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Zed Build Guide by Blue Moon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blue Moon

The definitive and comprehensive Zed's guide

Blue Moon Last updated on October 20, 2013
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Please read this first

This guide isn't definitive. I published it to get help and advises.

Please leave comments, give me your opinion.

It seems Zed's ultimate will be changed (my god, it will be..... I'm sick.), so I'm waiting for that before writing the second combo part.

About the videos: I think it can be very useful (especially with combos), but I have some problems with my records. If it is really needs and some people ask me it, I can record my screen on bot games, waiting for a recorder for mac. I need to finish the combo section...

I need your support to finish it/take the time to improve and complete.

I'm sorry for my english, I will correct all with some friends if this guide is appreciated.

Thank you !

Guide Top

How this guide is built ?

Quick view about it:

-An entire part (the most important I think) on the gameplay, with early, mid and late game.
-Special chapters on combos and jukes !
-Finally matchups based on my experience, and i hope, reflexions you will bring me.

I'll try to add videos to help as much as I can people to understand some combos.

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Hello and welcome to my Zed guide !

To begin with, there is here two options:

-You just want to know some tips on runes, masteries, stuff. Okay, the beginning will be enough.
-You want to play Zed. Master him. It requires time and practice. Read all. But. Use your brain. This is the key.

Well ! Zed is very powerful. I'll try to explain his abilities, the different combos, how to chose, which combo to do. This is the main problem, as a LeBlanc player or Orianna, you can do many things. The choice is difficult, especially in 0,5 seconds.

Quote from a Leblanc's guide which is one of the best guides imo: "Let's make another thing clear: playing Leblanc (Zed) properly is both hard, and not hard.
Any idiot can QR (REQ) someone. Any muppet can get a good game with a champion and carry his team. It takes practice, skill and knowledge to consistently do your job well. Leblanc's (Zed's) kit is so incredibly versatile, that the amount of intricacies in the variables one considers in decision making takes far longer to master than other champions."

This guide isn't science. I'm not the best Zed player of the world, so many people are far better than me in the general appreciation of the game. But my aim is to help beginners, and those who want to master him. I hope people will help me to improve this guide.

You can rate the guide, please tell me the reasons of your choice, and let's discuss on Zed.

Guide Top

This is Zed

That's it, you are an assassin. With ? Some classic spells, and shadows. That's interesting.

First. You're not as powerful as or in early game. You're more linear. But your lanes phase is pretty strong. You should be the biggest threat, and uncatchable. Never die, how annoying it is for them.
You must be the master of shadows, juke them, kill them and disappear.

How to play Zed ? Know your enemy, know your abilities, USE YOUR BRAIN.

Your main role on mid lane is to mute your opponent, erase him and roam. If the Ap carry is erased, you did your job. Top, jungle ? Nope. Can play top for fun, but you'll not shine.

Guide Top

Runes / Masteries / Summoners

Note that some guides will explain you all of that, and better than me.


-> Per Level runes are more efficient than flat at lvl 9-10 in general.

-> Keep Seals for armor and Glyphs for MR.

->If you play with armor penetration and flat AD, use marks for a.p. and quints for flat AD.

Now the runes I usually use:

Defensive runes

Your classic armor runes, for blind pick or ad laning. If your early will be only against AP, you can switch for arm/lvl.

I don't use these ones so much. I prefer flat because even on mid lane (against ap), you wll need it, auto attacks count a lot in early. That why it sucks.

Very interesting on top lane, it will gives you a better mid game (you won't roam so many times between level 6 and 10). I always use its on top lane, against ad of course.

Mid lane, that's all. Can't play without its.

Offensive runes

Damage, flat, nothing else.

Greater mark of armor penetration Gives you 11,5 arm.pen. Approximatively 6 from the masteries. That's to say, you have 26-27 armor penetration with The Brutalizer. Pretty cool.

I don't use ad or a.p. per level, it's not enough efficient.

If you're interested in, you can do the maths.

Runes pages I usually use on Zed

On top lane:

On mid lane:


21-9-0 are the best imo, you won't play tanky, and you don't really need mana/CDR, some def is better on lane.

So I usually play with this masteries:

Some Zed players prefer Fury to Sorcery, I disagree. You don't need AS in early, farming is easy and some CDR is nice.

You can prefer take the point in Destruction but Butcher makes farming really easy.

Summoner's Wrath is nice, you will play with Ignite 99% of your games.

Nothing to say about Executioner !

I don't pick Summoner's Insight because veteran's scrars is too much important in early game. Even is that cooldown reduction on your Flash could be nice.

Summoner's spells

Is this section really needed ?

Obviously, you will play with Flash and Ignite.

Changes ?

I'm just amazed of "I don't need flash noob, my E is a flash/gap closer/etc.". Nope, it's just too powerful, you can't play without it. I'll not even speak about Ghost....

