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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Vayne Build Guide by Simplifyx

AD Carry The Night Hunter

AD Carry The Night Hunter

Updated on January 14, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Simplifyx Build Guide By Simplifyx 147 25 911,920 Views 89 Comments
147 25 911,920 Views 89 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Simplifyx Vayne Build Guide By Simplifyx Updated on January 14, 2014
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Hello people on MOBAFire, my name's Simplifyx (Now name changed to InvertedPrødigy). I have been playing this game for a while now and I have decided to make a guide, since I am fairly decent with this champion, Vayne, The Night Hunter. This is my first guide on MOBAFire, and hope you can give me feedback on what I can improve or add to this guide. Thank You(As the Reader) and also thanks to jhoijhoi for the line dividers, as well as MissMaw for the format for some of the sections! Please finish reading this guide or testing it before voting. Constructive criticism is also welcomed! If you have any questions, please PM me on MOBAfire. (Or add me on AIM if you'd like :

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Vayne, The Night Hunter

The world is not always as civilized as people might think. There are still those who would follow the blackest paths of magic and become corrupted by the darker powers that flow through Runeterra. Shauna Vayne knows this fact well. As a young privileged girl in the heart of Demacia's elite, her father tried to convince her of the constabulary's ever-vigilant eye. Young and naive, she truly believed that her world was one of perfect safety, until one night, when a twisted witch took interest in her father. The malevolent woman overcame her father's conciliar guard, then tortured her family before murdering them. The young Shauna escaped only by hiding herself and then fleeing once the hag had departed, plagued by the screams of her loved ones as she ran. A burning hatred was born in her that day, one that could never be denied.

Vayne was about to take care of herself using her father's money, and she began to train as soon as an instructor would have her as a student. By the time she was a fully grown woman, she had become a grim warrior. However, the fields of battle were not to be her home. Demacia needed a protector, one who hunted those lost to the darkness. Shauna used her family's contracts to become the first Night Hunter, and now her prowess is the stuff of legends. It is said that those who practice the black arts quake when they hear that the Night Hunter is on the prowl. Despite her crusade, Shauna has looked at the League of Legends in horror. There are champions who have clearly lost themselves to the blackest of magics, and who have been embraced within the League even though they should be put down for the safety of all. The time has come for the Night Hunter to execute her secret mission - to purge the League of Legends.

Not all shadows are to be feared. At least, if Vayne has her way.

Credits to Xiron~

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    +Tumble grants stealth with ultimate
    +Incredibly useful passive when chasing
    +True damage every three hits
    +Good early game, powerful mid game, devastating end game.

    -No real escape ability
    -Tends to be focused in team fights
    -Easily Zoned
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Night Hunter
Vayne ruthlessly hunts evil-doers. She gains 30 Movement Speed when moving towards an enemy champion.
Night Hunter is one of the reasons as to why Vayne is so scary. The ability to chase down enemy champions with an extra 30 movement speed is insane. Although 30 movement speed doesn't seem like much, it actually helps you pick up a lot of kills when chasing. For example, if someone flashes, assuming they don't go over a wall and you still have vision of them, this passive and your tumble helps you catch up to them with ease.

Vayne tumbles, maneuvering to carefully place her next shot. She rolls toward the cursor and her next attack deals 30/35/40/45/50% bonus damage.
Tumble isn't used for much early game, except for creating a little distance between you and the enemy, adding a little bit more damage to your next attack, and for last hitting a little easier. End game, however, this ability helps you extremely well. At level 5 Tumble, your next attack will do 50% extra damage, close a little distance, AND give you stealth when your ultimate is up. This ability will scale well if you have a lot of AD and will give you a higher damage output for its short cooldown. YOU ARE ABLE TO TUMBLE THROUGH JARVAN'S Cataclysm

Silver Bolts
Vayne tips her bolts with a rare metal, toxic to evil things. The third consecutive attack or ability against the same target will deal 20/30/40/50/60 additional damage plus 4/5/6/7/8% of the target's maximum health as bonus true damage. (Max damage vs. monsters is capped at 200)
Silver Bolts, or the skill that Vayne has that all tanks fear. Dealing 8% of the enemy champion's maximum health every 3 attacks is insane, since your auto attacks should be doing a lot as well. Attacking someone with around 300 AD, depending on your build of course, with let's say, 1.5 attack speed(though it shouldn't be that low), it would deal about 900 damage + 8% of their maximum health in a total of 2 seconds! (Excluding armor)
There is really no picture of silver bolts, other than the circle underneath your target, so I will just use a picture that shows that circle. NOTE: Silver bolts refreshes every time you attack a new target.

