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Ezreal Build Guide by Zero Counts

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zero Counts

Samurai Shogun Style With My Ghostblade : AD Ezreal

Zero Counts Last updated on August 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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PLEASE read my entire guide, rather than going based on the setup above. The guide will be helpful in explaining why I chose certain items, as well as alternative items to use than the ones shown above. I hope that people don't vote with a biased opinion, or without trying out the guide in an actual game. Rather than voting down because it's not "their" play style, I'd hope that they have good reasons as to why this isn't an acceptable build. Same goes with the other; I hope people voting up also give this build a try before voting. Thanks!

I play differently from game to game, however, I tried capturing the best route about going with Attack Damage Ezreal. It's been updated, so hopefully it's to all of your likings. Comments are encouraged. If you wanna play with me sometime, add Zero Counts and lemme know who you are. Thanks for taking the time to read this guide!

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Normally I don't do crazy stuff like writing guides or giving advice, simply because I don't feel that it's that big of a deal. In all honesty, this thing might get some hate, but I'll post it here anyway for record's sake.

Well, I began playing Ezreal as soon as the guy came out. I loved using skill shots; it made me feel like a bad ***. One of my good friends gave me **** about the character, but that didn't keep me from... utterly failing at this character. My track record for a while was just god awful. I used a weird AP build, mostly because I had no idea what I was doing and because I just wanted to heal my teammates. Eventually I got good with skill shots and became infamous with my group for kill stealing.

Still, that wasn't enough to think I was all that great with Ez here. Tidal waves of Nerfs came through the door, and I thought I was done playing the character, seeing as most of the reason for me playing him as support was just destroyed. I played other characters, especially Malzahar for some unknown reason, but none felt right. I came back and read up on some new guides for Ezreal, especially the Attack Damage guides. After playing around a lot with masteries, items and runes, I finally figured what my main build would be.

So, you might ask "Why bother going AD? I heard AP and the Hybrid builds are better!" Well, I wouldn't know what would consider being "better, but I assure you that Ez using AD to his fullest ability is very successful. The reasons?

Mystic Shot will be your main ability. When it hits something, it has about a cool down of 2 seconds with this build. When you hit with this ability, it deals about 600 damage each hit. 600 damage the first hit. Two seconds later, 1200. And so on. It's a great ability since it has a short cool down, it's a skill shot, it deals a nice sum of damage in quick bursts, low cost, INCREDIBLE range, and it can deal on hit effects. I'd say, for constant static damage, that isn't bad.

Other reasons? Well, it's more situational, but if you really need an AD carry, Ezreal can provide the means.

Third reason? Well, ****, I think he's fun. You might too!

I will NEVER **** talk either Hybrids or AP builds. I've used all three and enjoy them all very much. So, with that in mind, give this build a shot B]

Oh god, that was a terrible pun.

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Recent Updates



* Trueshot Barrage now scales with bonus attack damage at a 1.0 ratio

I nearly shat a brick and a half when I read this. A 1.0 ratio for bonus attack damage? That's INSANE! They pretty much took my two favorite things about Ezreal that used to be apart, and then smashed them together for some amazingly awesome goodness; Attack Damage Ezreal and Ezreal's ultimate. What this means is that your Ultimate is going to be TERRIFYING. People will actually get hurt now that your Ulti stacks with AD rather than just AP! With my build, you'll have somewhere in between 200 to 300 extra damage!

Sadly, the two don't stack; the one that gives the most bonus is the one used. So with that in mind, using AP in a primarily AD build won't really have it's uses (The .7 and .75 ratios on his other spells won't do much.) Because of that, I'm cutting Gunblade from the picture with this build and replacing it with other things (Anyone thirsty for blood?)


Added Madred's Bloodrazor to the "Item Reasoning" section
Adjusted build to Doran Item change (finally)


Added a new section called "Focusing Certain Items"
It goes in depth about item rushing and possible items suitable for Ezreal to rush as early as possible.


Title "AD Ezreal: Time To Strike!" was replaced with "Samurai Shogun Style With My Ghostblade : AD Ezreal" for hilarity and relevance to certain events.


-Added two new Ezreal cheat sheets at the top of the page to match different parts of the guide.


-Updated to MOBAFire's new indexing feature; Build navigation and orginization improved!
-Added a new "Item Reasoning" section to the build, giving an in depth explanation on the items in the build.