You're an assassin, it is... Useful ? In late game too when Tryndamere and his friends "Attackspeed-Lifesteal-Autoattack-nobrain champions" are annoying. Shut down them. Just remember, it doesn't work with your ult (true damage).

You can replace Ignite by Teleport on hard top lanes. Be careful of your opponent... For example Dr. Mundo... You can, you can. Not a great fan on that spell with Zed.

Barrier, Exhaust... No, I don't like them on Zed. As always, do what you want. But you're an assassin.

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"Whenever Zed autoattacks an enemy below 50% health, he deals an additional 6 / 8 / 10% of their maximum health as magic damage. This effect cannot occur on the same target more than once every 10 seconds."

Okay, this passive is just too strong, but a bit difficult to use properly. We'll see later on the laning phase how do you can abuse it. Don't forget the cooldown.

Note: "Contempt for the Weak does not affect turrets or other structures."

A lot of people underestimate it, a good use of it change your lane.

Zed and his shadows throw their shurikens, each dealing physical damage to the first enemy they pass through and a lesser amount to enemies thereafter.

Cooldown: 6 seconds
Range: 900
Cost: 75 / 70 / 65 / 60 / 55 energy
Physical Damage: 75 / 115 / 155 / 195 / 235 (+1.0 per bonus AD)

Physical Damage (Secondary Targets): 45 / 69 / 93 / 117 / 141 (+0.6 per bonus AD)

Living Shadow: Additional shurikens striking the same enemy deal 50% damage and restore energy.
Second Shuriken Damage (When Striking the Same Target): 37.5 / 57.5 / 77.5 / 97.5 / 117.5 (+0.5 bonus AD)

That's the first ability who makes Zed as an ad caster. Generally max it first, a chapter will be written about that choice. Don't forget that damages are lower after hitting the first target.

ACTIVE: Zed's shadow dashes forward, remaining in place for 4 seconds. Reactivating this ability will cause Zed to switch positions with this shadow.
Zed's shadow will mimic his basic abilities. If both strike the same target Zed regains some energy. Energy can only be restored once per mimicked ability.
Range: 550
Cost: 40 / 35 / 30 / 25 / 20 energy
Cooldown: 18 / 17 / 16 / 15 / 14 seconds
Energy Restored: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40

PASSIVE: Zed's bonus attack damage is increased by a percentage.
Additional Bonus Attack Damage: 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 %

And that's why you're a ****ing good ad caster.

Note that the passive helps to make you to be a good late game assassin.

Zed and his shadows create a burst of shadow, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies.
Zed's slash reduces the cooldown of Living Shadow by 2 second for each enemy champion struck. His shadows' slashes slow enemies for 1.5 seconds.
Overlapping Shadow Slashes striking the same enemy deal no additional damage but will incur an increased slow and restore energy.

Cost: 50 energy
Cooldown: 4 seconds
Range: 290
hysical Damage: 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 (+0.8 per bonus AD)
Slow: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 %
Overlapping Slow: 30 / 37.5 / 45 / 52.5 / 60 %

A classic spell with short cooldown. Can reduce the Living Shadow cooldown, and is your only cc.

Zed becomes untargetable and dashes to target enemy champion. Upon arrival, he marks the target for death and spawns a living shadow behind the target. This shadow lasts 4 seconds and mimics Zed's abilities. Reactivating Death Mark will cause Zed to switch positions with this shadow.
After 3 seconds, the mark will detonate, dealing physical damage equal to 100% of Zed's attack damage plus a percentage of all magic and physical damage dealt to the target by Zed and his shadows while the mark was active.

Range: 625
Cooldown: 120 / 100 / 80 seconds
Physical Damage (Mark Detonation): 20 / 35 / 50 % of damage dealt

This is an ultimate, that's why you are Zed. It gives you so many possibilities, practice, practice, practice.

Guide Top

Q or E ?

space + Harass without [living shadow]
+ Better damage output than [shadow slash]
+ Restore energy (generally on your harass combo with [shadow slash] you won't restore any energy.

- Skillshot, you won't hit your target each time...
- deals less if you hit minions before
- Higher cost, and consequent cooldown in first levels.

space + Short cooldown
+ Help farming better
+ Slow the target, which allows you to combo easily (and help your jungler's banks with a good engage)
+ Better burst on your ult (you won't miss it in most cases)

- Needs Living Shadow against ranged champions.
- Pushes your lane.
- ...

Yes, I prefer maxing Shadow Slash. I watched so many games of the best Zed players, who always max Razor Shuriken. But I tried to play him maxing Razor Shuriken, and I think my (lane) win rate is far better with Shadow Slash.

Make your own choice.