Vayne draws a heavy crossbow from her back, and fires a huge bolt at her target, dealing 45/80/115/150/185 (+0.5 per bonus attack damage) physical damage and knocking them back. If they collide with terrain, they are impaled, dealing 45/80/115/150/185 (+0.5 per bonus attack damage) bonus damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.
This ability will really shine when you land it on your opponent and they collide with terrain. This ability will do extreme amounts of damage early game, because it does DOUBLE damage when they hit terrain. It might fall off mid game if the opponent stacks armor, but the stun is nice still. When you Condemn someone to a wall end game, your auto attacks should pick you up at least one kill. There are many times in which you can condemn. For example, if your support sits in a brush, and someone attempts to facecheck(which is to walk into a brush that is not warded to see if anyone is hiding) a brush, you can tumble and instantly condemn them. I DO NOT advise maxing Condemn first if you're laning against Sivir or Graves. I will explain why I do not max Condemn against these two champions later in the guide.

Final Hour
Readying herself for an epic confrontation, Vayne gains 25/40/55 increased attack damage, 1 second stealth during Tumble, and triple the bonus movement speed from Night Hunter lasting 8/10/12 seconds.
Final Hour is incredibly useful in team fights, and if you are skilled with Tumble, that 1 second stealth can save your life, and pick up kills. Final Hour is used in three situations.
-Grants you stealth on Tumble(Might save your life)
-Using it right before team fights
-Chasing someone down and you need the 3x Passive bonus totaling to 120 bonus movement speed

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My Runes


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Marks - Attack Damage Marks helps you with last hitting, gives you bonus damage throughout the game, and can scale a little bit into your Tumble and Condemn. Your Condemn has a 1:1 ratio with your attack damage if you successfully collide them with a wall.

Seals - You should be in bottom lane, and you should be laning against an AD carry, in which Armor will help you survive longer in lane, and will lower the chances of you dying.

Glyphs - Magic Resist Glyphs can help you against their AP mid, or if they have an AP support. This will also help you survive a little longer in team fights, but since these are getting a little nerf, it is optional to use these or not. An example of an AP support - Lux

Quints - Same reason as Marks, to last hit, and to raise damage on your other skills.

Here are a list of Alternative runes and reasons listed below.

Marks - Greater Mark of Desolation - Get this if you think the enemy team is likely to build armor against you, then these choices will be better than Greater Mark of Attack Damage. Both Armor Pen and Flat Attack Damage Marks are awesome on AD carries, and most AD carries use either one or the other.

Seals - No better alternative - The enemy team is extremely likely to have an AD carry, and even if they don't, having Armor is still very nice to have. Some AP casters/AD carries are one-time bursts, so if you stay back a little bit, you won't get killed instantly.

Glyphs - Greater Glyph of Attack Speed OR Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - Get Attack Speed Glyphs if you think the enemy team does not compose of much AP champions, so then you can proc your Silver Bolts more often. Get Scaling Magic Resist if their AP composition is only for late game, and their early game is not as good. You will have more Magic resist and you will survive for longer durations of time, maybe even lifesteal your way back to full health.

Quints - Greater Quintessence of Life Steal OR Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed - Get lifesteal quints if you can afford to buy it with IP, and if you want that extra 6% lifesteal in order to sustain better in lane. THIS OPTION IS EVEN BETTER SINCE THE CHANGE TO MAKE LIFESTEAL MORE EXPENSIVE IN GAME.You will give up about 7 attack damage, but sometimes, it is the better choice. Movement speed quints will help you if they have a team that can kite well. If you are chasing a Singed/Ashe, you might be able to catch up to them if you get within range of your passive.
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My Masteries


Tier 1: 4 points in Fury for the extra attack speed. You can replace 1 or 2 points put in Fury into Butcher for easier last hitting if you have trouble. Replace the point in Fury for Summoner's Wrath if you are using an offensive spell.

Tier 2: 4 points in Deadliness to be able to add point to something in the next tier. Also for more damage.

Tier 3: 1 point in Weapon Expertise for the Armor Penetration, and 3 points in Havoc for the extra % damage, and to move on to the next tier.

Tier 4: 2 points in Brute Force for the extra attack damage, and 2 points in Lethality for a little extra critical strike damage.

Tier 5: 3 points in Sunder for the extra armor pen and 1 point in Frenzy totaling to 20 points. The last point goes into Tier 6.