The Black Cleaver

* Damage reduced to 55 from 75
* Now adds 30% increased attack speed
* Unique Passive - Now shreds 15 armor per stack from 12 but has a maximum of 3 stacks from 5.

A bit of a nerf on Black Cleaver, which was my favorite item in the build. The decrease in Attack Damage was enough to make me wince, but the biggest issue is the armor reduction. It's max reduction was 60 after 5 hits. Now it's 45 with 3. It's nice that we get the full effect sooner, but honestly the 60 armor gone was much better for us. The extra attack speed is a little unneeded for this build, although it has it's uses (such as turrets or shredding the armor with Black Cleaver.) All in all, this was a pretty depressing patch note to look at. We may want to use Last Whisper more often, rather than relying on Black Cleaver to do the job for us.


"It's like saying Ezreal and Taric are the same champion just because they both have that elegant boyish physique." - Phreak

I'll take that as a buff... I guess?



* Base damage increased to 47.6 from 45
* Damage per level increased to 3 from 2.6
* Base attack speed increased to 0.665 from 0.658

It's a nice little buff for our Attack Damage build, here. Extra damage as you level up and when you start out, not to mention more attack speed. At level 18, you have exactly 9.7 extra Attack Damage. Again, it's just a little shove in the right direction!

Last Whisper

* Combine path changed: now requires Pickaxe and Long Sword, instead of Recurve Bow and Long Sword
* Upgrade cost increased to 700 from 500
* Now provides +40 Attack Damage and 40% Armor Penetration

Back when this item gave an attack speed buff, it didn't do much for us Ezreals. In fact, it made the game a bit harder since it had such good synergy with most auto attack AD carries (like Trist or Ashe). It made it so they could kill pretty quickly and efficiently. Now the item gives more attack damage while still keeping the armor pen. It'll be useful against those heavy armored champions.


* No longer pops projectiles
* Cooldown increased to 255 seconds, from 240

Sadly, our little buddy Flash got HELLA nerfed. Now, when you Flash, you no longer dodge projectiles locked on to you (like a turret shot.) To add insult to injury, they added a longer cool down. On the upside, now your team won't have to worry about this spell. However, it makes you less agile, which is ****py. Double blink is still fun, though, although less viable.

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Ezreal and His Spells


I hate saying this about my main, but he's pretty tough to fit into a team. Now a days, people are crazy about CC and tough champions. Ezreal is a squishy damage dealing champion. He has no CC and he's definitely not a tank. These two things kind of put him at a disadvantage as far as the metagame goes. Regardless, I still main him proudly. He has a high damage out put, uses skill shots, and is an over all fun champion to play.

Now that I'm done explaining my story, let's get crackin'. First off, you have to understand what we're trying to achieve with this build. That is, to roll face with Mystic Shot. It shall be your bread and butter to this whole build. After a few rounds with Ezreal, your Q key should be pretty worn out.

=Rising Spell Force=

This nifty little passive will help out later in game. I like to spam my spells at a turret, just to get this up to max attack speed. Nice during 1v1's if they ever happen to you.

=Mystic Shot=

This is it, your trusty weapon of choice. It does 35/55/75/95/115 damage and takes 100% of your AD score and adds it to that. That's pretty nifty. Get some Sheen or Trinity Force (yes, I said Trinity Force) on this sucker, and you're doing insane amounts of damage. So the math would end up being Mystics Shot Damage + AD + BASE AD x 100%/150%, which ends up being quite a bit. Not to mention it's bonus effect where on hit, you decrease all cool downs by one second. Spam this bad boy to get some serious cool down reduction

There are some nice tricks you can do with this move.
    -Running away from enemies and firing back at them as they chase you to get some damage in is helpful.
    -Sheen and Trinity Force both automatically proc as you shoot Mystic Shot. I totally didn't think it did that, so rock on.
    -A fun thing to do is set up a Key Binding for Smart Casting. What this does is it uses the spell of your choice in the direction and area your mouse is pointed it. I have my A and S keys set to Smart Cast my First and Second spells and spam both of them at the same time for some nice damage. It's also useful when kiting and running away.