I max Razor Shuriken when I play against high ranged champions as Lux or Orianna for example, if not I max Shadow Slash against melee and ranged ap champs.

Guide Top


Starting Items

IMO, the most important thing to think when you go mid is "How does my opponent work ?". As always, checks his runes to avoid some surprises (full flat ap lux hurts a bit). 50% of the time I prefer get boots and potions. You need mobility (most ap carries spells are based on skill shots), try to dodge Lux's Light Binding without boots.... Or try to stay more than 3 min on lane against Cassiopeia. So old methods are good.
Another option is to work on sustain, and try to reach 6 before your opponent or simply outfarm him. Rejuvenation Bead is a good option for that, just be patient; If you get this item (180 gold isn't nothing), don't back quickly of course.
High level players and pros like to start with the famous Elixir of Fortitude. I'm not a great fan of that, I don't think it is as efficient at a medium level than as theirs. I can't say so much about that, need to try it again, that is a particular choice (one more time, this item is expensive for a start...)

IMPORTANT: This is a general rule... If you start without ward, use your brain, and keep an eye on your minimap.

sight ward


Damn, I see so many times Zeds with Boots of Mobility. I know that good players don't buy the famous recommended build, but my guide is obviously for everybody. So, let's see these boots.

This is a very interesting choice for Zed mid. Cause you can get Null-Magic Mantle very early, so you have some MR which can be quite enough for the laning phase, and because the passive is very interesting as an "all-in assassin". (Note: reduce the duration) Yes you have great escape mechanisms, but you're always focused, as a constant danger for the enemy team. These ones represent 75% of my games.

Be sure to make the difference with the mercury's passive: Reduce slowing effects, not time. Can be interesting, but generally, Mercury's Treads are better.

Okay, you play top. I really disagree with people who rush these boots against ad. Get its only if you play against an ad who deals all his damages with AA. So get it against Jax, Tryndamere, etc. Not against Kha'Zix for example. I generally sell its to get Mercury's Treads in late.

It can be an interesting choice, indeed. But what I think about that is: You get 10% CDR, but you've now 20% with , probably more with masteries ? And Zed quickly goes out of energy. I saw several Zeds playing with that boots, I don't like its. If you have CDR, you need blue, so just get blue buffs as much possible as you can.

"Recommended" boots. Gj Riot, but I really disagree with that. So many people buy them at every game. It should represent 5% of mines. Why ? You will roam like a beast yeah. Do it if your lane is okay. Get these boots and run more if you know that you will kill your opponent in 2 combos, then roam. I don't like these boots. Get its=hard carry. Mercury will be more efficient in late game.

First back/Early game

This is the best early item of the game (at least on Zed, Kha'Zix too imo. Damage, okay.... Armor penetration, better... And finally. 10% CDR, TY RIOT. Just what you need to go back on lane. And kill again (cause you already killed). It will help a lot against tanky tops. You can't play Zed without it. Get it first in most case.

You must buy it cause Blade of the Ruined King will be your main early/mid game item. It gives you sustainability, some damages. You can buy it before The Brutalizer if your lane is really hard, with so arm/mr.

That's another item that you must build on Zed. Attack speed allows you to push quicker, and the active is great combined with Death Mark. The passive is like a following from Contempt for the Weak (Basic attacks deal 5% of the target's current Health in bonus physical damage). Useful because at this moment of the game, you're able to kill an adc/apc with 3/4 health (see the ult section), and because it still works below 50% even if it is a percentage of the current health ( Contempt for the Weak is based on maximum health).
You can get it early if the lane is hard. Can be finish in various items (see with the enemy team), but generally you will use it with Guardian Angel.
Same reason, but less possibilities. Only is mid lane is really hard and you already have life steal/damage. Very early, prefer Null-Magic Mantle

Very nice item on heavy ap mid... LeBlanc, Orianna, Kassadin... High burst ? Will help you so much, and generally your opponents are surprised/have forgotten it. I prefer buy classic items I won't be burned in 5 sec. Your advantage against most ap mids is sustainability.

You won't need it on mid lane, but some top laners like Jax or Tryndamere will wreck you in mid game when they'll have some AS and damage. So this can be useful, upgrade in Randuin's Omen if needed.

Late game

Oh yeah. Damage, damage, damage. Easily stacked, and so powerful. Generally my third item after some defense. 100 AD. Kick their *** ! You can get it earlier if you're carrying like a beast. I'll try to compare it to Ravenous Hydra.

As an all-in assassin, it is very interesting. Cooldown is a bit long, try to use it cleverly. Interesting cause you can escape after with your Living Shadow. And gives you some mr and armor which allows you to avoid some bursts...

Hum, I see so many Zed finish it as second item, sometimes first. I think you should adapt this bought to the game. But generally I finish it after my Blade of the Ruined King and The Bloodthirster.