Tier 6: 1 point in Executioner to finish off any low hp targets, fulfilling your job as an assassin.

Tier 1: 1 point in Summoner's Resolve to get the small duration of extra disable reduction or the extra 20 shield if you plan on using Barrier. 4 points in Durability for the extra 108 health at level 18.

Tier 2: 3 points in Hardiness for the extra armor in laning phase. You can also take one point off of Summoner's Resolve and put it into Resistance . The last point goes into tier 3.

Tier 3: 1 point in Veteran's Scars for the extra 30 health.


Tier 1: 1 point in Summoner's Insight to get the 15 seconds off Flash. 3 points in Meditation for the little extra mana regen. 1 point in Improved Recall so you back get back to lane 1 second faster. <-- LOL.

Tier 2: 3 points in Expanded Mind for a little bonus mana per level.

Tier 3: 1 point in Runic Affinity for the extra buff duration. (Blue buff, red buff, baron buff)
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Summoner Spells/Alternate Spells

The reason I get these two spells is because Cleanse is able to save you from champions with multiple CC's that would normally kill you. For example, you can Cleanse Leona's first stun and Tumble out of the other stuns. This spell also scales pretty well into late game, considering the fact that you probably will be focused down. If someone would take Exhaust, I suggest it be your support, but you can take any of the following spells instead of Cleanse. Completely optional.

Flash is necessary for almost all AD carries, since you should be the one getting focused by the enemy team most of the time. You will be able to make a quick escape and continue killing. This is one of the best spells and is a good spell for both offense and defense.

Alternative Summoner Spells

If you feel you do not need heal or you can get your support to get heal instead. Some people do better with Exhaust, but I rarely use this.

If you think movement speed is better on Vayne than a split second flash. This works really well to get in range of her passive to work, and can also give you even more movement speed while your passive is up. You will be a great chaser, but sometimes Flash will give you a better escape route.

Never used, don't think I will need map control/getting back in lane faster/ganking other lanes because they usually do well. Can be used for escape purposes, but there are lots of better spells for assassins such as Vayne.

Get this if you think their team composition is not composed of a lot of CC's that can really hurt you. You can get this also against a Soraka to stop her insane heals in lane.

Can save you in lane lots of times, as long as you use it before you get hit with an Ignite, then you won't heal that much.

Same as heal in a way, can save you in lane, but the amount of damage barrier reduces isn't affected by Ignite. However, it only lasts two seconds, but can, for example, save you from Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole.

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Item Sequence

Berserker's Greaves 1100
Infinity Edge 3400
Phantom Dancer 2800
Last Whisper 1450
Bloodthirster 3400
Enchantment: Furor 450

  • : // If you don't have a sustain support, or if you like the extra movement speed. I usually take this even if I have sustain supports, as I find last hitting fairly easy without Doran's Blade, don't need the extra health, and the 3% lifesteal is just a little bonus for starting with a Doran's Blade
  • : // This item is nice if you need the extra health in lane, if you have a support that can health you back to full health, and if you need help last hitting. Starting with this item will lower your movement speed, but can sometimes be worth it if you have good jungle.
  • : // This is the standard type of boots for most AD carries, and rarely should this be replaced with other boots. And by rarely, I mean almost never. The attack speed is needed for Vayne especially since it can help proc Silver Bolt
  • : // This item is a core item, as well as Bloodthirster, but it depends on what you get first. If you are dominating your lane and don't need sustain, but would rather have more damage when you crit, take this item. Take it ONLY if you are winning your lane. If you are losing, your best bet would to go Bloodthirster

    Example Builds

    Pure Offense
  • ( / )

    Offensive and Defensive

  • Most Defensive

  • ( / )

    Alternate Items

  • : // Get this item if the opposite team has a snare/suppress. It also works against Karthus's ultimate, which can save your life(assuming your bubble isnt popped by then).
  • : // Get this item if you have tons of gold to spend, and it will give you a huge amount of extra damage. It should be somewhere around your last item or so. Use ONE skill at a time, and auto attack after. For example, Final Hour > auto attack > condemn > auto attack > tumble > auto attack > silver bolts proc + trinity damage. Credits to jhoijhoi again.
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(Around Level 6 or so, because you gain attack damage after every level)

When the opponent minions reach your turret(at full health)
Front Minions - Let them take 2 turret shots, then you attack the same minion once.
Back Minions - Let them take 1 turret shot, then attack the same minion once.