=Essence Flux=

Pretty cool guy. Messes with people's attack speeds and doesn't afraid of anything. Very useful in giving attack speed up for allies who are taking down turrets. Line up a shot to give everyone the boost, and to make your Rising Spell Force stack up quickly. I recommend leveling this skill up first because it increases your damage output with skill shots, as well as increasing/decreasing nearby champions and their attack speeds. It's actually VERY useful for poking enemies in a lane hiding behind minions. Remind them that you are still a threat, even if they have a way of defending themselves. I often use this in combination with my Mystic Shot for a bit of extra damage as well.

=Arcane Shift=

I can't count how many times this one saved my life. Use it to hop over walls and to get an extra boost in distance, whether you're chasing or running. Awesome when combined with Flash to gain even more distance. Also, a nice way to **** with people for positioning reasons. Level this up if you feel the need to have a shorter cool down. It's important to get away from ganks, but in my opinion leveling up your Essence Flux is far more important.

=Trueshot Barrage=

This is why I love this character, even though he's not based around this skill. It's a nice little initiator in team fights to get your Rising Spell Force up and to deal a bit of damage to the enemy team while they're all bunched up. Another use is shooting from across the map, scoring kills or just dealing damage to support your team. Don't be afraid to use this bad boy often, this build has crazy cool downs. You'll have it back up in less than a minute.

Now with the recent patch, Ezreal's bonus attack damage he receives from items and buffs will increase the damage of this attack! The ratio is at 1.0, so the extra damage will be noticeable. Hopefully you're as excited as I am about this new twist on Ezreal's ultimate.

One trick I like to use is when I'm at a turret, I'll shoot this into enemy minions and get my stacks of Rising Spell Force in an effort to take the turret down. Jawsome.

Another useful tip would be to send this down a lane where creeps are lined up, preferably when they're low on health. You'll end up hitting the creeps, giving you an extra bit of gold. Use this when you're like 100 gold away from getting that next item; super useful!

Please, don't be afraid to use this. This move is your ultimate for a reason; it's still a very powerful move!

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Now, this is a DPS build. A lot of people like to take the offensive tree in order to get that extra bit of damage in. So I often get the questions "Why the hell do you have utility and the Magic Penetration mastery? Are you ******ed?" I would simply answer "Because it's awesome, and maybe."


9 Points in offense are all you really need. The extra AP is just to get the tree going on down, and since we don't need crit ( Mystic Shot doesn't crit), AP might be more useful. You can switch it around, it doesn't really matter. However, the points in Sorcery are what counts. The cool down reduction is crucial to the build. You can go two ways with the last point. I personally using Archaic Knowledge so that your other spells have an extra little umpf to them. The next 6 points will focus on your damage output, especially for early game. The extra AD and Armor Penetration will help you ensure the damage needed to take the lane by storm. It'll give you a total of 31 Armor pen at level 1, a great step forward to killing your opponents, making Mystic Shot put the hurt on them.


Now, I know there's gonna be some hate on the first few choices here in the mastery page, but with good reason. I get the time spent dead for the reason's listed here in this link:

Honestly, until I read that I just used the regeneration mastery. It's a clear choice from now on.

There's a lot here, but what I focus on most is the mana regen. If you have enough mana regeneration, you won't have to worry about picking up items to help you out with it. The less items you have to worry about mana, the more you have for putting the hurt down on everyone else. Going on, you can either take the 5% extra mana or the 5% extra experience gained. I recommend the experience, since it'll allow you to get through your early game just a tad bit faster than everyone else. However, extra mana is always fun (Especially if you're going with Manamune!) Another part of the utility tree is the increased monster buff duration. Since we have this, getting blue or red buff is highly recommended. After this, put a point in the Flash mastery so that it's up during crucial moments of the game. Lastly, put the the final two points in Quickness so that you have more mobility.

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Quite a bit going on here. All of the runes will cost you 15375 IP. I'm writing this now on Double IP weekend, so I hope you have something saved up.


Greater Mark of Desolation
Armor Penetration is the name of the game. It will forever be your ally in this build. It allows you to ignore armor stacked up against you and your physical attacks. Since Mystic Shot is physical, this is very important.


The seals are simple enough. Mana regen per 5 seconds per level. By around level 5 these runes become better than their flat rate counterparts, which, in my opinion, are better. The runes will help you out significantly with mana issues, especially if you choose to not use manamune.

However, if you do use Tear of the Goddess, you may want to try out evasion or health runes. The health can help you early game, while dodge is nice all game round. Be sure to find out which you like most.


