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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Teemo Build Guide by MysticalZelda

Other Super Teemo - Your Teemo Resource- ALL roles included ^^

Other Super Teemo - Your Teemo Resource- ALL roles included ^^

Updated on November 14, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MysticalZelda Build Guide By MysticalZelda 162 41 1,024,842 Views 68 Comments
162 41 1,024,842 Views 68 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MysticalZelda Teemo Build Guide By MysticalZelda Updated on November 14, 2013
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  • LoL Champion: Teemo
  • LoL Champion: Teemo
  • LoL Champion: Teemo


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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More Teemo Runes



Why Teemo?

Welcome to my second guide! This one is about one of my favorite champions, captain Teemo! I've started to play him when I was still lower level and did very well. I kinda quit playing him since he's a unique laner. He can mid, he can Ad bot, he can top. Most people sent Teemo in the mid lane or the bot lane, but he's way better as a Solo Top. Teemo is also a champion that you need to pick to counter and not you get countered.

Teemo Top

Most of this guide is based on Teemo Top, but it also got some stuff for other Teemo's.

On top lane, he mostly counters every melee, AD champion. He is well known to counter Tryndamere. On bot his advantages is that he can trade well, his disadvantages is that he has very low range. On mid lane it's best to go against a melee caster, since the range on Teemo's attacks are so low, that he can get outharrased. And the blind does nothing to AP carrys.

Teemo is also a very safe champion. His ultimate grands him vision and also a place to run to when a slow is needed. Teemo also has his Move Quick to run away from most champions. And even if needed he can use camouflage to escape.

Read before Reading!

In this guide I will give you the build I use and I give you hints on how to play Teemo. Also, before you start reading. My first language isn't English, so if you find any mistakes, tell me. Also if you have any comments about my build/guide, tell me as well. Enjoy! If you do enjoy, please vote up so more people enjoy :) <3.
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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ Can go in every lane.
+ Really save champion.
+ Grants vision.
+ Counters tanks and AD champions.
+ Great escaping if played well.
+ Doesn't need items to help out the team.
+ Easy to master.
+ Supercute, awesome skins <3



- Without items really squishy.
- Can get counterpicked.
- Very low range.
- Oracle kill shrooms and also sees Teemo when he is invisible.
- Does not really benefit from lifesteal/spellvamp.
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  • Camouflage Camouflage: A pretty nice passive. Free unlimited stealth. You can use this to be a living ward, when you're for example protecting your jungler. You can't move while stealthed though, then you'll turn visible again. So you sometimes can get yourself stuck in a place. Also if the enemy team has a good guess of where you are, they can try and AOE you to death. So make sure you use this wisely. What you must know also is that if you get knocked up while stealthed, you will turn visible. So make sure that you will get out before that happens.
  • Blinding Dart (Q): This skill is amazing to counter champions that use autoattacks to do damage. It has a pretty low cooldown as well. If you're able to time your blind well, you take extreamly reduced damage. For example: Blinding dart, autoattack, when it runs out, run away, when it's up again repeat.
  • Move Quick (W): Your move quick both gives you a passive and an active. The passive is really sweet to run from lanes to lanes, or through the jungle to place your shrooms around. The active you mostly use to close a gap, or make a gap bigger. Especially since Teemo has a really low range he can use this to get in range.
  • Toxic Shot (E): Amazing skill! It's a constantly active passive that gives your attacks a poison. It deals damage over 4 seconds and resets on every autoattack. If you max this first, the more damage your attacks do. So basically it's free damage. The skill also does magical damage. If you then build Teemo hybrid, it's very hard to counter Teemo's autoattacks.
  • Noxious Trap (R): One of the most unique ultimates in the game, I have to say. It grants you a placeable mushroom that stacks up to 3 times. Which means that you can hold up to 3 mushrooms at a time and place them. When you place them down, they will go invisible and grants you vision over that area. If an enemy steps over the shroom it will get blown up, dealing damage and damage over time. If the shrooms stay passive for 10 minutes, they will die on their own. In this guide I will have a different chapter explaining where to use the shrooms and how to use them.
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Teemo is pretty squishy, so some resistances are really good for him. Especially on solo top. In this build you will get way more tankier, that's why these are the only runes with defenses that I use.

Amazing on Teemo. It helps you reset your Toxic Shot more and also allows you to harras more.

I actually had these runes for my AD carrys. It actually helps Teemo out too early game. He will deal more damage, and that makes him a great 1vs1 on lv1.