Two Minions about to die? Attack one, instantly Tumble and attack the other one for a slight auto attack reset. Credits to Patyfatycake for suggesting that I add this into my guide.
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Realistic Lane Matchups (AD Carries)

Credits to BlackIceT for the Matchup Format. I've had much success using Doublelift's build listed at the top. Personal Preference however.
Section Completed (13/13) -

Ashe's Skill Set

Difficulty Pre-6: Easy

Skill Sequence: Final Hour > Condemn > Tumble > Silver Bolts

Usual Starting Items: & x3

How to Counter Ashe
Stay behind your minions, because all/almost all Ashe's max Volley first. It will not hit you if you stay behind your minions, especially if there is a group of them. Engage only if you land your condemn, have health advantage, and you're sure their jungler is nowhere near.

Her Frost Shot is strong end game, but sort of weak early game. However, if their jungler is near, they might be able to kill you because of that slow(or at least they might burn a summoner or two).

Care if you know she has Enchanted Crystal Arrow, because you might be winning at first, then an unexpected arrow might cause you a death. If you know her ultimate is on cooldown, you have an advantage if yours is up.


-Consider engaging team fights if Enchanted Crystal Arrow is on cooldown
-Be wary of her Focus and Volley combo at level 1. It can leave you at half health.
-It's almost impossible to run away from her end game, so you probably have a better chance at killing her than running away.


Caitlyn's Skill Set

Difficulty Pre-6: Hard

Skill Sequence: Final Hour > Condemn > Tumble > Silver Bolts

Usual Starting Items: & x3

How to Counter Caitlyn
To be honest, you can't really counter Caitlyn. She is a counterpick to Vayne, and if it is a good Caitlyn, you better know how to last hit at turret, or you won't be getting any minion kills. She outranges you, and her Piltover Peacemaker can take away a lot of your health if you have no minions to lower the damage. Play extremely passively, and focus on last hitting.

Try to avoid Yordle Snap Trap, because if you step on it in a brush, that pretty much gives Caitlyn a chance to land Piltover Peacemaker. When chasing her, anticipate 90 Caliber Net, and try to dodge it, because it can save her life, and you will probably lose that kill.

If you see her use Ace in the Hole and you are sure you are about to die, try to tumble(flash if needed), and go behind someone. Try not to kill them by the way.


-Do not last hit some minions if you are going to get harassed badly
-Learn to last hit at turret
-You might be able to match up to her by landing one good Condemn


Corki's Skill Set

Difficulty Pre-6: Easy

Skill Sequence: Final Hour > Condemn > Tumble > Silver Bolts

Usual Starting Items:

How to Counter Corki
Stay back, farm well, if he moves up past his minions, back up a little so he won't hit you with his Phosphorus Bomb. If he jumps in with Valkyrie, then he will have to use his summoners to get away probably, since he will have no escape spells. When he uses his Gatling Gun, try to stay out of range so he can't lower your armor. The more armor reduction you receive from his Gatling Gun, the more damage you take.

When he gets level 6 and his Missile Barrage, he can poke incredibly well. Try and stay a little behind your minions so he cannot hit you even if he aims at you. As above said, if he engages with Valkyrie, dodge his Gatling Gun(Condemn if needed, better if he hits wall), and then proceed to finishing him off or leave him be.


-Think about engaging into fight if Valkyrie is down, but make sure their jungler is not near.
-Stay behind minions so he can't hit his skills, because all of it are somewhat like skillshots.
-One good Condemn with his Valkyrie and Flash down might get you a kill.


Draven's Skill Set

Difficulty Pre-6: Medium/Hard

Skill Sequence: Final Hour > Tumble > Silver Bolts > Condemn

Usual Starting Items: & x3

How to Counter Draven
You don't really counter him if he is good, but it will be an even lane in my opinion if he is decent. If he can aim Spinning Axe and pick it up, Blood Rush, throw Spinning Axe again, he will probably win lane, however, both teams should have junglers, so it depends on them as well. His Spinning Axe's base damage is pretty high, so don't fight with him early game without a jungler gank. You should be able to take him down easily if you get to late game, with at least 2 core items. His utility skill, Stand Aside, apparently snares you for about .5 seconds, so try not to get hit by that. Who knows, you might get insta-killed in that .5 seconds.

Whirling Death is a global ultimate, and has an okay base damage, but the scaling is at 110% Attack Damage. If he has a lot of attack damage, they will do a lot of damage if it hits you once, not to mention on the way back as well. Avoid getting hit by this if you can, and if you will die on its return, Flash over to avoid it. He can slightly alter the path of it, so pay attention to his movements.

