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Lux Build Guide by Huzarensalade

Support [S9 Support/mid] ''i didn't choose this form, it chose me''

Support [S9 Support/mid] ''i didn't choose this form, it chose me''

Updated on December 17, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Huzarensalade Build Guide By Huzarensalade 30 4 77,055 Views 17 Comments
30 4 77,055 Views 17 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Huzarensalade Lux Build Guide By Huzarensalade Updated on December 17, 2019
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Runes: Offensive (Dark Harvest)

1 2
Dark Harvest
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10 Adaptive (6 AD or 10 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[S9 Support/mid] ''i didn't choose this form, it chose me''

By Huzarensalade
Hello everyone, I am Mathonius Nabbus, a dutch Support main on server EUW. This season i didn't participate in ranked, because i started playing LoL close to the end of the season. I currently am Summoner Level 55, and next season i want to try to pull myself as high as possible. I try to play every lane/role, but i am at my best on top and support. I currently own mastery lvl. 7 on Lux and only use the Elementalist Lux skin.

As top i mostly play Ornn, Nasus and Cho'Gath.
On jungle i can play Nunu & Willump, Warwick and Master Yi.
In Mid-lane i am at my best with Veigar, Lux and Azir
When i play AD-Carry my picks are Jhin, Draven or Miss Fortune
And as support i play Lux, Zilean or Neeko

Currently, combined with still playing Lux (because it is fun as hell), i currently started with trying to master Jhin, Draven, Zilean and the one and only Yasuo.

If you need help with something, have any questions or know some improvements to this guide, please feel free to drop it in the comments or contact me privatly at my discord: huzarensalade#3317. I am very active on both, so i will respond asap.

Important notes: I've written this guide in the purpose of learning you how to play Lux, not what runes or items are in general. I explain how lux's abilities work, but not how all the items in this game work. You should have some basic knowledge about the game when reading this guide. When you have any questions that can't be answered, or when you really are new to the game (wich i doubt if you know about Mobafire :P) you can always contact me on my discord above or in the comments.

Often used shortened words:
CDR = Cooldown Reduction
AD = Attack Damage
AP = Ability Power
MS = Movement Speed

Lux - The Lady Of Luminosity
Ranged/Artillery, Mage/Support

Luxxana Crownguard is one of the 2 children from the Crownguard, a family that has only one goal in life ''to guard the royal family''. She had one older brother named Garen. they were born in the town of demacia, an realm where magic was feared. Both Lux and her brother Garen were born with magic abilities, wich were feared in Demacia. Because of this she couldn't develop her powers very well. When she went to school she found out that her powers were very rare. When Lux and Garen grew up, Garen chose to use his abilities to defend the realm of Demacia, as everyone of the Crownguard family should. Lux denied this fate and chose to go her own way, away from all the suspicion from her abilities, and to explore the world beyond Demacia's walls.

+ High Burst Potential
+ Utility Abilities
+ Outranges most mages
+ The most beautifull skin in the game :)
+ Tons of damage with no cooldowns (with this build)
+ Low banrate (o,11%)

- High early cooldowns
- Very squishy
- No mobility
- Will be focused when becoming anoying.

Illumination (Passive)

DAMAGE: 20 - 190 (+20% AP)
TYPE: Magic
EFFECT: Reveal
Lux' passive takes care of extra combo damage (see combo's section). When you hit a champion with an ability, the champion will be charged with energy for 6 seconds. When you hit it a second time with ability's or Auto Attacks this spark will ignite and deal bonus magic damage. This passive is built to support the burst potential lux has, because it empoweres you're attacks on quick succession.

Light Binding (Q)

DAMAGE: 70 - 250 (+70% AP)
MANA: 40 - 60
Light Binding Is an ability wich not only deals pretty much a lot of damage, it also roots the target for up to 2 seconds. This is the attack lux is famous for, and the key to every burst-combo you land. Because of the damage, your pokes will frustrate the **** out of your enemies. The cooldown is pretty high wich makes you vulnarable, but that is what we are solving with this quick-shot guide :P

Prismatic Barrier (W)

EFFECT: Shielding
VALUES: 50 - 110 (+20% AP)
MANA: 60
Prismatic Barrier is a shield wich can save you from a squishy situation, as wel as boost your whole team in team fights. When you activate this ability, Lux throws a wand forward, shielding every allied champion it touches
and herself. This shield is active for 3 seconds. After shooting forward the wand loops back, also shielding every allied champion it touches, but this time with doubled shield values, AND the depletion time is reset back to 3 seconds.

Lucent Singularity (E)

DAMAGE: 60 - 240 (+60% AP)
BONUS: Slow & Sight
MANA: 70 - 110
This is one of the most wide scaled ability's Lux has. When casting this ability, lux throws a sphere of light, wich casts a circle on the ground. Everything in this circle will be slowed for as long as they are in the circle. The ability can be re-cast for free, wich enables Lux to detonate the circle, dealing damage and apply another slow. This ability can be used as crowed control, as well as quick minion killing for CS, and of course for the follow up poke with the illumination stack.