Teemo actually benefits from almost all the runes in the game, so it doesn't really mather what runes you use. The runes he benefits most from, though, are attack speed and armor/magic resist/health
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Early Game Goals
These items grant you that extra tanky-ness and also damage. Because of his Toxic Shot Teemo already has quite some damage. Since he's so squishy, early tanky-ness is good for him.

Mid Game Goals
The reason I get Wit's End is because it grants you damage, tanky-ness and attack speed. It's a perfect item for Teemo. Why not get Ionic Spark instead of Wit's End is because from the Frozen Mallet and Doran's Blades you already got a lot of HP. It's best to get some resistances then.

End Game Goals

Get this when your enemies are getting a lot of HP. Even if not, this item grants Teemo everything he needs, armor, damage, attack speed.

At a point, people are getting really annoyed by your blinding dart. So they focus you. Luckily Solo Top Teemo is tanky, but just in case you can get a Guardian Angel

Situational Items

If you're not doing that well early game. If helps you last-hitting, gives you vision and also gives you lifesteal to survive your lane.

If you don't need the Guardian Angel, get this item. Gives you extra slow, AP and tanky-ness.

Replace this with Guardian Angel if the enemy team has a lot of poke abilities and CC.

Replace this with Guardian Angel if the enemy team has a lot of CC and champions like Warwick, Malzahar, Urgot.


It gives Teemo early attackspeed, so more damage.

If your enemies have a lot of CC, or a lot of magical damage.

When you get a lot of attack damage on you, you get this item.

You can use these boots with your Move Quick to get from place to place quicker. I do recommend not getting these boots though, since you already have high movementspeed.
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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells
    Pretty standard summoners. Obviously flash to escape or get kills. Since Teemo already has his
Move Quick it's better to get Flash with it. Ignite grants you awesome damage over time together with your Toxic Shot and also a healing debuff.

Other Summoners:

With your Move Quick you will run really fast. But because you have that spell, you don't really need an extra speedboost.

Good summoners early game, but since you'll get Frozen Mallet it will be useless lategame.

Overall a good Summoner to bait, but it gets countered by Ignite.

Another great solo top spell. Will help you have presence everywhere. You can also Teleport to your own mushrooms. You can also use this to take out towers quickly. I don't get this summoners though because Teemo already has a high movementspeed, so he can already have presence everywhere.

If they have a lot of high CC, you could consider this summoners. Or a Quicksilver Sash.

Just no...

Maybe, since it grants you bonus stats it's obvious that it will work great on a fighter like Teemo. Though it falls off on the rest of the summoners, while Surge grants you bonus stats for a short period, and you always want to do damage.
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Shroom Guide

Shroom Guide

Welcome to the Teemo mushroom part of this guide! I'll explain a few things you can do with the shrooms, but first a brief video guide.

1. Wave clearing
The first thing you can do with shrooms is clearing out creepwaves, or creepcamps. You put a mushroom in the middle of a creepwave and let it explode. It will deal so much aoe damage that the wave will die and you can finish off the rest of the creeps with autoattacks. You can also use this to guard your turret. You just need to know how the creepwave is going to walk and put down mushrooms in that route. This will guard the turret from far. You can also place down mushrooms near the turret, if a creepwave or enemy get to that turret.

2. Escaping
If you're running from someone and you have a little bit of a gap, quickly place down a shroom right where you're standing. This mostly have people back off, since they know they will get slowed if they step on it. And of course if they continue, they will get slowed. You can also run towords shrooms you placed earlier, so best if you put down shrooms on escapepaths just in case. This will also help down your teammates if they get chased.

3. Warding
Although shrooms don't grand you as much vision as actual wards, they are free. Which means you can place as much shrooms as you want (of course, if you have shrooms up). Try and place Shrooms on keypoints on the map. Baron, Dragon, Buffs, Jungle entries, brushes.
Heres a picture of shroom places:
Green= Both purple and blue.
Purple= Place shrooms here if you're purple side.
Blue= Place shrooms here if you`re blue side.

4. Fighting
When you're 1vs1ing someone, you can place down a shroom ON them to deal extra damage and also slow them if they are running. Also, if a teamfight is about to happen, try and place as many shrooms on that area. It will randomly slow down and damage people. You can also do this in your own lane, placing shrooms to zone your enemy. If you're laning against a irelia who can jump on you for example, always make sure that she jumps on a shroom as well.

Also, if an invisible enemy steps on a mushroom, it will still explode! So if you know they have a Twitch, Shaco, Evelynn, any invisible champion, use your shrooms as vision and defense to those champions. A mushroom also will explode if Shaco puts a box on it. You can try counter those boxes with shrooms that way.