-Do not trade with him early without a jungler gank, unless he misses his Spinning Axe and you know you can deal more damage to him than he does to you. Try to get a sustain support.
-If you do not have a sustain support, try your best to stay away from him so he cannot harass you too much. If he deals too much damage to you, you have a better chance of matching him end game if you go back than if you stay and maybe give him a kill.
-Watch Whirling Death and alert your team if you see Draven using it across the map. Call "Draven Ult" if you can and ping direction as well as fall back.


Ezreal's Skill Set

Difficulty Pre-6: Medium

Skill Sequence: Final Hour > Condemn > Tumble > Silver Bolts

Usual Starting Items: & x3

How to Counter Ezreal
Same as a lot of AD Ranged, stay behind your minions so Ezreal's Mystic Shot and Arcane Shift will not hit you. His Mystic Shot hurts if it hits you early game, so try and avoid it.

If you catch him with his Arcane Shift and maybe Flash down, attempt to land a Condemn, and if it works, proceed from there. If you cannot, just focus on farming and play aggressive or try to get a kill off the support if you get a jungle gank.

Make sure you know when he will fire his Trueshot Barrage, because if he hits it when you are low, you will probably die.


-His Mystic Shot lowers the cooldowns of his other skills everytime he hits a target, so try not to get hit by it in a 1v1.
-Tumble away from his Trueshot Barrage if you see it coming.
-Stay behind minions and focus on farming.


Graves's Skill Set

Difficulty Pre-6: Medium / Hard

Skill Sequence: Final Hour > Tumble > Silver Bolts > Condemn

Usual Starting Items: & x3

How to Counter Graves
If you see him Quickdraw to you, back up a little, as he will probably follow up with a Buckshot. If he uses Smoke Screen to block your escape route, try to go around it, because it will slow you inside, and narrow your vision.

If they have a stun support, try to not get stunned, because Graves can follow up easily with his Quickdraw, Buckshot, and Collateral Damage combo. It deals a lot of damage, maybe even kill you.


-If you are to fight Graves, try to estimate when his Buckshot is down at least, but Collateral Damage if you can as well.
-His passive, True Grit, gives him a lot of armor for early laning phase, so I recommend maxing Silver Bolts first against him.
-Avoid his Smoke Screen, because it can set up ganks for his jungler if he aims it well.


Jayce's Skill Set

Difficulty Pre-6: Medium / Hard

Skill Sequence: Final Hour > Tumble > Silver Bolts > Condemn

Usual Starting Items: & x3

How to Counter Jayce
If the Jayce you are playing is good (changes forms, lands skill shots, etc), then you will most likely need lots of jungler presence or else you will likely die. His Mercury Cannon / Mercury Hammer changes give him additional movement speed from Hetech Capacitor, which can help him catch up to you and whack you with his To The Skies! / Shock Blast Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate combo. Depending on which skill he maxes first, you will have to play differently.

If you notice that Jayce is maxing out his To The Skies! / Shock Blast, then you would stay behind minions and hopefully he will miss most of his shots. For more veterans playing Vayne, you COULD fight Jayce if you wanted to, but you would have to Tumble dodge his skill shots, assuming you are maxing Tumble first, making things easier.

If you notice that Jayce is maxing out his Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate, you can probably assume that he will stay in his Mercury Hammer form a lot, or use the change for either movement speed or to last hit without getting harassed by you. If he changed forms and chases after you, try to Tumble away, and hopefully he won't be able to catch you. If he does manage to catch up to you, just Condemn him away and play passively until it is up again, just in case.


- Tumble away and Condemn if needed to get Jayce off of you, since his Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate does lots of damage.
-Stay behind minions or Tumble if you see a To The Skies! / Shock Blast coming.
-Try not to fight unless you know his cooldowns are low, you have a jungler with you, if you have more health/damage, or all of the above.


Kennen's Skill Set

Difficulty Pre-6: Medium

Skill Sequence: Final Hour > Condemn > Tumble > Silver Bolts

Usual Starting Items: & x3

How to Counter Kennen
Dodge his Thundering Shuriken, and if you see his Electical Surge's passive up, back up a little until he uses his next auto attack. Try not to get stunned by him, because if he stuns you, then their jungler can gank a lot easier.

Once you see him use his Slicing Maelstrom, Flash out immediately unless you think you can kill him for sure without dying.