A must on pretty much any champion, cool down runes help you get rid of the nasty cool downs we all hate. At about level 12, the level up cool down runes give you about the same cool downs as the flat rate ones. The cool thing about that is that they get better as you level past that. This, plus Mystic Shot's ability to reduce cool downs with each hit helps you get your ulti out quicker.

If you feel that you want the Flat Cool down runes, then by all means use them. They are far superior early game, which is where AD Ezreal shines. This is all just a preference, though.


Greater Quintessence of Desolation
More. Armor. Pen. It's pretty self explanatory. This extra boost helps out all game, especially in the beginning. Your Mystic Shot does some pretty nice damage to champions due to all the Armor Penetration you'll be racking up.

However, some people don't like the risk going in there without defense. It's up to you on what you want to do. Personally, I think a nice alternative would be Greater Quintessence of Health. They give you a little bit of a defense against those early game fights, especially if you're nervous about dying this early on.

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Summoner Spells


Flash is a blink spell, teleporting you a short distance from where you're standing. Since Ezreal has an ability that does this already, some might not want to use this spell. It has a number of uses such as double flashing to get through the area (chase or flee), it can be used to save mana rather than using the 90 MP cost of Arcane Shift, or even dodge an incoming skill shots.

Recently, this spell was nerfed so it cannot dodge incoming enemy projectiles. With this in mind, please take a moment to reconsider other alternatives. Other spells are very useful, such as ignite or cleanse. However, since I'm a fan of flash still, I'll keep the masteries and summoner spells unchanged.


A good spell to have on any champion, it gives you a movement speed boost and allows you to pass through minions. Use this to chase enemies, run away from ganks, and get to different sides of the map to help fellow allies.

Possible Alternatives

Feel free to use what you find most useful for Ezreal. Feel free to take the respective masteries with the spells you like to take (THANKS FOR HELPING ME REMEMBER TO PUT THIS HERE, animorte!) Teleport can be used to get to towers quicker and to take them out. Ignite, as much as I hate it, is helpful in finishing off champions when you just don't have the mana to take them out yourself. Clairvoyance is great for checking bushes for possible ganks, seeing as you're squishy as all hell, and for finding your next target for Trueshot Barrage. Clarity can help with a mana hungry Ezreal, although you should be fine with mana with this particular build. Heal can help in clutch moments when you and another champion are down to the line with health. Exhaust can help during fights, whether its for the reduction in abilities and attacks, the armor reduction (if you took the mastery with it), or the slow. Cleanse can get rid of pain-in-the-*** crowd control spells that keep you from getting away. And the others aren't all that great for Ezreal in my opinion... being Rally, Revive, Smite, and Fortify.

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Core Items

These items are the one's that you'll usually want all the time. It's a good idea to have them in most games, however, you may not want certain ones and may exchange them for an alternative item (like Mercury's Treads for Boots of Swiftness. in a heavy CC team)

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Outlook of The Game

This part gets a little hazy with what I do specifically, but I can give you a general idea of what I do so you can develop your own strategy with items.

To clear a few things up, IN MY OPINION I feel that Manamune is a crutch for those unfamiliar with Ezreal's mana usage. The gold that it costs and the AD it gives you is not worth the purchase. I feel that the the Runes and Masteries are enough to keep your mana filled. If you choose not to use Manamune, but still have problems with mana, I would suggest a Chalice of Harmony. It's fairly cheap, keeps your mana up, and gives you extra Magic Resist, which is very useful. Also, if you choose not to get any mana regen items (which is what I do. I feel like they're a waste of space), pick up a Doran's Blade. It's VERY helpful early game. It gives you a bit of AD for that little bit of extra "umpf" that you may need early game. The biggest thing about this item is the extra health. The Life Steal is a nice little bonus; just attack minions to start getting your health back a little bit faster.

Early Game

First off, start with a Meki Pendant and 2 Health Potions. The Meki Pendant should be more than enough to keep your mana regened. Your health is only around 400-500, so you're hella squishy. Take your time leveling up and getting gold from the minions. Use your Mystic Shot to last hit minions if you have trouble auto attacking. Try setting yourself up to hit the enemy champion with your Mystic Shot as well. It should do somewhere around 100-200 damage, which is huge early game. Occasionally harass with Essence Flux and change your position with Arcane Shift every now and then to throw off the enemy or line up for more skill shots.