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Positioning in teamfights

Positioning in teamfights

As for all ranged champions, positioning is really important. Although, on Teemo it's not the most important thing. The reason behind this is that you rush Frozen Mallet and Wit's End. This will give you some early tanky-ness so you can actually survive damage. Also your Blinding Dart will help you a lot with surviving damage from AD's.

Still, positioning is very important. With what I said previous about Teemo you can assume it doesn't really mather, but still the best position for Teemo in a fight is in the middle of everyone. Since Teemo is quite a small champion, it's harder for people to focus him as well. Unless people intentionally do it. Still, with your damage and tanky-ness you wanna be in the middle to optimise your damage output, since your range is quite low.
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Ap and Ad Teemo

Ap and Ad Teemo

Why Attack Speed Teemo and not full AD Teemo, or full AP Teemo?
Ap Teemo
Ap attack speed Teemo is actually reallyfun to play. His shrooms deal massive damage and his Blinding Dart is a sort off nuke. The only problem is that he is very squishy and can't really 1vs1 someone. Ap Teemo is more for controlling a fight due to shrooms. Shrooms can get countered by an oracle, by spellshields. When you get countered like that, Ap Teemo get's harder to play.

You need to play Ap Teemo more like a wise strategy champion then a fighter. Which means you need to plan out the moves of your enemies and place down Mushrooms on those places.

Ad Teemo
Full Ad Teemo, with Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer sounds very good. Again with this build though, Teemo is again very squishy. And here he starts to fall off. He has poor range and the only escape he has is his Move Quick. But what happens with Ad Teemo is he will get focused down before he can W away.

You need to play Ad Teemo like an Ad carry. So make sure you get all your items, if you don't have those items you have to farm. Use your shrooms mainly as vision so you know your safe. When teamfights happen, try to do as much autoattacks as possible and make sure you don't get focused.
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Support Teemo

Support Teemo

If you go to the Teemo page on your client, you´ll see that Teemo is officially a support. Reason being that Teemo has a few supporting abilities. Namely Blinding Dart and Noxious Trap.


So as a support Teemo you should manely focus on building Cooldown Reduction, Ability Power, and Support Items. That's why I chose for going 3 gold per 10s, since in the end you'll need them all. Then try to build up your support items as shown in my build. Try and get Mobility Boots early for the movement speed. That way you can both spread a lot of sight ward and Noxious Trap in a fast way. You also don't need the Boots of Lucidity, because your build already has a lot of CDR.


When you're supporting your lane you should spam a lot of Blinding Darts. Try to stand in the brush and harras with an autoattack-Q-autoattack. This way you deal quite some damage and also blinding the enemy, which helps you don't get harrased back.

Because Teemo is an anti-AD carry he'll work against almost every lane on bot. There are some champions that are more resistant to Teemo then others.

To these champions:
Teemo works well against
  • Vayne Obvious, she works on movement and attack speed. Both Teemos support abilities counter that.
  • Twitch So funny. If he steps on a shroom you'll see the explotion, so Teemo is Very Anti Twitch.
Teemo works medium against
  • Kog'Maw Even though in the beginning Teemo works well against him, when Kog'maw hits six he still has his ultimate and can do quite me damage that way.
Teemo isn't the best support against
  • Ezreal Just his ability to spam abilitys constantly makes it that he doesn't gets countered of Blinding Dart. Really annoying.
  • Sivir Them Spell shields and boomerangs...

VS Others

Teemo doesn't have sustain, Soraka does have highly sustain. For a defensive lane parnter you should consider going Soraka over Teemo. For a harras and kill lane, get Teemo.

If you play AGAINST Soraka in lane try and keep harrassing. That way she can't keep up them heals. And don't forget, blind her so she can't trow them bananas.

Yes it's true, Janna totally wins from Teemo in every way. Unless they got a Tryndamere, but obviously he's mostly top or jungle, so adjust your role. Janna has the CC, the healing and more 'sustain' then Teemo (shield, knock up, slow, etc.)

It's gonna be though for you if you play against Janna. Consider going full harras, but also try and get boots early to get out of range of her harrasment. Focus the ADC that goes with her more, since she can't sustain him.

Taric is also a great support in a vew nice ways. He only lacks real harras. If you are a very aggressive support, pick Teemo, if you like sustain and CC, pick Taric.

If you play against Taric, get the harras going. He has a very slow heal. Focus him over the ADC, because he has no trades. Make sure to keep vision on him and no vision on you.