-Makes Kennen extremely easier to kill when his Slicing Maelstrom is down, since Kennen needs his stun to be effective.
-Avoid his Electrical Surge passive attack, as it does 80% of his attack damage at level 5.
-Stay behind your minions and dodge his attacks.


Kog'Maw's Skill Set

Difficulty Pre-6: Medium

Skill Sequence: Final Hour > Condemn > Tumble > Silver Bolts

Usual Starting Items:

How to Counter Kog'Maw
Try to get a stun support so it makes landing your Condemn a lot easier. Kog'Maw is squishy, so landing one will do enormous amounts of damage. Tumble away from his Void Ooze as it slows you down a lot.

Once he gets Living Artillery, when you try to 1v1 him without Condemn, use Tumble and don't stay in place for him to land his Living Artillery because it does more damage for each consecutive one.


-Don't stay in place for him to land Living Artillery.
-Get early ganks from jungle as he doesn't have any real escape spells.
-Landing Condemn will give you a big advantage on him.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune's Skill Set

Difficulty Pre-6: Easy / Medium

Skill Sequence: Final Hour > Condemn > Tumble > Silver Bolts

Usual Starting Items: & x3

How to Counter Miss Fortune
Don't trade with her if you rely on your support to heal you, or if you have Heal, because her Impure Shots reduce your healing, so it won't be as effective. Try not to stand behind your support as she shoots her Double Up, because it does more damage to the person behind him/her. Make it Rain gives sight of a brush, and slows you, so Tumble out of it.

When she shoots her Bullet Time, stay out of the range, even though it is used to clear minions mobs as well, it can do a lot of damage to squishy champions. Tumble to the side and not backwards because she shoots in a cone, so you have a better chance of not getting hit by dodging to the side.


-Easier to trade hits with her(if you want) if you have an aggressive support that can do some damage, and doesn't rely too much on heal. Examples of these are Alistar and Blitzcrank.
- Tumble out of her Bullet Time.
-When running away from her, attack her once, because if you don't, her passive lets her catch up to you easily, probably getting her the kill.


Sivir's Skill Set

Difficulty Pre-6: Medium / Hard

Skill Sequence: Final Hour > Tumble > Silver Bolts > Condemn

Usual Starting Items: & x3

How to Counter Sivir
Don't bother to trade hits with Sivir, since her Boomerang Blade has a somewhat high base damage, and can deal lots of damage especially if she hits it when it comes back as well. Don't max Condemn against her, and instead, max Silver Bolts and rush Phantom Dancer instead of Infinity Edge or Bloodthirster.

Her On The Hunt, or ultimate, is almost the same as yours, but instead of attack speed, you get attack damage. It is a team buff, so it can help her team more. With your Final Hour, you should still be able to catch up to her even if she uses On The Hunt.


-Don't get hit by her Boomerang Blade, and if you see her throw it, Tumble to the side to dodge it.
-Don't Condemn her when she has Spell Shield on, because Sivir runs out of mana fast, and giving her mana will count against you.
-Focus her in team fights(which you usually do all AD carries) and burst her down before she deals significant damage to your team.


Tristana's Skill Set

Difficulty Pre-6: Medium

Skill Sequence: Final Hour > Condemn > Tumble > Silver Bolts

Usual Starting Items:

How to Counter Tristana
Be careful when trading with Tristana, especially if she has a stun support. Her Rocket Jump will give her a huge lead in health if she lands it, and will also slow you significantly afterwards. This skill also makes her a great turret diver, since it refreshes on assist or kill. Be careful if you are extremely low. Her Rapid Fire is like her godmode when she is in the back of a team fight. Tristana has tons of range, but this should be nothing to Vayne since she can close gaps with ease. Close in on her and take her down first end game, but do not jump into the enemy team first.

Her Buster Shot can be used in many ways. She can Rocket Jump over someone and Buster Shot them into her team, or it can be used to finish someone off, since it has a decent amount of base damage.


-If they have a stun support, try and stay out of their range. If it is an Alistar, play safe, because he is a support that can stun, heal for a little amount, but is also tanky.
-Kill Tristana before she has the full 7 seconds of Rapid Fire because those 7 seconds might have saved/killed your team.
-Her range increases as she levels, but you might not be able to touch her mid game laning. Try and attack her a few times early, but do not die.


