieve what you want as long as you stay dedicated to the insights you gained from this guide. Believe in yourself, don’t give up, and always push yourself further! Remember that growing as a player and to get better in the game is a marathon and not a sprint. It takes time and practice.

If you would like to see me playing Annie, or want to learn useful game tips - feel free to follow me on my Twitch Channel and join my Discord Server!

Big thanks to the Maniouz for the amazing graphics! To my girlfriend Anja for spending a lot of time checking my grammar ^ ^. Katasandra for a lot of help with bbcode back in the days.
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