Sona has everything that you don't have. You have slight more harras, but she has heals, harras and CC... So consider you out if you both play against her. Only hing I can give you is to blind her when she wants to trigger her passive.

I just LOVE Leona support. So much CC, but Teemo has the vision and different CC. So just look good when you're picking your support. Who are you playing with and whose your lane opponent.

Playing against Leona is really hard. She blows you up with CC in no-time. Try get your lv2 boots ASAP!

Blitz has the pulls, which makes him only in that way better then Teemo. They both have their own unique support skills. It's up to you who you want to play: a machine or a cute little fluffy Teeemo...

Make sure you don't get grabbed. He can still grab you even though you are invisible. So keep running around and harrasing him, since he has no sustain.
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Carry Teemo

Carry Teemo

With Carry Teemo you play him on Bot lane, with a support. A few things you must know on Carry Bot Teemo.

Who to have as Ally

First of all, Teemo has one of the lowest ranges of all AD carrys, so positioning in lane is really important. Also it's best to get with some sustain, so boots and pots or a healer lane fit really well with Teemo. Especially an Alistar, Blitzcrank or Nautilus fit extreamly well with Teemo. The reason is because all these champions can pull someone or push someone towords Teemo, so he can harras the champions that can pulled, without having the range. Also, a pull is amazing once Teemo hits 6 and can place Noxious Traps.


As for the item build you should really consider getting high damage items first, like Malady and Wit's End. Somewhere in the game I get a Bloodthirster for the extra damage and sustain. Teemo doesn't benefit from crits that much, so a Bloodthirster is an ideal damage item.


The summoners are pretty simple. Either Flash and Heal/ Cleanse. Which is pretty standart for a carry, since they need to survive the longest and do the most damage.

Carry Teemo is a lot of fun, but you need to get your proper support and your proper items first. With this small guide you'll know exacly how to play a succesful Carry Teemo.
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Mid Ap Teemo

Mid AP Teemo

Why AP Teemo?

Ap Teemo is actually a lot of fun and been seen alot lately. In the build you focus on CDR and items that have both attack speed and AP. In the beginning, you really NEED dorans for the sustain. You max your Q first, because that scales off AP. Then your E and then W. R when it's available.


In lane, harras with Q and E. Get in and out of range with W, since your range is really low. What's nice about mid Teemo is that he isn't dependend on cooldowns. When your opponents waiting for the cooldowns on his spells, you can just autoattack and it actually does damage. The dissadvantage is that you don't have a lot of range.

At six, spam the area with shrooms. Place a few in lane, place a few at the brushes and routes from the jungler. Use them while fighting, make sure they get walked on.


End/mid game, place shrooms everywhere. I always make sure I have 1 - 0 shrooms up. So I walk around placing shrooms. In team fights make sure you position yourself correct, since you're very squishy. And try and focus the squishys.
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Videos and Pictures

Videos and Pictures
Toxic Shot, your best last hitter (Teemo Quadrakill)




If you have a picture/video you want here, post it in the comments :).
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Thank You!

Thank you!

Thank you for reading my Teemo guide! I hope that with this guide you'll realize that Teemo is an awesome solo top, if well build. Teemo can fit in every team, but is best to use as a counterpick to heavy autoattack champions. Also the shrooms counter any high presence champions, for example gank-junglers like Lee-sin, Nautilus and Shaaco.

Please leave all your feedback and give it a vote. If you have any questions or you want me to add something also leave that in the comments.


Thanks to:
jhoijhoi for her build guide and template
You, for reading.
Everyone who commented and voted on my guide.
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13-3-2012// Published
13-3-2012// Forgot to add Summoners Spells and quickly changed the build a bit.
13-3-2012// Added Videos and Pictures.
13-3-2012// Changed the lay-out of the guide with a template and added a lot more content. It also seems like it's the same day, but I published the guide at midnight. Lol.`
1-4-2012// Changed the runes as requested.
22-4-2012// The new patch didn't change any gameplay changes for Teemo, but I did add a Carry Teemo page for if you wanna play Teemo on bot lane. Also added positioning.
8-7-2012// Added Venpresaths score screenshot
31-7-2012// Made some changes to the Solo Top Teemo build.
25-8-2012// Added more builds, though need to write short guide on every build.
30-8-2012// Wrote the support Teemo part.
23-9-2012// Every Role finished. And improved layout
3-5-2013// Updated to S3 stuffz. If you guys still see more stuffz that has to be fixed, pm me plz :).
12-5-2013// Added Tank Teemo ^^

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