I see so many professional players buying armor or magic penetration "quickly". Like Void Staff, it is based on a percentage, but it seems it is still interesting getting it quickly. Currently I consider it like an end game item, I'll try to understand their choice. It is very important as an late assassin, you'll see carries with Guardian Angel or another defensive item. You'll break them with this.

Other Items

Similar to mejai soulstealer, this is a... Special item. I don't really like it, prefer buying a classic build which will be enough to kill more and carry. You can, but don't fail. Get fed or feed...

This item is so funny. But please, read correctly the passive. Another time, useful against Jax [...], AD carries too. It is a nice item, but you're generally not supposed to buy it. (If you want to be annoying against Tryndamere, get it first. You will laugh, keep an eye on the chat :) )

A very particular item, especially on an assassin. As I said it, it can helps you when laning against Jax or if you want to break Lee Sin's passive.

Lets go back on that. This is a very popular item even for junglers. Gives you some hp and damage, get it if you must back with 500G and the lane will be hard. But generally, don't get it.

Yes, they start with it. But, 90% of players won't use it well. It costs so much gold, and this is risky. On Kha'Zix I really like it, but it can be 350G wasted in early (boots). I don't really like it.

Why not in some cases, but you are [zed], don't forget it. If you really need it, that's to say Leona, Veigar and their friends are always on you, okay.

Guide Top

Early/mid game

Mid Lane

Early Game

Zed mid, just amazing. Why ? Your mobility is too strong for most AP carries, and you're at the center of the game. Roam, jungle... All is for you here.

So you bought some items, for example boots and pots. As always, don't pick your first spell before being on lane. Invade.... Invaded ?
Let's go, on lane. First objective, don't lose minions. Your spells will help you so much, but care. Always keep an eye on your opponent, what does he want to do ? Stay behind your creeps if needed. You can show that you're not afraid, it generally works at medium level, people don't really know what threat you represent for them. OKAY, FARM. Now you're level 3, you have your 3 spells (in most cases). No enemy creeps between him and you ? Razor Shuriken him. Remember, you lost damage if he's not the first hit.

If your opponent doesn't harass you so much, you cant' miss creeps. It's pretty easy to be at more than 150 cs at 15 min if he's afraid.

If you want to harass, just Razor Shuriken but use Living Shadow only if you are pushed, or if you have vision of all your opponents.

Keep that in mind, imagine you try to gank a Zed who always keep his shadow... Annoying. So if you get ganked, use it at the good moment.

We can define 3 areas:

In the first zone, you can combo your opponent without problems, it is cool here. In the second, your Living Shadow allows you to stay. You can use it offensively, but keep an eye on the map. In the last, don't stay without wards if the junglier is missing or a laner. Even with your Living Shadow. Wards save lives, and you can keep the pressure on a mid life opponent under turret. It's all about W, make your own choice.

If you can use your passive, do it. It is really powerful (cooldown is 10 sec).

Remember that in first levels, minions aggro is very important. Do not chase anyone into an enemy minions wave at level 2...

And this is experience, knowledge about your opponents. There is no secret, you need to know how other champions work. [living shadow]] Allows you to dodge many things. You must always be ready to press W again. Surprise him.

Pick items at your first back, try to push your lane before that, and let's go. If you have life steal, you must stay and farm. You will begin to really hurt at levels 8-10. If you want to kill your opponent, wait your 11 if you need it. Before, if you can roam, push a wave and do it. If other lanes don't offer this possibility*, farm the jungle. Wraiths and Wolves are here for you. You can totally ourfarm your opponent if he can't push really well. One wave, wraiths, one wave, wolves, one wave, wraiths..... Farm is the key. Be aware of your opponent and his farming abilities. Push him under turret if needed.

* I mean pushed lanes, or warded lanes, ask them, read the chat if they wrote wards, roaming can give you an advantage (for your team too), but spend time walking along the river isn't. This is early game. DOn't lose time, farm as much as possible, you have spells and damages for that.

Mid Game

Here you have some damage, your Blade of the Ruined King allows you to almost one shot some squishies. Continue to ward, your support should clear the map. It will gives you a huge advantage because as an assassin, you will run to 1v1 anybody. If you can kill their adc before to engage, you did a great job, your team now can take advantage of that. Continue to farm, you must be the best farmer. Don't let some waves, jungle...

Top lane

I don't really like playing Zed at top lane. Why ? Assassins are more efficient played at mid lane. Not really tanky, and your mobility isn't so useful on your top lane.

In most cases, matchups will be difficult.

If you're better than him, well.

If the lane is hard, a defensive item will be needed. See the section, but generally, some armor can be enough. Jax eats you. Now I don't play him anymore on mid lane. You must farm, again and again, there you're objective won't be to kill. Try to be ready for the mid game and don't lose turrets.