Once you get at least 1000 gold, head on back to base and pick up some items. Grab Boots of Swiftness for the much needed speed; it'll make you very maneuverable against your mid-lane adversary. The more gold you have, the more options you'll have to work with. There are usually three ways you can go about getting your next item purchase. If you're running out of mana a lot, get a Tear of the Goddess. However, if you aren't doing enough damage, pick up a Sheen or The Brutalizer. Sheen is crazy good for Mystic Shot procs, but The Brutalizer gives you more CDR and armor pen, along with some bonus AD. It's over all up to you to decide, but I personally like getting Sheen. You'll be surprised how hard your Mystic Shot hits if you can aim well with it.

Mid Game

As the game progresses, it's hopefully going well. If you got some kills and some time to farm, you should have some gold on your hands. If you haven't bought The Brutalizer yet, get it; vis versa with Sheen. You need those items. Once you have them, begin building Trinity Force. Phage is an excellent choice to start with because it gives health, damage and a chance for slow (Your Mystic Shot applies for the slow as well as auto attacks). If you like more movement speed, get a Zeal, although I wouldn't recommend it.

If you're REALLY bored and strapped for gold, pick up an Avarice Blade to have a piece for Youmuu's Ghostblade. It's not the best idea, however, if you hold on to it long enough it'll eventually pay itself off. (sadly Mystic Shot DOES NOT crit, so this item isn't too useful)

Also, if things are really going to ****, turn your Tear of the Goddess (or Meki Pendant) into a Manamune. The mana will be excellent for spamming spells and the attack damage is a nice bonus.

Late Game

By this time, you should eventually be able to make Trinity Force. Grab that and do some sick Mystic Shot procs. The added movement speed and slow on hit should help with chasing and getting away. Next, finish your Youmuu's Ghostblade to make some room. Remember: Youmuu's has a nice activate ability that allows you to move faster and attack more quickly. It's a nice escape and tower killer.

At this point you have two options; Cheap and Easy or Expensive and Awesome. The cheap and easy way goes with you simply making The Brutalizer. Brutalizer's and Ghost Blade's effects stack, so you'll have more cool down reduction AND armor pen. Nice for just an extra 1337 gold. The expensive and awesome way would be working toward The Black Cleaver. It's effect is just crazy for armor pen, and the extra AD is fantastic for everything you need to do. It costs a pretty penny, but it's well worth it.

End Game

If the game is dragging on, go ahead and pick up a B. F. Sword. Build that into The Bloodthirster. The bonus attack damage and life steal is a nice addition to everything. Use all of this to blow your foes away.

Gray Area

That's just a basic set up of how things work in my build. If, for instance, there's a high HP tank, it wouldn't hurt to pick up a Madred's Bloodrazor. Also, if you feel confident, don't be afraid to get a Sword of the Occult. The stacks give you more damage than any other item can, so it'll help out indefinitely.

Some good defensive items would be things like Banshee's Veil for Magic Resist and the resistance against one spell, Guardian Angel for the revive and extra Magic Resist and Defense, or even a Frozen Mallet for the guaranteed slow and extra health. Depending on what you're up against, you can get bigger defensive items if needed ((Like a Thornmail for a heavy Physical DPS team.))

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Zero's Play Style [HARD MODE]

This **** is a little rough, but if you do it right, you'll get your stuff done quicker.

Early Game

Screw the Meki Pendant. Get a freakin' Long Sword with a Health Potion. ****'s about to get ridiculous. Go back and buy Boots of Swiftness or Boots of Speed and Sword of the Occult. Head to mid. If your team is cool, ask for a gank. If YOU'RE REALLY cool, keep an eye out for low health champs at top and bot. Ulti for awesomeness. NEED THEM STACKS.


Mid Game

Remember Sheen? It's your best friend. Go grab him for extra mana and crazy mystic shot shenanigans. Keep getting stacks. DON'T DIE. Eventually make Phage and Zeal. Try getting Trinity Force; it's a cool guy. Squeeze a Vampiric Scepter in there when you can to begin making The Bloodthirster

Also, if you can get a B. F. Sword, get it. It's high priority. be sure to make that into The Black Cleaver. It's intense.