Varus's Skill Set

Difficulty Pre-6: Medium

Skill Sequence: Final Hour > Tumble > Silver Bolts > Condemn

Usual Starting Items: & x3

How to Counter Varus
If you trade with Varus, try to do it behind minions. If he uses his Piercing Arrow, it will do less damage for each unit it passes through, therefore resulting in taking less damage. Blighted Quiver is a passive, and gives him some bonus damage somewhat like Silver Bolts, you can't dodge this, and if Varus maxes this first, he might deal some burst because of the % health damage associated with it. Hail of Arrows reduces healing, so if you have a sustain support that is going to heal you, first Tumble out of the zone.

Varus's Chain of Corruption will spread to others during team fights, so try to stay away from your team a little bit, but not so far away that you're going to be useless. As long as you don't get snared by it, you might be able to survive and even ace their team. If you do get snared, like all the time, I recommend getting a Quicksilver Sash in order to escape it. YOU DON'T DO DAMAGE WHEN YOU'RE DEAD! GET A QUICKSILVER SASH.


-Stay behind minions so his Piercing Arrow will do less damage to you, especially if he maxes this skill first. It's base damage is fairly high if he charges it up long enough. Tumble away from it if you see it coming, assuming it's off cooldown.
- Varus will snare your entire team in team fights if he's good and if you're all grouped together, rendering you unable to chase or run. Therefore, he is the top priority for you, and should kill him first, even if he is negative and not doing so well. Do not go for him if it means something like You vs 3+ people.
-His passive gives tremendous attack speed on killing targets, even if he has no attack speed, it will give him equal attack speed to yours if you have a Phantom Dancer. I'm pretty sure it stacks as well, so try to finish him first.

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Realistic Lane Matchups (AD Carries) TL;DR

Ashe - Easy
Caitlyn - Hard
Corki - Easy
Draven - Medium/Hard
Ezreal - Medium
Graves - Medium/Hard
Jayce - Medium/Hard
Kennen - Medium
Kog'Maw - Medium
Miss Fortune - Easy/Medium
Sivir - Medium/Hard
Tristana - Medium
Varus - Medium
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Gameplay - Early Game

Starting Items

There are two ways to start off for most AD carries, including Vayne. You can either start with Doran's Blade if you have a sustain support such as Soraka, Alistar, Taric, etc. OR you can start out with Boots and Health Potion if you don't have a sustain support such as Blitzcrank, Lulu, Janna, etc.

Doran's Blade will help you last hit easier and give you a little health bonus.

Boots Health Potion will help you sustain in lane longer, and you might farm up more gold than if you started with Doran's Blade. I usually start this path, unless I feel like I'm going to play really aggressive, then I take Doran's Blade for the extra damage. It also works with your passive, Night Hunter, so chasing people down early game will be even easier.

Last Hitting
Only attack the minions when they are about to die, therefore, you will not push the lane as far as you would if you were auto attacking. Not pushing your lane can lead to many opportunities. For example, you can get a gank from your jungler much easier, easier farm with low fear of getting ganked, and you can also get a lot more gold as you should be getting 90% of the last hits. Last hitting gives you the gold from killing minions, thus causing you to get your items faster. This is very important as an AD carry, and all of them should learn this. If you don't learn this, you are not playing an AD carry to the best of their ability.

Since you are bottom lane, you should tell (mainly the support, or whoever has wards) to ward at certain places. They can ward for mid if necessary, but do not go all the way to top just to ward. A few warding spots are shown below. Credits to the person in this picture, but I do not know who it is unfortunately.

You should usually ward this spot with a Vision Ward as this gives a global gold of 190. In other words, your whole team gets 190 gold when you kill this Dragon.

Ward this spot if you think the other jungler might counter jungle your blue. You might pick up a kill or two if you bring your mid lane, bot lane, and maybe even your jungler to get that one person.

Ward the two spots listed above if you want more vision near your blue and dragon. You can bring you team to get ready. Maybe there will be a team fight, but if you think the other team is stronger than you, do NOT contest for Dragon. Even if it gives 190 global gold, it will not be worth it for your team to die, thus giving them even more gold than just Dragon.

This is the most common warding spots for bottom lane. Your support should ward these at all times, because the chances of you being ganked by their jungler will be extremely low if you have good map awareness. You will not have to be feared of pushing your lane as much as you would if you had no wards.

Dragon Control
To be able to control Dragon, your team should have wards placed around Dragon to see if the enemy team might go for it. An example of these wards are shown above.