But I don't recommend him on top lane. Not your job, not your world.

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This section doesn't concern advanced players

Levels 1-8

Your passive makes farming pretty easy. But you must be aware of some things:

- Razor Shuriken helps to kill ranged minions without being harassed. Don't forget the loss of damage after the first hit.

- Shadow Slash is very useful as a kind of "reset": AA->E quickly to finish a creep if needed. You can do the same under turret with Q.

That's to say, use your 2 abilities to avoid losing creeps. In rare case on lane, under turret do it. I said rare on lane, don't waste stupidly your energy, you can easily farm wit your auto attack.

Do wraiths if your lane is pushed and you want to back (in early levels, you're still weak).


Now you have lifesteal and good damage. Try to stay with waves. Push it quickly, harass your opponent and go to wraith/wolves. Keep an eye on your jungler (he can needs its...), ask him before. 50sec reset, allows you to do 1 wave/wraiths/1 wave/wolves. Keep the harass and kill your opponent if you can.

It works perfectly against non-pusher champions. That's why you're far better than some ap mids, who are crying, trying to farm under turret.

Doing that, you can totally out farm your opponent.

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Teamfights - Late game

So here comes the team fights. And this is pretty difficult as . Never engage. Don't think you're unkillable cause you can escape with shadows, that is wrong. It is the moment to ask yourself: "Who can CC me ? Why enemy spell can stop me ? Should I wait XXXXX use his R ?". Know your enemy.. You must chose your target, tell it to your mates "I'll ult XXXX, Maybe (one of your mate) should (combo) (another enemy)". It is teamwork, you're not and you won't be 25-0 . Before the team fight, try to poke them, keep an eye on your energy, don't waste any spell (especially ) stupidly.

You are a good split pusher. Get some wards and clear waves. You can be really annoying.

Always remember that is a strong item if used efficiently.

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First. This is a really strong ult. Why:

-Simply a good gap closer.
-Final damages depends of you.
-0,5 untargetable.
-Creating another shadow.


Firstly, you need to deal as damages as you can in 3 seconds. So don't ult if you just used other spells. Generally, you'll need and as your basic combo, maybe will be enough... Yeah it depends, it is difficult to know how you will deal. So always check energy and cooldowns.

Another point. Stop ulting at lvl 6 on a full-life opponent. You won't kill him. Be annoying, try to ult when you can proc your passive.

The reason why laning against a no-brain is easy. Your opponent's spells. Yeah, easy to say, the same problem on all lanes. You jut can get ****ed. will just make you cry, as . But further, even , , ...... DAMN, and . Yeah, if you play blind pick, Zed counters Zed.

will tell you "Patience, summoner." Yes, you can't fail your combo. 3 seconds, isn't as short as you think. So, hit your target with all your skill shots. Take your time.

Okay so...

-> Do you have enough energy ?

->Do you have your other spells on cooldown ?

->Your opponent wasted anything ?

->Ignite doesn't count !

->Don't forget your brain.

->You can dodge many spells with it, but it requires experience. Always.... Patience.

->You can follow flashes, dashes with a good timing. Maybe only your shadow will follow sometimes.

Guide Top


Here is some things which come from my readings and games. I think it is always interesting to check on the internet, guide or sites (but you will find so much **** on most websites... About countering).

Remember that counter doesn't mean so much, only level and skill will make the difference. You can win "hard" matchups and lose "easy".

On each game, adapt your runes, and check your opponent's profile (runes, masteries, stats) to have an idea and chose your early stuff. (Again, I say it, full AP Lux hurts.

space This is a very interesting lane. Imo, all is based on skill, these two champions are so much powerful, but both need to be mastered. You can totally outplayed her, but she can be really annoying and kill you too.
First, she has a decent sustain thanks to her Essence Theft. Orb of Deception is her main harass/pushing tool. Try to dodge at least its return which is true damage. You must, yeah, must get boots, and avoid her combo started with Charm.

Finally, don't ult her if she has her Spirit Rush. She will escape and you will deal her nothing.

Some tips, my experience about that.

I generally play the safest possible at first levels. She will push harassing you with her Orb of Deception. Under turret, punish her with basic combo if you can. Never waste your shadow on lane, her Charm is a very good cc, you could be catcher by jungler then. You can try to force her to waste it, and dodge it reactivating Living Shadow. This is very nice, and not so difficult to do. Generally I combo her if she miss her skill shots, she's vulnerable after that. About ulting on her, don't do it if she has Spirit Rush or Charm.

All is skill on that lane, it is very nice to play and interesting.


space Totally skill matchup. It can be easy, just be more clever than him.

Okay, you can dodge his Chum the Waters with Death Mark. But, his early is just amazing. I'm not a Fizz player, but I think he should play very offensive at level 3-4. Try to force him to stay on lane in early-mid game, his roaming is very strong.