Don't be afraid to make ganks; you have Ghost for a reason. Keeping that in mind, if you can't make it to a fight, be sure to ulti someone; it'll count as an assist if they kill them soon after. More stacks!

Another thing to not forget. The neutral monster buffs are your best friends. Blue for the lack of mana regen and red for extra damage and slow.

Late Game

Depending on what you did previously will effect what you do here. If you got Trinity Force, get The Black Cleaver. If you got Black, get Trinity. Keep getting Stacks. Kill, Kill, Kill. Be sure to kill steal like a jack ***. Remember, who gives a **** if they don't get the kill if they don't have a stack item? I sure don't.

Later Game

Youmuu's Ghostblade? Sure. The Bloodthirster? Crazy awesome. Get whatever you can afford. It's all up to you at this point.

End Game

kk. This should be the part where you tear through people while zooming across the map with your Trinity Force and 20 Stacks. Your items: Boots of Swiftness, Trinity Force, Sword of the Occult, The Black Cleaver, The Bloodthirster and one space open for an item of your choice, depending on the situation. Madred's Bloodrazor is excellent to add more magic damage with your physical attacks, and nice against high HP champions. It also helps rip through turrets too. If you feel too squishy and you don't wanna lose your stacks, Guardian Angel can help you with that problem, although I never use it.

Item Priority

When laning, you are going to accumulate quite a bit of gold. Some items you will want to purchase before others. This list may help you decide what you need.

B. F. Sword, Boots of Swiftness, Sword of The Occult, Black Cleaver, Sheen/Phage, Vampiric Scepter, Trinity Force, The Bloodthirster.

The reason why BF is so high is because of it's usefulness and it's price. If you can get a high cost item out of the way, go for it. It's much better to have one really good item, than 2 or 3 ****py ones.

Boots are second due to their use and their mid range price. 'nuff said.

SoTO is 3rd for a few reasons. It's a stackable, so you don't want this too late or too early into the game. If you get it too early, you end up having too less damage out put to get any stacks and you become useless. Too late, you lose the chance to snowball the item with ganks during a laning phase, allowing you to face roll the other team. Getting the B.F. Sword first is a much wiser choice, because it allows you to kill more efficiently.

Black Cleaver is more situational. Over all it's an excellent item. Most squishies will lose a large chunk of armor, especially during early and mid game, allowing you to tear through them. It's a good item all game long, though.

Sheen and Phage make Trinity Force. Sheen gives more damage with Mystic Shot. Phage gives more utility and health, increasing survivability. Nice items to have, but not the most important.

Vamp Scepter is up next due to your squishiness. This allows you to return to fights sooner by attacking minnions or champions to heal yourself. It also builds into The Bloodthirster; an excellent item for Ezreal.

Trinity Force is way down here for a reason. First, it costs about 4k; That's A LOT of money! That could be used towards other items earlier on. Second, is it's passive. It's a wonderful ability, don't get me wrong (I'll be the first one to boast about how awesome it is.) However, this passive becomes more and more useful later game, because it is based on your base attack damage. So, the later it gets, the better it gets.

Finishing your Bloodthrister is last because it's simply just more damage. You can get the Life Steal earlier on to get that utility out of the way and worry about other items, like Trinity Force which gives more effects.

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Item Reasoning

With the recent update of MOBAFire and out of boredom, I've decided to show the reasoning behind choosing certain items. For a while, I've received numerous questions as to why I do or do not choose certain items for this build. With that in mind, I figure why shouldn't I explain my self in a little more detail?

Trinity Force I'll start here folks; the bread and butter of this build. Trinity Force is an amazing (and expensive) item that I highly recommend with this build. It gives everything you need and more to make your Ezreal more dominant. We'll start with the main reason behind it; it's passive ability.

"On cast, increases your Base Attack Damage by 150%"

This is everything. Right after you cast a spell, your base attack damage increases for one physical hit. This is a great ability to use coupled with a successful physical hit. So, for instance, let's say you cast Arcane Shift and then soon after auto attack. The damage you deal will be increased dramatically, making you more deadly. However, this isn't the best strategy to use with this; there is a far easier way to capitalize on this Unique Passive. Simply use Mystic Shot. Yep, it's that plain and simple. As soon as you cast Mystic Shot, the ability activates. And, as we know, Mystic Shot deals physical damage. So, when the Mystic Shot hits it's target, it would have done extra damage due to your Base Attack Damage increase.