Final Spark (Ultimate R)

DAMAGE: 300 - 500 (+70% AP)
TYPE: Magic
MANA: 100 Mana
Lux's Ultimate can be a lot of fun, and can be used for almost any purpose you can think of. After charging up energy for half a second, you release a beam of light that deals massive dammage, wich has an unthinkable high range. This cooldown is very high, but when you kill your target, you get a big percentage of your cooldown refunded. When this guide has reached full potential, and you kill your target, you only need to wait 12,5 seconds untill you can recast your ultimate, combined with somewhat 1200 damage. At this point you're unstoppable if you can dodge and sidestep enemies cc a bit. This ult can be used for everything you can think of. A few examples are one-bursting weak champs, last-hitting fleeing champs, steeling baron from the enemy, or damaging and/or weakening enemies in the start of a team fight (or finish it of course :P).

FLASH: will always be you're first Summoner Spell, because it will be your only mobility item. You can use it to flash yourself out of trouble, or to quickly catch an escaping enemy, when you combine it with your Light Binding.
TELEPORT: is always a nice spell for when you die in early-game and need to get back to lane quick, or when you pushed you're lane enough you are able to teleport to another lane to support him/her.
IGNITE: is a very basic item on a support. With ignite you can help you're adc with bursting and securing the kill when he/she tries to flee. It can help a lot to get 1 or 2 kills in early-game because of you're ignite advantage.

BARRIER: is a kind of far fetched pick, but it could be a life saver. When an champion like Blitzcrank, Thresh or Nautilus would pull you towards the battle, you could use you're Barrier combined with Flash to get out safely.
HEAL: is one of the top spells for lux. Lux was never made to be a support. Lux was created as AP Mid Carry, and was used as support when damage support became a new meta. When midlaning Heal can be a good lane-sustain, but as support your adc probably has heal allready.
EXHAUST: can be a good spell on Lux, but i doubt if it works up to the potential of other summoner spells. This spell could be used at the end of a root, so he/she still is slowed a lot. This makes it harder to escape. I don't think its's very usefull, because Lux is a burst champion, so late game this spell doesn't serve any use.

Domination is my primary choice for runes on Lux, mainly because were going for high damage here. My way of playing comes to full potential with Domination Runes. Our whole kit synergies the best with the cooldown reduction and extra damage mechanics from the Domination kit. This kit works the best with Sorcery as second path.


This is the second best rune page for Lux. This page isn't focused as much on damage, but more on resource manipulation (CDR, MANA, MS). This works best with Domination as second page.







Remnant of the Watchers
Remant of the watchers will be your first item. When you start of with Spellthief's Edge you will get a little bit of gold on enemy hit, wich you will need as support. When upgrading to Frostfang this increases. Remnant of the Watchers gives you a little bit AP and CDR, wich you will need as a startup as Lux.

Luden's Echo
Luden's Tempest is one of the 2 most important items on Lux. This item gives a boost of AP, and gives a lot of CDR, and that's what were aiming for here. It also gives a splash after some ability's wich is seen as another ability, so you can proc your Dark Harvest with it as well. This item is what you need first after Remnant of the Watchers

Mejai's Soulstealer
As Lux, your early game is very weak. You have almost no damage and low cooldowns. When you think you can have an upperhand in the lane (on easy matchups) you can go with Dark Seal on your first back, and later upgrade it to Mejai's Soulstealer. These items give you more ap based on harvested souls (kills and assists). you could compare it to Dark Harvest, but with a cap of 25 souls, and you a bunch of your souls on death. This item is only for a quick startup, and it is important to sell it for another item when reaching full build.
I still need to research a few combo's. i will upload these asap. I will also provide gifs of the act soon.

This is the most basic combo that exists on Lux. It is very easy to memorize and easy to use in burst and escape situations.

Click here for clip

This is the same combo as above, but with some Auto-Attacks in between to maximize damage output. The Auto-Attacks are quit hard to land in between and will take some practice, but if you can manage to master them, you will be a burst beast that anyone will fear.
  • Start of with launching your Light Binding (Q)
  • When you know for sure that your (Q) is going to land, fire up your Lucent Singularity (E), but don't detonate it yet.
  • Now fire up your Final Spark (R). When you hit your (Q) you proc your Illumination (passive), so your ult does extra damage. Final Spark also proc's a new Illumination.
  • Because the passive proc from your ult, this Auto-Attack will do more damage.
  • Now reactivate Lucent Singularity (E) to detonate it. This ability also proc's your passive again.
  • because your passive is ready for destruction again, fire up another Auto-Attack for that extra last-hit-projectile to finish your enemy.