In order to harass with Vayne, I would use Doublelift's build. This is my opinion of course, and you can do it with whichever build you would like to use. You would get into range to attack them, attack once, attack twice, Tumble for third hit and proc on Silver Bolt. This will do a lot of damage when maxing Tumble > Silver Bolts.
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Gameplay - Mid/Late Game

These sections are basically doing the same thing. This is when team fights start to happen, and people are fighting over Dragon/Baron control. Tell your supports to get Vision Wards or you can get it as well if you have extra gold with an extra slot.

Do not wander off alone, stick with the team. If you see a wave pushing at bottom but it didn't reach your turret yet, do not leave your team in a team fight or else you might make that fight a 4v5.

Everyone should have nearly full builds now, assuming they didn't disconnect, or feeding extremely hard. Planting a Sight Ward or Vision Ward at certain places might actually catch the enemy team off guard, thus causing a slight, or even game-changing advantage.
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Team Fights

Before team fights, try to buy at least one elixir, preferably Elixir of Fortitude, it will help you deal more damage in team fights.

During team fights, it is better if you stay a little behind your team, as the enemy team will try to close in on you. Be careful if they try to come from behind, because in doing so, you will have easily become their first target.

The targets you should aim for in order are:
AD carry > AP carry > Solo top/Support > Tank assuming you are able to go for that order without dying, otherwise, just attack the closest target to you. Dead Vayne does no damage. Credits to Magicslime for reviewing my guide and commenting on what to fix.

The solo top/support/tank will obviously try to keep you off their carries, but that's also what your team is for. Your team should be trying to catch their AD/AP carry with a snare/stun/suppress or something just long enough for you to burst them down.

Remember to use Final Hour before you start a team fight, as it gives you bonus attack damage, and also gives you stealth while Tumble. This will give you a slight advantage because they will be trying to find you(assuming they don't have Vision Ward or Oracle Elixer.

If you see someone close a wall, Condemn them, since that is fairly common in team fights. Try not to aim for the tank, because then you will be doing the other team a favor, by aiming the person they want you to. Tumble whenever it comes off cooldown in the direction you need to. For example, if enemies are chasing you, Tumble backwards. If chasing, Tumble towards.
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League of Legends Replay (LoLReplay)

If you want to see my games, download LoLReplay from < >
Download and watch some of my games at:
< > (Somewhat Pure AD)
< > (Silver Bolts/Phantom Dancer First)
< > (Doublelift Vayne, Last Hitting Included)
< > (Doublelift Vayne, Game 2)
< > (Vayne Gameplay)
< > (Silver Bolts/Black Cleaver First)

< > (Kog'Maw Gameplay)
< > (Graves vs. Ashe/Soraka)
< > (Pentakill Zeal/PD Yi)
< > (AP Ashe/Gangplank/Ezreal with Smite/Clairvoyance BIG PLAYS BIG PLAYS, MUST WATCH)
< > (AP Ashe/Ez with Smite/Clairvoyance Video 2)
< > (Ranked Kog'Maw Gameplay)
< > (Kog'maw Pentakill)
< > (Top AD Nidalee)
< > (AD Bot Varus)
(I will add some videos sometime here, remember to come back and check!)
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Patch/Release Notes

Patch 3.6 notes - 4/29/2013
Range now accurately matches her attack range

Release Notes v1.0.0.118b – 5/23/2011
Movement speed reduced to 305 from 310
Range decreased to 550 from 555
Tumble mana cost increased to 40 from 35.
Silver Bolts base damage reduced to 20/30/40/50/60 from 30/40/50/60/70
Condemn base damage reduced to 50/90/130/170/210 from 60/100/140/180/220

Release Notes v1.0.0.120 – 6/21/2011
Silver-Tipped Bolts will no longer interact with spell shields
Tumble bonus damage reduced to 40/45/50/55/60% from 55/60/65/70/75%
Condemn damage reduced to 45/80/115/150/185 from 50/90/130/170/210
Final Hour
    Movement speed bonus now triples instead of quadruples
    Attack damage reduced to 25/40/55 from 35/55/75

Release Notes v1.0.0.122 - 07/25/2011
Fixed a bug where Silver Bolts would go through Blind effects.

Volibear Patch Notes - 11/29/2011
Fixed a couple small bugs introduced to Condemn with Fizz patch

Sejuani Patch Notes - 01/17/2012
Base movement speed reduced to 300 from 305
Night Hunter movement speed reduced to 30 from 40
Tumble bonus damage reduced to 30/35/40/45/50% from 40/45/50/55/60%
Final Hour Tumble stealth duration reduced to 1 second from 1.5

World Championship Hotfix Notes - 09/25/2012
Base movement speed increased to 305 from 300
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