The main problem is his Playful / Trickster. Don't ult him if he got it, wait a mistake then go. I'm not afraid of this lane, but be careful, his combo is really annoying, and Seastone Trident is very, very, very powerful in early game.

I usually try to harass him continually, maxing Shadow Slash is very interesting. Because he's melee, but the most important, when you combo him, he will dodge with Playful / Trickster your Razor Shuriken (I mean basic harass combo in safe zone). But he won't dodge your Living Shadow-> Shadow Slash.

Adapt to his play style (adapt and consume say the Voidraver).


space Imagine if he had a real weapon...

A difficult lane. You can win early, you won’t win mid and late.

Leap Strike A good gap closer, and you can dodge it, but you will take damage. As fizz Q, because it is not a skillshot (like kha’zix ’s Leap for example. Just try to avoid his stun.

Empower Shor cooldown and magic damage. Don’t forget it, magic.

Counter Strike First is not a great spell against you, just care or the stun.

Grandmaster's Might Now don’t fight him (at 3-0 you maybe can still have chances). It is just why he’s a ****ing good bruiser.

It is difficult. Your jungler is supposed to gank top very early, to get first drake then. You can kill him at this moment. If at 10 minutes, nobody got kills and his farm is good, don’t fight. Imo, it is like Irelia a very good counter to Zed. Keep your escape and play safe post-6. Roam if you can, but remember that Jax counters turrets. HARD ! Just try to farm better than him as an ad caster working on energy. And... Let’s do this.


space This guys is based on farm, lvling up and very dependent of his stuff. That's why you will erase him.

Always start with boots, his damage is only due to his Lay Waste. Focus on that, everytime on first levels. Living Shadow allows you to avoid his Wall of Pain. Care, the slow is amazing and it reduce your mr. I recommend to build magic resist quickly. Mercury's Treads or afk. Defile Won't be the main problem on lane. And finally, Requiem. Sadly, you can't silence him...

The most annoying abilities are Lay Waste and Death Defied. Never forget that... Build mr and The Brutalizer, then win you lane, push it and roam. Deny his farm, and kill him each time your on lane with him post-6.

Easy, but he can surprises you...


space She can be nothing, and 30 sec later, she combo you and kill you. But you're Zed, what a luck. Be careful of her roaming. Don't let her after her level 6... Voracity is just amazing. Because she can escape after killing someone, and in teamfights, she deals so much.

On lane, you are stronger. But Bouncing Blades can hurt if followed by Sinister Steel. As Katarina, the classic combo with Shunpo isn't a good way to harass. If she do it, Shadow Slash her when she tp, then combo her.

Now, what makes Katarina: Death Lotus. Never stay in front of her if you have not your Living Shadow. You can totally outplayed her, but she hurt so much (and what a ratio...). And, no, don't ult on her ult !! I saw this thing so many times... "Just ult when she ults, gg". No, really. Death Mark-> 0,5 sec invulnerability. 0,5 sec. So wait and kill her. This is the first case. In the second, if she ults when you ult, get the hell out of there with Living Shadow then come back with Death Mark (remember, your shadows stay 4 sec). Shadow Slash quickly just after your ult. You can hit her with 3 Razor Shuriken from a safe zone.

So imo, ulting when she got her is bad. You can hurt her without it.
Sinister Steel


space You must win. Why ? Kha'Zix snowballs much faster than you. His advantage, his damage is mainly due to his Taste Their Fear. And what a damage.. More than 200% AD if the target is isolated. Never forget that. Since the famous patch, his Void Spike is not so annoying, a good Kha'Zix doesn't spam it. You can dodge his Leap if you just harassed him with classic combo, switching your shadows ( Leap is an aoe. Doesn't work with Jax for example, you will switch but the damage will be counted. Finally, his ult is annoying if well-used. But Imo, this lane isn't so difficult. Just care of levels 3-5, where he generally kill easily a squishy. Your mechanisms are more diversified than their. Stay in your creeps, don't waste your Living Shadow. I usually buy a Chain Vest in early to make him cry (You will farm better.)

One more thing, don't ult if he has his Leap. He will just jump our of your shadows and avoid your damage. Even at 2-0, Don't go 1v1 in the jungle. He can win. TO be annoying, you'll need to manage your shadows.

You can win this lane, but never under-estimate him. This champion is really powerful (that just amazing).


space Very interesting gameplay. This is a high skill lane, so we can’t say so much things about the difficulty.

How to counter LeBlanc ? Don’t die, force her to back, and push. Just don’t let your lane be pushed, she will roam and get fed easily. A 20 min-0 kills LeBlanc is... Very very very annoying to play, and at the contrary of Kassadin, her late will just be useless.