You can find your base attack damage by hovering over your AD score and looking at the tool tip box that appears. The first number is your base, where the second number is the extra damage given to you by items or buffs (It's look something like this 101+30). I believe Ezreal's Base AD at level 18 is 101. So you take 101 and increase it by 150%. The math would be 101 + 151.5 = 252.5. This new number would be applied to your mystic shot, along with it's base damage and the extra attack damage from your items. Compare your Trinity's power boost to other items... say an Infinity Edge. Infinity only gives 75 AD, and that would be added flat to your Mystic Shot. However, Trinity Force adds 151.5 points in damage to your mystic shot; That's a little more than double one of the strongest Attack Damage items. Even compared to The Bloodthirster fully stacked (100 AD) it's still stronger. However, since this is added with end game base attack damage, it can only reach this potential late into the game. Even so, this is an INCREDIBLE item.

Moving on, we have it's other traits to consider. It has a 30% chance to slow, which is very useful during chases or while retreating. On top of that, the movement speed bonus also helps in said situations. This item also gives 30 AD and AP; a nice bonus to an already fantastic item. Bonus attack speed, health, and mana are also more little goodies that this big item provides.

Honestly, for a build that focuses on Mystic Shot, this item is DEFINITELY needed. Here are some little reminders for what you can do with this item.

-Quickly take down turrets by procing your next auto attack by using a spell. You can use Arcane Shift, Essence Flux, or True Shot Barrage however you please, but if you were to proc it with Mystic Shot, be sure not to hit anyone with the shot, or your proc will have been for the said Mystic Shot
-Kite enemies chasing you with Mystic Shot to deal a lot of damage, while attempting to slow.
-Auto Attack or Mystic Shot fleeing foes to try to slow them as well.
-Your AP is increased, meaning your other spells do more damage.
-Auto Attacks have a chance to crit; don't always give up a fight just because you're out of mana.


Manamune... Oh, how you've disappointed me. I was really excited when this item came out, thinking it would change Ezreals game play entirely. After using it and doing the math, this thing just isn't worth it. Don't get me wrong, it has it's uses and I'm sure if used properly it can do some sick stuff... but it's just not meant to be in my build.

Let's start number crunching, folks:
Manamune gives you 350 mana right off the bat. If you're using my guide, you should have a Trinity Force as well which gives you 250 mana. 350 + 250 = 600. Ezreal's base mana at level 18 is 1045. 600 + 1045 = 1645.

Now, if you got all the mana that Manamune would give you, you would end up with 2645 mana.

With Manamune, you take 2% of your max mana and put it towards AD.

2% of 2645 = 52.90

Given the fact that this item comes with base attack damage of 20, we have to add that too.

20 + 52.9 = 72.9

Remember... this is at level 18, with max mana. Not mid game when you would probably pick it up.

That being said, it isn't terrible, seeing as it gives you a huge mana pool with some decent AD. The problem here lies within it's lack of effects. It doesn't give you any kind of CC or other effects that Ezreal really needs.

This item's main purpose is to give you mana. The attack damage is a bonus to make you think you're paying for something useful. I'd highly suggest buying any other high AD item than this, even a B.F. Sword (so at least you can upgrade it later). It's PURELY for maximizing your mana. Rather than it's AP counter part, Archangels Staff, the mana regen on this item is pitiful. A measly 7 Mana per 5 seconds.

With all this being said, does this item have any use? Yes. When starting out with Ezreal, you may have trouble managing his mana, especially if you don't have the mana regen runes and masteries. It gives you a HUGE mana pool combined with Ezreal's low cost spells, it gives you peace of mind knowing that you can spam spells and almost never run out of mana.

When getting this item, the extra AD can help out quite a bit. It's not the biggest buff, especially earlier on, but it does the job. It'll continue to grow stronger, so long as you continue to use spells and auto attacks to further increase your max mana.

Over all, this item doesn't fit into this build. I can't urge you enough to steer clear of this item, especially if you're a more experienced Ezreal player.

Madred's Bloodrazor
A lot of people ask me about this item and if I would use it. It's definitely a unique one. It gives armor, attack speed, attack damage and an effect that deal magic damage. This combination of stats is a bit confusing, although it makes some sense from what the items are made up of.