Click here for clip

This combo is only possible if you built the full CDR build (so with 40% CDR AND the 15% from Ultimate Hunter) This is the same combo as above, but enlarged, because your Light Binding (Q) will be recharged by the time you land your last Auto-Attack. This combo is the hardest of all, espesially when you're alone against a tank wich could outlive this combo. You should only engage this combo when you are sure you can outlive the target, otherwise bail out after landing the 2nd Light Binding (Q)
  • Start of with launching your Light Binding (Q)
  • When you know for sure that your (Q) is going to land, fire up your Lucent Singularity (E), but don't detonate it yet.
  • Now fire up your Final Spark (R). When you hit your (Q) you proc your Illumination (passive), so your ult does extra damage. Final Spark also proc's a new Illumination.
  • Because the passive proc from your ult, this Auto-Attack will do more damage.
  • Now reactivate Lucent Singularity (E) to detonate it. This ability also proc's your passive again.
  • because your passive is ready for destruction again, fire up another Auto-Attack.
  • When the Auto-attack hit, you should be able to fire up the Light Binding (Q) again, wich makes the enemy stuck in position again, and to proc your passive again.
  • Same as before, shoot an Lucent Singularity (E), but again, don't detonate.
  • Throw another Auto-Attack in there to activate the Illumination (passive)
  • Finish of with detonating Lucent Singularity (E) again.
  • When still not dead, try to finish of with a last Auto-Attack.
  • If still not dead, rethink your life choices and get the hell out.

Click here for clip
I will add this section asap.
I will add this section asap.
Here i will list the best places to ward. I still need to research these positions.
I will add this section soon
Elementalist Lux is not only the most beautifull skin for Lux (in my opinion) but i think it also is the best skin made in this game, ever. But with this kind of beauty also comes a big sacrifice. It is also the most expensive skin (at least until now) in the game. This is the kind of skin that took a year to make, and has 720 voice lines on his own, and all of this in exchange for 3250 riot point, equal to 20 euro's, but believe me, it's worth every single cent that i gave.

It works as the following: There's a small meter above you're champion icon in game (you'll see it in the clips). This meter fills up with a percentage of the damage you do against champions. At 100% the meter expands to 4 blocks of choices, in wich you can choose your first form. or cancel the transformation (if you want to stay in light form). Then you can refill the meter for your second form (this can also be canceled).

The thing about this meter is that it kind of also gives away if you have an advantage or if you are behind on the rest. I think that you're doing well enough if you reach your first form at lvl 6, and your second at lvl 12. If you have your forms sooner, you know you're doing better than average, and it would probably be a good choice to buy Mejai's Soulstealer. If you get it later, you will need to change your tactics, because they aren't working properly.
Patch 9.2

Ignite has been nerfed. The damage is decreased, but the cooldown is decreased as well.

Sylas is added. So yeah, this will be the first time your getting your laser back in your face. :P

Brand and Cassiopeia are both nerfed. Brand's blaze damage is nerfed, and Cassiopeia's late game cooldowns are increased. This will make both matchups a little easier.

And as last, a lot of junglers, like Jarvan IV and Vi are buffed, and Evelynn is nerfed. These changes are too complicated to put in a little box like this.

Patch History
Q: Can predator work on lux

A: I tried it a little while ago, and when you would take Predator in combination with Boots of Swiftness and Celerity in you second rune path, you definitly have some movement speed. This only works though if you have a high movement speed adc with you in lane (like Miss Fortune or Jhin). Since you miss out on a damage keystone you cant really finish enemies on yourself, so you'll need an adc who can keep up with you. It is, as you thought, really great for chasing fleeing enemies, and it surely is fun, but you really miss a lot of damage, so you wont get Lux on her full potential. Thats why i left it out of the guide.
Most recent update:

01-02-2019 continued the Rune Rework, Updated introduction notes, Added Detailed Matchup Section. Added Table of Contents.

Full Update Log
  • Fill up Threats and Synergies
  • Finish item description section
  • Lighten up (:P) the Guide with pictures and video's
  • Add warding and gameplay section
  • Finish Rune Rework.
  • Record gifs for Elementalist Lux transformations and combo's
  • Add pictures for warding strategy
  • Fill up empty chapters.
Down here i will list the people who pointed me on a mistake on a guide, or gave some tips to improve my guide. As i think these people helped me to where my guide is now, i think i could at least refer to them for helping me.

AS first i'd like to refer to Wicked Cherry who was not only the first person to comment on the guide, but really helped me point out what i did right, and helped me further with some new chapters. I would lie if i'd say some of my rework wasn't inspired by the Lulu guide of his own, wich is really well made. You can find it here.

As second i'd like to name NDarKnight who inspire me to research a whole new way of playing Lux. When i'm done testing this i will add this to the guide.

As third i'd like to point out the help i got grom Jovy as it really helped me with the design/banners/headers in my guide.

thanks a lot for helping me improve my guide to where it is now.

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