But there is a problem: Good LeBlanc are like good Orianna, nothing counter them. Just care of her combos. If you don’t know it, her silence is based on sigil of silence followed by another spell. She can reach 4,5 sec of full silence. 3 sec easily. Most will sigil of silence-> Mimic-> Distortion you instantly, that can be a good new, even if it hurts.

[etheral chain] will stun you, use your shadow if needed. She can sigil of silence you between the slow (stun activate the mark), then combo you (while you are silenced...).
Mimic makes LeBlanc. She has more options than you.

Here is 3 basic tips, you musn’t do wrong on that.

#1: Always stay out of her range when you are targeted by sigil of silence. 3,5sec.

#2: Keep the harass. Don’t let her free. You can get lifesteal first to stay on lane.

#3: Don’t follow her mirror: Death Mark can helps you, buffs too.

Then, do what you can. You will farm better than her, you can easily push and go jungle with some lifesteal. You can dodge some damage with Death Mark if she combos too quickly (which is generally bad as LeBlanc.

Ward. Push. Don’t die.
space mirror imagesigil of silence

etheral chain


space An interesting lane, winable.

Flurry That’s why he’s so strong. A good Lee Sin use it everytime, and it’s so powerful on lane. You can get Randuin's Omen.

Sonic Wave Dodge it. If you can’t, you will probably die because 3 goods combos with Q in early game deal so much damage. Stay behind your creeps and harass him with combo when he misses it.
Resonating Strike missing health percentage...

Safeguard I think he should maxs it: Iron Will Offers him sustainability (and shield of course). This is his defensive spell on lane, which allows him to do so many things.

Tempest- Cripple The problem is the slow. You’re not Akali, son’t worry about that spell.

Dragon's Rage A great ult, but difficult to use. Yours is the solution:

Don’t trade with him in early. Dodge his Qs, harass when you can. You must play safe and focus on farm, give him one kill and you will cry at your come back on lane.

About his ult. He can use it defensivly if you ult him. Press R again...
But in most cases, he will do it offensivly, because he should dominate the lane. Anticipate his combo: If he dashes on a ward or a minion behind you, use you Living Shadow or your Death Mark (see the case...) A quick RR will places you infront of him. You can wait his ult for the second R. I need to play this matchup again, but the second solution can be nice to make him waste his ultimate. We could continue to say so much things, but I think this is important.

Try to anticipate. You can win that thanks to your shadows, but don’t give him any chance.


space Damn. No, you don't counter her. People will say you that you can dodge her skill shots, *$*`%£. I really disagree with that, this is a difficult lane.

The main problem is her range. Get boots and pots, you can't start with anything else. Care to her passive, always back and wait the mark's end. -> Illumination

Lucent Singularity isn't easy to dodge. It will be her main harass. It's pretty easy for her cause she can anticipate your movements with your last-itting.

Light Binding Stay behind minions... Or force her to waste it. Don't ult if she got it, she will simply stop you. When you harass her when basic combo and shadow, you can dodge it switching shadows, like Ahri's Charm.

Imo, her Prismatic Barrier isn't a great problem, because when you can hurt her, you really do it. Light Binding is more annoying.

Finally, Final Spark. No, you won't avoid its damages thanks to your ult. (I love the internet for that, you can read this ******* everywhere). Because, her range is (just a bit) better than yours (I mean Death Mark's range), and because 70% of her ults on lane are when you're caged. So, I'm sorry but you don't counter that *****.

I played this matchup so many times as Zed and lost one hard. As Lux too and it was not difficult knowing Zed's mechanisms and abusing of my range (And being a bad Lux).

So get boots quickly, Hexdrinker too. She will build Zhonya's Hourglass, so try to roam and don't waste your ult. You can force her to back with basic spells, push and roam. Be ready for teamfights, and tell your team you can't ult her.


space Oh this champion is very powerful too. But on lane you can easily win.

At levels 1-6, she will be annoying for 3 things: Auto attacks, like all ranged champion. Her Primal Surge which gives her a correct sustainability. And obviously, what makes Nidalee, het Javelin Toss. But it's easier to dodge if you're concentrated. Stay behind your minions, farm with spells, you must outfarm her. You can start with boots, or with a good health regen to stay on lane. You can kill her at lvl 6 with a correct harass before. But care, a good Nidalee will Pounce just after your ult. Even after her 6, it will be easy. Always push at this moment, ward river and force her to stay and def, or push her turret if needed. You can roam, but always keep an eye on her and your mid.

Don't forget that Takedown damages are based on your missing health...

This is not so difficult. I played this matchup as Nidalee and always won because of bad Zed ( Living Shadow wasted, just run out of his ult, and play with barrier/build Zhonya's Hourglass.

But as Zed, it is really easy because pre 6 your kit is far better than her. Harass and kill, this is possible without so many problems. Be careful, you know that one good Javelin Toss takes you hundreds of hp. Don't chase her, Prowl is a really good passive......