Let's take this bad boy apart, shall we?

First off, the less useful stuff. The attack speed bonus is gives is a 40% boost. This is a pretty large sum of attack speed, however with this build it isn't too needed.

Second, we have the armor. A bonus 25 armor could be the difference of life and death in certain scenarios, but don't expect it to do much for the squishy Ezreal, especially end game.

Next, we get into the more serious stuff which would be the reason why you would purchase the behemoth of an item; damage output.

First, we see it has a mediocre amount of Attack Damage. It's nothing huge, but it's better than nothing. An extra 30 Attack Damage is given to you as a result of purchasing this item.

The other amount of damage is the whole reason why you would get the item, and it's due to an effect with magic damage.

The effect reads "UNIQUE Passive: on hit, deals Magic Damage equal to 4% of the target's maximum Health."

This is quite substantial, given the correct situations. The great thing about Ezreal is that his Mystic Shot adds on-hit effects. This means if you use your Q, the damage from this item will be on top of it!

I'll break it down for you.

Let's say you're up against your average caster. I'd say they have about 2000 Health, give or take.

4% of that casters life would be 80

So, that's 80 magic damage.

On top of that, you have the extra 30 AD given to you by the item.

So the total damage is going to be 110.

That's not too shabby... given you deal all the damage together.

The attack damage dealt will probably make it through, seeing as how you should have some good armor pen going with this build.

However, the magic damage on the item might not get through all the way. I'll explain;

If you're using my guide, you probably took 9 point in offensive, giving you a 15% Magic Penetration. That's pretty much all the magic penetration you're going to have.

How armor and magic resist work is a bit confusing. Their equations are the same, so bear with me.

Damage Reduction Percent = 100 * (Effective MR) / (100 + ABS(Effective MR))

So, say a regular squishy walks up, normally having 30 Magic resist. What would happen after all the calculations?

15% of 30 = 4.5
30 - 4.5 = 25.5
25.5 / (100 + 25.5) = 20.3% reduced magic damage

So, if we take the 80 magic damage from earlier...

20.3% of 80 = 16.24

We take that number and reduce our damage from that...

80 - 16.24 = 63.76

And now add the extra attack damage...

63.76 + 30 = 93.76

93.76 isn't bad, regardless, there are much better things you can get.

Remember, this is given the scenario when you're attacking a squishy without any sort of Magic Resist items.

What if they had the popular item, Banshee's Veil?

Since it gives 375 Health and 50 Magic Resist, I'll add that into the equation.

50 + 30 = 80 Magic Resist
2000 + 375 = 2375 Health

4% of 2375 = 95 magic Damage

30 AD

Now, on to the 15% magic resist reduction...

15% of 80 = 12

80 - 12 = 68 Magic Resist

68 / (100 + 68) = 40% Magic Damage reduction

Now, for the damage...

40% of 95 is 38

95 - 38 = 57

57 + 30 = 87

87 Damage on each hit total? That's good... just not for an item that costs you 3800 gold! Even so, this item is still very useful. If fighting an enemy with high amounts of health, you'll be dealing more and more damage. Perhaps you're fighting an enemy with 4000 health; the magic damage will be 160 damage with each hit... given they have 0 magic resist. However, there are some champions with low magic resist and high amounts of health. Some Olafs like to run about without any sort of damage reduction, but stack insane amounts of health. Other tanks may try to defend with armor, rather than magic resist items. Occurrences like this can be rare, but take the opportunity to use this item if it happens to you. It's especially useful against those damn Vladamirs.

On top of that all, even with all the damage being pumped out, THE PERCENT DAMAGE WILL NOT SCALE WITH LIFE STEAL OR SPELL VAMP. So, if you're trying to survive a fight, hoping the damage output from this item will save you, you'll be sadly mistaken.

This item goes great with things that have magic penetration or magic resist shredding, however, we aren't using those kind of items. Hopefully, when you use this item, you'll be aware of the enemies' magic resist. If you can keep that and their total health in mind, this item can be a very handy tool in winning fights.

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Remember that you're squishy. Act like an assassin. Shoot people through walls. Attack while they're distracted. You're a force to be reckoned with, and if the team has a functioning brain, they'll know to target you. Be careful and be sure to kill.

Well, I hope that helps you out with Ezreal. I just wanted to give you a general idea on how I build this champion.