You will win easily if you play cleverly.


space You will read on the net «Singed counters Zed hard». I disagree. Because his early sucks, and we can say that your escape is not to bad.

Max Shadow Slash agaisnt him. No choice. Slow. Kill him early. Be aware that singed lvl 1 is just ****. You won’t chase, but what could he do ? Auto attack. If he comes last hitting, AA-> Shadow Slash->AA.

Get Mercury's Treads for MR, passive won't not help for his Mega Adhesive, and always keep your shadow. Don’t waste it, it is the solution. Living Shadow-> Shadow Slash is the key.

He will be unkillable in mid game. Just push and farm. Try to roam on mid lane if you can, but he will push like a beast.


space This guy is annoying.

Lesson #1: Keep calm and farm. If he's not stupid, he will outdamage you. Again a reason why playing Zed on Top lane is not good.

Battle Fury Keep an eye on that, a ****ing critical in first levels.... Hurt so much. He has a very good sustain but must push to gain fury. This passive is **** for you.

Bloodlust Sustain. sustain. sustain....... The same, he's a good toplaner thanks to that.

Mocking Shout Not so much to say here. You can try to face him an left a shadow behind you. That's better. In other words, if you're fighting, retreat using first your Living Shadow. In most cases, he will use it but maybe you can avoid that.

Spinning Slash RAAAAAAAAAAAAH That's why this champion is annoying. Because this spell is strong as an engage, and because his RAAAAAAAAH is ******* Keep clam and farm.

Undying Rage Yeah, never forget that. He will dive you easily. You can ignite him after his ult (both have the same length). If he uses his Spinning Slash he won't heal him.

It is really, really, really annoying. Just to have a decent farm. He will push because of his fury, so try to be annoying, but don't use your Living Shadow offensively if you're not under turret. He can't farm under your turret, abuse it, even if you will be pushed. You'll need your jungler.
Finally, If you think he will dive you, keep all your spells, he's not an ad caster, so be annoying, try to make him cry (example Living Shadow Death Mark-> Shadow Slash->move-> Living Shadow-> Razor Shuriken->move-> Death Mark). You're more clever than him.
Just be ready for mid game, roaming isn't easy cause he pushes very quickly.


space GG Well Played

Camouflage Most useless passive in the game.

Blinding Dart Useless.

Move Quick Useless.

Toxic Shot Useless.

Noxious Trap **** him.

That's so easy. Just wait your level 3-4 to really hurt him, start with Rejuvenation Bead maybe, or classic. And kill him at level 6 if he's not dead before.
I like to max my Shadow Slash to slow him more because he's annoying with his [Move Quick] and kill him easily.

Generally, you will be legendary. Oh, and buy 2/3 visions wards and watch him cry. You can dive and one shot him at 2 or 3-0. Have a nice game !
space Camouflage


space She can be very powerful if well played, but her mobility is... ********. That's why you will win.

Deadly Bloom is annoying. You can dodge it easily, even with your Living Shadow if you just WE her before.

Rampant Growth That's why Zyra can surprise you. You must avoid her combo, if not... Ouch. Stay away of her plants. Combined to her ult, it is very, very powerful. You can easily anticipate and counter her Stranglethorns with Death Mark, if you're not stunned by Grasping Roots. A good Zyra will put her Rampant Growth just after her other spells. If not, you can step on its.

You can totally outplayed her. Her [Rise of the Thorns] hurts (true damage), never forget it !
space Deadly Bloom


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Basic combos

Some of these combos are pretty simple, just use your brain as always. It seems idiot, but so much people forget it.


Not too hard.


Your basic harass combo. Do it if you're in security, and don't miss it (at least the first part). Slows your enemy, and will restore energy if your Razor Shuriken is good.


The same, but more powerful. Care, it is all-in. Living Shadow before Razor Shuriken because you won't miss this 100% one, remember other deals 50%. It is a way to kill your opponent at levels 3-5 if you proc your passive.


Only do that if you want to finish anyone with 30hp ! It costs more than 100 energy and deals 50% of your Razor Shuriken(so if you're maxing your Shadow Slash...). Never do this if you don't need it. You waste your shadow, and spend energy fot nothing (you will probably miss it).


Your escape combo, Shadow Slash to slow. At the right moment please.


Your chasing combo ! Similar to the last. Or ganking combo if you prefer. If you have to flash, do it before to use your slow.

Ult combos


It is the simplest combo. Just don't miss your q. We'll call it the A combo.

A COMBO->->AA->->

This is a very powerful combo, which allows you to follow a flash/dash. Use your ultimate to back, you can, with that, dive easily. Very common combo.

Other coming...

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One of the best champions of the game. So many possibilitie